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  1. Brent McD.
    October 30, 2010

    Avram Grant would make a great horror movie villain. He reminds me of Herman Munster ;)

  2. Old Pueblo FC
    October 30, 2010

    Anyone catch the Edu goal?

  3. Mig22
    October 30, 2010

    Wow, I wonder if Chelsea plans on getting off the team bus onto the pitch. I’m a Blues fan but good on Blackburn for getting a goal, they deserve it.

  4. Brent McD.
    October 30, 2010

    fantastic save from Green on Fabregas. great build-up play from Arsenal. c’mon you Gooners!

  5. Mig22
    October 30, 2010

    Great commentary from the ESPN guy. “Blackburn look like they’re plugged into the national grid, at the moment”

  6. Andrew H.
    October 30, 2010

    Dempsey with a nice header goal

  7. JS
    October 30, 2010

    DEMPSEY!!!! from Salcido!!!! Great Header…GOLAZO!!!!!

  8. Spanirico
    October 30, 2010

    Dempsey golazo!! Edu scored as well. Great start to the weekend for Americans abroad.

  9. Patrick
    October 30, 2010

    That’s how you use head Clint!


  10. liz
    October 30, 2010

    a dempsey goal AND ej getting onto the pitch??? could be a good day for Americans

  11. Scott
    October 30, 2010

    Dempsey and Edu!!!!!!!!!!

  12. liz
    October 30, 2010

    oops, and goal for edu too. i’m liking this trend

  13. Mig22
    October 30, 2010

    And THAT is why Drogba is top 3 in the world, maybe the best. He is so unselfish and such a good passer and still scores buckets of goals.

  14. JS
    October 30, 2010


  15. Andrew H.
    October 30, 2010

    Holy crap…CDempsey with the brace!

  16. Patrick
    October 30, 2010

    For the Deuce!


  17. Smirking Kitten
    October 30, 2010

    Dempsey is upgrading his legacy from Fulham legend to Fulham God.

  18. Shane
    October 30, 2010

    Why the hell do I pay for Fox Soccer AND Fox Soccer Plus and I still can’t see the Fulham match live…

  19. bfeleven
    October 30, 2010

    As a big UMSNT fan, I have begun to wonder when we will start using Deuce almost exclusively as a forward, especially with the emergence of Holden? Either way, go Deuce!

  20. Andrew H.
    October 30, 2010

    Totally agree. I keep hearing how he is a better midfielder, but I don’t see it. He is great with his head and doesn’t like to track back (but does it). With our dearth of forwards and glut of midfielders, he should play exclusively as a forward for the USMNT. Also, every time Edu scores (which is becoming quite regularly), I get a little bit more pissed that Bob Bradley benched him in favor of Ricardo Clark when there was a ton of evidence to suggest Edu was the much better player.

  21. Sam
    October 30, 2010


  22. Old Pueblo FC
    October 30, 2010

    +1 on both accounts.

  23. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser
    October 30, 2010

    Lazy Bradley D results in Lautern goal

  24. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser
    October 30, 2010

    Fulham plays tape delay tonight at 7PM

  25. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser
    October 30, 2010

    Errant Bradley throughball results in counterattack and a goal by Lautern, 2-0.

  26. Brent McD.
    October 30, 2010

    Nasri hits the crossbar with an amazing long-range free kick strike. Doh!

  27. liz
    October 30, 2010

    clearly my espanol needs work, the keep saying andy johnson for fulham, not eddie. my bad

  28. Old Pueblo FC
    October 30, 2010

    Edu subbed out at the half. Was he hurt?

  29. Shane
    October 30, 2010

    From the BBC Live blog:
    1606: Maurice Edu had taken a knock midway through the first half and obviously has not recovered.

  30. Brent McD.
    October 30, 2010

    aww man, Walcott denied by the post on a breakaway

  31. Mig22
    October 30, 2010

    so in other words, he shot wide. :)

  32. timmy75
    October 30, 2010

    deuce with the brace!!

  33. Citronomics
    October 30, 2010

    Chelsea v. Blackburn with good end to end stuff. Thinking there has got to be at least 1 more goal in this one as both defenses have looked shaky at times.

  34. Brent McD.
    October 30, 2010

    Arsenal could end up losing this match, well against the run of play. Would be typical, I suppose :(

    Go Rovers! ;)

  35. Mig22
    October 30, 2010


  36. Citronomics
    October 30, 2010

    Butterfingers! Roberts blows it after a sweet touch to control a switch in front of Chelsea goal. And get punished by an Ivanovic header at the other end within a minute after the Blackburn chance.

  37. Rob
    October 30, 2010

    Agree… I am also surprised of Ian Darke’s knowledge of the American game…..

    Goal Chelsea!!!!

  38. Mig22
    October 30, 2010

    Hell of a good game.

  39. Spanirico
    October 30, 2010

    even charlie davies scored winner for Sochaux reserves.

  40. timmytwoshoezzz
    October 30, 2010

    Is Dennis Green coaching Blackburn?

    “They are who we thought they were! We had them where we wanted ‘em and let ‘em off the hook!”

    That miss by Roberts was absolutely pathetic. Afterward you just knew that Chelsea would make them pay.

  41. Barcafan
    October 30, 2010

    Wolves about to pull off the massive upset!

  42. Mig22
    October 30, 2010

    you know, lost in all the Roberts bashing is the fact that Sturridge chased all the way back and was right on the back of Roberts shooting foot. Might have contributed to the miss.

    BTW, that is a friggin’ AWESOME Dennis Green reference.

  43. Ufficio
    October 30, 2010

    Hey, Ricardo Clark got a minute off the bench for Frankfurt. Things are looking up for him!

    And Rangers just blew their lead. There goes the perfect season.

  44. Citronomics
    October 30, 2010

    Yeah… I think its a safe bet that the top EPL dogs get pushed by Blackburn at home.

    And Brent McD must be wipinh his brow in relief that Arsenal scored so intense morning all around. :-)

  45. Citronomics
    October 30, 2010

    *wiping his brow*

  46. timmytwoshoezzz
    October 30, 2010

    No doubt that the defensive hustle played a part, but he could have a defender draped al over him and he should still slide it past the keeper there. The angle was not that extreme

  47. nam
    October 30, 2010

    Carlos Salcido from Mexico and Dempsey embracing after the goal? What has this rivalry come to?

  48. Brent McD.
    October 30, 2010

    wow, espn’s view from the pressbox at blackburn. lovely fall colors behind the stand

  49. Barcafan
    October 30, 2010

    Yikes, MB sucked.

  50. mknudy
    October 30, 2010

    add grella to the list

  51. Spanirico
    October 30, 2010
  52. Nick C
    October 30, 2010

    Just remember that he’s an automatic usmnt starter, he must play all 90, and we have to build the team around him

  53. Barcafan
    October 30, 2010

    People are going to jump all over this, but here we go.

    Based on the previous 2 months of form, both international and club, Maurice Edu should be starting ahead of Michael Bradley next to Jones.

  54. isthatagoal
    October 30, 2010

    is ATDHE down?

    any alternatives for the man utd/tottenham game?

  55. wally
    October 30, 2010

    thanks for posting.. gorgeous goal by Edu. looks like a forward out there. not like his usual right-time-right-place goal in heavy traffic in front of net.

  56. CA
    October 30, 2010

    atdhe isn’t loading for me either.

  57. BenMillion
    October 30, 2010

    I was wondering the same thing…anybody got a stream?

  58. BenMillion
    October 30, 2010

    Precious ATDHE! What have they done to you?

  59. Citronomics
    October 30, 2010

    People should be jumping to support giving this a chance IMO. I haven’t seen MB’s club form but his RECENT US Nats appearances have been underwhelming (and not saying he doesn’t do good things) in terms of passing and movement. Seems like a good time to experiment with a 2 central mid combo where Jones is given freedom to get into attack and we have a poised deeper lying D-mid

  60. Rob
    October 30, 2010

    I do like MB, but I agree with you. He should be coming off the bench for the US.

  61. Herm
    October 30, 2010

    I’ve been saying the same thing about Edu unlike Ives and others. Based on CURRENT form he should be starting ahead of Bradley for now. I’m not a Bradley hater, I’m just in touch with reality.

  62. GW
    October 30, 2010

    “Agree… I am also surprised of Ian Darke’s knowledge of the American game…..”


  63. Supsam
    October 30, 2010

    wanna hear reality? Edu plays against the SUPER super super super TALENTED SPL teams w/ the WORST the SPL has to offer while LUCKY Michael Bradley plays against the CRAPPY Bundesliga teams with such a DOMINATING team that teams like Mainz and Mayern Munich wish they had such GREAT assets on their team.

    I’d rather play that Lord of the Rings sounding team, Hearts of Midlothian than play the likes of Bayern Munich ANYDAY. ;]

    (Sarcasm hella intended everywhere)

  64. Edwin in LA
    October 30, 2010

    The Corporate Skynet has taken down our beloved ATDHE, guys try justin, I’m sure with Chicharitos great form plenty of spanish channels’ feeds should be around, I’ll post something if I find it I hear firstrow dot net is good as well

  65. herm
    October 30, 2010

    Good performances against MANU and Valencia don’t count. Good call. Also, please don’t use “HELLA”. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  66. Old Pueblo FC
    October 30, 2010

    I agree with all of you. Not that MB can’t regain the starting job, but on current form, Edu has been the better player for club and country of late.

  67. Edwin in LA
    October 30, 2010

    Yeah well Edu played pretty well against that somewhat good team, oh what’s it called? Manchester United from the overrated (the EPL being overrated is not sarcasm btw) but I’m sure most still people rank it the best, EPL legend of a team.

    He did pretty good against Valencia too, a top 5 team in Spain.

    But I had high hopes for Michael since his team ended up mid table last year and they seem to start well, but right now they are in the relegation zone, near the very bottom. So he might not have that advantage for too long. But the fact is Bradley plays EVERY single minute there is to play no matter what, everybody else will get subbed out except maybe Landon. Never MB and well at WC it wasn’t he should of been benched but Clark, regardless, we’ve seen MB, lets see Jones & Edu together

  68. GW
    October 30, 2010


    That’s all very well but what does current form,as in this week, have to do with anything? Jones and Edu were hurt this week so they may be very questionable for the Nov. 17 South Africa game, if they were even going to be considered.

    Bradley made it very clear it will be a very watered down lineup, probably for scheduling reasons and club commitments. So it’s likely going to be another very “experimental” lineup.

    The next meaningful US team activity will be the January camp and then probably some exhibitions to warm up for the Gold Cup in June, I believe. Let’s see how everyone looks in the first few months of next year.

  69. herm
    October 30, 2010

    If we follow your line of logic GW then we have to throw out January bc eveyone knows it’s “camp cupcake”. MLS and Scandanavia. The point is about current form. I guess the argument derives from the fact that we’re frustrated that Bradley and others have not considered sitting M Bradley at all.

  70. JSmiley
    October 30, 2010

    Picture of Dempsey hugging Salcido on Soccernet. Think we’ll see that in any upcoming US-Mex games?

  71. Rob
    October 30, 2010

    Because unlike other non-American analysts he went out and studied not only the USMNT, but MLS and he seems to call the game as if he were American. That’s why.

  72. Supsam
    October 30, 2010

    oh my bad (oh wait, i shouldnt say that or you’ll reprimand me again), i didnt know you had to be polite and be on the best of manners on blogs. Thanks for keeping in check mother. I am ashamed

  73. jig
    October 30, 2010

    would like to know how many club matches you people have seen bradley play lately.

  74. Supsam
    October 30, 2010

    I find it funny how ppl use a double standard here. Clark had a horrible world cup and ppl here still use that against him (for good reason too). Michael Bradley had (you can argue) the best WC besides Donovan and ppl seem to not take that into account anymore saying things like “he should not be starting” or “Dad’s son always plays”.

    In big games, Bradley delivers. People use Clark’s history against him but the same people dont use Bradley’s history to praise him. Interesting.

  75. GW
    October 30, 2010

    So again why are you surprised? The man is obviously a top pro who takes his job seriously and does his homework. Isn’t this what one should expect froma professional sports presenter?

    I know I expect that. I’m more surprised they let bumbling fools and incompetent dolts like Foudy, Harkes, Lalas, Onion Bag( he should stick to the horses), etc. on the air. Surely there must be more articulate professional announcers with serious soccer backgrounds out here.

    Darke can do every US game from now on as far as I’m concerned. He should have Klinsmann as his color guy.

  76. Brent McD.
    October 30, 2010

    ridiculous “goal” from Nani. what just happened?

  77. Barcafan
    October 30, 2010

    That official should be hung from the freaking rafters.

    That is the most out of control and ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my footballing life.

  78. Barcafan
    October 30, 2010

    I would leave the game if I was Spurs.

    I would walk off the freaking pitch. Unfreaking believable.

  79. Brent McD.
    October 30, 2010

    No way should that have been a goal! Nani with a hand ball, so Gomes puts the ball down to take the free kick. Then for some odd reason, Nani and the referee somehow think the ball is in play. And Nani gladly slots the ball into the back of the net. Incredible. Bizarre.

  80. Sonicdeathmonkey
    October 30, 2010

    Now that we’ve seen the extended replay, its Gomes that should be taken to the cleaners. WTF was he thinking?

  81. Barcafan
    October 30, 2010

    Nani grabs the ball with his hands as he falls down. The whistle was blown, and all the players start walking back down field.

    Gomes tosses the ball in front of him for the free kick, and Nani runs onto it and kicks the ball in for a goal.


  82. GW
    October 30, 2010

    People root for Holden and Edu to displace MB as an indirect (okay maybe not so indirect)way to bash BB.

    Their success is seen as vindication of the idea that they have been slighted by Bradley, an interesting notion since their US careers have been hampered mostly by injury. Most other countries would view MB as something of an asset but here is is crap because everyone hates his dad.

  83. GW
    October 30, 2010

    “we’re frustrated that Bradley and others have not considered sitting M Bradley at all.”

    You know this how?

    Is this what ” I never speak to outsiders or the media without a gun to my head” BB told you?

  84. Brent McD.
    October 30, 2010

    It all depends on whether of not the referee blew the whistle. Would like to see another replay with audio

  85. GW
    October 30, 2010

    Didn’t something similar happen to Liverpool this year?

  86. RoryD
    October 30, 2010

    Why? It was the right call. The referee never blew the whistle for a foul (handball), Gomes just assumed it should have been a free kick.

  87. Brent McD.
    October 30, 2010

    so… the referee was playing the advantage? did the ref not blow his whistle for a foul? i guess that could be the case…

  88. Herm
    October 30, 2010

    Actually you just ruined yourself. I was referencing how “Hella” was cool…only in the Midwest….about 5 years ago. That’s why you should be ashamed of yourself. And no I don’t hate MB or BB, just stating my opinion. It’s all about FORM.

  89. Rob
    October 30, 2010

    No, I like Bradley but I think our two players who are playing very well in Champions league are better. Crazy that….

  90. Barcafan
    October 30, 2010

    Say, the official didn’t blow the whistle.

    The assistant still told him that Nani picked the ball up, and he raised his flag for the foul.

  91. Herm
    October 30, 2010

    Supsam, I agree with this post 100%. I’ve never believed that MB was getting preferential treatment. It’s true that Bradley delivers more often than not in big games as well. Clark has been inconsistent his whole NT career.

  92. green
    October 30, 2010

    Doesn’t matter. It’s United : )

  93. JS
    October 30, 2010

    The linesman called it. And if not, then isn’t it a PK to ManU for a Gomes handball? What a clusterf*ck.
    Clattenburg is a clown…and for the conspiratorially minded of you : he’s the ref who disallowed Mendes’ goal v. ManU a few years ago.

  94. Herm
    October 30, 2010

    “Most other countries would view MB as something of an asset but here is is crap because everyone hates his dad.”

    Most other countries would sit a player that is not in good form while one who plays his position is playing better (Edu). This has nothing to do with hating BB. You keep defending the Bradley’s at all cost. I’m largely a MB and BB supporter.

  95. Rob
    October 30, 2010

    Damn Hercules is up on Real Madrid, can they knock off both Barca and RM.

    Trezeguet is playing insane this year.

  96. dena
    October 30, 2010

    I thought the goal was fine, Nani probably handled the ball an either a) advantage was played because Gomes had the ball or b) Clattenburg didn’t see it. Which means the game was still in the run of play, Nani just took advantage of it. By the letter of the law it’s a fine goal, but Clattenburg obviously still looks like a d-bag.

  97. Rob
    October 30, 2010

    If you guys have Gol TV watch this game, it’s been the best game so far this weekend IMO

  98. Rob
    October 30, 2010

    This year? About four I think, could be more. I love BDL and La Liga so I try to catch as many games as possible.

  99. patrick
    October 30, 2010

    with FSC and fox plus you get to see the best of the best in champions league, and the best of the best in england. Presumably your plan includes Goltv which means you also get the best of la liga, italia and germany too. I’m a huge fulham fan but I’m still grateful to see arsenal, man utd aston chelsea, real madird, barca on tv on a regular basis

  100. GW
    October 30, 2010

    “You keep defending the Bradley’s at all cost”


    I’m just of the opinion that it’s post World Cup, the USMNT is not playing any meaningful games for some time, and what really matter to all the USMNT players is performing for their clubs right now. What all these guys are doing right now has little, if any, real relevance to the next meaningful games for the USMNT which should be whenever they start to ramp up for the Gold Cup. Which is a while from now.

    In the meantime this weekly,”Edu is doing better than Bradley this week” or “Holden is doing better than Jones this week” (never mind that all three play in different leagues with different situations) is more suited to fantasy soccer leagues, not the USMNT.

    One would think that US fans would want all our players to do well instead of rooting for Edu or Holden to play better than MB. Yet, clearly that is what is going on.

    “Most other countries would sit a player that is not in good form while one who plays his position is playing better (Edu).”

    Sure, if they were playing a meaningful game. Tell me when Edu has been in this current form ( arguably the best of his career) and then has been sat down in favor of a MB who is clearly in worse form? When?

  101. Supsam
    October 30, 2010

    you have no idea how happy I am in having this argument on who should start. We actually have too many talented players in competition for a position. This was unheard of in years past!

    …if only we had the same problem for our forwards spot too haha

  102. Supsam
    October 30, 2010

    what are you talking about! I live in the bay area and everyone says it all the time haha it must have came along with the Hyphy movement and is here to stay. Hella awesome.

  103. Sonicdeathmonkey
    October 30, 2010

    And the ref played the advantage because Gomes had the ball. There was no whistle. Gomes messed up.

    Yeah, we get it…you hate United, but the fact is it was Gomes’ fault for not playing the whistle.

  104. ManicMessiah
    October 30, 2010

    Clearly the referee robbed Spurs of a deserved 0-0 draw at Old Trafford.

    Oh wait…

  105. ManicMessiah
    October 30, 2010

    If it was a conspiracy he could’ve just given a penalty to Nani…

  106. Rob
    October 30, 2010

    CR7with two quick goals and it’s now RM 3 and Herc 1

  107. Alexandria
    October 30, 2010

    Dude they are providing a service, you Should be grateful for stuff that’s free not something you’re paying for Fsc could do better.

  108. Joamiq
    October 30, 2010

    How is not whistling for a handball when Nani puts his hand on top of the ball and drags it toward him the right call?

  109. Joamiq
    October 30, 2010

    Playing advantage 115 yards from the goal is the most absurd idea I’ve ever heard of. In fact, Gomes asked the ref for an indication of what the situation was, and he made some gesture that certainly was not the advantage signal.

  110. Joamiq
    October 30, 2010

    The game is 90 minutes long, not 83. Anyone who has watched a Spurs game this season knows this.

  111. Josh
    October 30, 2010

    These are the breaks you get when you’re ManU. They don’t get them in the Champions League, which is why such a glamour team doesn’t usually win the CL. But in the EPL, they get calls like this all the time.

  112. ManicMessiah
    October 30, 2010

    I haven’t watched them, but I just went through their results. After the 83rd minute there was the wolves game where they scored two late goals to win3-1 and bale’s two goals in the loss to inter. Not exactly the cardiac kids.

  113. ManicMessiah
    October 30, 2010

    Yeah, Inter and Barca and Bayern never get those calls.

    Also, I’m sure Stoke and Fulham feel the same way about Spurs.

  114. Joamiq
    October 30, 2010

    They also came from behind to win against Villa and Fulham and to draw Everton. And four goals in the 83rd minute or later isn’t enough for you?

    Anyway, the point with respect to Spurs was that they’ve played very well this season when down, which you’re obviously ignorant of. And the bigger point is that to assume in any game that the score at 83 minutes will be the score after 90 is just silly.

    A bad call is a bad call, no matter when it comes.

  115. ManicMessiah
    October 30, 2010

    They were down 3 to Inter, and all the games you mentioned were level by half time.

    As far as Spurs playing better when down, all I can judge is the match I watched today and thought theywere much better before the goal.

    Finally, I don’t think it was a bad call.

  116. RoryD
    October 30, 2010

    That’s not the issue. The issue is whether the goal should have stood, and, yes, it should have. You play to the whistle, and since the whistle wasn’t blown there was nothing wrong with nani putting it in the back of the net. I’m not arguing that there wasn’t a handball (there was), but there was also a penalty right before that that wasn’t called either. Keep playing until the referee stops play.

  117. Joamiq
    October 31, 2010

    Coming from behind is coming from behind. If you’ve only watched Spurs in one match, your opinion on them is worthless.

    If you think this shouldn’t have been a dead ball, your opinions in general are worthless.
    link to i.dailymail.co.uk

  118. Joamiq
    October 31, 2010

    Incorrect. “Have to play the whistle” sounds nice and sanctimonious, but you can’t reasonably blame someone for thinking that the result of this is a dead ball: link to i.dailymail.co.uk.

    In addition, Gomes asked Clattenburg for clarification, and he did NOT give the “advantage” signal.

    As for a “penalty”, I think we can all agree that a) Kaboul made contact b) the contact was not nearly enough to bring Nani down and c) Nani had dived about 24 times previously in the match.

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