The definition of a bad first touch

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38 Responses to The definition of a bad first touch

  1. Mig22 says:

    ok, that’s a little funny.

  2. PC says:

    Bad? That was suave!

  3. south says:

    Her reaction! Too perfect, just what I needed today.

    Thanks Ives!

  4. Dan K says:

    Classy move

  5. Contra says:

    The announcer’s laugh kills me. I’ll be having nightmares with that laugh now!

  6. Paul C says:

    If only Jozy could score that well.

  7. RIP Martha says:

    Her look says “you naughty boy (but I like it!)” than “you creep! I’m pressing charges.”

  8. Joe B. NYC says:

    Yeah, me too. Why’d they have too loop that laugh?

    Maybe they’ll go home and have some schnitzelgruben…

  9. Joe B. NYC says:

    I meant ‘to.’

  10. Hopper says:

    I feel dirty after watching that.

  11. Lorenzo says:

    haha, yes

  12. Harraby LLG says:

    that’s nothing, in Brunton Park, we would never have a female ref… but that doesn’t mean they weren’t sexually harassed by the players

  13. zion says:

    hahahahah. I love football

  14. elseth7 says:

    i thought he was gonna get a red. that would be too funny.

  15. SeattleStan says:

    I miss German television SO bad right now

  16. JS says:

    Exactly…might be one of the best touches I’ve seen if football in a

  17. shelbo says:

    Those commentators are like 12 year olds! OMG!!! He touched her boobie!!

  18. Super Metro says:

    Nothing to be touched really…

    Funny reaction by the ref

  19. afc says:

    Yellow card, caution lol.

  20. bal bla says:

    Does any guy here actually believe it was a “mistake”

    Common the player must have been like..

    ” The ref been calling fouls on me all is my revenge”

    *Boob Slap*

  21. Wispy says:

    Ives — thanks for keeping us abreast of stuff like this.

  22. Gacm32 says:

    +1 haha I was just about to use that.

  23. Sheldon says:


  24. Gaucholic says:

    I’m guessing he might have got her number later….

  25. Vik says:

    Pretty impressed by her attitude. She totally could have gone ballistic, but instead she laughs it off.

  26. Al_OC says:

    Oh man, I thought the ref is a dude.

  27. dena says:

    She liked it.

  28. otergod says:

    looked to me like he meant to slap on the arm (sportsman like) and she moved it. Poor timing all around, but funny consequence

  29. I love her reaction. She didn’t overreact to what was an obvious accident. Nice to see.

  30. Isaac says:

    Nice to see the game didn’t end up as a scoreless draw, with neither side afraid to make a move…

  31. todd nelson says:

    Looking for the definition of a bad first touch? Ask JOZY ALTIDORE!

  32. Wispy says:

    I had a few more I was considering:

    “This post is really racking up comments…”

    “Ref should nip that type of behavior in the bud…”

    “That guy was totally busted…”

    OK, enough.

  33. Prosneef says:

    Or Jacob Peterson and the rest of the TFC crew.

  34. Ron says:

    Did they swap shirts after the game? She can ref my game anyday!

  35. Nic D "The TITTERING 2 Stepper" says:

    That was a TITillating clip! So funny! :)

  36. Joamiq says:

    I did not realize the ref was female until I read these comments. I had no idea what the big deal was.