Shaky refs cost TFC and Columbus in Champions League losses


Major League Soccer teams have had a history of struggling to gain road points in the CONCACAF Champions League and nothing changed on Tuesday night as the Columbus Crew and Toronto FC both lost group matches.

The Crew fell in heartbreaking fashion, giving up a stoppage-time game winner in a 1-0 loss to Santos Laguna. In Panama, TFC could not overcome the surrendering of an early goal or a questionable Nick LaBrocca red card in a 1-0 loss to Arabe Unido.

The Columbus loss came in controversial fashion, as an apparent goal from Andy Iro was waved off because Emilio Renteria, who assisted on the would-be goal, came onto the field with a plain un-numbered jersey (after being told it was okay by match officials).

The Toronto loss wasn't much easier to watch, with a reserve-laden TFC squad struggling to cope with a lack of offense and a terrible referee (who issued two red cards).

MLS clubs will return to Champions League action tonight, with Real Salt Lake seeking to be the first MLS team to win a Champions League match in Mexico when it takes on Cruz Azul. The Seattle Sounders will look to score their first win of the group stage when they play host to Monterrey.

Here are highlights from both matches:



What did you think of last night's matches? Think the Crew deserved a point? Amazed at the incompetent officiating in CONCACAF? Is Arabe Unido your new most-hated team?

Share your thoughts below.

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135 Responses to Shaky refs cost TFC and Columbus in Champions League losses

  1. Esteban de la Sexface says:

    typical – getting jobbed by concacaf refs

  2. KCB says:

    CONCACAF, still 2nd rate.

  3. RK says:

    The Columbus non-goal has to be the lamest thing I’ve ever heard…

  4. Hood Rich says:

    If the Seattle organization needs any motivation, they should try to seek revenge for the 11-0 lost to Cruz
    Azul during the 90s of the CONCACAF Champions Cup.
    I remember watching the thrashing and how outclassed they were by Cruz Azul. The only decent player the
    Sounders had was Peter Hattrup, the rest were clueless!

  5. eboe says:

    screw those crap refs in Mexico last night,especially that weak-assed 4th official (who was from Mexico, btw), who caved to basically Santos’ entire coaching staff complaining at him. Note: They were not complaining at him until AFTER the goal was scored. If a player is waived on, and you even saw Renteria waver as if maybe they wanted him back off, the goal should NOT have been disallowed nor should a player be issued a yellow card when he is cleared to enter by the center ref, who has more say than the 4th official does anyway.

    I can only imagine how it will be when we play Jack Warner’s personal team, Joe Public, in T and T. CONCACAF is a farce for MLS teams, in typical corrupt FIFA fashion.

  6. Lost in Space says:

    CONCACAF Ref’s are down there with the guy from Mali. Either their PATHETIC and Incompetent or there really is something to all the Biased conspiracy theorists out there.

  7. RIP says:

    This is quite hilarious. I wonder if MLS will file a complaint or just continue to take it. So frustrating.

  8. Starla says:

    MLS teams are used to MLS where they are allowed to play like brutes and ugly tackles are allowed as long as no leg is broken and players are recruited based on physical size, think division two england 1985, while the other CONCACAF nations are classical latin, very divy and fake. Both sides and their refs need to evolve and find a happy medium, where most euro leagues reside.

    (SBI-This is a pretty laughable characterization of present-day MLS Starla. Something tells me you don’t see enough MLS matches in Sweden. MLS was a rough league eight to ten years ago. Today, it’s physical, but hardly anything like the picture you tried to paint.)

  9. DetroitTFC says:

    Still fuming about both games. It was certainly possible that TFC would have lost that game due to the team selection and even if you grant the red cards were valid, the constant interruption of TFC’s possession by the ref pretty much ruled out any sort of decent build up. I can’t know for sure if the outcome was bought but that game looked a lot like one that was.

    As for the Santos game, the ref clearly waived Renteria on the field. Getting a goal called back in a close game is hugely disruptive to a side. Garbage all around.

    I guess we’ll just have to see what shenanigans occur in the Cruz Azul/RSL game.

  10. Edwin says:

    What I would like to know is why are both MLS teams using almost nothing but Subs?

    Ives don’t you find it odd that Frankie Hejduk was not used and he was mentioned to be suspended for this weekend’s game vs Dallas?

    I mean come one guys, we can’t have our top 4 teams play 2 games a week the way teams in Italy, Spain, England, Germany etc do with UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa?

    (SBI-You have a point to a degree, but European teams don’t field the same squads for both league and European matches. They also field changed teams. The differences are that clubs generally field their stronger teams for the European ties and the bigger European clubs have good reserve players so it doesn’t cost them in league play. MLS rosters just don’t have much talent beyond the top 12-13 players and teams still care much more about MLS than the Champions League.)

  11. Edwin says:

    Columbus didn’t need to bunker so much at the end though, should come away with the tie and put Santos in Position where they lost 2 points at home, now Columbus HAS to beat Santos at home!

  12. David says:

    Basicially every Concacaf Champions League away game ends controversially for MLS teams. I can see why they really don’t take it seriously.

    MLS needs to start pressuring Concacaf to make the officiating more consistent or drop out all together because the way it is now is waste of everyones time.

  13. Ferris says:

    Toronto is focused on keeping its bid for a playoff spot alive and gave some of its regulars the night off after a tough CONCACAF game midweek last week and a 4-1 thumping against NYRB on Saturday.

  14. Edwin says:

    Yeah but using the 3rd goalie?

  15. Ferris says:

    Agreed – unless a team plays Central American style soccer and can kill the last ten minutes with fake injuries and delaying the match, bunkering in doesn’t pay off nearly as much as keeping an extra player up top. If Lenhart had one other player it could have kept Santos on its heels and maybe even produced a chance for a counter.

    The best time wasting is done on the other team’s half in a corner, generating precious corner kicks and throw-ins that can burn a lot of seconds of the clock and let a team catch its breath.

  16. ajr says:

    hope everyone is pushing for RSL tonight…

  17. philmatt24 says:

    I don’t think the complaint here has anything to do with ugly tackles. The disallowed goal because a player had no number on his jersey was ridiculous. I just searched the FIFA Laws of the Game (link to for rules regarding a requirement for players to have numbers on their jerseys and found nothing. Specifically in Law 4 – “The Players’ Equipment” there is no mention of uniform numbers, and under “Infringements and Sanctions” (pg 19) the referee is to wait for a stoppage in play, send the player to the bench to correct his equipment, and have the player check in before re-entering the pitch. Nowhere does it say that an equipment infringement is a punishable by a card.
    The worst part is, Renteria had already checked in with the officials after changing from his original, bloody jersey to the clean, un-numbered jersey. Part of Law 4 states “the referee checks that the player’s equipment is correct before allowing
    him to re-enter the field of play” so if the refs (or Santos Laguna) had a problem with the non-numbered jersey, they should have complained at that point, not after the goal was scored. It was very clearly just an excuse to disallow the goal, with no basis in the laws of the game.

  18. Edwin says:

    RSL has a bit of a tougher game in Mexico City so altitude and smog or whatnot

    Cruz Azul might be swinging after the loss in Toronto, we’ll see?

    Teams like RSL, LA, Columbus, NY and hopefully to an extent Toronto better start taking CCL seriously next year I mean come on work on depth and use the academy at least to get players some pro experience if you’re going to throw in a B/C team? Houston did amazing things with their academy players in 2008-2009!
    I believe that’s how Holden and Chabala developed into 1st team players from the reserves!

  19. Andy says:

    I had no problem with either Red Card in the TFC match (the 2nd of which was due to a 2nd yellow) – when you slide into the keeper, you’ll get a red card in most leagues. I haven’t seen the Crew game yet (DVR) and it sounds like a clear hose-job by the ref, but TFC has no one to blame but themselves for their loss to Arabe Unido.

    (SBI-“When you slide into the keeper you’ll get a red card” –unless you’re Emile Heskey and the keeper is American. Actually, the Howard-Heskey incident reminds me of something Howard said. He said Heskey had every right to challenge for that ball, and looking at the LaBrocca red card he has every right to challenge for that ball. It shouldn’t have been a red card. A foul? Sure, not a red card.)

  20. ajr says:

    salt lake city 4210 feet

    Mexico City 7350 feet

  21. Edwin says:

    I mean I get it but 3,000 extra feet is not easy and the smog remember?

    But I hope you’re right and I’m wrong though

    Santos was probably the easiest game to win, in a stadium very similar to MLS style SSS, small crowd away from Mexico City and they didn’t use their 1st team!

    Columbus should of at least use Marshall for half a game and Frankie the whole game if they couldn’t use him on saturday specially if you’re going to have a “we might lose type of mentality you need D!

  22. brian says:

    I’ve always assumed international matches required the refs to be from countries other than those of the two clubs. I guess I’m wrong about this, but does anyone know the rule? Why was the fourth official in the Crew-Santos match from Mexico?

  23. Erik_the_Orange says:

    Yeah, I’m done. Finished watching this competition…ruins the game for me, regardless of what team I’m a fan of.

    Point of note: when the ref at the Santos game stopped play for a goal scored, then restarted after issuing the yellow…is there a FIFA sanctioned ruling that allows for restart location and/or possession in a situation like that? If the ref made a ruling on his lack of a jersey number, Columbus were in possession when Renteria entered the field. He was not in a “rules violation” when the goal was scored. Cue the Keystone Kops…

  24. HardHatMike says:

    Dear Santos,

    I love your style. Call me.


    Vince McMahon

  25. Cjk says:

    How can the MLS pressure concacaf for better refereeing when they can’t even pressure US Soccer for better MLS officiating! Lol maybe one day, but today is not that day.

  26. SoccerInATL says:

    Things I dislike about CCL:

    5. Bunker ball

    4. Really crappy camera angles with poor stadium lighting and of course no HD.

    3. Very poor pitches but somehow better than Anderlecht’s penalty spot đŸ˜‰

    2. B/C teams that is an obvious sign that team’s expect very little from this tournament and obviously the fans know it so don’t show up giving little atmosphere.

    And the #1?

    1. Unbelievably bad officiating that completely destroys what little watchability there is in this tournament.

    I guess this tournament is one for the very long term and really should be ignored for quite some time just like the clubs do by putting out b/c teams.

  27. Hincha Tim says:

    I hope RSL goes with a first team tonight and goes for the win. I think (and Jason Kreis has said in interviews) that RSL is in a very good position to end the MSL run of bad luck in Mexico. The altitude is not really a big deal since RSL plays and trains at altitude, the smog doesn’t seem like it will be a factor due to weather conditions, and RSL has the manpower to go head to head with Cruz Azul. I think it would be a valuable team building exercise for RSL to say, “we are up for this challenge and lets take the next step in our evolution as a top class team.”

  28. G says:

    I watched both games, the TFC game was unbarable. There was a stoppage every 20 or 30 seconds. Those players from panama know how to roll around in pain.

    As far as the Crew game, yes my beloved Crew got hosed, but its kind of their fault too. They were playing very good until the last 8 minutes of the match when decided to bunker down in their own end. Instead of just launching every ball out of the 18 they should of played some possession and some counter attack.

    I say for next season, Robbie Rogers is gone and Dilly Duka is in, the kid looked very composed out there with some nice moves.

  29. BenH says:

    ummmm my question is: Why would you put out a player with no number on his jersey? Speaking of 2nd rate…

    Hopefully they tired a bit and FCD can take advantage this weekend!

  30. EA says:

    Actually, the TFC player won the ball in both red card instances. An absolute joke.

    Also, wasn’t Arabe Unido’s #13 sent off at the end of the RSL game last week, for the foul that surrendered the PK. I remembered that little sh*t against RSL, and was happy that he got sent off (or so I thought) and then had to see him again yesterday.

  31. Chuck B. says:

    Good question. That was a pretty amateurish move.The goal was rightfully disallowed.

  32. JavaLavaJoe says:

    Wow…the Columbus no goal is the worst example ever of what is wrong with CONCACAF. At least in Mexico we are cheated in professional fashion. This screams of purely amateur criminal buffoonery.

  33. bryan says:

    terrible reffing. i’m blown away. the replay clearly shows the ref waving on the columbus player. absolutely terrible. im blown away.

    even Santos had two legitimate PK non-calls. just terrible refs.

  34. Charles says:

    Was this just a test ?

    OR do you really believe that Marcus Hahnemann wasn’t any good ?

    Wow. No need to even list ex NASL Sounders that were pretty darn good in their own right.


  35. Will says:

    Not amateurish at all and you are wrong. Many times a player will get blood on his jersey and wear a replacement with no name and number. I can think of twice in the past few weeks it has happened.. Seattle and Houston. I am sure there are many more.

  36. chupacabra says:

    BS. I know I’ve seen a handful of matches where a player has gone on the pitch wearing a jersey with no number and it was not a problem. It’s a very rare occurrence but it has happened. Here’s an example from a Carling Cup match in 2009 involving Derby and Man United – check the 78th minute entry:

    link to

    The yellow card and disallowed goal were a travesty.

  37. Aden says:

    Sometimes I wonder if it is even a case of incompetent officiating, or if the official is actually intentionally cheating.

    At the rate in which MLS sides are consistently hurt by officials outside of the America, I feel that it is the latter.

  38. philmatt24 says:

    Please provide a reference to the rule that says goals can be disallowed if a player involved has no number. I couldn’t find it.

  39. chupacabra says:

    Here’s another example from an EPL match in 2008 between Everton and Sunderland. Check the commentary for the 50th minute:

    link to

    # 49′ Collins has got a bloody nose here… he legs it off to the sidelines to receive a bit of treatment and Sunderland are down to 10 men for the time being.
    # 50′ On comes Collins, with a fresh shirt with no number on the back and two cotton wool buds sticking out of his nostrils! Quite a comedic look from the Welshman!

    CONCACAF refs are amateurs. Columbus was robbed.

  40. B1879 says:

    Not that it would ever happen, but I rather watch a league/tournament between MLS and the English Championship. CCL home games for MLS are ok, but these trips south are not much to look at.

  41. todd brooks says:

    Everyone complaining about the referees, Please, PLEASe feel free to become a referee!! There are plenty of classes to become certified US Soccer referees.

    I am a referee and I will be the first to say it is not as easy as it looks!!

    Plus there are major, major referee shortages. I get more games than I can physically handle. But you better and I mean BETTER have a thick skin.

  42. CSD says:

    Man it is crazy stuff. I thought everyone around the World only hated US players and teams and it manifested itself in bad refereeing. Now everyone in the World is out to get Canadian clubs also.

  43. MensreaJim says:

    This was what I was thinking last night. Columbus probably had 10% actual possession in the last 20 minutes, and I am not exagerrating.

  44. CSD says:

    Todd Brooks, with your clearly Unamerican or Canadian name I assume you hate all Canadian teams and players and US teams and players. I am sure that your hatred is manifested in your clear bias in your officiating. Why don’t you come on out an admit it there is an international referee conspiracy going on here.

  45. MensreaJim says:

    As someone else pointed out, Santos had two legitimate PK claims turned down. If you’re going to fix a game, that’s the way to do it, not with some weird waved off goal.

    It was just bad reffing. BAD, but just bad.

  46. DC Josh says:

    3rd rate CONCACAF officials. Just as bad as their boss. I saw the Toronto red card and thought it was a fair challenge.

    1. Ball was loose.
    2. Didn’t go studs up.
    3. His knee inadvertently hit the keeper’s head, not his feet.


  47. lassidawg says:

    I only saw the last 15 minutes, and quite frankly they were lucky to have only been scored on once.

    At some point the teams have to overcome the refs and quit bunkering down until maybe the last couple of minutes. Columbus was bunkered down from the time I started watching. It is much more tiring to play d than it is to contol the ball, play to win and you will walk away with points.

  48. Daniel says:

    Although it is on the rules that a player can’t play without a number on his shirt, this sort of things only happens in CONCACAF. Who ever let him in is at fault.

  49. brian says:

    in answer to my own question, CONCACAF states ref and assistants must be from another country, but not the fourth official. Page 34 of link to,,12813~152295,00.pdf

    Also, on page 30, it is stated that players names must be on their shirts.

  50. CSD says:

    In the TFC game a TFC player came flying in on an Arabe Unido player and ended up knocking him out of the game. It was a nasty studs up tackle that could have and might have broken the Arabe Unido’s players ankle (he was immediately subbbed out). The TFC player received no card for the assault. Of course the conspiracy theorists conventionally don’t notice that play.

    If you are wondering heavy sarcasm is intended above.

  51. CSD says:

    FYI,satirized for your pleasure.

  52. SilverRey says:

    What happened last night to Columbus is no complaint to referees in general. This is their career to know the laws of soccer. The laws of soccer were NOT upheld in this game.

  53. SeattleStan says:

    Regardless of whether you are a referee or not, you have to agree that the Columbus goal being disallowed was terrible. I’m beginning to think the CONCACAF official qualifications are being able to stand for 90+ minutes with bonus points for making calls based on messages sent to the metal plate in their head from a base on the moon.

  54. chupacabra says:

    Where is it in the rules? Can you quote the exact rule? And why is it often allowed like in the Carling Cup and EPL examples I listed above?

  55. CSD says:

    Yah because that 8 hour time change midweek game for the Seattle vs Scunthorpe would be really exciting.

    “Ok Sigi your teams is going to fly from Seattle to London then take a train to Sunny Scunny and play a game while your team is still jet lagged. Then you are going to head back to Seattle and while your team is still jet lagged you are going to play an MLS game two days later. Next week you and the lads will get to go to Cardiff. Isn’t B1879’s dream grand?”

  56. CSD says:

    It will all be worth it because the folks back in Seattle would be really excited about CCL/MLS matches broadcast live at 2AM to 4AM.

  57. Rob says:


  58. Matt (NES) says:

    MLS/USSF needs to get their own officiating in order before they make demands of others. If Kennedy or Petrescu were officiating, these matches would have been even uglier.

  59. B1879 says:

    Umm, they meet up and play in New York. Duh! You need to think more before you seriously dissect my “Not that it would ever happen” comment.

  60. The Dude says:

    Columbus should petition FIFA about that absurd disallowed goal. CCL is getting difficult to watch. It’s to the point now where I expect refs to be openly biased against MLS teams–at least, when playing in Central America.

  61. CSD says:

    “(after being told it was okay by match officials).”

    Am supposed to just assume that? I see nothing in the clip above that shows that. I see a player giving the thumbs up to an area that could be the 4th official or could be the Columbus bench. The ref on the field looks to not be making any kind of motion indicating the player can reenter the field.

  62. Jay says:

    if they want a truly fair game, the best thing they can do is bring in South American or European refs. That’s the only way you *might* eliminate all the bias.

  63. Rob says:

    You are crazy hit all ball then the leg. The TFC players leg dragged on the ground, went in one legged, and even if studs were showing, it was not a penalty. I think the ref in that game was horrendously one sided…. As for the Columbus game, just a bad call, but both sides had to deal with them.

  64. Rob says:

    Have you ever played outside of pick-up or youth? When gear is changed and or inspected (due to blood) the forth official gives an ok before you get on the field… Love the hate though.

    Again this was just one bad call after and before bad calls on both sides….

  65. CSD says:

    Andy Iro was offside on the play. It is a pretty clear on the replay. Look at 1:17 to about 1:19. The Mexican players have their hands up and they are looking at the assistant referee who is out of the picture.

    It looks like the yellow card was for a separate infraction.

  66. CSD says:

    Have you had other hallucinations other than while watching CONCACAF video clips. Where in this clip is there any indication that the fourth official gave an ok before a player entered the field?

  67. Rob says:

    Haha you are thick… The forth officials job is to inspect gear before a player can return on the field. If he didn’t that’s on him and the ref for not doing it. You don’t just run onto a field with out an ok. It was a mistake, but like I said many mistakes happened in this game

    And by the way did you not see the forth officle give an ok? I don’t think anyone did cause it was off camera. Either way it’s a mistake on the officiating crew.

  68. . says:

    Try Italian referees. They’re known for being unbiased. Each has a price tag, and they only listen to money.

  69. Daniel says:

    11.3 Player Names
    a. Players may be identified by means of their surname or an abbreviation
    or nickname on their shirts. The size of the lettering must comply with
    the requirements in the FIFA Equipment Regulations.
    b. The player’s name on the shirt shall correspond with the name on the
    players’ list.

    Since the shirt was blank there is no “name on the shirt shall correspond with the name on the
    players’ list”

    I think 4th official was at fault for letting him in.

  70. Brudog says:

    I though I was watching a Crew game, but it quickly turned into something resembling a Man U game. (disallow anything by the opponent and play until Man U scores :)

  71. MensreaJim says:

    Thanks for the sarcasm pointer. Another helpful thing to do is to check who people are replying to before you pop off.

  72. Daniel says:

    From he Fifa Equipment Regulations

    6.2 A number must appear on the back (centred) and the front (not necessarily
    centred) of any shirt and on the front o f any shorts used as Playing Equipment.
    This art. 6 par. 2 shall not apply to the numbering on the front of any shirt used
    as Playing Equipment during Matches of the FIFA Club World Cup.

    As I stated before, I think the 4th ref is at fault and the goal should have counted. But I also can’t understand how the Crew didn’t have the replacement shirt available right away.

  73. CSD says:

    “The forth officials job is to inspect gear before a player can return on the field. If he didn’t that’s on him and the ref for not doing it. You don’t just run onto a field with out an ok.”

    …or you might get a yellow card.

    Listen you idiot. What exactly would stop a player from just running onto the field? I have absolutely no idea what happened off camera. The 4th official isn’t responsible for holding onto the player before the player enters the field. I can tell you what I can see apparently you want to tell me what you think happened. There is nothing confirming any interaction between the player and the 4th official. I see the Columbus Crew staff treating the injury no 4th official is present in that clip.

  74. CSD says:

    What exactly did the 4th official do?

  75. CSD says:

    I guess you are cool with the fact that Andy Iro was offsides

  76. Daniel says:

    Dude calm down… That is what I think.

  77. Daniel says:

    I don’t really care. Its history now. I’m just sharing some info that many( including me) might have been unaware of.

  78. chupacabra says:

    There’s a big difference between “may” and “must.” The Mexican national team often plays with no names on the back of the jerseys at all, as do several other teams. Here’s an example from the US/Mexico WC qualifier in Feb. 2009:

    link to

  79. Daniel says:

    but still that “may” refers to surnames and abbreviations not names.

    b.The player’s name on the shirt shall correspond with the name on the
    players’ list.

    if you still have doubts check fifa equipment regulations 6.2 . There it clearly states players must have numbers. You can look at it on another of my posts below.

  80. Hood Rich says:

    Most of the players on that team were the APSL or A-League Sounders, and not the NASL team. I
    think only Hattrup was from the NASL team. Yep, I do remember Hahnemann was there.

    11-0. No excuses there.

  81. GBH says:

    Is the winner of this tournament going to the club world cup?

  82. skinn says:

    The keeper wasn’t the problem; he actually made a couple of good stops.

  83. nic says:

    Some of the refereeing was bad, no doubt. But overall it is worse in MLS, imo. (Hence no USA referees called up for WC.) Also, the Labrocca red card was justified, imo.

    These type of posts frustrate me, as they merely feed into this irrational conspiracy theories held by many Americans that the “latins” or Concacaf are out to get us…US and MLS are victims, etc. Bad refereeing and/or bad calls happen in every game and every league. These ignorant conspiracy theories are just that…ignorant.

  84. Daniel says:

    I agree. Mistakes happen all the time but being honest the USNT has such a bad luck that funny things always happen. And its just hard to believe is all mere coincidence.

    Although it is also true that when things favor the US no one says anything and some people end up twisting it. Unluckily we are located in what can arguably be the worst confederation.

  85. Matt (NES) says:

    Agree 100 percent with you on this.

  86. Eric says:

    How about the elbow Renteria got in the face that was right in front of the ref. Which lead to the blood on his face and also him coming off the field. Surely that was a foul. I dont think its a conspiracy i just think that the refs are bad at their jobs.

  87. BenH says:

    What nic said.

    Also, as others have posted…why even discuss the fourth official and what he did or did not do when the play shows he was offside! And quite frankly, it could have ended 3-0 if Santos were awarded PKs…

    Bad example of a game to pick if putting on your tin hat and trying to prove that the black helicopters are out to get us.

  88. brentonship says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but in my opinion you are wrong. MLS referees are substantially better than these matches (at least in the Columbus match).

    The level of CONCACAF refs in sub-par, only a handful of Mexican refs are quality.

  89. brentonship says:

    This just proves the point of how terrible CONCACAF refs are. Those penalties would have been called in 30% of MLS matches (yes, I like to pull statistics out of no where)

  90. Mason says:

    You’re reading the reg incorrectly. 11.3(a) says that players may be identified by name.
    11.3(b) says that the name on the shirt must be their own name.

    Ergo, LAG could elect not to have names on their shirts, but if they do, Landon DONOVAN can’t have “BUDDLE” on his back.

    Furthermore, FIFA equipment reg 6.2 says:

    “No kit item worn by an outfield player (shirt, shorts and socks) may contain more than four colours. This provision also applies to the colours used for letters and numbers (player’s name, number, etc.). Furthermore, one colour must be clearly predominant on the shirt, shorts and socks. In the case of striped or chequered shirts, one of the colours must be predominant on the other kit items.”

    That’s a limitation on colors used on a kit. It doesn’t say you have to have numbers or names, or else Mexico’s kit would be in violation since it lacks names.

    7.1 says that the number must be on the back of the shirt, but even this isn’t really important. The equipment regs are more for dealing with clubs and federations PRIOR to the competition, not for dealing with blood replacement shirts. The card is ridiculous. The player was allowed back onto the field of play.

  91. Mason says:

    Aha! Those cagey jackals at FIFA edited their regs!!! The old 7.1 is the new 6.2!!

  92. Big Phil says:

    Then, maybe they should call it back for offsides. I didn’t see in the highlights the assistant rise his flag, or the center ref indicate it’s offsides.

    The problem isn’t corrupt refereeing, it’s just bad refereeing.

  93. Rob says:

    Some one is angry? Again you obviously don’t understand football, as he can’t come on the field without an ok from both the ref and fourth official. Don’t know how else to get it through to you. Be as bitter as you want, but that was a officiating problem.

    And by the way the yellow was for lack of info on the shirt, not for coming on the field, so that proves my point. Sigh

  94. Daniel says:

    link to

    6.2 A number must appear on the back (centred) and the front (not necessarily
    centred) of any shirt and on the front o f any shorts used as Playing Equipment.
    This art. 6 par. 2 shall not apply to the numbering on the front of any shirt used
    as Playing Equipment during Matches of the FIFA Club World Cup.

  95. Charles says:

    Well you couldn’t be more wrong. Chance Fry, Gary Heale ( San Diego ), Bernie James, Neil Megson, etc were from NASL.

    Hattrup was NOT.

    Dom Kinnear was on that team too of course.

  96. Slyboy says:

    As a “latino”…i think that theory of bias is actually pretty well founded, i have watched most of these games and i can see a clear difference from MLS and FMF games (i follow both leagues, although less FMF now that Indios got sent down)

  97. Charles says:

    Something tells me we have a Ljungberg fan here.

    I am going Saturday, if he doesn’t pull a “flop, whine and not get back on D” at least 4 times, I am booing him.

  98. Slyboy says:

    by difference i mean i don’t see such calls in fmf and mls games.

  99. Rob says:

    Only the player that got beat put his hand up… Everyone else hung their heads…. Need to rematch or do you have red, white, and green in your lenses… Way to funny.

    Is summer break almost over for these kids?

  100. Mike says:

    I don’t think it’s a conspiracy, but Caribbean and Mexican refs definitely are biased against MLS teams and the US national team. Just watch an FMF game and then a game that a Mexican ref works for a CONCACAF competition for an example. They will call things against American teams that they never call in FMF play. I’m willing to bet that the same goes for Caribbean refs. A show of hands for the people here who actually believe that the ref in the Santos-Columbus game would have been just as quick to card Arabe Unido players for time-wasting against RSL like he did to Columbus. So of those cards where ridiculously quick.

    I’m not mad about it, but I will certainly never pay attention to the CCL. CONCACAF could easily fix this but they won’t, so they won’t get my money. It’s as easy as that. When CONCACAF decides to take their own competitions seriously then so will I.

  101. Hood Rich says:

    Hey Charles, drop the topic.

    11-0, outclassed.

    Are you trying to say the players were not outclased and were competitive? I’m not a Seattle fan so I don’t care about those other guys but I do remember the game and Hahnemann was in goal and Hattrup was the only memorable one out there. Sorry I’m not some old fart who remembers the (NASL) Sounders from their days.

  102. Scott A says:

    Time-wasting would be a useless tactic if referees actually added on the requisite stoppage time. And play-acting would take a huge hit in FIFA had a brain and allowed retroactive punishment. But then again, they don’t have a brain

  103. CSD says:

    “According to the official referee post-match report, RenterĂ­a entered the field without permission and was eventually booked for that infraction. Law No. 3 from the Laws of the Game (page 60) says that when a player comes onto the field without permission, the game is stopped and the opposing team receives an indirect kick.”

  104. CSD says:

    “According to the official referee post-match report, RenterĂ­a entered the field without permission and was eventually booked for that infraction. Law No. 3 from the Laws of the Game (page 60) says that when a player comes onto the field without permission, the game is stopped and the opposing team receives an indirect kick.”

  105. wyofan says:

    Dear CC, in the future you can use athletic tape or colored masking tape to make a number for emergency replacement uniforms – we do it here in the youth leagues when we have guest players / lost uniforms etc. Just in case it happens again…

  106. Rob says:

    Post the entire part of the article as it clearly states the fourth official incorrectly told him to enter the match and on concacafs website they said last night it was due to no number on the back of the shirt.

  107. Rob says:

    From link to

    “Renteria was injured by a flying backward elbow by Jaime Toledo in the 20th minute, opening a cut over his right eye and forcing him to receive treatment to close the wound at the Crew bench. He changed his shirt, presumably due to blood on his shirt.

    He appeared to be waved onto the field by Panamanian referee Luis Rodriguez and took a pass on a free kick down the right. He volleyed a cross to the edge of the six-yard box, where Andy Iro converted with a header. But after a conference with Mexican fourth official Ricardo Arellano, Rodriguez disallowed the goal and cautioned Renteria, forcing him to don a shirt with a number.”

    I will take CONCACAF’s word on this over MLS’s word

  108. Ricky B. Free says:

    You won haha. It was nice of you to search for some real facts instead of just arguing.

  109. CSD says:

    link to,,12856,00.html

    24′ E. Renteria gets yellow.
    Renteria is given a yellow card for his efforts to return to play without a number on his shirt.

    22′ Andy Iro has the ball in the net but disallowed as Renteria was not given permission to return to the field after receiving treatment for a head wound.

  110. Rob says:

    That was my point… He was told to come on and got a yellow for not having anything on his shirt….. That’s what I said from the beginning…. The officials waved him on, according to concacaf…. Thank you for proving my point.

  111. Rob says:

    And follow the change in language my friend from the 22′ min to the 24′ before you reply

  112. CSD says:

    Rob, its all good I forgive you. It is hard to not make assumptions based on past experiences. It is fairly common flaw in thinking that inflicts all of us on occasion. You appeared to assume he got permission to reenter the field because he was supposed to, but the assumption that he did because he is supposed to is flawed. In the video you can also see the Arabe Unido reacting to something prior to the goal being scored. I concur it was a bit of an odd situation. I only called you an “idiot” after you felt the need to call me “thick”.

  113. CSD says:

    “Renteria was not given permission to return to the field after receiving treatment for a head wound.”

  114. CSD says:


    According to CONCACAF? You mean the writer that wrote an article on CONCACAF’s website without looking at the live commentary or the official referee post-match report.

    Are you saying the MLS got a false official referee post-match report?

  115. Rob says:

    Dude as you can see nothing on a message board bothers me, anyways in both articles by MLS (you posted) and the Concacaf (I posted) clearly state he was waved on by refs. So I don’t under stand your point.

  116. Rob says:

    Yes an article posted and sanctioned by Concacaf after the play by play you posted during the match….

    (SBI-Rob, you’re giving CONCACAF way too much credit. It has ZERO to do with “sanctioning” the stories posted on and I’d say without a shadow of a doubt that the person who wrote that story wasn’t at the game, but watched on TV.)

  117. Rob says:

    Yes now post the fix to why he got the yellow two min. later…. For his efforts to return to play without a number on his shirt….

  118. CSD says:


  119. Rob says:

    Your argument was that he just came on…. In fact he was waved on, both articles, and at that point it is the forth officials job to inspect new gear ( according to MLS article you posted he gave the ok)… it is on him, no it’s ands or buts. But thanks for the sarcasm.

  120. Rob says:

    He was waved on according to both articles

  121. CSD says:

    Where exactly does it say in this article “he was waved on”?

    link to

  122. Rob says:

    Last paragraph about the forth officle… Why they posted the law.

  123. Rob says:

    Sorry posting on iPhone…. I was making the point that your article show the forth officle gave the ok, and according to Concacaf’s the ref waved him on

  124. Rob says:

    Anyways it was a f-up from the refs… Like I said this was one of many mistakes by the ref crew, along with the no calls on the pk’s

  125. Mlsfan says:

    we should all write a message to concacaf to tell them how we feel!


  126. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Heading off to buy a pair of tickets to the Sounders game in a few minutes, flask of US-made Jack Daniels in my back pocket. Attendance is rumored to be in the mid 20s!

    Here’s hoping for better refs and MLS success across the board tonight.

  127. CSD says:

    “The invalid assumption that correlation implies cause is probably among the two or three most serious and common errors of human reasoning”

    Stephen Jay Gould

  128. Rob says:

    Great argument…..

  129. CSD says:

    I concur the game could have been handled better by the ref. It does seem like there is a lot of chaos in this tournament that fans could do without. It is not good but the chaos does keep it interesting in odd sort of way.

  130. Rob says:

    I agree.

  131. Joamiq says:

    (SBI) Joamiq, we can’t put out people’s personal emails on here for people to blast, even if it’s the one listed on the CONCACAF site. Can’t set that precedent. If it were an address that would be different.

  132. WTF? says:

    What’s with the fake Columbus Crew logo?

  133. chg says:

    I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say we know your opinion. You are in the 1% that saw nothing wrong with the officiating, and I will go out on a limb and guess that you’ve never seen a call against an American side or club that you did not like. Having made your feelings clear, kindly STFU.