DeMerit still waiting for right club opportunity

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One of several American soccer players still sorting out their club futures this summer, Jay DeMerit has been laying pretty low in the weeks since the World Cup, but he has emerged to discuss his current status and playing future.

DeMerit is a free agent in search of a team since leaving Watford at the end of his contract last spring. After starting every game for the United States in the World Cup, DeMerit figured to draw considerable interest from clubs, but has yet to find a club that fits what he is looking for.

The U.S. national team defender recently spoke to the npower Football League Podcast and revealed, among other things, that MLS could be an option.

"I am open to most of Europe, and I'm still even, to be honest, open to going back to the (United) States," DeMerit said. "Right now it's about to try and streamline options and make sure I make the best choice."

"We're just being patient at the moment," DeMerit said. "That's the only thing that I can do.

"Coming off the summer, in the way that I did, it was nice to have a break but now it's getting to the point where you want to try and get something sorted out."

You can hear the full interview here (from the 16:00 mark to the 26:55 mark).

What do you think of DeMerit's interview? Think he can find a club in the Premier League or League Championship? Would you like to see him come to MLS?

Share your thoughts below.

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65 Responses to DeMerit still waiting for right club opportunity

  1. Bruce says:

    “Hope he finds a job soon?”

    No. I hope he remains unemployed.

    (sarcasm, btw)

    (SBI-LOL, it was supposed to be an England or MLS question I left in there. Thanks for the laugh.)

  2. kfly says:

    Come to DC! If we can’t score, I’d at least like to be able to defend.

  3. SoccerInATL says:

    Him and gooch should go and take over some teams middle defender positions together. They were a pretty formidable duo when both were healthy. That being said they both have long term health issues that do effect their game. A bit of damaged goods. I still can’t believe the freak accident that happened to Demerit. Very unlucky.

  4. CrispyST3 says:

    Come to the Galaxy!!! Pleassseee! I can’t stand Berhalter haha

  5. Sean says:

    He seems like a perfect fit for Philly. A good hard worker, who would sacrifice for the team. That’s also the vibe I get when I watch them play. Too bad they are spending 200K on Danny Califf, he’s terrible on the field. Not to mention, JD could be a mentor to many of the young guys.

  6. Brian Ching says:

    DeMerit was on the WC team. I think he’s easily worth $300-$350,000. Most likely he’d head to Chicago. But I think he should try for Germany.

  7. Ben says:

    Still one of the most amazing sports stories I have ever heard.

  8. John says:

    Seattle plz

  9. Aaron in StL says:

    You would think with all the pathetic defending in the Premier League so far already, that he’d be able to find something. I can’t imagine anybody at Wigan is a better option than DeM at this point.

  10. The Dude says:

    Welcome to Seattle!

  11. Charles says:

    Hopefully he comes to Seattle. They really need someone with all the injuries they have had.

    Either way, I hope that we can watch him play in MLS.

  12. Who are the next 2 or 3 in line in the MLS allocation for US players? Maybe that list has an influence on whether Jay really wants to come to MLS?

  13. Seth says:

    Come to RBNY!


  14. Coffee says:


  15. TimN says:

    I think he should be patient. There should be plenty of good options either in the EPL or Bundesliga, which are places that I think he would be a good fit.

  16. jayrig5 says:

    Agreed, and Martinez seemed to like him during the World Cup this summer.

  17. RLW2020 says:

    good question…Answers?

  18. Original gangster CJ Brown is on his last legs. Chicago’s back line would be sick with him on it.

  19. kpugs says:

    This falls under the type of mystery as why a healthy Gooch can’t get playing time over some horrendous defenders at Milan. Why Demerit wasn’t snatched up asap I’ll never understand.


  20. Cjk says:

    Seems everyone in MLS needs a new central defender.

  21. Second City says:

    Please come home and protect our young keepers and replace our weakest link, old man CJ Brown. Well worth DP money for Chicago.

  22. Brian D says:

    Good lord yes.

  23. Brian S. says:

    That would be a great back line but I’m positive RBNY has no more cap room after their two big purchases this summer

  24. Cliff Poncier says:

    Defenders like DeMerit in Germany are a dime a dozen.

    I the UIC man to come home to Chicago.

  25. Hood Rich says:

    Doesn’t matter what Martinez thinks if he keeps up at Wigan. e.g., 10 goals in 2 games ! 4-0 to Blackpool, LOL !

  26. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    I would like to see him going to a team like Fulham/Birmingham/Bolton. Heck, even West Ham could use someone of his quality.

    If he wants an adventure, one of the Turkish teams playing in Europe would be great!

  27. Starla says:

    Didn’t know that 31 year old Championship defenders were in high demand in EPL and Bundesliga.

  28. nick says:

    San jose has top allocation so hell yes come home jay

  29. TimN says:

    Never said he was in “high demand,” just that there may be some clubs in those leagues where he may be a good fit. Certainly a mid or lower tier club in either of those leagues could use a solid defender…

    No, he’s not going to be getting any calls from ManU or Bayern Munich…but maybe a club such as Blackpool or Eintracht or Wigan.

  30. I still remember how Jay lost his man on the break that took the US out of the World Cup… sigh. Of course the legs get tired about 95+ minutes, and Jay made so many great tackles and blocks

    Come to San Jose, Jay — Yallop makes everybody play D, and that’s got to make life a lot better for a back. Defense is respected, valued, and revered here. World (OK MLS) domination is in the plans, too… Come here and lets shut everyone out! : )

  31. James says:

    The man would be a liability in the EPL. Put your rose colored uncle sam glasses away.

  32. jayrig5 says:

    Right, which is why they’d want to bring in a defender. For all we know Martinez had been pushing to sign a defender and management killed the idea, and now they’ll see the error in their thinking.


  33. x4 says:

    I remember Bornstein, with no one around him, kicking a long ball straight to the other team that lead to the break, followed by Demerit running down the man Bocanegra had left to stand near the midfield line, getting there and cutting off every angle on a shot except straight at Howard. But yeah, totally Demerit’s fault.

  34. Kevin_Amold says:

    James, I am getting pretty tired of anyone daring to mention that DeMerit could play in the Premier League (for a Wigan, or a Blackpool, or a West Ham) being labeled as an uncle sam homer. You’re entitled to your opinion, but people of your ilk are beyond annoying. We know what DeMerit is capable of. He’s a decent defender, hardworking, not going to blow anyone away. Just a solid contributor.

    If it offends you that some of us think he has something to offer to some team out there, I am truly sorry.

  35. bryan says:

    just come home unless you land in the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga or Serie A. Not that MLS is better than France, Holland, Portugal, etc…I’d just rather see him in MLS at this point if he won’t be in a “Big 4 League”

  36. Andy in Atlanta says:


  37. Lost in Space says:

    My preference would be to have Jay come and play for an MLS team. Realistically speaking he’s got somewhere like 4 or 5 Good yours of Club ball left in him, so I’d like him come home and use his experiance to help groom the Next Generation of USNT. Pair him with Opara, Ream, or Gonzalez and give them someone to emulate (work ethic, and being a professional). Would be the best way for him to continue to contribute to the USMNT past the 2011 Gold Cup.

  38. Jeremy says:

    James- I’m guessing you were wearing this as you typed your comment… link to

  39. Mike says:

    *cough* Kansas City *cough, cough*

    Just think, would there be a more quotable Central D pairing in the history of the league than Conrad and Demerit?

  40. JavaLavaJoe says:

    This has expansion draft written all over it.

  41. narius says:

    Oh my god I second, third, and fourth […] that. Califf is an overrated punk with absolutely zero leadership ability. That would be only annoying if he weren’t the team captain and compounded by the fact that Seitz apparently has no ability to command the backline either.

    Demerit would be a most welcome tonic. That and give Le Toux the damn armband.

  42. MC Pharoah says:

    completely wrong…..

    they were trying to get Jan Solli(quality) and Luke Rodgers(not quality) before the transfer window closed, but failed, they are going to try again next window supposedly

    and today…Gol linked them to Mikael Silvestre

  43. Tyler says:


  44. cfig says:

    It probably doesn’t matter as I imagine he’d be a DP for someone and not sign a standard contract which I don’t think would affect any of the allocation order. Unless, of course, the rules change completely which is a completely realistic possibility.

  45. Tyler says:

    Maybe DeMerit to Portland or Vancouver.

  46. MicahK says:

    If you think MLS is better then Dutch, French, and Portuguese league you are in denial, or do not watch much European soccer. Lyon, Benfica, Marseilles,PSV, Ajax, FC Porto PSG, Braga, Sporting Lisbon,FC twente, Bordeaux, Feyenoord, and others too. The MLS is equal or better then the Scandinavian league. The French, Dutch, and Portuguese league are way better then MLS and have faster sharper play.

  47. MicahK says:


  48. Ericrace1 says:

    As someone pointed out on Twitter this week – Spurs is paying a ton of money in salary to Gallas. With all their injury issues at CB, you’d think they’d take a flyer on a bargain, quality, defender like Jay.

  49. Jon says:

    Absolutely! I would love to see him take charge of the back four for the Union.

  50. Mike says:

    It’s weird that a starting CB for a national team that made it to the knockout stages of the World Cup can’t find a team to play on.

  51. Sean says:

    Unfortunately, JD is winding his career down. He doesn’t need to develop his play by going to any of those leagues. Everyone knows what they are going to get with him. Blue collar effort, never say die attitude. He is the epitome of America. He should come home, he has nothing to prove in Europe. He helped bring Watford to the EPL, and was their club captain. Come home Jay!

  52. papa bear says:

    Dear Chicago Fire Front Office,
    Sign Jay as a 6 month DP. We need someone…anyone to defend and we need it BADLY.
    Chicago Fire Fans.

  53. Sean says:

    [Enter MLS Team here] would be a great fit.

    But no, I’d like for him to stay in Europe if he can find playing time. I can think of a few lower-tier EPL teams that need him *cough* WEST HAM *cough*

    Also his life story needs a movie deal asap.

  54. Second City says:

    Was fox football fone in canceled? Is it being replaced with Soccer talk live?

  55. beckster says:

    hum…let’s see….do you want Tomkins or Demerit paired with Upson – no brainer. Give me Jay any day.

    And what about Wigin? If I were Mancini, I’d be at his doorstep! What is their goal diff after 2 games?

    For those who say he can’t cut it in the EPL, he did just fine the year Watford was in the EPL.

  56. Scott says:

    It’d be flippin fantastic if Liverpool gave him a call. Aston Villa could use him, too.

  57. Ben says:

    Also, he spent a year in the EPL and did fine. He didn’t dominate but acquit himself well enough. No one is suggesting he goes to ManU.

  58. MicahK says:

    Yeah, that is true. :)

  59. phillypride says:

    I’m pretty sure DPs still have to go through the USMNT allocation process.

  60. MLSMan says:

    Yes. I would say it is a shame, but FFF was unwatchable last year anyways.

  61. Brian Abernethy says:

    Send him to San Jose and have him mentor Ike…that’s the best bet for the future of the USMNT defense

  62. Second City says:


    Guess we can officially blame Liverscum supporters for running Steven out of the gig.

    Wynalda was horrible and somehow even worse than that embarrassing theme song they adopted.

    Ah well, FSC management ruined a good thing and this Soccer Talk Live looks pretty shabby too.

  63. Steed says:

    I think I just found my x-mas present for my brother. Nice work.

  64. Didier says:

    If the money’s not considerably better, it’s probably not worth leaving London for Blackpool or Wigan to play on a dreadful team. He’s at the point in his career where it’d probably be more enjoyable for him to either stay in London somewhere or else come to Chicago or something.

  65. Cardenas says:

    Poor World Cup performances have consequences…Nice effort, but too slow for the major clubs