UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary


FC Barcelona failed in two attempts to beat Rubin Kazan in last year's UEFA Champions League group stage and the Spanish champions will have to win in Russia to finally break that hex today.

Rubin Kazan-Barcelona is just one of several enticing match-ups today. Inter Milan takes on Werder Bremen and Tottenham faces FC Twente in two other quality tilts. Then you have U.S. national team midfielders Maurice Edu and Jermaine Jones in action, with Edu's Rangers taking on Bursaspor and Jones' Schalke playing Benfica.

Here is a rundown of today's schedule:

12:45pm– Fox Soccer Channel- Rubin Kazan vs. FC Barcelona

2:30pm– Fox Soccer Channel- Valencia vs. Manchester United

2:30pm– Fox Soccer Plus- Tottenham vs. FC Twente

2:30pm– DirecTV 482- Rangers vs. Bursaspor

2:30pm– DirecTV 484- Schalke 04 vs. Benfica

2:30pm– DirecTV 483- Hapoel Tel Aviv vs. Lyon

2:30pm– DirecTV 481- Inter Milan vs. Werder Bremen

2:30pm– DirecTV 485- Panathinaikos vs. Copenhagen

If you will be watching today's Champions League action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

 Enjoy the action.

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27 Responses to UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary

  1. Vince Clortho says:

    I usually cheer for the English clubs, but I like Valencia’s grit. And I love it when lower tier teams pip upper tier teams. Plus I like the bat on the crest.

  2. josh says:

    if any one gets a feed for the man u game can someone please post it. thanks.

  3. TheDude says:

    Check veetle.

  4. Spectra says:

    that one magic site that starts with an A and ends in tdhe has all the games

  5. Spectra says:

    Dang Edu had a rebound shot from the top of the box that took two deflections before it was stopped dead

  6. Spectra says:

    Rangers take the lead on an awesome volley right in front of the goalie. WOW WOW WOW sorry Edu not involved directly

  7. Spectra says:

    Rangers arre dominating the field right now

  8. Spectra says:

    Intermilan is op 2-0 as they run all over werder Breman. This game could easily be 4-0.

    The champs are looking good

  9. Spectra says:

    a disputable PK for tottenham is erased because van der vaart shots is spectacularly saved

  10. giaco says:

    Spectacularly saved by a keeper who was off his line by four feet and with another 3-4 defenders in the box…..how the ref didn’t catch and/or call that is beyond belief.

  11. jonk says:

    Edu almost with an assist as he feeds Miller but his shot is saved.

  12. jonk says:

    At the World Cup was one of the only times I can remember recently when the refs called those sorts of things and made players re-kick.

  13. jonk says:

    Edu just dragged a shot wide right by about a yard. Did well to get a shot off in traffic, though.

  14. jonk says:

    Chicharito with the goal for United.

  15. Dominghosa says:

    US needs a #Chicharito.

  16. ericJ says:

    Man U barely getting that win…sad kinda because Valencia outplayed them all game for the most part.

  17. Ivanomartin says:

    Listening on Talksport. Love how the Brits to a man are totally incapable of correctly pronouncing “Chicharito.”

  18. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Love me some Javier Hernandez!! Wish we had a little pocket rocket like that in the US…

  19. huricano says:

    Man is Eto’o good. So underrated. Plus, congrats to Chicharito.

  20. ericJ says:

    Yeah he is certainly very good.

  21. Hush says:

    I’ll pass on him. He hasn’t scored in the EPL, so I don’t consider him that good just yet. I still feel he will be a bench warmer as the season progresses.

  22. Daniel says:

    Better to be a bench warmer at Man U than most other teams. Give the guy some credit.

  23. ericJ says:

    Did you see his first touch and finish there? That was pretty top-notch…*shrugs*

  24. Ashes says:

    I’d take Altidore over Chicharito any day…..NOT

  25. BenH says:

    We do need a Javier Hernandez in the US. His 2 goals in the WC were pure class. One a long pass from Rojo Marquez – chested it down perfectly, right outside the box and going away from keeper and puts it in. Second one was even better, against the Argies. That one was beautimus.

  26. Joe M. says:

    I don’t think “chicharooney” will be a bench warmer this season. Sir Alex was looking for precisely this to put all doubts to rest, a guy who comes in from the bench and resolves an uphill battle with the winning goal in a Champions League game. Cool, collected and definitive. Credit were credit is due!

  27. footballstar says:

    You just a hater that’s all. That was a goal that came out of his first touch and his sense of awareness was also important. Knowing where he was, he touched the ball into space before firing into the net. It was not the pass, but his touch. So Altidore scored ONE goal in EPL, is he better? Plus he has Rooney, Berbatov, Owen and Macheda ahead of him on the depth chart.