Report: Jones injured right ankle, doubtful for weekend (UPDATED)

Photo by Howard C. Smith/

United States men's national team midfielder Jermaine Jones limped off after 77 minutes in FC Schalke 04's German Cup match on Tuesday after reportedly suffering an injury to his right ankle.

The severity of the injury is unclear, but a report out of Germany (and Schalke's team site) suggests that Jones has been limited in training to riding a stationary bicycle and that he is doubtful for Schalke's weekend clash with Bayer Leverkusen.

Jones missed the entire 2009-2010 season with a cracked shin, and even though this injury does not appear to be related to that, Schalke's medical staff will still justifiably want to proceed with caution.

(UPDATE: Another report says that medical tests revealed a torn ligament and other ligament damage in the ankle. A timetable has not been set for his return. When reached for comment, U.S. Soccer could not confirm the diagnosis, but it was aware of the situation.)

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45 Responses to Report: Jones injured right ankle, doubtful for weekend (UPDATED)

  1. Alex G says:

    I hope its nothing serious, we really need Jones in good form he’s our best Mid.

  2. Freddie Footballer says:

    I’m just liking the “United States men’s national team midfielder Jermaine Jones”. It’s got a nice ring to it :)
    Get better, Jermaine!

  3. alf says:

    In the last cycle with Reyna gone and Mastro rapidly aging, Bradley had to make the bet on some young guys in central mid and then try to get them as many games as possible to get better (Bradley, Fielhaber, Clark, Edu). This time around it may be wise to make the same bet and hope that Bradley, Edu, and Holden, all substantially younger than Jones and on solid career trajectories, will be the engines in 2014. Jones will be 32 in 2014 and with all the wear and tear and injuries over the years counting on him to be a starter may be wishful thinking. When in doubt, go with youth …

  4. Josh D says:

    I’m a huge proponent of youth in our national setup, however, Jones is far too skilled for us not to include him.

    The likes of Bradley, Edu, and Holden are already in the system – we don’t need to bed them in. They’ll get the needed playing time with their clubs but for us, Jones has to start at all costs. It’s then up to Bradley, Edu, or Holden to earn the right to start next to him.

  5. SeattleStan says:

    He sort of reminds me of “Glass Joe” the first guy you fought on Mike Tyson’s Punchout.

  6. alf says:

    Valid opinion, but if Jones doesn’t start in 2014 then all the minutes he gets now are minutes that our 2014 starting center midfield doesn’t have playing together … Projecting a fragile 32 year old as a starter at all costs is a risky proposition. I’m comfortable assuming we would qualify without him (we did last time with younger and less experienced center mids …)

  7. Lost in Space says:

    A ankle knock, twist, or roll can happen to anyone at any time. Schalke being consivitive is to be expected after the long recovery from his broken leg. Additionally it never hurts to rest players periodically over the season. Therefore I won’t be concerned unless later reports come out and say he’s broken it or torn a ligament.

    To Alf and Josh D….2014 is a long ways away. B. Bradley needs to focus on the 2011 Gold Cup before getting carried away with plans for 2014. In relationship to the 2011 GC Jones will be a serious upgrade to the Defensive Midfield position regardless of who he’s paired with (M. Bradley, Edu, Holden, Torres, or TBD). In 2012-2013 we’ll learn who will be our 2014 Starters, but even if Jones isnt a starter come 2014 it doesn’t hurt to have an accomplished veteran with Jones skills as a potential back-up and mentor for the younger players.

  8. DC Josh says:

    It doesn’t sound serious. Heal up, take it easy this weekend. Eat some spaetzle and drink some Bitburger and you’ll be ready for next weekend.

  9. wow says:


  10. Alex G says:

    I don’t get some guys saying Jones will be too old to play in Brazil 2014, Blanco was 36 and played in South Africa and he did so scoring and assisting on other mexican goals. Remember Del Piero in 2006?, he was 32 years old, a DM doesn’t need to be in great shape, they just play the ball and break chances,they need to have skills and vision, Jones has that, hes a beast, as far as Jones goes, he is our best Midfielder right now.

    By the way, the players I mentioned are not DM, but they are good examples of pure class.

  11. Primoone says:

    How many here think that McBride would have been more effective than Buddle, Findley Gomez and Josimer in the world cup?

    Or how about Mastroeni as opposed to Clark?

    Experience is sure starting to look better than youth.

  12. Bob says:

    Let’s not forget Claude Makelele, who was clearly over the hill at age 33 in the 2006 WC.


  13. Mingjai says:

    van Bronckhorst was 35 in the 2010 WC, and he did okay for most of the tournament. It helped that he had the tireless Dirk Kuyt playing in front of him, but he still managed to handle most of what Brazil and Spain threw at him while scoring a ripper against Uruguay.

  14. Brian says:

    Mastro over Clark? I’m not a Clark fan, but are you forgetting the World Cup Qualifier in Costa Rica, and the qualifier at home against Honduras? Mastro was gassed.

  15. Freddy says:

    FML! And just when I think he did us a favor by practically ending Ricardo Clark’s international career.

  16. Neruda says:

    Americans Abroad has been reporting clark as a studious water boy for his club. I hope this means that clark is not in any immediate USMNT plans.

  17. AG says:

    It’s all right. For the second time…”Hopefully he’s back by next summer.”

  18. patrick says:

    tough, but we still dont know how long he’ll be out. He could very well be back by the new year

  19. Brian says:

    Oh mothereffer! Goddamit. Well he’s surely out of the South Africa game. Is it wishful thinking to hope he’ll be ready by the Gold Cup?

  20. patrick says:

    your logic fails when you consider the fact that we dont KNOW who will be the midfielders. it could be jones and bradley, could be bradley edu, could be some pairing we’ve never even heard of! Without a crystal ball it’s difficult to go with your reasoning.

  21. Der_Amerikansiche_Kaiser says:


  22. GW says:

    ” Projecting a fragile 32 year old as a starter at all costs is a risky proposition.”

    You’re overstating the situation a bit.

    It wasn’t long ago ( like maybe a week) everyone was marveling how we now have too many central defensive midfielders, delirious with joy at the impending curtailment of Michael Bradley’s US career. That didn’t last long did it? Yet US fans still despise MB’s durability.

    And besides the short term issue is the 2011 Gold Cup. Winning that gets us into the Confed Cup which is vital preparation for 2014.

    “I’m comfortable assuming we would qualify without him (we did last time with younger and less experienced center mids …)”

    Sure you’re comfortable. You won’t lose your job if we don’t qualify. BB will probably be fired if we don’t win the Gold Cup. There is no reason to assume qualifying for the World Cup, or winning the Gold Cup will be “comfortable” this time. If you know anything about sports you’ll realize “should win” and “will win” are two very different things. Our CONCACAF opponents get better all the time.

  23. GW says:

    Wishful thinking.

    If the roster had been say 28 players, maybe you take McBride and use him for just one game but there’s a reason he just retired.

    If you watched the World Cup Jozy and Dempsey took hellacious beatings. Bake may not be up for doing that for 4 games in like 2 weeks anymore. So use him for the first or the last game.

    He had 6 goals in 26 games this season and 7 goals in 22 games last season, not bad but not up to his standards. Can you spell semi- retired? He didn’t exactly tear up the Olympics either and he was younger then.

    Pablo may be having a revival but he hasn’t shown squat for the US in a long time.

  24. Mike F. says:

    When I tore a ligament in my ankle(also playing soccer in Germany) I was in an air cast for 2 months and recovery was 3-4 months. Here’s to hoping his injury isn’t as severe and that the professional support he’ll receive (That I wasn’t privy to) will help mend him quickly.

  25. scott says:

    is he made of glass?

  26. bottlcaps says:

    Gold Cup & WC Qualifying over a year away. I THINK he will be better by then.’

  27. jlm says:

    much more like piston honda. wtf?

  28. aslan is on the move... to Manchester says:

    While we’re on the subject, let’s just bring Cobi Jones back into the fold, and Alexi Lalas as well. At least then we’ll get Lalas away from a microphone!

    p.s. I heard a rumor that John Harkes is considering a comeback in January. Telegraph (UK) carried the story, saying that a few clubs in Swahili are interested.

  29. Judging Amy says:

    I see where you’re coming from alf. I think you’re assessment of Jones as shaky to make it to 2014 is spot on (guys with injury problems decline at an earlier age).

    Still though, as some others have mentioned there’s no need to lock him out yet. There’s still a lot of time, and while its always essential to bring the youth along, we’re far away enough from 2014 that we can afford to play the wait and see game with Jones.

  30. Judging Amy says:


  31. Judging Amy says:

    *you’re haha

  32. Brian says:

    Nice try at being funny but Swahili isn’t a country

  33. Brian says:

    Gold Cup isn’t a year away. Try like a little over 7 months

  34. usa soccerboy says:

    U.S. fans may have gotten themselves a Barbaro.

  35. Captain Obvious says:

    BB is not getting fired if we don’t win the Gold Cup. There is ZERO reason to think that. Get a grip.

  36. ga-gone says:

    He was great opposite Bruce Willis in Unbreakable. “They call me Mr. Glass!!!”

  37. hotpotato says:

    broken out of the box, and now some assembly required.

  38. Primoone says:

    Wow…that was an awkward comment. I feel a bit embarrassed for you.

    Brian and GW actually had a valid opinion and backed it up.

    You wouldn’t be off-base had I mentioned anyone that was not actively playing at the time of the world cup…

    Try again junior.

  39. Primoone says:

    I would take Mastro over Clark any day of the week. You can get by with a lack of speed and endurance issues in the defensive midfield role. You cannot cover for giving the ball up in your own half and inexperience two…especially in the world cup. Costa Rica was one game…besides, the team as a whole looked like shite and we deserved to get our asses handed to us. Thank bob for that result.

  40. Joamiq says:

    This is correct. McBride was pretty useless in the Olympics. He’s done. And no, you can’t get by Mastro’s lack of speed anymore. He’s just as reckless with his tackling, only now he is completely incapable of timing them correctly on the international level.

  41. Alex G says:

    LETS HAVE SOME FAITH PEOPLE, hell be back in time, i believe its nothing serious because no media has said anything about the subject, at least I hope we can have him back soon.

  42. That guy says:

    Swahili is a language you idiot, not a place. I know you are trying to be funny but at least be culturally sensitive and accurate you hack. Jermainr Jones must play for the US to allow Bradley/Holden/Torres to have more freedom to express themselves offensively.

  43. That guy says:

    Hey Mike F. know cares about your stellar playing career

  44. GW says:


    That’s certainly not true. However, I’m sure your post makes BB feel better.

    If we don’t win the Gold Cup( and Sunil made it very clear what a high priority that was) then we don’t get to play in the Confederations Cup in Brazil in 2013 and that is not wonderful. It would be a massive hit to the PR campaign the USSF has likely planned about our Confederations Cup campaign.

    Let’s just say that failure to win the Gold Cup would be a very bad thing for BB’s job security.