UEFA Europa League: Your Running Commentary


Many of the day's matches are already in the books, but plenty UEFA Europa League action still remains to be played as the group stage continues in the European competition.

Jozy Altidore is once again getting the start for Villarreal in its home match against Club Brugge. The late matches of the day, though, are likely the Manchester City-Juventus and Atletico Madrid-Bayer Leverkusen clashes.

Here's the TV schedule for all the 3 p.m. matches (DirecTV channels listed):

  • Manchester City vs. Juventus, 481
  • Villarreal vs. Club Brugge, 482
  • Sporting Lisbon vs. Levski Sofia, 483
  • PAOK Salonika vs. Dinamo Zagreb, 484
  • FC Sheriff vs. Dynamo Kiev, 485
  • Palermo vs. Lausanne, 486
  • BATE Borisov vs. AZ Alkmaar, 487
  • Rosenborg vs. Aris Salonika, 488
  • Atletico Madrid vs. Bayer Levekusen, GOLTV, 489
  • Lech Poznan vs. SV Salzburg and KAA Gent vs. Lille, not televised

If you will be watching any or all of the remaining UEFA Europa League matches either on TV or via Internet feed, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions or play-by-play in the comments section below. For the results from the earlier matches:


  • CSKA Moscow 3, Sparta Prague 0
  • Hajduk Split 1, Anderlecht 0 (Kljestan on the bench, did not play; Anderlecht fell on a stoppage-time goal)
  • Zenit St. Petersburg 4, AEK Athens 2
  • Odense BK 1, VfB Stuttgart 2
  • Young Boys 2, Getafe 0
  • FC Metalist Kharkiv 0, PSV Eindhoven 2
  • Sampdoria 1, Debrecen 0
  • Borussia Dortmund 0, Sevilla 1
  • Paris St. Germain 2, Karpaty Lviv 0
  • FC Utrecht 0, Liverpool 0
  • Steaua Bucaresti 3, Napoli 3
  • CSKA Sofia 0, FC Porto 1
  • Rapid Vienna 1, Besiktas 2
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121 Responses to UEFA Europa League: Your Running Commentary

  1. Brian S says:

    Here’s to hoping Jozy can impress today. It’s also good to see Sacha back on the bench again. Hopefully he’s recovered from his injury and can get back to playing regularly

  2. wes says:

    ewww, altidore and rossi up top? would you get a red for a harsh challenge on your striking partner?

  3. JSmiley says:

    Freddy Adu starting for Aris.

  4. hmm smells says:

    It sucks to not see Torres score in any match :(

  5. Smirking Kitten says:

    Really? That is fantastic. I figured he would be MIA for the entire season.

  6. hmm smells says:

    O/T but before the season started everyone including I predicted BMG would get to mid-table status. Any chance of that or will they have their hands full trying not to be relegated?

    If so, can Bradley make the move to a Everton or AV next summer?

  7. Smirking Kitten says:

    Also, I’m very happy to see Jozy starting today. He has slowly been working his way up the ladder at Villarreal, and a goal in the Europa League will certainly lead to more minutes in la liga.

  8. yikes says:

    Color me confused but why does Freddy Adu have a problem starting for teams abroad?

    In Portugal he started well but was quickly a sub than nothing. Same in France and in Greece he started well but than bench. I mean what’s the deal? He’s only 21 and has good skills. Surely good enough to start for a mid sized team in the Greek league. Is it his attitude or just not showing it in practice?

  9. RK says:

    He’s not even on the Europa roster.

  10. RK says:

    Jozy off to a great start.

  11. A-TEAM says:

    so we all agreed on a 4-2-3-1 for the upcoming friendlies?

  12. orga says:

    I kinda wish US SOCCER would fund more for our rivalries.

    we need to keep pushing rivalries against the likes of England, Czech Republic, Ghana and to some extent Brazil.

    Come on a friendly every 5th of July against England would sell massive tickets in the US.

    Czech Republic because they always beat us

    Ghana because they knocked us out of 2 WC’s. Surely formula for a great rivalry. Plus they’d love to play any team besides an African team

  13. JSmiley says:

    Just reading what’s on soccernet.

  14. RK says:

    Gotcha — they’ve been known to be completely wrong on things like this. You would think they would at least pick from eligible players.

  15. Hensley says:

    Jozy splits two defenders with the keeper to beat but his shot is low and right at the keeper

  16. Standard Deviance says:

    Altidore shoots it right at the keeper on a break.

  17. Colin says:

    All of the above.

  18. jts says:

    I read the same thing (not on roster) but they (soccernet)have him shooting and all sorts of action by name. How odd.

  19. patrick says:

    any got a feed for the villareal game?

  20. Standard Deviance says:


  21. El Gringo Ronaldo says:

    here are some links
    link to myp2p.eu

  22. kimo says:

    Jozy simply is NOT a finisher. It’s become painfully obvious :(

  23. patrick says:


  24. wholeagueon says:

    any truth of the rumor of Freddy Adu to DCU for next year?

  25. orga says:

    dudes give him time. Heck what US striker did you know score many or great goals at age 20? None.

    So Jozy may be looking like garbage at times, he’s still just a kid and only using some of his potential. Dude has the talent to be our best striker ever,

  26. ahddjff says:

    stop trashing him. Sure criticize but he don’t trash. EJ’s problem was he stayed in MLS too long. Jozy didn’t make that mistake

  27. Adam in Irvine says:

    I’m following on marca with Google translating. This translation was entertaining:

    Cani leaves on a stretcher, that can not continue.

    In 33 minutes you have left your face and you have nailed the tacos in the shin

  28. Standard Deviance says:

    Altidore is really get ridden hard by the announcers–and deservedly so.

  29. PJSeven says:

    Seems like it’s actually Carlos Ruiz. He’s got Adu’s old number so Soccernet got confused.

  30. Will says:

    missed a semi-sitter right before Rossi’s goal…

  31. ahm says:

    this is a nightmare to watch re: jozy

  32. Adam R. says:

    And yet he led the US in scoring during the Hex.

    It’s a confidence issue. Just wait and see what happens when he gets a goal.

  33. patagonia says:

    For what? Neither of those shots were gimmies and he made a good effort on both to get a shot off.

    I’m always surprised at how harsh people are when our players don’t convert every opportunity.

  34. Will says:

    freddy scores

  35. JSmiley says:

    That’s what soccernet says. Anyone see it on the tee vee? I have a feeling it’s not him. Could soccernet be THAT wrong?

  36. Ben says:

    He should have scored before Rossi, even Rossi wasn’t happy with his effort. I hope he gets time in the second half, but he could be yanked at half; he has been that poor.

  37. Luke from CBus says:

    UEFA.com doesn’t have Adu on the field or bench. No idea where soccernet is getting that.

  38. RK says:

    Zippy chance. He isn’t on their Europa roster. Carlos Ruiz scored. (uefa.com)

  39. Ben says:

    Villarreal is giving him chances, and he is generating chances on the field, but he has no confidence in finishing right now, big problem for him.

  40. Anthony says:

    The match tracker on UEFA says it was Ruiz who scored for Aris…

  41. tyler says:

    Jozy just doesnt seem to be moving much at least compared to his teammates. Its like he’s setting picks.

  42. Smirking Kitten says:

    I personally thought Jozy had a very good half. He was dangerous throughout. The chances he missed were not sitters…it’s very good to see him getting into positions like that…the goals will come.

  43. Will says:

    pretty weak from soccernet

  44. Vik says:

    is it true? did adu really score? I didn’t even see him on the field!

  45. Standard Deviance says:

    Look, I like Jozy and really want to see him do well and get minutes, but if you think we’re being harsh, I have no idea what game you’re watching. Of course he’s not going finish every opportunity, but he hasn’t been able to finish *any* of his chances–and there have been enough quality chances that he should have finished at least one of them.

  46. Vik says:

    weak? or a cynical usmnt fan having a laugh?

  47. away goals says:

    Yahoo uk lists ruiz as the goalscorer for aris. Mr adu’s name is not on the teamsheet. Sorry to disappoint.

  48. JSmiley says:

    football.co.uk also says it’s Freddy. Strange. They must be using jersey numbers and they have old rosters.

  49. Ben says:

    The one chance he missed wasn’t a total sitter, but still pretty basic and even Jozy knew he should have bagged it. We all know Jozy can create and be involved, but ultimately a forward has to score goals. Also, none of the chances are super difficult, but a couple were right at the keeper; like a player who has little confidence, he is panicking in front of the goal.

  50. Ben says:

    Yeah, you want harsh? Go to some Spanish boards and see what they are saying about Jozy, it won’t be pretty.

  51. Will says:

    he got me good…

  52. JSmiley says:

    Now football.co.uk says it’s Ruiz

  53. Ben says:

    Please, Adu is basically exiled from Aris and then he suddenly scores in Europa, come on people, common sense.

  54. chris says:

    to be fair, skysports is reporting that Ruiz is the scorer, but Adu is on the pitch tonight.

  55. Ben says:

    Jozy being cut apart on the half time show

  56. Dude says:

    Did Jozy kick your puppy or something?

  57. Ben says:

    No, I’m reporting what they are saying about him on the half-time show, not what I think.

  58. ahm says:

    he tried but missed and just stubbed his toe instead

  59. JSmiley says:

    skysports.com lists Aris with 12 players, two of them wearing #11. Obvious error.

  60. Ben says:

    The ITV guys are just bashing Jozy

  61. ahm says:

    ya i dont hate him or anything i was just kidding around. i’m really sick of british announcers being blatantly anti-american in their announcing. it seems like every time i watch a premier league game announcers take every chance they can to jump on players like dempsey or howard

  62. CJK says:

    Yeah said he should be taken out for Nilmar who will score the goals, that he has missed clear chances, should have scored multiple times. Poor Jozy, he just doesn’t have that instinct.

  63. Dude says:


  64. Oso says:

    LOL! Halftime show did him dirty, and the announcers are shitting on him now. He needs to be more aggresive c’mon Jozy!!

  65. Ben says:

    Well that dive was not even good-mark of lack of confidence.

  66. Ben says:

    Come on Jozy, score one.

  67. Ben says:

    I think Jozy is coming out in a minute, too bad, but not undeserved.

  68. Oso says:

    That’s how you attack a ball in the box, and from a defender, get it together Jozy!

  69. Ben says:

    I enjoyed that. I was responding to Dude, and had a thought similar to yours, but alas, you beat me to it.

  70. Rory says:

    Because he’s basically a lighter, easier to push around, not as accurate version of Mehdi Ballouchy.

  71. c says:

    breaking news – adu has in fact just been seen leaving a Starbucks in suburban Maryland…

  72. Ben says:

    From the announcers “With 30 min left, we may even see Altidore score”
    other announcer chuckles “doubtful”

  73. Pico says:

    Actually I am watching a Spanish feed (Argentinian announcer and Venezuelan commentator) and they are being critical of Jozy.

    So maybe it has nothing to do with being anti American, but about the fact that it is expected more from a starting striker at this level.

    Jozy might be the best US striker at this moment, but he still has deficiencies regardless of whatever he has accomplished to date.


  74. Rory says:

    I heard he did a hell of a job kicking the puppy and that the announcers just claimed he missed the puppy because they are Spanish and everyone knows every spanard is racist.

    (and if you’re stupid I’ll just go ahead and let you know up front that was a joke)

  75. Illmatic74 says:

    he is simply not very good.

  76. rory says:

    If that’s the English feed then someone should remind them that Jozy got as many goals at the World Cup as their precious savior Wayne Rooney– zero.

  77. Illmatic74 says:

    All that is true but some on this site take it too far.

  78. Frank says:

    Feel sorry for Jozy. Really needs to work on is finishing. I hope Garrido gives him the full 90.

  79. Ben says:

    Also, for those here who think Jozy isn’t fast, they have commented on his speed.

  80. Ben says:

    Err, the English haven’t been shy about criticizing Rooney.

  81. Ben says:

    Jozy still in, come on, Jozy. Garrido seems to like him and has giving encouragement from the sideline, so the coach is on his side, which is good.

  82. ericJ says:

    Announcers are pretty lame in regards to Altidore though…always taking their opportunity to take jabs at him. More annoying than anything else.

  83. ahm says:

    i think it can just be confirmed that the ITV announcer is more concerned with trashing jozy than just commentating on the game. he now intentionally goes out of his way to make deriding comments. it’s too bad there aren’t more ian darke and martin tyler-esque british announcer. it seems every match i watch i get stuck with some blowhard openly biased against one team or player

  84. Ben says:

    Jozy has been stationary, not good.

  85. mb says:

    Jozy is so stagnant and is always hiding behind a defender. he has to be more active.

  86. ericJ says:

    He takes a shot and then still gets criticized.

  87. Ben says:

    Not a good game for Altidore, just no confidence.

  88. ericJ says:

    Then someone makes a horrid cross and they dont mention it. Talk about constancy.

  89. Ben says:

    Yeah, but it was a bad shot and he should have taken it in, and the announcer said he looked like he lacked it.

  90. ericJ says:


  91. Joe B. NYC says:


  92. ericJ says:

    But Rossi’s was better? they were the same shot except that a defender was able to get in the way this time.

  93. Ben says:

    yeah, but the other players have had good games. Look, as the announcers said, he is trying hard, no one is denying his effort, but the finishing just isn’t there. Forwards have to finish.

  94. Ben says:

    But Rossi scored a goal.

  95. CrispyST3 says:

    Atleast the crowd gave Jozy a nice send off

  96. ericJ says:

    I am talking about consistency in the announcing, but thanks for the fun fact!

  97. ericJ says:

    So Altidore did nothing right this game? I am not arguing that his finishing is good, at all, I am just annoyed at the inconsistent announcing and the unnecessary jabs.

  98. Ben says:

    80 minutes against inferior competition and several chances with nothing produced. People will jump on me and claim I’m bashing Jozy, but I’m actually worried. The kid looks more afraid of making a mistake than playing the game. He needs confidence, so hopefully he bags one soon because it will be the beginning of a long season for him otherwise.

  99. Rlwang says:

    Just remember, Jozy may be bad in some people’s eyes,but he is still getting paid millions for the privilege. Better deal than any of us.

  100. Ben says:

    The point is when you score a goal, you get to take a shot like that. You’ve produced something so you get a little slack.

  101. Ben says:

    Well, if you watch games to rate announcers, fair enough. If, however, soccer is what concerns you and you are a US fans, perhaps the worry should be about Jozy’s missing belief.

  102. fischy says:

    If only we had a “1” to use in that formation

  103. fischy says:

    That’s how he plays. Minimal output. Occasionally, he actually runs, but it’s almost shocking how little he moves during much of the match.

    I have to say that I’m surprised at the player Jozy is becoming. When he first came on to the scene with the NY, I couldn’t say enough good about him. I haven’t given up all hope, but he’s got to change his game…and, of course, get better at shooting. The teams he plays in Europe are leagues better than Trinidad and Tobago. Goals have to earned.

  104. fischy says:


    I bet Jozy still dived, looking for a foul on the pooch.

  105. patrick says:

    the 25 yard shot jozy took at the end of the game should tell us all we need to know. The dude’s got no ocnfidence right now. He got 2 on 2 with better positioning on the defender, yet he decides to shoot rather than take someone on. He’ll get a goal, and more will follow, but I think the first one is going to be a flukey one or a tap in.

  106. Illmatic74 says:

    Whether you like it or not Jozy is our best striker right now. Hey at least we have a ton of central midfielders.

  107. ITVblows says:

    Jozy held the ball well, made some good passes to his teammates, made some good runs, and beat defenders on the dribble. He suffered from poor crosses and service from his teammates all night, not once did they come close to his head. Villareal as a whole team scuffed a LOT of shots against an inferior team, and yes Jozy scuffed 1 or 2 too, but he was by no means an outlier… the whole team was missing badly and not even getting it on target. Jozy has work to do but he did not play poorly, which if all you listened to was a audio feed from the stupid moronic ITV guys you would think.

  108. fischy says:

    Jozy is very fast. He even has a decent first step. I’ve seen him push past a few defenders. Te problem is he doesn’t use his speed enough to get open.

  109. Ben says:

    I watched the game and his finishing was awful. Not the inability to score goals, because keepers do make saves, but he didn’t even make the shots hard to save. And, simply put, he had one he should have scored, without a doubt, right before Rossi did. After that he looked visibly upset and didn’t do much the rest of the game.

  110. Ben says:

    shouldn’t and lacked confidence

  111. ITVblows says:

    Nothing rest of the game? He took more shots, set up his teammates for a couple shots with nice passes, and he beat defenders on the dribble to set himself up for a shot. I must not have watched the same game as you.

  112. BCC says:

    Ridiculous statement. Absolutely silly.

  113. martin says:

    jozy, come back to mls. learn from henry.

  114. Ben says:

    A couple of terrible shots and set up Cazorla, which was something, given the not very difficult situation, that any player should have done. His presence was minimal the rest of the game.

  115. BrooklynFC says:

    Well it does look like we will have a DP slot available…. get it done RBNY

  116. BrooklynFC says:

    I pray this comes true….. it would be the best situation for all parties….

  117. Illmatic74 says:

    He is fine where he is. He is getting Europa league action right now he is the only american player who can say that(not counting Rossi and Subotic).

  118. Patrick says:

    Jozy’s either going to sink, swim or fly out of the water. If you think he’s sinking, I disagree.

    I think he’s treading water quite comfortably.

    Keep working hard Jozy. It’ll come.

  119. footballstar says:

    To replace who at Everton? Arteta, Fellani? At Villa maybe, but the owner is not looking to spend neither is the midfield looking since they have Downing and Ireland.

  120. footballstar says:

    I don’t think Ghana or Czech would consider the US a rival. They’ve had US soccer’s number more than once. A rivalry is when the other team considers you competition. Two losses to both and I don’t see why those countries would consider playing the US again since they already won.