Columbus Crew vs. Philadelphia Union: Your Running Commentary

PhiladelphiaUnion CCrew

MLS action continues Thursday evening as the Columbus Crew travel to PPL Park to take on the Philadelphia Union (8 p.m., ESPN2/

Philadelphia looks to build a winning tradition at their new home in Chester, Pa., and face a difficult challenge with the Crew visiting. The Union are currently just three points off the bottom of the Eastern Conference, and will look to distance themselves from the bottom and creep towards a playoff spot. Columbus is looking to bounce back after dropping a 3-1 result to Chivas USA last weekend.

If you are watching the game please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.

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70 Responses to Columbus Crew vs. Philadelphia Union: Your Running Commentary

  1. Dakota says:

    Nice atmosphere at PPL.

  2. jimoh8002 says:

    anyone notice how well philly holds possession? Im impressed

  3. not you says:

    Go PU!

  4. Big Phil says:

    Mapp is looking good….bossing the midfield….

  5. Big Phil says:

    I like how the Union plays…pleasing to the eye

  6. Matt B. says:

    Anyone see what happened to Garey?

  7. not you says:

    Who are the commentators?

  8. Matt B. says:

    Wow Ekpo had Schelotto in tons of space, just didnt give him the pass, gotta take a gamble sometimes

  9. Dakota says:

    JP Dellecamra and Taylor Twellman.

  10. Matt B. says:

    JP Dellecamera and Taylor Twellman i believe

  11. not you says:

    It’s so dark at the stadium it looks like PPL Park is the only thing in the world.

  12. not you says:

    How american. Leave a live broadcast for an update on golf scores.

  13. Big Phil says:

    Looks like Twellman is preparing for a career in broadcasting. Good for him, since it’s looks like he may never play again…

  14. Matt B. says:

    and He isnt nearly as annoying as other former american players turned commentators that we have had.(Wynalda, Harks, Balboa, im sure there are a few others)

  15. Matt B. says:

    What a goal by Lenhart..great freekick by Schelotto..go Crew!

  16. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Great goal.

  17. Julian says:


  18. ericJ says:

    What a f*cking dive by Le Toux. Pathetic.

  19. not you says:

    Le Cheat. Lost respect for him.

  20. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Love me some Seba, but boy was going down before Hejduk touched him.

  21. jerryarms says:

    Im a union fan and I dont like that Le Toux took a page out the ghana playbook… I didnt likeit then and I dont like it now.

  22. not you says:

    What the hell does that mean?

  23. vivalosburros says:

    Disappointed in the ref. He was right there, and missed that Le Toux was going down and left his foot in.

  24. Never First says:

    No, Hejduk didn’t even touch him. He stuck his leg in there but didn’t make contact.

  25. Starla says:

    Dive, but you don’t need contact for it to be a bad tackle and a foul and penalty.

  26. Trent says:

    I love Hejduk but he has been nothing but a liability this season. A stupid red card a few games ago and sliding at a guy in the box after the ball was gone in this game. I dont care if there was contact or not. Its something you don’t do. I remember last season he got a red card for slapping the ball out of the gks hands during a punt. I think its time to take old yeller out back and put him out of his misery.

  27. ericJ says:

    Jesus I am tired of people calling divers “smart”.

  28. vivalosburros says:

    Not sure what you mean. If you dive with no contact not sure how that is a foul.

  29. omounity99 says:

    That was bad dive

  30. ericJ says:

    Listen to yourself. “you dont need contact for a foul”. Give me a break.

  31. Never First says:

    Yeah, I commented a few weeks ago that Hejduk hasn’t seemed to lose much pace but is making even worse decisions in his old age. He’s a bit of an anomaly.

  32. Starla says:

    You don’t need contact for it to be a foul. You can jump away from a tackle and and still get a free kick.

    Even red cards without contact is correct if the tackle is very violent. The broken leg isn’t necessary.

  33. ChiTownFire says:

    Really good game so far, up and down action. Really great free kick by Schellotto and Le Toux sold that PK, I don’t judge him for that, he did it professionally.

  34. Igor says:

    “I am favorably disposed toward Sebastian Le Toux; however, the young man was guilty of simulation, as he prostrated himself of hos own volition before the venerable Frankie Hejduk made any contact.”

  35. ericJ says:

    YESSSs what a great goal!

  36. ericJ says:

    Calif got worked.

  37. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Thanks, Igor. “Not you,” was that really so hard to understand on your own?

  38. Ted in MN says:

    Brilliant goal up and down the field. Any defense would struggle with that.

  39. Dakota says:

    Is Robbie Rogers hurt?

  40. Ted in MN says:

    post of the evening there. I got a good chuckle.

  41. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Announced attendance 18,001. Not bad at all, Philly. Hope you maintain after the novelty wears off.

  42. Dakota says:

    Jac Mac with a great ball in.

  43. Heshma says:

    Philly is a 1 man team with Le Toux…they need a DP

  44. Trent says:

    No. He just hasn’t had a good game since 2007. Bobby is finally benching him.

  45. Aden says:

    How does Danny Mwanga not play?

  46. Smith says:

    I was watching the game & rooting for Philly to beat the Crew as I am a RBNY fan. Man, Philly is just about USL quality.

  47. me says:

    You would know from watching your crap team last year

  48. Scott A says:

    I wasn’t able to watch, but yeah, as a NY supporter my head told me to hope for a Philly win but I couldn’t really do that so came home hoping for a draw

  49. Johnny B says:

    I was @ the game and let me say this…

    Danny Califf and Michael Orozco are just mediocre to bad.

    Sietz has been a disaster all year but tonight was not his fault.

    Couldn’t tell during the game if Le Toux took a dive b/c the Union does not show replays that are unfavorable.

    P.S. the dude in the sons of ben section with the don’t tread on me flag is a total douch bag. The flag was in the way of section 101 everytime there was any goal mouth action.

  50. Matt says:

    Stevie Lenhart!!! Gotta love RBNY fans talking crap…they had to go out and buy Marquez and Henry to compete with the Crew….we have our maestro: Schelotto!!!!

  51. Scott A says:

    Yeah, like you didn’t buy Schelotto. Aren’t you guys just so sacred and unaffected by capitalism

  52. Dave says:

    be fair. The Union don’t show many replays at all, and none that are controversial in either direction.

    I was surprised at how few replays were shown at PPL.

  53. JerseyScouser says:

    The counter attack was not even there tonight for The U. At the end of the game they had the ball and played with it. I was not happy with The U tonight. Bad marking lead to those two goals and who thought up the game plan that said play for a draw at home when your down 2-1. I expect the never say die attitude back next week or the real Philly fans will be out in full force and it won’t be pretty.

  54. It was a nice game!!!

  55. will m. says:

    what is wrong with twellman?

  56. Justin O says:

    It’s true.

  57. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Announcer mentioned something about a nagging ankle injury.

  58. Ricardo says:

    I feel like im a pretty vulgar person who is partial to the f bomb at a game and all that, however the you suck a-hole thing after oppossing goal kicks just seems dumb to me. Am I the only one with this view? I’m glad my local team does not do anything similar.

  59. Smith says:

    This is true. We were terrible last year & you guys are right about on par. The whole game plan is “get the ball to Letoux & hope for the best” along with “hack the opposition. You’re just unwatchable.

  60. Smith says:

    Well, the Crew fans DO think that their team is MASSIVE!!!!!!

  61. Smith says:

    Once they string together a few losing seasons, it’ll drop off. same thing will happen with the rave green coffee slurping Mudhoney fans.

  62. RickH says:

    Totally agree…it comes across as cheap.

    Individual vulgarity in the heat of the moment: ok (as long as no kids are around…)

    Organized vulgarity that an entire stadium and tv audience can hear: Not ok

  63. ... says:

    post-concussion syndrome I believe

  64. Johnny B says:

    Yes, very dumb. Not original in the slightest.

  65. Scott A says:

    Not a big fan for a couple reasons, none being that I care about cursing b/c I curse and have no issue with it. I don’t like that it’s a prompted chant… kind of like how in other sports everyone needs some sort of indication to do something like a free throw in basketball or 3rd down in football. I prefer the flowing singing of soccer that requires a bit more nuance.
    Also, when I yell you suck a-hole–which I begrudgingly do–I feel like a 13 year old

  66. A-Lott says:

    Mudhoney. Good band.

  67. VJM says:

    Thanks PPL park.

    I sit in the SOB section, brought my grandad last night.

    He hasn’t seen anything like the security there since WWII when his battalion fought into Germany. Retro is one thing but throwing back like that is just wrong.

  68. Scott A says:

    I’m curious what you’re referring to

  69. phil says:

    uh….. duh?

  70. VJM says:

    Check around For updates on the Apex security, Union, SOB meeting.

    It was BS and the Union should be careful on their decision unless they wish the stadium to look like Dallas’ tonight in two years.