RSL reaches CCL quarters, TFC eliminated after draw

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Real Salt Lake became the first Major League Soccer team to clinch a berth in the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals after registering a 1-1 tie against Toronto FC at BMO Field on Tuesday night.

Javier Morales converted a free kick to help erase a 1-0 Toronto lead and push RSL back to ten points in Group A. TFC was eliminated from the competition after Cruz Azul defeated Arabe Unido on the same night.

Columbus will look to join RSL with a win or tie tonight against CD Municipal. Seattle was officially eliminated from the competition on Tuesday night after Deportivo Saprissa recorded a tie against Monterrey.

If you missed last night's match, here are the highlights:

What did you think of last night's match? Think RSL can make a run at the Champions League title?

Share your thoughts below.

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13 Responses to RSL reaches CCL quarters, TFC eliminated after draw

  1. Coffee says:

    I thought the Dynamo were the first team to clinch quater final birth? I may be wrong.

  2. Coffee says:

    Never mind, I think I know what you mean. My bad

  3. Paul says:

    Too early haha

  4. Coffee says:

    Lol I know!

  5. KEvin_Amold says:

    What a catchy song in the highlights!

  6. Brent McD. says:

    Javier Morales is the best player in MLS.

  7. Gunnersfan66 says:

    Yes, I believe this team has a chance but the away venues are tough, and the CCL refs are a complete joke. Would agree that Javier Morales is the best player in MLS, and that RSL is probably one of the best and deepest MLS sides in its short history. There style is very much reflective of Barca and Arsenal, possession oriented with proper strikers, except for Findley, and thats another story altogether.

  8. Mattmatumbo says:

    Conway had to have had the greatest save for TFC ever! Plus Beckerman lining up as though he was going to receive a pass for the free kick was awesome. Not as awesome as Javi’s kick, but Conway was ready for the line drive instead of a bendy free kick. De Guzman for hero of the match trying to stop it with his arm hahaha.

  9. Snare says:

    I’m glad RSL has this taken care of so they can now focus on the supporters shield. Not just speaking as an RSL fan but as an MLS fan, I really want to see them in it next year. They’ve represented MLS really well and taken the tournament seriously.

  10. Josh D says:

    Well done to RSL. They’ve taken things seriously, built up a team that can compete, and gotten to where they are.

    From here, it’s down to luck with refs and maintaining form in away games. As a DC fan, you’ll have me cheering you guys on as you represent MLS.

  11. Any clue as to how much money the winning club receives for winning the CONCACAF Champions League?

  12. einar says:

    As a galaxy fan. I have a lot of respect for RSL playing so dam good in this tournament. I would love to see them going to the club world cup.

  13. Neruda says:

    I’d love to see RSL be first MLS team to win CCL trophy. It’s about time an MLS team wins it.