Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Puerto Rico Islanders: Match Night Commentary

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The Los Angeles Galaxy face a huge climb tonight as they look to qualify for the group stages of the CONCACAF Champions League against the Puerto Rico Islanders. (5 pm PST, FSC)

Los Angeles needs to win by a four goal margin tonight after losing 4-1 at home to the Division 2 team last week. A win tonight for the Islanders would allow the the Caribbean club to qualify for the Champions League group stages for the third year in a row. 

I will be providing commentary throughout the match so please feel free to follow along here. As always, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. 

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):

FINAL – That is all from me tonight as the Galaxy win the match 2-1, but go out 5-2 in aggregate. MLS will now have four teams in the group stages as Real Salt Lake, Toronto FC, Columbus Crew and the Seattle Sounders will represent the league in the CONCACAF Champions League. Enjoy the rest of your night, be sure to check back to SBI for all of your soccer news and thank you for following along.


FINAL  - A shocking result for sure, but over two legs, Puerto Rico was able to capitalize on their chances to put the Galaxy out of the competition and deserved to win. Los Angeles battled in this match, but a costly error by Edson Buddle that led to a penalty kick put the Galaxy in a hole that they could not dig themselves out of. The Islanders advance to the Group Stages of the CONCACAF Champions League for the third time in three years. 


FINAL – There's the final whistle! Puerto Rico Islanders advance!


95th Minute – Can't be long now for the Galaxy as their CONCACAF Champions League hopes are about to end.


94th Minute – Jadeosingh nearly ices the game right there, but he can't get the shot on frame. On the other end Guadette gets a nice save. Almost done now.


93rd Minute – Ricketts goal kick finds Gonzalez, but the effort goes just over the bar. 


92nd Minute – The clock is ticking for the Galaxy who can't seem to string together a pass right now.


90th Minute – FIVE minutes of stoppage time for the Galaxy to come up with two goals.


89th Minute –The ball goes out for the corner.  the Galaxy's 7th of the match. 


88th Minute – "So you say there's a chance" time for the Galaxy right now as they try to push up and find a goal.


87th Minute – LA gets a corner that flies into the box several times, but the Islanders clear.


85th Minute – Jadeosingh comes on for Foley. Los Angeles needs two more goals in the next five minutes of regulation and at least 4+ minutes of stoppage time to tie this game.


84th Minute – GOAL! Franklin puts in the back of the net. The Galaxy's first goal (on their own) of the series. 2-1 and 5-3 aggregate.


82nd Minute – Lewis replaces the wildly ineffective Cazumba for LA and Jagdeosingh set to come on for the Islanders.


80th Minute – The Galaxy have allowed 80% of their goals in one month (July). Just shocking. Eddie Lewis getting set to come on.


78th Minute – OFFSIDE - Buddle with a great header, but even if he had been onside (which he looked like he was) Guadette makes a great reaction save.


77th Minute – When looking to the Galaxy's recent struggles, one aspect that has been alarming has been their play on set pieces. Particularly corners from Landon Donovan have been surprisingly poor in the few games since his return from the World Cup.


75th Minute – Galaxy get a pair of chances on two corners, but Puerto Rico clears each of them. Goal kick from Guadette who takes a leisurely walk before taking it.


74th Minute – SAVE! Gordon fires a soft shot on frame and Guadette makes the save. Corner.


72nd Minute – Deflection on the set piece as the ball falls to Gordon who can't keep his shot on net. A lot of pushing and shoving forces a poor effort from Gordon.


71st Minute – Free Kick from about 25 yards out for the Galaxy.


70th Minute – Only 30 minutes left for LA to get the three goals to tie this one. Looking very unlikely tonight as Puerto Rico brings in Logan Emory for Noah Delgado.


68th Minute – As the game lags on, LA's head looking heavier and heavier. Magee about to come on for Bowen. The teenager has been very disappointing tonight, with a lot of costly give aways


66th Minute – Mike Magee about to come on as the Galaxy are deep in the Islanders end.


64th Minute – YELLOW CARD. Gordon with a hard foul on Nurse right there. The midfielder goes down and Arena looks furious on the sidelines.


60th Minute – Bowen with a great ball into Franklin, but the defender can't redirect the ball on net. Gaudette continues to waste time. Surely not long till he gets a yellow for time wasting. 


59th Minute – Galaxy dominating possession, but there seem to be no ideas from the offense right now. The clock is working against the Galaxy as they look to get a goal.


58th Minute – Gordon gets a chance to get on the board right away but Guadette makes a big save. He nearly gets a second chance, but can't get a head to the cross. Moments of danger there for the Islanders.


56th Minute – Galaxy sub: Alan Gordon comes in for Bryan Jordan. Jordan with good effort, but was never really effective. 


55th Minute – The Galaxy starting to look frustrated right now. Chances are there, but LA is not able to convert as Buddle is called for an offside on a run forward.


54th Minute – Jordan with a poor cross to Buddle nearly leads to an Islanders break away. Galaxy struggling to drive forward now. No real attack right now. 


52nd Minute – SAVE by Guadette who punches it away on the Donovan try. A foul on Landon earns a goal kick to Puerto Rico.


51st Minute – Puerto Rico clears it and they begin to press up the field, but Franklin pushes the ball away and the Galaxy look to start their attack once more.


50th Minute – JUST WIDE!  Donovan with a great shot and earns the corner as the ball takes a deflection. 


46th Minute – And we're back. LA needs four to win and three to tie. 


HALFTIME – The whistle blows and its 1-1 at the half. Great defensive play so far by the Islanders, but a costly decision by Buddle forces LA to have to score 4 more goals now to go through. The Galaxy have pushed forward and have been unlucky not to have put more goals in the back of the net, but the team faces a steep climb right now. For Arena's club to do it, I would expect them to drop one of their four in the back, most likely Leonardo to bring on another attacker. 


45th Minute – The Islanders are content to hold on to possession right now. Looking just to kill off the clock and go into the half tied at one.


45th Minute – Two minutes of stoppage.


43rd Minute – WOW Donovan's initial shot saved by the Keeper, the Galaxy captain gets another chance, but the ball goes across the line and out for a goal kick. Unlucky not to get a goal there, but there are chances for LA to convert.


42nd Minute – Franklin has been very active today, but his crosses do not seem to be connecting as a looping cross goes over Cazumba's head.  Goal kick for the Islanders.


41st Minute – Foley pulled offside as LA tries to push up. A second goal here would be huge going forward.


39th Minute – Poor surface causes Donovan to fall and waste the free kick effort. It looks like there are holes and dirt all over that field. It does not look pretty.


38th Minute – Now 5-2 aggregate. Los Angeles has still been unable to score so far in this two legged series. I would have to think that they need a goal from the run of play to get their confidence up.


37th Minute – GOAL!!! GALAXY! The ball bounces around and ends up in the back of the net. Looks like an own goal on Velez.


36th Minute – The Galaxy will now need to score FIVE goals to go through now. This would be a major miracle if LA were to go through now.


34th Minute – Foley coolly tucks it in on the right side of Ricketts. Going back to the foul, you have to wonder if that was a penalty kick, but Edson Buddle was not too smart to get himself into that type of entanglement with Velez there. He gave Velez the opportunity to sell it and he did.






31st Minute – Foul by Dunivant sets up a dangerous free kick for the Islanders.


30th Minute – Los Angeles dominating possession, but failing to find that last pass in the final third. So far its been a similar story to the first match at the HDC. The Galaxy putting pressure, but not threatening.


27th Minute – Great keep up by Bowen to Donovan, but the Galaxy captain can not keep the ball in. LA searching for answers right now.


26th Minute – Donovan tries to feed Buddle, but Buddle is swarmed by a number of orange jerseys. The flank players will need to make themselves more threatening to allow Buddle and Donovan some space to move.


24th Minute – Nice effort from Jordan who g ets the ball in a great position, but can not keep his feet and LA loses it for a goal kick. 


23rd Minute – LA Clears and moves up field. No whistle after after Donovan is brought back up and the ball gets sent back to Ricketts as the Galaxy will look to restart the attack.


22nd Minute – Nurse with the shot and  BIG SAVE by Ricketts. Another corner for Puerto Rico. The big Jamaican came up big right there to push it over the bar.


21st Minute – ISLANDERS SHOT! Islanders get a dangerous corner after Dunivant clears.


20th Minute – Handball on the Galaxy as they push forward. Costly right there for LA as they lose a drive forward. Goal kick.


18th Minute – Jordan with a smart run, but is just offsides. Poor handling of the ball though because if he was onside he would have lost the ball pretty easily.


16th Minute – A poor corner there by Donovan. The ball falls to Kovalenko who fires it into the box, but the Islanders clear. 


15th Minute – LA earns its second corner.


14th Minute – SHOT! Just wide from Bowen who gets a ball played from Cazumba is unable to put it on frame. Good idea there from Bowen.


12th Minute – Credt to the Islanders who are doing a wonderful job of putting pressure on the Galaxy to break up attacks. Very physical right now as Edson Buddle picks up a yellow card for a tackle on Nurse. The Islanders are doing well to get under the Galaxy's skin so far.


9th Minute – Violent shove right there by Gonzalez on Adderly. Omar was a bit lucky not to pick up a yellow right there. 


7th Minute – The Galaxy will need to watch the counters because the speed of the Islanders can be costly. The Galaxy earn a throw in deep in the box.


5th Minute – Nasty challenge right there by Telesford on Donovan. He picks up a yellow. It looks like this will be an ugly one tonight.


4th Minute – YELLOW CARD! Looks like Cazumba picks up a yellow right there after shoving Adderly. Poor decision right there for Alex and the Islanders get a free kick.


2nd Minute – Dangerous free kick to Donoan. Goes into the box and out for a corner kick.


1st Minute – We're underway. 


PREGAME: The Galaxy will need to win by a four goal margin so 4-0 and any result where they win by more than four goals would be needed.


PREGAME: Nice looking crowd in Puerto Rico. You have to expect that the Galaxy are going to come out and look for a goal early. Should Bruce Arena's men get that goal, the miracle may be possible.


PREGAME: The Estadio Juan Roman Loubriel which the Islanders call home is a converted baseball stadium that doubles as the practice facility so expect a poor field. . The weather won't be doing the Galaxy any favors either as it is currently 84 degrees with 79% humidity and there is a 40% chance of Thunderstorms. Yikes!


PREGAME: Here are the Line Ups:












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82 Responses to Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Puerto Rico Islanders: Match Night Commentary

  1. josh says:

    Interested to see how Landon plays as it seems he is going to play more centrally. Hoping Kovalenko does not break someones leg. Every time he plays he is a red card waiting to happen. My prediction is 1-0 win for the gals with them blowing way too many chances.

  2. DadRyan says:

    sounds like lovely weather to play soccer in!

  3. BigBlueAL says:

    Is there a realistic chance of the Galaxy winning with a high enough goal differential to advance?? They have to win 4-0 to advance or 4-1 to force extra time correct??

  4. Neal says:

    Would 5-2 send LA through?

  5. josh says:

    Yes that is correct. Big hill to climb for the galaxy.

  6. josh says:

    Yes, the galaxy would go through because of the away goal rule. But the real question is why 5-2? Can you foresee the future?

  7. Brian S. says:

    I hate watching FSC HD and them not showing the game in HD. I guess I was spoiled by them showing every other game other than CCL games in HD

  8. pp says:

    Top lineup out for LA, but for Juninho who is injured..

    they can do it,, come on LA !!!

  9. Never First says:

    People seem to really struggle with the concept of more away goals haha.

  10. Aden says:

    It took not even 1 minute for a PR player to completely take an LA player’s legs out.

    This will be a battle.

  11. Aden says:

    Wow, that was a nasty professional foul committed on Donovan.

  12. Aden says:

    This official has taken away TWO fastbreaks already because he refuses to play advantage.

    LA has had two great chances to get forward with numbers after fighting through a rash challenge, and they have had both taken away. Landon was just screaming at the official.

  13. Hawaiinate says:

    This has probably been said before… but does anyone think that Sean Franklin looks a lot like Neymar.

  14. Nasty foul by Buddle.

  15. radi0head says:

    jeez so many cards already

  16. Aden says:

    How in the world was Buddle not ejected?!?!

    LA is the luckiest team in the world today, I would have not hesitated a second to give a straight red for that.

  17. A.S. says:

    Just switched to Fox Sports in Spanish and saw Pablo Vitti on San Martin team. Didn’t realize he left Toronto.

    end hijack.

  18. The Galaxy needs at least a pair of goals in the first half.

  19. Aden says:

    Not looking good for LA, I can’t remember a single shot on net.

  20. Aden says:


    LA should have a penalty and PR should be a man down. This official is an utter joke.

  21. Aden says:

    This official is a joke haha!

  22. josh says:

    WOW! Horrible call!

  23. Rob says:

    Wow horrible ref,….

  24. Okay…so I don’t think the Galaxy can muster 5 goals. It would be one hell of a comeback.

  25. Aden says:

    Sucks that LA has to get hosed by an official as well.

  26. Ricky B. Free says:

    Stop your crying. It was a stupid foul by Buddle.

  27. Aden says:

    Got troll?

    That is not a penalty anywhere. It wasn’t even a foul.

  28. Rob says:

    Dude I hate LA… It was a horrible call. He has been a horrible ref.

  29. Bubble Boy 2.5 says:

    Wow. This official is a joke.

  30. aatabak says:

    Not a PK. The galaxy still need to score 4 goals, nothing has changed, but that only ties it on aggregate and away goals and it would go to extra time.

  31. There is hope! With Puerto Rico having so many players back…LA needs to start sending balls into the box…get some more scrappy goals.

  32. Alex says:

    I believe the galaxy only need to secure a 4-1 win. Then it would be 5-5 with the away goals tied. The game would then go to extra time.

  33. Roig says:

    good call by the referee stupid play by Buddle. Penalty all the way.

  34. gstommylee says:

    Yes it was a foul on buddle. You aren’t suppose to play your hands like that. Now did it deserve a PK? Not likely cause it wasn’t eve aiming towards the goal.

  35. Ricky B. Free says:

    LOL Troll really? BUddle was grabing the guys arm. That is a foul, sure a lot of refs dont call it, but if you read the rule book, that is a foul.

  36. Aden says:

    Man, the pitch is crap as well.

    At least it’s better than the pitch from the Sounders match.

  37. Basko says:

    This is what i thought too but the commentary suggests otherwise, anybody care to clear it up?

  38. Ricky B. Free says:

    OMG what a save. Galaxy needs to show some heart and start running.

  39. Lu says:

    WHY DO MLS TEAMS NOT TAKE THE CONCACAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SERIOUSLY???? seeing the MLS’ best team not being able to whip on a USSFD2 team is giving me a headache and making me NOT want to support this league. you can get more fans by being better in international competition, not by getting ragged on by players that make as much money as a receptionist…

  40. Aden says:

    Landon misses a complete sitter.

  41. Rob says:

    I agree in the first match, however here it is tough to break a shell of 6 defenders in the box…..

    As for MLS teams, the Sounders second half yesterday was great.

  42. d says:

    Buddle already had a yellow card, how was it a penalty on his foul and no card given? This guy is a joke.

  43. Roig says:

    he did not

  44. Aden says:

    He did too. He should have been ejected for just destroying the back of this guy’s leg.

  45. Aden says:

    How the Islander’s keeper doesn’t have a yellow for time wasting by now is beyond me.

  46. Chris says:

    I’m fairly impressed with the attendance. Does anyone know if this is a normal turn-out? It looks like a lot of people on T.V.

  47. Bazooka says:

    How can a useless hack like Alan Gordon still be around???

  48. Ricky B. Free says:

    Galaxy plays some ugly football, no movement off the ball and the passes are ugly.

  49. Aden says:

    Right on cue, he misses a shot from less than 10 yards by 10-20 feet.

  50. Aden says:

    When did the Galaxy become so bad?

  51. Rob says:

    LA is starting to look bad… Horrible passing.

  52. buff111 says:

    The Islanders in both games have made LA look very poor.

  53. Aden says:

    PR Islands player just hand balled a pass back to his keeper and nothing happened.

    That about sums up the officiating.

  54. guwinster says:

    Gaudette is one of the few Americans who really works the whole gamesmanship thing-timewasting, roling around on the ground. He does it all. I’m pretty sure he had to sit out a game in the Champions League two years ago because of yellow card acumulation.

    Still a great keeper though. That was an amazing reflex save he just made.

  55. Aden says:

    Buddle was clearly onside by a full yard at the time the ball was sent in.

  56. guwinster says:

    Given how Buddle didn’t say anything, I really don’t think he handled it.

  57. Cinco says:

    The Galaxy is a team that does not know how to play football. all they do is move the ball forward and kick it towards the goal hoping it somehow goes into the goal. Just plain pathetic

  58. Rob says:

    Game over here comes Lewis…..

  59. Aden says:

    Buddle was looking the other direction.

  60. StevenG says:

    This has got to be the worst game I’ve ever watched. Are the PR even trying to score?

  61. guwinster says:

    Galaxy finally scores a goal.

  62. Conrad says:

    No, PR aren’t trying to score. Did you not see the Inter/Barcelona match? Inter wasn’t trying to score, either.
    And Gaudette has been pretty impressive, but he makes himself look like an absolute tool with the time-wasting. So much for moving up to MLS.

  63. Rob says:

    Is it me or does Donovan look horrible since the WC? What has happened to him?

  64. guwinster says:

    Yeah, he’s done nothing but give the ball away in this game.

  65. guwinster says:

    The Islanders are now passing it directly out of bounds when they have options to pass and attack.

  66. Rob says:

    Pathetic, all I can say for the galaxy….. A defender scores their only goal, that wasn’t an own goal. Congrats to the Islanders,….

  67. aatabak says:

    Look I am huge soccer fan and just a fan of MLS as a whole. But tonight is why soccer will always have a hard time catching on here. It is just embarrassing how much time the keeper wasted tonight, maybe 10 minutes of the match. The simplest thing you think soccer could do to eliminate sh*t like this is just stop clock with every little dive and injury. The ref really should have carded the goalie in the first 10 mins of the game, he was horrible to say the least.

  68. Rob says:

    To be fair, PRI earned the ability to do the $h*+*€$+ thing in this game, time wasting, by beating LA 4-1 in LA. Blame the Galaxy for all that BS.

  69. D says:

    The galaxy have really looked terrible the past few weeks. There went any chance of competing the this years CCL. What a joke. Now I know why our league was ranked 82nd in the world.

  70. Rob says:

    I think MLS has a chance. RSL can actually make their passes, and the Sounders eventually looked really good last night. And who knows, Toronto and the Crew may make a couple good runs as well.

  71. aatabak says:

    I mentioned it in context to this game, but it is a problem in the sport worldwide, it really needs to be addressed, it is sad. Love the game, but players have all the incentive in the world to waste time. It would be nice if they stopped the clock for dives/injuries, the fakes would have no incentive to keep doing it. But the keeper still should have been carded, don’t know how to fix keepers wasting time unless u card them more readily for doing so.

  72. StevenG says:

    I agree, they really should stop time for injuries and dives, though I doubt FIFA would ever consider it

  73. Rob says:

    I agree, just in this past WC, Ghana time wasted like pro’s, which almost made me need to buy a new TV. I think that FIFA needs to stop a few things in this game, with diving being the first problem fixed, after that go after time wasting. It really is pathetic and sad.

  74. East River says:

    The whole time wasting thing depends on the ref and how scare he is of the home team and its fans. Last year Gaudette was carded in a group stage match within the first 30 minutes. That same ref allowed Memo Ochoa to time waste a good 10-15 against the US just a few days earlier in Mexico City.

  75. aatabak says:

    I think we all share the same sentiment, but as StevenG mentioned, FIFA will probably never do this bc of some philosophical BS that they always spout when it is something that can easily be fixed. I.E. goaline technology and reviewing plays bc of the “human element.”

  76. Peretz48 says:

    It’s too bad they can’t call off the Gals-Real Madrid game and refund everyone. The Gals don’t deserve to share the same field with Real Madrid, let alone play them.

  77. Rob says:

    I am calling it right now, the Galaxy will show up against Real because it is a meaningless game.

  78. Peretz48 says:

    Good point.

  79. guwinster says:

    Going back to the time wasting thing…you all are lucky you didn’t watch the Saprissa-Alajuense game tonight. The ref ejected the water boy for time wasting. Less than a minute later he gave two different players yellow cards for time wasting and a third (on the defending team) got a yellow for mouthing off all on the same throw in. The game went from hack-fest in the first half to complete and utter bs-fest in the second half. Ohh, and the police arrested a bunch of fans.

  80. chg says:

    FIFA will eventually do it because soccer is likely to become less popular over the next fifty years in the world as a whole, even as it gains traction in the US.

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think soccer has ever displaced an established national sport. Basketball has, and soccer will continue to bleed off fans to basketball because of the time wasting and other such nonsense. It might be another generation or so, but FIFA will ultimately respond with some of the fixes that are obvious to us right now.

  81. chg says:

    Why are we lucky not to see that? I want to see refs with the courage to card players for time wasting and diving. I don’t care if it forces teams to play with 9 men or less. Eventually even the hacks in Central America will get the message.