SBI Stoppage Time: Recapping RBNY’s 1-0 victory against Kansas City

SBI Stoppage Time- Red Bulls v. KC Wizards Reactions from Soccer By Ives on Vimeo.

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15 Responses to SBI Stoppage Time: Recapping RBNY’s 1-0 victory against Kansas City

  1. says:

    Headline mistake — the score was 1-0, not 2-1.

  2. DCLee says:

    Enjoy the video content. Need to get your headline correct though. It looks bad not to know the final score especially when you are at the event.

  3. Charlie says:

    I must say, I love these bi videos, keep it up!

  4. Hutskizzle says:

    for some reason, Ives to me, sounded like Christopher Sullivan. i mean a spot on Christopher Sullivan. but great job, i like these vids

  5. Harraby Harry says:

    How can you stand there with that corporate logo behind you? A footy team should represent the community it’s a part of! A team belongs to a community. Not a corporation! This is an affront to PROPER FOOTY CULTURE!

    Trust me! I know! I’m English!

  6. clayton john says:

    you’re an idiot

  7. Shark says:

    And you need to work on your class…

  8. St. Addi says:

    Forget about the diet Ives, just always wear slimming black and you’ll be fine!

  9. Shark says:

    Being half-English (mother) I understand where you are coming from however, in this day and age where so many clubs are spending money (i.e. BPL) that they don’t have, on players who are overrated, it has put many clubs in debt thus, to survive you have to have the corporate folks onboard….like it or not….supporters, especially of English clubs, want their cake and want to eat it too as the EPL is bogged down with huge debt….like it or not it is a buisness these days….I agree though it should represent the community it belongs too…however, go and look at the adverts on the front of the Chelsea, United and City shirts…and the fans with their demands for spending money etc. are just as much at fault as the chairmen….

  10. Ken says:

    Hook, line, and sinker. Well done.

  11. Ken says:

    I really enjoy your video content, Ives. It’s too bad none of the sports shows on TV offer this level of insight into MLS — even the soccer-specific FSC programs are more highlight reels than analysis shows. Any chance you’ll be expanding your video content in the future?

  12. Harraby Harry says:

    My pleasure to teach you Yanks about proper Footy Culture. Next time…I’ll teach you how to make a meat pie and why it’s never okay to say “field” instead of “pitch!”

  13. Brent McD. says:

    Go f*ck yourself, stupid POME. We’ll call the field whatever we want. Your culture is jobby.

  14. john.q says:

    does berating people on the internet make you feel better about yourself? self-esteem low? you need to find another hobby

  15. mike says:

    rice & beans > meat pie, right, Ives?