2011 MLS Expansion Draft: Live Commentary

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The Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps are ready to make the first selections in the 2011 MLS Expansion Draft.

The Timbers have already begun building their team with the signings of USSF D-2 standouts Ryan Pore Eddie Johnson and Bright Dike, while the Whitecaps recently unveiled U.S. national team defender Jay DeMerit as their first major acquisition.

Both sides will move closer to forming the teams we could see when the 2011 season kicks off next spring.

I will be providing live commentary from the expansion draft so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the draft (Commentary is after the jump):


FINAL– That's all for now. Feel free to share your thoughts on the expansion draft in the comments section below. 


2:54pm– That's that. Portland started well, but Vancouver finished well and may have had the edge overall. Portland spent two picks on lottery tickets with Findley and Bornstein. If either of those players comes back then you like the Timbers draft. Otherwise, Vancouver wins today.


2:53pm– Vancouver selects John Thorrington with the final pick. A great pick, a steal really, and Chicago will wind up regretting not protecting him. 


2:52pm– Funny but I think Portland had a much better first half of the draft while Vancouver has had a stronger second half of the draft.


2:51pm– Portland selects Arturo Alvarez.


2:50pm– Vancouver selects Jonathan Leathers from KC, who I like MUCH better than Jordan Graye.

Better pick from the Whitecaps.

KC pulls back Eric Kronberg. Why? I have no idea. Guess they REALLY hope someone takes Chance Myers or Jimmy Conrad.


2:49pm– Vancouver two picks left.


2:47pm– Portland selects Jordan Graye from D.C. United. Not a fan of that pick at all.

D.C. United pulled back Kurt Morsink. No, really. They did.


2:45pm– Portland is up. Corey Ashe perhaps?


2:43pm– Vancouver selects Joe Cannon. Not a surprise. Yes, Pat Onstad would have been a nice nostalgia pick, but Cannon is a solid starter.

San Jose pulls back Tim Ward.


2:41pm– Portland selects Jonathan Bornstein. Double Wow?

Chivas USA is off the board.

Who's doing their draft, Bob Bradley? 


2:40pm– The Union luck out today. Losing Salinas and Moreno doesn't hurt Philly at all. 


2:38pm– Vancouver selects Alejandro Moreno from Philadelphia.

Union are off the board and get lucky not to lose Brad Knighton. Would love to be in the room for Peter Nowak's first meeting with Knighton.


2:36pmPortland selects Peter Lowry from Chicago. Very underrated player, sneaky good goal scorer. 

Chicago pulls back Dasan Robinson. Fire got lucky there.


2:35pm– Portland is up.  


2:32pmVancouver selects O'Brian White from Toronto. Still don't get why he wasn't protected.

Whitecaps should give White a chance to play. Toronto pulls back Julian DeGuzman.


2:31pm– Vancouver is up next.


2:30pmPortland selects Robbie Findley. Not that surprising. Findley played college soccer for Oregon State.

Real Salt Lake is off the board.


2:29pm– Surprises? Philly pulling back Chris Seitz and exposing Brad Knighton. How do you bring him back now? Definitely a vote of no confidence by the Union with that move.

As for who is out there. Doesn't look like either team will be taking Jimmy Conrad, which is a bit surprising. O'Brian White is out there and someone I see Vancouver taking. You also have John Thorrington. 


2:27pm– Halfway through this expansion draft it's tough not to give the edge to Portland. Timbers have grabbed five solid players. Vancouver took three MLS starters first, but Salinas and Gordon are questionable in my book.


2:25pmVancouver selects Alan Gordon. Just don't get that one.

Chivas USA pulls back Mariano Trujillo.


2:24pm– Vancouver is up now. They have to go centerback eventually.


2:21pmPortland selects David Horst from Real Salt Lake. Interesting one. He's a big centerback who Portland surely saw in USSF D-2 play.

Real Salt Lake pulls back Collen Warner. WOW, they got lucky there.

Color me shocked that Portland didn't grab Collen Warner. Timbers will regret that.


2:20pmVancouver takes Shea Salinas from Philadelphia.

Philly pulls back Chris Seitz. WOW.


2:18pm– Loving the Timbers draft so far, and not just because they've taken three players I had them taking.


2:17pmPortland selects Anthony Wallace. Colorado pulls back Wells Thompson.


2:17pm– Sturgis is a very good player who finally put injury issues behind him. Will Sturgis stay healthy? If he does, Vancouver got a steal. Seattle will miss him.


2:15pmVancouver selects Nathan Sturgis from Seattle.

Sounders are done and Blaise Nkufo stays with Seattle.


2:12pmPortland takes Adam Moffatt. Columbus loses Brunner and Moffatt.

That's a good pick for the Timbers. Moffatt can start for you right away.

Columbus will go with Ekpo and probably Danny O'Rourke in central midfield.


2:10pmVancouver selects Atiba Harris. Interesting move there. Harris is a useful player, but the only way he's dangerous is when he tackles people.

No more Dallas players can be taken, including Eric Avila and Kyle Davies. They just lost starters Dax McCarty and Atiba Harris.


2:10pm– Vancouver up next. Kyle Davies, Blaise Nkufo, O'Brian White are possibilities.


2:09pm– Columbus pulls back Kevin Burns.


2:08pmPortland takes Eric Brunner.


2:07pm– Is Nyassi the best player available? No, but you have to consider positions as well as the fact that if the other expansion team takes someone from a team, you could lose out on the chance to take someone. 


2:06pm– Patrick Ianni is pulled back by Seattle.


2:05pmSanna Nyassi to Vancouver. The Whitecaps get a winger and hurt arch-rival Seattle.


2:04pm– Vancouver is up next.


2:03pm– Dallas pulls back Daniel Hernandez. Surprising. I really don't think Dallas understand expansion draft machinations.


2pmPORTLAND-Dax McCarty. No shock. Everyone saw it coming.


1:58pm– Quincy Amarikwa? What a waste of a pick he would be.


1:55pm– I agree with Greg Lalas on John Thorrington. He could be a steal here coming off an injury-hit season. Chicago may regret not keeping him.


1:54pm– I know a lot of people were wondering about the designated players I had go in my Fox Soccer mock expansion draft. I can definitely see NKufo to Vancouver. As for Angel to Portland? That seems unlikely unless there's a trade in place. Schelotto to Vancouver? That one was more a wishful thinking pick on my part. Doubt that marriage would work. 


1:52pm– Listen folks, FC Dallas flat-out dropped the ball in leaving Dax McCarty unprotected. Whether they like Eric Alexander or not, the fact remains they could have traded McCarty for value, perhaps even a first-round pick. 


1:51pm– The expansion draft starts at 2pm. Get your coffee ready and feel free to mute your computers for the next nine minutes. 


1:50pm– When will the actual expansion draft start? Hopefully soon. Really interested to see whether it's Pat Onstad, Joe Cannon or even a Brad Knighton as Vancouver's goalkeeper pick.


1:47pm– No, the picks haven't started. We'll be forced to listen to some analysis from the MLSSoccer guys. Or you can just wait for me to tell you who the picks are.


1:30pm–  We're about 15 minutes away from the expansion draft. Consensus is that Portland will take Dax McCarty with the first pick, but at least a few think the Timbers may go in a number of directions. I'll go with McCarty.


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167 Responses to 2011 MLS Expansion Draft: Live Commentary

  1. Nb5 says:

    Isn’t that the old whitecaps logo?

    (SBI-It was. Here I was so worried about picking the wrong Timbers logo that I threw up the old Whitecaps logo. Hopefully it wasn’t changed in the past week.)

  2. Charles says:

    Old logo, new logo, I still hate them.

    I am glad you are doing a live commentary, MLS has it on radio only. A little tough to pull off at work.

    Especially for those of us “working” right now at home with the wife in the next room.

  3. SeattleSoccerFan says:

    It will be interesting to see if Nkufo is taken by Vancouver who Seattle pulls back, i think the a lot of the Sounder fans would want Nyassi pulled back, but when you look at his game, Alvaro Fernandez has more understanding of how to play and he can finish where Nyassi can’t. Part of me thinks Nyassi getting hot will actually help Seattle by him moving on. I’d rather see us take back Ianni, like Ives said, or even someone like Seamon or Boss.

    I do hope Nkufo isn’t picked but I think he will be.

  4. Palouse says:

    Ives, are you still thinking Nkufo will be the first Sounder taken? This has big implications since they REALLY need to pull Ianni back. Thoughts?

  5. Zorbthegeek says:

    A Sounders Prayer: Please not N’Kufo. Please not Nyassi. And PLEASE not N’Kufo AND Nyassi. I can deal w/ losing Sturgis, Gonzales and have no idea why we protected Jaqua. Amen.

  6. Zero Cool says:

    Nothing says “Let me follow my MLS” like a swift backhand.

  7. Jellenp says:


  8. Ben says:

    Hoping Philly can keep Shea Salinas

  9. Nb5 says:

    A Union prayer: please not Salinas, but REALLY PLEASE not Knighton. I don’t think I can stand another season of watching Seitz in net.

  10. John says:

    I could see the Timbers taking Ianni first.

  11. Tim says:

    Vancouver can have JDG. What a bust he has been in Toronto.

  12. DavidVanole says:


    Any sense on what NYRB is thinking/expecting right now?

  13. StevenG says:

    I don’t really understand the rules of the draft, but it seems like teams can just take players from other teams. How is that ok? How do the players feel about this?

  14. DC Fan says:

    DC prayer… please, please, please take some of our players!

  15. Sam Nishi says:


  16. Palouse says:

    So can I, and it bugs the crap outta me! I’m not a Timbers hater; I don’t want to lose Ianni to anyone…

  17. Sammie Garza says:

    Hopefully RSL won’t lose it’s good reserve players/bench players because were taking the Cup next year for sure and there aint nothin anybody is going to do about it (That means you hottie Seattle Fans.)

  18. Jeff says:


    Does a team get compensated when losing a player to an expansion team or do they just have to bend over and take the loss? It seems odd to me that the owners would collectively just give up club assets without being compensated for them.

    (SBI-Jeff, expansion drafts are part of EVERY sports league. Same thing happens all over. It’s part of the business.)

  19. giaco says:

    A Fire prayer:


    that is all.

  20. Rex says:

    Can anyone tell me why Dallas exposed Dax and Davies?

  21. Second City says:

    Dear Portland and Vancouver: Take as many Chicago players as you’d like, we’ll overlook the 2 player exemption.

    P.S. We’ll throw our manager in too along with his plane ticket if you need. Thanks.

  22. Zorbthegeek says:

    How do you tune into the damn mls radio show from the website? I hate that website so much!

  23. BAJ says:

    Galaxy fans are praying that at least one person is taken from us. Seems unlikely though given the options out there.

  24. Hopper says:

    Dear Lord God Baby Jesus,

    Please let Nate Sturgis be taken in the MLS Expansion Draft. I never want to see him in a Sounders lineup again.

    Thank you.

  25. dan says:

    here-here!! LOL since it is so true!

  26. Idaho Brian says:

    I’d be shocked if RSL doesn’t loose Warner.

  27. Second City says:

    via iTunes and even then their podcast/radio wasn’t even updated at the stated time.

    I’m a loyalist but the MLS OFFICIAL website is the worst in professional sports.

  28. swoopy says:

    Can the Sounders unprotect Jacqua at the last minute??? Please?

  29. Hopper says:

    I agree. Why are we protecting Jaqua and not Nyassi? Nyassi has a much bigger upside while Jaqua is definitely on the decline.

  30. Zero Cool says:

    A Galaxy Prayer: … God I wish i had some beer….I could be SOOOO drunk right now.

    Oh yeah, take mike Magee that guy sucks

  31. shea says:

    It isn’t through there podcast… i thought it was too, but go back to the homepage and reload the link and you are set from there. It is pretty easy actually.

  32. Second City says:

    Have her make you a sandwich. That should buy you some time.

    Will submit more suggestions upon request.

  33. Charles says:

    MLS if you are going to have us tune in 15 minutes early at least sell commercials. That is the point of pre-game broadcasts.

    This is so screwed up I am complaining about NOT having commercials.

  34. Charles says:

    Maybe because I am old, I love the video highlights on the website and find it easy to use. I don’t have Itunes it just started right up for me.

  35. Braden says:

    Isn’t McCarty interested in going to Europe? Maybe he gave notice before the draft?

  36. Eric says:

    Wikipedia already has McCarty going to the Timbers. Very interesting.

  37. Second City says:

    Wikipedia already has Nery Castillo’s 2011 stats.

    Goals: 0

    Assists: 0

    Games: 12

  38. cfig says:

    How would it work with one of the expansion teams taking Nfuko considering his DP status?

    For the Dynamo I expect to see Ashe taken by Portland and Spencer, don’t see Onstad going to Vancouver though (based on his own statements). Eddie Robinson maybe? He and DeMerit would be a pretty solid backline.

  39. Dan says:

    Whats the deal with the MLS extratime radio stream? I bring it up and it says opening in the corner and then says NOT FOUND.

  40. Second City says:

    Are they conducting the draft in a bathroom? Audio gets a big thumbs up.

  41. Jeremy says:

    these guys are really the most knowledgeable people to lead these MLS chats?

  42. Chicago Fire Fan ;) says:

    This may be random but what do you think of the MLS expanding to 10 teams for playoffs? Good because some more major market teams make the playoffs or bad because it makes the regular season seem meaningless? Also there is this talk of the additional two spots are used as a playoff for the right to get the #8 seed? Anyone Know?


  43. cfig says:

    Each team can protect a certain number of players who are in the draft pool, once they have two players picked their other players are off the board. It’s got some drawbacks for sure but it isn’t an unreasonable way of doing things.

  44. Paul C says:

    Seattle and Dallas getting dismantled. haha!

  45. Charles says:

    Please do not let Nyassi be LeToux part duex.

    Original Sounder in expansion draft.

  46. That One Guy says:

    HA!! HA!! Man I didn’t know it was that bad, no wonder my Sounders will be shredding the Chicago fire next year!

  47. SP The Ghost says:

    Nyassi is wank, we won’t miss him.

  48. Hopper says:

    Really don’t get why we exposed Nyassi and protected Jaqua. Jaqua was awful this year and Nyassi was breaking out in a big way.

    DUMB Seattle. Really DUMB.

  49. boosted335 says:


  50. CommonSense says:

    Good pick!

  51. Devon says:

    Fucito > Nyassi. As is Alvaro. So… see ya later Nyassi and thanks for playing Vancouver! And we keep Ianni. Oh that’s much better.

  52. John Lenn (Salt Lake) says:

    Warner did provide some decent depth in the CCL when he came off the bench, I guess they thought he was expendable…… geezz with the rosters expanding to 30 and the reserve league returning it would’ve been nice for him to be on RSL’s reserve squad he could ne a promising young player. Perhaps, he’ll shine in Portland or Vancouver, though I likely see him in Portland with the Timbers.

  53. Second City says:

    Well, apparently someone did want Harris, Ives. Though, I still think he’s garbage (too).

  54. Big Chil says:

    I don’t think anyone’s crazy about 10 teams watering down the playoffs and meaningfulness of the regular season. What are we, the NBA?

  55. Hopper says:

    Don’t agree at all. Fucito works hard but lack Nyassi ability.

    Ianni isn’t all that either. He filled in admirably with Hurtado out, but his limitations were exposed in the playoffs.

  56. SeattleStan says:

    Bwahaha! Ives, that Harris comment was genius.

  57. Hopper says:

    Agree. I don’t see what the big deal about Harris is. He did absolutely nothing in the playoffs, but somehow kept starting.

  58. SeattleStan says:

    By losing Nyassi?

  59. Jason Morgan says:

    Yeah I mean if the NBA can have 16 markets make the playoffs, WHO RELLY CARES RIGHT!! THAT’S HOW YOU MAKE A BOATLOAD OF CASH!!

  60. Hopper says:

    YES! Goodbye Sturgis! Oh man! I’m so happy! It’ll be great watching Sturgis suck it up for a rival.

  61. The Dude says:

    My face is in my palm over Seattle leaving Nyassi unprotected. Why would you leave Nyassi unprotected over Fucito and Jaqua (two hacks)? Nyassi scored five great goals, and really came alive at the end of the season. Stupid move by Seattle. On the other hand, I’m delighted that Sturgis is gone. Hello Fernandez!

  62. SeattleStan says:

    Hopefully Nyassi plays on the right for them, because he won’t be getting any service from Sturgis on the left.

  63. The Dude says:

    +1. But we’ll regret the loss of Nyassi. I literally can’t believe that Hanuer rates Fucito over Nyassi.

  64. Devon says:

    Nyassi lacks a soccer brain. I watched him time and time again try and dribble his way out of trouble, which didn’t work at all.

  65. SeattleStan says:

    Nyass scored 5 great goals, but started back into his “cross to no one” routine at the end of the season. I would rather have Nyassi than not have him, but I’d rather have Fucito and Jacqua.

  66. Devon says:

    You are wrong. That’s why. Jaqua scored far more goals last year when healthy and Fucito scored a bunch of goals in limited playing time. Nyassi doesn’t have good soccer sense. He’s fast, but he wasted so many opportunities that he created with that speed.

  67. Hopper says:

    Definite head-scratcher. Nyassi is a huge loss, unless there was something going in behind the scenes we don’t know about.

    Having written that, I really don’t see Fucito or Jaqua doing much next season, whereas Nyassi was primed to really breakout next season.

  68. Shea says:

    Seattle could have lost Ianni, Nkufo, or Leo Gonzales. Nyassi is a loss, but I am not high on Sturgis. MLS Radio is right, Osvaldo makes any one better.

  69. Second City says:

    Goodbye Salinas.

    I know a lot of Union supporters were dreading his loss.

  70. Nb5 says:

    Nooooo, not Salinas! :(

  71. Ritz says:


    You’re wrong about Sturgis. There’s no place for him with Evans getting healthy and pairing with Olonso. Also, Sturgis’ style is too similar to Ozzy and neither are creative enough to breakdown an organized defense like with say against Galaxy. Plus if need be Fernandez can push inside and play along Ozzy as well.

  72. Charles says:

    I would have rather the hated Whitecaps take NKufo from their Idols the Sounders like projected.

    Losing midfielders where Evans and Fernandez on the bench, it could have been worse.

  73. Pikachu says:

    Jaqua SUCKS that is all.

  74. Hopper says:

    Ives, you’ve got to be kidding me with your analysis of Nathan Sturgis.

    Beyond a couple assists this year, Sturgis didn’t do much at all. He has no attacking instincts, panics with the balls at his feet, and doesn’t pass with any conviction.

    You call that a very good player? Personally, I’m very happy he’s not a Sounders anymore. Good riddance.

  75. k says:

    Fernandez starts at Right Mid and Evans starts at Center Mid, losing Nyassi and Sturgis has very little effect on Seattle and taht is why they were unprotected.

  76. Charles says:

    yeah what were the sounders thinking in leaving Nyassi and keeping Jaqua ?

    I think I have to blame Sigi, he is the one that seems to love him ?

  77. TotallyAwesomeGuy says:

    What the hell is the pulling back thing?

  78. Vince Clortho says:

    Excellent, Warner stays…

  79. Seattle_Coug says:

    I’d love to see Nyassi move on so Sigi doesnt have an excuse to keep Fernandez on the bench. Nyassi’s understanding of structure and tactics leaves a lot to be desired, and doesnt seem to have improved since he came here. Given Sigi’s history of player development I lean toward this being Nyassi’s problem over Sigi’s.

  80. OranjeMike says:

    The only explanation I can think of for protecting Jaqua and Fucito, and hence losing Nyassi and Sturgis, is that Sigi only switched to the two holding mids – two fast offensive wingers as a stopgap for this year. I don’t think he loves that system, and now can bring Evans and Seamon (and a maybe a midfield DP) into the midfield mix with Zakuani, El Flaco, and Olanso.

  81. Charles says:

    I might agree with you but….if they had lost Jaqua instead ?

  82. ben says:

    Portland is my new favorite team! They take David Worst and let RSL protect Warner! Happy days here in Utah!

  83. Second City says:

    Vancouver with Harris and/or Gordon up top. Barf.

  84. Paul C says:

    Alan Gordon? Really?

  85. Matt (NES) says:


  86. Duck says:

    Once you lose a player to expansion, you are allowed to protect another from your roster.

  87. Fox Lee says:

    Yes, RSL protected Warner (2011 Champs), Just sell off Nimo and we’ll be fine!!

  88. John says:

    Seitz played two games with the Timbers on a loan, Philly may have thought he was more likely to be picked late than Knighton instead of giving Seitz a vote of confidence.

  89. The Dude says:

    +1 I’m wondering why Ives rates Sturgis so highly when us Seattle fans don’t like him at all. It’s Nyassi who we like. He had great potential. Au revoir, Sturgis!

  90. k says:

    Jaqua scores goals when he is healthy and I don’t expect Kufo to play many years or be able to play every game (open, ccl) at his age so I’m gald Jaqua is still a Sounder.

  91. ... says:

    once a player is picked from a team, that team can chose another unprotected player to protect. So “pulling (whoever) back” is putting them on the protected list.

  92. Seattle_Coug says:

    Speed isn’t a skill, and doesnt save a player from himself.

    If you think Nyassi has more on-ball skill than Fucito, I implore you to watch more Sounders matches.

  93. Nast Big Mac :0 says:

    I know, that got to be the nastiest strike partnership up top in league history, and I mean that in a bad way, I mean I’d rather have….. don’t let me say Jaqu… *Ugh* *Ugh* *Barf*.

  94. Paul C says:


  95. Second City says:

    Findley being taken means some actual playing time (even if off the bench) in MLS because he would have seen no time likely abroad.

    Who’s the happiest about that selection?? ….BB.

  96. The Dude says:

    Findley! Ha! I was hoping he’d move to Moldova and never be heard from again. I now have even more animosity toward Portland.

  97. Ben says:

    Findley is from Phoenix, not Portland

  98. Jake Oliver says:

    Interesting pick my Portland. Oregon State grad…

  99. The Dude says:

    White? Gordon? Findley? Horst? I can’t believe how shockingly bad these picks are!

  100. ben says:

    …and Findley, who wanted to leave anyway. Seriously Portland, you are the best!

  101. RSL Fan says:

    No more can’t finish Findley, fantastic. Now just remove him from the Nats and I’ll really be looking forward to january and 2014.

  102. alex says:

    If there is one thing to be learned from these it’s that you DO NOT build your team from them. If you’re smart you take the best role players available at cheap prices and a few tradable assets.

    For that reason i’d say Vancouver is doing fine. Portland seems to be a little bit more agressive about picking up established players.

    We’ll see how that works out.

  103. Chapka says:

    Ives, I think if he can stay healthy and get regular starts Shea Salinas will surprise you. He’s certainly a gamble worth taking for a team that values speed.

  104. Kid Kadoo says:

    That means Championship!

  105. Paul C says:

    Ives, curse of the commentator on Portlands picks?

  106. Second City says:

    Lowry is solid but extremely average in a midfield. Not sad about seeing him go.

    Would have rather seen Dasan Robinson go forcing us to actually find an option at that position better than Robinson.

  107. alex says:

    O’Brian White wasn’t protected because he’s not much of a talent. He’s too slow after his knee injury and doesn’t have much of a first touch.

    He could end up being something in the future but i doubt it.

  108. JGIB says:

    Couldn’t beleive how lucky RSL made out

  109. Hopper says:

    Alejandro Moreno?!? Seriously?

    Nutty selections going on here.

    I think Portland and Vancouver were hitting a little of that Northwest bud before making their picks.

  110. Nb5 says:

    YESSSS, thank you Vancouver!!!! Bye bye Moreno!

  111. fischy says:

    Did Findley pay RSL, to get him over to Portland, or are the Timbers just taking a shot in the dark here?

  112. Second City says:

    Is it possible to get worse through this draft at a position?

    If so, Vancouver is certainly trying at the forward position.

  113. MensreaJim says:

    The Whitecaps cave to a big push from Vancouver’s huge St. Kitts ex-pat population and pick Harris. Always marketing over play with these people.

  114. Eric says:

    Did Portland pick Borenstein so Vancouver couldnt take another Chivas player? Save some cap room? Anyone?

  115. Nelson says:

    I know we are quite a blessed team.

  116. hbh says:

    Bornstein? I thought he was going to Mexico? Can someone fill me in?

  117. The Dude says:

    Isn’t Bornstein off to Mexico? If Bornstein and Findley play for Portland, I officially loathe them.

  118. Second City says:

    Any idea if Portland is going to select Brian McBride, just incase he were to return/have his rights?….ha.

  119. Butt Crack says:

    Yeah Findley is horrible how has he lasted so long! Everyone can see he’s bad but Boob Bradley geeesh!!

  120. Beckster says:

    Jordon Graye? Seriously? A DCU player? Can DCU refuse to pull back a player?

  121. MensreaJim says:

    Bornstein was one of the better players available, can’t blame them for that. I hope Portland drafts Clint Dempsey next.

  122. fischy says:

    The MLS guys are talking about Portland holding FIndley and Bornstein’s rights indefinitely.

    Does that make any sense? There will be expansion drafts in the next two years. It seems to me that Portland would have to protect these guys in order to retain their rights. It seems unfair to cut off Chivas and RSL’s rights, because they didn’t protect them and are letting them go in some sense…but allow Portland to hold their rights indefinitely, without doing the same? It sounds like there might be a bad loophole that Portland is hoping to exploit.

  123. Luke from CBus says:

    Why would they pick Bornstein? He’s of to Tigres in Mexico. What does Portland gain from that?

  124. Second City says:

    I like the Alvarez pick. He’s careless with the ball often but is capable of things most MLS players arent.

  125. Black Hawk says:

    Jordan has promise he could’ve been big for the future of DCU especially with all their good Academy players making a difference, oh well to Portland he goes.

  126. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Portland must beleive they can surgically implant a right foot on Alvarez…

  127. Second City says:

    Losing Thorrington hurts. Chicago wasn’t the same while he was gone most of the year due to injury.

    Extremely solid holding midfielder. Wish him a lot of luck in Vancouver, as he’s been a valuable Chicago player.

  128. Beckster says:

    Black Hawk, I disagree. Have to go with Ives on this one. I didn’t see anything particularly promising about Jordan this season.

  129. verbalocity says:

    Is there something I’m missing with the Bornstein pick? Hasn’t he already packed his bags for Tigres?

  130. hardhead says:

    So neither New York and LA, the jewel’s of MLS, lose any players. Conspiracy?!?

    (SBI-It’s pretty simple, when you have big salaries, you’re going to have weaker options lower on your roster. Both LA and NY were able to protect or have exempt all their top players. You also have a case where a lot of LA and NY players available just cost too much.)

  131. Westerweir. says:

    Yeah, hopefully they can get Landon Donovan and Jozy too.

  132. Captin Crunch says:

    You just brought that to my attention, IS MLS TRYING TO MAKE A SECOND LA LIGA WHERE ONLY THE GALAXY AND RED BALLS HAVE A CHANCE……..perhaps they ARE!!

  133. WK says:

    Thankyou Timbers for helping the handicapped and selecting Arturo Alvarez, the best one-legged player in MLS history.


    Quakes fans everywhere

  134. BoBo says:

    We, LA, put out our trash and nobody picked it up!

  135. Gord says:

    Vancouver’s final pick…Thorington from Cicago

  136. Alex G says:

    What? bornstein??, he’s playing for tigres next season, i dont get it Ives.

  137. Chris Whyte says:

    Nope. Lack of depth because their stars eat up their salary caps.

  138. Jeremy says:

    Simon Borg’s analysis of the draft was soooo bad….some of the guys he was throwing out to be picked was almost laughable

  139. Jacob Moore says:

    Vancouver is going to kill Toronto FC next season, you heard it here first.

  140. fischy says:

    Those teams left crap for others teams to draft. The only decent prospect might have been da Luz, but he didn’t play all year. The Galaxy and NY were not deep teams.

  141. LNG says:

    argh Mike Magee returns

  142. i thought you might have been missing a pick in the live commentary and i checked – vancouver took john thorrington with the last pick.

  143. Jake F. says:

    There might have been some sort of handshake deal between NYRB and Portland after the Hall trade.

  144. Kevin says:

    I am so mad at Schellas/Gorman and the FCD staff. Goodbye Dax and Atiba. We will miss you.

  145. AL17 says:

    Only way we (Fire) regret Thorrington being taken is if he can manage to stay healthy for a season. No issues with his skill or his work rate but he just couldn’t stay healthy and maybe he a needs a change of environment. I hope it works out well for him.

  146. Second City says:

    Hope Demerit scores some set-piece headers for you, because that’s about the only way you’re scoring.

    Want a “you heard it here first moment”? Vancouver drafted a collection of forwards that may contribute to MLS-history by having not a single forward score a goal during the season.

    Gordon, Harris and Moreno? Even as lowly as the Fire have been this year I greatly look forward to facing your toothless attack.

    Toronto will still beat you.

  147. Kevin says:

    And Ives, although I have my doubts about Harris, if you can’t see what he did as the target/ holding striker against LAG in the Western Final, then you shouldn’t be covering this sport.

    He is not necessarily someone I would build a team around, but he not an unskilled hack like you suggest.

    (SBI-Did I call Harris an unskilled hack? He’s a hack, but he does have some skill. He’s a useful player, but he worked well in a system with great players. There are plenty of better players out there. You can tone down the homer-ish hyperbole.)

  148. Idaho Brian says:

    As an RSL fan, I couldn’t be happier…I was positive RSL would loose Warner and someone else like Alexandre or Grabavoy. In the end, we lose Horst who at best will be an average CB in this league, and Findley who doesn’t want to return to MLS anyway. With the depth of the upcoming draft, RSL should be able to bring in additional depth and talent to replace what was lost today…

  149. Marshmellows says:

    RSL still going to slay everyone next year so might as well hand them the trophy tomorrow, save the misery of having to play the 34 games, it’ll be easy cheesy. Ives, you have to admit even though they fell to FC Dallas they have to be the favorites of next year, also I don’t see the Rapids going far in the playoffs and thats if they make it. Overall I think Portland had a better draft they picked up some pretty good young and experienced talent, minus foolish Findley.

  150. Charizard says:

    Toronto SUCKS that is all. I project a 4-2 raping in their first league meeting and by midseason they be suckin I mean begging Jurgn Klinnsman to play for them, I bet he could probably bag a few right now.

  151. Juan Carlos Osorio, Student of the Game says:

    Hmmm. Findaly has good speed. He would be an excellent left back.

  152. MensreaJim says:

    Well, that makes a lot more sense knowing that they keep Bornstein’s MLS rights. What do you know, Portland’s brass know more about the xpac draft than I do.

    So I guess they are taking the under on his time in Mexico.

  153. Jeff Agoos says:

    You know you may be right Carlos you may be right…….

  154. Hincha Tim says:

    Some thoughts:

    1) For having lost 2 players, RSL came out very well. They did NOT lose Warner, Alexandre, Grabavoy, or Schuler who are all promising (or in Grabavoy’s case: still fairly young and established) players.

    2) Portland’s first 5 picks were very good. Really did quite nicely for a back line and in the midfield.

    3) Say what you want about Robbie Findley, you haters, and as an RSL fan, I have been harder on him then most, but I still think he can be a very good player in this league if played out wide or with a post-up forward. His confidence was down this year and he played sub-par, even by his standards, but he still can create. I don’t think it was that bad a pick by Portland.

    4) The last 2 picks by Portland were questionable. I thought they would take Corey Ashe from Houston over the two MF they picked.

    5) Bornstein might not be a bad pick down the road. He’s still young and one of the better outside backs in the league, but probably not good enough to ever go to Europe, so he could be back in the league in a few years. The players they do pick up at those selections probably weren’t going to contribute much anyways.

  155. fischy says:

    ONe thing you can say about Hyndman is that he knows what he’s doing and has a good eye for talent. If he’s happier with Alecxnder than McCarty, he must know something the rest of us don’t.

  156. fischy says:

    @Ives — I’d love it if you could look into these Portland picks of Bornstein and Findley. We know Bornstein’s going to TIgers. FIndley might go abroad. Does Portland hold their rights indefinitely? Does that depend on (1) making them an offer (I’m pretty sure it does) and (2) Portland protecting those rights in future expansion drafts? If Portland can do what Chivas and RSL couldn’t — hold on ot their rights without putting them on a protection list — it seems grossly unfair to those teams.

    At most, it seems to me that they should be treated like Superdraft players who don’t sign. Those rights do not last indefinitely, but only until the December of the year of the following draft – in effect, just under two years. That said, I don’t see anything in the rules that would put in such a limit. Those rules apply to the Superdraft only.

  157. Dinho says:

    Totally agree. Chicago struggled for a midfield presence without JT. As an injury-free player, he is one of the best in the league at his position (IMO), and a great guy as well. I hope that he thrives in Vancouver.

  158. BenH says:

    FCD fan here. I am fairly relieved that Harris is out of the club. Never liked him and didn’t understand why he played so much. Glad Avila was not taken.

    Why they did not protect Dax is beyond me. Unless he and Schellas never patched it up. Sad to see him go and his absence will hurt.

  159. Amit says:

    But, he is not left footed which immediately makes him worthless in the eyes of so clever a coach.

  160. Tomas says:

    As a Rapids fan, I’m sad to see Anthony Wallace go. He was our starting leftback, he’s a solid player, very athletic and stong, and he’s gotta lot of years left in him at 21.

    I wish him well and hope he plays his way into the USMNT team picture.

  161. Mattmatumbo says:

    Haha, the truth is too funny. I guess everyone is confusing Nimo with Findley?

  162. DDay says:

    It pains me to admit, but the fact Seattle posters on here rate Nyassi so high simply because he’s fast shows how much the “buy a ticket off craigslist” fan up here has to learn about football.

    I’m glad he’s gone. Sure in 3 years he may have developed into something, but he can’t cross, can’t score, can’t pass, dribbles until the ball is taken away from him, and lacks any tactical awareness.

    Of course, the fact that Ives rates Sturgis “I vanish anytime play becomes physical” so highly tells me he hasn’t watched many Seattle games.

    This is the best possible outcome for us, we’ll just go buy a better CDM than Sturgis.

  163. Salinas 2011 = Le Toux 2010. Big mistake by the Union – and anyone who says that this wasn’t a loss didn’t see the progress Salinas made as the 2010 season progressed.

  164. Ian says:

    that’s what the sounders tried with Parke, worked out in the end

  165. ciscokid says:

    While I don’t rate Nyassi as highly as others, I also don’t throw improving speedy 21 year olds with considerable upside under the bus. He was improving and learning, and he will get better.

    Some many fans just want to discard young players after 1 season or even after they make 1 mistake. MLS is both a feeder and developmental league and you gotta have some patience while you groom and mold players.

    Nyassi has 2-3 years where he will get stronger and if he can learn, he will get much better. To write him or almost anyone else off at age 21 or 22 is just plain ignorant.

    That said, Seattle has some good talent at that position and will doubtless look to pick up another player or two in the off season.

  166. Chris says:

    According to the 2010 “Guaranteed Compensation” salary numbers that I’m working from (and counting only the guys not yet traded, but not Bornstein or Findley)…

    Vancouver added six players at total salary of $610,976.25 (Harris, Sturgis, Salinas, Cannon, Leathers & Thorrington). Salinas and Leathers both made league minimum.

    Portland added five players at total salary of $210,400 (Brunner, Moffat, Horst, Lowry & Graye). Of those guys, only Moffat at $50,400 didn’t make league minimum last year.

    I’m guessing if there are more trades, it ain’t the league minimum guys.