Win tickets to tonight’s Union-Crew match

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If you are a Philadelphia Union fan, or a traveling Columbus Crew fan, and you are looking for tickets to tonight's Union-Crew match, SBI has the contest for you.

SBI is giving away two club seat tickets to tonight's match (8pm, ESPN2). All you have to do to win is submit a comment below with your email address in the email section (which can't be seen by the public) along with one sentence on why you deserve tickets to tonight's match. We'll pick the best answer of the bunch and select a winner by 2pm today.

Submit your entries below.

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37 Responses to Win tickets to tonight’s Union-Crew match

  1. Brian says:

    Otherwise my 49 year old father with a surgically repaired knee will have to stand the whole time in the River End.

  2. Nick says:

    I have never been to a game of football and want to take part in the beautiful game. Plus I am on leave from the military and what better way to support the Union. JOIN OR DIE!!!

  3. gootman says:

    I want to take my 4 year old son to his first game and I think club seating would be the best experience for his first match.

  4. Josh Reyes says:

    I’ve been to every home game so far, including at the Linc, and being a Union fan has really been special to see from the first game to now. To actually see our own MLS team and recently, performing at a very high level and competing, is really awesome. Getting a team was a treat, but the effort and progress they’ve made as a football club is very impressive. Along with a new stadium, young stars like Mwanga and Le Toux, the future is really bright for this club and the fans. You can feel that something special is happening with the whole Union entity and its all for the right reasons.
    It’s like watching a baby being born and growing right before your eyes! Glad to be a part of it! Doop doop da doop doop

  5. Andrew says:

    This would mean the world to me…I was recently in a car crash and almost seeing the light made me realize that life is really short. I love the MLS but never was able to go to a game but now that we have team locally (Union) this is my opportunity.

  6. Jason P says:

    If you want passionate sports fans it’s Philadelphia and this will be great viewing for anyone experiencing it at the game and of course in the stadium! This Eastern Conference game will have a World Cup feel to it tonight.

  7. Dan says:

    I’d like to see Eduardo Coudet’s frosted tips live in person. My girlfriend and I play soccer and would love to go to a game. Philadelphia UUUUUUUUUUUUUnion!

  8. DKraf says:

    As much as I love hearing JP Dellacamera call the games I would go crazy if I saw the Union live. My little brother plays youth soccer and would have so much fun too.

  9. Rev says:

    I’d like to go because I believe this will be the first time two players from opposing teams combined names seemingly include all 26 letters in the alphabet (Guillermo Barros Schelotto v. Michael Orozco Fiscal). It’s history in the making.

  10. jonk says:

    Ives, will you be invalidating the entry of every poster unable to follow your request for a “one sentence” reaon?

  11. The Dude says:

    According to The Onion, soccer has come out of the closet as gay. I’d like to attend the match because I’ve never met an openly gay person (or sport).

  12. Joamiq says:

    8 sentences ≠ 1 sentence

  13. Martin says:

    I am leaving to teach English to children in Chile next week and this is my last chance to see a Philadelphia sporting event for about a year.

  14. Wispy says:

    Not sure if I deserve the tickets, but I would like to hereby start a petition that every Crew vs. Union match be forever dubbed the Working Man’s Cup.

  15. tommymcb says:

    1st prize: two tickets to see Philly. 2nd prize: 4 tickets to see Philly.

  16. Brian says:

    Because I had to endure the torture of the MLS All-Star game while sitting near one of 3 people with a vuvuzela.

  17. Alex says:

    As a Cavs (go ahead laugh) fan, the Crew are all I have left and I’m from Jersey too…

  18. Joamiq says:

    d, j, k, n, p, q, v, w, x, y

  19. Tom says:

    Well, it might add a little polish to a first date that was otherwise heading towards the ordinary, especially if the tickets are in the Sons of Ben section.

  20. Drew says:

    nice, have fun!

  21. Majeacfe says:

    Because I sold my partial season tickets to help support a close family friend’s education.

  22. dan says:

    Due to all of the preseason arrangements responsibilities for our youth club, i hate soccer right now and club seats would make me fall in love all over again!

  23. dan says:

    if i dont win, can i vote for gootman?

  24. Jonathan says:

    I went to college just minutes outside of Chester and volunteered down there a lot, so I would love the chance to check out the new stadium and how wonderful it’s been for the area.

  25. Alexx says:

    Because the game is in me.

  26. Dave says:

    Because my sons best friend only has two tickets, and even on my birthday, he picked my son.

  27. Brian H says:

    Because I’d like to take my son to his 1st MLS game on his 11th birthday and he is very excited about the Union.

  28. Snuff, the Rooster says:

    I deserve the tickets because I wrote in Ives Galarcep during the last Governer of New Jersey Election.

  29. Frankie Ballz says:

    Choose me because my head is bigger than Cuauhtémoc Blanco’s.

    Choose me because I am deciding to take my talents to Chester as a crime-busting superhero.

    Chose me because I sit at home and replays of WPS on FSC by default.

  30. steven says:

    who wins ives, who wins!!

  31. VJM says:

    Please give me Le Toux tickets you have, merci beaucoup.

  32. doktoramor says:

    I was able to go to S. Africa to support the boys, but I haven’t been to a Union game yet…how can I call myself a true aficionado!

  33. Jon T says:

    Should I be chosen by you to sit in your seats, I promise not to do anything that will cause your season tickets to be revoked.

  34. B Mo says:

    My dad has been to EVERY SINGLE one of my college soccer games for Cabrini College. He traveled to places such as Rhode Island, Hobart,New York, Newport News Virginia, etc. I want to take him to a Union game as a Thank You.

  35. mikeyduece says:

    Pick me, I have been evangelising soccer to my father for the past year now, I haven’t been able to get my dad out to a Harrisburg City Islanders USSF D-3 game yet in my hometown, a trip to Philly would be fantastic!!!! thank you

  36. Marc Silverstein says:

    because you always ignore me during your Q&A sessions

  37. KRAH says:

    “Choose me because I am deciding to take my talents to Chester as a crime-busting superhero.”


    Because in 1 year I went from being the farthest from being a soccer fan, to reading SBI everyday for MLS updates because of Philly got a team called the Union.