MLS Playoffs: FC Dallas vs. Real Salt Lake (Your Running Commentary)

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Real Salt Lake embarks on its MLS Cup title defense in a place it has never won, facing FC Dallas at Pizza Hut Park in the first leg of their highly anticipated playoff series (5 p.m., Fox Soccer Channel).

These teams proved to be evenly matched in the regular season, with each posting a 2-0 result at its respective home park in their two meetings. If you haven't gotten a chance to read SBI's preview of the series, check it out here.

If you will be watching the match, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action!

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73 Responses to MLS Playoffs: FC Dallas vs. Real Salt Lake (Your Running Commentary)

  1. Sergio of SF says:

    anyone got a link for this? I don’t have FSC

  2. Lou says:

    Tried and it doesnt seem to be working, anything else, thanks?

  3. Scott A says:

    I got a working one on link to

  4. ShaggyReAL says:



    RSL 1 – Burn 0

  5. Ken says:

    Well, that was fun while it lasted, right Dallas?

  6. Sergio of SF says:

    Yeah, the link on there doesn’t work. I guess they are are not streaming it.

  7. Matt says:

    One helluva a finish there. At least Dallas managed ringer the football lines mostly gone.

  8. beachbum says:

    awesome goal. timed the run, speed and power to win the ball, balance and technique on sweet little cut, and focused rifle finish

  9. Big Chil says:

    justin dot tv

  10. jspec says:

    what’s with football lines on pitch. They ought to look into building, another stadium nxt the Cowboys & Rangers. This looks horrible. I;m sorry makes for distactive viewing.

  11. ShaggyReAL says:

    Not that bad IMO. they did a good lob on fading the lines from last night.

  12. Neruda says:

    Here we go RSL. Let’s make 2 nil.

  13. Edwin in LA says:

    atdhe is working now it took a while they were having some problems earlier with their server, I couldn’t even use them for the morning games, but if it doesn’t work for your, I’m watching it now on atdhe, try justin dot tv or firstrow dot net

  14. Edwin in LA says:

    Dude ask the folks in Houston or New England if those are bad lines, pretty amazing if you ask me

    Lightly faded lines might even come in handy in offsides/onsides calls.

    It’s the logos and the hashmarks along with the sideline that bugs

    Goal boxes look great so the end zones were erased as well and literary as I type Cunningham levels the game at 1-1

  15. Ken says:

    I spoke too soon! I did *not* see that coming with RSL’s defensive record.

  16. Edwin in LA says:

    Cunningham has been money as a super sub for Dallas this year, I hope he keeps his form for them next year and if they play in SuperLiga I hope he tears it up vs the Mexican teams

  17. Neruda says:

    Dallas bringing the attack but Cunningham was lucky to split two RSL defenders.

  18. Edwin in LA says:

    That finish didn’t look so lucky though.

    RSL defenders stayed too static he’s old but still has the 1st step to leave a pair of CB’s behind, specially if they’re going to stay still and not move too much trying to stop him.

    We’ll see who can hang in the long run, man I really wanted to see Real Madrid drop some points at Hercules, if they had converted the early chances I think Hercules would of won. At least tie 2-2 or 3-3.

    Barca went back to their old selves with a 4-0 whooping on Sevilla, they got a man advantage the whole 2nd half but man they were doing circles around Sevilla in the 1st half

  19. dan woerner says:

    #1 Akron falls to Clevaland State 2-1 WOW!

  20. DomiNate says:

    GARBER SUCKS! He just said on live tv that there is no chance at a single table.

    Is there anyone out there in Ives-Land who actually agrees with this guy?

  21. The Executive says:

    I agree with The Don.

  22. DomiNate says:


    Houston and Dallas move to the east, Portland and Vancouver to the west.

    Top four from each conference qualify, so a bunch of good teams in the west get screwed.

    Seattle plays Portland and Vancouver 3 times each, and we once again have an unbalanced schedule, causing the Community Shield to be meaningless.

  23. Ken says:

    In the long term it seems like a reasonable strategy if the league continues to grow. The US is simply too large and the travel too rigorous to play a double round-robin every year; by avoiding the precedent of a single table now, it lays the groundwork for an imbalanced schedule down the line. And ruling out a single table doesn’t rule out an improved playoff seeding mechanism.

  24. DomiNate says:

    Care to elaborate?

  25. dan woerner says:

    easy fella… Garber has mentioned on multiple occasions that it wont happen any time soon…. no chance it will happen soon (or maybe on his watch), but never say never.

  26. PhillyMLS says:

    That’s what you get when the local school district contributes a substantially amount of money AND their support gets you a stadium you otherwise wouldn’t get built.

  27. DomiNate says:

    I have heard the “rigorous travel” arguement and refuse to believe it. How hard is it to sit on an airplane really? What is the longest flight a team would have to take, 10 hours? It’s not like they have to play the next day.

    International players often travel to different hemispheres and continents for qualifiers. Should we cancel the World Cup because it’s too rigorous?

  28. Scott A says:

    Tell ya what…not many keepers in MLS I’d take over Rimando taking all aspects of the position into account.

  29. Ken says:

    I find it convincing, if only because European players always seem to mention it as one of the hardest things to adjust to in MLS. There’s also the issue of travel costs, which is nothing to laugh at in a league where only two teams turned a profit this year.

  30. g-dub says:

    Yeah, when the league has a full 20 teams, 10 east & 10 west conferences will make sense. You’ll play each team in your conference twice, and each team in the other conference once. Cuts down on travel and makes good rivalries.

  31. Oog says:

    Nice one Morales….

  32. Ken says:

    Pretty good crowd given the FC Dallas baseline.

  33. josh says:

    Wow. That was a horrible call on the red for Harris. Maybe a yellow, definitely not a straight red. The ref was right there as well. Just a horrible call.

  34. Scott A says:

    Would like to hear more action from the Dallas supporters groups

  35. Ken says:

    On the plus side for Dallas, it means that Brek Shea will be starting the return leg. That is a plus, right?

  36. dan woerner says:

    remember who is reffing…. terry scott…. enough said

  37. Ken says:

    What a goal for Dallas!

  38. Too Strong Jones says:

    That was a beauty.

  39. dena says:

    What a goal!!

  40. Oog says:

    Geez, RSL is a train wreck right now….

  41. josh says:

    Great goal. Dallas looks a lot better this week than they did last week against the galaxy

  42. DomiNate says:

    If a team can’t afford plane tickets they should be relocated.

  43. Big Chil says:

    Oh s**t! Wow. That kid just came on.

  44. beachbum says:

    another great goal. have enjoyed this game

  45. ericJ says:

    YES FCD!!! They really deserved to win this one! They will miss harris much less than RSL will miss Mcdiver (and I don’t mean Grabe-dive either)

  46. Chave Decketts says:

    Dallas definitely deserved to win. My team looked slow out there by comparison.

  47. Neruda says:

    I don’t think a single table helps this league and if anything it would hurt it because it could be a turn off to a non-soccer fan who decides to give it a try. A lot of Garbers moves have bugged me in the past but can you argue with the growth and results of MLS?

  48. DomiNate says:

    In that scenario you eliminate the possiblity of a true league champion.

    What is the point of the regular season?

  49. Supsam says:

    Wow one of the most exciting games I have seen at Pizza Hut Park recently…maybe a combination of playoffs atmosphere and a modest increase in attendance

  50. Neruda says:

    RSL did look slow especially on the attack. Morales put ReAL in a bad spot with the reckless challenge. Most shocking defending on the first goal by ole’ Cunningham.

  51. Neruda says:

    meant to say you can’t argue with the growth…

  52. DomiNate says:

    I could care less about appealing to a non-soccer fan. The league is supposed to be here for the true fans.

  53. Hincha Tim says:

    RSL looked mentally and physically tired out there. We will see how they do at Rio Tinto, but they really haven’t played very well the last 4 games although they’ve managed to get results. The only game they played well was against Cruz Azul and that was with their reserves. I think the long season is catching up to them.

    This kick the ball up the field continuously reminds me of the bad old days of RSL, not the how the team played most of the year this year.

  54. DomiNate says:

    Anyone have a feed to the NY game?

  55. Adam M. says:

    The US-Canada market is about the same size as Europe, which has at least 100 respectable first division teams and dozens more. I think MLS will eventually grow to two first division single tables of 18-20 teams and a playoff between the best teams from each table. Right now, the single table would deprive the league of its signature event, MLS Cup. Also, playoffs give middle of the pack teams incentive to work harder because they have a reachable goal they otherwise might not have. Keep in mind that part of the reason single table works well in Europe is because the league cup finals and Champions League provide signature championship and “playoff” style games. Our versions are barely blips on the radar right now, so MLS has to fill that gap.

  56. Scott A says:

    I sort of agree with you that the league should be more concerned about catering to true fans. I do think that we should still have playoffs and an MLS Cup so there are limits…but basically: I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to turn soccer fans off of MLS because of things like conferences and counting the clock down than it is to turn sports fans off by things they don’t immediately recognize like ties bringing points, single table, etc. I’ve made non-soccer fans fans of MLS and it’s not like they had a problem with some of soccer’s quirky characteristics.

  57. alex says:

    Suck it ShaggyReAl! SUCK IT!!!!

  58. alex says:

    go fcd

  59. Curtis says:

    Wow nice insults, you’re 6 years old right?

  60. DomiNate says:

    There is one acceptable compromise-

    Single Table where everyone plays each other twice, determining the League Champion

    Conferences to determine playoff seeding

  61. Edwin in LA says:

    It will be on telefutura, it’s the younger brother channel to Univision, if you don’t have SAP or they don’t offer it and you rather not listen to the much better Spanish narrators, try or or even justintv

  62. Joamiq says:

    I’ve never understood the argument that single table is a turnoff to new fans. How on earth is single table a turnoff? How is it any worse than AFC-NFC or AL-NL, where the conferences have nothing to do with geography anyway?

  63. timothy says:

    There’s only about 2 profitable teams in MLS, so relocate everyone else?

  64. Michael says:

    While I find it hard to argue with the points made about travel, the size of the continent, and affordability, I just don’t see the point of a regular season at all if it isn’t what crowns the champion. You’ve gotta have a balanced schedule, otherwise it’s just a money grab like the NBA and NHL.

    Why not just do single table, with the best team at the end being champ, them and the runners-up getting CL berths, and everyone else in the top-half of the table playing off for the third CL berth?

    Then turn the national cup into something to be cherished, respected, and competed for, instead of the rinky dink US Open Cup we have now, with a big end-of-the-year neutral site Final.

    Then you have a format which satisfies loyal soccer fans and relates to new fans.

  65. nam says:

    Good luck playing 46 games when there is 24 teams.

  66. nam says:

    Ask the NBA, NFL, and NHL.

  67. nam says:

    Me too.

  68. DomiNate says:

    I’ll say it again. Relocate any team that can’t afford plane tickets.

    Saying only two MLS teams is misleading. Most all clubs operate at some sort of loss. Man United for example. They can afford plane tickets

  69. DomiNate says:

    You say that as if I’m an NBA or NHL fan.

    NFL is a different entity all together. The sport is too taxing on players, they’d die before they played everyone.

  70. Ken says:

    I think a better question is the reverse of the one that you’re asking — that is, what are the advantages that a single table offers over a playoff-style championship? Leagues have to select a mechanism for crowning a champion, but I don’t know that there is an inherent advantage to one or the other. You’re right that moving away from a single table makes the regular season title less meaningful, but that’s why the league has playoffs. Why is that a problem? Just because European leagues do it differently?

    I think that an imbalanced schedule has a number of advantages. It allows the league to continue expanding without forcing the addition of lots of extra games. This is important for the reasons discussed above (travel costs, etc.) as well as preventing the season from getting even longer (the Premier League runs from August through May for a 38-game schedule, which doesn’t seem practical given the number of other sports leagues in the US) and enabling teams to focus on competitions outside the league (CCL, US Open Cup, etc).

    Ultimately I don’t think it matters one way or the other which mechanism the league chooses. People are fans of the sport, not the format.