Jones, Lichaj among 20 called up for USMNT friendlies

 Jermaine Jones 1 (Reuters)

Schalke 04 midfielder Jermaine Jones, Aston Villa defender Eric Lichaj and FC Dallas winger Brek Shea were among 20 players called by U.S. men's national team head coach Bob Bradley for upcoming friendlies against Poland (Oct. 9th in Chicago) and Colombia (Oct. 12 in Chester, Pa.).

Shea and Heath Pearce were the only MLS players to be called in, with the league playing a full schedule around the time of the friendlies. Shea and Pearce will join the national team after playing in Dallas' match against Colorado on Oct. 9th. National team star Landon Donovan appears set to miss both friendlies.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to gather many of our players based in Europe and continue to build on the foundation we established during the last four years," said U.S. head coach Bob Bradley. "We believe we have a strong nucleus of talented players, many of whom we are going to challenge to assume greater leadership roles during the next four-year cycle.

"We certainly have ideas on how we want to move forward, and these games will be the start of that process."

Some old familiar faces are back in the mix, with Eddie Johnson and Michael Parkhurst earning call-ups.

Here is the full roster:

USMNT Roster for Poland/Colombia friendlies

GOALKEEPERS- Brad Guzan (Aston Villa), Tim Howard (Everton)

DEFENDERS-Carlos Bocanegra (Saint-Étienne), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover), Clarence Goodson (IK Start), Eric Lichaj (Aston Villa), Oguchi Onyewu (AC Milan), Michael Parkhurst (FC Nordsjaelland), Heath Pearce (FC Dallas), Jonathan Spector (West Ham United)

MIDFIELDERS– Alejandro Bedoya (Örebro), Michael Bradley (Borussia Moenchengladbach), Maurice Edu (Rangers), Benny Feilhaber (Aarhus), Stuart Holden (Bolton Wanderers), Jermaine Jones (FC Schalke), Brek Shea (FC Dallas)

FORWARDS-Jozy Altidore (Villarreal), Clint Dempsey (Fulham), Eddie Johnson (Fulham)

What do you think of the group? Excited to finally see Jermaine Jones play for the USA? Hoping Jozy Altidore can find his goal-scoring touch? Who else would you like to have seen called in?

Share your thoughts below.

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268 Responses to Jones, Lichaj among 20 called up for USMNT friendlies

  1. Oog says:

    No Findley?? 😉

  2. Charles says:

    Gooch being called in? If he plays, it’s awkward. If he doesn’t play, it’s awkward.

  3. AdamTheRed says:

    No Mikkel Diskerud?! LAME!

  4. nam says:

    Gah Eddie Johnson, I was hoping that ship had sailed.

  5. jig says:

    parkhurst is interesting, talk about the forgotten man.

  6. rambo says:

    Seems like he will be the player everyone will be complaining about.

  7. Kevin_Amold says:

    Jones! Let’s see what the fuss has been all about.

  8. Aden says:


    Bradley, Holden, and Jones. This could be one of the best midfields we’ve ever fielded.

  9. Scot says:

    Why is FC Dallas the only MLS side with call-ups?

  10. Elia says:

    I cant believe the stupid son of bitch isnt giving Brian McBride a send off match. How pathetic is that

  11. NOLA_soccerfan says:

    Im no expert, but I would have liked to see Bradley call up some new strikers. I know we are not drowning in strikers, but somebody has to step up.

  12. Ben says:

    With Bradley, Holden, Jones, Edu, Feilhaber, etc., I think it is certainly the deepest we have ever had. These picks scream for 4-5-1 that will shift to a 4-3-3 with Holden and Dempsey, I think, pushing up the field, but we shall see.

  13. 4now says:

    No McBride send-off?

    I’m sure people will disagree, but I’m very happy to see Parkhurst back in the mix. He’s a smart player that should add depth in the next cycle.

    So relieved not to see Bornstein and Clark on the list.

    Why bring Timmy?

    Good to see Lichaj & Shea getting a look, though I doubt either is ready.

    3 strikers?

  14. Topher says:

    Congrats to Lichaj, Jones, and Brek Shea on their first national team caps!

  15. El Toro says:

    I was thinking the same thing.. r we really that thin in our forward pool that we’re still calling EJ? Might as well call Adu while we’re at it..

    (SBI-Johnson is getting minutes at Fulham, a Premier League club. Adu can’t even get into uniform, or the team photo, for a slightly above mediocre Greek team. You really can’t tell the difference?)

  16. Dave says:

    Eddie Johnson’s ship has not only sailed but the name on the side was called the Titanic. The fact that he is continually called up on the MNT is beyond belief.

  17. BostonTim says:

    Does anyone have ANY idea what is going on with Charlie Davies? I know he’s not dressing for his squad… but is he really just not the same player anymore or is he just out of soccer shape still?

  18. gacm32 says:

    I agree, it’s like Chelseas’ midfield of late. Except, in my opinion, Bradley is a better passer and tackler then Ramires. Holden is a better passer and set piece taker than Mikel, and Jones..well he isn’t as good as Essien of course but still, it’s definitely a great midfield.

  19. This Guy says:

    For sure would’ve liked to Mix. I’m sure Bradley contacted him and talked because he seemed rather positive in recent interviews.

  20. ChadC says:

    what has johnson done recently? not a diss, I seriously haven’t heard anything.

  21. Adam R. says:

    Bob Bradley was asked about it a month ago and it was pretty clear that he was leaving it up to Brian, and that “he typically doesn’t like those sorts of things”

    Or you could just call him a studpid son a bitch because it’s the internet, and it makes you feel better.

  22. Adam R. says:

    I notice you couldn’t think of any names.

  23. jig says:

    maybe mcbride didnt want one? think of that?

  24. Aden says:

    He’s actually worked his way into the Fulham lineup. He is playing more and more minutes, it’s mind boggling.

  25. usa soccerboy says:

    Yes we are that thin in our forward pool.

  26. Dave Logan says:

    Named The E.J. Titanic.

  27. ELAC is likes Bob, but is not a fan says:

    Wow. What a ground breaking line up! Snore. Eddie “freakin” Johnson? Orale! No Braun or Wondolowski?

  28. Ben says:

    Also, Holden should be a poster boy for potential US players. Europe was too much for him when he was a teenager, so he came to MLS, developed very, very nicely, and is now beginning to make a mark in Europe. Kids, don’t be afraid of MLS!

  29. RanLox says:

    I cant belive that son of s bitch Bradly didnt call any of the Mexican based players. How pathetic. Robo Bob already to a bad start lets just hope he doesnt make to WC2014.

  30. MensreaJim says:

    EJ is playing regularly for a good EPL team. Not scoring, or playing particularly well.

    As a Dallas fan, I am confused by Shea and Pearce being called up. Though they could both be getting shopped for the winter window, so maybe that’s the idea. Otherwise…really, really odd. But congrats to Brekken, and to Jones and Lichaj, of course.

  31. Aden says:

    MLS scheduling strikes again!

  32. ChadC says:

    Good find. thanks.

  33. Creige says:

    There are plenty of other players I would have liked to have seen. He really hasn’t done much in the Norwegian league and hasn’t made a big impression with the U-20’s.

  34. bob says:

    One of two thoughts cross my mind.

    1. Bradley hates dallas and is trying to break there unbeaten record.

    2 Bradley wants Hyndman to win coach of the year, and what better way for that then to take 2 steller players and make Hyndman win with out them.

  35. WonsanUnited says:

    4 goals, 5 assists isn’t impressive enough for you? The kid is only 19 and is considered by many to be one of the best young players in the Tippelaegen.

  36. Ballwerth Berrodino says:

    Gooch and Spector should not have been called in. Gooch is not healthy/can’t get game, Spector has lost the plot since pre-World Cup and his confidence is probably shot. They don’t deserve to be called in.

  37. Goalscorer24 says:

    Eddie Johnson? Ughhh!

  38. bob says:

    I wonder if we will see Bradley get 90 and edu jones get 45 each. Or maybe a Jones 90 with Bradley and Edu each with 45

  39. Goalscorer24 says:

    Ballwerth Berrodino I Agree. If you are going to call those guys in then you might as well call in Freddy Adu too.

  40. Dinho says:

    I can’t believe no one has said anything about no Donovan…. kinda odd to me. Gotta think that he passed on the opportunity to actually get a breather.

  41. Ben says:

    I don’t think anyone was expecting Donovan to get called. He has the MLS to worry about and it will give someone else a chance.

  42. Christopher says:


  43. Alexandria says:

    So much hostility, these games are meaningless the real shakeup will be the January camp to see what young mls er or a Norwegian league player earned there chance to wear the shirt. Just enjoy the game people.

  44. Adam R. says:

    Except that Gooch and Spector are experienced internationals with a history of quality World Cup Qualifying and Gold Cup performances and Freddy Adu is…not.

  45. Goalscorer24 says:

    Dave, The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Bradley’s continual use of Eddie Johnson = insanity!

  46. B to the Bop says:

    r we really that thin in our forward pool that we’re still calling EJ?


  47. Adam R. says:

    And your alternatives are…?

  48. PhillyTim says:

    Will be in the are too, plays the Union on Thursday the 7th in Philly

  49. Dave says:

    First of all Elia Bob Bradley has to be awake to make that decision.Given the fact that during the games as the camera pans over to see his reaction to the events happening on the field I am not sure Bob is ever awake.I mean that in a good way.

  50. Goalscorer24 says:

    Ben, Well Holden might have been successful the first time in Europe if a fan had not broken his face!

  51. shytownhavoc says:

    No McBride :( at the Poland game.

    Can’t wait to see J.Jones!

  52. Michael Vann says:

    For anyone interested I believe Parkhurst has bounced between CB and RB in Denmark. Apparently he’s been utilized more as a RB recently and is having a fair amount of success. Playing as a RB might be something Bob is going to take into consideration. Otherwise I simply don’t think he cuts it as an international CB. So I’m definitely interested to see how Bob is going to use him over the next 2 matches.

  53. yuck says:

    I would have liked to have seen Braun, Wondolowski, or Lenhart instead of EJ. We have seen a ton of EJ, he’s not completely done but we know what he looks like… let’s see if someone else who is proven at the club level can help us.

  54. Eric says:

    I like the squad….definitely looking forward to seeing Jones and Lichaj play.

  55. Tom says:

    Glad to see Jones and Lichaj on the list. New blood is always good.

  56. josh says:

    They have to play to be capped…

  57. yuck says:

    Braun, Wondolowski, Lenhart.

    Buddle, but we’ve already at least seen him on the int’l stage.

  58. josh says:

    This is from before the WC.

  59. jts says:

    Adu time: 6 minutes

    That’s more like it.

  60. Ben says:

    Yeah, that was unfortunate, but still he persevered and came back.

  61. Tom says:

    I was also hoping to see Davies. If you are going to call Gooch in, call Davies in. Has anyone heard how Charlie is doing? I haven’t heard anything on him in a while.

  62. jts says:

    MLS players have MLS games.

  63. sma says:

    The only good news is that there will not be the unnecessary hype up of the Gonzalez vs Ream for the friendlies.

  64. jonjones says:

    What Mexican players? Care to elaborate?

    Paco Torres and Herculez (or Marco vidal if you really want to stretch), who are in the middle of their season and will not be released?

    Who else is there? Edgar Castillos? He doesn’t even dress for San Luis.

    Sammy Ochoa? I doubt he’s ready for a call up being a benchwarmer for Estudiante.

  65. Tom says:

    No John O’Brien, so dissappointed.

  66. jose says:

    I love i it no findleyno clark!!! Out with clark in with jones!

  67. dman says:

    uuhhhh look at the date? def wrote sept 23,2010

    last time I checked the WC was back in June

  68. dman says:

    make that the 28th

  69. Tom says:

    I like that Jose.

  70. I agree. Wondolowski is worth looking at.

  71. Derek says:

    Love the midfield!!

    Wow, we need some forwards :(

  72. TRUTH says:

    He’s not doing good.

    All reports in France say his recovery has been rough and he isn’t close to returning to league action week in week out.

  73. jose says:

    Who wears the 10 now?

  74. RK says:

    Because he isn’t doing anything, other than some reserve minutes.

  75. CGold says:

    Even though I am a fan of Torres, I am happy to see that the USMNT has the depth to exclude a player of his caliber. Good years lie ahead

  76. Sean says:

    Mix has played really well this year in the Norwegian League…go watch Stabaek highlight on youtube. The kid makes plays every game. He has i think 4 goals and 5 assists on the year. Deserved a call-up. Needs to be brought in for January.

  77. Goalscorer24 says:

    Adam R., Bradley has always said it is about playing time with your club team.

  78. Be Reasonable says:

    So? What does being in Philadelphia five days before the USMNT plays there have to do with anything? It isn’t like the team is training there.

  79. Tom says:

    That’s disappointing to hear. Get well soon Charlie!

  80. tnnelson says:

    4 goals, 5 assists, and a ranking in the top 50 in his league as a 19 year old isn’t enough?

    please, do tell me, what constitutes enough in your book? golden boot? starting in the Premier League by age 18? i’d really like to hear your expert opinion

  81. MC Pharoah says:

    Cmon…seriously? i know its a joke, but BB is not stupid…im sure he has regrets about Findley from his WC in general(not that he was bad, he was ok for Findley, but the St’s never scored), but he certainly wouldnt call in a Findley who is barely playing when he has other players to experiment with

  82. mbm8585 says:

    My guess would be holden but not really sure.

  83. MC Pharoah says:



  84. Stephen says:

    But, Cherundolo got called in too. How mand subs are there going to be?

  85. Indigo Montoya says:

    as am i, as am i…

    official int’l date or not, just wondering why we ship dempsey (or cherundolo for that matter) across the pond for these friendlies. other than that looking forward to seeing this squad play together.

    and eddie j. has been doing a job for fulham under hughes – late sub with pace, and while he hasn’t scored, he’s shown flashes that he belongs in the top flight (given fulham have massive injuries up front.) take it as you may, but he’s back on the radar for the usmnt which demonstrates the shallow forward pool for the u.s.

  86. Stephen says:

    Yeah. Gooch is at least healthy. But why no Demerit, other than him not being with a team…

  87. MC Pharoah says:

    really? b/c last time i checked EJ didnt go to the WC when at the time he definately deserved it more than Findley

    listen guys, he is getting minutes as a sub for Fulham & is playing pretty decent & he did quite well for Aris. He is still only 26 & may be becoming the player we once thought he’d be finally

  88. tnnelson says:

    i would like to see brek shea tried at the forward spot. or at least a winger in a 4-3-3. he is a fun player to watch and i like his style

  89. Stephen says:

    But you could ask that about a lot of the international players…

  90. RLW2020 says:

    does Mexico and MLS both not follow the FIFA calendar? if so they should coordinate dates for international breaks…

  91. MC Pharoah says:


    love Edu, Feilhaber, & Torres when they are at their best, but u now have a back up for arguably every CM & then theres always clark if somehow every CM/DM was injured

    LD & Deuce holdin down wings and Altidore as that ST, wooo, thats tight

    2014 looks amazing if all goes well, quite worried bout D tho

  92. Stephen says:

    I actually think that a 4-2-3-1 with two deep lying midfielders (one strict D-Mid, i.e. Jones or Edu, and one that pushes up, i.e. Bradley), with a more central attacking midfielder, (holden/feilhaber) and two wingers (Dempsey/Bedoya/Holden). This works to our strengths.

  93. MC Pharoah says:

    Parkhurst & lichaj are ok calls, but no Gonzalez or Ream?

  94. herro says:

    Why did they cut landon donovan?

  95. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Once again, it must be noted that those are MLS players, and MLS has games that weekend. I’m sure Bradley consulted with the coaches around the league and got a sense of who he could call in. Please pay attention.

  96. Kevin_Amold says:

    I mean that in a good way? Wha?!

  97. MC Pharoah says:

    always has been very intelligent & a good distributor out of the back….perhaps he could be a very good RB

  98. Brian says:

    Parkhurst? WTF? Why? He’s not big enough, fast enough or good enough.

  99. John says:

    Bedoya was awful against Brazil. Not impressed.

    Excited to see Jones.

  100. John says:

    Because Garber and Arena told him not to for the MLS playoff push.

  101. Goalscorer24 says:

    Adam R – Alternatives are Braun, Pittman, Cam Weaver to name a few.

  102. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    FWIW, Bradley has stated that Pierce and Shea won’t miss their game on the 9th, so I guess they will join the team after that.

  103. Thor says:

    By selecting Gooch and Spector BB has co#ked block call potential ups like Mix and Boss

  104. Goalscorer24 says:

    Exactly, these games me nothing so why not use new players?

  105. Indigo Montoya says:

    very true, and my inarticulate point should have stated that guys like demps and ‘dolo are gonna play if fit and maybe rest would be better for them and allow bradley to try out a couple of new faces. but, the players probably want to play as well, despite having been continuously playing and/or injured for the past three years. que sera sera.

  106. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Cam Weaver? Cam Weaver?…….Cam Weaver??????? I’m sorry, did you say…..Cam Weaver??????

  107. rob says:

    Curious that Dallas, a team heading into playoffs, is willing to release two very important players, while teams like Chivas at the bottom of their conference aren’t.

  108. jrb00723 says:

    i know hes not really in the picture ofr the next world cup, any reason demerit not called up? at least to keep him in game form and let him play in front of some scouts as a courtesy?

  109. RLW2020 says:

    don’t they usually bring 23? does that mean that there are 3 more?

  110. RLW2020 says:

    also if Gooch is not 100% we might see Edu at CB again?

  111. RLW2020 says:

    if so..
    Mix, McBride, Braun, Torres, Bornstein should be considered.

  112. RLW2020 says:

    MLS season I-dot!

  113. This Guy says:

    I fully support the EJ call-up. If he were still in the MLS he’d have 20 goals by now. Then everyone would be wanting a call-up.

  114. Srao says:

    my vote is a 4-3-2-1 (the xmas tree formation)

    Dempsey – Holden
    Jone – Edu – Bradley
    Pearce – Boca – Goodson – Dolo

    Subs: EJ, Bedoya, Feilhaber, Lichaj, Spector, Guzan

    I think Gooch, Shea & Parkhurst are invited for BB to check-up on.

  115. Srao says:

    Boss? Seriously? He’s still what, 19? Plus he doesn’t even have a club at the moment. Why not ask about O. Gonzalez, I.Opara or T. Ream?

    Mix is an omission though I’m not sure he’d make the 17 that will play (11 starting + 6 subs).

  116. cameron says:


  117. Brian says:

    What do you guys think? 4-2-3-1? Or 4-3-2-1?

    This is my guess:



    Maybe switch Holden and Feilhaber?



    I’m assuming Pearce is going to start at LB. Highly unlikely Lichaj gets a start at RB or LB, and very unlikely that Spector plays at LB. Pearce is kind of the default, unless Bob decides to play Bocanegra there. But if Bocanegra plays LB, who starts at CB? Onyewu and Goodson? Ewww gross. My guess is Bocanegra is paired at CB with Onyewu or Goodson.

  118. 13412351323145 says:

    Have you actually watched any of the sub appearances EJ’s made with Fulham? Don’t get me wrong, as a Fulham fan I want him to succeed more than anyone.

    But he hasn’t been “pretty decent” he’s been “pretty bad.” I love EJ, I don’t mind that he’s being called up, more minutes can only be good for him. But you’re making statements that just aren’t true.

  119. Murph says:

    Josey and Johnson pretty much suck. But I hold out hope for Josey…Eddie needs to go out to pasture. I fear we will never win anything with these two clowns. I’d rather see Donovan playing forward with Dempsey in a 4-4-2. But I keep yelling that we need a 4-2-3-1. It’s time for youth development folks. Carlos Bocanegra and Steve Cherundolo are just about over the hill and have had their shots as they will not be viable in 4 years. Period. Give me some young talent who will be ready willing and able in 4 years. Where the hell is Gonzales and Alliston? Are we trying to develop a system or a friendly win??? System Please! Paco Torres…Gale Agbossoumonde…Omar Salgado – are we actually serious about our future? our world ranking is not predicated on friendlies folks.

    This is precisely why Bradley needed to go away – new coach and new blood. Old coach, old blood. Brad can not see the forest through the trees… That’s a tree Bob!

  120. Aquaman says:

    I would like someone to start recording and averaging the Adu time…..Just so we can get a sense of if we’re running fast or slow. Gotta be ahead of the curve.

  121. Brian says:

    It’s a midseason friendly. They tend to be less than 23. I forget how many were called up for Brazil but I doubt it was 23. I also don’t think 23 were called up for the Netherlands in March

  122. beckster says:

    agreed – EJ getting time with a top 1/2 EPL team. He deserves a shot.

  123. 13412351323145 says:

    Not really mind boggling. If it wasn’t for Zamora and Dembele, (Fulham’s two best strikers) being injured he wouldn’t see the field.

  124. Stephen says:

    No, cause Goodson also got a call up.

  125. Stephen says:

    I don’t like the 4-3-2-1, it means that players who are central midfielders, are essentially wingers. If we’re gonan use it I would switch Jones and Bradley.

  126. Brian says:

    Shea and Pearce are playing their Oct 9th match against Colorado and missing the Poland match, but will join the national team for the match against Colombia on the 12th, and also have a match against RSL on the 16th.

    LA have a match on Oct 7th and the 16th. You’d think Omar Gonzalez would have been available for both games. Maybe Bruce didn’t allow it?

    Same with Ream. The Red Bulls have a match on the 9th (just like FC Dallas), but don’t have another until October 16th. You’d think Ream would be able to do what Shea and Pearce are doing.

  127. 13412351323145 says:

    “Josey and Johnson pretty much suck.”

    The first word of your comment “Josey” tells me:

    Don’t bother reading this


  128. Stephen says:

    The young guys have to learn from the older guys. You can’t just put a team of all new players who haven’t played together. Gonzales and Alston have games that week, as was stated in the article. Gale Boss and Omar Salgado are looking for teams to play for. Their time is coming, it’s just not yet. Omar Salgado is only 16.

  129. wally says:

    maybe Jones can play forward…

  130. Stephen says:

    Yeah. I thought that too, but I decided to respond anyway.

  131. Stephen says:

    I’m actually excited to see Jones. I think he will be an asset. I also am excited to see if any of the new blood gets time.

  132. Oog says:

    Totally a joke. Even as an RSL fan, Findley has been playing horrible and did nothing for us in the WC. I’m happy that BB has finally started realizing that Findley was just a bad experiment and has moved on.

  133. Brian says:

    Yeah I like the 4-2-3-1 better. I was just trying to see if you could get Edu, Bradley and Jones on the field at the same time. Still if we did run the 4-2-3-1, I’d be more inclined to put Jones on the outside than either Edu or Bradley. He played on the left wing for Schalke in their CL match yesterday. Actually I might even put Edu in the middle and Bradley on the right too.

  134. Smirking Kitten says:

    +1 Ives

  135. EA says:

    I think the inclusion of Eddie Johnson is a message sent to all the players… Work your way into the first team on a good team in a good league, and you’ll get a shot.

    Of course, Spector got called in, so there’s that.

  136. Brian says:

    Ehh I forgot Pearce won’t be playing in the Poland match. We might might actually see Lichaj get the start at LB. Or Bocanegra get the start at LB, and Onyewu & Goodson starting at CB. Spector a possibility at CB too.

  137. Big Chil says:

    Strong callup. I’m surprised & happy.

  138. kirk says:

    Would have liked to see Geoff Cameron called in, since the Dynamo are out of the playoff picture it would have made sense.

  139. Goalscorer24 says:

    MC Pharoah, Hey I wish the best for the kid, but he has had so many chances with the National team. I still be ok with giving him another chance if he was scoring with Fulham. In the meanwhile their are other players to try.

  140. usa soccerboy says:

    Maybe. He scores more often than most American forwards.

  141. Goalscorer24 says:

    EA, I think the real message is be sub par over and over again, but if Bob has a special twinkle for you, and you are athletic you will get another chance.

  142. Jose says:

    I think BB was hoping Findley would spark the team like Charlie Davies but that wasn’t the case. Those were hard shoes to fill and to live up to the confederations cup expectations.

  143. NewWave Of Players says:

    you are joking right?….that guy can’t even score in the MLS. I consider Findley a work in process, he is great track runner, but has no skill what so ever on the ball; just look at the friendlies before WC2010. We need to look at players like Jeff Cameron, Ryan Smith (sick first touch , speed & foot skills),Ike Opara, Tim Ream and many more that have shown a lot this season.

  144. Dominghosa says:

    Agreed on all accounts. Would like to see Mix than Pearce. Here’s hoping for a January call-up.

  145. Brian says:

    Omar Salgado? Gale Agbossoumonde? What has either done to deserve a call up for the senior national team? Nothing…yet.

    As for Jose Torres, I’m sure he’s busy with Pachuca. They’re in the middle of a season.

    I agree with you somewhat about Bocanegra. He has no chance of being at the World Cup in 2014. He was probably a step to slow for the World Cup this yer. Still, he’s our Captain and he’s playing well in France, and let’s face it, he’s probably going to be important to our team for the Gold Cup nexyet year. Think about it. Come Gold Cup, if Onyewu isn’t playing much, Spector isn’t playing, DeMerit isn’t playing or doesn’t have a club, Goodson is still average, and Ream/Gonzalez/Opara aren’t ready, and Bocanegra is still playing at a reasonably high level, would you rather have?

    As for Cherundolo, I think if he’s still at Hannover come 2014, he’ll be at the World Cup. He was great at the World Cup this year. And if Frankie Hejduk can still run with the best of them at 36, I think Dolo will be able to still play at a high level.

  146. canchon says:

    Can’t wait to see Bradley and Jones on the pitch at the same time. The intensity in the midfield just hit 11.

  147. Other Dave says:


    RB – Dolo (Spector)

    CB – Onyewu (Goodson)

    CB – Boca (Parkhurst)

    LB – Pearce (Licahj)

    RM – Holden (Bedoya)

    M – Bradley

    M – Jones

    M – Edu

    LM – Feilhaber (Shea)

    ST – Demspey (Altidore/Johnson)

    Just for fun – relax if you disagree…

  148. Felix says:

    I would have liked to have seen Ream or Gonzalez called in, instead of Parkhurst.
    And even though he’s earned some playing time with Fulham, I’m not a big fan of EJ, we’ve seen that too many times to know how that will turn out.
    I can see why he called Onyewu in, just to get a look at him with his own eyes after not playing a minute since the Slovenia game in mid-June.

  149. ahm says:

    yaaaa kinda weird. i guess we should assume he’s healthy but just not getting minutes? confusing all the way around

  150. Felix says:

    I’m thinking more of a 4-2-3-1, with Jones and Bradley being the two CMs with Dempsey, Holden and Feilhaber being the attacking mids with Altidore above them. I think its a formation, while dull and defensive, takes advantage of our deepest position – center midfield. And it protects our least talked about weakness – the defense.

  151. Brian says:

    What about for the Poland match? Remember no Pearce

  152. Big Smoke says:

    True, these guys aren’t getting playing time with their clubs. However, we don’t have much else at the back at this point. Also, maybe BB is trying to throw them a bone for the upcoming transfer window.

    Footnote: I’m not NECESSARILY a BB supporter, I just like to play devil’s advocate for people who may not have thought about things from other perspectives. You do make a valid point, as do Adam and Balkdsaf Ballasdflas.

  153. LNG says:

    I understand giving Landy the rest but it would be nice to see him play with Jones and see how they work together, particularly since the Galaxy will already be on the East Coast

    Would also like to see Jay DeM to showcase him but I understand why he might not want to play in these friendlies if he’s finalizing a deal in Europe

    Excited to see Shea (hopefully he gets at least 45) and Lichaj, and hopefully Benny continues his good form

    I’m really loving our midfield and keepers…everything else, not so much

  154. Hood Rich says:

    Yep, Gooch doesn’t even make the bench but I see him in the practices, so I know he does play there. 😉 WTF ?

  155. huricano says:

    What about Franklin and Gonzalez from LA, and Bornstein from Chivas? Were they not considered due to the MLS season? Is the same true for Torres, Gomez, etc. down in Mexico? What this roster shows is that we have serious depth problems at forward.

  156. RLW2020 says:

    not necessarily on the wing, but i would like to see what Jones and Bradley could bring to the attack up the sidelines with Edu controling the middle

  157. Charles says:

    Ives went all crazy on Twitter that Gooch was being disrespected. I’m not dissing Gooch at all. When healthy and in form, he’s easily one of our top 3. All I’m saying is that US Soccer has a delicate balance of developing and progressing. Having Gooch start when he’s not very active is slightly awkward.

    Also, remember how Benny Feilhaber was given the excuse that only players getting regular minutes with their team are to be considered?(Not Donovan though when he was with Bayern) Granted this isn’t qualifying, but it just feels like an exercise to get Gooch some game competition. I’m ok with that. But if he’s on the bench, you’re like ‘why did he come?’ And if he starts you’re like ‘um, isn’t this a good opportunity to give someone else a chance?’

  158. Big Smoke says:

    So does Boca

  159. The Dude says:

    My thoughts:

    Happy not to see Findley and Borstein. With some luck, they are gone for good.

    Delighted to see Jones, Lichaj, Shea, and Bedoya.

    Heath Pearce has never really impressed me at international level.

    Gooch is a total shock to me. I know this is a sensitive issue, but I only think you can ride past national team success for so long. His lack of PT and fitness is a huge concern. I’d rather see Ream and Omar learning the ropes. Bring Gooch back to the team when he finds a new club. All the respectable international teams out there only invite players who are actually playing with their clubs. Why should we be any different.

    I wanted to see Mix and Ream. Oh, well. Maybe later.

    Finally, the problem of left back remains obvious. Can Lichaz play on that side? And why not Convey? I think he’s better than Bornstein.

  160. The Dude says:

    Our problems at LB and striker make me want to weep. Assuming we count Demps and Donovan as midfielders, that leaves us with ZERO strikers who actually score goals. Plus, at LB, we don’t have a single competent player. Boca is a CB through and through. Pearce and Borsntein are not national team quality. Period. Maybe Lichaj can play on the left?

  161. RBNY Fan says:

    Initially I didn’t like the M Bradley call up…dude needs a break! But, might be a nice opportunity to see how he works with Jones and if they can develop chemistry together.

  162. The Dude says:

    I need to be the new coach of the nats. Pay me 100k/year and I won’t bitch about “total control” of anything. Just let me decide who comes to camps.

    Here’s what I’d do.

    The following players would never return to the team: Findley, Bornstein, Buddle, Gomez, Pearce, Johnson

    The following players would get a chance to play through the Gold Cup, but not beyond: Dolo, Boca, Demerit.

    The following players would not be called up until they produce better results with their respective league teams: Gooch, Adu, Spector.

    I would focus very heavily on developing younger players: Mix, Lichaj (our new LB), Ream, Gonzalez, Agudelo, Chinn, Shea, Braun, Najar, and many other young players.

    I would play in a 4-2-3-1 formation at World Cup 2014:

    Potential subs: Gooch, Najar, Agudelo, Edu, Shea, Braun, Convey, Guzan, Torres

    Who votes for me as the new head coach?

  163. justcallmeusamanager2040 says:

    When will we start hearing about Odu so the trifecta can be completed?

  164. Be Reasonable says:

    Bobby Convey is not better than Bornstein in ANY universe.

  165. Be Reasonable says:

    I cannot vote for someone who thinks that:

    1. New players are the answer to all questions. Guess what? Teams that bring lots of young, inexperienced players to the WC routinely get killed. Experience at that level is critical.

    2. Wants to bring players in who aren’t even eligible to play for the USMNT (Najar)

    3. Wants to give a job to a COMPLETELY untested international player (Lichaj).

    4. Is penciling in three backs with no international experience as starters in 2014.

    Thank god no one other than you cares about your silly opinion.

  166. bottlcaps says:

    Why did the USSF schedule these friendlies in the US if you are using predominately Euro players?

    This is the time we need to seed for the growth of a new player pool. Instead we get a lot of retreads. Really Bob, we can’t win against a Polish side with MLS players.

    Don’t give me this crap that they are still competing for the playoffs. many MLS teams are all but eliminated. But I guess this reasoning BB would bring back Bornstein from Chivas.
    But why bring back pine-riding retreads. You need to find some central defenders and a good leftback. You need to start evaluating and giving caps to the Reams, Wondolowskis, the Gonzalez’es and the Stephens and Brauns. You only have so many friendlies that “don’t count” for anything, you will have the Gold Cup which is very important only because it allows a Confed Cup spot and then the qualifiers begin and you shouldn’t have to start evaluating players when you need to qualify.

    If the US can’t pick MLS players for these because of date conflicts, then move them when there is not. I suspect (and hope)that Bradley will have many of these type of friendlies on the drawing board. If not then these friendlies need to do more than give some of the Euro players get some turf time.

    Leave Jozy, Gooch. Spector in Europe and bring in some MLS players for a look see.

  167. SdbransonUSA says:

    Pittman plays League 2 in England (is the quality even better than USL), Justin Braun is an average at best MLS forward, and Cam Weaver is a nobody.

  168. GW says:

    “(Not Donovan though when he was with Bayern) ”

    This is a load of BS.

    When he was with Bayern it was his MLS off season. So as far as the USMNT was concerned he was coming to camp in better condition than he would have otherwise.

  169. GW says:

    Really? Can Mix play left back?

  170. Illmatic74 says:

    Can we wait until guys play some first team football before we talk about National Team call ups?

  171. Len says:

    I’m wondering if this roster listing Dempsey as a forward means we might actually see him as a forward which would allow another skillful player in the midfield such as Holden or Feilhaber.

    Can’t wait to see Jones play with the USMNT!

    Landon’s absence means Holden or possibly Feilhaber likely to take the free kicks. Both, IMO (esp. Holden) may be better than LD at that particular task.

    Don’t know if Spector will get many more chances but we haven’t seen much of him in central defense and at 6’1″ with some pace and some skill it might not be such a bad fit.

    Don’t mind seeing oldsters in defense in Oct. friendlies but after MLS season is over would be interested in seeing Gonzalez/Ream pairing, Omar to clean up in the air and Ream to play it out of the back rather than all long balls. That might also allow a holding midfielder such as Torres to use his skills to better advantage.

  172. lprevolution says:

    the last one was 42, I believe. Correct?

  173. Illmatic74 says:

    MLS guys will be playing games during the International Break. January camp will be the perfect time for MLS guys to make a mark.

  174. Illmatic74 says:

    Lichaj is a natural right footed player he could be what Spector is at LB for all we know.

  175. patrick says:

    you can’t just schedule friendlies whenever you damn well feel like it unless you plan on using ALL MLS players. There are specified international dates in which players must be released. You also can’t bring in a squad of 20 young, untested guys with no veterans to teach the way. Bradley will continue to bring in kids slowly. He has the january camp to work with the players you mentioned for an extended period of time in order to A) show them the system and B) evaluate them on the international level. The fact that Lichaj (young than ream and gonzales I believe) was called in as well as brek shea (even younger) means he’s doing exactly what you want him to do, just not with the players you want.

  176. Brian says:

    Did you miss the 😉 from Oog?

  177. GW says:

    The Norwegian league is ranked # 25 in Europe according to UEFA coefficients.

    To give you an idea of what that means the EPL is #1, France is #5, Greece is #11, Denmark is # 12, Belgium is #14 and Scotland is #15. I use this coefficent because it’s pretty hard for the average to figure out how rate these lesser known European leagues.

    Based on this it seems that while Norway may be a step up from MLS is it really that big a step? Remember, Mix is probably very much at home in Norway so he may not have to deal with the kind of culture shock EJ, for example, probably had to deal with when he went to Greece.

    He seems like a good player but is he the next Kaka? He does looks to be well on his way to inheriting the JF Torres ” why the hell doesn’t Bradley play him” award. I guess you all need someone to bitch about.

  178. GW says:

    “In the meanwhile their are other players to try.”

    Such as?

  179. GW says:

    I believe only two MLS players were called up because of the schedule. Go look it up.

  180. jts says:

    Right around there.

    Was very hot and heavy (under 5 minutes, consistently) before the WC roster was announced this spring.

    Mr. Adu is interesting. Reminds me of the Moneyball difference between him and, say, Jay Demerit, with FA playing BB and JD playing LD.

    (Billy Beane and Lenny Dykstra for the youngsters)

  181. GW says:

    “And it protects our least talked about weakness – the defense.”

    Obviously you haven’t been listening to all the talk about Bornstein; and Gooch and Spector doing badly with their clubs. And you probably didn’t see the World Cup where the USMNT was roundly criticised for one big thing, giving up early goals. My guess is the defense had a lot to do with that.

    Other than that you’re right no one ever mentions that the USMNT has a crap defense.

  182. Brian says:

    What’s wrong with Gomez?

  183. Brian says:

    Odu? Is that some kind of joke off of Edu and Adu?

  184. GW says:

    “Holden is a better passer and set piece taker than Mikel,”

    Where is your valid data?

    Mikel has played 30 games for Nigeria and 166 games for Chelsea since 2006.

    Holden has played 15 games for the US and 8 games for Bolton.

    Holden is a fine player but I wouldn’t consider that enough of a sample size to make a valid comparison. You might want to wait a while before elevating Holden to godhood.

  185. Charlie Davies says:

    Sure. Charlie does. Just tweet him.

  186. Make My day says:

    Hey, That’s my favorite Clint Eastwood movie.

  187. jig says:

    I like how you said you wouldnt call in Spector and then you have him as a starter.

    I also like how you included Juan Agudelo, whos never played a minute in the league.

    so dumb.

  188. Scott A says:

    Interested to see if Bedoya can rebound from his last performance.

  189. GW says:

    Cam Weaver is 27 years old, 6’4 inches, plays for Houston and has scored 5 goasls in 18 games for them. He played 9 games for the Quakes and scored 1 goal for them and spent a few years in Norway, the 25th ranked league in Europe. He played for Haugesund and scored 21 goals in 51 games, a respectable total.

    He seems to have journeyman written all over him. While you never know, it seems like a real stretch to consider him for the USMNT.

  190. MC PHaroah says:

    thank you for being compenant, unlike the guy above your comment

  191. patrick says:

    since bobby Z went down, and especially now tht dembele went down, dempsey’s been playing forward for fulham for a couple weeks. If we see a 2 forward formation, he’ll be up there with Jozy I’d imagine. I really want to see holden in the middle of the field, but with donovan out it looks more like we’ll see him out on the wing with bedoya on the other side.

  192. Juan from L.A. says:

    I like this list with exception of Pearce who has no clue whatsoever in the national team but overall like it especially the new players coming in

  193. JIK says:

    We should easily be Poland and Colombia if we lose to these teams then I don’t know what’s wrong with this team. I’m cofident that USA will win both of these teams now that I have seen the roster

  194. MensreaJim says:

    Pearce and Bornstein are what we have at LB, not counting the handsomest 31 year-old man with a 5.6 40″ this side of me. Any of those 3 could have done admirably sitting with AV’s reserves this season.

    Pearce is all of TWO years older than Spetor. If you–or anyone–can explain how Spector is so much brighter a prospect than Pearce I would love to hear it. I assume the reason has to do with playing with Man U as a kid and MLS self-loathing.


    Pres. of Heath Pearce Fan Club

  195. fischy says:

    As you say, if he plays, it makes sense. The best thing that can happen to Gooch is that he gets loaned out or sold in the winter break. That’s not going to happen unless he gets in some games and shows he’s healthy. Since it won’t happen at Milan, it’s up to BB>

  196. fischy says:

    Maybe, he gets a look-see in the South Africa game…

  197. fischy says:

    I don’t think he was referring to Obi-Mikel. I think he was comparing Holder to Mikkel Diskerud.

  198. fischy says:

    They’re both having really good years. It’s a chance for BB to look at them. He hasn’t given up on Pearce, and he wants to see Shea.

  199. fischy says:

    Exactlly. He’s trying to win a Supporters Shield and an MVP.

  200. MensreaJim says:

    Yeah I get that; I am elated for our guys to get called up, and I didn’t make that clear.

    What I thought was odd was that they were the only MLS players on the roster, and that they play for a contender and that it would interrupt an important game with playoff or even SS implications.

    Of course, I posted this before reading elsewhere that they were not joining camp until after the Oct 9th game.

  201. The Dude says:

    Let me respond to some of my critics.
    1. Spector. I’d have him as right back assuming he gets back on track as a player.
    2. I’m banking on Najar seeking Us citizenship. Obviously, he can’t play with the team until that point.
    3. Developing young players is absolutely important, esp at the beginning of a four-year cycle. Isn’t that what Brazil is doing? Germany? We need to nurture the youth so that Ream and Gonzalez are ready to start in 2014. But they need caps now to get used to the elevated level of play.
    4. Lichaj. Obviously, he’s not ready to start in the WC at the moment. But the point is to develop him into a starter over the next four years.
    5. Pearce. He’s a good MLS defender, but seems lost at international level.

    No one mentioned my formation.

  202. GW says:

    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Bradley’s continual use of Eddie Johnson = insanity”

    That trite, overused definition isn’t relevant here.

    EJ isn’t the same thing he was 1,2 3 or 4 years ago. The evidence is that he has gotten better. Whether that is good enough, well apparently Bradley is trying to find out.

  203. The Dude says:

    BTW, rumors that Dembele is a signing target for Red Bulls after Angel leaves.

  204. GW says:

    In the 2002 World Cup The US midfield had Reyna, O’Brien, Earnie Stewart, Donovan, Beasley, Pablo Mastroeni and Eddie Lewis, all in good form, to call on.

  205. RCB07 says:

    Yeah, no Findley, but you did get Goodson, Parkhurst, Pearce and EJ…..surprise, surprise!! I know Ream and Gonzales are in season for the MLS, but what about Boss, Garza, Miller, and especially Simek??? We already know that Pearce, Goodson, and Parkhurst aren’t USMNT quality!! Why doesn’t Bradley understand that?? Defense aside, I would have like to see Bradley bring in Torres, Castill, Vidal, Diskerud, Doyle, and Grella to see what these boys have. As we all know, with BB, we can wish in one hand, and poop in the other…we all know which one is gonna fill up faster!!

    P.S.–Nice call up Lichaj…at least!!

  206. Jim Calhoun says:

    Weaver played in the Adeccoligaen a.k.a the second division of Norwegian soccer.

  207. GW says:

    He said ” it’s like Chelseas’ midfield of late” not Staebaeks.

  208. GW says:

    Do you have that exact quote anywhere?

    I’ve heard Donovavn say something like that but not BB.

    You might have noted that in 2009 BB had Adu on the Confederations Cup team bench and the Gold Cup team even though he had played about 20 seconds for Monaco that year.

  209. GW says:

    Tell that to Goalscorer24. To him, I guess playing for Fulham in the EPL is not as meaningful as playing in Norway’s second division.

  210. Ted says:

    You’re joking here, right? Mikel has probably the best passing accuracy in the PL. I wish Bradley and Holden were better than Ramires and Mikel but let’s get real.

  211. GW says:

    “3. Developing young players is absolutely important, esp at the beginning of a four-year cycle. Isn’t that what Brazil is doing? Germany? We need to nurture the youth so that Ream and Gonzalez are ready to start in 2014. But they need caps now to get used to the elevated level of play.

    4. Lichaj. Obviously, he’s not ready to start in the WC at the moment. But the point is to develop him into a starter over the next four years. ”

    The flaw in your post is those players all need to prove they can play regular first team football at their clubs first. Players spend so little time with National teams that mostly it is a matter of just taking the finsihed products and trying to come up with a scheme they can all play well in together.

    The USMNT is not a club that plays in a league. They average about 14 games per season compared to about 30 league games for an MLS team.

    The clubs are where all these young players will be getting the vast majority of their development, coaching and (hopefully) their playing time.

    If Lichaj can’t be a starter at AV then he it means if and when he plays for the US he will usually be short of match fitness.

    Germany and Brazil’s young players are mostly already more talented than anyone eligible for the US, so they are hardly a good comparison to make. Ozil and Khedira,for example just signed for Real Madrid and will likely play a lot. It’s not exactly a good idea to compare those two to Ream and Gonzalez, for example.

  212. Doctor Bashir says:

    He meant Odo the shape changer from Deep Space Nine

  213. Giggsy says:

    first of all are we calling in MLS players or not? either stick to MLS players from non contending teams or just call them all up. don’t just pick two from FCD.

    now i dislike Borenstein as much as the next guy but what is the difference between him and Pearce? nothing. just call the guy from the MLS team that is out of it already.

    why Spector, Gooch and Eddie? they haven’t played or played sparingly and not very well.

    can Hunter Freeman be any worse than Spector? he starts every game for IK Start with Goodson sooo.

    and no Mix? give the boy some love for Odin’s sake. even if it is just to hang and feel all warm and USMNT-ish. better than Norweigish right?

    i would have called Mix, Borenstein, Freeman, Cameroon and Braun instead of Gooch, Pearce, Spector and Shea (next time kiddo, you don’t have options like Mix does).







  214. Knowles says:

    I was just thinking the other day that Parkhurst deserved another callup. That should help for when Bradley switches to the 3-5-2. He’ll have a nice familiarity when Noonan finally gets called up again and Twellman recovers from his concussions

  215. GW says:

    You ought to do some reading before you post:

    From the USSF website:

    “With the fixture dates falling during the heart of the MLS playoff race, Bradley elected to choose a largely European-based roster. The FC Dallas duo of Heath Pearce and Brek Shea will join the U.S. team in Philadelphia on Oct. 10 following their weekend league match.

    “We understand this is a critical point in the season for teams in MLS,” said Bradley. “Given the circumstances, we felt it was important that the MLS players be given as much opportunity as possible to remain with their clubs and continue to make important contributions as the playoffs approach.” ”

  216. JFC says:

    with demerit not playing at a club now shouldnt BB play him for sympathy and hell who knows maybe someone will pick him up if he plays well

  217. Gacm32 says:

    Mikel definitely does NOT have the best passer rating in the Premier League. That’s one of the knocks on him for God’s sake, and most of the commentators have been saying how disappointing and overpriced Ramires was and has been. Maybe I was a little hasty with my Holden claims, but I still think Bradley is a better box-to-box player than Ramieres.

  218. Giggsy says:

    maybe you should READ what i wrote. what playoff chase are Houston (Cameron) and Chivas USA (Borenstein/Braun) in? oh, that’s right … they aren’t in any kind of playoff race their season is over so it would have been fine to call them up. and as for FCD not having games on those exact date is irrelevant because you are still adding two games of wear and tear (and possible injury) to two very key players on a team battling for the SS and playoff position.

    you really don’t know anything about US soccer do you?

    Bob is a complete idiot when it comes to team selection (Findley/Clark) so it shouldn’t surprise anybody that he cannot get something simple like selecting prospective USMNT prospects from non competitive MLS teams.

    it is pretty simple. you can even try it at home. anybody from NER, CHV, HOU, DCU, PHI, CHI, TFC is fair game*. the rest of the teams are off limits. how hard was that?

    * and NO a less than 2% chance that is predicated on one of the teams above you losing ever single remaining game of the season does not constitute still being “in it”.

  219. Fred Garvin says:

    I’m so not excited

  220. As you say, if he plays, it makes sense and I agree with you.Thanks for sharing .



  221. tomcat alley says:

    GW, your post needs to go up in neon lights. I can’t believe alot of these posts. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that BB got in touch with ALL MLS clubs with players he is interested in and Dallas was the ONLY one to agree to release them (which along with the Mexican league is NOT obligated to do for a FRIENDLY when they have their own games to play!!). Get over it already about Ream, Gonzalez, Braun etc. etc.! They’re not going to play! European teams ARE obligated because it’s a FIFA International week off!

    If anything like this happens in January with the long camp, THAT’S when everyone should get angry. 1 week with 2 friendlies is not the time to throw a bunch of young raw up and comers together. I, for one, am excited to see the likes of Lichaj, Jones and Gooch to see how they do…

  222. over there says:

    As much as it pains me to say it, Gooch just doesn’t deserve the call up at this point.

  223. jmadsen says:

    Why do people always want to list every fringe player name they can think of, when they’ve probably never even seen these guys play?

    You think Bradley doesn’t sit all week, every week, watching game tapes and talking to others who understand the game at a professional level about these guys?

    You call in guys who, if there were a major tournament tomorrow and your starters were injured, could play for you. Guys who are starting to make a name for themselves – that’s great, but you don’t need to see them 4 years before the next WC.

  224. Andy says:

    Gooch called up both because getting PT in a friendly is good for his club career and because we are thin at central defender.

    EJ is called up because he’s earned it. He’s had praiseworthy (by his manager, no less) appearances for a top 10 EPL club and has a good chance to start on Saturday.

    That said, I think 4-2-3-1 plays to our strengths right now. Play Jozy in the first half and EJ in the second.

  225. afc says:

    Pittman isn’t even healthy. He ruptured a tendon in his knee and is out for 4 months after surgery.

    As much as I love the guy he is pretty far off a call up at this point but he’s still young. If he can regain his form and hopefully move to a better club in the summer then maybe. He doesn’t play much at Wycombe but still remains their only striker to score from open play this season.

  226. Northzax says:

    Actually, it’s a FIFA date, so clubs are obligated to release players. But why piss off clubs if you don’t need to? You need a good relationship with clubs, especially domestic ones that don’t follow the calendar.

  227. Boris says:

    -1 fail.
    If you watch Mikel or even a Chelsea game, Mikel has improved his passing accuracy ten fold. Mikel’s passing stats this yr are better than Stu’s. Leave it to a Chelsea hater to fluff this one up.

  228. RedLine55 says:

    Spector is a Chicagoan, too, so I’m sure that helps on to selection. Not the main reason, of course, but an added perk.

  229. For me Clint Dempsey is one of the best midfieldef in world…

  230. DC Josh says:


    link to

  231. DC Josh says:

    No Gale Agbossoumonde? Isn’t it time to bring in our youngsters? I know he is only 18, but he is a standout for the U-20 team and the future of our senior team’s backline. Is it too early to bring him up? Michael Parkhurst is decent, but I don’t see him becoming a starter in the future. I see Gale as the “Jozy” of our backline. Young, raw, but extremely talented. Is there something I am missing here?

    (SBI-Josh, he’s a nice prospect, but he’s a kid who hasn’t even made his first division professional debut yet. He had a good Milk Cup against other kids, hardly the proof that he’s ready to be thrown into the deep end.)

  232. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Auf gehts Jermaine!

  233. Eurosnob says:

    Yeh, one might start wondering if Chelsea are bottom dwellers in the premier league with midfielders like this. And what were those naive Brazilian coaches thinking by starting Ramires for Brazil’s Selecao?

  234. Eurosnob says:

    Injuries are part of the game. If EJ did not play well in the minutes he received he would be riding on the bench again.

  235. GW says:

    “We already know that Pearce, Goodson, and Parkhurst aren’t USMNT quality!! Why doesn’t Bradley understand that??”

    That’s just your opinion based a some games you may have seen.

    Do you understand that you don’t follow them and their careers as closely as the USMNT does? That players have good periods and bad periods? Thay you may have seen them when they were not at their best but that they may have , my goodness, actually improved since you last saw them?

    Is that such a difficult concept for you to get your head around? You don’t monitor these guys for a living but the USMNT does.

    As for your cattle call idea of bringing in every single professional soccer player with an American passport and a heartbeat, the USMNT plays 14 games a year on average, so there are only so many slots open, which is why it is imporatnt for players to excel for their clubs so the US can have a larger sample size of games to evaluate them.

    Grella, for example, who rarely plays, just turned down a loan move which is baffling and Doyle played recently for Derby County mostly because of injuries to 5 forwards. I haven’t read one account that said he reminded anyone of Brian McBride.

    Torres has club commitments and Castillo can’t even get off the bench for his club, Vidal is hardly a star, and Diskerud plays in the 25th ranked league in Europe so, while he’s okay, he may have to wait a bit.

  236. JavaLavaJoe says:

    Diskerud should have been called in.

  237. Aristophanes says:

    Good lord, Norway a step up from MLS??? You just pointed out it’s 10 spots worse than the SPL! LAX, Crew, RBNY, RSL…these teams without doubt would compete with Celtic and Rangers for top of the SPL. Come on…Norway. WTF?

  238. Rory says:

    Norway’s on the same season schedule as the MLS, give or take a few weeks. They have five games to go and Stabaek could wind up anywhere between 12th and 4th. It’s probably not worth upsetting the club to get our first look at him when he would be easier to get in for longer in January.

  239. Rory says:

    Maybe BB saw those cowboy/western/playgirl type photos for charity that FCD did and wants some similar action for the national team.

  240. Rory says:

    You know, Braun would probably be avalible after this weekend since Chivas is going to be eliminated from playoff contention.

  241. Rory says:

    Charlie was on WFD last week. He was incredibly frank and honest about the car wreck (like how he wasn’t drinking but he couldn’t say there wasn’t drinking involved), how he woke up in the hospital and thought he was in Honduras and that someone was stealing his organs, and how he had played really, really bad for the reserve team. He downplayed the rift with the team but that might have been posturing.

  242. otergod says:

    bob will have ample time to look at Mix when Nov-Jan friendlies are here and his club is on break. I think you are blowing this out of proportion. We have Jones brought in, you dont want 2 fresh faces added into the system at once

  243. Rory says:

    You cannot tell how a new player or two are going to fit into the team without most of the regulars playing around them. If we send out a team like we did last gold cup with only a handful of real known quantities we aren’t learning how the new guys really play. You can learn how a new guy plays with a bunch of non-national team players by watching him play on his club. You can only learn about how he’ll play at the international level by surrounding him with internationals.

  244. GW says:

    “as for FCD not having games on those exact date is irrelevant because you are still adding two games of wear and tear (and possible injury) to two very key players on a team battling for the SS and playoff position.”

    Pearce and Shea were called in because they are having an excellent year and this is a good time to see them up close and personal, particularly in Shea’s case. In Pearce’s case, L Backs are always going to be looked at. As for this wear and tear business,they may not play a minute or they could play 20-10 minutes. That would minimize the wear and tear but if you feel like they should be kept in cotton wool between games, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m sure Dallas were consulted and have given their blessing so if they are okay with this I don’t know why you shouldn’t be.

    As for Cameron, Bornstein and Braun, I’m sure the USMNT knows all about JB, and they have had Braun and Cameron in. Maybe they just aren’t in the US’ plans at this time.

    There are only so many spaces in any given camp.

  245. Rory says:

    Good point. Maybe BB doesn’t plan on using the FCD players. Maybe Shea is there for BB to get a feel for how he acts off the pitch (there has to be questions about him based on his recent red card and the following fit he threw, and of course based on his haircut). Maybe Pearce is there strictly as cover in case of injuries.

  246. rory says:

    “x-mas formation”… so you’re trying to take the “Christ” out of “Christmas Tree Formation.”

    I’m telling Bill O’Reilly!

  247. Rory says:

    I think Michael Bradley just needs to see how it feels to win a game again… it’s been a hard start for BMG.

  248. Rory says:

    I could always go for seeing Idu or Udu play, but only sometimes Ydu.

  249. Rory says:

    Technically, I think Chivas could still make the playoffs if they won the rest of their games and there’s a major car crash involving the team busses for San Jose, Kansas City, and Colorado.

    (Unless Colorado’s win the other night sealed Chivas’ fate).

  250. GW says:

    “Michael Parkhurst is decent, but I don’t see him becoming a starter in the future. ”

    Maybe, but then you don’t evaluate players professionally (right?).

    Boss is a kid. He is a talented prospect of a kid but he’s still a kid. He’s not even on a club roster at the moment. He may never even play another professional game. You all fall in love with these Youth guys because the grass is always greener but you forget about the Szetelas, the Zizzos and yes, the Adus of the world.

    Parkhurst is a 26 year old , 5 year pro, who as hard as this may be to believe, might actually get better. He doesn’t have Boss’ raw potential and athleticism but he has passed many tests that Boss still has to face.

    Why don’t you let Boss prove some things first before you give him the starting CB role for the USMNT in the 2014 Cup?

  251. Rory says:

    We need to realize that anyone up to 24 years old is a “youngster” in national team terms. That would mean he could be 28 by the next world cup and even a longshot for the one after that. There’s no need to go looking for 18 year olds when there’s guys in their early 20’s who deserve a shot.

  252. mcnasty fc says:

    ” 😉 ” means joke

  253. A guest says:

    Can I just point out that this midfield:


    is absolutely disgustingly awesome?

    That is a legit top-10 midfield. I’m getting all giddy waiting to see how MB and JJ team up, and how Holden will make Jozy start scoring goals. Sooooooooo good.

  254. joe says:

    This is Bob’s chance to play a 4-2-3-1; make it happen

  255. JamesC says:

    Isn’t Diskerud a mid fielder? It’s a serious question b/c believe it or not I’ve never seen a Norwegian league match. If he is a MF, then I wouldn’t expect to see him getting playing time over the other MFs called in. Then consider Dempsey is listed as a forward and Donovan, Torres and Clark weren’t called in. Where does Diskerud find playing time?

  256. El Torito says:


  257. Mook says:

    mls players like findley are in a playoff race, thats why he wasn’t called up

  258. DC Josh says:

    I never said he would be a starter. If he was called up he would be at the bottom of the totem pole. I was just wondering why he wasn’t getting any love for a call-up. What has Eric Lichaj done? Until this season he wasn’t even making the bench for Villa. The EPL is a much tougher league to play in and train consistently. But Gale was on a Champions League club. I think Gale and Eric Lichaj have the same amount of talent in their respective positions. Maybe because we are weaker at fullback than center back.

  259. Angel FAN of USA says:

    Well B.B. Finally is getting the Idea to start calling new people in to the USNMT but he need to stop calling the Veteran and used this friendly to make a new national team so he can used that in the GOLDCUP with a mix of U17 & U20 players and players that in Europe that hasn’t been call to the USNMT before. He need to start a new foundation with new players, we know what Bocanegra, oguchi, Cherendulo, eddie johnson and others. Please we more young guys with better technical, creativity and speed, I like that he has Altidore, Lichaj, M. Bradley, Shea, Feilhaber,Holden, Edu, Spector wich he has call Castillo, Torres, and other player from the U20 or U17 Jones is great cause is his first time playing for USA his experience coming from the Youth of Germany National can help a lot. WOW Bradley you are heading in the right direction but need to work more in selection your players and your tacticals, I hope his experience in the world cup has teach Bob Bradley to be more careful setting up his team.

  260. Brian says:

    No problem. It’s something that’s puzzling me too. Makes you wonder why Schellas said “Yeah sure you can have ’em” and why Backe and Bruce said “No” (if Bob did in fact want to call up Gonzalez and/or Ream)

  261. Brian says:

    I agree man. So ridiculously filthy. Not to mention you still have Benny Feilhaber and Maurice Edu on the bench!

  262. Berto says:

    Dont understand why everyone is commenting on the negatives?
    When obviously BB listened and called in Brek and Eric…2 players everyone wanted they got.

    Seriously just support the team!

  263. Detroit! says:


  264. GW says:

    “What has Eric Lichaj done? Until this season he wasn’t even making the bench for Villa. ”

    I don’t think Lichaj should be called up either but they’ve had him in camp before and he is on the cusp of possibly breaking thru at Villa, so I’ll assume they have a good reason for doing this.

    “But Gale was on a Champions League club.”

    That’s stretching the truth a little. He never played a senior game for them and his brief association with them in terms of how it relates to the national team is about as relevant as the fact that Kenny Cooper once was under contract to Man U.

    Lichaj has a far greater chance of being a regular for Villa than Boss has of ever playing a game for Braga.

    This isn’t a fantasy football league. The US actually has real games to play and needs players who can play right now. National team coaches don’t have a lot of time to be coaching up 18 year olds. They have to get that at their clubs and show up at a USMNT camp ready to go.

    Boss needs to prove that he deserves an invitation to a senior US camp. Had he gone to Braga and impressed and made the team and got placed on the Champions league roster ( other teenagers have done things like that) then maybe you’ve got a case. But the kid did not do enough to earn a spot and he got cut, farmed out, whatever. So you want to reward him for failing? What do you think the USMNT, is a baby sitting service?

    He seems like a tough kid. Let Boss got out and fight his way onto a roster, beat someone out of a job and drive them into joblessness and poverty. Then he will deserve a call up to the USMNT. It makes for tougher competitors that way.

  265. GW says:

    Yeah you’re right. So why does everyone have such a hard on for Mix? Why should he be rated higher than say, Dax Mcarthy?

  266. Adu says:

    You mean Udu that Vdu that Udu so well.