Who should be called in for the upcoming USMNT friendlies?

USAvsTurkey (JohnToddISI)

We are less than two weeks away from the U.S. men's national team's upcoming friendlies against Poland and Colombia, meaning it's time to think about who U.S. head coach Bob Bradley may be calling in for those matches.

With the MLS schedule in full swing we aren't likely to see many MLS players called in for the two friendlies, but with so many teams having their playoff dreams all but ended, it might wind up being easier for Bradley to call in a players set to play in the New England-Houston and CHivas USA-Toronto FC matches that weekend (and he could also call in some MLS players just for the Colombia match).

The bulk of the U.S. roster for the upcoming friendlies will be European-based players, leaving us to ask the following question. Which players are you hoping get call-ups?

Who do you want to see? Eric Lichaj? Eddie Johnson? Jermaine Jones?

Share your thoughts below.

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224 Responses to Who should be called in for the upcoming USMNT friendlies?

  1. Luke from CBus says:

    I would like to see EJ called up, given that he is seeing time regularly for Fulham. That said, he usually frustrates me in a U.S. jersey. He’s always slowing the play down, making negative passes, and taking too many touches. I’d love to see him recapture the form he had in qualifying for ’06.

  2. David says:

    I think one big question is who will the centerbacks be? I assume we won’t see Gooch or Demerit or at least we shouldn’t since they aren’t playing. Will Boca play centrally, if so who plays on the left. Will Bornestein get a call in? I would htink he would have to stay with Chivas. Defense seems the biggest question mark to me.

  3. Jonny C says:

    gimme some j.jones!!!!! and a side of Lichaj…and dont forget the benny!

  4. Bergen says:

    I’d bet my salary that the coach wouldn’t regret giving George John a look (FCDallas CB)

  5. wally says:

    forwards, forwards, forwards. what to do. i want jozy out there, if just to get him some pt. not a big fan, but i think ej has to be called in, given how inert findley and buddle have been since the wc.

    would like to see holden and benny out there.

  6. Scott says:

    The midfield options are really exciting with holden, jones, edu, dempsey, maybe donovan?, bedoya, Klesjtian, and everyone else I forgot. But, forwards and defense are a little concerning. Altidore and who? Who are the center backs?

  7. tnnelson says:

    definitely want to see Holden get a lot of minutes, it was a crime how little he saw the field in South Africa. i think Lichaj has certainly deserved a call up for some time now. i would love to see if Diskerud has what it takes right now to play internationally, he has certainly impressed with his club side.

    obviously Bedoya should get another cap, but i also think Bradley needs to cap Connor Doyle(i know, its probably too early, but why not?) before he decides to switch allegiances to Ireland

  8. david says:

    mikkel diskerud, lichaj,and some jermaine jones

  9. RLW2020 says:


    likely subs:
    Lichaj for Dolo
    McBride for EJ
    Edu for Jones or Bradley
    Diskerud for Dempsey
    Feilhaber for Holden
    Torres for Landon

    leave Spector, Jozy and Onyewu behind.. not necessary for these games and could use time with club situations.

  10. DL of 105 says:

    Juan Aguedelo perhaps? Just because. Jose Francisco Torres. Jermaine Jones. Stuart Holden. I say lets overload the midfield with many of our productive midfielders.

  11. matt says:

    it’s a friendly. he can switch to ireland even if he plays. i believe a player is only capped when he plays for a WCQ or gold cup.

  12. RLW2020 says:

    i imagine that we are a week away from the roster announcement.. right?

  13. Scott says:

    I’d like to see Holden come in and start with Bradley

  14. Kevin_Amold says:

    Jones. Jones jones jones. Plenty of Benny as well. His confidence has to be soaring.

  15. Kevin_Amold says:

    4-2-3-1. Have Holden at the center of the three. Put Edu with Bradley. Dempsey and Donovan out wide. Jozy up top.

  16. alf says:

    No, no, Holden had to sit to make room for the speed of Findley. Just look how Findley’s speed is just tearing up MLS this year …

  17. Neg says:

    Give “The Boss” a shot. It’ll display him before his loan runs out.

  18. Brian says:

    Ok so we have Poland on Oct 9 and Colombia on Oct 12.

    The MLS schedule is:

    Oct 7:
    LA @ Philly

    Oct 8:
    Columbus @ Chicago

    Oct 9:
    NY @ RSL
    Colorado @ FCD
    SJ @ DCU
    Seattle @ DC
    TFC @ Chivas

    Oct 10:
    Revs @ Houston

    Oct 12:
    KC @ Chicago

    So that really limits the MLS players we get for the first game against Poland. Technically, players from LA, Philly, Houston, New England, KC, Columbus and Chicago could be available for the Poland match. And technically all MLS players except those from KC and Chicago could be available for the October 12th match against Columbia, but who knows if Bob will call up MLS players in between the two games.

    I’m not going to try and guess what MLS players Bob will or won’t call up so here’s my squad of Euro and Mexican based players only:

    GK: Howard, Guzan
    DF: Bocanegra, Cherundolo, Spector, Lichaj, Goodson
    MF: Bradley, Edu, Jones, Holden, Feilhaber, Torres, Bedoya
    FW: Altidore, Johnson, Gomez and Brian McBride (For game against Poland in Chicago only)

  19. Tomas says:

    I’d like to see Gringo Torres get mas time. Bob doesn’t seem to like his game, though.

  20. Jdavids says:

    I’d say EJ if he had any GOALS in him. But he doesn’t. He doesn’t.

  21. Big Chil says:

    Adu Adu Adu Adu
    Adu Adu Adu
    Adu Adu

  22. usa soccerboy says:

    I didn’t really like his Slovenia game, but he should get more opportunities now.

  23. JavaLavaJoe says:

    New looks/second chances: Diskerud, EJ, Gonzales, Torres, Holden, Tchani, Duka, Bunbury, Najar

  24. usa soccerboy says:

    Do any American strikers have goals in them?

  25. Mike in Long Island says:

    Jones, Diskerud Bedoya, and Lichaj are the ones I’m really interested in seeing… and I don’t really need to see EJ run around in circles for the 500th time.

  26. wjose says:

    Same people I was think for a call up but no spector he needs to be finding a way into playing time so I would like to ream get a call up

  27. maka says:

    –boss (hey, why not, not like he is playing)
    –jermaine jones (let’s let the dog off the leash)
    –edgar castillo
    –some young goalie to be the #3

    keep ej in england, he’s doing well, don’t separate him from his team

  28. Illmatic74 says:

    GK- Howard, Guzan

    DEF- Bocanegra, Cherundolo, Gonzalez, Goodson, Alston, Lichaj, Spector

    MID- Bradley, Jones, Edu, Holden, Feilhaber, Torres

    FWD- Dempsey, Altidore, Gomez,

  29. Hood Rich says:

    At this point, there is no need to call on guys like Howard and Donovan. What are we trying to prove or find out we don’t already know about them? It’s time for guys like Guzan, EJ, Sacha, Torres, Diskerud, Jones, Lichaj, Lee Nguyen, Marco Vidal, Steven Lenhart, and Herculez Gomez. It’s so early in the cycle that losing these games doesn’t mean anything so we should look at guys to see if they can contribute down the line.

  30. jose says:

    Howard guzan

    Dolo lichaj boca ream gonzalez bornstin goodson
    Bradley jones edu holden benny dempsey donovan
    Altidore doyle gomez

  31. jose says:

    Heck letsz call up ponce and micheal hoyos

  32. Andy says:

    Keepers: Howard, Guzan, ??
    Defenders: Bocanegra, Gonzalez, Lichaz, Bornstein, ‘Dolo, Spector, Goodson
    Midfielders: Bradley, Edu, Jones, Holden, Feilhaber, Dempsey, Donovan, Bedoya, Diskerud, Torres
    Forwards: Altidore, E.Johnson, Gomez

    Spector is out of form, but this wouldn’t be the first time a USMNT coach has called up a player to give him some playing time and help out his club career.

    Both EJ and Jozy could use the extra PT – their club manager won’t mind the extra confidence it could bring, as long as they don’t get hurt.

    If Gooch were healthy, he’d be called up, for PT if nothing else.

    I do like the McBride idea for the Poland game.

  33. bryan says:

    Lee Nguyen shouldn’t be in that sentence.

  34. Brian says:

    Tchani and Burbury both have games on Oct 9th for their MLS clubs. And Najar isn’t an American citizen.

  35. Big Chil says:

    There should be some continuity, and knowing Bradley, there will be. It’s hard to just throw in 11 new faces with almost no chance to practice and even expect they’ll play well enough as a group to get good “looks” at them.

    The earlier poster re: MLS schedules is right. Bradley is also sensitive to players’ club situations, so this may be a very limited, and MLS-heavy callup.

    I would expect an MLS goalie, or Guzan, who’s riding the pine.

    I would expect a veteran on each line, such as Chad Marshall and Bornstein in the back, along with, say Gonzalez getting his 2nd cap, and a 4th MLS player. I doubt we bring any of our midfield generals (Bradley, Edu, Jones), though it’d be nice. Donovan may provide the experience on the midfield line, along with someone like Beckerman anchoring the middle + 2 new faces.
    Up front is a crapshoot, depending on club situation, but one of Gomez or Buddle should be available.

  36. Brian says:

    Chivas has a game on Oct 9th. So no Bornstein.

    Galaxy has a game on Oct 7th, so while he technically could get called up, I doubt he will because of how he and the Galaxy have been playing lately

  37. MLSer says:

    Santino Quaranta has earned a recall. Convey as well, schedule permitting. I love to see Rapids Larenawitz and some of Crew Boyz get a look as well. Brek Shea too. And fast track Jamison Olave citizenship if he qualifies to play for us/US.

  38. Brian says:

    Bornstein will be playing for Chivas on the exact same day. I wonder what we’ll do for LB because Pearce will be unavailable as well, and I think Edgar Castillo is still hurt.

  39. MLSer says:

    Santino Quaranta has earned a recall. Convey as well, schedule permitting. I love to see Rapids Larenawitz and some of Crew Boyz get a look as well. Brek Shea too. And fast track Jamison Olave’s citizenship if he qualifies to play for us/US.

  40. Russ says:

    I actually agree about Lenhart. Guy isn’t perfect, but it’d be worth seeing how he does in camp. He does well when paired up with a 2nd true forward.

  41. Big Chil says:

    Remember, we’re not preparing for Brazil ’14, we’re really preparing for the ’11 Gold Cup, which is the Confed Cup qualifier.

    This means seeking out newcomers that can mix with the veterans for the Gold Cup and beyond. The January camp is more of the throw-everything-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks.

    The Gold Cup roster is going to have mostly WC players, say half or more, on it.

  42. Brian says:

    Braun will be playing for Chivas on the exact same day of the Poland match.

    Gonzo might be called up, but Galaxy have a game on October 7th, so I dunno if Bruce will want his players playing in a meaningless friendly with the way the team has been playing lately

  43. Brian says:

    FC Dallas is playing Colorado on the same day as the Poland match

  44. Barry U says:

    If possible Brek Shea, Convey, Braun, Ream from MLS. Europe Benny, Bedoya, Lichaj, Doyle, Mo, Diskerud maybe.

  45. Brian says:

    You’ve got it backwards man. These are official FIFA international breaks. Euro teams won’t have games. MLS team do.

    Bornstein and Beckerman have MLS games on October 9th.

    Marshall might be a no too because Columbus has a game on October 8th (day before Poland match) and they still have yet to clinch a playoff spot (I’m sure they will) and they’re battling New York for the number 1 spot in the East as well as the Supporters Shield.

    Also the Galaxy have a game on Oct 7, so while they technically could play in either the friendlies we’ll see if Bruce will actually let them

  46. Brian says:

    Santino, Convey, Larentowicz and Shea all have games on the same day as the Poland match

  47. Brian says:

    Sorry that should be Seattle @ KC on October 9th, which means KC Wizards players won’t be available either

  48. jts says:

    Adu time: 43 minutes

    (definition- time between initial blog post and first mention of Adu)

    43 minutes is well above the 17 minute average in the lead up to SA

  49. Carlo says:

    I like it!

  50. Big Chil says:

    Sorry, you’re right. I didn’t check the MLS schedule someone earlier posted. I don’t see a lot of high-profile Euro callups, but, for veteran anchors, it’d be nice to see Feilhaber and Holden (but, Bolton’s playing well, Bradley’s sensitive to club situation, etc).

    I’m not suggesting Donovan would play 90 minutes, more like 45, but I would expect a minimum of a USMNT veteran or two per line to start the game, then working in players that have capped, then last, “prospects.”

  51. Cabrito says:

    2010 MLS MVP Chris Wondolowski!

  52. Brian says:

    Shea, Convey, Braun and Ream will all be unavailable. MLS games on the exact same day

  53. sarah says:

    Shouldnt kids who have yet to even play a real competitive match and players who ride the bench not even be considered. Boss, Agudelo, etc.. The kids arent bad ut atleast let them play. No one was u-17 player of the World Cup like Landon was to get a callup at that age without a pro game.

  54. tom v says:

    id like to see some new pairings and new combinations. mainly in CM. i think that’s the the place where we have the most talent but also lets us down a lot. i’d like to see MB not start and players like jones, edu, torres, benny try out new partnerships and see what works. not to say MB might not be the long-term starter – i would happy argue that he shouldnt be a starter currently, but even if he is, we only stand to gain from seeing what other combinations yield, especially with jones, benny, and edu hitting form

  55. Smirking Kitten says:

    I would like to see Brek Shea and Justin Braun if they’re available. For me, they both have the potential to become stars, or at least solid contributors, for the USMNT. Like every fan who has followed the USMNT this past decade, I remember how good Eddie Johnson briefly was. I wouldn’t be sad if he wasn’t called up, but perhaps a successful game for national team could give him the confidence to get his first goal at Fulham.

  56. Big Chil says:

    EJ might possibly be an interesting callup. It’ll be a balance between his discussions with Bradley, and whether getting extra work with the USMNT is either beneficial for the current 30′ workload he’s carving out at Fulham, or would be a risk.

  57. Brian says:

    Unfortunately, neither Braun or Shea are available. I doubt their teams would release them when they have games on the exact same day as the Poland match

  58. Seth says:

    Maybe Agbossoumonde just to give him a taste of what training with the full nats is like. Might be better to leave him alone since he is just with a new club though, but still he may be better served with a nats training camp since G.D. Estoril Praia seems to be just a stop gap anyway. Not saying he should be given a cap, just saying it might be a good training experience for him considering his sitution. Kinda like what they did with Hamid and Bradley before the two previous World Cups.

  59. dman says:

    what about the McBride Send off?

  60. Sean says:

    I could see Cameron from Houston, Alston from New England, and Bornstein and Braun from Chivas USA getting a call. Donovan, Buddle, and Gonzalez from LA. I don’t know if anyone Philadelphia gets called in, but we could get surprised by a Jack Mcinerny call up. Doubt it though. I don’t really see anyone warranting a call-up from DC United, but wouldn’t be shocked to see Quaranta in the mix.

    Names from Europe I’d be interested in seeing are Diskerud, Parkhurst, Hunter Freeman, Lichaj, and Jermaine Jones of course. Then I’d expect to see most of the usual suspects.

  61. LNG says:

    I’d like to see Holden and Benny play together for 90 and see if they can coexist

    Jay DeMerit might be able to use these games both for fitness and PR purposes

    getting a look at Conor Doyle could be useful too

  62. Big Chil says:

    +1 DeMerit

  63. Brent McD. says:

    McBride farewell. nice touch

  64. BetaMale says:

    Is it too late to add “not Findley and not Clark”?

  65. Brent McD. says:

    LOL. well played, sir

  66. BSU SC says:

    Give Jeremiah White another shot. Let’s try to get Michael Hoyos to come into camp too.

    I’d especially like to see Brian McBride get the call up for a final appearence with the Stars & Stripes in his hometown.

  67. Frank says:

    I actually would expect to see Demerit feature. Bob has a tendency to play clubless players as an audition of sorts for club teams.

  68. Big Chil says:

    Also, Klejstan.

  69. Adam R says:

    Have you seen Conor Doyle play? Should he be called into the national team because he’s made a couple of appearances for a 2nd division team in England?

  70. Jk3 says:

    Can Green Card holders play for USMNT? If so, I’d like to see Jamison Olave @ centerback

  71. RLW2020 says:

    Chivas’ should allow their players to be called up seeing that they do not have a chance of making the playoffs. as should NE, PHI, DC and HOU.. however none of their players should require a call up (Alston not performing well = no call up).

  72. LNG says:

    I don’t think it hurts to get a look at him; it’s not like we have an enviable pipeline of young forwards

  73. Waterlewd says:

    No, must have US passport.

  74. LNG says:

    +1 McBride getting his final cap in Chicago

  75. bryan says:

    Tim ream…. red bulls… rookie of the year candidate…

  76. I can see Shea staying Dallas, but Chivas are out of the playoff picture and there is no need to keep Braun for what is essentially a meaningless game for Chivas.

  77. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    I would love to see both Tim Ream and Omar Gonzalez at the CB position, however since both of their teams are in the playoffs, they will not be called up for the friendly games in October.

  78. Creige says:

    Agree with everyone except EJ. If Braun and Brek Shea are available then bring them in too. De la Garza should get a try at left back too.

  79. Adam in Irvine says:

    Not sure it would happen but would love to see Davies play again, if only to see his form after the crash. But that’s said without having knowledge of how he’s playing other than I know he played for Sochaux’s reserves a few times.

  80. Lorenzo says:

    How about a fast forward with quick feet and a 22 year old EJ’s attitude of taking on players like….

    Tony Taylor …. Tony Taylor…… TONY TAYLOR!

  81. Neg says:

    I think he’d be good as a practice player in camp. His club manager is looking for him to contribute in January at the earlier.

  82. Lorenzo says:

    Tony Taylor and Brek Shea sound like good forwards to take a look at

  83. ugh says:

    Seriously? I think I have had enough of Findley’s speed.

  84. Zack Lewis says:

    G: Howard
    D: K. Alston, O. Gonzalez, C. Goodson, E. Castillo
    M: L. Donovan, J. Jones, M. Bradley, R. Rogers
    F: R. Findley, J. Altidore

  85. Elvis says:

    Is Tchani eligible to play for USA? If he is, get him out there–he has a huge upside.

  86. otergod says:

    he earned PT in the WC, clearly im assuming he likes some aspects (even if he feels he’s not completely ready for that level

  87. First–Brian McBride for the Chicago date. With Chicago all but eliminated from MLS playoffs, this is the least U.S. Soccer could do.

    Goalkeepers: Guzan, Luis Robles, maybe Zach McMath from U. Maryland. Leave Howard at Everton for this round of friendlies. Other possible names: Dom Cervi, Chris Seitz,

    Defenders: DeMerit–to help his quest for a club, Lichaj–we desperately need a left back; Orozco–give him another shot; Gooch–get him some game time; Goodson–he is solid, if not flashy; Agbossoumonde–let’s see what he can do; Bornstein will be there since Chivas is out of MLS playoffs; Kevin Alston–ditto. I would love to see Tim Ream, but with New York in playoffs-Backe would be dumb to release him.

    Midfielders: Edu, Holden, Bedoya, Feilhaber, Bradley, Jermaine Jones, Dempsey, Torres, Geoff Cameron, Sal Zizzo, I would love to see a midfield of Holden, Feilhaber, Bradley and Edu, with Dempsey playing in an off striker role and Bradley slicing through the middle.

    Forwards: Johnson, Justin Braun, Diskerud, Jack McInerney

  88. Sean says:

    Tchani and Bunbury aren’t american citizens either

  89. otergod says:

    ‘ell na

  90. otergod says:

    i thought Bunbury’s mom was american??

  91. BrianK says:

    Bradley has to overhaul the defense. I would start with Gonzalez, Ream and Castillo. Bring in Steve Cherundolo that the vet to shepard the young lads.

    Also, BB should invite Andy Najar to camp and see if we can work into the USA system asap.

  92. Sean says:

    and none are international quality, save Shea, though I don’t think he’s ready yet

  93. Brian says:

    Yeah you’re right. Tchani isn’t American…yet.

  94. otergod says:

    unfortunately, i agree. I wouldnt mind seeing Big Bird get his shot with the nats. He’s been pretty solid this season.

  95. Rory says:

    Yes, any Fifa recognized tourney, which would include the Confed cup and I suppose the Copa America (if we ever get invited back to that one) even though we aren’t from Comenbol.

  96. otergod says:

    lee who?? 😉

  97. Brian says:

    Burbury is American. Born in Canada to an American mother and a Canadian father. He grew up in Minnesota. He has a decision to make in the coming years.

  98. Rory says:

    Shea would be nice to see.

  99. Rory says:

    Everton need Howard too much and things are tricky there. We might want to play nice with Everton to up the value of Landy. Guzan would be good to go, put Rimando or someone behind him.

  100. 13412351323145 says:

    I like it, very strong lineup with Alston and Lichaj worked in but I would drop Spector or Dolo and bring Landon Donovan.

  101. RSLin208 says:

    Sean Johnson

  102. 13412351323145 says:

    Donovan is a leader the face of US Soccer and sells tickets, he should be playing.

  103. todd nelson says:

    Please God do not bring in Eddie Johnson.

  104. DL says:


    FWD: Altidore
    AM: Dempsey, Feilhaber, Holden
    DM: Jones, Bradley
    Def: Bocanegra, Goodson, Demerit, Dolo
    GK: Guzan

    Subs: Bedoya, Diskerud, Lichaj, Torres, Edu, Johnson, Hahnemann

    Possible: Geoff Cameron (could choose to miss the NE match), Onyewu, Beasley, Kljestan, Gomez, Ponce (to push the issue).

  105. todd nelson says:

    I agree, Najar has been on fire. Hes the only good thing in DC right now

  106. todd nelson says:

    I think Sean Franklin, from the LA Galaxy, deserves a shot.

  107. The Hammer says:

    Some suggestions might be Guzan, Cervi, Gonzalez, Goodson, Castillo, Ream, Lichaj, Dan Williams, Orozco, Demerit, Marshall, Jones, Bedoya, Diskerud, Adu, Holden, Torres, Feilhaber, Bradley, Edu, Shea, Altidore, Johnson.

    Isnt it times like these that we really should be working at expanding out pool?

  108. Felix says:

    I know EJ has earned playing time with Fulham, but we’ve seen this all before.

    I would call in Lichaj, definitely Jermaine Jones, and probably Ream AND Omar Gonzalez. I would not call in Onyewu nor DeMerit. Neither of them are playing and we need to see some of this young blood in the CB position. The vets lack of playing time is the perfect excuse to call in the young guys.

  109. GMD says:

    I agree, and am shocked why we aren’t seeing his name more on this thread.

  110. fischy says:

    MLSer __ I promised Ives, I’d be nice, but I have to wonder what you’re smoking. Have you seen Quaranta play this year? He got his 2nd assist this weekend. 2. For the tear. Which beats his goal-scoring. A year ago, I was impressed with enough with his play to think he deserved a call-up, which he got. He even scored a goal @RFK. For whatever reason, this year he has the touch of a donkey playing soccer. National team? I wish DC United had other options….

  111. GSScasual says:

    New guys…. Brek Shea, agboussawhatever, wondolowski, ream… et’ cedera

  112. Isaac says:

    I’d kind of like to see Shea, Bowen and Diskerud get capped. That’s very unlikely because of the playoff race, but they seem like very interesting prospects and I really wouldn’t be surprised if one of them turned out huge within the next year or so.

    If things were to work out well enough that Bowen, Shea and Diskerud got called up then…










    Shea will use his pace to stretch the defense and create 2v1 situations while also coming inside from time to time. Feilhaber and Holden will occupy that space between lines when Shea does drift wide. Feilhaber will float to the left when Shea takes up spots next to Altidore or if there is a lot of space out wide. This opens up the hole right behind Altidore for Shea, Holden and Bradley to occupy. Holden will also look to get wide and provide his trademark crosses.

    We just look good when we stretch the opponent, show good movememnt, get our wide players involved and attack at speed. That should probably be our policy over the next few years, as well as trying to play through the midfield better.

  113. RLW2020 says:

    call up in January after Jan-Camp

  114. Benred says:

    This might sound insane, but would BB consider Chris Wondolowski?

  115. tommy w says:

    mikkel diskerud

  116. travis says:

    I’d like to see this lineup..

    Altidore Dempsey

    Donovan Feilhaber Bradley Holden

    Lichaj Bocanegra Goodson Cherundolo


    I think Feilhaber and Holden deserve minutes with the way they’ve been playing but I would like to see Jones play at least half of the game and we all know Bob won’t take his son out.

    I’m not sure if Lichaj is ready to start but I’m eager to see what hes got and hes been dressing for Villa so he must be pretty legit.

  117. Lost in Space says:

    I’d expect that for these 2 matches (Poland & Columbia) that we’ll likely see a predominant european squad with maybe a couple of MLS Players who’s teams have either already qualified or who have already fallen short of the MLS play-offs. For this reason I expect the call ups to be something like this…

    GK = Howard, Guzan

    RB = Cherundolo, Lichaj, Freemand, Alston/Franklin?

    CB = Onyewu, DeMerit, Goodson, Gonzalez, Cameron/Ream?

    LB = Bocanegra, Bornstein, Vidal

    RM = Donovan, Holden, Bedoya

    CM = Bradley, Edu, Jones, Torres

    LM = Dempsey, Beasley, Convey?

    F = Jozy, EJ, Braun, Gomez, McBride (fairwell)

    I don’t expect many of the young or fringe type players to make an appearance in these matches. I’d expect to see them come the January camp and 1st quarter 2011 friendlies.

  118. Joe B. NYC says:

    What I’d LIKE the lineup would be:


    Holden, Ream, Gomez, Findley, Guzan, & Bowen

  119. Joe B. NYC says:

    also Torres…

  120. Brian says:

    Dear Jesus what kind of midfield is that?

  121. bhasmat says:

    I would like to see Braun and Wondo get a call up.

  122. Thor says:

    He’s been slightly injured but I would like to see Alex Zahavi

  123. Isaac says:

    It switches between a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-2-2-2. One of the forwards, Shea, takes up extremely wide positions to stretch the field the way Davies did against Spain and Brazil on the first goal in each game. Feilhaber switches between left midfield and central attacking midfield, while Holden, Shea and Bradley step into that spot when it’s vacant. It might look prettier this way:










    We’re not really capable of opening up teams with our passing so we have to do so with our off the ball movememnt and pace. Shea either stretches the defense with pace or gets wide open for a pass into the attacking third and Feilhaber makes gaps in the midfield by floating around or gets open to receive a ball in it.

  124. Isaac says:

    wow that didn’t work…

  125. CUSA Fan says:

    Justin Braun

  126. Isaac says:

    A Bradley-Feilhaber tandem has rarely worked. Bradley likes to get forward and we’ve found that the team has success when he does, but Feilhaber likes to get forward as well. So either both of them get forward and we leave a huge gap in front of the defense like we did on Birsa’s goal or one of them sits back and we lose one of their capabilities.

  127. ben says:

    Wondolowski deserves a look

  128. SBI Troll says:

    Uh no…

  129. Brian says:

    Your sarcasm detector needs to be checked

  130. BB says:

    Howard / Bocanegra, Gooch, Goodson, Dolo / Dempsey, J Jones, Bradley, Donovan / Altidore, Davies

    Subs: Guzan / Spector, Lichaj, Bornstien / Torres, Edu, Holden, Fielhaber, Bedoya / Buddle

  131. Chris says:

    Kevin Alston definitely needs to get called up. He can play left back and right back. Positions that are wide open for the Nats.

    Players like Onyewu who can’t get a first team game with their club shouldn’t be anywhere near these games. That leaves our center backs pretty thin.

    Spector Ream Goodson Alston
    Jones Bradley
    Dempsey Holden Donovan

    with Lichaj and EJ getting minutes later on.

  132. chris says:

    i would like to see omar Gonzalez at centerback with bocanegra this kevin alston at right back and Edgar Castillo at left back or left midfield. I would like to see without a doubt Feilhaber in the mid with Bradley and Donovan on the right with clint dempey up top with altidore. Also, Stuart Holden, Herculez Gomez,Francisco Torres and this new kid leaving to celtic Gustavo Ruelas.

  133. Wrek1 says:

    I would like to see the search for a complimentary player to Josimer continue however, I am not certain the guy exists just yet. We have some MLS forwards playing well but they are hardly lighting up the league. I would think that our central defense will be of the highest importance followed by the striker role. These games are definitely not going to be a walk in the park as both these teams will be looking to improve immediately off of this past WC cycle. See Colombia vs Mexico. With that said, I expect Sunil to bring in …OH IM SORRY…I meant Bradley…yeah Bradley…I expect him to call in 3 or 4 uncapped prospects and give them cameos. The Bradley-5 will be present ( Sasha, Benny, Bernstein,Clark and Ching)as well as a healthy mix of Vets.





    Forward considerations: (Howling wind-Tumble weed)
    Uncapped players will most likely warm the bench.

    Would be nice to see: MIX-Tracy-J.White-Taylor

  134. Wispy says:

    Ah, the old 4-1-1-1-1-1-1 formation. Works every time.

  135. Justin says:

    I can’t believe it but I read every single post and thank you Lost In Space! You’re the 1st one to mention Beasley! Almost everyone else here apparently didn’t read the article saying that we aren’t likely to see many MLS players, so forget Donovan, O Gonzales, Ream etc. etc.

  136. Zack Lewis says:

    The name says it all.

  137. John says:

    Gimme Stefan Frei, Omar Gonzales, Benny, Gale however-you-spell-his-name, and Jones if he’s available.

  138. Goalscorer24 says:

    God no EJ! Until he starts scoring let him keep getting minutes with Fulham. I would like to see Eric Lichaj, Jermaine Jones, Pittman, Felhaber. Guy who plays left back in Germany (?).

  139. Goalscorer24 says:


  140. Goalscorer24 says:

    No Klejstan!

  141. Reid says:

    After the end of your second paragraph its hard to take you serious.

  142. Goalscorer24 says:

    There is a young american that plays left back in Germany. I can’t remember his name.

  143. Goalscorer24 says:

    He is not a US citizen yet so it won’t happen.

  144. JrDosSantos says:

    link to skysports.com

    Holden has the MOST TACKLES in the EPL

    Then again Bradley will probably still play him as a last minute sub, attacking winger because he doesnt know what hes doing.

    I hope he doesn’t call Holden into camp so Holden can keep getting better by developing as he has under a coach who knows what the hell hes doing.

    I was never anti-bradley until I saw why we lost the games we lost.

    Who would argue that if we started Holden over Clark and Edu we would’ve advanced?
    I would.

  145. Big Chil says:

    +2 McBride getting his final cap in Chicago

  146. thedude says:

    Chris Wondolowski, Justin Braun, and Ryan Smith.

  147. afc says:

    Sean Johnson.

    Jerry White maybe but I doubt he’d accept plus he’s settling into his new team in Poland. Jerry was pretty upset when Bob didn’t call him for the Denmark friendly that was played in Aarhus stadium. He figured if a call up wasn’t happing then, a friendly played in his current country and his own teams stadium, then he figured it wouldn’t happen.

    Ryan Guy has been doing pretty well for St. Pats plus he can do flip throw ins :)

  148. Kevin_Amold says:

    You would? Good for you. No one is disputing that we might not have lost had Clark not started. Edu played pretty well. Holden has developed nicely, but don’t make him Patrick Vieira. It was unfortunate he didn’t play more, but he was still fresh off an injury.

    I’m more curious as to why you are named JrDosSantos, yet you talk like you are a USA fan. Explanation?

  149. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    You should have your internet priviliges revoked immediately for suggesting Santino has earned a callup. That could possibly be one of the most absurd things I have ever read on this site. Ever.

  150. jig says:

    when your team cant keep the ball, you tend to need to tackle quite often

  151. Warren says:

    Daniel Williams…but last I knew he was sitting on German benches, not getting playing time.

  152. GSScasual says:

    ryan smith is from engerland.

  153. Warren says:

    Baby bradley should stay in Germany. Yeah he scored a goal last weekend but his team is playing horrible ball.

    I expect MB’s coach would appreciate dad giving his kid a break to help ensure his squad doesn’t go down to Bundesliga 2.

    That opens central midfield spots to Holden and Jones, with Edu coming in for Jones early in 2nd half. And Torres coming in for Holden.

    Dempsey similar to baby Bradley doesn’t need to prove anything to USMNT; Fulham would appreciate BB giving Demps and EJ both a break.

    So that opens slots to newbies like Brek Shea and in the back to Boss, to show they can run with the big dogs. Or more likely just to show them how far they still need to go.

  154. jig says:

    I am down to get young players in the team as much as the next guy if they prove they are ready aka theyve been doing well at club level.

    but the suggestions of players like agbossomounde, jeremiah white, lee nguyen, alex zahavi, zizzo are absolutely inane. be prepared to be disappointed if these are the players you want to see.

  155. Warren says:

    +3 for McBride

  156. todd nelson says:

    Lets give Preston Zimmerman a call up. At least name him to the camp.

  157. Jank says:

    What about Davies? Is he available to make an appearance yet.

    BB will probably stick with MLS and unsigned players IMO until the games of importance kick off.

    But I think Holden, J Jones and Feilhaber need some recognition.

    I’m still mad at Sunil for not giving klinsmann a shot. US soccer needs to take a chance, we always play it safe!!

  158. Dank says:

    Stuart Holden is the most prolific tackler so far in the EPL: link to skysports.com

  159. Brian says:

    True. But we’ll see if Bob will call him up though. He tends to respect MLS teams wishes. So even though Chivas are basically done, they still do have a game on October 9th.

  160. Brian says:

    Not really Bob’s style. If Boss was in MLS he would get called up, but tell me when Bob has ever called up a division 2 player or a youth national player who isn’t getting playing time in Europe?

  161. Tim M. says:

    Miguel Angel Ponce

    I wonder if USSF has had any talks with him regarding the national team. That being said it seems like he cares more about playing for Chivas then anything else. But he’s still young. I just hope he doesn’t commit to Mexico

  162. Tim M. says:

    break shea isn’t being groomed as a forward and can’t finish anyways.

  163. Brian says:

    I get what you’re saying. But if you’re talking about Birsa, you’re talking about the Slovenia game, and Jose Torres was paired with Bradley.

  164. Brian says:

    funny. You talk about Onyewu, then you include Spector who hasn’t played for West Ham in quite a while

  165. Isaac says:

    He has capabilities as a forward and seems to have done well as a goal threat, regardless of his actual goal return. He’s got size, strength, speed, skill, and a lot of confidence. Similar to Ronaldo almost.(SIMILAR!!!)

  166. Mo Salama says:


  167. Isaac says:

    That is quite a statistic. A great crosser, AND a good tackler. Of course, this is only so far, but I would imagine if we could have him do what Landon did against Spain and pinch in almost as a central midfielder then it would really help. Sort of like a hybrid right midfiedler/central midfielder the same way Ramires, Elano and Alves do for Brazil. The 4-2-3-1 with Holden as the central attacking midfielder would also work.

  168. Dizzo says:

    AFAIK Najar isn’t eligible to play for the USMNT

  169. Isaac says:

    Why is it that new is always better? Change is not always better. Bob Bradley is not tactically inept. he’s tactically inflexible. Klinsmann is tactically inept but tactically flexible. That’s why fans want him; he’s willing to try anything. Whether it be all out attack or pure defense. Screw that. It’s not always us playing it safe. It’s us playing it smart. We shouldn’t have to take a chance. We’ll know when to hire a coach like Klinsmann, now is not the time.

  170. Isaac says:

    No, I’m talking about not being able to close down the space right between the defense and midfield.

  171. Brian says:

    Here is LA Galaxy.com’s predictions:

    link to lagalaxy.com

  172. JrDosSantos says:

    How can the team keep the ball when youre playing a man down to arsenal and whoever else is was? thats probably the main reason why he has the most tackles

    anyway, my name is jrdossantos cuz im a fan of the mma fighter Junior Dos Santos:)
    he’s real good, lot better than Holden
    and brock lesnar

  173. Dizzo says:

    DCU have been mathematically eliminated from the MLS playoffs. I think Santino could probably be called up.

  174. Dizzo says:

    +1Assuming Chicago will release him for the game.

  175. mbw says:

    I don’t really care who plays so long as they try a 4-5-1 to see if they can find places for all the midfielders.

    Feilhaber Holden Bedoya
    Jones Bradley
    Boca Goodson Parkhurst Lichaj

    Torres in for Feilhaber, Edu in for Jones, maybe give Tony Taylor or Mix Diskerud a shot. Jozy in over Dempsey because Dempsey could probably use a rest. Would be cool to see Boss or Lletget, but they aren’t ready; they’ll have to wait until the January camp. Also, we’re comparatively stacked at right back — can’t ANY of them play on the left?

  176. martin says:

    18 man squad

    goalies: guzan, sean johnson

    defense: alston, bocanegra, bornstein, cherundolo, goodson, orozco

    midfield: bedoya, bradley, dempsey, edu, feilhaber, holden, jones

    forwards: braun, ching, eddie johnson

  177. martin says:

    i want bob bradley to send a message to the guys not playing for their clubs. altidore, onyewu, spector, gomez, clark , etc.

  178. Big Smoke says:

    Even though it’s only a friendly and he wouldn’t be cap-tied, it would still be a positive gesture to make him feel welcome for the future. He shows promise. Apparently, there is a good vibe in the locker room with the USMNT; Maybe they’ll make him feel welcome enough not to switch to play for the motherland

  179. Nick C. says:

    Plus Convey and BB don’t see eye to eye…Convey basically said that as long as BB is coach he will never be on the national team again.

  180. Nick C. says:

    Who should Bob call-up? Isn’t it obvious? Whoever Sunil tells him to call up.

  181. Big Smoke says:

    I don’t know if there is a specific rule against it, but I couldn’t see why FIFA would care if an 18 year old permanent US resident/ green card holder, who has not chosen his national side yet, (and is on the path to citizenship) just came to practice and kicked around a bit with the team. There may be a rule against foreign players on the practice field trying to see how they gel with a team for the possible future, but I’m not a FIFA attorney.

  182. Big Smoke says:

    That being said, you’re right…it will never happen. Was just saying that it Could BE legally possible

  183. David Raether says:

    Andy Najar! And fast!

  184. 3VIL L33T says:

    My Dynamo are out. Geoff Cameron???

  185. Keith G. says:

    I would deffently like to see Jones, Felheiber, and Davies. I would also like to see DeMeritt get some playing time along with Onyewu. Then of course there will be Bradley, Guzan, Dempsey, Altidore, Howard Bocenegra, and the other consistants other then Donovan who I see actually being left off becuase of the playoffs.

  186. thisisphil says:

    Why has no one mentioned Charlie Davies? Did I miss something?

  187. thisiphil says:

    oh never mind…. just read that he’s still struggling with Sochaux’s reserve team and isn’t expected to return until January. Chin Up Charlie!

  188. KEvin_Amold says:

    Ah. I forget that people follow other sports as well. Carry on.

  189. m. bradley says:

    and there’s how I pwn at fifa.

  190. KevDC says:

    Andy Najar won’t be eligible to play for the USA for a few years. He’s a Honduran citizen with a green card.

  191. Brian says:

    Depending on who gets called up I’d like to see something like this:


    Likely Subs:
    Brad Guzan
    Maurice Edu
    Alejandro Bedoya
    Clarence Goodson
    Jose Torres
    Eddie Johnson
    Herculez Gomez
    Eric Lichaj

    Possible subs:
    Daniel Williams
    Oguchi Onyewu
    Jonathan Spector
    Brian McBride (to honor him)
    Edson Buddle??
    Sean Franklin??
    Geoff Cameron?? (Houston out of playoffs)
    Chad Marshall?? (Crew game on Oct 8)
    Steven Lenhart??
    Jonathan Bornstein?? (Chivas out of playoffs)
    Justin Braun??
    Kevin Alston?? (Revs out of playoffs)

    Again not sure about the call ups. Galaxy players might get called up since their game is 2 days before the Oct 9th Poland match, so we might see Gonzalez, Buddle, and Franklin. But I doubt we’ll see Landon. He deserves a break.

    Doubt we’ll be seeing Ream since he has a game on Oct 9th and NY is still in the playoff race. Ike Opara is still hurt from what I know and it’s too soon for Gale Agbossoumonde. I figured it’d be a good audition for DeMerit. Marshall and Goodson are possibilities at CB as well. I doubt we’ll be seeing Onyewu. Bob will let him try and break into the squad at Milan. Bocanegra could play CB as well, just kinda depends on the LB situation. Chivas have a game on Oct 9th but they are pretty much done so Bornstein might be available. Doubt we’ll see Heath Pearce as FC Dallas has a game on Oct 9th and Dallas is in the playoff race. Edgar Castillo is either hurt or just not playing.

    Spector might get called up but he hasn’t played for West Ham in a while and Bob might let him stay in England to work back into the squad. Eric Lichaj might get called up but I doubt he’ll start at LB or RB. Daniel Williams is a possibility, but I don’t see it. He’s not getting much playing time lately.

  192. Zack says:

    Also, Seb LeToux expressed interest in playing for the USMNT last year.

  193. Sean says:

    Tim Ream

  194. DC Josh says:

    The Eddie Johnson ship has sunk a long time ago and is now a reef at the bottom of the sea, full of beautiful plant life and hammerhead sharks.

    There are three players I want to see on the roster sheet:

    1. Jermaine Jones
    2. Tim Ream
    3. Andy Najar

  195. DC Josh says:

    Give Altidore a break. He is a 20 year old making the bench in La Liga for a club that is in a European cup competition which he occasionally plays in. How many of the other current USMNT players were doing that at 20? Not many.

  196. DC Josh says:

    I forgot to mention Brek Shea and other standouts from the U-20 squad. The national youth teams are there for a reason, use them.

  197. Be Reasonable says:

    Kofi Sarkodie.

  198. GW says:

    It seems to me a player should earn his way onto the USMNT.

    “it was a crime how little he saw the field in South Africa.”

    You know this because? Holden was coming off a very recent broken leg.

    Lichaj has 0 appearances for Villa in the EPL and a few Cup appearances for them. This hardly consititutes a fantastic, can’t be ingnored career, particularly as he plays right back, not currently a position of need for the US. He needs to prove he is an EPL level player. If he continues down his current path he should play for the US but in terms of the USMNT he hasn’t earned anything yet.

    Doyle is an 18 year old who was called up for Derby mostly because 5 forwards were injured and they had no other bodies available. That is hardly what you would call earning the right to be called up by the USMNT.

    Yes he’s a professional soccer player and apparently has a pulse and an American passport but I haven’t read one report that said he was the next Brain McBride and that the USMNT would be crazy not to cap him.

    As for Mix, he has already declared his intention to play for the US is just 19 and plays for a league with a talent level arguably on par with the MLS.

    How about letting these guys prove themselves first?

  199. GW says:

    He’s a converted right midfielder who played a few games at left back for Freiberg. Hardly, the second coming of Ashley Cole.

  200. Lost in Space says:

    I agree with your premis of having to earn a place on the USMNT. However, there are a few things which I think you are off base on.

    1) RB not currently a position of Need for the US. You do realize that Dolo is 31 right? Spector has seen less PT than Lichaj so far this year. Who else do we have as a RB option not currently in MLS?

    2) Mix is 19 and playing full 90 minute games in a league “arguably on part with MLS”. You’ve heard of depth right? Holden, Benny, Bedoya, & are probably the top candidates for taking on the roles that Landon & Dempsey have held with the USMNT. And personally I think that only Bedoya & Mix are the only true wingers of the 4, as Benny & Holden seem to do better centrally.

    3) You do realize that the intent of friendlies is to gage the progress and ability of young talent and see how/if they work well with established players at the international level.

  201. Aubie4Prez says:

    Very few MLS guys…keep them to the defenders…Omar and Ream perhaps? MLS has Jan camp.

    Regulars that play and don’t need the PT only bring one…preferably Landon. So MB, Demp, Dolo, Boca, Howard, Bornsuck, etc leave at home.

    I’d like to see Edu, Benny, Holden, Torres and Jones as our starting mid. Jozy needs the PT so he is the forward. Spector to see him as a central defender for 2 games.

    Otherwise fill in with young guys like Lichaj, Diskerud, Lletget, GAle A, T Taylor, etc.

    Finally throw out the invitation to guys like Hoyos, D Williams…fence guys that have dual countries.

  202. away goals says:

    I hope to see bradley show a willingness to employ a 5 man midfield, even if we have to struggle through a few games learning how to play it properly.

    Without davies, the ceiling for a 4-4-2 is just too low. We’ll only be as good as the subpar forward filling in.

    In a 4-3-3 (4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1), we might look rough in the early going, but the long-term potential for quality play is much higher. Especially given the amount of talent that wasn’t available/went unused in south africa: holden, jones, benny, edu.

  203. Der_Amerikanische_kaiser says:

    Fully concur! He deserves either the first 10-15 minutes with a standing O or the final 10-15 minutes. It won’t hurt.

  204. thisisphil says:

    to read veteran and bornstein in the same sentence still seems surreal to me. will we say the same of clark one day?

  205. moosecat says:

    robbie findley!

    jonnie bornstein!

    rickie clark!!

  206. moosecat says:

    eddie johnson! he’s fast!

  207. EL NONO says:


  208. MicahK says:

    Jozy needs a partner he is proven better having a striking partner.

  209. MicahK says:

    What has Lee Nguyen done to deserve a call up ??????? Simple. NOTHINGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  210. Connor Walsh says:

    GK: Howard, Guzan, Cervi
    DF: Cherundolo, Lichaj, Spector, Onyewu, Goodson, Parkhurst, Bocanegra, Castillo
    MD: Bradley, Holden, Edu, Jones, Feilhaber, Torres, Vidal, Diskerud, Beasley
    FW: Dempsey, Altidore, Gomez, Johnson

    theres no need for any MLS guys to be here, especially in the midst of the playoffs.

  211. Connor Walsh says:

    throw Bedoya and Kljestan in there as well in there too

  212. Connor Walsh says:

    Those three players guarantee that we’re playing at least 1 goal down (Bornstein), a man down (Clark), and racking up goal kicks for the opposition (Findley).

  213. Tim M. says:

    God, this isn’t even an argument. Brek Shea wont ever see time up top.

  214. Tim M. says:

    I don’t know. Maybe because he’s the Christian Ronaldo of the V-League. How bad can the Vietnamese league actually be?

  215. Tim M. says:

    Just because every breathing thing surrounding has sucked this year, Quaranta doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a call up and hasn’t played well individually. I can guarantee that that despite DC United’s season, people would be clamoring for call ups for Chris Pontius and Rodney Wallace either were healthy and Wallace eligible at this point.

  216. Tim M. says:

    Wondolowski deserves a look after the MLS season is over during the Jan. training camp, as an Ode to his MLS achievements and hard work, that BB usually provides to deserving players.

  217. Tim M. says:

    Not as someone who should be playing in the GC

  218. Tim M. says:

    Nobody say’s Braun isn’t going to be available. Chivas can survive without him at this point (lol) and besides the coach knows how much work he’s put into this season and that he deserves a call up. Besides, they’ll probably be looking at some of their younger players.

    Shea doesn’t deserve a call up yet. He’s still progressing. And theirs a lot of work to do be done on his game. As a flank player, he can definitely service a good ball, but his first touch and finishing, need serious work, as does his decision making. This isn’t the january camp. These players are in actual contention to play! Brek Shea shouldn’t be out their for those friendlies

  219. Tim M. says:

    People haven’t noticed that we have a problem with capping some players who haven’t done enough to merit a call up. We’re spoiling them, and potentially setting them up for a downfall in my opinion. Players should work hard, earn spots on their team and consistently play week in and out before getting calls. Like Jermaine Jones, Mix, or Hunter Freeman, who have all waited patiently for their time.

  220. Tim M. says:

    and is eligible through his american father.

    he’s certainly played better then Eddie Gaven

  221. Tim M. says:

    Le Toux, Justin Braun, Ryan Smith, Hunter Freeman, Jermain Jones, Frankie Simek, Bobby Convey (if willing), Bedoya, Altidore, Johnson, Dempsey, Edu, Marcos Vidal, Mix, Goodson, Bocanegra, Spector( over gooch and Demerit, because he’s probably the sharpest at this point and most versitle), Lichaj, Guzan, Howard, Kljestan, Feilhaber, Holden, Bornstein and finally Brian Mcbride

  222. Murph says:

    Please leave Johnson and Altidore off the Roster until they actually learn how to play the game – they’ve had their shot (and missed the goal by a mile). And if Davies ever gets fit (or we should find a real forward), lets go to a 4-2-3-1 with Edu and Jones as holding mids… Our attacking mids score more often than our forwards, this formation should allow the US to exploit that trend further. I’d also like to see Gonzales / Goodson in the C-defense. Gooch isn’t playing @ ACM, so he cannot be in form. Other than that, please consider our Generation ADIDAS players who are no doubt, our future.