Cosmos poised for a comeback


The rumors of a New York Cosmos revival have circulated for a better part of three decades, but the first real signs of a potential comeback for the storied club have emerged.

A group has purchased the rights to the New York Cosmos brand and stand poised to capitalize on Major League Soccer's desire to add a second New York team after announcing its return at a New York soccer event on Sunday.

“Our plan has several phases, but if you fast-forward, it’s our aspiration to play at the highest level in this country and that’s M.L.S.,” Joe Fraga, executive director of the Cosmos, told The New York Times. “And we are serious. We want to make it relevant again, we want kids to know what the Cosmos were and are, to bring the soccer dream back to the city.”

MLS commissioner Don Garber has repeated in recent weeks that MLS wants New York to be awarded the 20th MLS franchise after Portland, Vancouver and Montreal take the league's number of teams to 19.

The New York Red Bulls are in favor of the addition of a second team in its home market, with Red Bull global soccer chief Dietmar Beiersdorfer recently telling SBI that a second New York team would help MLS and give the Red Bulls a valuable rival.

So will the Cosmos be Major League Soccer's 20th team? It will if the new Cosmos ownership group can flex the financial muscle MLS likes to see from ownership groups, and if the team can secure a stadium, there is little doubt the Cosmos will be playing in MLS before long.

My thoughts on a Cosmos return? I wondered if Peppe Pinton would ever A) actually sell the team's naming rights and B) if anyone would ever pay the steep price for them. However the final deal came about, when viral marketing evidence started to pop up around New York with Cosmos logos emerging on stickers around the city, you knew something was afoot. A Cosmos return can succeed if the ownership group has the deep pockets and sharp leadership necessary to succed as a new team in MLS.

A second New York team can succeed, even though a less-than-soldout Red Bull Arena would suggest otherwise, but Red Bull has begun to flex its financial muscle and should establish a strong foothold before a Cosmos team would arrive in two or three years. Having two quality MLS teams in New York would tap into the strong soccer fanbase in the area as well as increase Major League Soccer's profile nationally and internationally.

What do you think of this development? Like the idea of the Cosmos returning to the American soccer landscape? Hate the idea of a second New York team?

Share your thoughts below.

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158 Responses to Cosmos poised for a comeback

  1. Pepe says:

    I like the idea of a 2nd NY team if they play in the city. I don’t like the idea if they’ll share Red Bull Arena.

  2. Steve_NYRB says:

    It will only work if this group has serious money to invest. They’ll have to compete against the Red Bull organization which is very well funded now. That means 2 DPs at least, a healthy academy, reserve team and a SSS.

  3. Johnny Thunder says:

    So we have 2 LA teams and they want 2 NY teams…but still don’t have a team anywhere in the south east? Does Garber think the south east is full of ignorant rednecks who won’t go support their local soccer team? Ask the NHL about the Carolina Hurricanes.

    (SBI-You do realize that what the Southeast needs is a strong owner with the money and pull to show MLS it can handle the financial commitment it takes to run an MLS team. When that happens, a team will go to the Southeast.)

  4. Behrad says:

    I’m all for it. A New York derby would be great!

  5. Clayton says:

    Nobody is willing to put up the money in the Southeast. The Atlanta Beat (WPS) have their own Soccer Specific Stadium for Women. People do care in the Southeast, but they’re missing one key element – Show me the money!!

  6. Josh D says:

    The cost it would take to build in NYC would be outrageous for a MLS team to take on.

    The flip side – no use in having them play at RBA either.

  7. Stephen says:

    As New Yorker, I like the idea. I think that bringing in a second New York team, particularly the Cosmos, will work out well for soccer fans in the NY metro area. I just hope that the ownership group has a plan in place to build a stadium and to invest in the club.

    My only reservation however is where the new stadium will be built. I know people have been hoping that the Wilpons get in on this deal to put a stadium near Citi Field in Flushing, Queens, but I am not a fan of that. I know space is limited, but I would think it would be much better if some space could be found in Manhattan (where the West Side Stadium (Jets) was to be built?) or in Brooklyn. People will probably disagree, but I think that Staten Island is a better option than Queens.

    All in all, I am hopeful that this works out and that we get more info on progress soon.

  8. Josh D says:

    Doubt the support is there yet for any one area to have an MLS team. Sure if you combine the Carolinas with Georgia and Florida, you’d get the 20k audience but sadly it failed in Florida and that puts a stain on the whole region.

  9. Josh D says:

    Pele called – he’s ready to sign as the first DP.

  10. WiscFan says:

    It would seem both sides want to make this work. Perhaps if a certain David would throw his money and “rights to a team” behind it, the Cosmos could be in MLS by 2012 (with Montreal) or 2013. If this happens, New Yorkers won’t have any more excuses. Also with NYC2’s inclusion, MLS can concentrate on filling in the gaps throughout the southeast and midwest.

  11. EA says:

    I live in the south, and it’s full of ignorant rednecks who won’t go support their local soccer team.

  12. Erik says:

    The league should stay at 20 teams – the South East will get zero.

  13. eaashley79 says:

    Wahl mentioned on Twitter that Beckham’s right-hand man, Terry Byrne, is the Cosmos’ “Director of Soccer.” Doesn’t Beckham have in place a deal where he has the right to purchase an MLS team once he retires. Coincidence??? With Beckham’s fondness for New York, I think we can all see where this is headed. Hopefully they won’t name Gullit as coach though.

  14. malkin says:

    Why don’t you think Queens is a good idea? It’s far and away the most ethnically diverse borough and the spot is apparently there for the taking. Personally I’d love Brooklyn since I live there, but the Queens idea seems to be a no-brainer to me.

  15. Red says:

    It was great to see Pele, Carlos Alberto and even Chinaglia at Copa NYC final. It was even better seeing them stand with Sunil Gulati and Mayor Bloomberg. It appears that PK and the Cosmos guys are doing a great job making the right connections. If David Beckham (name) is involved with Fred Wilpon (land), then I can see this as being a wonderful success.

    Now where can I buy my damn jersey?!

    (Future season-ticket holder)

  16. Pepe says:

    Good point. Then I don’t see much point.

  17. Thierry Henry says:

    The NY Cosmos belong in a museum, next to Pele, Chinaglia and the rest of them…….

  18. RK says:

    A 2nd NY team is enough for me to give up on MLS. I’ll still follow DC United, but if there is a 0% chance that a team could be awarded to Atlanta, there’s no point in me following it. And sadly, those that haven’t lived in an MLS city before will still continue to ignore the league.

  19. Aquaman says:

    I still say get Wade, LeBron and Bosh together with Dwight Howard to put up the finances to start a team in West Palm (? It’s between Miami and Orlando, at least).

  20. Stephen says:

    Um, I do too. And I disagree.

  21. Daniel says:

    I feel like they can’t expand into the SE one at a time. I expect the next couple teams to be Atlanta and Miami or something like that. Need major money owners to step up though. My take is #21 & #22 are Atlanta and Miami and #23 & #24 are San Diego and Phoenix.

  22. Felix says:

    Even though the Cosmos name does have a certain cache with me since I still remember the NASL days (we went to a ton of Sting games and they had a good rivalry with them), it does seem a tad forced since NY/NJ still seems lukewarm on the Red Bulls, even though with RB Arena, Henry and Marquez will help with that.

    If its done right, they have a stadium that rivals Red Bull Arena IN NEW YORK CITY proper, and can delivery their own stars – I think it can work. But you need someone with deep pockets and the willingness to want to do this NY Yankees style, with panache and gusto. Having some ho-hum NE Revolution style squad in New York with a cool, nostalgic name isn’t going to do it on its own.

  23. Seriously says:

    As much so as the rest of the country seems to be full of ignorant Eurosnobs who won’t go support their local soccer team.

  24. Dabull says:

    I can see how a 2nd NYC team can increase the league’s profile internationally and in NYC, but I fail to see how it will increase it’s national profile. Why should an average soccer fan in Florida care about a 2nd NYC team?

    How long has Garber been talking to the Wilpons? Years? Sounds like they’re having to be convinced that a team is a good investment.

  25. Chuck says:

    I think the second new york team and the return of the cosmos name to the american soccer landscape is great for us soccer in general, that said… being a floridian and a former mutiny fan it is difficult for me and many of my fellow soccer fans to bet enthusiastic about the MLS, the closest team for us is DC which is over 12 hours away by car. I understand the present difficulties but until the MLS makes a return to the Southeast I’ll be following the second division and watching european soccer until I can go watch the games live

  26. RevsFan says:

    I’m confused as to what actually happened. Didn’t Pele et al. just get naming rights and start up an academy?

    Wouldn’t it have been a better move to get an USSF 2nd div team and establish a fan base so that when the MLS came knocking they could make the leap?

  27. KC says:

    Screw New York, until they can fully back the team they already have they don’t deserve another team.

  28. Fabio says:

    NY Cosmos in MLS by 2013 in a new 30.000 soccer stadium in Queens near Citi Field !!!!

  29. John.q says:

    Finally some concrete news haha! I was wondering what’s up with all this cosmos viral stuff. As a born queens, raised in Brooklyn, and now manhattan resident I won’t know to support.
    Another good site might be randalls island. I play in a league there on Sundays and it’s beautful. Enough space for a stadium parking and potential for ferry’s to move people on and off. There is already ichan track and field stadium there.

  30. Jamez says:

    Redbull struggles with Attendance because of its location, I live in queens and i cant be bothered to go all the way out Jersey for a game . I watch their game son MSG but i’m not a true fan . If Team comes to the Metro Area where the trains run I’d be at every dam game . The attendance of Redbull does not reflect the potential of this Market.

  31. DC Josh says:

    It would be great to have the NY Cosmos back and a team in New York City. MLS will go beyond 20 teams, so there is still the possibility of getting back into the South East.

  32. Eugene says:

    Love the idea

  33. Chris says:

    The New York Cosmos are still probably the best known American soccer team outside of the USA. A revival will be excellent for MLS and soccer in New York. It will even be very good for the Red Bulls.

  34. Midwest Bias says:

    I still think St. Louis should get a team before NY gets a second.

  35. Diablo says:

    The perfect spot for a stadium would be Long Island City – Easy to get to in terms of the surrounding boroughs as well as Conn. and NJ(Ouch Red Bulls) Lots of waterfront land , trains and ferry system to games.

  36. Jamez says:

    Redbull is in NJ not NY no one wants to take no Train that far for a game then take the Path after . If i were to got to game from where i live it would take me 2hrs the least and about 3hrs to get back
    People will support a second Franchise if its in a better Location. In NY that is , not Jersey.

  37. Trav says:

    Am I the only one that flat out doesn’t like this idea? Especially in the short-term. I think NYRB should get at LEAST 5 years to build up their fan base and become more stable. I don’t think there should be any rush to usher in this new franchise by 2012 or even 2013.

  38. WakeUp_MLS says:

    +1 – adding a 2nd New York team is a bad idea by the MLS. The fan support is barely there for the 1st team even with the new stadium and the big DP names.

  39. Jamez says:

    Or DC could move to Florida, Their fans suck, they dont support them, not even against international competition. The stadium is old and falling apart,while they struggle to secure a SSS in the area. they should move south. Philly should satisfy the people in that area.

  40. joe k says:

    why aren’t you already a red bulls fan?

    that’s the question i really have — how many people are willing to buy MLS season tickets in the nyc area, but aren’t red bull fans for some reason?

  41. martha says:

    THis has failure written all over it

  42. martha says:

    THis has failure written all over it

  43. John says:

    Yeah, because a second team in LA has proven to be such a sucess.

  44. Jamez says:

    Thats True LIC has trains from Queens Brooklyn and Manhattan running through. only people in the Bronx may have a problem getting to games. but they are all Yankee crazy so who cares anyway.

  45. Dustyn says:

    The MLS does not place teams in cities, they award teams to sound and strong ownership groups. If someone in the South puts together a strong enough bid, we will see a team in the South. Until then, there will be no team.

  46. SdbransonUSA says:

    You’re out of your mind. DC United isn’t doing well, but they still have some of the best fans of the league. The game versus Real Madrid last year sold over 70k tickets. Of course a game against Portsmouth isn’t going to do well at the gate. Have you ever been to a game at Dallas or Colorado, sure they have stadiums, but the atmosphere sucks. MLS already failed in Florida and Atlanta is extremely overrated. I’d be content if the league never expanded down there.

  47. DCM says:

    There is a current Cosmos website:

  48. chipperjatl says:

    St Louis failed all the test thrown at them, it’s not the city it once was. I guess your stuck supporting the Wizards. At least they’re going to have a hell of a franchise in a couple years.

  49. alex says:

    There is no MLS team south of ohio and east of texas. Of course there are good reasons for that, but I still feel like the 20th team should be in the south, for practical reasons.

    This new southern franchise would struggle now but as the MLS grows into a viable major american sports league, the franchise would begin to have success.

  50. CACuzcatlan says:

    By the time the team starts playing, they’ll have had at least 5 years. Unless you mean 5 years after RBA opened.

  51. CHJ says:

    Staten Island would be a horrible place. There is extremely limited public transportation access unless it is built where the minor league baseball stadium is located (which is only accessible on public transportation via Manhattan. Unfortunately, there is no other land that I am aware of.

  52. eltigreferoz says:

    I think Bill Archer at put it best:

    link to

    This is a poorly concoted pipe-dream at best. This is not a return of the Cosmos, but the return of a name, “The Cosmos.” Will they inspire the nation. No. Will they inspire NYC? Outside Queens, unless they rules, probably not. No one seemed to care about the Cosmos before there was a movie made about them, but now poeple just want a myth to follow. All 12 of the borough boys and Don Garber can wank themselves silly on this story, but it’s smells like total BS. If no one else smells it, there’s something wrong with your noses.

  53. CLEVELAND says:

    I am also in the south and I am not sure it would succeed. I think there is a small nitch but not enought to get 20,000 in the stands. Florida may be different than the rest of the south.

  54. golfstrom says:

    Not sure why you are, but while you’re asking the NHL about the Hurricanes, ask them about the Rangers, Islanders, and Devils.

  55. CHJ says:

    DC fans don’t suck and I’m unsure why your hating on a city that has a solid fan base but a struggling team with a stadium that is falling apart. I completely sympathize that you want your city to get a team, but don’t take that out on DC. The league would not be where it is today in terms of success at the gate or international reputation if it was not for the classy United teams in the leagues early years. Clearly, sad times have befallen the team over the last couple of years, but don’t blame the fans for the failures of management!

  56. kpugs says:

    It would be very strange hating a team using the moniker of the guys I worshiped as a little kid. But it wouldn’t be the same team in my heart and I’ll get used to it. Bring ’em on.

  57. CLEVELAND says:

    I don’t think there is enough fans in the south (not Florida) to put 20,000 in the stands. The sport is just not big enough in the south. Most of the sports broadcasters just make fun of it.

  58. BSU SC says:

    …but Red Bull has stated that they would like this to happen as soon as possible.

  59. Adam M. says:

    Why are you watching European soccer? They don’t have any teams in the Southeast either. I guess I just don’t understand your logic.

  60. AQK says:

    Why is sharing RBA bad?
    San Siro, Stadio Olympico, HDC…are these all bad arrangements?

    (and yes I know the financial pitfalls of Roman football)

  61. Fred says:

    I like the Red Bull team but I would much rather have a Cosmos jersey than a Red Bull jersey.

  62. Mark says:

    If an owner steps up with deep pockets and will commit to making it work, the southeast will get a team. Until then, there isn’t anything to discuss.

    As a Red Bull fan to attends all the home games, I’d welcome another team in the area.

  63. RK says:

    Because New Yorkers will whine that it’s New Jersey and that it is too far.

  64. BSU SC says:

    “No one seemed to care about the Cosmos before there was a movie made about them”

    …he must not have ever seen any of the games where 75k people came out to watch the team. Every soccer fan in America cared about the Cosmos, it was the rest of the league that no one cared about and that’s why the NASL folded. Bill Archer is waaaaay off on this topic.

  65. RK says:

    Atlanta keeps dancing around it. Blank was ready to step up during the last round, but backed down when they economy fell. The recently formed “Atlanta Soccer Cabinet” shows that, at least, city and business leaders are interested in MLS (yet not financially backing it). link to

  66. Mark F says:

    Why does this have to be about whether people around the country will embrace the Cosmos or if this will be the REAL Cosmos?

    This is about bringing back the brand and paying tribute to the history of the sport in the city. The New York Mets were a legacy name when they were brought back in the 1960s and I just have to wonder how many old timers then said, “They’re just not the same Mets…” And maybe more importantly does anyone care now? Absolutely not. Soccer is about tradition and while the Cosmos have been inactive for 30 years, I see nothing wrong with resurrecting their lineage.

    As for a stadium, why not renovate Icahn stadium into a new, modern facility? Easy to access from all boroughs.

    I don’t think the South East has done anything to warrant a team. Atlanta is literally the worst sports town in America. Their beloved Braves routinely had empty seats during the playoffs. The Hawks and Falcons…come on. I do believe in a promotion/relegation system with the second division and if a team like the Railhawks can make it…more power to the south east.

  67. Jim says:

    so if they did enter MLS, we’d have the Galaxy vs. the Cosmos? Maybe MLS is trying to reach out to that all important Star Trek demographic.

  68. this is what nyc soccer needs: a team actually in the city. somewhere in queens off the 7 train is the best bet. i like the red bulls and all and am hoping for their success, but the bottom line is that they are a new jersey team. i live in western queens and to get to harrison it takes me two trains, plus the path, to get there in about an hour and a half. there for 90 mins, then back on three trains. i have done it 4 times this season, and i will continue to keep doing it and support the red bulls, but having a team in harrison, nj straight disenfranchises a whole lot of soccer fans in queens, bk, and long island who are hesitant to make a 3 hour rt commute to see a team that is owned by an austrian energy drink company. if the 20th team played in flushing, corona, or long island city i would be a season ticket holder and so would many of my friends who despise the trip to harrison.

  69. Mark F says:

    Hear Hear…Red Bull season ticket holder and I can’t tell you how much I miss the MetroStar name. Throw a Red Bull logo on there, but let us call them something other then an energy drink.

  70. Shane says:

    You’re right, which is why I don’t give a damn about MLS, or ever will. Americans abroad for me, then. If it’s going to be more than 600 miles away, it might as well be 6000.

  71. JoeW says:

    The first, second and third most important things in getting an MLS franchise are the ownership. That’s it. Lament all you want about Atlanta or Florida or Raleigh or whatever (and throw in St. Louis, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and a dozen other legitimate cities with big fan bases some of whom have great soccer trackrecords).

    That’s why RSL has a team–ownership stepped up. That is why St. Louis doesn’t have a team. B/c if you were going by local soccer players, total size, fan attendance, soccer experience, RSL would be near the bottom of the list. But Checketts stepped forward and found a way to get the stadium done and suddenly you’ve got a city that has a winning team, a great stadium, a lovely place for USMNT games with an altitude advantage if we want it and a decent fan base.

    If Salt Lake City and Columbus can get SSS and winning teams and build a fan base than there are about 50 cities in the US who are potential candidates (and I mean no insult to SLC or Columbus–only that 20 years ago no-one would have mentioned those cities as top candidates for soccer franchises in the US). Ownership has got to step up–it’s that simple. If a viable ownership team comes forward than the rest is manageable.

  72. Brandinho says:

    Itll be a complete waste of time if the Cosmos arent in New York. 15 years and the Red Bulls are JUST starting to sell tickets

    If they cant get something in Queens or Brooklyn then give the 20th team to a city that can actually draw fans for teams which the Red Bulls couldnt until they got a huge name like Henry.

    I was at the NY vs Juventus game and seeing the stadium half full was a depressing joke. No need to dilute the NY fans more so now both teams draw quarter-half filled stadiums for games.

  73. Chris says:

    I don’t live in the area, but my guess would be marketing. If I were a resident of NYC, I’d probably wait it out and be a Cosmos fan over being a Red Bulls fan. What the Cosmos have going for them is the history/tradition, big names involved (potentially), the sense of being a true NYC team as opposed to a New Jersey team trying to attract New Yorkers, and—most importantly—not being owned and sponsored by a terrible energy drink that I can’t stand. Frankly, there’s just a coolness factor to the Cosmos that the Red Bulls can’t harness. It’s Microsoft vs. Apple (but without no huge profits involved for either).

  74. Mike M says:

    Say it aint so….

    Don’t turn the Cosmos into the equivalent of the Transformers movies, which took a fond memory from my youth and re-presented itself as something in-name only, watered it down, and took away the charm.

    I’m a fan of MLS, a Red Bull Supporter, and in-favor of a 2nd area team. I just think the Cosmos is a name that should remain in the past.

  75. Pepe says:

    It’s not the sharing that’s a problem for me. But to put two teams in what amounts to a suburban location (talking distance from NYC) doesn’t make much sense to me. Especially when NYRB aren’t consistently drawing huge crowds (I’m not hating, but if they had season tickets sold out and a waiting list I would think differently).

  76. Ferris says:

    I go to 8-10 red bulls games each year including open
    Cup playins and if there were a team in manhattan, Brooklyn, or queens I would definitely become a season ticket holder over the new jersey red

  77. Adam M. says:

    This is a no brainer. Instant name recognition, instant rivalry, increased media attention and revenue for the league in the largest market, with resulting increase in foreign attention, good Queens location for a new stadium in an area itching for redevelopment, and another set of DP spots for stars who want to play based in NY. How many first division teams are in London? Sao Paulo? Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Munich, they all have in-city rivalries. As for the areas of the country left out, be patient. US-Canada is a massive region that will support a league with far more than 20 teams eventually. Better wait until Atlanta and Miami can come in close together (like Seattle, Portland, Vancouver) than leave one hanging there for years.

  78. Elizabeth says:

    Chattanooga FC drew a crowd of over 5,000 at their last regular season home game (attendence averaged over 4,000 per game). That is not 20,000, but Chattanooga is a small city, and CFC is only an NPSL team. There are fans in the south. $$$$$ is the issue.

  79. Warren says:

    You have point, two under-performing teams in NY metro area would be bad for MLS.

    Also for those saying the Meadowlands are too far for a city team, please remind me where the original Cosmos played drawing huge crowds?

    Oh yeah, Jersey Meadowlands.

  80. golfstrom says:

    what is this guy talking about. completely nonsensical response…which is completely expected since it came from bigsoccer

  81. Mark F says:

    What is the big deal about using the Cosmos name? Seriously, the other team in the city is called the Red Bulls and if somebody wants to resurrect the name of the biggest team in the city’s history of the sport then I say go ahead…

    It is true that the team being in New Jersey makes it more of a Jersey/Westchester/Manhattan team. Same thing for the Giants/Jets fans that come from Long Island.

  82. K-Town says:

    Umm, I have to disagree with that big time. I am a Galaxy supporter, but I have to give props to the DCU fans. They have a crappy team this year, and a horrible stadium situation, yet they still come out and support their team. They avg.14,949 fans a game this year despite being the worst team. They are ahead of Columbus, one of the best teams of the last 3 years with a SSS. They are also ahead of Chicago, Chivas USA, Dallas, and Colorado, all teams with new SSS. If DCU had a good stadium and a decent team, they would average 20k easily. So how is it that they don’t support their team?

  83. RK says:

    Atlanta and Miami? 10 hours apart. As close as Atlanta to DC. Everyone is just hung up on having to have multiple expansion teams in one area because that’s just what happened. It certainly didn’t matter before.

  84. giaco says:

    TWO NY teams that don’t play in NY? Now THAT’S comedy.

    New Jersey is taking on your poor, huddled masses.

  85. K-Town says:

    +1. I totally agree. It would have to be big, like Yankees big for it to work.

  86. Jamez says:

    Dude the Metros have sucked for years and their fans never abandoned them Like DC’s fans have. Never, i lived closer i would support Metro. They have had some of the worse Managment in the history of sports yet the fans never left.
    DC sucks and so does the fans.

  87. joe k says:

    so you’re suggesting that it’s the euro-snobs that are waiting for a more glorious team?

    i have doubts, but clearly (from the few that are commenting) there are some like that.

    and i bet the euro-snobs are the same snobs that somehow assign a stench to anything based in jersey. (even though RBA is closer to the city than flushing, and the giants and jets are successful in the swamp)

  88. Jamez says:

    Too bad the city fights their every move to get a stadium.

  89. fischy says:

    Wow — talk about shooting down straw men… What a discussion. Who has floated the idea of sharing RBA? No one, except Pepe above.

    The MLS is talking about having a team in New York City proper. Almost certainly, that team would locate in or around the Citi Field (Shea Stadium for old-timers) facility in Queens. The whole point would be to go after different fan base: the immigrants in Queens, and the soccer playing suburban families in Long Island and Westchester…as well as getting some New York City hipster cool and luxury box money.

    Expensive to build a stadium there? Somewhat, though they could probably share parking with the Mets and Flushing isn’t exactly prime real estate. It’s mostly auto body shops.

  90. DS says:

    NYC would absolutely get behind a team in Queens – I follow the Red Bulls and occasionally make it out to a game at the new stadium, but would prob spring for season tix if there was a team within the boroughs. For those of you who don’t live in the City, the Metros/Red Bull always suffered because there was no public transportation to Giants Stadium (the majority of New Yorkers don’t have cars, or for that matter, even know anyone who does). The new stadium is far more accessible, but a stadium in Flushing would take mere minutes for fans from much of Queens and Manhattan.

    That said, I feel like the Cosmos name is a relic of the past – not sure what reserve of nostalgia they’ll really be tapping into. I saw the documentary about the team that came out a few years back, but the lesson I came away with was that they were a short-lived novelty. Not to mention that their name and logo are pretty generic – would look right at home with the old NPSL teams that had clip art masquerading as team crests. Not that some of the current teams are better, but really, it’s kind of weak.

  91. RK says:

    Yeah, it is a strawman. There’s zero chance of it happening (unless, of course, there were some sort of delay in construction, but that would just be temporary). Just think, two SSSs in NY and none south of Philly (at least for MLS).

  92. fischy says:

    @RK — Shame you have that attitude. So, people in Portland shouldn’t follow baseball? People in Los Angeles shouldn’t watch NFL games? No NBA fans in Las Vegas?

    Besides, MLS won’t stop at 20 teams forever…assuming there are better soccer fans that follow a league even when there is no local team. Eventually, MLS will expand….perhaps to Miami or Atlanta.

  93. DS says:

    John, I play out at Randalls as well – and you sir must be crazy. There is NO subway access whatsoever, and only ONE public bus that goes out there, from Harlem – and it’s full of slightly disturbed mean heading to either the mental health facility or homeless shelter that constitute the islands primary institutions. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fields out there, but every player on my team is disgruntled when our schedule comes out and games are scheduled at Randalls. Given zoning restrictions, available land, and transportation options, the only viable options in NYC would be within Queens.

  94. john.q says:

    seems like the Cosmos group is starting the right way. first by buying CopaNYC and starting a youth academy in Queens. looks good so far.
    pleaase build the stadium in queens! or at least renovate icahn stadium on randalls island.

  95. john in fl says:

    The Stadium wil lbe in Uniondale next to Nassau Veterans Memirial Colisseum…that’s as close ot NYC that the Cosmos will get….mark my words!!!!!

  96. fischy says:

    How excited would you be if there were a team in Florida 3 hours drive away? Or Atlanta? How many games would you go see then?

    Unless you’re willing to see USL/NASL games, you’ll have to accept that there won’t be a team in every city.

  97. Jake says:

    I am a RBNY fan and really dislike this idea. I really hate all the complaining about the trip. Granted, I do do live in NJ, but the ride isn’t the easiest for me either it takes about an hour and a half to get to RBA. I have to give credit to some DCU fans cuz while people in NY complain about the trip and refuse to take it, some DCU fans travel much longer. And what “history” would these Cosmos have? They are in no way but name connected to the Cosmos of old. If they do make the Cosmos, I would hope it becomes NJ RB because it seems like no NY fans would be left.

  98. brad says:

    I’m a Redbulls fan and will stay one unless they put a new team in Brooklyn where I live. So I’m all for bringing back the Cosmos to play in Queens or LI.

    That said, I watched the “special” announcement at the Copa NYC halftime and was not impressed with what seemed to me to be a very amateurish presentation. It looked like they spent all their budget on bringing in Pele and Carlos Alberto, who (bless them) barely managed to convey the “special announcement” due to old-age and language barriers. Other than “NY Cosmos is back,” it was totally unclear what they hoped to achieve or how. NY Cosmos should be thankful I was probably one of a handful of people watching and that the event reads better in print than it looked in person or on tv.

  99. TimN says:

    The main obstacle here will be money. Building a stadium in NY will come at an astronomical cost, so it will take ownership and investors with very deep pockets. With the state of the economy, it would be several years before a NY Cosmos franchise with a new arena would be a profitable endeavor.

    It would be great for MLS strictly from a fan/rivalry standpoint, but I’m not so sure about the finances on this one…

  100. DC Josh says:

    St. Louis will be #20 or #21.

  101. inkedAG says:

    There was a time when I wanted the Cosmos name and team back, but after watching Once In A Lifetime, I am cool with the Cosmos name and folklore remaining in the path. Bringing it out of the moth balls and putting the team in Queens, doesn’t seem right. Let’s move on.

  102. inkedAG says:

    I am a fan of bad jokes, so nice one!

  103. inkedAG says:

    I lived in Whitestone, Queens for many years so I feel your pain.

  104. Chad in NYC says:

    First, NYRB is averaging over 16K a game this year, and that average will go up following the Galaxy game which is sold out. That seems like pretty solid support.

    As for a team in Queens–The trip to Harrison is pretty easy if you live in Manhattan, but if you’re out in the boroughs, it gets cumbersome. I really doubt many from Queens or LI are trekking to Harrison for a game. A team there would tap into that market. Also, I think many here are underestimating how famous the Cosmos brand is worldwide. A New York team branded as the Cosmos is going to sell a lot of gear. If MLS does put the second team in Queens, it makes a lot of sense for them to pony up for the naming rights.

    I work in Newark, NJ and really want to get behind the Red Bulls, but I also wish they would be the Metrostars sponsored by Red Bull. Also, I was at the Barclays challenge and the Harrison PATH stop just couldn’t handle the crowds. The hour long wait to get crammed through the station doors soured the night for me and, more importantly for my girl. It will be impossible to get her out there again even though she enjoyed the game.

  105. Jake says:

    Although if they did change the name to NJ insetead of NY (which they never will for marketing reasons, who knows if Henry would’ve came if it was NJRB) I think the rivalry would actually intensify. Their is a strong rivalry between NJ and NY (specifically people from NYC). Just check out a NJ Devils vs NY Rangers game.

  106. Scott A says:

    Ha. Bring the Cosmos on. My RB New York will stomp them

  107. Sninho says:

    I live just southeast of Nashville, 3.5hrs from Atlanta. If there were a team in Atlanta, I’d buy season tickets the day they were released. I might not make every single game, but I’d make a majority. I follow the LA Galaxy a little bit, but only because they played a friendly against a mexican team in Nashville like 8 years ago or something. Other than that, the MLS to me is only relevant to check up on any potential MNT players.

  108. Crumudgeon says:

    I would love to see the Cosmos back on the scene, but agree with all those that say it should be:

    a New YORK team

    How about a SSS in Queens or Brooklyn? It doesn’t need to be huge… 25K perhaps. The rivalry games with RBNY could be at a larger neutral (perhaps pointy ball) venue.

  109. Sninho says:

    Thierry Henry didn’t seem to have a problem making it on the train. I’m just saying…

  110. Sninho says:

    I agree. MLS wants to be uniquely American as much as they can, hence the reason for All-Star games, playoffs, and conferences. Thus, in order to be more uniquely American, they must expand beyond 20. I think for most of the rest of us in the Southeast, we understand this fact. Thus I feel its not really a question of if, but when. Arthur Blank was financing a bid, but is not anymore I guess. There is a new group that is determined to place Atlanta on the international soccer scene, so I imagine something will come out of that.

  111. Dan says:

    Agreed, the team would have to be located on the eastern end of NYC or even Long Island in order to have that cross town rival feel(but with L.I. you would have the same problem as RBA). I would love to see the “new” team use either citi or the new yankee stadium if they can’t afford/find a proper location of their own to start.

  112. Dizzo says:

    “My take is #21 & #22 are Atlanta and Miami and #23 & #24 are San Diego and Phoenix.”

    They need to try and balance the East & West Coast conferences. Hence, why a new NY team makes a lot of sense. The addition of a deep-pocketed Cosmos team will help an East Coast conference that’s struggling right now.

    I think after 20 they’ll try to move some financially unsuccessful teams to new markets.

  113. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Preferring a New York team that actually plays in New York doesn’t make you a Eurosnob. I can’t believe that actually needs saying, but apparently it does.

  114. Dizzo says:

    I used to live in DC and I don’t think RFK sucks nearly as much as people keep saying.

    Sure, it’s a really old facility, but it’s super easy to get to by public transit and there’s always a good view of the field.

    I’d hate to see DCU leave. The history of DCU is really the history of the MLS. I read somewhere that they are seriously considering moving to Baltimore which would be a shame.

  115. Red says:

    Who said I’m not a Red Bulls fan? Just that, for some, when Red Bull erased the name, jersey and history of the club, Metro died a little. I can’t with good conscience chant “Come on Red Bulls.” I’m sorry…but my morals never seem to waiver…even after the stadium, Henry, and Angel. I’ve been to about 5 games this year, so I’m definitely not the absent NYC MLS fan. But that Red Bull was never my ideal.

    Not to mention, I’ve been pro-Cosmos-in-MLS for years.

  116. A Guest says:

    Single entity revenue sharing, in the short term builds the game throughout the US.

  117. malkin says:

    Indeed. Staten Island might as well be Jersey. But luckily there is no chance in hell that would happen and the only person who ever mentioned it was in these comments.

  118. yankiboy says:

    Jamez, sure the team is dreadful. You are right about that one.

    But you lost all credibility when you dogged my fellow DC fans. Especially when you threw out the Metros card. How are you going to tell me that ESC is any better than Screaming Eagles Or Barra Brava or La Norte.

    I can’t stand a lot of the ESC fans that I have met (a lot of annoying, immature clowns looking to start stuff–kinda like what other people say about some of the DC supporters)–but I gotta give the devil his due. ESC brings it. I have seen them travel down the turpike to support their reserves play a USL2 (Baltimore) side at a high school. Yes we were happy to see them go home (like I said, too many annoying clowns trying to be wannabe hooligans) but at their best, they brought more flavor to the game and they showed how to really support a team.

    Props to them but you need to put down the pipe if you want to be taken seriously if you are going to say that they are somehow “better” than DC fans.

  119. RK says:

    With each passing year that I don’t live in DC, it becomes harder and harder to follow. And yeah, when there isn’t a local interest, it does become harder to follow. At least I can go to a Braves game and watch the Phillies.

  120. says:

    I always laugh how it’s MLS’s fault that certain cities don’t get teams. They deserve it screams some internet genuis! LOL stuff.
    Deep pockets, committed owners, fiscally viable stadium soltuion. It’s that simple.
    Florida, Atlanta, etc. are all teeming with those. MLS has proven over the last several years that they know how to build from the ground up. They actually shown that they know better…remember the screams for the Rhinos (LOL), St. Lou didn’t have the cash, and Saputo’s whining/demanding did nothing but force him to play ball and wait his turn. I know it will get lost with most that post here, but what the league has accomplished over the last several years has been incredible here in the US.
    The only way a 2nd NY team gets done is if someone is willing to throw out huge amounts of money. Huge. Sad, but true. Queens would be perfect, but the chances are slim. The only reason RBA got built is because RB was willing to just throw money at everyone to make it get done. Without that here it won’t happen IMO.
    Seeing that criminal Giorgio up there is laughable. At least thye didn’t let him speak. That would have been way to much of a joke.
    I wish/hope/pray it happens but reality tells me it isn’t happening unless Wilpon is on board. He has the land in an area the NIMBY’s wouldn’t burden the bid. That and another huge investor.

    “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it”….William Muny

    Land, cash, politics has everyhting to do with it.

  121. Mark F says:

    What about Icahn Stadium? Is everyone forgetting that the former Cosmos stadium is still around and could be modernized with a renovation? It’s also pretty convenient for people from all boroughs.

  122. Joe says:

    As much as I would love to see a team in St Louis as someone who grew up there, until there are the deep pockets Ives writes about willing to put up the cash needed for a team and SSS in St Louis, there won’t be an MLS team in St Louis. The MLS does not care about the fan base when it comes to expansion, it cares about money. As we have seen with the financial problems AC has had, someone big time needs to step up. Maybe Stan Kroenke could step up?

    I don’t think there is something wrong with this philosophy, especially when the league is still trying to increase revenue and expand further, but it is a reality in the sitation

  123. gas huffer says:

    Florida is a poor choice of state since it is mostly ex-New Yorkers who make up its populace…

  124. gas huffer says:

    Getting to RBA is super easy. Those who knock it are just lazy. They won’t be motivated to go to NYC2, either. “Ooh, the 7 train sux…”

    NYC is spoiled with RBA. We don’t deserve it, and I love it!

    ¡Dale Metro!

  125. Johnny Thunder says:

    Yeah, I agree about the two Florida teams that flopped. I’ve been DC United supporter since 1996 simply because it was as close to a home team as there was. It just seems to get harder to see games. I had HDNET but can’t see those games any longer. FSC seems to have less games and Time Warner for some reason can’t get the HD broadcast. ESPN has their game of the week and that’s about all I can see. Direct Kick is a joke. It’s like they’re shooting the games with Fisher Price cameras and high school camera operators. It’d just be nice to have a team less than 6 hours drive from me so I could support the league.

  126. gas huffer says:

    As someone wrote above, Icahn is only accessible by bus or cab.. They could run more buses for sure, but not a long term solution.

  127. jimluk says:

    Regarding the southeast issue, MLS should buy the Empire Field Temporary 20,000+ seat stadium from vancouver

    link to

    and move it to promoted division 2 teams

    this would allow a somewhat feasible promotion system

    or hell just give it to ne or dc

  128. TimN says:

    Didn’t know it even existed. That might make the Cosmos a very viable option in the short term, with plans to build a SSS with subway access later.

  129. Dargen Lonscot says:

    Agreed. Imagine an MLS Cosmos teams with the likes of Joey Gjertsen and Chad Barrett – way to rape the memory of the Cosmos legacy! Sometimes it’s better to let the past remain history.

  130. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    Rangers sell out most games. Their attendance was nearly 3K more per game than the Hurricanes. The Canes were 8th from the bottom in attendance last season. The Thrashers are even worse, with only the Islanders and Coyotes drawing fewer to their games. Combine the track record of poor attendance with smaller TV markets and a lack of money being put forth for a team in the Southeast, and I can see why it won’t happen anytime soon.

  131. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    Red Hook!

  132. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    I don’t know. I got to see the Cosmos as a kid. I would love for them to come back to life. And, as a Brooklyn resident, it would be much easier for me to have a team in NYC.

    However, I have held tickets for RB/Metro for several years. If you really do love the sport and want a league to succeed here, you have to put up with inconveniences to help make it happen.

    I’ve been willing to do that and wish many others in the area would, too.

  133. Jknoll says:

    Florida is not a viable place for a franchise they have shown that there isn’t the support, Atlanta or Raleigh-Durham are both great spots for MLS to get a start the Southeast. The Atlanta stadium would have to be on the north side of town(more money and interest) being located on the MARTA line would be great. Atlanta is the 9th largest MSA in the country and home to many of the US biggest businesses(the people that buy suites and season tix.) Just need the ownership, come on Arthur Blank!

  134. Dennis says:

    Isn’t it about time NY got a team?
    The Red Bull play in NJ and should admit they are a NJ team!
    They should be called the NJ Red Bull!

  135. JavaLavaJoe says:

    If team is actually IN THE CITY then I am all for it!

    Who knows of space available close to public transport?

  136. wyofan says:

    Bring ’em back. The buzz of the name is well worth it for MLS. Many non-soccer fans even remember the Cosmos.

    Is Randall’s Island available?

    My career soccer highlight was playing a U12 match on the field prior to a Cosmos game at Giants stadium.

  137. Dre says:

    Look, I’ll only like it if they get to build a stadium in urban New York, perhaps the greatest untapped urban soccer environment on the planet. If they can appeal to the kids on the street, have a stadium up the block and around the corner, have it feel real New York. A stadium in South Brooklyn would be an amazing accomplishment.

  138. john says:

    Cosmos – Galaxy! The 1st Extraterrestrial Derby!

  139. sylc says:

    After New York, I would bet the house Atlanta gets a team. Nowhere else is there an investor which is the most important part of getting a team.

    And the Silverbacks are coming back.

  140. bgix says:

    I’ve heard of stupider “derby” ideas. Heritage Cup anyone?

  141. john.q says:

    true icahn is only accessible by bus or car. also accessible via the 103rd street footbridge. in a way randalls island central to the city since it sits between manhattan, queens, and the bronx and is connected by the triborough bridge.
    no subway would be a big hurdle. only solution would be ferry service from parts of manhattan and queens that stop near subways. im sure the ferry companies in NYC would jump at the chance to service so many people.
    imagine pre-gaming at the LIC taxi-beach bar then taking the ferry to the game. that would be a unique expirience!

  142. Dane96 says:

    Red Bull Arena is NOT closer to the “CITY” than Flushing. First, Flushing is in the “CITY”. Second, if you mean Manhattan, you are still wrong. In fact, they are nearly the same distance depending on where you are coming from. Finally, the fanbase that the MLS is seeking to attract wont be from Manhattan– it will be the middle class of Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. It will be the Russians and Chinese of Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach. The African, West Indies, Hatians, Jamaicans, etc of Bed Stuy, Jamaica Ave., Flushing, etc. It will be “soccer moms” kids from LI, Greeks from Astoria, Italians from Bed Stuy…etc, etc.

  143. BK says:

    Still no team in the Southeastern US. Sad.

  144. Stephen says:

    Because for some of us who don’t have satellite or digital cable, more European soccer is shown on TV.

  145. jspec says:

    LIC, LIC, LIC, JAckson Ave & 21th St. NY COSMOS. NO FC, UNITEDmaybe Cosmos County

  146. Classlessjerk says:

    Johnny Thunders, I loved your work with The Heartbreakers. So sorry you OD’d in New Orleans. We miss ya.

  147. Classlessjerk says:

    As far as the Wilpons are concerned, I’ve read where it’s been speculated they took a big hit with the whole Madoff deal and that’s why they’ve lost interest. Not sure if any of that is true.

  148. mase says:

    Can Red Bulls please give Jersey its team and give NY the Cosmos….80% of the attendance of from Jersey anyway and you cant have a NY derby when one team plays in Jersey.The NY NJ rivalry would be tremendous…NJRB’s are avg 16,500 fans i dont think thats horrible….come talk to me after Marquez plays..New Yorkers stay away from RBulls let Jersey keep this team…..cant stand the bitching already

  149. senevada says:

    dont let the door hit ya where… blah blah blah.

  150. b says:

    yeah, if the Cosmos started playing in RBA today, you’d see a difference in attendance.
    It’s not only the distance, it’s the team identity, it’s easier to cheer for a team than a product.

  151. KevDC says:

    Jamez ranted:
    “Or DC could move to Florida, Their fans suck, they dont support them, not even against international competition. The stadium is old and falling apart,while they struggle to secure a SSS in the area. they should move south. Philly should satisfy the people in that area.”

    You are an uninformed, bitter idiot. Sorry for you that MLS failed in Florida, but saying DC fans suck is ludicrous on it’s face. Historically, DC has usually had one of the better turnouts in MLS, and even in this truly awful season where United is clearly the worst team in the league the attendance is 8th of 16 teams.

    Source: link to

    Jamez also spewed: “DC sucks and so does the fans.”

    Get over yourself, bitter little man.

  152. Wncsport says:

    I’m sorry, I just don’t see New York “deserving” a second team. If the Cosmos were in MLS they should just rename the other guys “New Jersey Red Bulls” and be done with it.

    I don’t want to be jumped on, but I thought FIFA is trying to lower the number of teams in the top domestic leagues, and people are talking expansion past 20? I say they should announce they’re stopping expansion and look to move bad teams, and start a real second-tier at least by minor league. Designate each team must establish a minor league team. Focus on non-MLS cities like Orlando, Charlotte, Phoenix, St. Louis, yes, even Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. Each city must have a suitable stadium for 12K+ seats, which could be readily expanded. Hopefully start in 5-8 years. Maybe in 30 years we can have promotion and relegation within those two tiers, who knows? But to grow the game we need a serious second-tier one way or another. Just waiting on growth is ridiculous when there are so many other sports options for Americans.

  153. Wncsport says:

    GOLTV in HD on DirecTV! GOLTV in HD on DirecTV! OK, I’ll calm down now…

  154. DINO says:


  155. IL says:

    Nah, terrible idea. Lets spread the sport around. Lets get a league going. No need to put two teams in NY. Red Bulls are hardly selling out their stadium. Its better for the league if they add a Southern franchise.