Jones will miss Brazil friendly, Altidore and Gonzalez called in (UPDATED)

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German-born midfielder Jermaine Jones will have to wait a while longer to make his U.S. national team debut.

Jones is skipping next week's USA-Brazil friendly after initially accepting the invitation. Jones and Columbus Crew defender Chad Marshall have been replaced on the U.S. roster by World Cup forward Jozy Altidore and Los Angeles Galaxy defender Omar Gonzalez, who has yet to be capped by the national team. Marshall withdrew from the squad, with no explanation provided by U.S. Soccer as to why.

German reports stated that Jones and Schalke manager Felix Magath determined it was too early for him to take part in international duty after being sidelined for nearly a year with a broken leg. Here is a statement from Jones, released by U.S. Soccer:

"I would like to thank Bob Bradley and the U.S> Federation greatly for my first official invitation," Jones said. "It is an honor that I have been working towards for over a year, and while I initially felt like I was ready to make my first appearance, it is also extremely important to me that I am 100 percent fit for my first national team game and that I make a good impression on the manager and my teammates.

"I hope to receive another invitation and finally fulfill my goal of playing with the U.S. national team in the very near future."

Jones missed the entire 2009/2010 club season as he dealt with a leg fracture that failed to heal properly. He has since return to action with Schalke this pre-season, even scoring in a match against Hamburg last week.

Jones has been with the U.S. national team once before, having come in to spend time with the team during the team's friendly against the Netherlands in March (the above photo is from that visit).

Jones' next chance for a call-up is likely to come in October, when a rumored friendly against Poland is in the works. 

The United States takes on Brazil on Tuesday at the New Meadowlands Stadium. More than 55,000 tickets have already been sold for the match which will feature a U.S. roster with 15 World Cup players against a young Brazil squad.

What do you think of these developments? Disappointed to not see Jones? Happy to see Altidore coming in? Excited for Omar Gonzalez?

Share your thoughts below.

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87 Responses to Jones will miss Brazil friendly, Altidore and Gonzalez called in (UPDATED)

  1. Phillip says:

    I’ve got no problem with Jones pulling out of this match, and anyone that does is crazy.

  2. Aaron says:

    Stinks Jones isn’t coming but glad both Gomez and Altidore. If only Findley would decline as well

  3. Jamie Z. says:

    It only makes sense he’d stay with his club. We’ll see him in January.

  4. Hutskizzle says:

    Shouldn’t Jozy be concentrating on his club status first?

  5. Yeah, sad that we have to wait on Jones but it’s the right careful decision. Very exited about Omar though, he’s better than Chad in my opinion.

  6. Hutskizzle says:

    Also Ream > Gonzalez


  7. aalok says:

    agreed. He just got to Villareal this week and is only reovering from jetlag now…doesn’t make sense for him to go back to US for a friendly

  8. Neruda says:

    Jones will get his chance. Good to see Omar Gonzalez coming in. It’s clear that BB doesn’t want to experiment much in this friendly. He wants to win.

  9. inkedAG says:

    Makes sense for Jermaine Jones to work on club fitness at this time. There’s time for him to be on the team.

  10. Happy for Gonzo. Not ready for primetime yet…but getting there.

    I love Jozy as much as the next guy, but let’s trot out some strikers that might actually help in 4 years (Bowen, Tracy, Bowen) and let Jozy get used to the obscene caffeine levels in Turkish coffee.

  11. JR says:

    There isn’t time to experiment. Its only a one day camp prior to the game and the players head out again right afterwards.

  12. BetaMale says:

    Damn, Jones was the only reason I was excited for this match and now he’s replaced with overrated Jozy Altidore. Should be interesting to see Gonzalez out there, but the last thing LA players seem to need is another game…

  13. Connor Walsh says:

    I’m ok with Jones withdrawing, disappointed, but ok with it. Though I must say that if I’m Bob Bradley, I’m embarrassed. Call up guys who are 100% ready to go.

    Also, Neymar and Robinho are gonna eat Gonzalez alive, if he even plays.

  14. Good to see Gonzalez get in there. I wonder why Marshall declined. Oh well, he was disappointing in that last gold cup. Good to see Altidore, he’ll get to play in his hometown. I wonder how fit he is though. I’m sure Jones well get called in for the October friendlies.

  15. jonathan says:

    I would have loved to see Edgar Castillo get a call up.

  16. Sean says:

    I was looking forward to Jones busty some skulls in the midfield, but am definitely excited to see him at 100%, which he isn’t right now.

    I must be the only person who isn’t impressed by OG. I know the guy is a freakish physical specimen, but his ball skills and positioning seem sub par for the USMNT at this point in his career. He still has a huge upside, but he isn’t ready yet IMO.

  17. Sean says:

    *busting not busty, lol

  18. BetaMale says:

    “know the guy is a freakish physical specimen, but his ball skills and positioning seem sub par for the USMNT ”

    So you mean he’s younger Gooch, then?

  19. Brian says:

    Disappointed about Jones because I was excited to see him. It makes sense though. He should focus on Schalke for now. What doesn’t make sense is Jozy making a Trans-Atlantic flight to play in a meaningless friendly after he just got to Spain less than a week ago when he should be focusing on A)Fighting for a spot on Villarreal, or B)Finding a team to go on loan to.

    This leads me to believe that he will not be staying at Villarreal this season.

  20. Shark says:

    He is supposed to be signing with Besiktas in the Turkish League. So that is pretty muched sowed up from what I have read.

  21. Negative Nancy says:

    Hmmm…I actually think Jozy will actually help in 4 years…but your probably right, his career is basically over.

  22. SP says:

    how do you manage to blame bradley for this one? jones is pretty much at 100% to the point that if someone looks at him playing, they would think he’s at 100%. so after that, if jones tells him he’s 100%, bradley is supposed to get into his mind and feel whether he actually is or not?

    this is ridiculous, when davies ISN’T called up when not 100%, people are outraged, and when jones IS called up when not 100%, the same people are outraged.

  23. That’s not quite what I meant. I apologize for not being clear.

    Jozy, at 24, will ABSOLUTELY be on that team, unless he gets himself into a car accident the night before the final WC2014 qualifier.

    I’d like to see some of the OTHER striker options called up rather than the stale Findley, and the out of form Buddle (Seen him lately? He’s a mess.)

  24. will m. says:

    are you implying jozy wont be helping in 4 years? i could have just read it wrong

  25. For Gonzo, I agree that he’s not ready, but the way he’s going to GET ready is by taking his lumps against his Brazilian contemporaries.

    It’s a friendly. Don’t look at outcome. Look at growth and progress.

  26. dbag says:

    This is the type of game Omar nor any USMNT rookies should not play in to begin his USMNT career. If Man U and its speed troubled Omar in an All Star game, A couple of speedy moves from this young Brazil side which has a lot of speed could cause some confidence issues. The guy deserves a cap but maybe against a team like Poland first.
    Does Josy want to make a good impression in Europe or is this an audition for other teams?.

  27. Micah King says:

    I agree Gonzales will get ate up if he plays. I think he should get playing time against a Concacaf team (Panama, Guatemala, Jamaica, Barbados, etc)to build his experience then maybe have him play against a top 10 Fifa rated team (Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina, etc).

  28. IDman says:

    Then I’m Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. tmurph says:

    i doubt hell play and if he does hell be a second hhalf sub a best

  30. IDman says:

    We’ll see him soon. I just wanted to see him against Brazil.

  31. fieldsy says:

    Does anyone know anymore about the USA v. Poland friendly in October? Will it be in New Jersey? The Redbull will also be playing on October 9th if that’s the date set.

  32. MyOpinionMattersMore says:

    If I were Marshall I wouldn’t play until Bradley was gone. Complete idiocy that he wasn’t on the national team for the world cup.

  33. Katatonia says:

    i would love to see castillo get in a car wreck.

  34. STL Soccer Fan says:

    he was implying that we need to look for someone to partner Jozy, seeing as that was a glaring hole in the World Cup. I think Jozy should stay with Villareal and get back into shape, and maybe break into the squad.

  35. Shark says:

    Jozy is supposed to be signing with Besiktas in the Turkish League. So that is pretty muched sowed up from what I have read.

  36. RK says:

    Nothing is sealed. If it were, he wouldn’t be practicing.

  37. wilyboy says:

    As esteemed as Jones is internationally, and as convenient as this opportunity seemed to be, I think Edu is going to claim that spot and hold it for the foreseeable future. He’s already fighting to be MVP for Rangers, and he is contributing on the score sheet as well. Also, Gonzalez may be raw, but throwing him into the big leagues early seems like the best way to give him perspective and an idea of what is required.

  38. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Umm, I’m betting we won’t, since he’ll be in the middle of the season for his club, and it’s not an official FIFA date. They don’t call it camp cupcake for nothin’. The majority of the January roster will be MLS and Scandanavian players, not guys playing with Euro clubs.

  39. Eurosnob says:

    There will be plenty of scouts checking out young Brazilian talent at this game. It gives Altidore a chance to impress potential suitors. If he gets injured, he is under the contract with his Spanish team – he gets paid regardless of his playing status – it’s the playing time that is the issue. I am glad that Bradley is bringing a defender how actually has a decent chance to play in 2014. Nothing against Dolo and Bocangra, but they are too old to count on for the next WC. Putting Gonzo next to these veterans is a good move for him to learn the ropes and could make a nice mix of youth and experience in this friendly.

  40. SP says:

    yes, way to stick it to the man! what will the usmnt do without marshall? we’re doomed.

  41. Eurosnob says:

    Wasn’t Santos embarrassed by the Red Bulls this year? I don’t remember if Robinho played, but Neymar did not exactly embarrassed the Red Bulls defense. Neymar is a great talent, but he is still quite young.

  42. Wudya says:

    Out-the-Door stinks

  43. Nicole says:

    That’s a very respectful comment made by Jones. I’m very happy he really wants to play for us and make a good impression with his teammates. I also think it’s pretty smart of him to put it off a little bit. Can’t wait until he suits up for us.

  44. yank in the UK says:

    What is wrong with you?

  45. Felix says:

    I would have left Jozy with Besitkas myself, but whatever, its not like half of their squad won’t be away on international duty themselves.
    I was looking forward to seeing Jones too, but as long as his pulling out doesn’t burn any bridges that’s fine.

  46. Brian says:

    I wouldn’t worry about Jones. Dude is kinda in debt to us for our docs fixing him up.

  47. QuakerOtis says:

    I highly doubt Gonzo will get PT. This is simply an invite to bring him more into the fold, to gain exposure to the atmosphere/feel/speed of an international match (even though it’s a friendly), and begin seeing himself as a part of the National team.

  48. Stephen says:

    exactly my sentiments.

  49. What? He’s 20 years old! The ignorance of some of our fans just dumbfounds me. He has a World Cup, a Confederations Cup, a goal in La Liga at 19 years old, and a full premiership season under his belt…oh and a goal against Spain. If he was 28 with those stats, I would say give him the boot….but he’s 20 years old. Good God you instant gratification idiots!

  50. Thor says:

    Jones out Omar and Jozy in. We should drop one more Sacha Klesten to even it out

  51. Bill says:

    When is that picture from? Did Jones fly all the way to New York and then go back?

    (SBI-Read the entire story.)

  52. ELAC says:

    YES, ME TOO!

  53. josh says:

    This is the second time you have said this. What does muched sowed mean? Munch sow? Mulched snow? I am confused.

  54. Jim in Atlanta says:

    he his not even a member of that team yet, what are you talking about!? he’s in spain.

  55. Jim in Atlanta says:

    please shut up!

  56. Neruda says:

    I’m referring more to BB tinkering with the line-up and running out different players just to see what they can do. To follow a good WC by the US by beating a young Brazilian team would be nice.

  57. BradAR says:

    While I do want to see Jones in action for the US, I am glad he decided not to come to this friendly. He needs to continue to get back into football shape, and the best place to do that is at Schalke. And he will have plenty of games to do that with the Bundesliga starting next week, the DFB-Pokal (German Cup) the week after, and the Champions League next month. He will get fit with his club and be ready to go for the US when we are preparing for the Gold Cup

  58. BradAR says:

    DFB-Pokal starts next week, Bundesliga starts the week after. No more staying up past my bed time for me.

  59. adam says:

    Super psyched for Omar. Don’t particularly care if he sees the field much (or at all), since that will almost assuredly come in the future; just being around the big boys for a few days will be great for him. UMD representin’!

  60. sucram89 says:


  61. Gerrak says:

    Jetlag? Where is he coming from exactly?

  62. Isaac says:

    This comment is made hilarious by the fact that it came a good 3 hours after he explained himself…

  63. Isaac says:

    Or he could grow by going up against competition that’s not as good as Brazil but still conducive to his growth like CONCACAF opponents (Mexico,Honduras) and THEN see how he does against these better teams.

  64. Isaac says:

    ….It means it’s done.

  65. Brian says:

    Yes, that’s a great idea. Marshall should decline all call ups for the next 4 years.

    Marshall wasn’t on the World Cup squad because he wasn’t playing that well at the time. It had been sometime since he had been playing well in MLS. He’s just starting to get back to his 2007 form

  66. run forrest run says:

    are you…are you an idiot?

  67. Soccergirl says:

    It is good that Jones wants to play when he is 100% fit, this would have been a hard decision for him and I think he has made the correct one.

  68. Out of form? Buddle has four goals in six games since the World Cup. Are you serious?

  69. Leo says:

    Uh. “muched sowed” doesn’t mean ANYTHING. At all, it’s gibberish.

    Now, if he’d said something like, “It’s sewn up, pretty much”, that would’ve been proper grammar. Then people wouldn’t think Issac is a) a moron or b) have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about in regards to Jozy’s “definite” future with Besiktas.

  70. Bill says:

    D’oh! I look like an idiot!

  71. Thor says:

    No can do…this is a forum for opinions and Sacha is a head case and not worthy of being called in. There are more deserving players.

    so shut your pie hole :)

  72. It isn’t up to him to decide to stay with Villareal. He goes where they tell him to.

  73. tata says:

    is MBradley carrying a purse??? LMAO

  74. Nova99 says:

    they got a winter break in Germany so its possible for him to come by in Jan

  75. Lost in Space says:

    I’m a little dissappointed that Jones isn’t going to be there, but I can understand the decision he made. He’ll get called in during the next FIFA date at which time we can see how he does with the team.

    Marshall declining is a little odd to me, but since it opened the door for Omar I’m actually happy about it. A 15 minute camio at the end of the match would be great for his confidence and give him a taste for what he can expect at the International Level.

  76. josh says:

    Unfortunate to see Jones withdraw, although understandable. I respect a player for wanting his first appearance for the MNT to be when he is fully fit, although the timing of the events seem a touch odd, with the acceptance, then withdrawal.

    Also unfortunate that some US fans have not learned the lesson of Gomez, and the fact that a player can rebound from a disappointing spell. Gomez played himself back into the fold, as did Beasley after the atrocity that was his match v. Brazil in the Confederations Cup.
    The Kljestan bashing has to stop until we see if he has made progress.

  77. Dude says:

    Great point.

  78. Dude says:

    Dude read his comment again. He isn’t blaming BB. He doesn’t sound outraged either. Chill out man.

  79. Juan from L.A. says:

    Wow what maturity and contrast between what the adamant Charlie Davies said or his actions. Great job Jones, we support you 100%!!!

  80. Joamiq says:

    I think this is a great call. I look forward to hopefully seeing him in October.

  81. Joamiq says:

    Sacha is in great form. He deserves to be here.

  82. Edward Sasam says:

    I’m a little disappointed with the squad. On paper it’s a pretty good one for giving us at least a shot at a win or draw, but from a development standpoint for kicking off the 2014 cycle I’m not very thrilled. I would’ve liked to see a lot more experimentation on the back line. And you’re right about Torres. Our midfield is our most talented pool of players but we still have trouble setting the pace of matches, so it would be nice to see someone like him get a central role.

  83. Matt Mathai says:

    I don’t know, man. “Busty some skulls” sounds more interesting to me.

  84. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Come on, Castillo has not been in form for a long, long time. I want him to do well, but Ramiro Corrales or Todd Dunnivent deserve a call up before Castillo at this point if we’re basing it on form.

  85. SP says:

    maybe you should read it again. he said bradley should feel embarassed and that he should call up players that are 100% ready to go.

  86. I need to read more.

  87. Jose says:

    Findley should have declined. He has the potential but he is not ready yet to be capped for the USMNT. He is fast but without much sense to attack at players, etc.