Chicharito’s dream Manchester start continues with latest game-winner


For those who thought it would take at least a few months, if not a season or two, before Javier Hernandez made in impact at Manchester United, guess again.

The Mexican striker added another chapter to his dream start in England, scoring the game-winning goal in the 90th minute of Tuesday's Carling Cup victory over Wolverhampton.

In addition to scoring for the Red Devils in the MLS All-Star game and in the Community Shield win over Chelsea, Hernandez has three Premier League goals, a game-winning UEFA Champions League goal and now a game-winning Carling Cup goal in just 12 overall appearances – mostly off the bench – with his new team.

Video of Tuesday's match-winner is after the jump:


What did you think of Chicharito's goal? Are you surprised that he is contributing so much so soon into his career with Manchester United? Do you see his hot start continuing throughout the season?

Share your thoughts below.

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56 Responses to Chicharito’s dream Manchester start continues with latest game-winner

  1. Tim says:

    Wayne who … … ney?

  2. KevNYC says:

    My thoughts exactly! En Fuego!

  3. Mat says:

    Would be nice if the USA could finally produce strikers of that caliber.

  4. ooscar says:

    When the USA starts to teach real ball skills to our players, maybe we’ll start to produce World class strikers.

  5. john.q says:

    uh oh here we go! how many comments will this post have? 50+ at least

  6. Paul says:

    So dissapointing. For once we can’t say anything. He’s producing unlike vela and gio and majority of the golden era of Mexico

  7. Wm. says:

    Good for Chicharito. Just as Mexico is producing excellent players we’re no longer playing them in qualifying. What a missed opportunity to raise a rivalry to new heights.

  8. Will says:

    the kid is good. the backwards header against stoke was absolute class…not sure i’ve ever seen a goal like that

  9. john.q says:

    i still have faith that jozy will get there… eventually. when watching chicarito, you can see his energy and sometimes his pure sassy wrecklessness (that spinning backwards header) which is something that jozy is lacking right now. chicarito also have 2 years on jozy if im not mistaken.
    from the usmnt perspective, he’s definately striking fear in my heart.

  10. tbecker says:

    I’m shocked at how good he is to play with in FIFA as well.

  11. Al17 says:

    The finish in this video is TOPS!!!!

  12. Paul says:

    Let’s look on the bright side, Jozy’s team is higher in the table and he also starts on the bench… But he stays there unlike Chicharito :/

  13. >:-l says:


  14. jig says:

    my god he is so sick, that cut onto his left was unreal!

  15. Brian says:

    Hahnemann wouldn’t have let that one in. Just sayin’

  16. Paul says:

    I leave him on the bench

  17. PetedeLA says:

    I know this is important because Chicharito is from Concacaf, but what about Schweinsteiger’s second goal!

  18. Lil' Zeke says:

    Good ol’ Chicharito… he seems pretty good

  19. RK says:

    He better score today.

  20. ATM says:

    I love that his jersey actually says “Chicharito” and not “Hernandez” How often does that happen at a club like MU

  21. wally says:

    that little guy is scary running in the open field at goal. a little bit of rooney, a little bit of L. Donovan and maybe even a little D. Villa.

  22. Joe says:

    I thought Ives would be the first to this but Goal . com has a article posted about how Everton and now Newcastle United are trying to sign Donovan on a 3 month loan. Interesting development.

    If Donovan went to Newcastle, I would definitely get his jersey. Although I just don’t see it happening as he loved Everton and Everton loved him.

  23. tbecker says:

    I only put him out in mm because of an injury. He’s now my top scorer.

  24. TimN says:

    Exactly! Our youth system is too mired down in results-based coaching (ie: a coach is good if his/her select team wins).

    I’ve always been a big proponent of the Dutch system, based on coaching approaches such as Weil Coerver’s, that empasizes on-the-ball skills rather than teaching their players to “win the game.”

    The other problem, which is related to this issue, is that we have too many coaches in our youth system that make their living as coaches. So, it becomes hard for a team to justify a coach’s salary to parents who are paying several thousand dollars in league fees and travel expenses to play on these select teams if the team is losing games. However, while the players may be losing games, they may very well be learning quite a lot from this supposed failure of a coach in regard to individual skills.

  25. TimN says:

    The new CONCACAF qualifying system for the WC may very well be a good thing in terms of rarely if ever having to play Mexico. If we had to play Mexico right now, I think we get beat. Our defense is sooo problematic, and somebody like this kid would shred it…

  26. Dylan says:

    Why do you have that faith? Jozy Altidore has and will continue to do absolutely nothing. He is a remnant of the problems with our national team system.

  27. LongTimeFan says:

    While it’s only been a short run for him thus far, it does make you wonder about the re-signing of Rooney for such a huge amount of money. Perhaps ManU assumes that if Chicharito continues in this vein, they’ll sell him for boat-loads of money to RM or Barca.

    He’s definitely a charismatic player with a huge future.

  28. RK says:

    Because he is starting against a 3rd-division team.

  29. OmarVizquel says:

    Good finisher…quick, good anticipation, good finishing. He’s certainly had a nice start and he’s a team-first player. I hate United and Mexico, but how can I dislike this guy?

    But, to all the doom-and-gloomers on here, I fail to see how Hernandez’s early success has ANY bearing whatsoever on the US’s failure to produce top striking talent, any more than Dwight Yorke’s success with United did. JH is simply a good young player; what in the world does this have to do with Jozy? Strikers come and go, and they come from unexpected parts of the world every few years. He’s hardly the first Mexican scorer in Europe….

  30. OmarVizquel says:

    I think it’s dumb. But kids will love it.

    And it means that more English people will call him “Cheek-a-REE-toe”….shudder…

  31. bryan says:

    says i cant watch the video in my country. anyone else having this issue?

    cant wait for the US to have someone like this. props to chicharito

  32. Kawandinho says:

    Jared Borgetti had a crazy Header in World cup 2002, We need some Mexican header training lol.

  33. Kawandinho says:

    Ever Since I saw this guy in the friendlies for Mexico last year i thought Damm they hit the Jackpot. I was really irked by how they used him in the world cup. He’s better than all the mexican strikers by a far and they had him coming off the bench. That Manager was a dam fool Mexico cold have dome some damage in the last world cup .

  34. Arriaga says:

    I’m getting a video of an octopus…

  35. Wm. says:

    We should look forward to a fight against good competition. You learn more from the hard fought close losses to good teams than you do from beating Barbados 8:0.

  36. ELAC says:

    This. American soccer(i.e AYSO, USSF) is too vanilla.

    We need more technical skill focus and tactical awareness taught.

    Our guys just run and defend with the hope that Donovan or Altidore will score.

    We have become predictable, too.

  37. DC Josh says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing watching him against Stoke, weird. It would be like having “Duece” instead of “Dempsey”.

  38. DC Josh says:

    The kid is world class. Maybe the wine isn’t getting to Fergie’s head, or is it?

    link to

  39. TimN says:

    My comment was made a little “tongue and cheek.” Of course we get better by playing top competition. I was just saying that given the current status of our MNT defense contrasted with the level of offensive players Mexico is producing right now, I think we lose.

  40. Illmatic74 says:

    I will admit I was wrong abot Chicharito. I thought he will struggle for playing time like Vela at Arsenal and Dos Santos at Tottenham. I thought he would struggle against the physical defenders of the premier league. I was also very skeptical of the fact it took him so long to break out as a player at Guadalajara. But, he has been a pleasant surprise so far this season. Personally I can’t wait to beat him and the rest of the Mexican National team in the Gold Cup Final.

  41. golfstrom says:

    The players just reflect the soccer culture. When we have enough players who really want to grow up and be Ronaldo, we’ll turn out one, it’s as simple as that. Putting the blame on American youth coaching, while awful, is lazy. FYI – the American player w/ the best ball skills grew up playing in a field w/ Mexicans.

  42. oldcolt says:

    My $.02 – the issue with American Soccer here is not necessarily coaching. It is about lack of creativity and opportunities to develop it. Look at the NBA (and I will stereotype here). I imagine most of the NBA players had plenty of pickup games at early ages and ongoing in unsupervised situations leading to creativity. For the average American youth soccer player that format and those opportunities do not exist. Too much structure and not enough opportunity to play unsupervised.

  43. carl says:

    altidore would choke in that situation. he has no ball control what so ever.

  44. Raul says:

    Aguirre had terrible lineups each game at the world cup. why he kept starting Franco and then started bofo against argentina is still beyond me. I was hoping mexico would break through at this world cup instead of another exit at the round of 16.

  45. BenH says:

    That goal and the backwards header was sickness. Neville already is stating he will be a ManU legend if he stays.

    Personally, hope Madrid buys him and Higuain goes to the bench. Ronaldo to Chicharito. Yesssss.

  46. Illmatic74 says:

    The problem with youth development in this country was that there was no youth development in this country. Almost no money or resources were put intoit and High School clubs and Colleges were given the burden. It wasn’t until project 2010 that a good deal of resouces and money was put into it. And there was a lot of mistakes in the first case which was understandable because we wre new to this especially compared to how long all the countries we aspire to be in soccer had their youth model in place.

  47. MiamiFCduros says:

    A while back i posted that Mexico has younger more promising players in way better teams than any of the yanks abroad. No one seemed to take me seriously. What’s going to happen when Vela hits his stride and Gio finally starts scoring. Lets not forget they have Jonathan at Barca. Its going to be an interesting 2014

  48. Illmatic74 says:

    That has always been the case yet we have still dominated them in recent years(except in Mexico) I still think we win the Gold Cup.

  49. Frank says:

    Chicharito already looks world class. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Like Fergie said yesterday “We tend to build up heroes very quickly but the boy is justifying the praise at the moment”. I think Fergie puts him back on the bench to protect him from the hype and pressure. He does still need to bulk up a bit and get more experience.

  50. Frank says:

    Not this time I believe. I actually have concerns the US will even make it to the final with Honduras and Costa Rica improving as much as they have. Will definitely be interesting. I am more looking forward to seeing Mexico’s U23 team in Copa America. Normally an U23 Olympic team would be a weakened side but Mexico’s starting lineup is mostly U23 already. Vela, Gio, Chicharito, Barrera, Moreno, Ochoa, and Juarez are part of that U17 golden generation. Add to that Jonothan Dos Santos in midfield and Torres Nilo as left back and the only overage players they need are Marquez, Maza, and maybe Torrado.

  51. Primoone says:

    So I have these Chicharito highlight tapes I want to send to Spain…where can I find information on international postage?

    Chicharito is the real deal…bitter sweet for me.

  52. da hammer says:

    … and we get wet when jozy comes on as a sub in the 80th minute.

  53. Tim M. says:

    thats usually the case with any of our nats from california or texas

  54. Dominghosa says:

    Chicarito. Sigh. The guy is already pretty damn amazing. I wrote it once and I’ll write it again. US needs a #Chicharito.

  55. GW says:

    “For the average American youth soccer player that format and those opportunities do not exist. Too much structure and not enough opportunity to play unsupervised.”

    You’ll hear variations on this from many countries so this is hardly unique to the US system.

  56. Wm. says:

    All of this competition is good. If we can’t dominate CONCACAF, our chances fade on the world stage because we haven’t been pushed to be our best. Reminds me of Australia when they were playing American Samoa and Fiji beating them by wild scores and then failing to advance against real competition in Uruguay. Nothing prepared them for a strong contest.