USA-Colombia in New York on Oct. 12th (UPDATED)


The U.S. men's national team's proposed friendly against Colombia in October has been added to the fixture calendar, and is listed as being played in New York.

U.S. Soccer has yet to announce the USA-Colombia match, but the FIFA Fixture list has the teams playing in New York on October 12th. U.S. Soccer usually waits for all pertinent contracts, including venue and television deals, to be finalized before announcing a match, but has been early in revealing USA opponents on several occasions this year (though it has gotten venues wrong before).

(UPDATE- We are hearing that the USA-Colombia friendly will NOT be taking place in the New York area.)

Where in New York would this match take place? Red Bull Arena seems like a good fit, with a 25,000-seat capacity that would make it a tough ticket to land. Having another friendly at the New Meadowlands Stadium just two months after the USA-Brazil game, and in the heart of the NFL schedule, seems extremely unlikely.

If it isn't in New York, one alternative could be Miami, which hasn't had U.S. men's national team match since 2004, but has hosted USA-Colombia five times before.

What do you think of Colombia as an opponent for the USA? Hoping the match is played somewhere other than New York, or love the idea of a USA match at Red Bull Arena?

Share your thoughts below.

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72 Responses to USA-Colombia in New York on Oct. 12th (UPDATED)

  1. Brian says:

    New York again?

  2. DC Josh says:

    How come these mid-week international games have been on Tuesday and not Wednesday? Is this an official change that FIFA has made?

  3. Josh D says:

    Bring it to DC!!

    Has to be at RBA.

  4. Big Mac says:

    Hopefully we don’t get slaughtered. They better look competitive.

  5. blag says:

    Wished some of these games would be played in other areas of the country, the north east is not the only area that enjoys soccer.

  6. Starla says:

    Poland and Colombia. At home. Good choices to further inflate the FIFA ranking. France unavailable?

  7. soccerroo says:

    Hate the idea of having two of the last three on the North East coast but understand with getting players back to thir teams in Europe. If it is truly in NY I would rather see RBA as the site.

  8. KCB says:

    Please, somewhere other than NY. I see this match being played in a MLS stadium though for sure. Is the Colombian following very big in the US? And does anyone remember were they played their previous US-based meeting?

  9. patrick says:

    When are they going to play a west coast friendly??? They have not played a game in the Bay Area for almost 4 years…

  10. The Dude says:

    Why not have it in Seattle? Montero could then be on the away team, but still enjoy home-town support.

    Either way, I hope to see Montero and JPA for Columbia, and lots of new players for the US.

  11. Shark says:

    Seems like its time to put a game on the west coast…this will be five straight games on the east coast….Red Bull Arena?….might be the only time it sells out…:)

  12. John says:

    Yes, FIFA moved the 2nd matchday of their double dates from Wednesday to Tuesday due to complaints from clubs over players returning late from international duty. International teams also have the option of playing the first game of a FIFA double date on Friday rather than Saturday to allow an extra day’s rest before the Tuesday match.

  13. malkin says:

    for what it’s worth… that same schedule on had the poland game listed as being held in NY for several weeks before the official announcement.

  14. Vik says:

    i just watched the two escobars, and then i read this. Should be a great game though, a good test for some younger guys.

  15. GSScasual says:

    We dont want a stadium disaster, RFK looks like its begging to be demo’d

  16. Jose says:

    I hope this game is in RBA. I wouldn’t mind heading out there to watch the game. I think NY is a good place for the European players since it is only a short flight as compare to the west coast.

  17. Coffee says:

    Wow…I’ll b wearing both flags that day..,I hope my Colombia come out to play…same goes for USA as well. New York has a huge following of Colombians…it should be packed if played at RBA.

  18. bondopher says:

    bring this to miami…we have lots of colombians

  19. dman says:

    Agreed… I really think Seattle deserves a USMNT game.

    It’s on the coastline can’t imagine the flight being that much longer flying over the pacific……but now that I think about it it probably is.

  20. Ryan R. says: also originally had the Poland match in NY months ago so I wouldn’t treat it as the most credible of sources, but all reports do have the match going to NY so they could have this one right.

  21. jig says:

    you really think we’re better than Colombia?

  22. hank f says:

    When Colombia played England several years ago at Giant Stadium (2005) there was a very good sized Colombian contingency….(consisting of many lovely ladies I might add).

  23. Matt says:

    what happened to poland?

  24. Chris says:

    Ives, something on your site is crashing one of my browsers EVERY TIME I visit here. It’s been happening for several days. Did you add some new gizmo or widget, or change the pageload behavior in some way?

    And is anyone else encountering this issue? It’s driving me nuts.

  25. Aaron in StL says:

    In Chicago a few days before.

  26. dbag says:

    yea because of fans outside of new york, like people from DC and philly and New England. New York should not host it. Give some of the future US bid Cities a chance like Baltimore, San Diego, Seattle, and others who have not had a game and seem to average 30k at a minimum for at least club friendlies

  27. tmurph says:

    is this a serious statment or are you being sarcastic? besides both games we’ll probably bring in younger teams

    (SBI-How young do you think the teams will be in October? There won’t be many MLS players involved so I can’t see a ton of European-based newcomers. There should be a few, but not the majority.)

  28. jonk says:

    I had been having trouble on my PC (firefox would go into not reponding mode for about 15 seconds, and then be all good) but not my Mac. I suspected it was the twitter feed loading, but could be wrong.

  29. JJJ says:

    Anyone else see Tab Ramos on the new Subway commercial.

  30. Jacob A. says:


  31. Jacob A. says:

    Reeeeeeally hoped Atlanta was getting this one.

  32. David says:

    They had the Poland game listed in NY a while back, so this isn’t set in stone.

  33. Gus Keri says:

    I remember that game. There was somewhere arround 60,000 in attendance, split equally between England and Colombia. They have a lot of fans in NY area. But for some reason I have a feeling that the game is not going to be in NY. It’s very rare for the US to play two games in NY in one calender year.

  34. dman says:

    I’ve been having it for weeks

  35. tmurph says:

    i forgot there were mls games right before these two friendlies so i guess it wont be as young as i thought, but id still. expect some over the younger european based players to come in, probably lichaj(in he has gotten any playing time with villa by then), maybe even someone like mikkel diskerud. jermaine jones would probably get capped in one of these games( tho hes not young)

  36. Sam says:

    I still think Seattle will get this game. They’re announcing their 3rd friendly this week and the listed ticket price is listed as more than the others.

  37. Gus Keri says:

    “The Two Escobars” is a great documantary. It’s too sad to see that soccer in some countries plays a very negative and destructive role.

  38. Ted_Tran says:

    Same thing was happening to me. I think it might be some of the ads, because after I installed adblock the problem was fixed.

  39. Sdshields says:

    I understand the grumbling about having two matches near NYC, but the demographics make sense – nearly a quarter of a million Colombians live in New York, North Jersey, and the rest of the metro area. South Florida also has a huge Colombian population, but October 12 is right in the heart of hurricane season, so that just strikes me as a risky proposition.

  40. josh says:

    I think we are the only country that picks its national team games with an eye on filling the stands with fans of the other team.

  41. Nova99 says:

    usa v sweden and usa v honduras were both in LA and no one showed up to watch… both happened within the last 19 months or so…

  42. Fred Garvin says:

    Chivas is playing the Sounders that day It’s on their site

    link to

  43. RLW2020 says:

    Seattle, Miami, SD, NE NFL all have bye weeks. Meadowlands Stadium has Monday Night game.

    As much as a US game at RedBull would be great i think there are better options right now…

    also why doesn’t MLS at least follow the FIFA breaks in their schedule??

  44. Nova99 says:

    yea but the beauty of the USA is we have so many different types of people that any visiting team would be greeted warmly by ex-pats :)

  45. Scott A says:

    Would be awesome see my second USA-Colombia game

  46. Jim in Atlanta says:


  47. marty says:

    hopefully we see some mls players for colombia.

  48. Chris says:

    USA vs. Turkey in Philly was epic. It was one of the biggest (pro-USA) crowds I’ve seen.

    I think smaller MLS stadiums will be good for WC qualifiers which draw fewer people for some reason. I’d rather go to a World Cup Qualifier against a CONCACAF team than Brazil or Spain friendlies any day of the week, at least they count for something.

    I can’t wait until the USMNT plays a real game at Red Bull Arena. It will be a very loud sell out. That place really hold in the noise.

    For this Columbia game. I don’t really care where it is as long as there are A LOT (a majority) of US Supporters.

  49. bryan says:

    RFK is one of the best atmoshperes for USMNT games though. just look to the Oct. game against Coasta Rica. Wednesday night, 45 degrees, raining and it was packed. i think RFK would be a great place for this game.

  50. bryan says:

    i was at that game too. so epic. man, that was a hell of a weekend. i’m still recovering…

  51. Chris says:

    They should have it in Montana. Everyone loves…Montana


  52. Test says:

    LA…….HDC……..nuff said…..

  53. tnnelson says:


  54. einar says:

    in LA plz!! so that colombians that live in lA can actually see colombia and cheer for Colombia against the USA. this is who i cheer for the most in order.


    2. USA

    3. Peru (i make fun of them most of the time though)

    1. Carlos Valderrama

    2. Cobi Jones

    3. Nolberto Solano (too bad he couldnt play for the galaxy)

    1. Falcao Garcia

    2. Landon Donovan

    3. El Loco Vargas

  55. CrispyST3 says:

    I think we need to call in Teal Bunbury before he is capped by Canada. They more young forwards we can get, the better

  56. Tim F. says:

    I would definitely go to the game if it were played at Red Bull Arena.

  57. Adam M. says:

    My cursor flips out for a few seconds on every page load, and sometimes the screen freezes. Been happening lately. No idea why.

  58. Frank LeBouef says:

    “France unavailable?”

    Be careful what you wish for. France’s “B” team is no pushover.

  59. julio says:

    I hope it is Miami….we deserve a game.

  60. SSFC says:

    Yes! Best idea ever listed on this site! Excellent beer, fly fishing, and skiing. I vote for Whitefish!

  61. JR says:

    I think this one could be in Atlanta. The Falcons are on the road both before and after. Yuck on the dome.

  62. JR says:

    Titans are on the road both weeks too. So Nashville is a strong possibility too.

  63. jimoh8002 says:

    What have you watched any soccer lately??? France is the new European warm up. If we play our card right they’ll be too busy fighting other and let us have our way in the game

  64. jimoh8002 says:

    Baltimore (that is all)

  65. NC Jeff says:

    How classy (and sportsmanlike) would it be for a series of USMNT and CMNT highlights over 20 years to be shown on the video board shortly before the game, and then follow that up with a moment of silence for Andres Escobar?

  66. Stephen says:

    Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham (even though there’s no real stadiums, other than NC State, UNC and Duke). All places where I would attend a game.

  67. Bobby says:

    I’m only going if Marvell Wynne is on the USMNT roster!

    …that’s a joke by the way…

  68. Larry says:

    Yes Miami.

  69. Brent McD. says:

    Patrick said the Bay Area, which is about an 8-hour drive from L.A. Kinda like going from Philly to Buffalo.

  70. Philip says:

    Anywhere but NY they always get USMNT team games, it’s time somewhere else get a chance for once. You can bring the game to Houston to reliant stadium, Houston has a big colombia soccer following and Houston as a city has great soccer support we did sell out the mls all star game.

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