New York adds Marquez as third Designated Player


The New York Red Bulls hunt for a third DP ended Monday, as the club announced the signing of Mexican national team captain Rafa Marquez.

Another long-rumored New York move came to fruition just two days after Marquez was released by his former club Barcelona over the weekend. The addition of the 31-year-old defender/midfielder gives Hans Backe a couple of lineup options, depending on how he chooses to use his newest addition.

Marquez will be introduced on Tuesday, 1:15 p.m. at a press conference at Red Bull Arena.

What do you think of the addition of Marquez? Is it MLS Cup or bust for New York now? What team will make the next big move?

Share your thoughts below.

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144 Responses to New York adds Marquez as third Designated Player

  1. Hutskizzle says:

    and boom goes the dynamite


  2. MensreaJim says:

    Not a Mexico fan, not a NYRB fan, but I like it and don’t get the hate that is about to come…besides the fact that they went from being not too good to a legit contender.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team’s identity change this much mid-season.

  3. bryan says:

    good for NYRB

  4. Jose says:

    Hopefully this will improve the midfield and serve up more balls to Henry and Angel. Will the Red Bulls have to let go of another player?

  5. MensreaJim says:

    Ok let me edit myself before getting in trouble…went from being not great to the prohibitive favorite.

  6. RK says:

    Better kept secret — this signing, the Henry signing, or JLo going to American Idol?

  7. GOYA-GOYA says:

    Now another reason to hate NYRB!

  8. jtk says:

    NYRB are going to be a fun team to watch. 3 DPs has a good feel to it….if the club has the purse.

  9. kpugs says:

    Ugh. I can admit he is a very good player, but I’m not sure I’ll ever stop hating him with all my heart.

  10. brad says:

    Great addition, but with Mendes’ recent performances, particularly against Houston, Petke’s prior performances, and Goldthwaite not likely to return this season, how do they not play Marquez at centerback?

  11. Erik says:

    Red card – first game.

  12. Connor Walsh says:

    Much like Real Madrid, pulling together a bunch of great players and sticking em on a pitch together doesnt win you trophies. RSL for the repeat.

    And also, Im with Erik, he see’s a red within his first 3 games.

  13. SoccerInATL says:

    if it really is a 5 million for 5 years deal this is a very bad move

  14. Jeff says:

    What RBNY really needed was someone to play in LM. They didn’t get it. I think now they should play a 4-3-3 with Henry at LF and Richards or Kandji at RF. CM of Stammler, Lindpere, Tchani or Robinson can handle the center of the field, and they should slot Marquez at CB with Ream and he will help Ream how to play that game he seems to enjoy of getting on the ball and distributing from the back.

  15. Erik says:

    I’ve never like the guy because of his attitude. How many reds does he have against the US alone? 2-3?

    I also think he isn’t that great of a player to be shelling out that money. When did players besides Ryan Giggs and Scholes play past their mid thirties and still be worth a darn? MLS is getting tough and those days are over.

  16. joe k says:

    um, the red bulls were in second place before Marquez and Henry. that’s actually a lot better than ‘not too good’

  17. SoccerInATL says:

    5 million a year that is.

  18. joe k says:

    if you’re waiting for goldthwaite, you’re in for a bad surprise if/when he comes back. mendes and petke are better.

  19. SoccerInATL says:

    they need a center attacking mid…they can pick up a left mid through a trade of either dane richards or kandji who both play the right side imho.

  20. gas huffer says:

    Lindpere is better at left-mid than cm…

  21. SoccerInATL says:

    marquez to me is the mexican beckham where his marketing worth is worth more than the player on the field to a staggering point.

  22. Betinho says:

    I’m glad most on our USMNT play outside MLS. LD, be very careful!!! Just when I was warming up to the Red Bulls…whew…that was close.

  23. KEvin_Amold says:

    Keep your studs out of the skin of our players Marquez. Consider yourself warned.

  24. Money talks, suckers walk says:

    3 DPs, big money going out….. be careful or we could see the first MLS team in financial ttrouble…… OK so not the first team in financial trouble, but they’ll be the first who are in financial trouble due to excessive salaries. Be careful MLS or you’ll go the road of NASL and WUSA

  25. CSD says:

    Could have 5 DP’s on the field in Chicago Sunday night. That should be interesting. If Marguez, Ljundberg and Castillo are on the pitch at the same time it could be very emotionally interesting.

  26. Gacm32 says:

    +1 I swear if only I could get Marquez and De Jong in a room together. I would throw a grenade in there and celebrate.

  27. Cosmos Forever says:

    The guy showed that he has something left during the WC, and he should be very injury-free given his vacation at Barca this past year. I like the fact taht he adds a physical presence and he can help fill the area. He’s an SOB but now he’s one of ours so welcome!

  28. Kawandinho says:

    What recent performances are you talking about, Thats just one bad game. our defense has become solid with Mendes Starting. With Petke we were leaking like crazy , giving up silly goals. a few things went wrong in that game but thats no reason for him to loose his starting role. Marquez will be in the middle where he belongs.

  29. Marc Silversetin says:

    Bouna is being called up for National Team duty, Sutton will start vs. Toronto so I would expect Danny to be called back into camp as the back-up keeper. Can anyone call Harrisburg to confirm? It would be a nice touch to have him back one last time.

  30. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    Not a chance. Those salaries are powered by taurine.

  31. Kawandinho says:

    Funny how many people are talking about what we need and dont know smack . Marquez is one of the best DMs in the world , we should be Glad he’s coming here to play. We are talking about a guy that Shut down Messi in the world cup and created a whole lot of chances for his teams. 2 assist and one goal in the world cup for Marquez.

  32. BooThisMan says:

    Marquez is 31 years old.

  33. Jamez says:

    -2 thats not happening, Redbull is paying for these salaries separate, and the’ll make all that money back in a heartbeat , selling Marquez Jerseys, selling out games and the Obvious 90 minute advert whenever this team plays.

  34. yankiboy says:

    The hate comes from hating Marquez.

    Before I disliked Red Bull. This move now brings me more in line with most of my fellow DC supporters:

    I now HATE Red Bull.

  35. MensreaJim says:

    Man, if only there were some way I could take that back…

  36. Jamez says:

    He is but Backe seems to be stuck on playing in in the middle. Makes no dam sense . I hope this changes with the addition of Marquez.





    that should do the trick.

  37. RBNY says:

    Suck it DC!!!

  38. EA says:

    “Is it MLS Cup or bust for New York now?”

    I’m fairly certain my rec league team would contend for MLS Cup if we had Marquez, Angel and Henry.

  39. Dr. Truth says:

    I don’t have any problem with Marquez as an individual. I’m sure that rbny have just acquired great service from the backe line or at least deep in the midfield. Rafa should also be a great mentor for Ream.

  40. JoeW says:

    I actually think–in terms of the club–Marquez is a better signing than Henry. Henry generates more PR for the league, more ticket sales, is better than Marquez. But Rafa fills a more critical need–stability, organization and performance in the middle of the field, especially around defense. If NYRB wins the MLS Cup this year, it will be due more to Marquez than Henry.

  41. Sir Knox says:

    We’re about as fun to play at home as a Bag Full Fists now!

  42. SoccerInATL says:

    i respect your opinion but god i couldn’t disagree more. you got a tie in houston because of henry and should of won with his wasted chances…marquez won’t be able to stop the pk’s and the spector to dempsey early crosses.

    However he will be able to distribute out of the back unlike tchani

  43. Drew says:

    i dislike the red bulls but i do think this is great for the mls. can’t wait for this weekend’s chi-ny game.

  44. yankiboy says:

    I know smack. I know that I freaking hate that guy. I’m not glad he’s coming here but hey I don’t support Red Bulls. It has nothing to do with his obvious quality as a player. It has to do with his lack of sportsmanship and his lack of character. But hey, studding opposing goalkeepers when you are wearing the captain’s armbad shouldn’t be frownwed upon. It was all in the passion of the battle.

    You enjoy him playing for New York. If I were a Red Bulls supporter I would walk away. But that’s just me. To each their own. If he joined DC United I would walk. I’m not kidding. The fact that i had been around since 96 would hurt me but supporting as club with a guy that I detest that much, having to cheer for him to do well–I would choose not to (and I am not exagerating).

    Any fan’s loudest voice is amplified by their willingless to part with their ca$h to support a club, so I vote with my wallet.

    As an MLS fan, I hope that it works out for the league. Maybe the league will get a temporary bump from all of the fans that want to see him because they love him and from the ones who will pay more attention because they hate him.

    I don’t much care if it works out for Red Bulls or not but having said that, being able to pull him seems like a very good investment. They have money to burn. if it pays off then they will look like geniuses and if not, then he will just be another DP who couldn’t adjust to playing in such a “nontradtional, bizarre and inferior league” (which is what a lof of people looking from the outside in, think of MLS).

  45. yankiboy says:

    We are already sucking enough down here. You guys up north enjoy your moment. It took a while to get there. One day, when we clean house and get things right, we will get back up there.

  46. says:

    Sounders FC Fans

    Congrat to Red Bulls. And to all New Yorkers … it’s now time to buy your tickets and show your Love of the Beautiful Game of Futbol by filling up the Red BullS stadium every game from now on. In Seattle, we can open up and sell out the entire of 67K stadium with Henry and Rafa’s signings. DO IT NOW, guys!!!!

  47. SoccerCrazier says:

    yupppp… buy the ticket and show the LOVE OF SOCCER!

  48. David Sanchez says:

    Oh, good, so now MLS/NYRB has a vicious player from Mexico (ask Cobi Jones) and a cheat from France (ask anyone with a TV). Good times…Good times.

  49. MSFlaherty says:

    marquez is a top center back. i’m a red bulls book holder, a red white and blue blooded american, and I love this move. this team needed help in the back, and we got it. this team just got really exciting really quickly. i was never into mls; frankly i got the tickets this year becuase of the stadium. the play has been so-so to date. i’m legitimately excited about what’s on the field now.

  50. bhags says:

    I agree that ream will benefit from playing with a veteran cb. I like the intensity Marquez will bring.

  51. Eric_the_King says:

    Si. Me gusta.

  52. Sunnyside FC says:

    Red Bulls midsummer 2009 to midsummer 2010. What an incredible change in on and off the field perception.

    Say what you will about the (corporate) branding of this team, but Red Bull has shown a strong commitment in creating a great soccer team.

  53. k says:

    I hate the guy but good for NY, I think Seattle will be next to sign a 3rd DP.

  54. MSFlaherty says:

    i haven’t seen many players of Henry’s caliber in-person. I was at his first game, and not only was he a constant threat going forward (with and without the ball at his feet) but what impressed me the most was his vision. i have never seen someone spring so many other players – wingers, the center midfielders, even kandji – into attack the way he did. he was seeing stuff on the park i couldn’t see from my elevated position in the last row of the stadium. Henry is THAT good.

  55. scott47a says:

    Why do you care ATL? It’s not your money!

  56. Mike says:

    Every team in the league will have 3 DP’s before my Quakes get one. Mark my words.

  57. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    But you supported DC when Stoichkov was there?

  58. Matt C says:

    Hahahahaha… I hope you know a lot more about soccer than you do about business.

    Red Bull Corp: 3.9 BILLION cans sold for an after tax profit of over 170 million dollars last year. That’s after financing their Formula 1 team, their thousands of extreme sports athletes, and their TWO soccer teams. In the middle of a recession. This is the 82nd most powerful company in the world. Where oh where will they come up with the money for 3 DPs???

    I could see your point if their salaries came from MLS like a regular players, but since their salaries are almost completely paid for by the Red Bull company, this is a non issue.

  59. Dizzo says:

    Excellent. RBNY now official becomes the easiest team in MLS to loath. Top three reasons:

    1. Yankees syndrome. No one likes the team that throws around big money to win titles. Careful though…MLS has a salary cap.

    2. It’s the branding! The team is one giant marketing stunt. It doesn’t help that the drink they’re promoting tastes like jet fuel.

    3. Thugs R’ Us. They just signed the biggest thug to ever wear the Mexican jersey (that’s worse than Philly signing Piotr Nowak as their first coach).

  60. geebear says:

    um, methinks you grossly underestimate revs ownership . . .

  61. Josh D says:

    Which is what the league wants – a villain and Marquez will thrive off that.

  62. scott47a says:

    There is an easy answer to your question, but you aren’t going to like it:

    club > country

  63. Dizzo says:

    Now that FL has left I don’t think the Sounders will sign a 3rd DP anytime soon. My guess is the Galaxy will sign a 3rd DP probably during the off-season.

  64. yankiboy says:

    Great question: I walked away for a while after he broke the AU player’s leg. If I recall correctly the kid’s name was Freddy. One of my friends was at the scrimmage and hald told me how the kid’s mom was crying and how bad it sounded when Stoihkov lit the kid up. That was pretty much all I needed to know. The club didn’t do enough (for me) to satisfy my personal desire that it be addressed. That slap on the wrist he got was a complete joke.

    I know that DCU were covering their behind because they didn’t want to be sued. He left after that season. The kid was NEVER the same. I didn’t like Stoichkov before that (hothead) and I detested him afterwards.

    So yeah, I took a break for a while and came back after the hothead left.

    I personally don’t enjoy cheering for guys that I don’t respect. If it’s not fun for me then I have other things to do with my time and money.

  65. KC_Wizards_Fan says:

    Good for MLS, bad for my team.

  66. QuakerOtis says:

    Are we even going to have a stadium before other teams fill their DP slots?

  67. yankiboy says:

    I didn’t remember asking a question, just makin a statement. But thanks for the anwer all the same.

  68. Eurosnob says:

    No need to waste your grenade. If you put these two in the same room, they will maime each other.

  69. kydetwsoc says:

    how can any us fan cheer for rafa marquez? really?

  70. Dizzo says:

    At least DCU is willing to move thuggish players in the off-season.

    I notice Josh Wicks isn’t on the roster after last seasons stomp on Montero during the Open Cup.

  71. Dominick says:

    Odds he plays Sunday in Chicago? Glad I bought my tickets early. I’m expecting a full-house for a truly good advertisement for the league on ESPN 2.

  72. Jim in Atlanta says:

    this is what I would do





    NOW that should do the trick.

  73. yankiboy says:

    I don’t think that you need to feel like you have to defend what kind of American you are if your like your club’s move. You like the move. If I didn’t dislike him so much, I would be happy if I were a Red Bulls season ticket owner.

    But hey, I don’t like Henry as much since the Irish got the shaft and there wasn’t even a hint of malice involved with that. Henry is by most accounts a really nice guy and a great ambassador for the game. I don’t dislike him but I am not as big on him as I used to be and he is a quality player.

  74. yankiboy says:

    I think I mentioned that point someplace else here on the thread.

  75. Jamez says:

    Tchani has been your best Mid, I watched the city game and the Dynamo game, that kid is good and will only get better. If He’s not starting Next to Marquez i seriouly question your coaches Judgment. I mean he messed up by not subbing in the heat at Dynamo on the weekend so that shows your coach is kind of a nut.

  76. Eurosnob says:

    Try to win at least one MLS cup, before you start gloating over DCU’s misery and talking smack.

    MLS cup wins: DCU 4, NYRB 0.

    MLS supporter’s shields: DCU 4, NYRB 0. CONCACAF Champions League titles: DCU 1: NYRB 0.

  77. yankiboy says:

    Strong. To be honest, I had forgotten all about the Stoichkov-Feddy AU thing. It was an ugly chapter. I think that it was selective memory. It was 03 or there abouts. It was ablack eye on the franchise.

    Hopefully Wicks get his other issues together and can fufill his potential as a player. I remember him when he played in Vancouver and I was happy to see him get his shot.

  78. Kawandinho says:

    Richards is a fraud and Lindpere cant play CM





    NOW that should do the trick.

  79. yankiboy says:

    A lot ended up cheering for Blanco. He was a good bump for the league. Truth is, I never put those guys in the same category of lack of class. Blanco has a big mouth but I don’t remember, even when he was in Mexico seeing him play with a lot of malice. He just hated every rival he faced.

    Marquez–I’ve seen the malice. I’m not big on guys trying to injure guys.

  80. chupacabra says:

    The headbutt taco stand that was set up at Red Bull Arena a few weeks ago was a dead giveaway.

  81. yankiboy says:

    Hey, let em have their moment.

    They got their Western Conference Title. They got their beautiful new stadium, they got an owner with ridiculously deep pockets and they got their 3 DP’s.

    Hopefully we will see them when we go back up and they go back to where they were used to being.

    And if both clubs are good then then rivalry will be off the hook and maybe the Atlantic Cup can be something to really bragg about.

    If you keep listing trophies that we have won down here then the conversation will be a short one…

  82. Charles says:

    I don’t understand why you think that.

    Of all the teams that can fund one, Seattle is THE one that can.

    Without dipping into personal savings.

  83. RLW2020 says:

    ya i wonder how useful he will be in 5 years from now.

  84. Charles says:

    I don’t understand why you think that. OF all the teams that can fund a 3rd DP, Seattle is THE one.

    Wihout dipping into personal savings….of which they also have the richest individual on their team.

  85. chupacabra says:

    Warning: obscure Sixties/Seventies British country rock reference

    Now that the Red Bulls have Rafa, Henry and Angel, their three DPs could form a band: Head, Hands and Feet.

    link to

  86. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    I admire that you stick to your guns. For many, it is an unrealistically lofty standard, though.

  87. ELAC says:

    Damn, now I have to hate the Red Bulls.

    Marquez is a scumbag of epic proportions.

    However, he helps make NYRB a really good team.


  88. NateinSF says:

    Its interesting that Barca keeps releasing these guys so that MLS doesnt have to pay a transfer fee. I’m not saying the fee would be large but its a fee nonetheless. I think that there is some sort of gentlemen’s agreement between Barca and the Red Bulls….

  89. inkedAG says:

    It’s strange that my favorite villan is now on the team I support.

  90. Rob says:

    I was thinking the same thing…. All i can think of, is that Barca has first rights to any Red Bull player that warrants attention.

  91. Larry Y says:

    I see that he’s played in Mexico, France and Spain, but how good is his English?

  92. Rob says:

    It is actually pretty good. Watched his English interview for joining the red bulls.

  93. Clayton says:

    Remember when the US beat Mexico in the ’02 World Cup? Rafa had a dirty, cheap red card, but we still went on to beat those guys.

  94. ernj says:

    I don’t think there is any chance Cepero gets called in after the baby bull loss in Harrisburg.

  95. Zack Lewis says:

    Vamos Nueva York!!!!

  96. Jake says:

    WOOOHOOO! Of course I dont think RBNY needs a DM but with the quality Marquez has, it can only be good.

  97. frank says:

    drumroll please………………………………………………………………………………………………………..PUTO!

  98. wilyboy says:

    Said Marquez, “I thought that, in the twilight of my career, it was time to try a new league, start a new chapter.” He then muttered something about “Donovan” and “full body cast.”

  99. Soccer fan says:

    Can’t forget what he did to Coby, in addition to all the other nonsense when he’s played against the US.

    Having said that I’ll still check out NYRB, but not because of him………..

  100. ernj says:

    That’s more like it, though I would switch Tchani and Kandji.

  101. frank says:

    the American fans need a new boogeyman now that Blanco isn’t coming back…

  102. Frank says:

    Well they just gained one new fan in me. The marketing part is working. Marquez is a class player with class attitude. Only US fans hate him. He never did anything in his 7 years in Spain to make people hate him. Basically what happened with Coby Jones and that little incident with Howard and all of a sudden he is out to break legs. I with he would have went to Juventus where he belongs or just stayed with the best team in the world but he has a humanitarian foundation and he can do more things with it in NY. He ran a humanitarian friendly the other day in LA called “The friends of Marquez”. The ignorance in this blog is amazing.

  103. Seattle Coug says:

    Oh, I’d buy you a drink for that one.

  104. ag nigrin says:

    I think DC will be worse than the Red Bulls were last season…. The Bulls had 25 points and DC have 12 now with less than half a season to go… Talk about that Karma wheel spinning…

  105. ag nigrin says:

    When he plays for the Bulls Mexico hating blinders go up for me… try it you’ll like it kpugs!

  106. Lee says:

    Word is that Geovanni to the Red Bulls

    and will be paid just and DP money … did you hear anything about that Ives

  107. DC Josh says:

    I give Marquez 3 games before he is sent off.

  108. DC Josh says:

    SUM, which is owned by Don Garber and owns rights to MLS, US Soccer, created Superliga, etc. does business with Barcelona. Maybe this has something to do with the non-existent transfer fees.

  109. Smith says:

    There are two things that will mak eme happy:

    1) RBNY winning MLS Cup

    2)DC moving to Baltimore

  110. DC Josh says:

    If Ream wants to get into MMA, then yes, Rafael would be a terrific mentor.

  111. DC Josh says:

    Baltimore would be better than St. Louis and looks more likely than VA or DC without ownership reaching deep into their pockets.

  112. Brian says:

    Ahhh now I really hate the Red Bulls. I guess it’s good to have villain though.

  113. Brian says:

    Wouldn’t it be overestimate?

  114. Happy Camper says:


    are you really a boy or are you a girl? I ask because you sound very girly and feminine. Not sure you should be following football. There must be something a bit less manly for you to follow…..professional athletes are there to win! and clearly big Rafa frightens you.
    You would do well to quit following sports and stick to gardening or something like that.


  115. Daniel says:

    Wow 5 years? Now I see why he chose MLS. 5 years is an excellent contract for an aging player.

  116. Brian says:

    The hit he layed on Cobi Jones was vicious. Nothing classy about that at all. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is a good player, but he embodies everything I hate about the Mexican national football team. I guess it works for MLS though because every US National team fan that is a fan of an MLS club not named the Red Bulls, now has a villain and a club to hate. I was already planning to go to the Galaxy vs. Red Bulls match at the HDC on Sept 24, but this pretty much guarantees I’ll be there.

  117. Brian says:

    Not a chance man. The Austrians have got money to spend. Not to mention I’m sure Rafa Marquez’s jersey will sell well among the Mexicans in the NY area, and I’m sure he’ll give a little bit of a bump to attendance.

  118. Happy Camper says:

    I fully agree with JoeW


  119. Scott A says:

    You guys couldn’t become the Evil Empire that is RB New York if you tried. I’m guzzling all this hate down. Like an energy drink you might say

  120. Christian says:

    It’s funny, his attitude has never been questioned on the club level, just on the national team.

    I invite you to look up how many times he’s been ejected in his club career.

  121. Ricky B. Free says:

    So you were not big ON Zidane?

  122. Ricky B. Free says:

    Tchani cant pass a ball to save his life. maybe next season.

  123. Ricky B. Free says:

    Everyone says Marquez is a hot head a dirty player.. WHat do u think about Zidane? Zidane got ejected for more than 5 ugly fouls in his career and I do mean ugly.

    At least Marquez didnt go Zidane on the Coby.

    Rafa will be 3 levels above Tchani and can actually pass the ball. Lets go Red Bulls.

  124. mike says:

    Loving the hate, the novel-like whining by DC prissies and the “enjoy your moment” envy. We’ve waited too long. It’s time. Enjoy Baltimore.

  125. Christian says:

    You must be one of those guys who marries the first girl that lets you pull down her pants.

    My god, must suck to be you walking around with that chip on your shoulder.

  126. Ceez says:

    WHY THE HELL would you put Richards on the right?! WHY?!

    Jamez got it right the first time when he suggested:





    I, however, wouldn’t mind playing 3 in the back with Miller-Ream-Mendez and playing 5 in the middle with Richards on the right and moving Kandji to CAM.


  127. Ceez says:

    I meant “why the hell would you put Richards on the *LEFT*”. Woops.

  128. DaveW says:

    Everyone remembers two times when Márquez lost his head, both against the US. Generally, though, he is neither a dirty or a physical player. Btw, people in Mexico were quite unhappy with his lack of discipline in those 2 incidents.

    Meanwhile, Nery Castillo got away with a lot of dirty plays back when Sven played him in qualifying, not even getting carded(seemed Andrés Cantor was pointing out such a play almost every game).

    2 talented players, one being judged for 2, admittedly bad, incidents in his career, and one who could probably go places if he could learn to be part of a team.

  129. Jackie says:

    $25m for 5 years.

    I bet Landon is jealous

  130. Lil' Zeke says:

    chirp… chirp…


  131. Keith G. says:

    This signing is deffently huge for the Red Bulls and MLS and there are deffently more signings to come in the MLS. One thing I want to point out that I think a lot of people are missing is that the Red Bulls are the 1st to have 3 DP’s its the Fire, with Castillo, Ljunberg, and McBride, think people are forgeting about McBride. The move will really improve the Red Bulls, who are already in 2nd place, and I know the moves arent done yet with the Red Bulls. One of the DCM will be moving on to another MLS club. Another thing I noticed was the talk about a GK, and a guy I would love to see the Red Bulls get on the cheap is Michael Rensing, the former Bayern Munchen keeper who is a free agent. The guy was understudy to Oliver Kahn for a while so you know the guy knows how to play. I just dont think he was given the time to really prove himself. I know Coundoul is doing alright this season, but I think Rensing would deffently be a step up and could really get the team to be at the top of the league.







  132. Jake says:

    It COULD be the most important signing in the history of the MLS. What the David Beckham signing SHOULD have been. It’s a big risk but he has a chance to be a cash cow for the league.

  133. SeattleStan says:

    Remember his nasty judo kick against Howard in qualifications?

  134. Ben says:

    Why can’t we cheer for him? English fans hate Spain and cheer for Cesc. Spanish can cheer on French players and so forth.

    Club teams and national teams are two different things.

  135. david beckham says:

    I did not read the other comments, this thread had so many…i like that, but idiots think that beckham sucks, without him henry,blanco,marquez do not sign grow up… MLS has to grow it makes guys like landon succeed allows them to come home….grow up NATS fans…i really despise you when you hate the MLS, i want to be so angry it will make me sound dumb…if you want my address lets talk..i would love to meet and work with you guys.

  136. JoeW says:

    I’m not arguing that Henry isn’t a great player. I’m arguing that if you look at the NYRB team, their biggest failing was the tendency to wilt defensively. Backe has built a solid team that usually plays smart soccer. Angel is one of the most consistent finishers in MLS. There is some other offensive talent there. But has Backe has said, this current team plays “dangerously” (meaning–they can make stupid mistakes, let other teams back into the game, play dumb defensively at times).

    Any team that has Angel…well…adding another great striker and creative player is nice. But the real needs for the NYRB this year have been:
    –a dominate left-sided player to run the flank.
    –an organizer/distributor on the defensive side of the ball to keep composure, respond to high pressure, get the ball out to attackers like Kandji and free Lindpere to move further up the field.
    –and I’d argue for a better GK than Coundoul.
    But by far, the biggest need is that organizer/glue/outstanding player in either central defense or as defensive midfielder. And that’s what Marquez gives them.

    And please don’t say “you got a tie…” b/c NYRB are not my team.

  137. oscar says:

    I can hate on Marquez when he is playing for Mexico vs. USA. I can also hate on him when the Red Bulls play FC Dallas. But I would love to have him on my team. Great signing for the Red Bulls.

    Red Bulls need a crowd draw(s); Marquez could be it. A beautiful Stadium which was mostly empty the one time I flew up to NYC to watch the game and still has issues filling up the stadium. I hope they’ve solved their construction issues and created a much better atmosphere for tailgate parties and/or pre/post game pub action.

  138. DC Josh says:

    He karate kicked our national team goalie and headbutted our national team midfielder. If you support the US, you should hate him.

  139. Ben says:

    Well, I suppose the US but like Marquez. I’m a La Liga fan and he had some nice years there. Not to mention that having him in the MLS is great. I think he has to be considered the second best or best player in the league now. May be missing someone, but Henry is the only other one who could claim that honor. And he is 31, so a bit younger than most of his caliber who come here. Juve wanted him and he decided to come to the MLS. That’s a positive.

  140. Hush says:

    As much as I hate Rafa, I’m glad he came to a more physical league in the Americas rather than the FMF. This means MLS is the place to be now and for the future. This is great for the NY folks. Now if Galaxy can only add Ronaldinho.:)

  141. TGA says:

    It is ironic. Marquez has always had a bad attitude towards the US National Team and USA soccer in general. And now he is playing here. Amazing!!

  142. futmls says:

    Marquez going to the MLS is great for the NYRB and in the long run great for the league. People need to get over the complaints about his red cards against the USMNT. Its a physical game. I’m sure Marquez and Cobie dont give much importance to what happened. Why does everyone else? Most of the people here should go play with barbies!!! In this sport you get hit. Deal with it.

  143. says:

    MLS sure did a good job getting this guy…. How else do u attract the biggest minority in this country to watch the MLS..get them there captain. ticket sales are on the rise, and those Mexicans who are very skeptical about the MLS are going to be very interested now. you have the most accomplish mexican player in the last decade playing in the MLS.. i applaud you MLS. definetly better than Beckham signing. and dont forget Nery Castillo still has a place in Mexico’s heart.