CONCACAF Champions League: Your Running Commentary


Toronto FC and the Columbus Crew opened their CONCACAF Champions League group stage campaigns with victories last week, but both will need to find rare wins on the road this week to keep that pace.

TFC is taking on Arabe Unido tonight (8pm, Fox Soccer Channel) while the Crew look to become the first MLS team to win a competitive match in Mexico when it takes on Santos Laguna at 10pm (Fox Soccer Channel).

Toronto is in the thick of the MLS playoff race, and will play a mostly reserve side tonight against the same Arabe Unido squad that dove all over the field in a last-minute Champions League loss to RSL last week. The Crew can take control of its group with a win in Mexico tonight, but history isn't on the team's side as no MLS team has won a Champions League match on Mexican soil.

If you will be watching tonight's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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126 Responses to CONCACAF Champions League: Your Running Commentary

  1. Matt says:

    CONCACAF officiating and Arabe Unido’s diving are pathetic…

  2. ericJ says:

    Oy. TFC blowing it. That being said, Unido is seriously the physically weakest team I have ever seen.

  3. guwinster says:

    I’m convinced MLS teams don’t even try whenever they play in Central America.

  4. Matt says:

    I actually think TFC wants to play; it’s just really tough to get any rhythm against Flop FC…

  5. war says:

    That was a 50-50, but GK gets protection. Tough for TFC. I expect at least 20 minutes of time wasting after the GK gets up 10 minutes from now.

  6. These referees are freaking jokes . . . . really how can soccer be taking seriously in CONCACAF with refereeing farces like the ones we are experiencing tonight

  7. Matt says:

    couldn’t agree more

  8. guwinster says:

    Yeah, If that’s an outfield player and not the keeper, he gets a yellow for getting to the ball late. It’s not LaBrocca’s fault the goalie is rediculously slow.

  9. DaveW says:

    Galavisión also has Santos-Columbus.

  10. guwinster says:

    Refs really need to learn to give cards for simulation even when there is an actual foul.

  11. Ricky B. Free says:

    Santos 4 Crew 0. Best offensive team in Mexico vs a Crew team that didnt take Schelotto or Marshall to Mexico. So much for MLS teams trying to get respect from the rest of Concacaf.

  12. Bravo says:

    I can’t wait for this game to end. Arabe’s diving is trash and they don’t deserve to be in this tournament.

  13. The foul count in the TFC game in the 75th minute is the following:

    Toronto FC 18 Fouls
    Arabe Unido 4 Fouls

  14. JSmiley says:

    Um, the game hasn’t started yet. Thanks for the prediction disguised as a result.

  15. Furthermore I love that some of the Arabe Unido players are wearing headbands, hahah hilarious . . . this competition is a joke

  16. guwinster says:

    That is the Arabe player gets the yellow.

  17. MOUF says:

    I havent been paying attention and just turn this on, its leg 1 right?

  18. Aden says:

    Man, this is offensive to watch.

  19. Lee says:

    Wow. These guys keep diving because the ref rewards them for it. The first red card was mostly unlucky, but if that was a red card, was the Heskey/Howard challenge a red card? The second red card was an absolute joke. And after all that, only 3 minutes added? Ridiculous.

  20. Ricky B. Free says:

    I tip my hat off to Toronto, they played with guts.

  21. guwinster says:

    If they played the first half the way they played when they were down a man, they would have won the game.

  22. Supsam says:

    Yea, im surprised Toronto didnt fight them at the end. Id make sure that they werent “faking their injuries”

  23. Snare says:

    The replay show that lobrocca didn’t even touch the goal keeper in the face like his reaction would make us believe. I’m an RSL fan and this causes me to hate them this Panamanian team even more

  24. A clash of styles says:

    What a horrible joke this tournament is again!

    MLS will never play the diving, time wasting style of play rewarded by Central American and Mexican referees in these games. The dominant Latino style of play will never dominate MLS thus MLS will never be favorites in this tournament.

    MLS teams aren’t out played in these tournaments, they are out-refereed (i.e. screwed over)!

  25. Will Smith says:

    Toronto FC sucks I must say

  26. ms says:

    Absolute disgrace. That pathetic panama team is in for a very nasty surprise when they travel to Toronto in October. Make no mistake, TFC was brutal and our lineup sub-par, accordingly, if we are out of the MLS play-offs and Champions league come the rematch, we’ll show them what a real red card feels like. I guarantee you that they will not be returning to the field anytime soon. What a joke. Show some self respect. What an awful, disgraceful display of sportsmanship. Hope your kids were watching Panama. You’ll deserve your public school drop outs. The ref doesn’t warrant a mention.

  27. Scott A says:

    Central American soccer makes me nauseous

  28. Eric says:


  29. Tetsuo54 says:


  30. Bill says:

    I love this announcer. Goal scored by “Andy Eh-roo.”

  31. Tetsuo54 says:

    He has a yellow the goal didnt count

  32. Bill says:

    I stand corrected. The Mickey Mouse officiating has made its way into this match too.

  33. Tetsuo54 says:

    That is stupid

  34. CrispyST3 says:

    Wowwww. They bring back the goal. BS! Comin’ from a Galaxy fan

  35. MC Pharoah says:

    great header from iro….WTF referee??? You cant take a gol back like that?

  36. Big Chil says:

    What just happened there?

  37. Eric says:


  38. abm says:

    if only I understood spanish

  39. zhm5 says:

    THAT WAS B/S!!!!

  40. beachbum says:

    20th minute of the Crew game, and some santos player elbows some crew player in the face right above the 18, he goes down with a cut…and no whistle

    the santos player almost scored from the “opportunity” he created with the un-whistled elbow

    joke…and yellow cowardly officiating

  41. Aden says:

    They took the goal back? What happened?

  42. Eric says:

    Renteria didnt get clearence to go back on the field. He might have had some blood on his face from when he got elbowed in the face.

  43. beachbum says:

    cowards as officials representing their countries’ interests


  44. abm says:

    yeah because given the size of the crowd you can tell it matters to all of Mexico

  45. Bill says:

    How inconsiderate of Renteria, bleeding all over the place after getting punched in the head away from the ball.

  46. guwinster says:

    Yeah, the 4th official is probably just trying to cover a mistake he made by telling the ref to card Renteria and call the goal back. There’s no way Renteria just went back onto the field without the 4th official saying anything to him. My guess he let Renteria back on without consulting the center ref.

  47. MC Pharoah says:

    crew reserves looking like nyrb reserves….really good for reserves

  48. Aden says:

    I am beginning to understand why MLS could care less about CONCACAF CL. They already know that they are screwed.

  49. Ricky B. Free says:

    The Crew are way better than this Santos B team, beat the hell out of them Crew.

  50. Tetsuo54 says:

    Wow the Ref waved him on!!!!

  51. beachbum says:

    then let them play without blatant bs…which is what we get instead

    cowards…yellow livered loser cowards

  52. MOUF says:

    wow, its amazing how stack the cards are against MLS teams is, the officials are another opponent

  53. Eric says:

    O and he actually was waved back on.

  54. guwinster says:

    Yeah, that was complete crap. There is no way Renteria doesn’t get to come back on the field during a dead ball situation like that. Even if he just walked on without permission, the ref still made a mistake for not letting him on to begin with

  55. Tim F. says:

    If the ref waived the player on, how does that goal not count? Can this be explained?

  56. Upstate Jason says:

    Apparently the ref didn’t allow Renteria back on the field after his head wound was dressed. Renteria then managed to accept a pass off a free kick, sprint down the right wing, and put a perfect cross onto the head of Iro who then powered it past the keeper. After the goal celebration, the 4th official called the ref over and, despite replays showing the ref wave Renteria back in play, it was decided that Renteria entered play illegally. The goal was disallowed and Renteria given a yellow card.

    It is increasingly difficult to take this competition seriously.

  57. Aden says:

    Can USSoccer file a formal complaint against all CL officials? This is absolutely ridiculous.

  58. Another All star ref crew! says:

    A yellow after you allow the player back on the field? Come on ref!

    Then a ball just went out for throw in RIGHT IN FRONT of the linesman. He called for a goal kick and had to be corrected by the center official who wasn’t even near the play! Unbelievable……actually the sad thing is that it is becoming too common in this tournament.

    T- minus 20 minutes until a Columbus red card, I can just feel it.

  59. Bill says:

    Just to lighten the mood lads. Anyone else watching on Concacaf TV and trying to figure out what media guide the announcer has? Where’s Harkesy when you need him.

  60. beachbum says:

    Renteria fouled in mid field…no call

    creates an immediate counter for santos and they almost scored

    the beautiful game?

  61. Jammer says:

    Does anyone remember Houstan at arabe unido last year? The ref’ing in that game is why I don’t watch CCL anymore. Sounds like more of the same this year.

  62. Jack ) says:

    Awful lot of whining, whats new…

  63. Ricky B. Free says:

    Play was disallowed because Renteria was wearing a jersey with no number on the back.

  64. Ricky B. Free says:

    Play was disallowed because as everyone can see Renbteria was wearing a jersey with no number on the back.

  65. Ricky B. Free says:

    Play was disallowed because as everyone can see Renbteria was wearing a jersey with no number on the back.

  66. Ricky B. Free says:

    Play was disallowed because as everyone can see Renbteria was wearing a jersey with no number on the back.

  67. Ricky B. Free says:

    Play was disallowed because as everyone can see Renbteria was wearing a jersey with no number on the back.

  68. Ricky B. Free says:

    Play was disallowed because as everyone can see Renbteria was wearing a jersey with no number on the back.

  69. Ricky B. Free says:

    Play was disallowed because as everyone can see Renbteria was wearing a jersey with no number on the back. That is why the goal was disallowed. Stop the crying people. I know the officiating is awful.

  70. Crudo says:

    Surprising effort by the Crew backups…They can still win this one despite the home cooking.

  71. Pitchert says:

    These 2 squads showing much better quality than the 1st game

  72. Upstate Jason says:

    Which wasn’t noticed until the goal celebration? Glad to see the 4th official doing his job.

  73. beachbum says:

    my son plays three mini games on saturday, then auditions for this local play on Sunday; he should just merge the two events into one and play like Santos


    whining? puleeeeze. if we can’t speak the truth here about it, where can we?

  74. Snare says:

    This is my first year following the ccl and I have to say so far it’s kind of a lane tournament to follow. The refereeing and tactics are just awful. It makes it hard to want to get invested. I understand that we need to do well and support it bc it helps the prestige of the league. I just wish it were easier to do
    so as a fan…

  75. nonya biz says:

    “It is increasingly difficult to take this competition seriously.”

    I hate to agree, but, you’re right.

  76. PhillyMLS says:

    Funny, I’ve seen multiple games in multiple leagues and in the World Cup where a player had a jersey with no number on it and the ref lets the game play. Though I guess those refs in the world cup know less than a random CONCACAF ref.

  77. liberoo says:

    Ricky – we get your point. This is a chat room – the discussion is the point for being here. You are making a joke out of yourself by posting your same point over and over.

  78. Jennings says:

    The crook jack warner and the junket king of the hemisphere, the pig chuck blazer, run concacaf. so what should we expect?

  79. Ferris says:

    0-0 in the 80th minute… that’s a lot of goals in 10 minutes

  80. Scott A says:

    How did diving become so prevalent and accepted in world soccer? If only FIFA cared enough to take some executive action on it

  81. Ricky B. Free says:

    Hey did I insult someone? Why are you calling me a joke, when all I did was stating a fact. If you can comment whatever you want, Why cant I do the same thing?

    There is no need to insult other people.

  82. joe says:

    I took a few moments, given like a couple others, I recalled seeing players required to wear a new jesrey coming on and the new jersey not having a number… I can only find specification on color here link to

  83. Andy in Atlanta says:


  84. I <3 MLS says:

    Well… Wish I never stayed up late.

  85. ericJ says:

    F*** the Crew Defence. a**hats.

  86. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Have to say that little Colombian was pretty special… Chucho went to Bham last year…this kid looks way better…

  87. Ricky B. Free says:

    That sucks for the Crew, but Santos had the ball and the Crew just kicked it upfield. SO I guess it was an expected result.

    So close to getting a point against a very good team, the players played their heart out. Columbus should be proud.

  88. Never First says:

    I was happy with the overall performance by the Crew but incredibly frustrated that they resorted to bunkering and delay tactics at the end of the match. They have been learning from their CONCACAF opponents. Sad.

  89. The Dude says:

    Crew just showed why MLS coaches don’t understand tactics. Why would you sit back and defend when a) you’re tied and NOT winning, and b) playing away from home? It makes no sense. You’re just asking for a late goal, which is what we just saw. Crew = fail.

    Next time in Mexico, I want to see MLS teams playing for a win.

  90. bama soccer man says:

    ehhh we’ll have to depend on seattle and RSL to represent MLS better tomorrow… columbus was asking for the goal anyway, completely parked the bus most of 2nd half

  91. chg says:

    That ref gave a couple of the quickest yellows I have ever seen for time wasting, and forced an obviously not faking Columbus player to hobble off the field. If he ever calls an Aribe game, they will finish the game eight men down.

  92. Ricky B. Free says:

    Thanks for the info Joe. The 4th official actually said that it was disallowed because Renteria entered the game without his permission. That sucks. But what do you expect from Concacaf refs.

    And thanks for stating facts instead of just insulting me like liberoo did or saying something sarcastic.

  93. joejoe says:

    Looks like the crew decided not to get blown away by the competition as happened in the past. They parked everyone on their side, played anti-football, and didn’t even try to make a play. I’m glad they lost.

  94. Derek says:

    I remember specifically during a Sounders league game a couple of weeks ago Sanna Nyassi (I believe) coming on the field after an injury with no number on his jersey. He played the rest of the game with no number with no issue. Seems like a pretty ridiculous reason to call a goal back.

  95. Upstate Jason says:

    They did make a play – and scored. When was the last time you saw a ref go back in time a la American football (“penalty flag – none of that ever happened – do over” on a soccer pitch? That play is probably when Columbus decided to park the bus. And I can’t blame them.

  96. Dan says:

    if labrocca extends his legs, he beats the keeper to the ball but doesn’t extend and gets the red anyway.

  97. Ricky B. Free says:

    Dont kill the messenger. IM just saying what the ref said. I know that inst a great reason and that the refs suck.

  98. Dan says:

    signs of poor officiating

  99. Brent McD. says:

    yes, i remember (unfortunately). arabe unido make a mockery of the beautiful game.

  100. abm says:

    hard to feel bad for the Crew since they dive all over the place too

  101. Judging Amy says:

    He wasn’t insulting you. He was pointing out that its clearly annoying to be posting the same thing over and over again like that. Ives usually monitors these things but obviously he’s not watching the boards tonight or else he would have said something.

  102. Ricky B. Free says:

    Santos 1 Crew 0. I was off by 3 goals. feeling better?

  103. Ben says:

    Brutal refereeing. After this, I think I should mitigate my comments about the MLS refs. Yes, I know the US dabbled in revolutions, overthrew governments, and generally treated Central America like a suburban father treats his backyard, which is to say, overzealously, but getting back at the US with crappy refs, really?
    Seriously, though, the problem for the MLS teams will continue until they tighten up the MLS refs, which I think is necessary, and depth is allowed for MLS teams. Still, this is not just a problem for the MLS, even the Nats eke out victories or ties in central America when they should smack them 3-0.

  104. Ricky B. Free says:

    Crew parked the bus against Santos b team, when they should at least try and pass the ball around. But The Crew almost got the point.

    The mexican commentators stated that the Crew coach said that they were expecting a lose at Santos. Shows the confidence in his team.

  105. Chuck B. says:

    Totally disgusting display by Columbus today. If you are not going to play just stay home. If MLS teams want respect they are going to earn it by playing anytime anywhere .

  106. Ricky B. Free says:

    Mls team should dominate central american teams. I dont expect them to dominate Mexican teams, but at least show that you are not afraid of them.

  107. Jake says:

    The Crew don’t owe anything to MLS to try to increase the “prestige” of the league. The Crew made the smart decision to rest most of their best players so that they can be 100% fit for an important match coming up this weekend against Dallas. Their goal was 1 point in Mexico and they almost pulled it off with their reserves. Not a bad showing at all, in my opinion.

  108. Ricky B. Free says:

    The Crew should not try to increse the MlS prestige. They should try and increse their prestige.

    With prestige better players will come.

  109. Jake says:

    …and the best way to do that is to win the MLS Cup, not some tournament that, judging by attendances, about 100 people know exists.

  110. Ricky B. Free says:

    I am with you. The Crew should try and win any tournament that they can. Maybe they should have forfeit this tournament and focus in Supporters Shield, MlS Cup.

  111. Rageman says:

    MLS sucks in international competitions. Why blame crappy refereeing when you don’t take your best players?

    I’m not watching this competition anymore. People complain when ManU and Celtic play backups during a pre-season friendly and then the Crew and Toronto sit their stars in the CCL?

    I’m done.

  112. Never First says:

    In all fairness to the Crew, they have 6 matches in 3 weeks. There’s no way the starters can play every match and have any legs left for the MLS playoffs. They basically conceded this match, and Warzycha admitted as much earlier this week. Until MLS payrolls are half of Mexican team payrolls, we shouldn’t expect MLS to dominate.

  113. Ben says:

    You need to buy a vowel, my friend.

  114. Jake says:

    I’m not suggesting they forfeit, but I’m perfectly happy if they prioritize MLS over the CONCACAF Champions League. Realistically, they were always going to be unlikely to get a win in Mexico and their advancement from the group is not going to depend on away results against the group favorite.

  115. Ricky B. Free says:

    I am not perfect. Sorry for my non perfect existence.

  116. Ricky B. Free says:

    Great post. You stated facts.

  117. Jake says:

    Excellent point. And even still, the Crew reserves hung in there and almost stole a point. A good sign for MLS depth.

  118. Ben says:

    Well … okay.

  119. Ben says:

    Wait, am I forgiving the lack of hyphen as well?

  120. guest says:

    it makes total sense because a) a tie is a point away from home which would be difficult to get because of home field advantage in mexico. and your second point isnt even a point… it is the group stage which means they dont need a win but could use a tie. you make no sense.

    The Dude = fail

  121. Jason B says:

    You don’t take your best players when they just played the full 90 three days ago and they have a league match in four days.

    I think its obvious that MLS teams will play this competition to win at home and tie on the road. I do think that Toronto should have probably put more into trying to win in Panama, but then again they are in the midst of fighting for their playoff lives, so can you blame them for resting a couple of starters?

  122. Vik says:

    Thanks for the repeated updates, but many of heard that reason and are debating it’s validity/precedent. I don’t see why you need to keep making this point.

  123. Carl says:

    It is just absurd that the ref thinks he can go back in time and call a goal back AFTER THE FACT because the fourth official let someone on the field with an equipment problem.

    If a player puts on illegal cleats and the official lets him on the field, then they discover it ten minutes and two goals later, can they just go back and replay the time? No, you cannot. So where do you draw the line? You simply cannot disallow a goal after the fact, the fact that this ref did clearly shows what a sham this competition is.

    I’ll never watch CCL again, any competition involving CONCACAF is tainted.

  124. DEAC says:

    This is a blatant lie.
    Renteria was sent onto the field, then turned back to make sure he was OK, then was waved back onto the field. If he’d turned around and was called back to the sideline, he wouldn’t have gone? You’re being illogical as you fling the rulebook at us.
    The Santos coach should have been redcarded for smacking Oughton. Didn’t happen.
    The Santos striker should have been redcarded for elbowing Renteria in the head and drawing blood. Didn’t happen.
    But they wipe a goal after two officials allow Renteria on the field? That happened. What does your rulebook say about all of that?