Ferguson confirms Rooney wants out

Wayne Rooney 2 (ISIphotos.com) 
So much for the Wayne Rooney rumors just being rumors.

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson confirmed on Tuesday that Wayne Rooney has told the club he wants to leave, a revelation that could pave the way for the England star's shock departure.

"We have had a discussion about the whole situation," Ferguson said. "The player says he is adamant he wants to leave."

If you think Rooney doesn't have many options, the Telegraph suggests that he could buy out his contract and become a free agent next summer for a relatively small price.

So where might he wind up? Here is a good breakdown of his potential destinations.

What do you think of this development? Still see him staying at Manchester United? If not, where could you see him going? Where would you like him to wind up?

Share your thoughts below.

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54 Responses to Ferguson confirms Rooney wants out

  1. David says:

    Imagine he somehow ended up at Liverpool because NESV wants to make a big splash and Hodgson seems to favor English players anyway. He would be vilified. Torres – Rooney swap?

  2. Erik says:

    Good riddance – these players are so spoiled these days.

  3. John from Philadelphia says:

    Go abroad. Get our of England. Live life.

  4. Jeff says:

    To be honest, I wouldn’t pay much for him. He’s a head case and very inconsistent. He’s worth a few bucks since he’ll sell jerseys and put butts in seats, but I just think there are a lot better strikers out there to get if you’re a top club with money to spend. Admittedly I can’t stand him, but I still stand by that. I think if he wants to make a big step towards improving his image he should try and go back to the club that he came up through (I think Everton).

  5. phil says:

    Don’t think Liverpool would happen for a fella from the blue side of Merseyside. My guess would be Real Madrid, but who knows?

  6. dena says:


  7. bryan says:

    only goes to madrid if benzema is included in the trade. and even then, he’d have to understand he is riding the bench until he can out play higuain. which won’t be easy. i dont see any of the mids getting benched to make room for rooney.

  8. the a team says:

    I simply do not understand where the Real Madrid speculation is coming from.

    I don’t think Rooney would ever see the pitch, he’s not good enough.

  9. cj says:

    Good time to get rid of him. He has been known to bolt when times get tough. He did the same thing at Everton. ManU is bigger than Wayne Rooney. I hope ManU gets something for him.

  10. Dave says:


  11. Stephen says:

    I guess its time to finally drop him from my fantasy team.

  12. KEvin_Amold says:

    Wayne, I think you and your wife would really enjoy Salt Lake…

  13. BillyBob says:

    Whatever happened to Roo’s brother who was trying out for Seattle?

  14. Jeremy says:

    He didn’t impress anyone

  15. john.q says:

    I’m calling it here first! Wayne Rooney will be JPA’s replacement and NYRB’s third DP!

  16. john.q says:

    just kidding

  17. Jeremy says:

    With form that he has been in over the past 6 months, I don’t see United getting a huge transfer fee for him. For some reason I could see him going to Italy, Juve or AC Milan.

  18. JavaLavaJoe says:

    If he leaves Man U staying in England is a potential disaster. Better for him to join Jose!

  19. KEvin_Amold says:

    Not only that, but RSL could pay you literally HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars.

  20. bryan says:

    it’s coming from the fact madrid were linked with him before, CR wants him there and the fact that JM is not happy that he only has two pure strikers…Higuain and Benzema.

    however, JM has stated there is no room in his lineup as they have adjusted it to favor more midfielders/wingers. so, i don’t think it will happen. but that is where these rumors are coming from.

  21. bryan says:

    not to mention if they hold out for a big offer and never get it, then Rooney can just buy out his contract for $10M. not exactly a good ROI for Man Utd considering they paid $28M (or pounds?) for him.

  22. golfstrom says:

    You’re right Real don’t want a player who scored 33 goals last season and can play anywhere along the front 4. They only play in 3 competitions, no one ever gets hurt, and besides, Mourinho would rather use Pedro Leon or Sergio Canales as cover.

  23. ManicMessiah says:

    What they need is a Roy Keane in central midfield

  24. k says:

    Seattle can afford him and I can only imagine the goals the combo of Nkufo and Rooney would score being fed the ball from a midfield of Zakuani, Nyassi, Alonso and Montero.

  25. Jose says:

    Wayne Rooney to NY Red Bulls??? Would that fill the stadium?

  26. the a team says:

    Any decent striker on Manchester United scores a host of goals. With a midfield and wingers like they have, it’s hard not to.

    JM has already stated that there is no room for him, he wouldn’t play.

  27. CACuzcatlan says:

    I could see City making him a Tevez like offer (you can stay in the same city, don’t have to move your family). Although City needs to unload a lot of dead weight before making any more moves.

  28. CACuzcatlan says:

    Real Madrid isn’t just about talent (and you can’t tell me Rooney isn’t talented). RM is about big names, galaticos.

  29. bryan says:

    hey, you can get snappy with me all you want. i didn’t say it. JM did. relax dude. dont need to take it personally.

  30. Modibo says:

    I hear that LA’s looking for someone to fill Donovan’s shoes soon… and he would already have a bloke with a lot in common in the locker room

  31. SwerveZ says:

    I agree. He wants to leave the crazy English press. If he goes, he’ll go to another country and his buyout is $5M not $10M. I see him going to AC Milan or RM, even though they say he’s not going there and they have no cash. JM would kill for Rooney. JM will then take him back when he coaches Utd in 2 years, haha.

  32. SwerveZ says:


  33. SwerveZ says:

    I’ll tell you what; as much as it will never happen, a move to the MLS might be just what Rooney needs to reclaim his sanity from the press and everything else in England. NYRB have the cash and want a new DB striker who isn’t old…Rooney wouldn’t be hounded in NYC and would probably like the life there.
    But it’ll never happen.

  34. afrim says:

    no way he goes to City or Liverpool and Everton cant afford him. Chelsea’s strike force is getting older now so they may make a move.

    everyone is saying Real Mardid b/c they have the assets to include in a package deal. I dont think anyone right now has the cash in soccer to buy rooney outright with cash, a player will have to be invovled to soften the cost and real madrid has a stable of attackers (benzema or even kaka)

  35. golfstrom says:

    I was actually responding to the first guy who was being snappy.

    In any case, it’s not that I don’t at some level believe JM is telling the truth when he says that, but if you don’t think he wants Rooney I got a bridge to sell you…

  36. RK says:

    RM is linked with every move. And every non-move.

  37. RK says:

    Apparently he wasn’t as good at “slipping one by the goalie” as his brother.

  38. RK says:

    With his kids?

  39. Neruda says:

    City has the money and he’ll show he has no qualms about joining cross town rivals. If Roman from Chelsea can come up with the money than Chelsea will rule the EPL for many a year. If Wayne really wants to get away from crazy English media he should come over to MLS. He’ll only make a a fraction of what he could make but his blood pressure will stay at a healthy level. And trips to Las Vegas means he can actually find better looking prostitutes.

  40. RLW2020 says:

    love ives’ comment about Rooney in NY just as good as Kenny Powers in Mexico.. I always thought if Rooney ever was to play here it would be with the Union or Chicago.

    Realistically Man City has the $ Madrid has the players (Benzema, Kaka or Ozil) i guess it comes down to what Manchester United wants in terms of compensation.

  41. RLW2020 says:

    how come we haven’t heard any rumors to Bayern, possibly a Frank Ribery +cash deal? i think both parties should want him out of england and AC, Inter, Barcelona and Real aren’t perfect fits yet…

  42. boris says:

    only if rooney could capitalize on Utah and polygamy…

  43. Kevin_Amold says:

    Lazy utah joke. -1.

  44. bryan says:

    haha oh ok. should have looked at the “reply to” area. my apologies.

  45. Jeremy says:

    If he wants to go then let him go and get something in return. As a United supporter, I would only be happy if he left England. Send him to Madrid for some cash and Benzema. Rooney is still only 24, so there should be some value still attached to him even with his current form.

  46. BCC says:

    Funny how MU fans pine for Benzema. The guy has been an absolute no-show for most of his tenure at Real yet he is worthy to be included in a trade for Wayne Rooney? I hear the distant voice of P. T. Barnum . . .

    So, sure! Benzema and some cash. He probably can’t carry Chicharito’s jock but he could probably earn some extra cash for the club as a stunt-double for Shia LaBeouf.

  47. Bob says:

    It’s not $5m or $10m–it’s £5m, or roughly $7.86m.

    /Monetary Conversion Nitpick

  48. Judging Amy says:

    He’d definitely play. Maybe not start.

  49. Ken says:

    As a casual fan of the Premier League — I don’t have a rooting interest — my reaction is more one of sadness than anything else. I know he wasn’t everyone’s favorite guy, but it’s hard to argue that Sir Alex wasn’t the most successful manager of his day and one of the most successful in history; it’s tough to watch the club that he built up crumble around him as his owners leave him hanging and his players eye greener pastures.

  50. RK says:

    Huntelaar was a no-show too, because he was just another star collected by RM and couldn’t get the PT.

  51. BCC says:

    Benzema is not working out because his attitude is poor and he was in terrible condition when Mourinho arrived. Nothing to do with how he has been utilized.

  52. boris says:

    my joke.. it is nice!

  53. Josh says:

    Agreed. On the other hand, speculation across the pond is that Rooney’s “I want out” stance is just posturing for a new contract. Not being too particularly close to the issue, I have no idea if this is true, but if it is, Rooney must have lost his mind. You make exorbitant demands when you’re playing WELL, not when you’re stuck on the bench…

  54. Kawandinho says:

    I think he would do well in Italy at a club like Inter.