Red Bulls 2, Earthquakes 0: Post-Game Reaction

Post Game Video: Red Bulls v. Earthquakes from Soccer By Ives on Vimeo.

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7 Responses to Red Bulls 2, Earthquakes 0: Post-Game Reaction

  1. aiden says:


  2. boludo says:

    “were good, were improving, but i still don’t think we’re good enough”

    what? good enough for what? they’re one of the best teams in the league.

  3. Joe in Indianapolis says:

    Dane Richards seemed a little twitchy

  4. red bulls says:

    He was riding a stationary bike

  5. Jamez says:

    Backe is such a pessimist .

  6. Chosun says:

    I think Backe makes some very valid points. I think he believes the team’s not at their potential, which is what he means when he says “we’re still not good enough.” There’s a lot of work to be done, and I’m very happy to see that he’s not resting on his laurels.

  7. Aguinaga says:

    Surreal to be a fan of this team right now. Having gone through so much losing over the years, SO MUCH LOSING.. that as a Metro fan, you never quite get too high even when the team is playing well. You take a peek out from under your shell at what it’s like to be a fan of an average team when the team plays well, and then you panic like a hurricane’s coming because you know sooner rather than later, the house is gonna be blown down. But hot damn we’re on a totally different level, as we should be, with Titi and Rafa on the team. Hence, guarded optimism has replaced permanent skepticism for the 2nd time in years. The first was in LA before losing to Columbus a couple of seasons ago. Knowing we’re playing well but we could be playing so much better still. Seeing our DP’s enjoy themselves this much. Feeling it will all come crashing down sooner rather than later. Surreal to be a fan of this team right now.