Should Henry be suspended for Hartman incident?

Thierry Henry (

What started out as a celebration turned into a nightmare when a Thierry Henry kicked a ball into Kevin Hartman's foot, causing the FC Dallas goalkeeper to suffer a sprained MCL that could sideline him for several weeks.

The incident came after a Mehdi Ballouchy goal in Thursday's Red Bulls-FC Dallas match. Henry went to kick the ball away after it had ricocheted out of the net, but just before he did, Hartman stuck his raised foot behind the ball. Henry's subsequent blast jarred Hartman's leg and sent him sprawling. He left the match at halftime after being unable to to make it through warm-ups.

Here is the video of the incident:

Here is our question for you. Do you think Henry should face some discipline for the incident, or do you think it was just a fluke incident? Cast your vote here:

What's my take? I think it was a fluke play that could have merited a second yellow card for Henry, but  since the referee saw it and already addressed it, stating he saw nothing worthy of punishment, it doesn't seem likely MLS would overrule the referee. The league does issue retroactive punishment at times, but it usually involves plays the referee didn't see. There will surely be a protest from Dallas, and there is already talk suggesting that MLS won't suspend Henry because of the upcoming high-profile match against the Los Angeles Galaxy. In short, this story isn't likely to go away any time soon.

How did you vote? What did you think of the play?

Share your thoughts below.

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149 Responses to Should Henry be suspended for Hartman incident?

  1. Adam says:

    In all honesty… it doesn’t even look like he hits him.

  2. bob says:

    hell yes. sure it was an accident, but henry is at fault for taking out an MVP player.

  3. sublicon says:

    Hartman already admitted to purposefully sticking his foot out when he saw what Henry was going to do. Immature thing to do on Henry’s part, but with Hartman’s involvement, it’s a wash.

  4. SdbransonUSA says:

    I was at the game and had no clue what happened at the time. It’s unfortunate Hartman was hurt, but it was definitely a stupid fluke play. That being said, if it wasn’t Henry that did it, I’m sure there would be some sort of fine or suspension passed down by the league.

  5. Gina says:

    He should be fined for kicking the ball after the goal… the reason some refs don’t go for crap like that is cause it can result in exactly what happened to Hartman last night.

    Is it confirmed that its just a sprain?

  6. attenborough says:

    How out of condition to you have to be for that to sprain your MCL? What Henry did was about as worthy of punishment as it was fruitful–dumb and senseless, but maybe Hartman should grow a pair. This is like when kickers get hurt celebrating or guys strain their backs sneezing.

  7. bob says:

    Hartman has all rights to go for the ball, how else is the ball going to get back up to the middle of the field. Henry if he wanted the ball should have picked it up not kicked it. He was interfering with Hartman.

  8. jdoppel says:

    thats my problem with the whole thing… had this been Davy Arnaud doing it, or some other lesser player, the league or the ref would have carded him. On the video it looks like Henry takes a few steps run up to the ball and Hartman is right there… whether he stuck his foot out or not, it was reckless on Henry’s part, and childish. it wasn’t the same as a studs up tackle from behind, but neither is it a pure accident, like a player twisting or falling in an unexpected way from a harmless tackle…

  9. smokedgouda says:

    Henry could clearly tell that the goalie was coming in towards him as he went for the ball. He had a frustrating night and maybe his insistence on kicking it was a sign of that frustration. Just guessing because the video doesn’t make sense. French are known to be passive aggressive.

    That said, I think Henry is a great player and his presence encourages me to go to more RB games.

  10. This Guy says:

    All I read about Henry from MLS writers is how professional and classy he is, yet I’ve seen none of it since his Arsenal days.
    I don’t think it warrants a suspension though.
    At some point the old saying “I can’t believe what you say because I see what you do” has to be realized with this clown.

  11. bob says:

    should have been a yellow. That would have been Henrys second. Making the game level with 10 each.

  12. lassidawg says:

    The injury was a fluke thing, but it should have been a yellow for kicking the ball away. I didn’t not see the game so until reading the article I had no idea he was sitting on a yellow already. Typical of a gutless MLS ref not issuing another card because he already has one. It is supposed to be automatic if you boot a ball away no matter what he is delaying the restart of the game. He should be suspended as though he received a second yellow

  13. Tim F. says:


    Here is what Hartman said (from AP)

    “I’m not real sure exactly how it happened,” Hartman said. “We’d given up the goal, obviously, and it was just one of those things where he wanted to get the ball back to midfield or whatever. Henry went to hit the ball and I tried to intercede, and unfortunately got hurt.

    How could you suggest that a suspension is warranted?

    (SBI-Tim, my man, I’m not “suggesting” anything. I’m trying to gauge the public opinion. There are clearly people who think he should be suspended, and others, like ME, who don’t. I’m leaving it up to readers to vote their opinion. Not sure why you’re getting on me for trying to have a discussion about it.)

  14. kpugs says:

    No effin’ way? Are you guys insane? Hartman literally said he was trying to stop Henry’s celebration! All he had to do was not do that!

    This is ridiculous, you guys are crazy. I remember Osvaldo Sanchez trying to de-leg Damarcus Beasley during a goal celebration, no one said Beasley should have been carded for getting too close to Sanchez.


  15. kpugs says:

    Exactly, he brought it upon himself! I can’t believe what I’m reading from all of these nutjobs.

  16. balla says:

    (SBI-Keep it on topic buddy.)

  17. kpugs says:

    He wasn’t trying to get the ball dude, can you read? He was trying to intercede in Henry’s celebration.

    That is, to add a little emphasis, A DIRECT QUOTE FROM HARTMAN HIMSELF. Who is he to try and stop a celebration? He tried to play defense against a guy celebrating in a common fashion (people all over the world kick the ball back into the net after goals, happens all the time, and Henry does it more often than most). Hartman knew exactly what happened and what he was doing. If he just stands there and doesn’t stupidly stick his foot out, guess what, the ball goes into the net and he’s not injured. I can’t believe I have to even explain something this simple.

  18. thrill says:

    It’s a dead ball after the goal – the ref is the only one who has any ‘rights’ to it.

  19. Neal says:

    I think it was Eddie Johnson, but I get your point…

  20. Jersey says:

    had no idea Richie “Anklebiter” Williams was also reffing matches these days.

  21. John says:

    If anything I think Hartman owes Henry an apology. LOL.

  22. rory says:

    What was Henry doing going to kick a ball that had been stopped for a few seconds and it was after the goal anyway? He said he likes to kick them into the net, but he couldn’t have possibly kicked that one into the net with TWO FCD players standing by it.

    It was stupid and childish. Deserved a yellow, but should at least get a fine now for it. Henry won’t miss the $15K but some charity might appreciate it.

  23. Rory says:

    but kpugs, there was no way that ball could be kicked into the back of the net with two people standing there. Especially since Zak Lloyd was sitting on the ground with the ball stopped between his legs just seconds before Henry made his run.

  24. dwbpnm says:

    actually if you meekly put your foot into a “challenge” like that its incredibly easy to injure your knee. This is why you’re always taught to go into a tackle 100% or don’t go in at all. That said Henry shouldn’t be suspended for this but he probably should get a fine.

  25. Kevin says:

    You’re stupid. You’ve no idea how easy it is to tear an ACL or and MCL.

  26. MB Beachbum says:

    When I was watching the game live I immediately thought it was a yellow card. I than realized Henry was already carrying a caution and the ref had a chance to level the teams at 10 which they have a proclivity to do. As the time passed and I realized he was not going to send him off I did think it was because it was Henry.

    Watching the video again I see that Hartman was at the ball two steps before Henry and his foot was out long before he started his strike on the ball. It was definitely a yellow for Henry.

  27. Cairo says:

    Give Henry a small fine and move on–$500 or a $1000 isn’t even going to be noticed by Henry, but it will send the message that the league isn’t playing favorites a la the NBA. Whether deserved or not, no action by the league will be taken as favoritism towards one of the league’s two big names.

    On another note, people wonder why some Americans don’t like soccer–have you been following the uproar over Derek Jeter faking like he was hit with a pitch? This is pretty much the baseball equivalent of taking a dive, and many American sports fans were really upset about it. In this respect, the culture of sports is vastly different in the US, and I don’t quite know how the game of soccer can transcend this problem in this country. As a fan of both the big American sports and of soccer, I tend to see the spotty (that’s a generous word) officiating of soccer even at the highest levels as the primary roadblock to the game joining the big three here (baseball, football, basketball)

  28. Rory says:

    Is kicking the ball away in a dead ball situation worthy of a yellow? Usually, yes. Therefore it’s a second yellow and a suspension. Nothing else matters really.

    Heny is lucky he didn’t chuck that ball into Zack Lloyd’s face, then a real fight would have broke out.

  29. Squard says:

    People are trying to make this into a “stickin up for the little guy” argument just because it’s Henry. If it was someone like Borman who kicked the ball (not the player, the BALL), there wouldn’t be nearly as much press over this.

    BTW: I hope the crowd at Friso enjoys the KISS concert.

  30. Ian says:

    I was watching this game, which was excellent btw and I felt gutted for them both. More so for Hartman obviously due to the likely outcome, but you could tell that Henry was totally gutted and super-sorry. I mean it was a huge accident on something you see all of the time (the follow up blast into the net). We’ve all been there, when you hurt someone really badly, usually emotionally and it’s totally unintentional, you just feel terrible. I honestly believe Henry does.

    I think they should give him a game, mostly just to take action. Realistically though, I don’t feel it was punishable.

    On a side note, I used to be a freestyle mogul skier. Absolute horror on the knees. I blew mine in the lift line messing about with a buddy. All those years of absolute pounding and my injury comes because a friend played the old pop-the binding trick and it tweaked me wrong. It was an accident, and he was as devastated as I.

  31. Rob says:

    How many times do you see the ball kicked after a goal…..all the time, and no yellows. Sorry, but you can’t start that tradition of giving cards in the middle of a season.

  32. Rory says:

    You know what’s real odd… Hartman never once looked at Henry while walking up to the ball. I don’t think he ever even saw Henry comming. If you noticed he had some harsh words for Henry on the field after Henry came over to apologize, but after the match and the interview he was suddenly towing the MLS line. Hmph… conspiracy? Intrigue? Has the MLS grown up and started giving us storylines off the field worth following? Next we need a “Landon caught with Hookers” story.

  33. New York Sucks says:

    What Hartman said was pure class on his part. He know MLS doesn’t have the balls to suspend Henry, just as the ref did not have the balls to give him his second yellow.

    As is clearly evident in the video, KH was already putting his foot on the ball before Henry approached. Henry should have pulled up once Hartman reached the ball. And the story of “putting it back in the net”?? Is that the best Hnery can shoot? The ball came nowhere near the net off his “putback”.

  34. rory says:

    “Classy” for a soccer player just means he hasn’t been caught with a hooker… yet.

  35. LittleRockAnt says:

    It’s a wash. Hartman looked like he intentionally stuck his foot out. Sometimes you see yellows for touching the ball after a foul, but I hven’t seen it after a goal, and that’s the only thing that I see here that could merit a card. It’s a fluke that unfortunately ended up with a very important player hurt, but a fluke all the same.

  36. New York Sucks says:

    exactly right, why? Because Borman would have been red carded.

  37. Rory says:

    I noticed how the same talking heads at ESPN who trash soccer players for exagerating fouls to try to get a card were praising Jeter for doing whatever it takes to help his team win.

    At least soccer players don’t usually brag to the press about how they faked the injury right after the game is over.

  38. Rory says:

    You’re right, because the press would be reporting: “Borman ejected for game for second yellow when he kicked a dead ball away and caused a delay in the game, a questionable move considering he was already sitting on a yellow.”

    Yep, no press uproar over that one.

  39. Murphy says:

    i don’t think either player is at fault. i don’t know why henry did that but hartman definitely didn’t see him coming and that’s why he wasn’t ready to get hit by the ball. i didn’t see the play last night but henry didn’t need to run up to the ball like that and strike it so hard. but he usually does that after celebrations so whatever. it was a total fluke–too bad hartman got hurt on it, but you can’t really suspend henry for that. now if hartman was on the ground and henry blasted a shot on goal and hit him in the head or something then he should be suspended.

    what we should be talking about is the fact that that guy alexander waltzed through the ny defense to take the lead when dallas was a man down. if ny is the real deal they need to win a match when they are playing a man up for over half the game–especially with the stars they have.

    also i thought henry as a lone striker wasn’t the best idea. keep him up there with angel. i love how pissed angel is during games when he doesn’t score. you can tell he is putting in the effort. i hope he comes back next year.

  40. Rory says:

    In fact, if you pause that video at 0.05 you will see that Zack Lloyd’s leg is in front of the ball still and Henry is running in as full speed. It makes no since whatsoever for Henry to come over to blast that ball into the crowd. A ball that has already come to a complete stop between lloyd’s legs and lloyd was in the process of standing up while Henry was running over.

  41. Rob says:

    Agree with everything, great post

  42. ... says:

    wahhhhhhh!!! :'(

  43. Robert Smith says:

    This is a non-story … It’s bizarre, but I actually agree with what one of the posters said. Either go all in, or don’t go in at all.

    It was unnecessary what Henry did to celebrate, but if Hartman really wanted to stop it, then he should have gotten stuck in. Otherwise, just let it go and get on with it. No suspension, no fine, just a stern talking to and a memo to the entire League that kicking the ball away after a goal will not be tolerated.

    Now the bigger story should be Brek Shea and his antics. The tackle was stupid, unwarranted and was ABSOLUTELY a red card. His antics afterwards, trying to act like a hard guy and pushing the assistant ref, should warrant an extra 2-game ban. Hopefully the youngster will learn a lesson. I hope the League sends a message to him for sure.

  44. Tim F. says:

    My bad Ives. You’re right. This is a debatable topic. I actually wondered if Hartman hurt himself more on his fall?

  45. Hood Rich says:

    LOL yeah I did a double-take on that pic too that looked like ABMOD :-)

  46. Jonathon says:

    Here’s a test for you, though you’ll need someone to help you. Stick your foot out. Let your leg relax and let it just dangle. Maybe you should blindfold yourself so you can’t brace yourself for what’s coming next. Then, all of a sudden, have your friend kick your foot as hard he can. See what happens to your leg.

    I’ll spoil it for you: It’s going to twist. A lot. Where? At the knee. Which is how your MCL gets strained.

  47. A.S. says:

    Inappropriate goal celebration by Henry.

    According to MLS precedent, he should be fined $250. (Anybody remember when Eskandarian was fined $250 for taking a swig of Red Bull on the field after scoring a goal against NY?)

  48. giaco says:

    If Henry was literally right next to the ball when it was put into the net and kicked it, that’s one thing. But the goal was scored and the keeper was moving to it to collect for the restart. NO NY player should have touched it, they had no reason to be there. Henry had no reason to hit the ball again, and he had to run up to it to do so. He could have stopped his motion (which he really shouldn’t have been making anyhow). I am surprised he wasn’t carded for it to begin with.

    Hartman had more of a right to the ball, if you will, than Henry did–therefore Henry is more at fault. I’d rather see a little love for a journeyman like Hartman (who I really don’t like), than some flash in the pan one or two year retirement player–and it’s weak of the league to not retroactively award him a second yellow or a suspension simply because of the next match-up (against LA).

    1 game suspension.

  49. Jonathon says:

    How often do you see players kick the ball like that five seconds after the goal is scored? It’s one thing for a player to do it straight after the goal is scored and the player was already making that run in, but it was well after the goal and Henry wasn’t that close to the initial play. And looking at where Henry was going to kick the ball, it wasn’t going to be towards the goal – it was going to be blasting it at the boards, or maybe into the crowd. Hard to tell.

  50. Will says:

    “Henry had no business going in there.”
    Should have been a yellow and ejected.

  51. John says:

    Rory, You hit it exactly on the head. That Hartman was injured is, though unfortunate, entirely incidental. The point is that Henry was delaying the game with his antics, and that should have gotten him a yellow.

    However, that official knew full well that it would be a while before he got to work a big match again if he sent off the player that caused only the 2nd or 3rd full house of the entire season at Pizza Hut Park.

  52. inkedAG says:

    I don’t know how the heck neither player saw each other.

    (SBI-They were looking dead at each other, but at the point when they stop looking at each other is when Henry goes for the kick. Just at that moment Hartman makes the move for the ball. He hadn’t made a play for the ball when Henry puts his focus on the ball. The idea that Hartman was on the ball for some time before Henry even started to kick is nuts. Just pause the video right when Hartman puts his foot behind the ball. Henry is already in his shooting stride, head down.)

  53. fischy says:

    I ave a feeling of deja vu. Anyone else think they’ve seen a similar incident before?

  54. Zack Lewis says:

    When your legs kick out behind in a completely different direction than the force of the impact, that’s called a flop. The play was over Henry was just having fun with the ball (which is what I pay to see). I don’t blame Hartman for trying to stop Henry from touching the ball (it’s in goalkeeper DNA), but you better have some regard for your personal safety next time.

  55. Aden says:

    Hartman admitted to stepping in front of the ball in an effort to stop Henry from celebrating.

    The rest of you who keep demonizing Henry with “the keeper was going to reset the ball, and he was going after the ball to put it back to the middle” can stop.

  56. davidaubudavid says:

    Almost this exact same thing happened to me. i was just trying to pass the ball when another player stuck his foot in and i hit the back of his heel with the arch of my foot. At the time i was in the best shape of my life and i hadn’t even put alot of power into the pass. It didn’t matter though because i couldn’t play for about 4 months after that.

    These kind of thing can happen way easier than some people realize.

  57. Connor Walsh says:

    Definitely deserving of a 1 game suspension at least, fluke play to be sure, but now FC Dallas is without their MVP keeper for what could amount to the rest of the season. There has to a punishment for stupidity, intentional or not.

  58. Ismitje says:

    I’m disappointed by the write-up here, which makes it sound as if Hartman did something wrong (“Henry went to kick the ball away after it had ricocheted out of the net, but just before he did, Hartman stuck his raised foot behind the ball”). That’s below you, Ives, and remarkably misleading.

  59. GSScasual says:

    lol, no it isnt. Hartman said himself, he was frustrated and tried to get to the ball before henry’s celebration… shut up

  60. jessie says:

    I hate it when the pictures on these stories don’t match the incident. Lazy.

    (SBI- Lazy? Or maybe we HAD NO PHOTOS of the incident. Gotta love pointless trash talk.)

  61. Waterlewd says:

    Henry follows through directly into Hartman’s in-step. Pretty easy to see that. But you’re probably right, everyone is wrong and Hartman is faking.

    You write the caption: No pictures of Henry could be found for the match in question because Henry was invisible.

  62. Rob says:

    Man if all the Dallas fans who posted on this pag actually went to games, Dallas wouldn’t have attendance issues…. Way too good of a team to have such poor attendance. Too bad Kiss couldn’t come every week.

  63. Rob says:

    Man if all the Dallas fans who posted on this page actually went to games, Dallas wouldn’t have attendance issues…. Way too good of a team to have such poor attendance. Too bad Kiss couldn’t come every week.

  64. Charles says:


    Since you are not “lazy”, please post a picture…Free site, SBI won’t screen it.

    If you have it post it.

  65. Jonathon says:

    Except that Henry’s celebration was a) far away from the rest of the team celebrating, and b) at least 3-4 seconds after the goal was scored, which is way beyond what most would consider an “acceptable” amount of time in which the offensive player should be able to kick the ball in celebration. The goal was scored at 47:13, and the camera angle switches at 47:16, and the Dallas defender is still on the ground facing the goal. Call it a second for the defender to turn around and start to stand up – that’s 4 seconds. Kicking the ball into the goal in celebration as it is rolling out is common, but that’s generally immediately after the goal is scored, with no other players around. This was completely different. Henry had no absolutely no business doing what he did and is completely at fault.

    And I agree with Ismitje – this is poor writing, Ives.

  66. JoeW says:

    I think it’s irrelevant if KH was trying to spoil a celebration or not.

    1. It’s a deadball situation with FCD having the rights to the ball (to return it to midfield). Yeah, we see celebrations all the time where someone kicks the ball into the net a second time. And that’s not a card or a foul. Unless it results in an injury. You get to celebrate as long as it doesn’t involve injuring someone or kicking the ball away from them. Let me give you an analogy–goal scorers all around the globe will do things like run to the corner flag and do a little dance. Or do a dive into the grass. And that’s fine (as long as they don’t delay the match or take their shirt off). But if the process of running to the corner flag, I ran down the back of an opposing player and injured him, it wouldn’t be permissable to say “well, it’s a fluke play” or “people do this celebration all the time.”

    2. I don’t think there was any malicious intent by Henry. I suspect both players, b/c play was dead, had their heads down, weren’t aware of other traffic around. I don’t think Henry tried to kick it away from Hartmann or tried to hurt him.

    3. I’m one of those people who believes that yeah, you let the CCR call the match. But if you see series stuff afterwards that wasn’t caught, it’s okay to institute a fine or suspension or penalty. For me it would be one game b/c Henry has no record of this stuff in MLS (though if Carlos Ruiz had pulled it–a hefty sit-down would be in order).

    There are injuries through contact that I tend to tolerate when it’s in the run of play. But when it’s a deadball situation, even if meant innocently, plays that hurt other players and take them out of the match are bad.

  67. Ricky B. Free says:

    He was joking you idiot. Did your dog die or something?

  68. LIUnited says:

    One of the problems with MLS has been and continues to be the officials. This play aside, and I also missed the Brek Shea red card. There was a play early in the second half where Tony Tcani makes a sliding tackle on one of the Dallas players. Tcani comes from the players left and behind and does not get the ball, he is whistled for the foul. In the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and World Cup play this would have been a yellow card no doubt. In MLS and CONCACAF this is just a foul.

  69. Dylan says:

    Seriously? Why is it that internet conversations immediately turn people into sarcastic pricks?

  70. nebraskacoog says:

    I agree with “Nothing. It was a fluke play”, but I disagree that noone was at fault. It was a stupid move by Henry, but I don’t think he should be suspended for it.

  71. BigLustythongGrl says:

    so balluchy just scores a goal, right? so why is hartman kicking the ball. its not an official referee designated kick from the goalkeeper, so since its not official the league shouldnt step in here. they should simply say, “hey dud (hartman), you knew it was a goal. why set up as though it wasnt?”

  72. jake says:

    except that it would have gone nowhere near the net. This was all happening off to the side. It sounds like you didn’t see the incident at all. I do agree though that there shouldn’t be any suspension. It wasn’t malicious, but if I were a FC Dallas fan, I’d be pretty pissed, although its a bit unfair to direct it Henry.

  73. BenH says:

    While players do kick balls back in to the net usually the ball is sitting there and nobody is around it.

    What Henry did was ridiculous. It deserved – at least – a yellow. I despised him well before this incident but it grew last night. Too bad Shea the enforcer wasn’t around… 😉

  74. Cindy says:

    Shea’s dumb red card tackle was almost exactly how my friend’s ankle was broken. Shea can suck it

  75. Paul says:

    Please, people, stop suggesting that Hartman was already on the ball, or that Hartman was just trying to get the ball back to midfield, or that Hartman didn’t know what was happening. Here’s what Hartman said: “Henry went to hit the ball and I tried to intercede, and unfortunately got hurt.” Hartman knew what was going on, tried to stop it, and got hurt. Silly goal celebration followed by a silly attempt to stop it. Nothing worthy of a fine or a suspension.

  76. MB Beachbum says:

    Ives, I think you are looking through this with (Red Bull) colored glasses.

    I am a DC United fan (unfortunately) living on the beach in SoCal(fortunately). I have no dog in this fight. Objectively I stand by what I see in the video which is Hartman having every right to the ball and being there long before Henry. It is absolutely a yellow card.

    (SBI-Say what you want, but don’t deny facts. Look at the video, pause it right when Hartman actually gets to the ball, you know, when he actually gets his foot out. If you pause the video there you’ll see Henry is already in full swing with his head down.)

  77. The Dude says:

    Mutual dumb plays cancel each other out in this instance. I voted for the 4th option. And I take credit as being the first person to suggest (her and on twitter) that MLS will NEVER suspend Henry for what could be the marquee matchup of the year: Donovan, Beckham, Henry, Rafa, JPA, Buddle.

  78. The Dude says:

    Ives, you’ve been around a while, have you ever seen such physical play, so many injuries, and so much drama in a non-playoff MLS match?

  79. davidaubudavid says:

    So people aren’t allowed to be extremely pissed right after an incident then cool off and decide later that it wasn’t as bad as they first thought? There have been plenty of times when i have had a go at someone on the field then later felt like a complete tool and apologized, realizing there was nothing malicious in the challenge.

  80. Second City says:

    Everything would have been fine if he just used his hand again.

  81. BenH says:

    That’s nice, and sometimes ankles are broken on clean plays as well. What’s your point?

  82. Second City says:

    Everything would have been fine if he just used his hand again.

  83. The Busdriver says:

    MLS bends its own rules for NY and LA. Nothing will come of this and The Cheating Handball Frog will play against Tight Jersey Golden Balls….MLS will rejoice.

  84. BenH says:

    You guys keep attributing the same quote to Hartman but he was clearly bothered by it, as was the staff.

    Heck, that was the most effort Henry put into a play all night.

    From a blog…

    “I guess he was going to try to score again,” Hartman told me, tongue in cheek.

    From soccer america…

    FC Dallas coach Schellas Hyndman said, “It’s the weight it puts on us now. I thought Hartman was going to be up for MVP. Now we have to go get a pool goalkeeper. It was something that was not necessary, so we’ll see what happens.”

  85. jonk says:

    I see your point about the Henry/Hartman situation…but there is no way you can relate these two incidents. Not even close to the same thing. If Sanchez had succeeded in tripping Beasley that would have been all on Sanchez because he lunged out at Beas.

  86. Rob says:

    Actually a lot . I have seen people drill the ball after Pk’s, I’ve seen Michael Bradley drill a ball when he was outside the box before the goal…. It happens a lot, just because you may hate NY or your one of the handful of Dallas fans, doesn’t mean you have to see this through your own rosy glasses.

  87. agnigrin says:

    Like sublicon said it is a wash… No sure it was immature though…lots of players celebrate goals in different ways and Titi does this often.. Hartman wanted to stop him so he did and payed the price! No fine or suspension is warranted!

  88. Waterlewd says:

    Yea, I’m a sarcastic prick and you’re a pompous prick. Let’s call the whole thing off?

  89. agnigrin says:

    So is the KISS concert why this game was moved up to Thursday from Saturday?

  90. wanker says:

    and your IQ is 50! Bravo!

  91. agnigrin says:

    Poor, poor Hyndman…

  92. Fred says:

    I believe there was a second kicker who was standing on a grassy knoll.

  93. says:

    Ives you are such a idiot homer. Those of us sitting right behind the goal could clearly see KH with his foot on the ball and suddenly the CHeater kicks it out. KH did not know what hit him.

    (SBI-Grow up Joey/Darrell/NewYorkSucks (yep, all the same guy). As for your claim about where you sat, how on earth do you figure that a view from the seats behind Hartman offered a better view than the TV replay? Oh right, you can’t help yourself. If you can’t play nice, or offer anything besides insults, you probably just keep to yourself. See ya.)

  94. says:

    well at least his IQ is 40 points higher than yours! Bravo! Loser!

  95. TBE says:

    Back, and to the left. Back, and to the left.

  96. Darrell says:

    Trust me, KH was and is pissed at the Cheater. Don’t take his toeing the MLS line as an indication of how he really feels. I spoke with him after the game and he is not happy.

    (SBI-Is that right Joey? I wonder if he’d be happy knowing you’re on here name-calling and using multiple names to try and advance an argument. Grow up.)

  97. The Busdriver says:

    Oh snap…wanker gets served. Now I challenge you to a dance fight. That’s unfair I love you lets get married.

  98. Raymon says:

    I was at the game, but seeing the footage close up and in slo mo confirmed to me that this was, DEFINITELY, Henry’s best shot on goal all night.

    Too bad for Hartmann and FCD.

  99. >:-l says:

    I’m sure The Referee was told by the powers that be, what ever you do in this game “DO NOT RED CARD HENRY OR MARQUEZ or it could cost you your job because they are much bigger than you.”

  100. werner says:

    I bought tickets for the Galaxy Vs Red Bulls game a long time ago!!! Really hope he doesn’t get suspended!

  101. steve cherundolo says:

    imagine if fredy montero had done it

  102. sread says:

    Soccer requires an amazing amount of athleticism and your lower body takes such a beating. People just don’t realize it. Sometimes I come home after playing and I can already see the ligaments in my knees starting to swell–and no one even kicked me. Any twist or turn the wrong way and it’s very bad news. Sucks for Hartman. The older you get, the tougher the game is on your body.

  103. T says:

    The player’s “MVP” status has no bearing on this situation.

  104. T says:

    I’m 40. I’ve played soccer for more than three decades.

    My body is so beaten up it hurts just to roll out of bed in the morning. I’m not talking about the day after matches or whatever. I’m talking about all the time — off-season, in-season, whenever.

    My friends who have played basketball or baseball all their lives aren’t nearly as battered as my soccer buddies and I are.

    That’s why the older I get, the more irritated I get by the “sissy game” comments you see from cavemen on sports forums and whatnot. Every time I limp up the steps, or grimace getting out of the car, or hear my doctor tell me about the knee replacement I’ll need by age 50, I think about those fools and just shake my head.

  105. zach says:

    As an FCD fan, I am upset about what happened. But there was absolutely no malice intent, it was not childish, it was a freak play. It happens, move on nobody is to blame for a freak accident.

  106. Ryan says:

    Does every post of yours involve calling someone else stupid, moron, etc? You do realize that other people are allowed to have their own opinions, and, if they don’t agree with yours, that does not automatically make them stupid??

    Why don’t you try posting some actual substance for once that is useful. Like the fact that it was a freak accident, and Henry shouldn’t be disciplined because ultimately it wasn’t intentional, in my opinion.

  107. beachbum says:

    “And I take credit as being the first person to suggest (her and on twitter) that MLS will NEVER suspend Henry for what could be the marquee matchup of the year: Donovan, Beckham, Henry, Rafa, JPA, Buddle.”

    the answer.

    and not only was Henry a no show in this game, but so was Marquez

  108. Jose says:

    I think he should be penalized for one game. After all why did henry go after kicking the ball it was immature and what was his intention. It would send a message to other players in the league that such actions are not tolerated. I mean you can celebrate but at the same time if the kick didn’t touch his foot where was the ball going to the stands? I mean really go and celebrate in the corner, due dances, etc but to kick the ball for what purpose? didn’t make much sense. It wasn’t even aimed at the goal??

  109. Jose says:

    To me reckless behavior should not be tolerated…the fun part of soccer is great but this reckless behavior should not be part of the game. But I am happy that Thierry acknowledge it and apologize to Hartman.

  110. carlos says:

    shoot herry

  111. Rob says:

    Hey anyway we feel about this, it is actually getting airtime on ESPN. Both PTI and around the horn commented on it. Maybe this controversy is bringing attention to the league. Good news either way.

  112. Romls says:

    Whether Henry gets a suspension or not, that was a very dumb thing for Henry to do. Going in hard and fast at the ball with two other players there is reckless.

  113. Rob says:

    Man so the reason there are never any fans in the stands of Dallas is because you all have press passes into the locker rooms…. Hmmm

  114. Rob says:


  115. Rob says:

    Wait who is DCU’s rival….. Hmmm…. Wait a tick, it the Red Bulls. Don’t pretend you don’t have a “dog” in this race. Ives is correct, as I saw it last night. DVR slow replayed to make sure I was not just seeing things.

  116. Rob says:

    Joey grow up. I understand your brain may not be able to compute real arguments, or even facts, but that’s no need to only name call with every one of your posts.

  117. BrianK says:

    Nail on the head Robert Smith. This is a non-story. Bizarre and unfortunate,…but nothing beyond that.

    THE REAL STORY is what a good team Dallas is. Just about everything went wrong for them in this match and yet they were able to draw and almost defeat Red Bulls. Shea red card, Hernandez injury, Hartman injury, Alexsander hitting the post. I was very down on Schellas Hyndman at the time of his hiring,…but now I am sold. He has built an excellent team. If they can put the injuries and stupidity (read Shea) behind them,…watch out.

  118. franco says:

    I love reading all the people talking about how dirty Henry is or classless and how much they hate him.
    I beg of you, please give me 5 examples of how he is a dirty player or a classless player. Even though I’m a three lions fan, I can give you a myriad of reasons why I could possibly dislike just about everyone on the English team. With regards to Henry, all I can remember is the Ireland hand ball incident. What happened after that? I seem to remember Henry apologizing and saying he’d have no problem if Fifa decided to replay the match. WTF else do you want him to do after the fact? Blame the idiot refs and linesmen who missed the blatant handball. Blame Seppy Sepp for failing to move forward with video replay. But don’t blame the player if the ref doesnt spot an act of cheating/gamesmanship. I spent a little while blaming Maradona for the “hand of God” but came to the realization that it’s not his fault if the idiot ref didn’t spot the most blatant handball ever in World football.

    Anyways, feel free to give me more examples of how/why Henry is a dirty player.

  119. gas huffer says:

    So much Word.

  120. Slyboy says:

    Well I agree with Ives, good writing.

  121. Tim M. says:

    no, but im sure if henry’s were on the other side of that kick, his celebrity status would.

    one game suspension. no fine.

    it’ll never happen though, does anyone really think MLS is gonna suspend Henry in the upcoming LA game? it’ll never happen. there wont even be a statement by the league, is my guess, ignoring it like it didn’t even happen.

  122. Tim M. says:

    Hartman NEVER said he purposely put his leg out there to block the shot. By looking at the vid Hartman’s only casually walking towards the ball to collect it, Henry see’s it anyways and still blasts away! He may not of known that he was gonna injury him incidentally, but never the less you can’t possibly say Henry isn’t to blame

  123. Rob says:

    Very true, and I bet most on this site saying he is dirty don’t know anything about him. They only know wikipedia Henry. Never watched him play for the gunners. Too bad to, he was amazing.

  124. Todd says:

    a 1 game suspension for reckless play. the equivalent of a red card. it’s fair.

  125. jpc says:

    I think he should be fined, not suspended. It wasn’t intentional, but it was stupid

  126. Mike in Long Island says:

    I think Hartman may also have sprained his vagina.

  127. art says:

    Not that I’m saying that any punishment is warranted, I think it was a fluke as well; if there was any punishment to mete out, they should both have been yellowed, which I guess is the point, seeing as Henry was on a yellow? Is that right? Or did it come after….anyway you could I suppose argue that both players should be yellowed, therefore Henry should have been redded and miss the next game, but I think that would be a real stretch. If anything it’s not showing how MLS might be letting Henry get away with stuff, it’s showing how they might be holding him to a different standard period, whether that be positive or negative for Thierry Henry and the Red Bulls.

  128. Lil' Zeke says:

    Grow a pair of frontal lobes

  129. Lil' Zeke says:

    Quit flapping your labia.

    Still, why’d Kev have to do that whole suck-in-your-feet-and-crash-to-the-turf embellishment? Probably added a couple of weeks to his layoff.

  130. Rob says:

    Best thing about American soccer fans, they love to make up a conspiracy about everything; the ref and MLS don’t want Henry suspended, Concacaf refs hate Americans (and I guess that include Canada), FIFA doesn’t want the richest country in the world to win a world cup because it may actually drive up FIFA profits…..

    They also love to make new rules to fit their situation. At first Henry kicked the goal keeper’s foot causing him to get hurt. changed to it is the GK ball after a goal (infect it is no ones ball, but the refs that why you will see a gk kick the ball back, or an attacking player grab the ball and run it back; ie Buddle pushing PR GK into the net to get the ball back to the midfield as fast as possible… No card there and you fans weren’t screaming about that), and finally after Hartman admitted he went to block Henry, it’s now time wasting. Typically Ref will give 30 seconds for a goal celebration…. See the pile up of US players in the world cup, that took way longer then this celebration and no one was mad. People like Bradley have kicked the ball way after the goal, and no one complains. I have seen players qfter a PK drill the ball in MLS, players like Donovan have done this… Why did you guys not complain then? You lot are hysterical.

  131. KnappL8 says:

    Henry should have received the second yellow. The league should suspend him for a game and fine him.

    Shea also deserves a multiple game suspension for not leaving the field immediately and coming back and touching an official.

    What an ugly game.

  132. Rob says:

    And obviously it’s not all US soccer fans….

  133. Pablo Chicago says:

    Henry was quoted as saying, “He put his foot in there and that is how he got injured”.

    Unfortunately, this is just another example of how Henry isn’t going to assume responsibility for his own actions anytime soon.

    I’d have a lot more respect for him if he said, “I fcuked up”.

  134. Rob says:

    Hmm Hartman said the exact same thing…. And Henry apologized at least three different times.

  135. c-doom says:

    my opinion? Hartman’s too fat to be on the pitch in a competitive match. Anything was liable to get him injured. At least now he’ll have more time for the buffet.

  136. Rob says:

    The guy has been lights out for Dallas. Don’t know what your rambling about.

  137. Cindy says:

    that sometimes MCL’s are sprained on stupid, non-malicious plays, sweetheart. that’s my point.

  138. Mattmatumbo says:


    Great foul, if he doesn’t get suspended. Javi can learn from this Thierry guy.

  139. GOYA-GOYA says:

    MLS doesn’t have the nads to do anything to one of its prized possessions. If this was done by anyone else, a long suspension would be implemented. Henry won’t even get a call from Garber!

  140. Mattmatumbo says:

    I’ve jostled and battled for balls against people who were dribbling in the same fashion, i’ve never had knee problems. But then again, i’m not a 40 year old ‘keeper.

  141. Mattmatumbo says:

    Yo, that wasn’t Henry at full speed, Hartman wouldn’t have a leg period if that were the case.

  142. Rob says:

    Or maybe MLS doesn’t have th case against him. Man the next great American soccer fan conspiracy, just like FIFA hates US soccer.

  143. d says:

    Yes but not because he hurt hartman, but because he’s an F’ing moron. That;s so much worse than described orginally. That was WELL after the goal. He should have at least gotten carded or red carded.

  144. not a magical thinker says:

    I think I read comments so I can purposely drive myself crazy.
    It was a fluke, there was no intent, sometimes bad outcomes happen. The referee was absolutely correct, and hopefully none of you who think otherwise have any power over anyone ever.

  145. TimN says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of post-goal celebrations unless they come very near the end of a game where it will likely be the game winner. As my coaches always used to say, the most vulnerable time to be scored upon is in the first 5 minutes after you score. I think overblown celebrations only contribute to a team’s post-goal letdown.

    Having said that, I don’t agree with Henry’s move, but the incident was very fluke, and wouldn’t have happened with Hartman deciding he wanted to put a stop to it. No suspension…chalk it up to childish behavior on both sides.

  146. BSkillz says:

    “Henry went to hit the ball and I tried to intercede and, unfortunately, I hurt myself or got hurt.”

    I agree that Henry is at fault but Hartman did say he tried to intercede. I say 1 game suspension.