Chivas USA Official: Club looking for new stadium site (UPDATED)



The rumors of a potential move for Chivas USA are back.

While promoting the second edition of the "ChivaClasico" between Chivas USA and the parent club Chivas de Guadalajara, the Communications Manager of Chivas USA admitted to the Mexican media that plans are in the works to construct a new stadium specifically for the club. 

[UPDATED: Chivas USA media relations issued this statement to SBI: "Every team in MLS would like to have its own stadium and Chivas USA is not the exception. There are long terms plans to have our own stadium but for now we are happy to be in this facility, which is one of the best soccer specific stadiums in the country."]

These comments come amid speculation that the ChivaClasico friendly at Petco Park in San Diego on Sept 14th could be the first step in a move away from the Home Depot Center.

Chivas USA has shared the Home Depot Center with the Los Angeles Galaxy since the club's inception in 2004. 


Excited that Chivas USA may get their own stadium? Would you prefer if they stay at the Home Depot Center? 

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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106 Responses to Chivas USA Official: Club looking for new stadium site (UPDATED)

  1. Clayton says:

    They should just change their colors to red, white, and green and be done with it. Oh well, they are at the bottom of the league anyways. Chivas “USA” – give me a break. Go back to mexico.

  2. andy says:

    When were they in Mexico?

  3. JB says:

    Yes, and Seattle “FC” should go back to England. “Real” Salt Lake should go back to Spain. New York “Red Bull” should go back to Austria.

  4. RK says:

    A new stadium, in a new city…

  5. Dantheblue says:

    There’s no reason to be so racist, clayton. Go back to mexico???? Come on now. That’s bush league (there is a pun there too in case u r asking)

    I want chivas USA out of hdc too, but only because sharing that setup isn’t working for me. An away game should not be a home game. Go work out a deal with cal state Fullerton where u can easiy add 10,000 seats to a relatively new stadium and parking is plentiful including easy on/off freeway access.

    Pero no quiero oír caca como “go back to México”….

    Elac, are you gonna weigh in???

  6. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    This makes sense, since Chivas USA’s lease with the Home Depot Center ends after this season and the team has never drawn well. I remember covering the franchise opener against D.C. United at the Home Depot Center, and there were 18K in a stadium that seats 27K. I seriously don’t think Los Angeles can support two MLS teams, so Chivas USA would be well-advised to move to San Diego. It also would be a good idea to drop the “Chivas” branding and go independent. I really don’t think Vergara is putting much emphasis on this team, anyway, given his holdings and priorities (Estadio Omnilife, for example).

  7. Steven C says:

    Just for clarification purposes, if someone is considered “anti-Mexican”, they are not racist. Mexican is not a race, but a nationality.

    Just sayin’.

  8. Brian says:

    Move to SD. Kill two birds with one stone.

  9. Brian says:

    Really? You’re gonna go and say that?

  10. Colin says:

    He’s the Mexican version of the Kraft family. Chivas USA, just like the Revolution, are little more than tax write-offs.

  11. Myles B says:

    Real Salt Lake really should go back the the names dept and ask for a new one!

    And Red Bull was originally a Thai thing, so they should technically go back to Thailand.

  12. john.q says:

    im in the “they should move to SD” camp but i doubt garber would let that happen. he seems keen on having LA and NYC with 2 teams

  13. Charles says:

    This IS the home of the Utah Jazz.

    UTAH ? Jazz ?

  14. Colin says:

    off topic, Ives when are you gonna bring back the MLS power rankings?

  15. Jamie says:

    Yeah because we all know racists are politically correct and only hate Latinos, because why would they call Guatemalans, Mexicans?

  16. my name? says:

    move to orange county, please…


  17. Colin says:

    San Diego would be an awesome spot for Chivas USA. They’d have the city to themselves and could start over with their fan outreach, marketing, etc.

    Plus, they wouldn’t be paying rent to their in-city rival.

  18. Josh D says:

    Great – another crap club getting a stadium before DC.. When will the misery end?

    On a brighter note: Rumor has it we (DC) are making an announcement around the 14th that deals with the stadium. Say it won’t be in DC though…

  19. Seriously says:

    New brand is what I want yes, dont care who owns them or if they played in purple unis (actually this isn’t that bad as it would bring some more diversity into this very much blue and red league) but to be named after another team I really really cannot stand. Red Bull is a different story, they are named for their parent company not another team. Colorado Arsenal would have been stupid too, thank God they didn’t do that.

  20. Charles says:

    Chivas was saying this is the MOST IMPORTANT game in their HISTORY, before the US Open Cup Semi with Seattle.

    Very bizzare statement.

    After seeing how many people were rooting for Monterry in SEATTLE, I realized that “converting” Mexican league fans to MLS is going to be anything but easy.

  21. Charles says:

    SLC is the home of the Utah Jazz.

    Jazz ?

    in Utah ?

    Real and Jazz…Air must be pretty thin up there.

  22. bottlcaps says:

    From what I understand, Chivas have several viable choices. The downside is that in this economy, the new stadium cannot depend of public financing. Depending on where it is located, it would have to provide substantial surface parking unless adjacent to rail or rapid transit lines.

    Chivas does not have a deep pocket beneficiary/owner like AEG. so cost is very important.

    East L.A. is an obvious choice, there are some possible sites, but land is very expensive, even in the barrio.

    Central Orange County/Santa Ana. A hotbed of Latino soccer, I know for sure the City of Santa Ana would definitely assist this endeavor.

    San Diego, a major West Coast Metro area and adjacent to Tijuana Mx, which does not have a Mx. 1st division Team. Like L.A., San Diego has several communities in the county and outside he city proper that would welcome a facility.

    Unlike the NFL, which has failed to put a team in L.A., MLS will have an easier time, with a smaller stadium, more community support and no exorbitant franchise fees, I expect the search to be difficult, but not impossible, but it will require a public-private partnership somewhere.

  23. Daniel says:

    Its not that easy to let go the team you grew up supporting. The goal should be to attract the kids of these Mexican league fans.

  24. MC Pharoah says:

    Keep Emblem, but change words to Club Deportivo San Diego….CD San Diego

  25. BetaMale says:

    As a San Diego resident, if Chivas moves down here without rebranding, all it will mean for me is two more Galaxy games I go to each year.

    I will not support a team based on failed ethnic pandering, no matter how badly I want a club in my city.

  26. Prosneef says:

    Don’t you mean ReAL SALT LAKE?

  27. patrick says:

    move to TX!! CD san antonio

  28. Prosneef says:


  29. JJJ says:

    If they move to SD, I will be first in line for season tickets. There is a built in market already here for soccer.

  30. Antonio says:

    They could either move to East LA at the Weingart Stadium which has a capacity of 20,355 or to San Diego at Petco Park which has a capacity of 42,445. Does Central Orange County/Santa Ana even have a stadium ready?

  31. yikes says:

    From all the comments it looks like everyone supports this, well pretty much. Build them a 20,000 seater stadium and have it ready before 2013. and you have a success

  32. biglustythonggrl says:

    tru Steven, that is laughable but so is Clayton and the majority of white folks’ claim that their great grandfather was part cherokee/navajo/etc (same people as majority of mexicans). Its actually not ironic, saying to some version of the red race to take a hike. I think its called history, and yes claims of indian heritage by light skinned caucasians is pretty much ridiculuous. Such claims by Americans were revealed to be hoakey in Henry Louis Gates’ PBS special on geneology. On Chivas, officially change their names to “Goats” and move them to San Diego. Keep the colors and other things that tie them to the historicity of chivas mexico.

  33. Josh D says:

    And that’s a huge problem – most Americans say Chivas USA is a Mexican team. It’s one Mexican based team out of 30 something others playing professionally over there.

    If anything, being Chivas means they are absolutely despised in certain circles.

  34. einar says:

    if they move toeast LA that would make them even more dirty.

  35. biglustythonggrl says:

    wont work at Weingart, unless they play in the mexican league.

  36. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    I second that motion…an OC move COUPLED with a re-branding strategy (moving away from the Chivas brand..unless it was the whiskey).

    Seriously, Chivas USA will ALWAYS be a ‘bush-league’ brand, unless they were to surpass their parent club…and with Chivas of Guadalajara’s resume…that is unlikely to happen.

    I’d vote for the OC Republic FC…way easier to create a brand in that fashion than what Vegarra has attempted with his ‘exportation’ of the Chivas brand.

    PS Sr. Vegarra, my 20+ years of brand building skills are for sale if you need help in this aspect.

  37. SayervilleFC says:

    Moving out of the HDC is a good move for Chivas USA.

    My preference would be for them to go to San Diego or, failing that, the Inland Empire. Staying in LA just seems redundant.

    Here’s hoping they can get a stadium of their own and fairly soon.

    Oh, and rebranding might not be a bad idea, either.

  38. Giggsy says:

    another place to consider is Riverside/San Bernandino. the Inland Empire is the 14th largest MSA in the United States (4M) and the largest without a pro-sports team. even larger than Las Vegas. that might persuade the area to help build a stadium to finally attract their first pro sports team. plus it is close to their current fan base such that some of the hardcore fans could stay with the team.

    either way, whether it is moving to San Diego, Inland Empire or Orange County, the team needs its own stadium, its own identity (not Chivas) and its own market (not the Clippers of MLS).

  39. Rory says:

    And DC United could go back to the 90’s, when they were good.

  40. Rory says:

    Maybe he could remarket them as Saprissa USA since he owns Saprissa as well?

  41. Rory says:

    I laughed at the Indian heritage claim deal. You get that a lot here in Kentucky. But you also have a ton of Confederate flags and if these people’s great-great-great grandaddy’s were from Kentucky there’s an equal chance they were rooting for the North, or more likely were waiting to see who won to decide who to support. And yet I have to hear about “That flag’s my heritage!” You don’t see me waving the Union Jack at my house because my great great great great great great grandad came over on the Mayflower II.

  42. Rory says:

    Move Chivas USA to Saint Louis and DC United to Baltimore. Everyone’s happy, right?


  43. Scott A says:

    I’m pretty lenient with team names. Hell, I support the Red Bulls, and I’m OK with Real Salt Lake and all the FCs. This is the only one that I really think was a mistake. I just don’t like the idea of tying yourself to another club like that with your name, wherever the other club is located. And I know it has happened in other places, such as Arsenal de Sarandi in Argentina, but I still don’t like it. I’d prefer a team’s fans build their own identity, but hey, I’m not a Chivas USA fan so doesn’t really matter what I think.

  44. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Cal State Fullerton stadium holds 10,000. Cal Irvine only 2500 …though I’m sure either would take retrofits given Californias budget crises.

    Angels Stadium holds 45,000….at least as good as PetCO park; though both are ‘baseball-only’ venues.

  45. Rory says:

    I used to be a New York Jets fan. If I lived in Canada and the local team renamed themselves the Ontario Patriots I’d probably not support them because I hate the Patriots. So why did anyone think naming a team “Chivas USA” was going to draw in all Mexican fans instead of just the Chivas ones?

  46. Rory says:

    So you’re not a fan of the Padres, either then? But if they changed the name to “Monks” you’d be there to watch them play?

  47. Duck says:

    To any San Diegans: is there room anywhere on the trolley system to put in a SSS? It would suck to put another team on a baseball field. Like the renaming ideas: California Republic SC, CD San Diego…

  48. Rory says:

    What? How can you support Red Bull New York (a spin-off of Red Bull Salzberg) and Real Salt Lake (a rip off of Real Madrid) and NOT accept Chivas USA. The only difference is that it is a non-European team they’re branded after. At least with NY and Chivas the ownership groups are there for the real brand and the rip off (it isn’t like Real Madrid owns Salt Lake).

    That makes no sense whatsoever. Unless you’re just a Eurosnob

  49. Duck says:

    The IE is an interesting idea. I think it would good idea to start a USL D2 or D3 team first and see if they can generate a fanbase before being able to buy into MLS.

  50. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Weingart Stadium at ELAC wouldn’t work. First, I believe it has FieldTurf. Second, it’s not up to MLS standards. Neither is Cal State Fullerton, really. None of the JC’s in Orange County or San Diego County would work, except as (very) temporary homes. Given the economy, no junior college district or state university is going to spend the funds to upgrade a stadium just to make it attractive for a pro team.

    Whoever said that “Chivas USA” was ethnic pandering was right on the money! I think most Latin-American fans recognized that; I think that’s why the team hasn’t drawn well. Besides, Metro L.A. has lots of Club America fans, Cruz Azul fans, and fans of other Mexican clubs, not to mention Salvadorans and Guatemalans who would never dream of rooting for a Mexican team. Sometimes, “branding” is just downright stupid.

  51. john.q says:

    right on the money. branding the team “Chivas” was a mistake. not only do they have little appeal to non-mexicans but to mexicans who support other FMF teams as well. the Galaxy have a better chance of attracting people of all ethnicities.
    they’re best served to re-brand and build thier own stadium.

  52. Cade says:

    CHIVAS USA??? lol what a gimmick. please rebrand for the sake of North American soccer and MLS fans.

  53. FSegaud says:

    I prefer Chivas CRC


  54. Big Feo says:

    As a mulitple season ticket holder, getting out of the Home Depot Center would be a top priority for me. Obviously giving up our parking/food revenue to them is hindering our goal of building up our coffers.

    I would go to the extent of rebranding but only after we find/build ourselves a stadium.

  55. joel says:

    one thing is to have a bad name…another is
    to be a Chelsea USA, Arsenal USA, whatever…
    in the end its not cool.

  56. nam says:

    I didn’t know South Dakota was a hotbed for soccer.

  57. Kejsare says:

    Considering the brief, if not non-influential, history of Utah being former Spanish and Mexican lands the “Real” in RSL has some bearing on the area’s history. (No one did anything of consequence to the area until Mormon settlers arrived)

    FWIW, I think the Jazz name stayed on after their move from the previous franchise location. Ex: LA Lakers????

  58. Rad says:

    Garber wants to turn this into the NBA. Which it is not. NY2 should be an expansion team further down the road. San Diego would be the most logical place for Chivas. Even more than LA. Its an area close to mexico, loves soccer and a chance to build a soccer academy without LA Galaxy nearby.

  59. Smits says:

    Agree with you, not totally sure about Garber’s logic of having to teams share the same market.

  60. Moose McDowell says:

    What 2 teams came together to form DC United?

  61. Mitch says:

    Football Club de San Diego and make the crest similar to the San Diego Flag and the colors Red, White and Yellow like the city. FC San Diego, FCSD.

  62. Ezra says:

    There are at least 3 pro teams in the IE that I know off the top of my head: Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, Inland Empire 66ers, and Ontario Reign. Now if you mean the largest MSA without a major league team, then yes, yes they are.

  63. Adam in Cali says:

    San Diego HAS to be the logical choice if they move from LA. As someone who used to live in SD, and now lives in LA, I would love to see it happen. It would kill 2 birds with 1 stone by allowing Chivas their own city to build a fanbase, and also by putting an MLS franchise in one of the biggest soccer markets in the country. Anyone who paid attention to the world cup viewer ratings will note that San Diego led the country in viewers for just about every US game, along with the Final. The youth soccer culture in San Diego is a huge part of that city’s sporting culture, so there would be great fanbase to begin building the franchise. Also, it would be a great way to build a true SoCal rivalry, with the league trying to emphasize the building of rivalries. Just look at how excited everyone is about the potential of the Seattle/Vancouver/Portland rivalries. The only hesitation I have is whether or not the city will actually agree to build their own SSS, and in an area that is easy for fans to get to. The city won’t even build a new stadium for the Chargers, and San Diego is absolutely CRAZY about their NFL team. I hope things work out though because it would be a win-win situation for all those involved. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  64. Ezra says:

    For those saying they should relocate to San Diego and having 2 teams in LA is stupid, I just wanted to point out an article from ( link to ), where they have capacity scores for cities to be able to add additional major league sports. They rank the cities out of 100. San Diego only gets an 88 score. Which means it has a “borderline economic base”. Whereas other LA areas such as Riverside/San Bernardino and Oxnard/Thousand Oaks get 100 (meaning “sufficient economic base”). There’s no OC ranking though. If SD didn’t have the Padres or the Chargers they could then easily support a MLS team.

    But the point is LA is sufficiently large enough to support 2 MLS teams. The problem is having both of the teams in Carson. From where I live, driving to Carson is a pain in the butt. They need to move a team to somewhere with good public transportation and/or somewhere where people can park and tailgate (so if you do have to drive a long way you can make a whole day out of it), and preferably somewhere on the north side of the LA metro area. That’s one of the reasons that the Dodgers/Angels and Kings/Ducks work. One is in the north, the other is in the south. You naturally will draw different fans that way. Whereas the Lakers/Clippers doesn’t work because they both play in the north.

  65. todd nelson says:


  66. Snare says:

    The Utah Jazz used to be the New Orleans Jazz but when Larry H Miller, the late owner of the Jazz, bought them he couldn’t afford to change the name at the time. This has happened many times. The LA Lakers used to be in Minnesotta and the Sacramento Kings used to be in Kansas City and both franchises didn’t change their names when they switched owners and cities.

  67. Jay says:

    It’s officially Red Bull New York

  68. PseudoNEmous Commenter says:

    No, dude. He’s talking about South Detroit, the soccer Mecca of America.

  69. Focus on the product not the wrapping says:

    Does anyone remember that SD was a consideration for Chivas’ home when they entered the league? Also Chicago? Seems odd they are talking about going back to SD.

    I don’t see it happening. With California’s economic difficulties, there is no way public funds are going to be made available for this project and current pro stadiums will make Chivas’ small crowds look even worse.

    Get a better team before you get a better stadium.

  70. Tony says:

    Red Bull New York is not a spinoff of Red Bull Salzberg… it’s a naming convention used for all of Red Bull GmbH’s many sporting endeavors, Red Bull Leipzig, Red Bull Brasil, Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Toro Rosso (Team Red Bull in Italian), Team Red Bull in nascar, EC Red Bull Salzberg in hockey… and Real Salt Lake is not necessarily a rip off of Real Madrid… after they were created they made a relationship with Madrid… but “Real” means royal, as in, any team in Spain that wants to make the King of Spain an honorary member takes on the title “Real.” And there’s many, many, many “Real” teams worldwide, not just in Spain… it’s simply a name many associate with football.

  71. Zach says:

    Agreed x1000. Build the new stadium somewhere South of the border

  72. Zach says:

    the pun in Bush league is like George W. Bush right???? OMGGG that’s so funny. Do you are like hilarious. How many days did that one take you???

    Anyway, Clayton is spot on. Chivas “USA” is like Villarreal B in Spain, they just use it to blood young talent. Can’t believe this team was even conceived and approved by MLS

  73. Ron says:

    Build that Stadium in San Diego! If Vancouver, Seattle and Portland works in the Pacific Northwest – then why not Galacticos, Goats, and Earthquakes for California? The more soccer specific stadiums – the better for MLS and ultimately, US Soccer!

  74. yets says:

    chivas usa should get a new stadium at the old tustin marine base. there is plenty of space there. plus, easy access to freeways (5, 55, 405).

    downtown santa ana would be my pick. maybe remodel the santa ana bowl.

  75. PC says:


    You should call The San Siro and offer up some of your genius.

  76. Scott A says:

    Naw, I’m not a Eurosnob. Read what Tony said for an explanation. And to expound on it…Real may obviously be named in a nod to Real Madrid–but it just means Royal–and it’s not like Real Madrid owns RSL. RB New York is a sports venture by RB and by no means an afterthought. RB New York was not branded after another team. Names like the Wizards may be silly (to me, and I admit that doesn’t mean anything) but I feel like teams can build their own identity around the team and it’s not a hindrance at all.

    Chivas USA is a different beast. They are literally owned by a foreign club who by all counts, view them as an afterthought. They are restricted partially the appeal of Chivas de Guadalajara. Once again, I’m not saying they’re doomed to fail and my opinion doesn’t matter matter…but I 100% disagree with you that Chivas USA’s branding is the same as RBNY’s, RSL’s, or the FCs.

  77. brentonship says:

    I would love an MLS team in my home city of San Diego :)

  78. Scott A says:

    But, to be fair, most RBNY fans suspected that RB neglected this team and only cared about the advertising value. Everything’s changed this year. Chivas could prove to be great owners of Chivas USA…I’m just skeptical. And I don’t think they have the clout that RB has

  79. Scott A says:

    I’m no Eurosnob. If Stan Kroenke became the majority shareholder of Arsenal and wanted to rename the Rapids the Colorado Gunners, I’d be against that too.

  80. Seriously says:

    That hits nowhere near to the comment he made. It was a cheesy move to name the team after a mexican team to cater to supposed fans in the area. To name a team after something that was of historical significance to an area is so totally different from that it isn’t even funny. Quit trying to cast people in a bad light. Especially if you are going to do it ignorantly.

  81. papa bear says:

    if Chivas wants actual fans, they will take the plot of land near El Centro in Hollywood near the Bally’s and build a stadium there.

    Furthermore, they should make a deal with Hollywood United FC to merge with them to use the name ‘Hollywood United FC’ and I promise they will be the most popular team in the league and start out-drawing ‘LA’ Galaxy every day of the week.
    They could put a 45K seat stadium there and sell it out every night.

  82. BenH says:

    EHHHHHH, did I click on the wrong link? Could have sworn this had to do with Chivas USA and a potential new stadium?

    No? Oh, it’s a history lesson? Got it.

  83. jimoh8002 says:

    Were cool in baltimore with that. there are several malls we are dieing to tear down to build a stadium even old scrap yard… how long till DC gives in……. But to be honest I believe the main reason Dc united dont want to move to baltimore is because its a whole new market and they would have to change the name. Theres no way Dc united will stick in Baltimore… EVERRRRRRR

  84. sdghj says:

    i just wish they would rebrand the club already chivas usa?? really?? club deportivo los angeles. the end.

  85. Ski Fast! says:

    Chivas F.O. are downplaying this, no need to get all excited too soon.

  86. Sgc says:

    Same two teams that came together to form Manchester United.

  87. Sgc says:

    Umm, 3/4ths of Chivas USA players would be ineligible to play for Chivas Guadalajara. It’s hardly their youth team.

  88. Sgc says:

    One definition of “race” is synonymous with “nationality.” That’s the one that’s been used for thousands of years, the one you’re used to is a johnny-come-lately.

  89. gas huffer says:

    A team of donkeys, and a team of mentally challenged clams…

  90. Brian says:

    Sorry, I’m a bit Cali-centric. Everyone in California knows that SD is San Diego. And the killing two birds with one stone would be A)Getting a new stadium for Chivas and B)Giving a city I feel that is deserving of a MLS team.

  91. Brian says:

    Exactly. I don’t know the demographic of the Chivas USA fan base, but I would guess that most of their fans are either:
    A) Mexicans/Latinos Americans that also support C.D. Guadalajara
    B) Mexicans/Latinos Americans that have no Mexican club affiliation
    C)Non-Mexican/Latino Americans

    I doubt that Mexican-Americans living in the LA Area who support one of the other Mexican teams would also support Chivas USA. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t C.D. Guadalajara one of the most hated teams in Mexico? Kinda like the Yankees, the Lakers or the Cowboys?

  92. Brian says:

    Screw playing in baseball stadiums. The KC Wizards current stadium is a friggin joke.

  93. Brian says:

    seriously f*ck the 405

  94. Mike says:

    love the idea of chivas in San Diego. but will anyone attend matches there? i personally dunno.

  95. Brian says:

    Bravo, sir. Most people don’t know that fact. Newton Heath LYR Football Club just decided to change their mind.

  96. Brian says:

    My god you are f*&kin stupid. The term “Bush League” has nothing to do with George W. Bush. The term originates from baseball.

    “Bush League” – A slang term used to describe play that is of minor league or unprofessional quality. The “bushes” or the “sticks” are small towns where minor league teams may operate.

  97. Brian says:

    Colorado Arsenal wouldn’t have been a big deal. It might alienate the handful of Colorado EPL fans in the Denver area that hate Arsenal, but what’s stupid about Chivas USA is they’re trying to attract a Mexican/Latino/Hispanic fan base, but in reality the name ‘Chivas’ alienates anyone who is a fan of any other team in Mexico. Not to mention a Non-Mexican/Latino/Hispanic person in the LA area would probably support the Galaxy over Chivas USA.

    Move to San Diego. Change the name to something without ‘Chivas’ in it. A Spanish sounding name might work too.

    California Republic FC
    Calfornia Republica FC
    Football Club de San Diego
    Futbol Club de San Diego
    Club San Diego
    San Diego FC
    C.F. San Diego
    Deportivo San Diego FC

  98. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Mitch, I like that idea. I hope the “powers that be” latch on to that.

  99. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Actually, Garber suggested that Vergara put his team in San Diego, but Vergara *insisted* that he put it in (at least suburban) Los Angeles.

  100. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Ezra, the problem with your reasoning is that 1) you’re comparing teams in MLB, NBA and NHL to teams in MLS, which doesn’t have the same popularity or fan base 2) you’re not addressing the attendance discrepancies between the Galaxy and Chivas USA, discrepancies that began long before Beckham got here.

    I think New York is the only area that could support two MLS teams, provided one is in NYC itself. The area is more ethnically diverse, so trying to pander to one ethnic group won’t work.

  101. Jamin Barnes says:

    San Diego needs a team. It’s too far to drive to LA plus the traffic sucks. Come MLS put a team down here!!

  102. Ezra says:

    1) How does a sport not having the same “popularity or fan base” make my argument invalid? MLB, NBA, and NHL all have vastly different popularities and fan bases (seriously how can you compare MLBs popularity of 40,000 fans for 81 home games vs 16,000 for 41 in NHL). This is about creating a distinguishable difference in where the fan base is being pulled from. It’s not much different than the argument saying move to San Diego because you can pull from a different fan base. I’m just saying that they don’t need to move that far, there are plenty of people in LA like me who don’t want to travel to Carson and thus limit the number of games they attend.

    2) Of course not, that has nothing to do with what I’m saying. If you really are concerned about it though, it’s quite obvious and similar to the Lakers/Clippers. One team was there first. That same team also has been the better team and has the most playoff games/championships. Contrast that to the Dodgers/Angels. Dodgers were there first and have been more successful, but the Angels moved to a entirely different area of LA and have their own segment of dedicated fans.

  103. ELAC says:

    Certainly Zach, Clayton , and every “non-racist” racist moron is entitled to their opinion.

    For me, given that I occasionally speak with a certain member of the ownership for Chivas USA, all I can say is that we’ll be in Carson for a while. Perhaps 1-2 seasons more.

    The new stadium will NOT be in San Diego. It might be in OC, but not in East LA. (my home).

    As far as re-branding, I think we all agree that the Chivas brand does not work in the MLS. We don’t need to burn crosses or wear white hoods to prove that point. It was ill-conceived in 2005 and were are still feeling the residual effects of that poor decision-making.

    For the record, the Chivas USA has cost us fans more than any of you will ever know. The stupid “Chivas Clasico” is a perfect example of what I mean.

    Dantheblue, thanks for speaking your mind again. I hate your team, but I wholeheartedly respect your opinion.

  104. dave says:

    Maybe the team could move to Fullerton. Problem though is that Titan Stadium needs to be remodeled. Also, where would the team have practice? I attended CSUF and most of the land is already used on classrooms, parking, and physical education classes. Santa Ana would work if the current stadium got demolished and a new stadium built. The stadium in Huntington Park would be ok but no luxury suites. The inland counties have land, yet horrible traffic problems. The traffic problem would have to be considered and roads expanded. No easy fix exists and a move to Las Vegas could happen.

  105. Eubanks says:

    San Diego is mostly Mexican/Latino/Hispanic you can name it any thing you want as long as you advertise in Spanish the fans will come.