Agudelo, Ream and Bunbury among USA call-ups vs. South Africa

  Juan Agudelo (


The U.S. Men's national team has called up an inexperienced squad loaded with youth for next week's friendly against South Africa (Wednesday, 2pm).

Juan Agudelo, Teal Bunbury, Gale Agbossoumonde and Tim Ream are among the selections.

Here is the squad:


GK-Brad Guzan, Dom Cervi

D- Clarence Goodson, Jonathan Spector, Jonathan Bornstein, Eric Lichaj, Nat Borchers, Tim Ream, Gale Agbossoumonde

M-Alejandro Bedoya, Eddie Gaven, Brian Carroll Logan Pause, Robbie Rogers, Mikkel Diskerud

F-Robbie Findley, Juan Agudelo, Teal Bunbury


The Teal Bunbury call-up is sure to turn heads in Canada. Bunbury had previously represented Canada on the youth national team level, but is elgible for both countries.

Agbossoumonde and Agudelo are members of the current U.S. Under-20 national team set-up and have yet to make national team appearances.

What do you think of the roster?

Share your thoughts below.

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265 Responses to Agudelo, Ream and Bunbury among USA call-ups vs. South Africa

  1. Boosted335 says:

    Good for Ream!

  2. Brent McD. says:

    love to see all the youth coming up. let’s see what these guys can do

  3. Tim M. says:

    Crazy. Anyone think Burnbury will reject the call up? Im guessing a big no!

  4. rory says:

    Ugh. My initial reaction is that we won’t learn anything about how these guys would play if they were brought into the team with the big boys. I guess these guys should be happy they’re on the radar and given a great opportunity.

  5. Barcafan says:

    Robbie Findley?

    Are you freaking kidding me?

  6. shutupayouface says:

    exciting to see a number of new faces on the squad! i expect this team to struggle a bit though. still, way to keep things fresh, Coach Sweats.

  7. Duck says:

    Lots of young guys trying to break into regular USMNT time = fast and fun game even if we get rocked. I like it. Interesting choices for the veterans, too.

  8. Illmatic74 says:

    This will be great to get some young guys some experience but, this will probably be an ugly game not for the kids to see.

  9. Josh in Provo says:

    Ives, is there any chance Bob Bradley is doing this to give these players international exposure? So other leagues, countries and people can see these young players and possible get them contracts throughout the world?
    I think of players like Agbossoumonde, Rogers, Findley, and even Jonathan Spector who could use some exposure for expiring contracts to possibly get signed somewhere else. Just a thought…

  10. Denver Andrew in D.C. says:

    I hope Bafana Bafana’s midfield isn’t as good as Colorado’s.

  11. Adam R. says:

    Interesting selections.

    To me, what is more imporant than young players showing well is that the World Cup veterans (Guzan, Goodson, Spector, Bornstein and Findley) show the ability to pick up their games when Donovan and Dempsey and co. aren’t there.

  12. kc fan for life says:

    TEAL!!! That’s great news.

  13. Barcafan says:

    All the good that BB just did by calling up the younger guys is immediately cancelled out by the fact that ROBBIE FINDLEY was called in for the match, and you know he is going to start.

  14. Rory says:

    I know what this is! This is that other table at the big family Thanksgiving meal. You know, not the adult table and not the kids table. You have everything from a single uncle in his early 30’s (Bedoya) to a twelve year old excited he’s away from the kiddie table (Gale). Not to mention we’ve set a place for that cousin that never shows up anyway (Bunbury).

  15. tnnelson says:

    i’m excited for the game, all i can say is: let’s worry about the scoreboard last. look at individual performances above all else

  16. BenMillion says:

    Brian Carroll? Nat Borchers? I did not see that coming. My guess is Bradley is just bringing these guys in to be one-off team leaders (MLS veterans that the younger players know and are comfortable with), and they will happily pick up a cap and a trip to South Africa and a courtesy gift bag full of scented USMNT soaps and then they’ll be sent on their way.

  17. Rory says:

    They’re going to get slaughtered. Let’s just all agree not to judge these guys based on what they can do surrounded by other guys who aren’t ready to play for the big boys yet.

  18. dantheblue says:

    Canadian soccer is a joke. Why WOULD Bunbury play for that country? As good as those players in Canada are and could be their federation seems to not really take it seriously. Our region will never be taken seriously by the world until there is more than the US and Mexico and then all the rest. Maybe that can be the crusade for the Nash brothers once they are done with their playing days… We all know that there is more to Canadian sports than hockey and curling… IF only their federation would spend some money on it…

  19. KCB says:

    YES! TEAL! Congrats Son. Do KC Proud! (NOT) Sorry Canada.

  20. emanuel says:

    I wonder who will get the captains armband. Bornstein anyone? lol

  21. Matt says:

    As a Crew fan, I’m a bit surprised with the Brian Carroll call-up. He is 29, but he’s one of the better holding mids in MLS and has merited a look, even if he is incredibly far down on the huge center mid depth chart for the USMNT. I’m not surprised by Robbie Rogers’ inclusion, and I couldn’t be more excited that Eddie Gaven was included. Eddie is consistently a great midfielder in MLS (much better than Rogers) and is too often overlooked because of his lack of flair. I would keep giving him looks if I were Bradley. He is only 24, and I rate him on the same level as guys like Bedoya.

  22. LNG says:

    i like calling up these young guys, but no more Findley and Logan Pause please

    we are going to get rolled

  23. DingDong says:

    Bunbury leaves no doubt about his intentions.

    “I was born in Canada and I would love to play for the country I was born in. I think it would be an honour,” Bunbury said.

    “For me, I was born in Canada, I have a lot of family members there, and it would feel wrong for me to play for the U.S. I feel a connection with Canada.”

    Read more: link to

  24. rory says:

    How much attention do you think teams will really pay to our C-Squad versus South Africa? Rarely has including fringe players ever found them a home. If stars like Donovan and Bradley weren’t given an opportunity to make a bigger move after the World Cup they just had, then the rest of the world just aren’t giving Americans any respect.

  25. DingDong says:

    Not that I’m complaining. People change their minds.

  26. Rory says:


    Excellent point.

  27. SdbransonUSA says:

    I was going to suggest we all form a pact to chill out on some of these guys for a couple years (or at least until after Gold Cup) after they demonstrate that they aren’t quite ready for primetime. Especially after we get waxed by South Africa, not exactly a world power.

  28. Rory says:

    Boy is Guzan going to be busy in goal!

  29. KEEP says:

    Smart picks Bradley.Happy Guzan will get some minutes,lets see what this young group can do.

  30. ericJ says:

    Hes just trying to cheer Carrol up.

  31. SdbransonUSA says:

    “C-Squad” might be a little generous.

  32. Rory says:

    I’d rather have seen a send off for Frankie Hejduk. He could have captained these guys and taught them how to get fired up on game day.

    Someone please tell me this is Robbie Findley’s official send-off too!

  33. Chicago - Scott says:

    Wow, there are alot of guys I would be taking over Logan Pause, but hey I guess I should be happy that he is representing The Fire!

  34. Dunbar says:

    Wow never thought bob would give a kid who has only played first team games with a USL team would get a call. The kid is talented maybe a bit early.

  35. Rory says:

    Oh dear god you’re right.

    Maybe Bedoya?

  36. Chicago - Scott says:

    This seems to be our “D” team.

  37. SdbransonUSA says:

    They wouldn’t have announced the call-up unless he’s going to show up and play.

  38. Barcafan says:

    What possible reasoning could Bradley have for bringing Findley on.

    The bum even lost his starting spot on an MLS squad. STOP IT BRADLEY

  39. Rory says:

    If the Crew had beat the Rapids would we see Larentowicz and Mastoeni in there?

  40. Aristophanes says:

    To be fair, there was really only what? – one big move after the world cup? Ozil? I guess there was also Milner (which was preposterous) and Mascherano. But aside from that, the transfer market was pretty pretty quiet post World Cup. I don’t think it’s and American thing.

  41. Bill Clinton says:

    If we are trolling for African votes for Dec 2 then the quality of this squad certain helps that goal.

  42. Felix says:

    I’m not crazy about the Findley call-up, but people seem to forget how thin we are at forward.
    I’m not crazy about the Carroll and Pause call-ups neither – I’m curious what’s going on with Pachuca and guys like Torres and Vidal.

  43. Rory says:

    Agreed. Here’s hoping the day of the game we just post comments about who looked good. We can chalk up any poor performances to nerves/not enough talent around them/learning curve.

    OH, and lets not builde up the best player on that day as our future captain! The world’s tallest midget is still a short man, afterall.

  44. Chicago - Scott says:

    Guzan, Goodson, or Spector

  45. Rory says:

    Yeah, I didn’t want to hurt any feelings.

    In all actuality I’m liking the idea of running out the kids and near-misses. However, I’m still wishing we would win one damn game this year since the world cup and I’m not liking our chances now.

  46. rory says:

    Let’s call it the Developmental Team. Given enough time a few of these guys will probably be called upon in the future to play some meaningful minutes.

  47. Chris says:

    I came here just to second this. It almost makes me sick. Where is Justin Braun?

  48. Illmatic74 says:

    Nice to see some guys make their National team debut sorry Canada and Norway.

  49. tnnelson says:

    why no justin braun? i thought he deserved a call up a while ago. he has played well on a pathetically bad chivas team, and i think he has the skill set to be a good international striker. his MLS schedule clearly doesn’t interfere, and he is probably sitting at home right now wondering what it will take for bradley to call him in

  50. BA1 says:

    Not only is he not a starter he might not even be the 3rd best forward on RSL. WTF Bob…

  51. Illmatic74 says:

    I am not as up in arms about Findley being included as other but, I would have brought Braun over Findley.

  52. Barry U says:

    Bob turning over every rock – I like it! Ream, Angudelo and Burnbury all sound good! Arm band could be Goodson, Bornstein, Findley or Spector. Looking forward to the game.

  53. Joe says:

    Agudelo is legit. This kid can flat out play.

    I predict he will make an immediate impact on the USMNT. Tell your friends, you heard it here first, Agudelo will be on the 2014 USMNT World Cup roster.

    Believe the hype

  54. Aristophanes says:

    it’s not

  55. The Sir says:

    LOL, anyone else find it hilarious that this troll isn’t getting any attention despite the 3 post effort he has already put in since this story broke? You’re just really crying out for attention now aren’t you? FAIL.

    Bravo Coach Bradley, way to have the guts to bring in some new blood.

  56. Chris says:

    All of Man City. Hello?

  57. Chicago - Scott says:

    True.. we only have so many Friendly’s though so it would of been nice to see some more ‘First Team’ guys.

  58. U-Sector says:

    Where is that money coming from, exactly?

  59. Rory says:

    Don’t we have another American on Stabaek, a forward that starts with a B. I don’t remember his name and I don’t know if he’s even played at all this year, but it’s kind of odd nonetheless.

  60. Aristophanes says:

    Yeah true, and David Villa too I guess. So there wasn’t nothing, but it wasn’t a frenzy either. Just saying, don’t think it was anti-American bias.

  61. Barcafan says:

    Do you have any idea what trolling is? Judging by your rather humorous (read ignorant) retort, I would guess that you do not.

    By the way. I see people echoing the sentiments. That pokes a whole in your idea, doesn’t it?

  62. Stu Holden's Lid says:

    Fair enough, but you’re not really steppin out with that prediction given our only true striker is Jozy.

  63. Illmatic74 says:

    Erik Benjaminsen.

  64. Barcafan says:

    *whole other hole in your idea

    It would be nice if I could finish typing a thought.

  65. pckBoston says:

    “little” generous might be a bit generous.

  66. Greg says:

    Good or bad, but I really don’t think you can call this roster boring.

  67. Rory says:

    That’s the one. He once declared he was 100% American, then Rongen called him into a tournament in March and never called him again. He recently played for Noway’s U19’s in Euro qualifying so I’m wondering what the story is there.

  68. Joel says:

    No Le Toux call up??? He’s eligible for the USMNT now and has said he would be honored to play. Why not give him a chance?? He has a nose for goal and has had a great season!!

    (SBI-I highly doubt he’s eligible. Still many years away, too many to be honest.)

  69. Chris says:

    If Findley gets the armband I am officially renouncing my allegiance to US soccer.

  70. GSScasual says:

    I dont know, the canadian nats is pretty glamourous.

  71. Joshua says:

    Interesting that there is no Beckerman.

  72. CrewFan says:

    Brian Carroll?!? And to think I came to complain about Robbie Rogers’ inclusion!

  73. Hopper says:

    What has Robbie Findley done to justify a call-up besides sucking it up at the World Cup AND for RSL?

  74. David says:

    I assume Findley got the call because he was the only veteran (barely) striker available to be called or who would come. Ideally someone like Ching would have been better if they are looking for someone to be an example for Agudelo and Bunbury but that is the only reason I can think of to call him.

  75. Me says:

    Benedict Bunbury. You have now replaced Vince Carter as the most hated athlete in Canada. Good job.

    And when you get pulled into the side room at customs, you have no one to blame for your discomfort but yourself.

  76. rambo says:

    I agree with you but they need to have some people who have experience and are familiar with the USMNT. Plus with bringing all these kids and players with low caps at least Findley might be recognizable to the SA fans

  77. RedLine55 says:

    I guess that means Robbie Findley will have started his last 2 matches on African soil, no? Who would have thought?

  78. Chris Whyte says:

    It has to be Bornstein given the group. He has the highest number of meaningful USMNT games of the lot.

    Somewhat related, I think it’s about time to make Landon the permanent captain for this cycle. He thrives in the Captain role for the Galaxy.

  79. Andrew says:

    Haven’t we learned anything from the hype around Jozy? Just let him develop naturally without heaping all the “finally, the US has a good forward” hype/pressure on his shoulders. If he breaks out and is immediately comfortable at the senior national team level, great, but if not he is still super talented and super young. Definitely looking forward to seeing him at the national level, but not expecting miracles.

  80. jonk says:

    FMF season isn’t over. You might have noticed that Bob didn’t pick any players currently in-season. (backup GKs and defensive benchwarmers don’t count as being in-season)

  81. Greg says:

    He’s not eligible since he’s not a US citizen.

  82. the rick says:

    Larentowicz….yes, but not Mastroeni.

  83. jose says:

    Brun sucksss !!!!! I’m tried of hearing his name.

  84. davidaubudavid says:

    is it just me or is clyde simms better than carrol? I guess it really doesn’t matter, but if you are going to call in an older mlser that will never see the field again at least simms would help the team more.

    And i think bob bradley would have done better to call up my left shoe than findley.

  85. jonk says:

    He has permanent resident status but not citizenship.

  86. Illmatic74 says:

    Canadian fan? I can’t imagine he will ever be as hated as Owen Hargreaves is by Canadian soccer fans.

  87. dan says:

    Letoux has a GREEN CARD, not CITIZENSHIP. Learn the rules before you make ignorant statements. By the time LeToux gets citizenship, his career will be pretty close to finished.

  88. Ufficio says:

    He is not eligible for a US call up. He just got his green card a few months ago. Citizenship is likely around five years away.

  89. Ufficio says:

    So where are all the clowns that were howling about Bradley never leaving his son off a roster when Ives posted his projected lineup?

  90. jig says:

    now theyre complaining that the roster isnt strong enough.

  91. BenH says:

    @*(^#$^#* FINDLEY!?

    Why is he called up!? He is the suck.

  92. Illmatic74 says:

    But there was much more movement last year even though it wasn’t a World Cup year.

  93. d says:

    I thought the same thing

  94. GTV says:

    Total B team/junior varsity except for the back and I like the choices in the back. Goodson is first XI material to me and Bornstein and Lichaj are worthy of PT as well.

  95. jb says:

    I’m fairly stunned. 0 big names. 0 normal starters. The only vets (if we can really call them that) are on defense. Seems like a tough beginning for the new call-ups to have no experience in the attack. I admit to some excitement to see the new blood, but will our midfield and forwards be able to even compete? Props to Bradley for a bold move. It will definitely be interesting.

  96. RLW2020 says:

    wow — some surprises!

    1. shocked that Bunbury is on our side.. but we need him .. should get the start.
    2. midfield is going to be weak! i would have taken Beckerman over Carroll or Pause
    3. defense looks fine, no Gooch is surprising but Spector needs minutes too.
    4. Ching or Braun over Findley
    5. lastly anyone keep tabs on Pachuca.. would Torres, Gomez or Vidal be available? all three would be perfect additions.

    Starting XI

  97. Joe says:

    Very true fellas. Probably shouldnt start the hype train yet. I’m just so excited to watch him integrate himself into the USMNT.

  98. SD says:

    my only issue is with logan pause….he was not very good in gold cup…great for the youth mouvement but hopefully SA doesn’t get angry because it is such an experimental team….

  99. david says:

    where’s adu if we’re gonna call up this many youngs guys we mine as well add freddy to the list.

  100. Oranje Mike says:

    I like this squad. Bradley will get a look at prospects and see who can stay composed when thrown into the Fire. Why does he keep looking to Findley, though?

  101. GSScasual says:

    go ahead, findley just needs to bring his RSL attacking to the nats, and everything would be ok. other than that, sweet attitude, some *fan you are

  102. SD says:

    and i forgot to add not happy about findley either

  103. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    Nat Borchers, Brian Carroll, Logan Pause??? Are You Joking With Me? These players are awful in the International stages, they culd even play decent against a Barbados team. Robbie Fidley? Are You Serious? Jesus Christ BB must have a huge man crush on RF this is sad. I’m cool with Eddie Gaven and Robbie Rogers because they are young and need the experience if they ever want to be in the pool of the USMNY but damn Bradley did horrible calling up Nat Borchers, Brian Carroll, Logan Pause, and Robbie Findley. I hope to GOD these four don’t get to play.

    My Lineup Against South Africa:

    GK: Brad Guzan

    RB: Jonathan Spector, Eric Lichaj

    RCB: Clarence Goodson, Gale Agbossoumonde

    LCB: Tim Ream

    LB: Jonathan Bornstein

    RM: Alejandro Bedoya

    RCM: Eddie Gaven

    LCM: Mikkel Diskerud

    LM: Robbie Rogers

    RS: Teal Bunbury

    LS: Juan Agudelo

  104. GSScasual says:

    now you know how we feel about Rossi. Sorry that canada was on the end of this, but you have to put yourself in his shoes. He wants what every footballer wants, to play in a world cup.

  105. ChadC says:

    Robbie Rogers and Robbie Findley: I know these dudes are young, but haven’t these guys already proved they are not well rounded enough to play for the MNT? And I still wouldn’t say anything if they weren’t both in below average form.

    Brian Carroll? I am not even going to validate why I ask.

    Overall, I like what I think Bob Bradley is doing, and the defensive picks are inspired. This is a pretty wild team. I’m not sure how much we’re going to be able to get from this as viewers, i.e., what kind of individual talent evaluation we might glean, particularly from the attackers, but it should be fun.

    Finally, I believe in this talent, and if assembled properly on the field, with a good game plan and confidence, it might be able to get some scoring chances.

    The main thing I am going to try to do while watching is understand what BB is trying to do, and seeing first, if it makes sense, and then seeing who seems like they are executing their role with energy.

  106. Dan in New York says:

    This is great. Love seeing the young players get some action. After all, children are our future. But seriously, the last couple friendlies with WC vets were soooo boring and the players looked obviously tired. This young team might not win but it’s going to be very interesting to see how they perform. Psyched for Ream and Agudelo!

  107. bizzy says:

    Please someone tell me why oh why are we call up bornstein, Rogers, findley and spector for the NATIONAL TEAM!!! What category in MLS have they excelled in?? Spector, are you kidding me, he doesnt even have a team!!!! Rogers doesnt dominate and category in MLS why is he always called up. Friends with MB maybe?? BAFAN BAFAN are going to rule the wings with bortein and spector playing. If these guys why not FREDDY ADU, seriously why not. Lack of play time(first gooch, now spector)?? If you are trying to expose develop players make it even across the board.

    If we got Agudelo from the columbians why not Sebastien Le Toux (26) from the french. He’s eligible to play for the US or France and is in the top 5 in ASSISTS, GOLDEN BOOT and leads in SHOTS ON GOAL, why are we not chasing him!!!!! And if we’re talking about experience (like donovan) how are about Salvatore Zizzo(23) who just came back from hannover 96 and played with bradley, altidore and adu in the U-20.

    All the “rights” in selecting young new players just got “wronged” by selecting the FEW, the PROUD, the BB’s REGIME…….

  108. Don Pelayo says:

    Interesting selection, certainly. I like to see Bradley give young players a chance for friendlies like this, but I fully expect our team to get torched by a strong SA squad at home.

    Hopefully I’m wrong!

  109. Paul C says:

    Well, the kids are sure in for a wake up call aren’t they? Welcome to the big leagues, sons.

  110. Illmatic74 says:

    Le Toux is not eligible.

  111. nik says:

    This looks like a 4-5-1/ 4-3-3 toster to me.

    Would like to have seen torres called in.

  112. Illmatic74 says:

    They loss Hargreaves which is a bigger loss than Rossi for us.

  113. TBE says:

    He has to wash his hair. That’s gonna take more than a week, so he’s not available.

  114. TimeForChange says:

    If Burnbury is called up why not Ryan Smith, that guy has good speed and sick first touch/ skill on the ball. He came from England, but one of his parents are from the states. Trashstein and findley!!??? are you serious??!!! Not sure about Puase, Rogers, Carrol…I mean, why not Jeff Cameron? But I am happy to see that BB is experimenting, rather than bringing the usual suspects

  115. Isaac says:

    I love rants like this where the rag on the players we have and don’t bother to name anybody themselves.

    The only people you did name were Adu, Sizzo, and Le Toux.

    Le Toux isn’t eligible, despite what people keep saying. Zizzo didn’t get consistent playing time for Hannover 96 or Chivas USA, a team that didn’t even make it to the post-season this year. Adu is basically NOWHERE near his clubs plans this year. Not even on the bench if I’m not mistaken.

  116. Lost in Space says:

    After looking at the call ups ready the comments made by others I’m going to toss my 2 cents out here….

    I’ve got no issues/concerns with either of the keepers. Both are young up and coming keepers in good leagues. I don’t have any real issues with the defensive call ups either. Calling Gale may be a little premature….if he gets into the game. However, if he was brought to experience the practices, players/coaches, atmosphere, and travel I’m for it. If he actually plays I’ll be a little concerned that BB is throwing a baby into the deepend of the pool (regarless of the fact its South Africa).

    Midfield is where I’ve got the majority of my problems/issues. While I like Bedoya, Diskerud, and even Gaven’s inclusion I cannot understand Rogers & Carroll’s getting called up. Neither has performed all that well at the National team level and neither has what I’d call leadership qualities to mentor the others. The inclusion of Findley with the forwards is the same…. He brings nothing but speed. Agudelo and Bunbury are nearly as fast as Findley and likely have better touch. Would have thought a more accomplished/experienced forward would have been better….say a Ching, Jozy, even an Eddie Johnson.

    Other than Guzan and a couple of the defensive players I really don’t see much in the way of leadership on this squad. this could be very bad.

  117. Isaac says:

    Bornstein had a great World Cup so I don’t know why people are ragging on him.

    I do agree that the Findley call up is strange though.

  118. Tractor says:

    I think that’s very much it. It will help them deflect criticism of bringing a B/C/D team by allowing them to point out that Findley was a key (ugh) member of the world cup squad.

  119. Modibo says:

    Pause is 29 and is the oldest here; Bedoya’s apparently only 23. Creepy “uncle Logan” gets to sit at the head of the table, I think.

  120. David H says:

    Benedict Bunbury?

    He’s lived his entire life in the U.S. He may have been born in Canada, but he was raised in Minnesota. If his Dad wasn’t Alex Bunbury, I imagine there’d be a lot less raging. But bear in mind his change of heart came when he sat down with his father.

    This isn’t like Rossi, who spent half of his life in the U.S. and half in Italy.

  121. einar says:

    the only players i dont like on this list are findley and pause. I would of preferred beckerman and some other forward like wondowloski

  122. mark says:

    I prefer when Bob has more of a half experienced and half inexperienced team, but still glad to see he is looking at these kids.

  123. Paul C says:

    Gyan as well.

  124. Isaac says:

    A Gaven-Diskerud central pairing? You do know that Gaven and Diskerud are both attacking players with not a whole lot in the way of defensive bite – right? As much as you hate it, Carrol and/or Pause are likely to play in the center.

  125. einar says:

    oh and i also dont like the carrol and rogers call ups.

  126. bizzy says:

    SPECTOR ON ONE SIDE AND BORNSTEIN ON THE OTHER??? THOSE WINGS JUST BECAME “open HIGHWAYS” leading to the city of Guzan. We are gonna get rocked by the BAFANA boys…..

  127. Stu Holden's Lid says:


  128. Rory says:

    He also gets to cut up the turkey for Gale.

  129. Marco says:

    I guess you’re tired of spelling it correctly too. It’s Braun.

  130. rory says:

    Sunderland picked up a player or two, so did Liverpool. I get what you’re saying, there wasn’t many big moves but hell, Jay Demerit is a free agent for goodnessake.

  131. Alex G says:

    I believe this is a very good roster, BB is finally making the right choices to gather a core team of young players able to represent the USMNT in the years to come, I only hope Teal shows and plays for us, I believe he is, since he has been called.

    Who knows how it works when it comes down to calling a player?, if he’s not coming why do we bother to announce him, any info on that?

  132. Alex says:

    I’m very surprised Geoff Cameron was left off the roster. He looks to be back in form and could’ve really filled that CDM role. Cause both Pause and Carroll don’t exactly give me much confidence. I do like the roster though, nice to bring in some youth, and players whos season are over. No need to pull players away from clubs still ongoing. Am I one of the few that expects Lichaj to start on at RB while Specs gets the nod at CB with Gooodson?

  133. Rory says:

    I hear you… there is nothing worse then trying to put someone in their place and then realizing you left out/misspelled a word and came off sounding like rain man.

  134. shutupayouface says:

    pact accepted.

  135. Dennis says:

    In the last two years, guys who have scored goals in the domestic league (MLS) will continue to get looks, since there are no forwards lighting up the scoreboards abroad! (Apologies to Dempsey, but this is apparently going to be about looking for players who can handle a high speed of play, Braun is a player Bradley knows so…)
    As Pete Carril said a fast player does everything faster and Finley falls in that category, speed is not something that can be coached, but decision making, technical skill, etc. can. Bradley must see some physical traits that if Finley strives to improve the technical and decision making deficiencies will pay off. But, I gotta admit a couple misses in the W.C. looked pretty bad, other players may not have had the speed to get into spots to make those errors and the ball would have rolled to the defense harmlessly.

  136. Big Chil says:


    Back line looks solid enough; BB never likes to have an untested back line, even for friendlies.

  137. Tractor says:

    I think we need to resign ourselves to having VERY modest expectations as to what anyone will learn from this match. Sure, it’s overwhelmingly fringe and/or new players making the trip, but the arguments being made here seem to be for different fringe/new players. I don’t see a lot of people bemoaning the absence of Donovan or Dempsey, or even Holden. It’s just not feasible for them to be in this camp, so we unfortunately can’t see how the new guys would fit in among the first-teamers. Likely all that can be accomplished is to make nice with the South Africa and other African federations, get the coaches a close-up look at some of these guys in camp, and maybe a long-shot that one of them will come out of nowhere to have a break-out performance in the game that will warrant them further looks in a full camp.

  138. scott says:

    the only time i have ever seen Agudelo play was the second leg of the playoffs Red Bull satdium. He impressed for the short time he was out there. i just hope he can continue at the international level.

  139. Chicago - Scott says:

    Brian Carroll is TERRIBLE.

  140. Rory says:

    Let me be the first to say: Cap davidaubudavid’s left shoe! Hurry, we don’t want to lose him to Viet Nam’s national team just because he was made there, he’s been in America for pretty much his whole life and deep down in his sole he feels American!

    And since he’s naturally left-footed he will be great at left back!

  141. rory says:

    I’m pretty sure Bornstein is his son also.

  142. MemRook says:

    Well, I for one, am excited. Seeing as how I have zero influence in player selection, development or coaching strategy, I am going to simply enjoy the experience, as a die-hard USA fan. It’s a friendly, and if you are wearing a USA shirt, I support you 100%. I see a lot of negativity on these forums and as USMNT supporters, some of you have a lot to learn about pride and tradition in support of your team and its players, and your role in that. Come on you Nats! I love American soccer! To all the players called up, good luck and make us proud (I know a lot y’all read SBI and the like). Good luck!

  143. USAmr says:

    Or Rossi is by us.

  144. Rory says:

    Adu’s Law/Adu time took 55 minutes to take effect. I take that to mean that we were so fascinated by Bradley’s choices nobody could even remember Adu. Very interesting indeed.

  145. MicahK says:

    I am going to laugh if we beat or tie South Africa and you two are wrong.

  146. Mattmatumbo says:

    He’s bound to score a goal at some point with the nats if he keeps getting call ups haha!

  147. Luke from CBus says:

    No need to apologize to Canada, he’s half American and half Canadian. Teal has an American mother, has lived in Minnesota, and went to college in Ohio.

  148. Aaron in StL says:

    Like the move. This is a low stakes setting is good all around. I’m sure some fans will bemoan anything less than perfection and worry about the teenagers fragile states of mind, but why not shake it up?

    Not like any of our guys abroad (other than Timmay) are in any type of position where they can say getting away from their club is a better option. Should be interesting to see. It’s a shot gun approach but will be fun to watch I’m sure

  149. rory says:

    Good call there. A healthy Cameron or Brad Davis would have been helpful.

  150. bizzy says:

    And spector?? Does he even have a club? Zizzo just got there so maybe you need to read up on him a little. Bornstein? Was he even in the TOP 10 defenders in MLS. How about robbie findley?? What has he done? As a striker he’s no where in assists, shots, goals or shots on goal for this season or the last. why is he up top. Right back at you…

  151. Mattmatumbo says:

    Borchers has only had two call ups, both in 2005. I think he’s proven himself with RSL over the last two seasons.

  152. Ron says:

    ya becuase we all know that steven pienaar would never be able to handle pablo mastroeni’s jock-strap right? smh.

  153. Jake Oliver says:

    I’m a little disappointed some of our guys who aren’t logging a lot of playing time in Europe weren’t included. I’d like to see Gooch, Jozy, Eddie Johnson and Sasha get a game. I have to assume that Beckerman wasn’t included due to injury.

  154. Logan Pause. Congrats!

  155. DCP says:

    I need some help with the rules… If Burnbury or Diskerund play, am I correct in my conclusion that they could still later represent Canada and Norway respectively because this game is only a friendly?

  156. CTMo85 says:

    That was from January. He’s changed his mind since then. He’s turned down call-ups from Canada as well. Apparently he pretty much said he was going to play for the US in an interview last week too.

  157. Nick in Tucson says:

    Ives, what’s the story on Dan Williams of SC Freidburg? Can you forsee him getting a callup in the near future? I think he wants to play with the US nats.

    (SBI- We don’t even know if he finally got his passport situation sorted, which is pretty sad if he hasn’t by now. Fact is he’s a squad player on Freiburg getting minutes at right back because the club doesn’t have enough depth there. He’s a defensive midfielder by trade, and may be a tad young to seriously consider at this point. I’d say the March friendly, also in a FIFA window, will be his chance to get a look, if he gets one any time soon.)

  158. Me says:

    Hey Ives: What happened to my Benedict Bunbury post?

    Did you find it offensive?

    (SBI-Look closer, it’s still there in all its petty bitterness. Though, I must say, the back room at Customs in Toronto is no fun.)

  159. Joel says:

    Au contraire. He has a green card.

    link to

  160. AG says:

    Yes, the upcoming game is on a FIFA date for friendly matches and not for official competition matches.

  161. Craig says:

    Ives, with so many midfielders getting a call-up for the Madiba Challenge is this formation going to be 4-5-1, AGAIN? The most notable matchup will be South Africa’s fullbacks versus our own, most likely Lichaj/Spector and Bornstein.

    Tactics aside, it seems like SA will be the team pushing the tempo, while the Nats play, I hate to say it, anti-football.

  162. Joel says:

    Nevermind Greg! You were right.

  163. C John says:

    i am not a huge bradley basher, but his “buddy boy” call ups really need to stop…findley was horrible all year for RSL. justin braun deserves a legit chance.

  164. bob says:


    could you see two or three “A” vets still making the trip, since right now only 18 players are making the trip?

  165. The Dude says:

    I know I flog this horse endlessly, but it makes me sick that Bornstein and Findley repeatedly get called up to the national team. It makes it tough to respect Bradley when he sticks with these horrible players.

  166. Aaron in StL says:

    Hah burned! That’s what I’m talking abooot

  167. The Dude says:

    This roster looks like an excellent recipe for a 5-0 loss.

    (SBI-Given the defensive options, I doubt the game would get that ugly. Don’t forget Guzan is in goal, and even if the game turned one-sided, he’d be good for several big stops.)

  168. The Dude says:

    As an American living in Canada, I can assure you all that my Canadian friends will be bummed about Bunbury’s decision. The Canadians need all the help they can get. What’s strange about the Canadian Nats is that they have some good players, but they never seem to get organized and get the most out of their players. With Will Johnson, De Ro, Guzman, Bunbury, etc., they could be a decent squad.

    It would also be nice to have Owen Hargreaves.

  169. Wispy says:

    “deep down in his sole” — thanks, I laughed out loud at that

  170. The Dude says:

    I’m wondering if you were born blind or with mental deficiencies? Bornstein is not even a good LB by MLS standards. Total #$%^!! Lichaj and Ream, on the other hand, are excellent prospects.

  171. Wispy says:

    Bizzy — Spector was in the 18 just YESTERDAY for West Ham, a team that plays in a little league called the EPL. Maybe you’ve heard of it? I know Specs has been off the radar lately, but when you start your rant by suggesting he’s without a club, people will tend to tune you out.

  172. The Sir says:

    He put no one in his place. He offered nothing positive to this conversation and decided to focus SOLELY on the one weak point of Bradley’s call up which obviously everyone will agree with. Not to mention he felt the need to post the same thing THREE TIMES until someone would acknowledge his little temper tantrum. Barcafan’s goal is simply to create as much anti-Bradley sentiment as possible, if that isn’t crystal clear then you’re blind.

  173. SD says:

    spector is at west ham…though in the last 6 weeks hasn’t made the bench…he spent most of last season playing out of position and for you to ask what team spector plays for….he had a pretty decent confed cup…at least you should have known that if you are a USMNT supporter….and for what it’s worth, zizzo lost all of last year rehabbing an injury so who knows how he’s playing as a result….will agree to some extent on bornstein (relatively good world cup notwithstanding) and I agree to a great extent on findley…..

  174. John says:

    To those (Ives) saying Bunbury will not be cap-tied you are incorrect. Under FIFA rules you can only change the paperwork ONCE. He already played for Canada’s youth teams and after filing the paperwork to switch he can not switch back regardless of whether he appears in an official senior international match. It was the same deal with Edgar Castillo as well.

  175. I knew BB would be going young, but wow. No major complaints here. It would have been nice to see a couple of young but experienced guys (Holden, Feilhaber, Torres) brought in, but obviously most of the pool is in the midst of their club season.

    I would have taken Ching over Findley. Am I missing something here? Is Ching hurt?

  176. SD says:

    Perhaps I misunderstood your post….the FIFA date has nothing to do with a player being tied to a country…Mix and Bunbury could still play for norway/canada because this match is a friendly..a player becomes tied to a country if they appear in a FIFA sanctioned tournament like a world cup qualifier….

  177. MiamiFCduros says:

    I believe you have to be a naturalized citizen. I like Le Toux IMHO he looked out of it at the MLS allstar game tho

  178. John says:

    Michael Stypulkoski,

    Ching isn’t hurt, he’s just old. Why waste a spot on a guy who will be retired in a year or two and has no future with the A squad.

  179. bizzy says:

    wow…who asked what team specs plays for?? “Does he even have a club” is him being MIA for so long with no playing time….lol, wow. And for your info “pretty decent” doesnt cut it for the NATIONAL TEAM. As far as Zizzo wouldnt this game be a good stage to see where he’s at?? Enough said…….

  180. JMart says:

    And Van Der Vaart (sp?)…one of the greatest deals had post WC

  181. anon says:

    Maybe the story is that he isn’t good enough?

  182. bizzy says:

    Wispy, he’s been off the radar FOR A LOOOONNNGGGGG TIME, that how it relates to “Does he even have a club”. sarcsism goes a long way….you should try using it sometime….

  183. Greg – guys like Brian Carroll, Logan Pause, Eddie Gavin, Jonathon Bornstein just don’t excite me.

    It’s just more of the same, if you ask me. Yes, the other players bring some interesting choices. Are these other guys really going to bring something to the team in the future?

    If he is going to experiment, bring some of the Mexican based players into the midfield and see if we can really mix things up.

    Otherwise…it is just a yawn to me.

  184. larry y says:

    And somehow, bizzy totally missed the point on naming player who should be there instead…

    right back at nothing.

  185. Scott A says:

    Wow. Really excited to see the young guys play.
    And yeah, gotta echo the WTF Findley sentiment. And I don’t wanna hear the veteran presence thing. Other guys would have provided that more I’m sure.
    But again, I don’t know each player’s situation so can’t condemn Bradley. But it is odd.
    Should be a good look at the future.

  186. I like Agudelo. I don’t want to crown him savior, but he appears to have some good qualities. I loved his set up for JPA in the last game.

    He looks like a good 1v1 forward in the box.

  187. Canchon says:

    Brian Carroll is there in case we go to penalties. Oh wait…

  188. Dainja says:

    So I amend my comments from yesterday…we won’t get flat out MERCKED…we will just finish a 0-0 scoreless tie. Cuz as bad as our offense looks, let’s be fair here…that defense is suprisingly solid. Lichaj and Goodson are tight, and Gale and Ream are future stars. So I know it will be dreadful to watch when we have the ball, but i’m still happy we called up a bunch of younger guys which is the greater good in the end.

  189. Chris says:

    The reason findley was called up is because Danish club that Clarence Goodson is going to has a scout watching him.. this is his chance to get out of MLS.. I don’t agree with him being called up but I understand why

  190. KFree says:

    my uninformed take: RF has seen better streches of form, plus he’s soon to be out of contract, if not already… bb is helping the lad get some additional exposure.

  191. Martha c says:

    This team is crap. It’s worse than that terrible gold cup team.

    They are gonna get killed. Gaven Pause findley and Rogers are all good mls ers but not nearly good enough for intl play. Brian Carroll???? U kidding me? Not sure how much upside Bunbury has and Mix is a marginal player on his CLUB TEAM

  192. adub4 says:

    Logan Pause????

    Nat Borchers???

    Brian Carroll???

    this is bs, why not call up anthony wallace, nathan sturgis, valentine, or igwe???????????????

  193. Biebs says:

    Didn’t Bornstein play well during the World Cup? I know he had a rough run of play leading up, but I don’t remember him doing anything so badly as to not warrant another callup

  194. 20 says:

    Why are you hating on Bornstein? I understand Findley but Bornstein was great in the world cup and has had a good season at Chivas…..

    Not a chivas fan

  195. 20 says:

    would have liked to see Beckerman or Jeff Larentowicz

  196. Warren says:

    So BB can say he really knew best starting Robbie in 3 WC games…if Findley finally scores in SA.

  197. bizzy says:

    Ok Larry y, if you follow leagues abroad you’ll know we also have players (that are level if not better than MLS).

    to name a few for you:

    Freddy Adu- Aris

    Parkhurst- FC Nordsjaelland

    Simek- carlisle united

    grella- carlisle united

    taylor- Estoril

    Bowen- good old galaxy (good plus since he’s playing with agudelo in the U-20)

    Ching- dynamo

    Davis- (a good stage to assess his form?)

    Hoyos- Estudiantes

    Kljestan- anderlecht

    torres- pachuca

    Gomez- Pachuca

    Castillo- pachua

    pittman- wycombe wanderers

    just to name a few…

    Names we shouldnt see

    spector, findley, GET BURNEDtein( THEY’VE HAD THEIR SHOT AND DIDNT CUT IT, GIVE SOMEONE ELSE A TRY), Eddie Gaven, Brian Carroll, Logan Pause (what are they doing there??)

  198. ZacIndy says:

    I hear you Slick Willy, I couldn’t help but wonder if part of the point to these call ups is to not really care if we get beat so we don’t look like bullies while trying to get win a vote. Although it could back fire if they want a game with a couple of our stars(term to be used loosely) in the game.

  199. 20 says:

    Sorry but Spector and Bornstein are not even close to the worst players on this team. If we get rocked it will be because of the weak midfield.

  200. 20 says:

    Not sure what the negativity’s about.. that’s a very good back line I can see a very low scoring game, South Africa will probably win by a goal since they’re at home and they’ll have Pienaar, Tshabalala, Dikcagoi etc.

  201. 20 says:



  202. ZacIndy says:

    Technically, Benedict Arnold betrayed America. So that personification doesn’t work for Canadians.

  203. 20 says:

    agreed and nice use of merked, quality word

  204. Illmatic74 says:

    Or Julian Guzman or Daniel Fernandez, etc

  205. Illmatic74 says:

    Which Left Back would we bring over Bornstein?

  206. Illmatic74 says:

    Gomez and Torres are still in the Mexican season so they would be busy. Castillo as well but, he doesn’t play for Pachucha. Hoyos is a part of Argentina’s u-20s. A bunch of guys mentioned are playing League 2 in England you know the 4th divison there. Oh and I didn’t realize it was cool to like the Sacha again(I guess it is because he plays in Europe now) a year ago on these boards you weren’t even allowed to say something good about him.

  207. CG says:

    Jeebus, people! You’re all going to have ulcers by the time you’re 25. Bradley calls in a squad that is, by all accounts, loaded with several young players people have been asking for, and devoid of several veterans people have complained would never be left out, and all we can focus on is Findley getting the call???

    I know this is a wild and crazy notion, but maybe Bob has a plan in place for this game (or the training) that includes Findley. Honestly.

  208. K-Town says:

    Is this a non cap tying exhibition type game, or would this game commit Bunbury, Diskerud, and others to the US Nats?

  209. K-Town says:


  210. K-Town says:

    I’m happy about the GK, Def, and Fwd lineups. Not at all excited about the Midfield. Pause, Carroll, Rogers, and Gaven just don’t do it for me at the National level. I like them in MLS just fine, but I just don’t see them as long term impact players with the Nats, or short term either. However, I hope they prove me wrong. Excited to see what Dedoya, and Diskerud can do though.

  211. Brian says:

    Not cap tying at all

  212. Brian says:

    Jeff is still playing in the playoffs

  213. Dennis says:

    I am pretty confident that Bradley spoke to Banbury and he will be in the camp. It makes no sense that a coach who seems to make keeping in touch with players a priority, would not give the players he is inviting to the camp a call (or more) and ensure that they can/will come as well as to talk about his expectations.

  214. Duck says:

    No Geoff Cameron? He was injured part of the season, but came back and had a strong finish to the year. Might be a good central midfield option in a roster that looks like it needs some bite. Sort of a Mo Edu Light.

  215. peterjh says:

    My understanding is playing in a friendly doen’t tie you to that side. Bunbury has nothing to lose, in that case.

  216. Dennis says:

    I am glad to see Gaven getting another shot. I thought that when Arena called him up he looked too much like a kid playing with men and when Bradley called him up his play was uneven. I think he has matured and gotten more reliable. It will be good to see how this time around works out.

  217. MensreaJim says:

    Bornstein is not even a good LB by MLS standards.

    I’ll keep this one around for ad hominem attacks in the future, thanks.

  218. AQK says:

    Unless it was anti-American-caused-global-financial-collapse that accounts for less waste of money than last summer.

  219. MensreaJim says:

    +1, /salute

  220. AQK says:

    Pero, no! No WOOONDERBOOOY? que vamos hacer?

  221. AQK says:

    dont believe anything you read on the cbc dude.

  222. Brian says:

    Meh…I’m excited to see Ream, Bunbury, Lichaj (again), Gale, Mix and Agudelo. But Carroll? Pause? Borchers? Rogers? WTF?

    I’m fine with the goalkeepers. I predicted Rimando instead but it makes sense. Cervi is young and Rimando isn’t. And Robles and Yelldell are starters on their teams and could possibly slip in the pecking order if they went to SA.

    Defense is mostly ok too. Borchers call up isn’t a huge disgust to me (I mean he was MLS defender of the year) but he’s 29. I would of liked to have seen Marshall or Parkhurst (I guess he is in the middle of a season though) called up. I do wonder why Bob didn’t call Gooch up though…

    Midfield is a mess. Brian Carroll? Logan Pause? So many better options in the middle. How about Kyle Beckerman? Or Geoff Cameron? Hell Blair Gavin or Ben Zemanski would have been better options, cuz like Cameron, at least they’re young. What do Carroll and Pause offer to the USMNT going forward? NOTHING. And it’s not like either of them was one of the better CM’s in MLS this year. Beckerman was.

    Why no Feilhaber? It’s not like his team is gonna knock him down the pecking if he missed a few days.

    I’m fine with Rogers and Gaven though. Gaven is underrated to me. I consider him a poor man’s Clint Dempsey. As for Rogers, ehh yeah he didn’t have a great season, but what other lefty wingers are out there that aren’t in the playoffs or in the middle of a European season? Only one that comes to mind is Ryan Smith.

    Strikers are ok too. I understand why Bob doesn’t call up Jozy or EJ. I’m sure everyone is gonna b*tch and moan about Findley. But again, who else ya got? Justin Braun and Jack McInerney? Sure, I guess. But I’m not gonna fret about that. They’ll have an opportunity come January.

  223. FiRE! says:

    I hope Brain Carroll doesn’t get to take a pk… epic fail

  224. K-Town says:

    Thanks. I didn’t think it was cap tying. But, i guess it does show good faith from Bob that they are players on his mind. And if accepted, it signals that the players want to suit up for the US.

  225. K-Town says:

    Hello people! Teal is HALF AMERICAN and HALF CANADIAN. He was born in Canada to an AMERICAN MOTHER and a CANADIAN FATHER. He left Canada at AGE TWO! to go to Europe until he was ten, then spent the rest of his childhood in THE USA. As in no more one than the other. How the heck is a a “Benedict” Bunbury for choosing one side over the other? Sure his father played for Canada, but he never even grew up there.

    Wherever he feels he wants to play is fine by me. It is his decision to make, and nobody should blame him whatever the outcome.

    Can we bury this one?

  226. Brian says:

    I do believe however they’d have to file paperwork with FIFA (like Jones and Castillo) if they wanted to switch

  227. ec says:

    Seriously, knee jerk criticism of Bornstein only reveals your ignorance and bias. Bornstein had a good World Cup, had the clutch goal to secure qualification, and has been on the field for several great performances against Mexico. Yes, I wish we had a better LB, but he doesn’t equal a disaster and deserves credit for some quality games.

  228. Curtis says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. This seems like a great roster for Bradley to use considering this game means absolutely nothing. He’s giving experience to a ton of new guys; its only gonna help us in the future.

  229. Curtis says:

    Remind me again, was Borchers up for defender of the year?

  230. MicahK says:

    Fire Rongen ASAP he is causing us to many players.

  231. MicahK says:

    LOL. Or fire Bob.

  232. Neruda says:

    I’m an RSL fan I’m dumbfounded by the Findley selection. He didn’t even start for Jason Kreis’s teams during the MLS season. BB makes some progressive selections and moves but then he does something like this? I hope we see Agudelo and Burnbury starting against SA.

  233. Kosh says:

    Finally a post worth responding to. Well said, MemRook. Well said.

    Congrats new guys, do us proud. We’ve got your back.

  234. phil says:

    if that were the case then he should have called up onyewu….

  235. phil says:

    still think LeToux should get a call. he might not make it to 2014 but he just might and he certainly would help push the pool in training.

  236. phil says:

    le toux

  237. phil says:

    word up.

  238. phil says:

    ROLF too hard to type +100000000000000000000000

  239. Phil says:

    i think that’s a record….

  240. Phil says:

    Ryan Smith = +1

  241. tbecker says:

    you are clearly high…. hargreaves has proved to be a good player, I will give you that. Rossi could prove to be great… and that would blow.

  242. Sean says:

    Can you say, No Najar! :)

    Don’t get me wrong. I want him with the US team, but it’s some vindication considering Tim Ream was robbed of an award that he had truly earned this year. Actually, it’s not vindication, Ream was robbed. Sad. He was a humble professional both handling the play like a guy with five years more experience as well as a person incredibly grateful that he could get the chance his hard work gave him. Great guy, IMHO.

    Having said that, let’s get Najar in a US jersey.

  243. JCC says:

    How is it vindication? Najar isn’t an American citizen.

  244. Joamiq says:

    This team as a whole is going to STRUGGLE. The midfield in particular is going to get run straight through; the vets on the backline are going to have to stay strong and do their best to integrate whatever newbie(s) play(s) alongside them. But I’m curious to see who steps up and takes to the international game without a fuss. We saw Lichaj do it last time. Who’s next?

  245. freddo says:

    Good enough roster to test out some young legs.

  246. MicahK says:

    Are you drunk ????????

  247. MicahK says:

    Edgar Castillo plays for his on loan team San Luis and is on loan from America.

  248. Judging Amy says:

    A sane mentality that both realizes the purpose of this game and acknowledges that it is probably going to be a tough game for these newbies. Props.

  249. Was hoping for Beckerman.
    Thank goodness there is no F. Adu on this squad.

  250. EAscott says:

    I accept

  251. JJ says:

    Eddie Gaven’s a bum. He’s too slow to be that young.

  252. senevada says:

    did you see the SA lineup? If anything this could be a sloppy ugly 0-0 or 1-1.

  253. EAscott says:

    I like Braun, hope he gets called up in January, but I’m not sure he’s better than Findley, not yet anyway. Findley certainly has more pace than Braun, and I think a bit better at holding the ball. We have to ask, would Braun be a regular starter on RSL? I’m not so sure…

    Bob saw Braun in the last camp, and has seen Findley plenty… I got to believe he knows what he is doing.

    But Braun is still developing… and I’m sure we’ll see him in January…

  254. ricky9 says:

    this is good, we need new blood(i dont know what the f with findley though)if we can pick 1-3 players from this squad for the world cup next year this friendly would have done it job to give some early experience.

  255. ricky9 says:

    err…sorry meant to say next world cup year lol

  256. Goalscorer24 says:

    Good for Bradley bringing in some young players. Why not?!

  257. DC Josh says:

    I’m speechless. It will be very interesting to see what starting lineup we will see Wednesday. I can’t wait to see Bunbury, Agudelo, Ream, and Agbossoumonde against international talent.

  258. Brock says:

    err… actually Bornstein had the clutch goal to qualify Honduras, and then he had a decent World Cup

  259. Judging Amy says:

    “I can’t wait to see Bunbury, Agudelo, Ream, and Agbossoumonde against international talent.”

    Truth. Those not excited about this game aren’t true fans.