USA announces roster for Brazil friendly

USAvsSlovenia (JoeTothISI)

The USA roster for next week's friendly has been released and it features some new faces as well as some familar ones, with 14 of the 18 players called in coming from the 2010 USA World Cup team.

Landon Donovan, Tim Howard and Carlos Bocanegra are among the veterans, while Jermaine Jones and Alejandro Bedoya are two non-World Cup players on the squad that will face Brazil on Tuesday in New Jersey.

Here is the squad:

GOALKEEPERS- Brad Guzan (Aston Villa), Tim Howard (Everton) 

DEFENDERS– Carlos Bocanegra (Saint-Étienne), Jonathan Bornstein (Chivas USA), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover), Clarence Goodson (IK Start), Chad Marshall (Columbus Crew), Jonathan Spector (West Ham United) 

MIDFIELDERS– Alejandro Bedoya (Örebro), Michael Bradley (Borussia Mönchengladbach), Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy), Maurice Edu (Rangers), Benny Feilhaber (Aarhus), Jermaine Jones (Schalke), Sacha Kljestan (Anderlecht) 

FORWARDS– Edson Buddle (Los Angeles Galaxy), Robbie Findley (Real Salt Lake), Herculez Gomez (Pachuca)

Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore are among the players missing from the squad, as are Oguchi Onyewu, Jay DeMerit and Ricardo Clark.

So what starting lineup could we see against Brazil? Here's a possibility:






What do you think of the roster? Who are you glad to see on the list? Which player is missing that you were hoping to see?

Share your thoughts below.

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284 Responses to USA announces roster for Brazil friendly

  1. Stoehrst says:

    Why Findley AGAIN?!?! He’s doing NOTHING in MLS!

  2. RLW2020 says:

    wow we need help at forward!

    but pumped to see Jones and Bedoya in action

  3. i like it. will be interesting to see how Jones fits in.

  4. HoboMike says:

    I, for one, am very excited to see what Jones is made of. That’s about it for me. Same shh…tuff at forward.

  5. Ryan says:

    No Davies… :(

  6. golferinct says:

    Why no Jozy?

  7. jcl says:

    no Omar Gonzalez :(

  8. SBI Troll says:

    He’s busy finding somewhere to play in the fall.

  9. Will says:

    Findley!? Really?

  10. Jordan says:

    man i was hoping to see Eric Lichaj but i guess its ok if he finds time with Aston Villa this fall.

  11. I think Gonzalez, Ream, new prospects of that ilk are more likely for January call-ins. This is a good mix of our “A squad” and bringing in some newish blood.

    Excited to see Ale Bedoya on the pitch, as well as Jones.

  12. RevsFan says:

    Seems pretty standard.

    Only big surprise is the lack of youth in the back.Why didn’t Ream make the team, would have been nice considering they’re playing in NJ

  13. Josh D says:

    Sadly, none of our strikers are doing too well at the moment. Shocked not to see our Norwegian friend – thought he would surely be capped. If we don’t watch it, he’ll go to Norway.

    Brek Shea is another I’m surprised to see off and a few Yanks abroad.

    With strikers so depleted, I’d of taken an EJ or even Adu to give him a chance to get noticed now that he’s in the dog sh*tter.

    The Jozy admission hopefully is in reference to a possible move/loan.

    Fingers crossed Jones doesn’t get hurt.

    I hope to see a 4-5-1:


  14. john godfrey says:


  15. KP says:

    Happy to see Jozy not included so he can work on securing a spot at Villarreal (for now at least)

  16. Jamie Z. says:

    Liechtenstein will be quaking in their boots at our attack.

    Wait, wait…we’re playing Brazil?

  17. hockeymot says:

    Altidore is set to move to Besiktas, so he’ll be flying east to get acclimated with his new club.

    Good selection all in all.

  18. Jamie Z. says:

    (Relax, it’s a friendly.)

  19. No Holden, Davies, Demerit, , Altidore, or Dempsey!!! and the presence of Findley means time to fire BB.

  20. SoccerInATL says:

    you know there is an international break so why can’t we either bring back in CD9 and altidore or other younger ones to cap them. Use friendlies for caps already. duh.

  21. dbag says:

    My guess is a couple of players probably turned down offers in order to stay with their club teams and improve their club chances. Rico Clark said he would. Not surprised as the US was using this game as more of a chance to ride the World Cup wave. Omar, Alston, and other young kids probably did not get the call for that reason plus, i really think they should start with a weaker opponent in January or against Poland later. Plus the pace of Man U really affected the kids, they really need to get incorporated to that speed of international like play before they are just thrown in

  22. Brian S. says:

    I agree with you about EJ or Adu. I would’ve liked to have seen Freddy get a shot but unfortunately they are both in limbo as far as club situations go and they need to get that sorted out. Eddie is on Fulham’s roster but with minimal playing time in the EPL and a new coach to impress, I think he has his hands full

  23. No Dempsey? No DeMerit? Jozy? Glad to see Sascha back in the mix though, he’s been playing well lately. Jones! About time.

  24. Garrett says:

    I would have liked to see Tim Ream or Omar Gonzalez as well, but otherwise I’m ok with it.

  25. JD says:

    Fredu,”You broke my heart.”


  26. tuzo_tampa says:

    no Paquito Torres?! No Castillo?!

  27. kb says:

    if findley sees the pitch suni G will let bradley’s contract expire. at least, we can hope thats the result for such a repeatedly stupid move.

  28. HoboMike says:

    Jesus Christ. Holden, Dempsey, and Demerit are preparing for the upcoming season. Altidore is preparing a move. Davies has already been declared basically unfit by his club manager. Enough.

  29. scott says:

    I was hoping to see more new faces on the pitch or at least the bench. Maybe this is a WC send off in a way…rather than looking forward to 2014??

  30. Aaron says:

    I have to say if I was on the fence about Bob Bradley before, the inclusion of Robbie Findley just seals the deal for me. Bradley should be replaced. Is there no one any better in our player pool than Robbie Findley at forward. Geesh!

    Gulati, please, bring us a fresh face to lead the USMNT

  31. Thor says:

    another 4 years of*t What about our future?

    Omar, Mix, Opara and Ream

  32. HoboMike says:

    Know the rules, much? Capping people in friendlies doesn’t mean jack ever since FIFA changed the rules.

  33. Brian S. says:

    All of those names you mentioned have club affairs to attend to such as impressing a new coach, finding a club, trying to get settled with new team, etc.

  34. Ericrace1 says:

    Would’ve liked to see some of the kids who did well in The Milk Cup U20s get a look…but glad that we can finally see Jones, and I hope Sacha’s early success with Anderlecht can translate a little here.

  35. KP says:

    Also would’ve liked to see DaMarcus Beasley as he would probably play a more important role to give him another chance to impress possible suitors

  36. dena says:

    Cherundolo — Goodson — Bocanegra — Bornstein
    Bradley — Edu
    Bedoya — Klejstian — Feilhaber

    That’s my team, really want to see Bob try a new formation.

  37. dbag says:

    Torres might be injured still and Castillo comes off the bench for San Luis. Orozco now in Philly was a starter at San Luis and only got 1 cap. Plus Bob probably doesnt like someone who has openly said that he did not want to play for the US but jumped ship once he realized he was not going to make Mexico’s WC team but had a chance at the US. Not the type of person I want on my team.

  38. HoboMike says:

    Unfortunately….no, there’s not.

  39. Sean says:

    I am excited about this roster. I expect to see Jones get his cap, and Donovan and Buddle to be the guys up front, with Bedoya or Kljestan taking his and Dempsey’s spots in midfield.

    Not suprised at the guys left out. Dempsey has a new manager, Holden is trying to crack the Bolton IX, Onyewu and Davies needs to prove their fitness and the rest are basically unattached. Good job Bob.

  40. Srao says:

    BB’s man crush on Findley and Klestjan continue. Findley is a complete head scratcher. What is Eddie not available to not put the ball in goal? Would have preferred Buddle, who actually puts the ball in goal and actually plays for his club team.

    As for Sacha, it seems like BB was looking for any reason from Sacha to call him back in. Would have much preferred Holden or Torres.

    As for Bornstein, I think BB will give him as much rope as necessary to hang himself.

    I know BB had Sacha and Bornstein at Chivas USA, but it’s lineups like this that make me pine for Klinsmann who (hopefully) doesn’t have favorites.

  41. Would’ve loved to have seen Donovan, Bradley, Jones, and Dempsey in the midfield together, but I guess that dream can wait.

  42. BK says:

    3 goals in 5 games since returning from the WC…yeah absolutely nothing

  43. Thor says:

    This explains why having 2 term WC coaches never works.

  44. SdbransonUSA says:

    +1. The stupidity of some of these readers never ceases to amaze me.

  45. Josh D says:

    Er I take out Dempsey and play Benny there instead : ) Just noticed…

  46. Srgn2 says:

    Tim Howard is gonna be there…

  47. Brian S. says:

    Didn’t Opara just break his foot? Kinda would’ve been a wasted call. I guess it would’ve been a funny joke for Bradley to call him and then tell him that he was just messin

  48. Sean says:

    Opara broke his foot.

  49. BradAR says:

    The addition of Jones actually worries me. I know that many people are wanting to see him play. But he hasn’t played hardly at all for well over a year. I really do not think we should be rushing him into the MNT. I would rather he played for his club for a while and bring him in after January.

  50. Sean says:

    Eddie is fighting for a roster spot with a new manager. Why should he leave to come for a friendly? Seems pretty obvious.

  51. john godfrey says:

    I understand the absence of Holden, DeMerit, Altidore, Onyewu, and anyone else who needs to find/secure a job.

    But Clint is one guy who is on the uptick and totally secure and we NEED him against the technically skilled Brazilians. (I don’t buy that he has to win over Mark Hughes.)

    So does this mean Deuce is on the move somewhere?

  52. Aubie4Prez says:

    About what I expected…

    But Findley??? He has shown nothing in all the games he has played for the MNT. He is the only one I really can seriously question.

  53. bozodono says:

    What about Braun?

  54. Justin says:

    Really, Ives? You don’t think Bradley is going to start Findley? Have you stopped paying attention?

  55. NK says:

    This may not be the most popular thing to say, but I think Sacha could end up being an important player in the future. I think he just needs confidence, because the ability is there. This is a good start.

  56. rob says:

    Sacha is likely to snag a starting position on a team that regularly plays in the European CL.

    Bornstein played well at the World Cup.

    Findley’s a little bit of a head scratcher (would have loved to have seen Brian Ching get in a game, just think he deserves it), but there really is nobody else in our pool.

    Point is, get over your irrational hatred for Bob Bradley.

  57. BrooklynFC says:

    With the collection of fowards he brought along he must play a 4-5-1

  58. tommy w says:

    Jermaine Jones could get his first USA cap? Movsisyan should be thrown in the mix.

  59. BrooklynFC says:

    Hes going to Besiktas

  60. Vik says:

    woah, what if we sometin like dis:

    dolo spector boca bstein
    jones edu
    donovan bradley kjlestan

  61. JB says:


  62. Brian S. says:

    How can you say Clint is totally secure? He has a brand new coach that he has never played for. Clint has to start from scratch all over again. He is far from secure and is gonna have to fight all over again for every minute he gets

  63. Dannyboy says:

    Surprised we have this strong of a roster considering the timing of the game. Disappointed to see Findley and Kljestan. Would have rather seen just about anyone called in instead of them.

  64. Law says:

    Really thought it was time for turn over. Wouldn’t mind if Bocanegra and Cherundolo would have been replaced by Omar Gonzo, Heath Pearce or maybe give Castillo a try at left back and Specter on the right. Also, where’s Torres? Even the Norwegian kid might have been worth Caping now.

  65. Rory says:

    Well, remember even if we capped “Mixie” Diskerud he could still play for Norway (he has to play in an official Concacaf tournament–gold cup or qualifiers) or Fifa tourney to be cap-tied.

  66. MensreaJim says:

    “As for Bornstein, I think BB will give him as much rope as necessary to hang himself.”

    I think he might be rappelling with all the rope he got by starting and playing well in the WC.

  67. Brian S. says:

    I really like this line-up. This is almost exactly what I was thinking but this one looks better.

  68. Rory says:

    Findley’s not even a full-time starter at Real Salt Lake. His coach knows something you don’t.

  69. MensreaJim says:

    Popular, no. Rational, yes.

    I’m not a big fan or anything, but he is very talented and one bad year shouldn’t eliminate a player from contention.

  70. Warren says:

    Please, the man scored a goal a couple days ago, for a d-mid that’s a sign he is ready for action.

    Nothing better than a friendly with brazil to see where Jermaine fits in mix.

    I suspect he will be one foi few semi-comfortable against this quality talent, as even Brazil’s B and C squads terrify most nations.

  71. Canchon says:

    Movsisyan still doesn’t have a US passport. How about we call in Danny Mwanga and Andy Najar as well?

  72. patrick says:

    whether you buy it or not, having a new manager IS the reason. Perhaps you should check out how dempsey started last season…. on the bench. He doesn’t want a repeat and should stay with fulham. With duff, davies, gera, etuhu and greening the midfield is packed, and he’s JUST rejoined the team in preseason, the last thing he needs is to leave for a meaningless friendly

  73. CroCro says:

    I think we should just send the entire team from the Milk Cup and give them 8 years to gel for 2018 and our home court WC victory

  74. Eugene says:

    Boo Bob Bradley, why not start a new cycle with some new faces?

  75. Geoff says:

    I wish Ream made the team too but the Red Bulls have a game Sunday night, then a game the day after the US game, and then the big match up against Galaxy on Saturday night.

    Glad Ream gets a break from this…for now…

  76. john godfrey says:

    If Clint is healthy, he starts for Fulham. Period. He is in front of Davies and Gera and Duff and anyone else Hughes might be considering in an attacking midfield role.

    He should be playing against Brazil….and not just because the six tickets I bought cost me $881.

  77. Judd says:

    Considering they only get to practice together for a day, I think it is good not to mess with the back line too much. At least these guys have played together. Without Demerit or Gooch things look shaky enough.

  78. Lost in Space says:

    Josh D….hard to play that line-up without Dempsey. But could work if you used Bedoya instead of Clint. I’d have no problems with that type of line-up….but don’t think it’s in BB to go without 2 strikers.

  79. Canchon says:

    Mano Menezes has already said he was going to go 4-2-3-1, most likely starting the four of Neymar-Ganso-Robinho with Pato as the lone striker. This goes to a 4-3-3 when they attack, with Robinho-Pato-Neymar leading the front line.

    US better be ready – Jones + Edu in front of the back 4 please.

  80. Andy in Chicago says:

    In a game that has virtually no meaning whatsoever, I am neither excited nor appalled by this selection.

    I’ll still watch but my interest is not all that high right now.

  81. dbag says:

    Also if anyone noticed the ticket prices, I would not pay almost 200 bucks to watch a match with young uncapped mls players against brazil’s b team of international players.

  82. rory says:

    Screw that, if we’re getting away with calling in non-Americans then lets find some disgruntled young Brazilians who still aren’t cracking the squad!

  83. Canchon says:

    +1. No way they start a 4-4-2 with only calling in 3 strikers. Oh wait, I forgot Bob is still the coach, so it will be a 4-4-2. *sarcasm*

  84. josh says:

    enough of the Kljestan hatred already. its a friendly, and unless you all haven’t noticed, he is probably in better form than some of the other options. Still, I do agree that the Findley selection is a slight head scratcher, I would have rather seen a young gun with future MNT potential, such a McInerney. But, I’m not the coach…

  85. jon r says:

    dempesey is not going, but a 4-5-1 would end the monotonous bradley 4-4-2

  86. New faces come in the January camp. Not for a game where the team will train together once, maybe twice. Be realistic.

  87. Rory says:

    Can we set up a USA B team? I think England has a C team for non-Football league players. If we have a B team and could get them regular games against A team from Haiti and Panama then I’m all for bringing along the youngsters… but not against Brazil.

  88. That’s just plain dumb. Seriously. You want U20 kids just back from a tournament to play in a full international against Brazil? WHY?

  89. Max says:

    Word. I think the problem most people had with him was that BB kept calling him into the team even though his form was very poor. After his move to Celtic collapsed, he wasn’t the same player. Hopefully now that he has moved to Europe and is playing for Anderlecht, his confidence will return.

  90. bryan says:

    we have no depth up top. it’s ridiculous

  91. You NEED him for what? A meaningless one-off friendly while his team prepares for its season? Are you for real?

  92. jon r says:

    I would of rather had the srtikers from the U-20 squad that played in the Milk Cup……

  93. Do you really not know the answer to this? The new cycle begins in January – not mid-August.

  94. patrick says:

    john, you’re wrong, sorry buddy. If clint was so clearly the starter, then why didn’t he play at the beginning of last year’s season, when he had a manager who KNEW what he was capable of? I’ll tell you, because he hadn’t shown himself to be one of the best 11. If you noticed, dempsey wasn’t such a big factor in the europa run (speaking of starts, of course his goal vs. juve was huge) and I’m sure that pissed him off. There’s NO reason why he needs to trek all the way back to NY/NJ a couple days before the EPL season starts to play a friendly that means nothing and is really just a way for the US to make some $$. As it is he’ll have about 2 1/2-3 weeks to play for his coach while everyone else will have had considerably longer. If you can’t understand that he needs to prove his worth, you’ll never understand the club vs. country situation.

  95. john godfrey says:

    I wonder if BB feels pressured to put together a team that delivers a result — or at least a tight, cohesive performance — because he is still auditioning for a job somewhere. A younger team would make sense for the future of the USMNT, but a messy 4-0 loss to Brazil wouldn’t help BB land a gig in the Championship or the equivalent.

  96. EA says:

    It’s not like Marshall and Goodson are 35 and 36.

    Gooch and Goodson will both have just turned 32 when the World Cup begins in 2014.

    Certainly not out of the realm of possibility that they’ll be involved.

  97. Gacm32 says:

    Holden is fighting for a XI spot at Bolton and Torres is still injured. Bornstein has been playing better of late and at the WC he wasn’t bad at all. Sacha has played well in his games for Anderlecht, lets give him a chance once again to either sink or swim.

  98. Benny Dargle says:

    Facts to consider in evaluating the selections:

    1. There is only one practice day. So, it was unlikely Bradley was going to take someone who wasn’t on the 30 day TC roster at Princeton. He ended up taking one — Jones — who plays the position probably easiest to come in and play because it has the most defined role. Plus, Jones has the most international experience, so you aren’t calling in a rookie who has never seen the speed of play Brazil can bring.

    2. Brand new formations are hard to implement with only one practice day. Doesn’t mean he can’t do some of what people are suggesting, since they are variants on things we did in South Africa, but this is a difficult game in which to experiment. I expect to see a 4-4-2 that could morph into something different.

    3. There was no big advantage to calling in youth for this game. Bradley’s incentive to bring in a very young and inexperienced squad was limited given his uncertain future, especially with no practice time. Plus, you can no longer be cap-tied with an appearance in a friendly. So, we’ll wait for WC qualifying or the Gold Cup for that.

    4. Lots of European players are in unsettled situations and this comes at a bad time for them. As others have pointed out, they may have declined offers or the national team deciders may have concluded it was best for them to stay. Dempsey has to impress a new coach, Holden and Clark are trying to make starting lineups, Altidore and Beasley are trying to latch onto new teams (potentially). Torres may be hurt.

    5. This was always intended to be a money-making victory lap for the USMNT WC squad. They couldn’t invite all 23 from South Africa, but that was always going to be the core. They can’t fill the Meadowlands with people coming to watch the Milk Cup squad. So, they were always about cutting down the 23 to 18 by letting players out of it for whom it would be problematic and then filling holes with others. The Fall friendly against Poland is more likely to be a true changeover squad, assuming the coaching situation is settled by then. A friendly after the January camp is even more likely to include young players.

  99. ArsenalFCTX says:

    Tough spot for Bradley, I’ll admit. Hate to be in his spot. Lots of things looming. As much as I’d love to see a practically brand new squad get a run-out, it is Brazil (young or not, they still have some of the deepest and best talent in the world). You can’t send a wholly new and untested squad out on the pitch in front of 60,000 people in our biggest city in the country to get mauled by Brazil right after our “World Cup high.” Unfortunately, most of our vets are unavailable any way. Kinda HAVE to have Landon and Timmy for marquee sake. Bradley also needs a decent showing if he wants to keep the gig–another reason he can’t go with a ton of new faces. As a hardcore US fan, I want all the kids to get a chance against some of the best in the world. But knowing the politics of popularity and ratings, US Soccer can’t experiment too much on a big stage like this.

  100. Sean Hef says:

    Thanks for laying some truth on us…

  101. bottlcaps says:

    If BB thinks he can beat Brazil, even without most of their WC starters, with Findley and Bornstein in the line-up.he is a waaaaay better coach than I give him credit for. I really expect now, the US will lose by 2 or more goals, unless the backline and defense have improved markedly since the WC, and the US can control the midfield, I don’t think Jones will improve the team enough and although Chad Marshall is playing great, it is not enough. I do not think that US Soccer will offer BB contract extension unless he can beat even a half-strength Brazil, And that will not happen with this team he is fielding.

  102. afc says:

    I’d call in Jon-Paul Pittman before Findley. Pittman’s got pace and knows where the net is. Can’t be any worse than Robbie. Heck even GAM has pace and can score.

  103. Aden says:

    I’m stuck in a weird spot.

    1. I hate losing.

    2. I want to lose in hopes that Bradley is fired.

    3. I hope findley never plays.

    4. I want findley to start in hopes that Bradley is fired.

  104. Lost In Space says:

    Personally I don’t have any issue with the squad called in (except maybe Findley). It’s about what I would have expected considering the start of the european seasons is right around the corner. With the Gold Cup 2011 being the qualifier for the Next Confederations Cup…I’d expect the majority of the Defense to remain the same as what we had during the World Cup.

    Would have liked to have seen a couple more young up and coming players brought into camp even if its only to give them time in practice with the core of the team. Players like Gonzalez, Ream, Alston, and Diskerud. But hopefully they’ll get their chances in January

  105. Andy says:

    Dempsey was hurt at the start of the season. When fully healthy, Clint started. As he’s not really worried about the PT aspect, I’m guessing a move must be in the works.

  106. one_2_three_5 says:

    Where’s JFT?

  107. afc says:


  108. Iggy says:

    i don’t really think we need howard in there, hopefully guzan gets the nod. I was hoping gooch would get some playing time to maybe help him build some confidence after being bench the last 2 wc games. and finally the jones saga officially begins! really hope he gets some playing time.

  109. Dinho says:

    Heath Pearce is horrendous!!!! Did you see him play (or try to) against United? Wow. Nightmare. I do agree though that it would have been nice to see how Omar Gonzo did at the international level.

  110. Micah King says:

    Omar Gonzalez he is no good. He was not that good in the LA vs SAN J game and was not good in the all star games.

  111. DC Josh says:

    I am stunned he called in Jermaine Jones. He should be in a battle for the starting spot at Shalke. Can’t wait to see him in a US jersey tho!!! Also excited to see Sacha. Otherwise, Bob has to be thinking of building towards the Gold Cup, which is less than 11 months away. That’s the only reason I can assume he hasn’t started to allow youngsters creep into the squad.

  112. nocturnalscreams says:

    we do have to keep in mind that the USSF means for this to not just be a friendly but a lucrative one as well. so i guess it makes sense to bring in a lot of our A-team, namely LD. I’d love to see Omar get a call up as much as anyone here, but hes too unfamiliar to those the USSF are trying to market too. sure brazil is bringing in a lot of young blood, but hell they are still brazil.

  113. Dinho says:

    Now there’s a man with some common sense

  114. EA says:

    I, for one, am shocked, SHOCKED that the US didn’t trot out a bunch of 19 year olds that no one has ever heard of, in prime time on national television, in a 70,000 seat stadium, against the most famous footballing nation in the world, after a summer in which the US team got more exposure then ever before.

    What could they POSSIBLY be thinking???

    Bring me my West Ham and Aston Villa reserves!

    Bring me my Norwegian third divisioners!

    Bring me my guy with the really long name that doesn’t have a team! No, not that one. The other one!

    Bring me my guy who doesn’t actually have a team!


  115. Micah King says:

    BE NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. izzy black says:

    ahhh yes. I too would like to see Movsisyan suit up for the nats. get the damn passport already lol.

  117. philmatt24 says:

    Interesting that Ives has the USA starting with all “B’s” on the left half of the lineup…

  118. baquito alyeska says:

    I’ve always thought that Donovan guy looked pretty good.

  119. dwitty says:

    Beasley blows. Get over it. Thankfully, at his age and due to his recent performance, he should be retiring from international play shortly.

  120. RLW2020 says:

    instead of complaining why don’t you name a new forward to bring in…

    im drawing a blank.. especially one that has more than a year of MLS experience. maybe now way the time for pittman.. and thats a real deep reach.

    Findley is at least athletic maybe something will develop from this exposure, even if its negative exposure.

  121. bsrumorz says:


  122. Brian says:


  123. Blokhin says:

    People, chill out on who’s called up/not called up. There are 4 January camps, 20+ friendlies, 2 Gold Cups, a Confed Cup and a WCQ campaign to get players tested out for 2014.

    Come 2014, we will look at this line-up and laugh at at least half of these names, some will be retired, others will drop off the face of the earth through loss of form, or injury.

    My bet is that Findley, Dolo, Bornstein, Boca, Feilhaber, Buddle and Gomez are nowhere near Brazil 2014…

  124. RLW2020 says:

    hey i would like to see Bedoya, Feilhaber, (improved) Kljestian and others on the wing.. we know what we can get out of Clint give him a break. when was the last time he didn’t play in a US game?

  125. baquito alyeska says:

    The supporting evidence for your notion is compelling. Thanks for posting.

    Here’s my counter-notion: I like pie. You give me pie. Now.

  126. Adam R. says:

    By favorites, do you mean “players that he thinks give the team the best chance to win?”

    If so, then I’m afraid every coach has these. It’s a pity that’ll you be perpetually disappointed.

  127. Dank says:


    I think he’s a better option than Findley. Let’s at least give him a chance.

  128. Stephen says:

    That’s what I was wondering…maybe he’s in a new club search as well?

  129. RLW2020 says:

    hit it all.. Ives should hire Benny D.

    is a fall friendly vs. Poland in the works or was that an idea? that would be perfect.. and i assume that it would be in Poland?..

  130. The Soccer Sage says:

    Here’s your starting lineup against Brazil, Bob Bradley style:


    Jermaine Jones, Sacha Kljestan, Jonathan Spector, and Herculez Gomez will replace the overused legs of Michael Bradley, Landon Donovan, Steve Cherundolo, and Edson Buddle after the break. You’re welcome, US Soccer.

  131. Ericrace1 says:

    Hey, genius – how old was our only striker that started every game at the World Cup? 20

    How many players 20 or younger did Brazil call in for this? 6!

    What’s really dumb is thinking that no one calls in guys who are younger than 21 to their National Team…and then posting something retarded like your last comment.

  132. Stephen says:

    That would be good except Dempsey’s not on the roster. Otherwise I like it.

  133. Derek says:

    Cool to finally see Jones, but Findley, REALLY?!
    The second biggest mistake of the WC is coming back, but I hope we’ve seen the last of Clark.

  134. Gacm32 says:

    What are you using to judge this? I definitely don’t think it will be a 2 or more goal win for this Brazil side. And yes I know about Neymar and their younger players, don’t underestimate Jones. He was one of the top 3 central midfielders in the Bundesliga before his injury, and watching him in training vids and their pre-season game a few days, I can tell you he’s ready.

  135. Brian says:

    Bornstein, possible. We’ll see how this move to Mexico goes, but do you have any other legitimate contenders at left back? Yeahhh not really.

    Dolo has a chance if he keeps going at Hannover. Frankie Hejduk is like 35 or 36 and he can still run with the best of them. It depends on where Spector is in 4 years, and where the new crop of right backs (Franklin, Lichaj, and Alston) are as well.

    Boca’s already too slow. No chance.

    Feilhaber has a good shot though. No other CM in this country has his skills on the ball. Just depends how his club future goes

    Buddle and Gomez will probably be too old.

  136. Brian says:

    That’s hot

  137. I JIK I RED BULLS says:

    The problem with Bob Bradley is he still makes the same mistakes. Findley hasn’t prove anything to continue to play for the USMNT most likely he will start against Brazil because he’s Bradley favorite. I’m 50/50 on brining in Bornstein, yes I know he played two good games at the World Cup but this is Brazil and I’m scared that Brazil will run by pass him. I’m also disappointed to not seeing Davies in the lineup. He’s a player who should have got called up and I’m pretty sure it would have been okay if he missed the 1st 2 games of the season with his club to play for his country. I love Jones in the roster, finally we can see what he can do in a USA jersey. I really hope he starts but I think they will put Edu over him and sub him in the 2nd half. Seeing Bedoya is going to be great, he’s young and can be a promising winger but isn’t he a RM not a LM. I also would like to see one game with Spector to play LB and keep Cherundolo in the RB with Bocanegra and Goodson the CB. I like the roster but for me it would have been perfect to see Davies instead of Findley.

  138. This roster looks like a Bob Bradley farewell match!

  139. TimN says:

    You might see Goodson over Spector in the middle, but otherwise this could be the line-up. Bank on Jermaine Jones to make a second half appearance.

  140. wilyboy says:


  141. dbag says:

    I would have loved to see Davies hobble across the field. It would either improve his confidence or shatter it.

  142. patrick says:

    He was fine starting the season last year, he wasn’t hurt at all, but more importantly, HES NOT GOING ANYWHERE. The sooner you understand that, the EASIER it will be to understand that he’s staying to prove his worth. Read the numerous articles where he basically says “i dont like living abroad, but its where the $$ and good teams are”. Provided fulham will give him a bump in pay, he’s not going to uproot his life in an english speaking country, to go fight for PT at Milan or somewhere else, it’s just NOT HAPPENING.

  143. BB says:

    Sebastien Le Toux as our lone striker. We should cap him while he’s on fire and before the French do. I’m hoping to see a cameo at the very least from JJ.

  144. sucram89 says:

    Agreed, a couple guys from the U-20s would’ve been good. They don’t even need to play it would just be some good experience.

    I also think Brek Shea should’ve gotten a call up.

  145. patrick says:

    if you read the most recent piece on davies in SI you’d see he’s not nearly ready to come back and play. He’s not in great shape and everyone at sochaux has said he’s nowhere near where he was a year ago. It’s sad, but i have faith that with a couple more months he’ll be OK.
    As for bornstein, you’re worried about people running by him, but wouldn’t be worried if it were spector or boca? he’s probably the fastest defender we have!

  146. wilyboy says:

    Bowen is a more intriguing prospect and more effective in MLS right now. Or why not Grella, or any other number of guys we’ve heard good things about? If they’re not as good as Findley, let it be proved once and for all.

  147. patrick says:

    you’re use of sarcasm is fantastic. A+ for the day EA

  148. avaheli says:

    I would like to see that too, but Bradley has pretty much proven that he’ll never deviate from a 4-4-2. Plus we know MB will play the entire 90 minutes and we know Findley will start because Bob respects speed more than skill.


    dolo Goodson Boca Bornstein

    Bedoya MB Edu Landy



  149. Dan says:

    anyone else getting tired of the echo in here?

  150. burnsj2 says:

    You want some young fresh faces to be called in…especially at forward? Here is a list for you partner….
    1. Mike Grella (Leeds)
    2. Ryan Guy (St. Patricks Athletic)
    3. Kamani Hill
    4. Jon Paul-Pittman (Wycombe)
    5. Johann Smith ( Kalmar FF)
    6. Marcus Tracy (Aalborg)
    7. Jemal Johnson (Milton Keyes Dons)

    Not to mention that Davies, Altidore, and Adu could have got a call up at least for training and minimal time on the pitch (since it is a FIFA mandated international friendly break). Bradley did okay in SA…his time has passed, we need a fresh new view from a managerial perspective. A person not afraid of change and the powers that be at US Soccer headquarters!

  151. Ericrace1 says:

    Thanks. Within reason, of course…some of the MLS or Mexico based guys would be good. If someone is fighting for a spot in Europe – let them be.

  152. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    Then I’m sorry to day but that’s sad if he’s our fastest defender. This is Brazil and I know it isn’t their A team but B, C, or D the Brazil national team is extremely dangerous. I am scared because our defense isn’t that impressive.

  153. JP says:

    4-5-1 playing at home against a very inexperienced Brazilian side smacks of despair in my opinion.

    Our players need to believe in themselves, attack and beat Brazil at home.

  154. timF says:

    Bradley called in a near full squad in hopes of getting a victory to save his job and all I really want is to see Bedoya and Jones in action, damnit, lol.

  155. ELAC says:

    Where’s JHustin Braun?

    Nevermind, he’s in Toronto. :)

  156. BooThisMan says:

    One of those a PK on a bogus call, in the same game that he blew a 1v1 against a keeper that has since lost his job. Findley is not the answer.

  157. sucram89 says:

    What channel will be showing the game?

  158. ELAC the Spell Checker says:

    Sorry, Justin.

  159. patrick says:

    so who would you like back there? I’m not a huge fan or Bornsteins but in the biggest games of his life, he came up big for the US, so until he screws up, I’ve got his back…. I can’t believe I just said that but it’s true. Boca’s time has come and gone unfortunately, and until spector gets better, or the younger guys catch up to bornstein, he’s our man at LB. Also, I”m not sure how its “sad” that he’s our fastest defender… have you seen him? the dude can fly

  160. golfstrom says:


  161. jig says:

    too bad kamani hill plays in the back, Grellas scored 1 professional goal in his life (hes 23, not 17, mind you) and will be fighting for a first team place, Jemal johnson was sent on loan at the age of 25 because hes not good enough and johann smith was so great KALMAR f****** FF ended his contract.


  162. Matt says:

    Glad to see Chad Marshall. He has cemented himself as the best centerback in MLS and deserves the call-up. I really like Omar Gonzalez and am disappointed not to see him here, but Marshall is a more dominant and polished player.

  163. LoS says:

    bornstein is with UANL tigres…. it sucks not to see the rest of the guys but it is understandable. they are fighting for roster spots.

  164. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    IMO if he’s going to become a better defender he needs to leave MLS isn’t he going to play in the Mexican league? The problem I have with Bornstein is he like to go up alot, remember he use to be a striker before they converted him into a defender. I don’t dislike Bornstein, i just feel that we have a lot of new upcoming young players who can develop better and a faster rate than Bornstein.

  165. Idahosa says:

    really??i could have swore he played for the norway youth teams and then played for the US telling the norwegian federation his intention to play for the USA i could have swore hes already ” tied” to the usa

  166. says:

    USSF needs to field a good team that won’t get embarrassed. They want to capitalize on the good feeling of 2010 and they are charging big bucks to do it. Send a half baked team, at those prices and there will be many unhappy people put there. This is a feel good/money making game first and foremost people. Not an experimentation game.
    My only complaint is Omar, but LA has looked like crap recently, game tonight, and another this weekend. BB may be doing BA a favor.
    Small roster, no practice time emphasizes just what this match is.
    High profile money maker that let’s John Q public pay through the nose to see both teams and enjoy.

    Still amused folks ask for Adu. It’s like over protective, coddling parents who spoil their kids rotten without even knowing it, then wonder why? What happened?The boy just needs more help. At this rate it’s a long shot Freddy ever plays in a World Cup. There is a class of U20’s coming through that has a chance to crush his hopes by 2014. He better start playing somehwere, lose the immature spoiled rep that has followed him for a while now (coaches and players have said this of the record many times), work hard, play and learn.
    The curtain is starting to draw on him quicker than many here may imagine.

    We are starting to produce multiple quality prospects and some will become quality. Freddy’s in trouble.

  167. radi0head says:

    are you actually being serious? those are the players you would pick to throw into a random friendly with brazil?! haha laughable! think clearly, this is a post WC friendly, those are all names for a january camp. and really, most of those players have done absolutely nothing to warrant a national call up, merely playing outside of mls is NOT enough

  168. Dude says:

    Nice comment you snob.

  169. Ben says:

    You cannot be serious. Not one of those guys is even close to sniffing the Nats. 1-Championship; 2-Irish league; 3-unemployed; 4-League 2;
    5-Sweden, ok, ok, maybe; 6-Denmark again, ok; 7-league one.

  170. Jacob says:

    Pittman has 10 goals in 60 games for a League 1/League 2 team in England. Hardly thrilling stuff, though he may play a future role. Johnson has 11 goals in 89 games for Milton Keyes. Let’s not act like either is the next Pele here. And though some of the other names are intriguing you’re not going to see international debuts against Brazil when the team only has 1-2 practices to prepare.

  171. BetaMale says:

    Glad to see Gooch is off this roster. I also hope this is Robobob’s final game.

  172. THJ says:

    Is this post a joke?

    Has to be.

  173. radi0head says:

    well played sir!

  174. THJ says:

    Not a citizen yet.

  175. Raymon says:

    ESPN2 7 ET, Tuesday 10 Aug

    I believe ESPN/ABC/Disney has a contract with USSF for the USMNT games. Not sure for how long.

    To keep up, FSC will be showing England U21 vs. Uzbekistan U21. Seriously.

  176. THJ says:

    He doesn’t read the game well and is slow to react unfortunately.

    When I saw him as an U17 in T&T I thought he was a lock for 10 years as a solid overseas pro and Nat. He has a window of probably 18-24 mths now to step up. Not sure he has it in him.

    I hope Gale A becomes the plyer Chad looked like he could be one day.

  177. Robert says:

    I would had called some of the kids from U20 whom just won the 2010 MILK CUP in Northern Ireland.


  178. davidaubudavid says:

    It may not bind them to our national team but it does show good faith and rewards the players for their hard work. If a player was indifferent to two nations but one nation capped them it might be enough to seal the deal.

  179. war says:

    Marshall and Findley? Glad to see BB hasn’t changed his tactics. JHow many times do we need to see them to reaffirm that theyr’e garbage for the US? eez. I’m suprised he didn’t bring Clark. Glad to see Jones though.

  180. davidaubudavid says:

    Is it just me or did you just describe Jermaine Jone’s (who is in fact getting called in to our team)?

  181. thj says:

    For one day of practice, to play Brazil, with no former Nat experience, in front of a 70K crowd who payed top dollar, n a nationally televised game after the WC run…

    …keep your day job.

  182. sucram89 says:

    LOL thanks, dont think i’ll be catching that England Uzbekistan game though.

  183. Josh D says:

    I noted right after my post that I noticed Dempsey was going to play and substituted Benny.

    If Ives would get an edit button on here after a year and a half of hearing “it’s coming” and “soon” I wouldn’t look the fool : )

  184. sucram89 says:

    It’s not such a bad idea. The Gale A kid looked pretty solid. I say call a couple up just for the experience. They wouldn’t have to play but a call up for a couple of the U-20 kids wouldn’t be bad.

  185. davidaubudavid says:

    Not that i am saying any of those guys should definitively get a call up (though i do absolutely hate seeing findley on the roster) but who was herculez gomez a year ago? You cannot foresee the future and you also have no way of judging which players are better than others when comparing different leagues (especially when most of us haven’t seen any of these guys play).

    Mike grella was getting a smattering of minutes behind jermaine beckford who just moved to everton. So this year he may become a starter, though it’s speculation i will give a forward that is doing well in the championship a chance any day.

  186. LOL – I think on FARK – the label is Obvious

  187. Bobby H. says:

    Wait wait wait…no Marvell Wynne?!?!

  188. thor says:

    That was Brian who said that. I hope he didn’t

  189. patrick says:

    i tend to agree with you but A) we encourage our backs to get forward, its why we’ve used or thought about using spector, beasley and castillo at LB, all cna get forward and provide service. As for the youth movement, i dont disagree, but an international date with perhaps 2 practices included is not the time to let some of these kids get their first taste…. remember alston at the All Star Game?

  190. war says:

    *How many times do we need to see them to reaffirm that theyr’e garbage for the US? Jeez*

    BTW-Findley will start this game. Wouldn’t suprise me if Marshall did too. We go down at least two in the first half, no goals scored. Marshall comes off and the magician comes on for Findley. The comeback starts and we win. Hopefull thinking. I would love for Findley and/or Marshall to prove me wrong, but Findley has been trash for the last year, Marshall got pooped on by my UTD reserves. Pato is going to steal his lunch money and stuff him in the dressing room locker.

  191. Vlad says:

    Why exactly are we moving Spector in the center as opposed to Marshall or Goodson?

  192. john godfrey says:

    I don’t need Clint for anything. Our team needs him for his skill and vision and class.

    Don’t get me wrong — I know it’s just a pointless friendly. But I would like our team to not be humiliated. And Clint is one player who wouldn’t get humiliated.

    As for the guy who mentioned that Clingt was not a big part of Fulham’s Europa run, well, check the injury log. He was out with a knee injury for a couple of months and then rehabbing in May and working his way back into shape in the Premier League.

  193. What you are neglecting is that NO ONE pulls guys to their full national team for a friendly with no experience after they’ve been overseas at an international tournament for weeks. What part of that don’t you understand? You are ignoring ALL the facts of what this friendly was for and what the circumstances are. Get a grip.

  194. thj says:

    It’s not a bad idea if you have more than two hour practice the day before, and that’s it.

    This is a limited roster, show piece, feel good, money making game for big bucks.

    Any player brought would essentially be like a tourist or someone who won some gimmick game show contest.

    Taking Gale from Braga right now for that purpose would be non sensical. We have seen players buried for less by their clubs.

    Always amazed at how so many act so knowledgeable (not you) and yet show their naiveness/limitations time and again when assessing situations. You get it when they are kids, and their posts show, when they are not kids all you can do is shake your head.

  195. Will says:

    I really like Spector at CB and I think its the right time to start giving him significant minutes there.

  196. Srao says:

    Than that’s a damning assessment of BB. I would think any reasonable person would look at the lineup vs Ghana and say Findley over Buddle/Gomez & R.Clark over Edu were mistakes. If BB really believed that Findley and R.Clark were “players that he thinks give the team the best change to win”, then I seriously question his soccer intelligence.

    Believe it or not, I’m actually a BB supporter (less so after his screwed up the lineup against Ghana), but I’ve been very impressed with what BB has done with the team.

    For me, it was easier to take that he had a man crush on R.Clark & Findley instead of believing that he actually looked at the choices analytically and came up with Findley & R.Clark as “players that he thinks give the team the best change to win”.

  197. MArtha says:

    Excited to see Jones n Bedoya.

    As for these forwards why did we call up these jokers? Isn’t this the sme group of strikers that combined for 0 wc goals ?

    Buddle and Gomez will CLEARLY be to old for the next cycle.
    Findley will be to sucky and has proven he’s nothing special in MLS much less in intl play. Yea Brek Shea sucks to but I’d rather see him

  198. j says:

    Fail at strikers I mean really do yall think any of these guys will be there next cycle? Give a younger goalkeeper an opportunity howard’s prooven midfeild’s alright but no new guys for defence?

  199. jp says:

    I don’t get it… does Bob Bradley have a man-crush on Robbie Findley? At this point, I’d rather see John Wolyniec get the call.

  200. jai_brooklyn says:

    Is this confirmed? I’ll will be nice to see him teaming up with Guti.

  201. Strathcona FC says:

    Once again, great keepers and midfielders and sketchy defense and strikers. It’s really time to get new blood in those positions. I would have taken Gonzalez and Ream and Lichaj (Opara, too, if uninjured) along with Mcinerney, Najar, and other youngsters. Bornstein and Findley need to be dropped, and the other guys aren’t going to be around in 2014.

    Compare our roster to Brazil’s. They’re doing the smart thing and working with the youth.

  202. J says:

    True but then again they can afford to use their youth cuz it’s better then our A team.

  203. jayrig5 says:

    You mean like Germany playing Jermaine Jones in three friendlies?

  204. Spektr1 says:

    Gomez but no Torres? WTF BB needs to give this guy a legit shot at some quality PT

  205. will m. says:

    i’m excited to see jones

  206. Hush says:

    Looks good. I wish Omar,Castillo,Adu, would have gotten some time with the NT. Especially Adu, since things are not going his way. It should be fun to watch Jones finally.

    For those whining over players in Denmark,Sweden,England 2nd 3rd, on being a joke if they made the US squad for this friendly are just ignorant. Some of you guys act as if we have a pool of players like the ARGENTINIAN & BRAZILIAN TEAM. I think what fans are asking is to see players we have never seen in a U.S jersey and evaluate on how good they really are. This friendly would have been a good game for these players even if it’s 3 minutes of unity.

  207. primoone says:

    Gomez went on a goal scoring tear that made it impossible to ignore him.

    You can’t compare these guys to him they have done nothing even vaguely comparable.

    When Grella actually EARNS a spot, then call him up.

  208. primoone says:

    ” Bradley has pretty much proven that he’ll never deviate from a 4-4-2.”

    You don’t watch the USMNT much do you?

  209. primoone says:

    What was wrong with Clark?

  210. JR says:

    There is only one day of practice before this game. Its not a full camp. Its not a good opportunity to bring in new guys like Gonzalez, Ream who haven’t been with the team much before. The October games will have a lot of new players.

  211. My man godfrey says:

    Let’s see, Hughes is looking to bring in Craig Bellamy. And what role exactly does Bellamy play? Attacking midfielder? And what roles does Duece play? Attacking midifielder. The EPL is all about competiton. It’s great for you that you don’t think Clint is under threat. Whoop de doo. I’ll bet he feels different.

  212. Wal says:

    Okay, bring in your guys, allof whom are not playing well right now and have very limited time together.

    The US gets maybe one practice.

    Then they face a Brazilian team fullof guys just dying to impress the new guy and mad about the World Cup performance.

    Brazil 4 US 0

    Best of all what will you have learned from such a disaster; that the new guys don’t blend well with the old guys after one practice? That the new guys should not earn a cap when they aren’t playing well?

    Way to build confidence. Imagine the Brazilians blowing by Gonzales for a couple. Bet that makes him feel good huh? About as good as the MLS all stars game made him feel.

  213. D. Maradona says:

    Before you all think you are so smart about Findley, I remember watching Charlie Davies first couple of USMNT appearances and thinking ” real fast, terible first touch , not very football smart, all about speed and little else”.

    He won’t get better unless he plays.

  214. Thor says:

    as someone else once posted here is the list of successful 2 term coaches:

    By the way do you like apples?

  215. Rivers says:

    More or less. Bank on it, although more rumors are bound to sprout up. Big-time names like Guti and Quaresma and a spot in the Europa League should be good for Altidore. Not to mention he’ll be playing for a relatively superior side as opposed to playing for a dump of an EPL side like Hull. It’ll just be nice to see him get goals abroad. They’ve been hard to come by in club play for Jozy. Would have preferred Ajax, but both Ajax and Besiktas were good options for playing time, development, and success.

  216. Isaac says:

    You’re wrong. Get over it. Beasley is a player who still has a lot to offer. He’ll just need a club to help him shake off his rust and get match fit.

  217. Isaac says:

    All the Torres fans need to shut the front door on this talk about, getting legitimate playing time or getting his shot. He got his shot against Slovenia, he didn’t take it. Move on. When he learns to deal with the speed of play at the international level, which HE said he has problems with, he can play.

  218. tmurph says:

    besides the fact his injured seriously people on this site who want torres dont even know hes injured. unblieveable

  219. Isaac says:

    “and the presence of Findley means time to fire BB.”

    Name another pacy forward that we could call in. Findley has potential guys. He didn’t do well at the World Cup, but he could become a good forward for us in the future and building depth is important.

  220. tmurph says:

    yea lets throw a 18 year old and a player who didnt even play for a cc league 1 team and see how that goes against brazil

  221. Isaac says:

    Name another forward who is the kind of player Davies was that is playing well right now.

  222. SwerveZ says:

    What’s up with Gooch? Davies? No new news on either of these guys…

  223. Isaac says:

    Bolton only starts nine players? No wonder it’s so tough to get a spot!

  224. canchon says:

    Friendlies do not cap-tie anyone, only official games. Jones played 3 friendlies for Germany and we’re going to see him in blue and white on Tuesday.

  225. canchon says:

    damn, I was hoping to see Marrrrvell sprint down the sideline, beat his man, and then cross the ball into the third row in person…

    I demand a refund!

  226. Todd says:

    This is a pretty awesome lineup! Apart from missing Dempsey, this should have been the South Africa line up.

  227. Isaac says:

    So this is about reputation?

    Forget that. We have 4 years to build that and we’ve already shown that we are capable against the best teams in the world. Sometimes even on a consistent basis, as we showed in back-to-back games against Brazil and Spain. If we can give someone like Clint, who could possibly not even be at the next World Cup, a chance to secure his spot on a team for a while, then we’re going to take it.

  228. Isaac says:

    Maybe you’ve stopped paying attention. He took Findley off at half time. Clear sign that Bradley realizes he’s not quite there yet, but has shown glimpses.

  229. Brett N LB says:

    Welcome Home Jermaine Jones…….This squad needs a little nastiness,hopefully we get to see JJ log at least 30 minutes.

  230. Isaac says:

    Um Bradley and Jones/Edu. Are we really going to leave out Bradley after such a good World Cup and all he’s done for this team?

  231. Mike says:

    Coach Potatoes Unite! Form of…a giant snarky chorus on Broadway!

    Ive been jones’n for jones for some time. Hope he’s in rough and tumble!

    America…F*** Y***!

  232. Isaac says:

    But if the USA wins it would mean Bradley is a good coach, which he is. The past year has done the best of showing that.

  233. Dane96 says:

    Bahaha…ok…can I have some of what you are smoking.

  234. phil says:

    wait, can someone clarify–is DeMerit out of a contract? Meaning he’s not at Watford this season?

  235. phil says:

    I’d KILL to see him in Philly Blue and Gold…. can he be a DP?

  236. Raghu says:

    Guzan (lets get him some quality intl experience before he rides the pine again this year)

    Dolo (Spector sub) – Marshall – Boca – Bornstein

    Bradley -Edu (Jones sub and I can’t wait to finally get to see him)

    Donovan – Feilhaber – Bedoya


  237. jig says:

    if your front office makes demerit a DP, you have problems.

  238. Mason says:

    Seriously… He played a 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 at times in South Africa. I know…. I know…. He had to. Whatever.

  239. Andy says:

    Any word on who Jay Demerit is gonna sign with?

  240. GW says:

    You’re the guy who said Bradley blundered for leaving Davies off the World Cup team and here we are 2 months after it’s over and Davies can barely get off the bench of a team that needs strikers so bad it’s bought one. Clearly they don’t think Davies can help them in the near term.

    Still I’m surprised you’re not calling for his inclusion against Brazil.

    What does this have to do with your post? Well I saw Davies first couple of appearances for the USMNT and thought he looked a lot like Findley does now, all speed, not much else.

  241. Keith G. says:

    Im going to have to go with a line up like this:






    I deffently think that Bradley will give Jones a shot to prove himself, and we can finally find out if he is worth all the hype.

  242. ga-gone says:

    wow, look at all those “B”s on the left side… amusing

  243. Isaac says:

    I think this might be interesting to see:






    We need to look to stretch the defense in order to make space for Donovan to work his magic in the attacking third. Bedoya and Findley do an excellent job of that. We always do better against stretched defenses, so we’ve got to find a way of stretching the opposition.

  244. Lil' Zeke says:

    Bradley knows 2,703 things you don’t.

  245. Thomas says:

    If this this really “soccer with an American voice,” why is “USA” treated as a plural noun? I hate that Euro-weenie affectation.

    (SBI-relax, I forgot the S on announces, jeez.)

  246. 1Ecarcire says:

    Why isn’t Jozy playing for the Under 20 team?

    Because he’s a lot better than them.

    And most of you think Jozy sucks.

    And you want our Under 20 team to face Brazil?

    How does Brazil 5- US 0 sound to you?

    How much do you learn when you are being humiliated?

  247. martha says:

    All those guys are crap. Grella couldnt even get on the pitch for a third division English side.

  248. Red Bull Fan says:


    Lets look at who is there and not who is not! Borstein and Findley wil start…Bob plays his boys, biggest suprise is Clark, but he probably is trying to secure position at club…otherwise Bob would start him too. I believe a coach should not take a team through two cycles..players become comfortable and the fear of nott making WC or starting goes awsysee 2006 with Bruce, but BB needs to be part of the scouting and selection proccess…US should go in anopther direction for coach….Dominick Kinear with Bob as a technical Director


    GO USA (Will be at game!)

  249. Sean says:

    lol, just noticed that i did that.

  250. Ian says:

    At first I thought that was a comma after Jesus Christ. I was envisioning a flooded field to give us a clear advantage, having the only man on the pitch that could walk on water. Clearly that would be the proper strategy for a player of that ability. I wonder if Bob would play it that way. I also suppose he would get the #10 shirt.

  251. Cochese says:

    People, think about what this game means to USSF – it si a post-WC event intended to carry WC goodwill over and bolster what hopefully is a growing wave of soccer popularity in the US. In that sense, it must cater to the newer fans. Filling the squad with a bunch of new names who were not in the WC will only confuse the less “experienced” fan. That is not what USSF wants or needs in order to continue the post-WC bump. Thus, a mix of familiar WC faces, plus a couple “players of the future” is likely very much in line with what the higher ups wanted for this particular game. The experimentation with the promising young guns will start next Jan, when nobody’s looking. Then we can re-introduce our younger, new and improved USMNT for the Gold Cup in 2011… hopefully in a German accent.

  252. Ericrace1 says:

    No one said “bring our entire U20 team” – did you read my post?

    We had several guys show very well in that tournament, though – and a few of them are either based domestically in MLS, or even in college…which means they aren’t even playing right now. Why not give those kind of guys (Ibrahim, Agudelo, Valentin, etc.) a chance to train…if even for a day…with our senior guys?

    It’s no less ridiculous than flying a bunch of dudes over from Europe, right before their seasons start…

  253. Jdavids says:


  254. GJJ says:

    Is anyone else happy not to see Altidore in the squad? I’d really like to see someone else get a chance. I am not a Jozy hater, but I am beginning to think that his touch is just not there. He’s big, strong and fast and that’s gotten him this far in life, but I am really conflicted about whether he lacks basic ball skills or if it’s just that he’s young. He’s great when he can use his athleticism to run onto a ball or when he has time to settle the ball at his feet and take on defenders, but when he has to quickly bring the ball down and beat a quality defender in one smooth motion, his skills seem to fail him more often than not. Having said that, who else can we put out there? Part of me thinks he could be amazing and part of me thinks he’s a symbol of what’s wrong with American development where the big, athletic kids get pushed through the system at the expense of the smaller but more skilled kids. Where is the American David Villa? Would he even get any attention from coaches in the US system? I’d welcome anyone’s thoughts on this.

  255. Ian says:

    not that he doesn’t need to adjust to the speed of the international level, but against slovenia our backline was too busy playing the long ball, thus taking torres’ abilities out of the game from the beginning.

  256. Ski Fast! says:

    If only Le Toux and Mwanga were already eligible…we would not have to worry about calling up guys like Findley due to a complete lack of depth at forward.

  257. 1Ecarcire says:

    Under 20 means very little in terms of the senior side. The classic example would be Adu who dominated at that level but who has proven to be 6 years of a gigantic waste at the senior level. There are tons more examples.

    This match was arranged as a thank you for the World Cup team and to take advantage of the World Cup success at raising the public profile of the USMNT. Fielding a bunch of Under 20’s who no one has ever heard of and then losing badly would be bad. Besides the entire World Cup squad fought their hearts out and they deserved to be thanked. Screw Brek Shea and his boys; they did nothing for the 2010 World Cup. Let them earn their own fricking thank you game.

    “This game is a great opportunity to showcase many players from the World Cup team who earned the respect and appreciation of fans across the country,” said U.S. head coach Bob Bradley. “At the same time, our goal continues to be to compete and succeed against the best teams in the world. With an extremely talented group of players, Brazil will be another difficult test.”

    There might actually be one practice session but most likely will be basically a pickup game so any newbies will have to already know exactly what is going on. Under those circumstances any Under 20’s picked are unlikely to play and unlikely to practice much. And you forget that many of them have jobs to take care of as well.

    If any of these Under 20’s are any good they will still be around in January when the permanent manager, whether that is Bradley or someone else, can then tell them what they have to do to get caps. No sense in filling their heads with Bradley’s ways if those aren’t going to be in use going forward.

  258. GW says:

    Where in Bolton’s 4-2-2 does Holden line up?

  259. primoone says:

    “For me, it was easier to take that he had a man crush on R.Clark & Findley instead of believing that he actually looked at the choices analytically and came up with Findley & R.Clark as “players that he thinks give the team the best change to win”.”

    Tha’s because he has a lot more information on the subject than you.

  260. Berto says:

    You’re so right!

    Tired of seeing fans turn on players that helped USMNT through out the years.
    Beasely is a quality player who just needs a good club status.

  261. Berto says:

    Most idiotic list i have ever seen!! how do you honestly believe those players are better than the squad chosen??

    if we get a new coach i hope he picks Robbie F just to piss you off. idiot.

  262. Odin says:

    “the list of successful 2 term coaches:”

    Italy’s Vittorio Pozzo (1929–1948) — World Champions 1934, World Champions 1938

    Do you know why there are few 2 term WC coaches in the modern era? Or for that matter why most international teams change coaches every couple of years?

    It’s because the good coaching jobs are the club gigs.

    National team coaches are veterans looking to brush up their resumes, unknowns looking to make a statement, old washed up guys looking for one last roundup before going out to pasture.

    If things go well, they move on to better things as soon as possible, if not they are publicy humiliated and slink away to lick their wounds. In the rest of the world then , if you are any good, you move on because you are always at the mercy of the player pool and who knows how it will go ? You can’t buy your way out of trouble.

    That’s why there are so few long term managers of national teams. It’s a crap job for the most part.

    There is nothing inherently wrong with the stability of keeping Bradley around. He will be better next time out if only because the player pool is getting better and deeper.

    Besides no international manager worth a damm would want this job. Bradley makes a third of what Hodgson made as manager of Fulham a mediocre EPL side. And Roy had a much better player pool. Plus the US is on a four year cycle not the two year one that the big European teams are on.

    So it’s not real attractive. The reason Klinsman, who has a very thin resume, keeps coming up is because he is very charming with the media and he might actually take the job, though I doubt it. Yes, I know, he was a great player but so was Maradona and you see how much that helps.

  263. Based on half a good season you want to suit up Sebastian Le Toux for the USMNT? I’m no Robbie Findley fan but he’s younger and has scored way more goal in MLS than Le Toux. Did you see Le Toux for the Sounders last year? He was TERRIBLE.

    Mwanga may turn out to be a great player but let’s not get crazy on him, either. The Union are terrible and he’s far from a finishing wizard. At least he’s young and has potential.

  264. Where is the American David Villa? One doesn’t exist. You want to blame the system but has it occurred to you that ours isn’t a culture that embraces the game like the European’s do? In Spain, they ask themselves where the Spanish LeBron James is. And the answer is that their culture doesn’t embrace basketball like the Americans. It isn’t a grand conspiracy. It’s a cultural issue. One that will be solved in time.

  265. I’d want to kill if my hometown MLS team made Jay Demerit a DP signing.

  266. Be Reasonable says:

    Najar can’t play for the United States. he isn’t a citizen.

  267. meadowland mel says:

    you are one of the few posters that seem to understand the process of selecting a roster.

    in addition to what you stated i would like to add a few comments.

    gooch, davies torres, beckerman, gaven, kenny cooper are injured.

    altidore, johnson, adu, holden, dempsey, demerit and beasley are either trying to find a new club or cement a starting spot.

    you do not want to bring new players in with only one day practice.

    congratulation on a good post

  268. Srao says:

    Clark made the turnover that resulted in Ghana going up 1-0 in the first 10 mins and had to be replaced at 30 mins because he was ineffective and more than likely going to get a red card.

    And if BB has a lot more information on the subject than me, than why does he make head scratching decisions? Clark over Edu and Findley over Gomez/Buddle still have me puzzled.

    Bringing in Findley for this match is again such a head scratcher.

  269. Joamiq says:

    There is an edit button, if you have Typepad account.

  270. Joamiq says:

    I find it amusing that the current prevailing attitude towards the 4-4-2 is the same as the attitude towards the 4-5-1 a few years ago.

  271. ga-gone says:

    Where’s CD9? all you guys told me he was ready for the world cup!!!!!

  272. Jim says:

    Except not to start RICARDO FREAKIN’ CLARK!!!!

  273. burnsj2 says:

    Did you even watch the Slovenia game…? I watched it twice (you can borrow my DVR if you want!!), and EVERY attacking sequence, good pass, and creative play in the first half (which there were numerous!!) started at the feet of Torres!! I would implore you to watch the game again before you make such nonsense comments!

  274. SwerveZ says:

    maybe he’s focused on impressing Hughes?

  275. burnsj2 says:

    Need I remind all of you that those guys are all playing in leagues that are not only stronger than the MLS, but where they receive top level tactical training, deal with the pressure of keeping a place in the team week in and week out, deal with the expectations heaped upon them from a much more aware fan base, media, and coaching staffs, and they are all successful. They deserve a call up…I can promise you this…any one of those guys I mentioned above would have finished the two “sitters” Findley screwed the pooch on vs. Australia!!

  276. burnsj2 says:

    Squad….who mentioned the “squad”…?? I was speaking of the forwards chosen!! I would have liked to have seen some squad changes as well, like Lichaj (spelling??) chosen, Simek, etc…but it didn’t happen, but we were discussing the forwards. You need to read up before you comment!! I hope we choose BB for another four years just so that you can watch another world cup success slowly slip out of your grasp!!

  277. NC Jeff says:

    So, if in New Jersey, the USA beats a Brazil squad that includes 4 of its WC players, BB will keep his job instead of lose it?

  278. Ned Flanders says:

    Lichaj has yet to play a first team game for Villa. While his future is promising, he ought to win a place there before getting called up. Simek has never recovered completely from his ankle injury of 2008. His career is in danger.

    “…I can promise you this…any one of those guys I mentioned above would have finished the two “sitters” Findley screwed the pooch on vs. Australia!! ”

    More braggadocio. You don’t even know if those guys would have been in position to miss those sitters. If they are as good as you say, time will tell. Gomez got on the team because he forced his way on and that is how it needs to go for them.

    Whatever happened to earning it? And before you give me chapter and verse about Bradley’s faves, forwards are different. If you score they have to take you. Otherwise, the only way you take non scoring forwards is if you can prove that the team is better when you play.

  279. JungleMan says:

    I’m going to dream for a second, this is the 23 I’d like to see for 2014:

    GOALKEEPER- Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Bill Hamid

    DEFENDERS- Eric Lichaj, Oguchi Onyewu, Ike Opara, Kevin Alston, Jonathan Spector, Jonathan Bornstein, Tim Ream, Omar Gonzalez,

    MIDFIELDERS- Landon Donovan, Michael Bradley, Stuart Holden, Maurice Edu, Jermaine Jones, Jose Francisco Torres, Alejandro Bedoya, Andy Najar/Mix Diskerud (Depending on Andy’s decision)

    FORWARDS- Jozy Altidore, Clint Dempsey, Charlie Davies, Danny Mwanga

  280. WG says:

    Leave out Howard