DeJong does it again

Nigel DeJong (Reuters) 

Dutch midfielder Nigel DeJong will always be remembered by U.S. men's national team fans for his leg-breaking tackle on Stuart Holden (and by most other soccer fans for his chest stomp on Xabi Alonso in the World Cup Final). The leg breaker was at it again on Sunday, snapping the leg of Newcastle midfielder Hatem Ben Arfa in a tackle that could best be described as reckless.

How bad was it? So bad that Dutch national team manager Bert van Marwyjk has rescinded a call-up of De Jong because of it.

If you haven't seen the tackle, here it is (and it's not for the squeemish):

What do you think of the tackle? Praying for the day someone gives De Jong a taste of his own medicine? Have more respect for the Dutch national team manager for his decision? Think FIFA should step in and ban De Jong?

Share your thoughts below.

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119 Responses to DeJong does it again

  1. alexarmac says:

    he should be banned forever. Enough is enough.

  2. Josh D says:

    The Dutch manager just went up in my books. Horrid tackle and a thug, glad someone has the composure to put him in his place.

  3. kimo says:

    R U Serious?

    This guy is out of control. Look at his record. It’s time a governing body steps in a hands out some punishment. Or…like in the old days…someone needs to stick a Vinnie Jones out on the pitch and take one for the team by de-cleating De Jerk.

  4. scott says:

    the FA and FIFA need to step up and put a stop to this. completely ridiculous.

    I think a very strong suspension is needed. the only question is for how long…

  5. SD says:

    kudos to the dutch national team coach…i guess we’ll have to wait and see what the FA does…

  6. bumble.biddle.bobble says:

    If someone ended his career I would probably look the other way and say sorry I didnt see anything. Honestly, FIFA, the Dutch FA and the Premier league need to stop him from getting on the pitch ever again.

  7. J.M. says:

    It took me a second to realize they weren’t speaking English, but that was a bad bad tackle on one of Newcastle’s better players. The Dutch manager has shown more balls banning De Jong than most other pro-sports coaches I know. What a man.

  8. skinnyj says:

    Doesnt appear the official even called a foul on the play, how did he miss that? And we think MLS refs are sketchy. Ban this clown without pay until Arfa is able to come back.

  9. vengence is mine says:

    Damn Dirty Dutch man, should be drag into a street and have his legs broken. No joke.

  10. thrill says:

    when someone gets injured by a reckless* play the offender should be suspended for twice the recovery time of the injured player – and the offender’s club should pay twice the higher of his and the injured player’s salary to the injured player and injured club

    * scissoring his own legs to trap the other player’s legs is at best reckless – if you don’t know how to tackle someone without insuring you don’t do that, then you don’t know how to play

  11. afc says:

    This is happening more and more but unlike the other incidents this guy does it over and over again!

    I know the dutch aren’t the best at defense but this is ridiculous. Something needs to be done.

    Ban him for life, he obviously doesn’t know what he is doing. I don’t think he thinks he did anything wrong, he’s done it so many times.

  12. mike says:

    Thrill you took the words right out of my mouth. Player should be suspended for as long as the injured player is out (I like your idea better twice as long)..and without pay.

    Ives who is in charge of any kind of suspension? EPL or FIFA?

  13. Jacob says:

    I’m with you skinny. How as there no foul called or card shown. At least in the World Cup final a yellow was shown (I think the ref would have shown red in any other match but didn’t want to have such a key role in deciding a world title).

  14. CTMo85 says:

    If some breaks “accidentally” deJong’s leg, that team should shouldn’t go down a man for a malicious tackle, but should be allowed to bring on a 12th player. Shouldn’t take too long…

  15. Dinho says:

    afc, I actually think he knows EXACTLY what he is doing and just doesn’t care. That’s what makes it that much more appalling. I say a one-year ban is in order.

  16. anthony says:

    red card

  17. Ian says:

    The thing that I despise about him above all else is how little he made of breaking Stu’s leg. He’s dirty sure, but to have no remorse to speak of and see no wrong doing makes me sick. I rue the day that he gets his..

  18. giaco says:

    DeJong should just be put down. end of.

  19. Thor says:

    Maybe what they need is a for a team to sigh a guy like Ogie Ogilthorpe to a one game contract to even things out and take care of MR De Jong.

  20. Hank says:

    Two thumbs up for BVM to uninvite DeJong. Not only does it send a message to the player but also to the rest of the ream as well (are you paying attention Robben, Van der Vaart, Van Bommel?)

    The FA need to step in and give him a bans as well – that’s two legs in a year he’s broken. These reckless tackles need to stop.

  21. dena says:

    He is not that kind of player.

  22. Jorge says:

    Wow. Not again! Accidents happen but this is just becoming deliberate.

  23. Illmatic74 says:

    My second favorite national team to follow is the Netherlands. I have always loved the flair and creativity they have always shown. But, I hated the fact that they employed this “enforcer”. It is great to see him dropped from the National Team for now.

  24. Turgid Jacobian says:

    funny how he keeps making that kind of play though

  25. Goalscorer24 says:

    Once is an accident, after that the guy needs to be seriously suspended! I always thought the tackle on Holden was minimized, you could tell De Jong was just a reckless player.

  26. Zack Lewis says:

    If you’re good enough to make a high-speed technical tackle, then you’re good enough to avoid injuring others. If you DO injury others, you need to be disciplined.

    I wouldn’t want to be the one assigned the task of executing vigilante justice on De Jong. Let FIFA handle it. Give him a prolonged match ban.

  27. Mingjai says:

    Do you really think BVM would not call up his own son-in-law.

    I just hope this means that the Dutch will begin playing a little more positive football with only one holding mid instead of two.

  28. Edwin says:

    Bob should play the Dutch again and play with Jermaine Jones and Pablo Mastroeni, have Pablo come up from behind with Jones applying pressure and just take his ankle or knee out!

    Then due to the ejection, if he’s still in the field and the 1st try didn’t succeed sub in Clark for a forward and have Rico finish it off or do a Ruiz like treatment of him, if he’s out of the game, take out Robben for payback due to De Jong taking out Holden!

    Okay maybe it’s a little harsh 😀 but come on, this guy is sick. What’s worst is he NEVER GETS PUNISHED FOR IT, worst thing was a yellow at the WC Final, I don’t recall if they even called a foul in the US game, I think they did but no card at all. Should have been ejected vs US and in final, Spain would of made Holland cry with goals and posession!

  29. swoopy says:

    … same way he wasn’t called on Holden’s leg break, and same way he was only yellow-carded against Spain. it’s a mystery.

  30. JayMah says:

    Sorry but FIFA should have done something about him after that World Cup incident. Looking at the play, One, he was nowhere near getting that ball, two, he started the tackle so late that he was knee to knee when he was coming down on the tackle.

    FIFA should ban players who play this reckless. There should be no place for players like him on the pitch.

    For DeJong, a 12-month ban ought to make him learn how to tackle properly IMO

  31. Felix says:

    The most surprising thing about De Jong is that he’s a very good D-mid, even without the thuggish tackles, I can see if you were just a thug who had no skill or tactical awareness and your aggressiveness on the pitch was your only attribute – but this guy can actually play, so why he does continually play over-the-top like this is beyond me.

    Hopefully this will send the message that he doesn’t have to play like a brute to be a good defensive midfielder.

  32. Skippy says:

    Of those three challenges, he received red cards for precisely none of them. I think the problem starts there.

  33. David says:

    The amazing thing is he didn’t even get a yellow on this. I don’t even think it was whistled as a foul. That is the amazing thing. Yeah he got the ball but if you take out someone straight on your bound to get the ball, but it doesn’t make it a legal takle.

    FA should look into the tackle and the ref who didn’t even call a foul.

  34. RK says:

    The ref has actually said it should’ve been a red.

  35. Galaxy G says:

    absolutely terrible challenge. he does get the ball but there was no need to throw himself in as hard as he did. kudos to BVM for having the balls and pride to punish him. unfortunately, I don’t think there are those same kind of people in the offices at the FA and FIFA so I doubt anything will be done.

    I’d never advocate ‘returning the favor’ but you have to wonder if De Jong will ever truly understand how out of control his play has become without some sort of serious reality check.

  36. Ryan says:

    That wasn’t the only bad call either. A PK was given to Tevez when replays clearly showed the defender got a piece of the ball. Plus Tevez wasn’t even in the box when the foul occurred.

    Then, later in the game, one of Newcastle’s strikers was blatently tackled in the box, and no PK was given. Even the announcers were shocked at this.

    Manchester City deserved to lose that game, and De Jong deserves to be banned from competitive play in any league.

  37. Srao says:

    I think the moral of the story (so far) is that if the ref swallows the red because they don’t want to affect the outcome of the game (the ref who should have shown the straight Red to de Jong in the WC Final), then they are just kicking the can down the line and the player doesn’t change his ways.

    If de Jong got shown a straight Red at the WC final, how much flak would he have gotten from his teammates and his country for his reckless play? Would that have made him more circumspect about his tackles and not led to him breaking the leg of HBA?

  38. SwerveZ says:

    hahaha, yes!!!! Bullet Tooth Tony!

  39. SwerveZ says:

    Yep, he knows what he’s doing alright…he just doesn’t give a flying F. That’s shite attitude and not something you want in the league. Imagine if he did that to Rooney?

  40. The Second Gunman on the Grassy Knoll says:

    Hahaha. Ogilthorpe! Yes! I second this solution.

  41. SwerveZ says:

    Yeah, until this just happened, I forgot all about his Karate kick to what’s his name’s sternum!!! He’s just playing a different game than everyone else and he isn’t getting punished, so he keeps doing it. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Vinnie Jones wouldn’t put up with that crap, but yes, someone just needs to ban him forever or for a long time.

  42. ricecloudnine says:

    MLS refs saw nothing wrong with the challenge… 😛

  43. chester says:

    I blame the parents.

  44. Fireball says:

    I hope it’s contagious too. Van Bommel is a bad boy who doesn’t play football either.

  45. KCB says:

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me a third time, this sh*t has gotta stop.

  46. Adam M. says:

    Another reason for video review. If a player is stretchered off with a serious injury, there is no reason why a video offical cannot review the play and tell the on-the-field offical to issue a card (or not, if it was a good challenge) before play resumes. If the officals on the field cannot see well enough issue a card on a tackle resulting in a broken leg, then you either have to go to video immediately or ban slide tackles. Otherwise its the Wild West out there. As for De Jong, there should be a Year Per Leg rule: Break a leg, get a year suspension. Break a second leg, get two years, etc.

  47. Jeremy says:

    when did Ellen DeGeneres become a Dutch soccer pundit?

  48. DC Josh says:

    You just don’t go to ground that fast and hard all the time. I hope he feels some guilt from this tackle. He felt absolutely NONE when he hurt Stu and who knows what he was thinking when he kicked Xabi in the sternum. The FA should ban him for at least two games or whatever their penalty is for a straight red card. Martin Atkinson was right there and didn’t even call a foul. He should work for MLS.

  49. DC Josh says:

    FIFA didn’t do anything about the karate kick to Xabi’s chest and they won’t do anything about this. They have no guts.

  50. Mark Van Bommel says:

    Let’s not go overboard. This is strictly business.

    The Dutch have always been very “pragmatic” about these matters.

    This came up before when De Jong broke Holden’s leg. Just before that match he had had a run of bad red cards and BVM considered dropping him from the World Cup squad; not because BVM has a particular problem with “hard” play, but because it shows a lack of dicipline and in a competition like the World Cup, red cards put a serious crip on your competition. Plus, the refs start to look at you closer.

    I don’t know BVM but to me the message he is sending to his team is, “don’t get caught committing stupid fouls”. If you break a guy’s leg, chances are you’ll get caught. When you have as many high profile bad tackles as De Jong has had lately(Holden, Xabi Alonso and now this), you become radioactive and it’s bad for the team.

    If De Jong would dial it back just a little he could get the same effect and not get caught so much. Obviously, he’s too stupid to do that. And that is what BVM is addressing, De Jong’s stupidity, not his morality.

  51. DC Josh says:

    Haha good point! Three broken bones and one collapsed sternum and only one yellow.

  52. The bums will always lose says:

    The root of this problem is that DeThug makes tackles like these ON PURPOSE. Have you ever watched DeJong play a game when he’s not trying to put someone in the hospital? I have, and once you see that he’s perfectly capable of playing the D-Mid/enforcer role using his skill and soccer IQ, it makes this crap that much more frustrating to watch. He is 100% capable of making a hard tackle without injuring someone. The bottom line is that he repeatedly, CONSCIOUSLY chooses to make horrible, career-threatening tackles.

    If his previous body of work (up to and including this tackle) isn’t enough to get him a ban, I don’t know what is. Will it take ending someone’s career before the FA or FIFA decide to take action?

    I’m not usually an advocate of players taking things into their own hands, but someone fully needs to sign Vinnie Jones to a one-day contract when they play Man City so he can give DeJong a taste of his own medicine.

  53. Dustin says:

    I’m sorry but there is nothing in the book or in the instruction of referees that getting any part of the ball makes a tackle legal. Getting the ball first or at all is a complete myth.

  54. DS says:

    In SA we stayed at the same hotel as the Dutch team in Johannesburg. De Jong was a complete professional, very polite and friendly – nothing like his demeanor on the field. It really is surprising that he couldn’t muster up a polite apology when he injured Holden. Certainly, he’ll be punished by the league, and there’s definitely some future risk for him as well as I’d expect other teams will target him for injuring their own. That said, I think the idea of banning him for life or for as long as the other player is injured are extreme overreactions. Soccer is a physical game, and injuries do happen. And they’re going to be disproportionately incurred by defensive-minded bulldog types like Nigel. Believe me, he’s not the only player in the world that has dished out a handful of dangerous tackles in the last 12 months.

  55. Skippy says:

    EPL refs SAW nothing wrong with the challenge. MLS refs still SEE nothing wrong with the tackle.

  56. war says:

    well now that Stu is playing CM and has the most tackles in the PL, I’m sure De Jong might get a taste

  57. Vik says:

    agreed, he looked calm when holden had his break, but when asked about it he apparently blasted De Jong after the game. I think he was more concerned about stupid tackles like that getting him sent off during the wc, but still.

    Kuyt won huge props too, right after Holden’s break he was yelling at De Jong pretty hard.

  58. c says:

    UPDATE – the FA has decided not to take further action against De jong for the incident (no cards were given)… fire away, trolls!

  59. Ed Ho says:

    DeJong is a piece of sh*t and should fined and suspended a significant amount of time.

  60. Brian says:

    Hmmm let’s see breaks Holden’s leg and show’s no remorse and doesn’t even get carded. Tries to break Xabi Alonso’s ribs and only gets a yellow, and now this. De Jong is scum. Effing talentless scum. I hope someone ends his career.

  61. Break Time says:

    Being a BJJ practitioner (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) I would love the satisfaction of snapping this bullies legs… And what ever other vital joints I could disfigure… Ankles, elbows, shoulders, wrists…

    I still have not gotten over the incident with Holden…

  62. Eurosnob says:

    FIFA will not do anything because the incident occcurred in the EPL competition rather than in a FIFA tournament. However, EPL should be dishing out a lengthy suspension.

  63. vivalosburros says:

    De Jong was widely criticized in the Dutch media after the tackle on Holden because they thought of him as a real liability to get a red card when the games really mattered.

  64. Be Reasonable says:

    EVER again, huh? Nice overreaction. He should be suspended for sure but not banned forever. Get a grip.

  65. Be Reasonable says:

    Getting part of the ball does not preclude you from actually having fouled someone. You can get part of the ball AND still commit a foul – getting part of the ball doesn’t negate what came before or after.

  66. lol says:

    wow the FA are a bunch of wusses

  67. AC says:

    De Jong is a total thug. If you look at the two leg breakers, De Jong hides the tackle by coming in low and hard with a kicking motion. His foot is slightly elevated and aimed right above the ankle (watch the Holden video again) so it looks like he’s going for the ball. He knows exactly what he’s doing. This is De Jong’s first strike in the FA so they will give him a max 2 game suspension. Chalk up wo broken legs and a kung fu kick for the skinhead.

  68. lol says:

    All EPL teams should be gunning for this guy’s knees and ankles every game and end his career before he seriously injures one of their players.

  69. Be Reasonable says:

    FIFA has no jurisdiction in that matter. It would have to be the FA.

  70. Be Reasonable says:

    Collapsed sternum? Eh, no …

  71. Gacm32 says:

    +1 haha well played.

  72. ryan says:

    somebody needs to put him in his place on the field.

  73. Cairo says:

    When does Bolton play Man City? I don’t know that Stuey is the guy to be breaking De Jong’s legs, but certainly he’s got to have some burly and reckless teammates with a mean streak….

  74. HoBo says:

    he seriously needs to be hurt and see what it’s like to be out for awhile. he’s reckless and an complete a-hole about it.

    what a piece of sh*t!!!!!

  75. HoBo says:

    but when he does it over and over again, that’s still ok………. wow

  76. SirLoin says:

    What a scumbag. As soon as I saw that Ben Arfa broke his leg against City, I knew it was De Jong. Dirty bastard.

  77. Scott A says:

    Easily my least favorite player. He makes my dislike of some of the Mexican national team players look like nothing. Dirtbag. I still can’t believe that tackle on Holden in a friendly. Truly the only player I’d wish an injury on. Even Bommel, who’s a dirty player, doesn’t seem to want to take players our for months. Feel bad for Dutch guys like Kuyt who have a heart.

  78. John Kreese, Sensei, Cobra Kai says:

    He should come to my dojo and join Cobra Kai. Take care of that Danny Larusso.

  79. Dominghosa says:

    That guy’s a criminal. Always has been. Always will be.

  80. Nmaw says:

    What do you expect? Nothing good ever comes of Nigels.

  81. bryan says:

    this guy is such a piece of sh..

  82. josh says:

    Or as a friend of mine once said-fool me once shame on me, fool me twice I punch you in the face.

  83. Eugene says:

    He needs to be banned by FIFA for a year

  84. Ryan says:

    Agreed, but the tackle in question against Tevez was not that aggressive of a challenge anyway, plus it was just outside of the box. I agree with your sentiment, De Jong got part of the ball against HBA, but the other part of the tackle that broke his leg should have been a foul.

    I guess what I was trying to say is that the defender did get a piece of the ball against Tevez, but the tackle shouldn’t have warranted a foul, let alone a penalty kick. Whereas what De Jong did was legal in getting to the ball, but illegal with the scissor kick follow through.

  85. RK says:

    The Dutch were fined more than the Spanish…

  86. Warren says:

    What got me were the reports on how Holden and DeJong met briefly as they were on the same flight back to UK after that leg-breaking tackle – and there was no apology. Even an insincere one would say the guy has some clue – but obviously that wouldn’t be DeJong.

  87. Warren says:

    ok but to be fair what about shawcross in epl? He’s a repeat offender, just his leg breaks didn;t happen in wc or against americans so we don;t care so much – what’s worse is right after he busted someone’s leg last spring, he got his first ever call up to England from capello, it was almost like a reward for being a thug.

    look, accidents happen, I’ve busted a friend’s foot myself on a clean play years back – honest it was clean – and had my shoulder broken by another friend – on a more dubious play in my opinion : ).

    so this can all be subjective, but there should be some standards…

  88. Warren says:

    Now I’m remembering my most recent break – a wrist – ok that was a dubious play for an over-40 guy to make against me. But still, injuries are part of the game as they always say. so discerning which are malicious and whcih are accidental isn;t that easy.

    But worth trying I agree.

  89. Max says:

    How many broken legs is he actually responsible for? Going off recent memory, its just Stu and Ben Arfa, plus the ninja attack on Xabi Alonso during the WC. He’s been playing for a while. I’d be interested to know if this is a career trend, or just a few bad incidents in a short timespan.

  90. Neruda says:

    No one on this blog understood a word of what they were saying in the commentary of the video posted but I have a feeling they were talking about how DeJong is a horrible and reckless player and they’re bummed that he happens to be Dutch. Now not only Americans hate him for carelessly braking Holdens leg but people the world over hate this guy.

  91. BlueWhiteLioin says:

    you “rue” the day that he (DeJong?) gets his? Not sure you mean what you typed . . . “rue” is kind of like remorse. I think I know what you meant. :)

  92. Idaho Brian says:

    I am so glad the Dutch team decided not to call him up for the upcoming international fixtures. I hope FIFA steps in with additional punishment.

  93. KEEP says:

    I agree, but I think it should be a Gooch forarm to the face during the National Anthem…let him play the rest of his carrer with a facemask

  94. GW says:

    Re DS’ comments, I’ve seen Paul Scholes, Michael Bradley and Steven Gerrard dish out even worse looking tackles than what De Jong did; the difference is, of course that their victims did not have broken legs. If you watch a handful of EPL matches closely, you’ll see quite a few tackles very similar to what De Jong did. But no one got their legs broken. De Jong is obviously losing his touch because I doubt he is actually trying to break any legs. That kind of notoriety is bad for business.

    My guess is FIFA, UEFA or the EPL won’t act on this because if they did you would be having an awful lot of players suspended on any given week.

    As for him not apologizing to Holden, my guess is other people have been tackling De Jong and his team mates like that his entire career; he probably views it as a standard part of the game so why apologize? It’s just business. Puyol broke Fabregas’ leg just before the World Cup and they are teammates with Spain.

    Holden is a big boy and he should know the risks everytime you step out onto the field. I don’t think American fans appreciate how rough and violent the game truly is in Europe and South America. Those of you who think Demspey is lazy and Jozy is no good should have watched the World Cup more closely and noted the severe pounding those two took. There is a reason M. Bradley is always running around; moving targets are harder to hit.

    In Europe a lot of the players quite literally would be on the street if not for these jobs so a little extra contact and some pushing and shoving is not that big a deal.

  95. wally says:

    Sorry, GW, I don’t buy the notion that this is just the way things are in Europe. I’ve seen plenty PL games, and rarely see tackles as viscious as the one above. And definitely never seen Bradley do anything that bad. Sure, games can get rough, but De Jong is in a different category.

  96. Kevin_Amold says:

    Puyol’s tackle on fabregas was 100% a tangling of legs. It was hardly even a tackle. Plus, why would one Barcelona man do something like that to another?

  97. Knowles says:

    Normally I’m not into vengeance, but with this guy’s track record I wholeheartedly agree with the posters who believe he should be put in his place on the field. There’s a certain primal justice to players governing themselves that can act as a deterrent when league bureaucracy doesn’t take sufficient action, like when that player for the Washington Nationals got beaned earlier this year by the opposing pitcher for showing up the other team.

    If I was a player on a team coming up soon on Man City’s sched, I’d be aiming between the foot and knee with studs up and a nice running start

  98. r.benjamin says:

    well as the Dutch coach said.. I guess there are multiple standards.

    The tackle was brutal and he certainly has history.

    So.. hats off to the Dutch coach for taking the stance. In the long run he it could be self serving when De jong doesnt get a red in a Euro 2012 match

  99. GW says:


    It’s not just Europe.

    Perhaps I’m just a lot more cynical or maybe I’ve seen a lot more games than you but I’ve seen quite a few tackles like De Jong’s. It’s just that they aren’t often all done by the same player, so close together in time and in such high profile matches. And they don’t always break legs.

    I’ve followed MB since his first game for the US. In those games he was going to the ground so often and so hard you would have thought he was always trying to steal second base. Thankfully, he usually missed his man. I feared for his US career because I was sure he was going to get thrown out of every game. Thankfully, he’s gotten a lot better since then.

    And if you think I’m exaggerating then read the British websites. Try the Guardian. Yes, the fact that De Jong has strung three high profile bad tackles ( especially in the World Cup final) together has drawn attention. But they are not anywhere near as up in arms about this as US fans are. Of course you have to remember that City play three ( and you thought BB was conservative!) holding midfielders and Mancini is a pragmatic Italian strategist.

    City are clearly not out to play pretty.

    And Mancini hasn’t, as far as I can tell , been critical of De Jong.

    Google the dutch manager and read his quotes

    on the matter. Or read them here. From the Guardian:

    “The Holland coach, Bert van Marwijk, said he saw “no alternative” but to remove De Jong, adding: “I’ve seen the pictures back. It was a wild and unnecessary offence. He went in much too hard. It is unfortunate, especially since he does not need to do it.

    “The funny thing is that the referee did not even show a yellow card for it. Apparently, there are other standards. But I have a problem with the way Nigel needlessly looks to push the limit. I am going to speak to him.”

    You may not agree but to me this is a man who is critical of De Jong because of his lack of discipline and how that is bad for a team,not because of any inherent lack of morality, or because De Jong is some sort of monster. De Jong is a highly accomplished player and I’m sure he sees this as a consequence of aggressive play.

    I doubt he thinks he is trying to intentionally trying to hurt anyone because, well, he’s out there too. He’s not like you and me hurling insults from behind the safety of anonymous computer screens. If any other footballer wants a piece of him he’s out there every Sunday. Holden is welcome to try and break his leg the next time Bolton take on City.

  100. GW says:

    Cesc was playng for Arsenal at the time. Reason enough I guess.

    And it wasn’t intentional. You’ll hear that ad nauseum, whenever this sort of thing happens.

  101. Ken says:

    This is maybe the most out-of-line comment I’ve ever read on a soccer board.

  102. Big Smoke says:

    If I remember correctly, the only card in the Stuart Holden tackle was given to Torres for vehemently berating the ref for lack of a card on De Wrong.

  103. Big Smoke says:

    Actually, the FA is not responsible for handing down any suspension. The only authority the FA has over the EPL is some sort of oversight into EPL rule changes, and, I think, veto power over the EPL’s chairman.

  104. Big Smoke says:

    Therefore, the EPL would be solely responsible for this one, not FIFA, UEFA, or the FA, because it was an EPL match.

  105. Big Smoke says:

    In Ian-speak, rue= “will enjoy”

  106. GW says:

    If you are going to go for the vigilante solution Holden should do the dirty himself. I don’t think Bolton has an enforcer. This isn’t hockey where the star player always had a bodyguard, a hammer like Dave Schultz, Bob Probert, Joey Kocur, or Dave Semenko.

    If Holden has an issue with De Jong he’ll have 90 minutes to do something about it when Bolton meets City.

  107. CGold says:

    I am hoping Kevin Davies steps in

  108. wally says:

    why are you so sure it wasn’t intentional? perhaps he wasn’t precisely thinking “break Arfa’s leg,” but you can’t watch that video and tell me that De Jong, as he slides through Arfa at 20mph, is not fully aware he’s about to impart serious and excessive force to Arfa’s body.

    And, assuming you are correct about the frequency of similalry hideous tackles in europe (which i don’t think you are), i’m not sure why that should excuse such behavior. Aren’t violent tackles bad and worthy of punishment, no matter how frequent or infrequent? If they happen so much, as you contend, isn’t that further reason to take a stand and punish De Jong, further deterring that kind of play.. or do you enjoy watching thugs kick long balls, battle on set pieces and physically punish small skill players..

  109. Neruda says:

    De Jong is in the wrong sport. He’s a lethal martial artist playing soccer. I wish Chuck Norris could protect Holden against him the Bolton v Man City match.

  110. RB says:

    No, De Jong was booked for the tackle on Holden. Very late, and seemingly while enjoying a good joke with the ref, but he was. You can check the game stats online.

  111. RB says:

    “And if you think I’m exaggerating then read the British websites. Try the Guardian.”

    You mean like the Guardian piece now out on the matter by Richard Williams that’s entitled “Football Has a Duty to Disarm its Human Missiles”?

  112. Supermancho says:

    What’s Dejong favourite movie, “The Bone Collector”?

  113. He’s the Joran Van Der Sloot of soccer.

  114. GW says:

    I’m not excusing De Jong’s behavior. I just don’t think it’s particularly surprising. The man and many others like him, have been tackling like this for years on end. If De Jong did this in League Two and the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy Cup, I doubt it would get the notice is has been getting.

    What is surprising, besides the fact that De Jong has three in a row so close together, is that the serious injuries don’t happen more frequently.

    I can’t read minds,which apparently you and others on this blog can. I have no way of knowing whether or not De Jong meant to hurt Holden, Alonso and HBA. So unless you are a proven mind reader, you are unable to truly determine actual intent. Maybe De Jong is a lying cheat, but in this matter we cannot prove intent. He always tackles this way. Leads with the left and trails with the right leg bent. They don’t call him the “Lawnmower” for nothing. But he doesn’t alway break legs or hurt people. Otherwise, defenders would never slide tackle anyone.

    The FA and The EPL know all about him but they choose to do nothing. He didn’t even get a card for the HBA incident so there is not foul and no action can be taken. So if you are upset about it take it up with them not me.

    I don’t care what De Jong’s intent was because the end result is the same. Saying you are sorry changes nothing. Saying you meant to him changes nothing. The leg is still broken. De Jong clearly isn’t terribly concerned that he might end someone’s career, but is he trying to do that? I couldn’t tell you.

    Everyone who goes into a slide tackle should realise that there is always a chance that you can break someone’s leg. Whether it’s football or baseball anyone who runs full out and then goes into a slide knows, at some level, that this action can result in all kinds of serious bodily harm to him or someone else. But athletes are all practiced in the art of denial and they just know it won’t happen with them. They tell themselves it’s part of the game. They tell themselves, they aren’t going for the man they are going for the ball. If the man gets in the way, well that’s just too bad it’s part of the game.

    I once broke a winger’s leg but it was unintentional. But I will say my coaches always said to do everything full out otherwise I’d get hurt. So I went into every tackle as hard as I could so I would not get hurt. And believe me, getting tackled by me is nothing like what happens when a real player tackles you. And I still broke a guy’s leg.

    Remember, before he got hurt Holden or any other USMNT player could have tackled De Jong and, unintentionally of course, broken his leg. And of course, Holden and his teamates still have that option open to them.

  115. GW says:

    That’s the one. Did you read the article?

    If you do you’ll find Williams doesn’t talk about what monster De Jong is; rather he talks about how there is a need to do something about this sort of tackle: what exactly one should do he doesn’t really say but then I don’t have any great ideas either.

    At any rate if you read the article you’ll find nothing like the level of outrage that is in evidence here.