Bradley set to turn to youth for next USMNT roster

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With the travel to South Africa making a trip there a burden for overloaded starters, and with several key MLS-based players still taking part in the MLS playoffs, Bob Bradley has a limited number of options for selecting his roster for the U.S. team's upcoming friendly with South Africa. It's a situation that is looking more and more like it will lead to a look at some very young options.

Sources have told SBI that New York Red Bulls striker Juan Agudelo has been selected for the U.S. roster that will face South Africa on Nov. 17th, and now Norwegian media are reporting that midfielder Mikkel Diskerud (pictured) is also being called in for the match.

Agudelo is currently a member of the U.S. Under-20 national team and only recently made his professional debut with the Red Bulls. Neither he or Diskerud has made a U.S. senior national team appearance.

Sources have also told SBI that highly-regarded U.S. Under-20 national team defender Gale Agbossoumonde is also in the mix for a call-up for next week's match in Cape Town.

While the call-up of young players may come as a surprise to some, it wouldn't be the first time Bob Bradley has called in new faces to play South Africa. In the 2007 Nelson Mandela Challenge Cup, Bradley gave Jozy Altidore his first cap and Freddy Adu his first start.

Agudelo is coming off a very impressive showing in the MLS Playoffs, where his first two professional starts came in strong showings against the San Jose Earthquakes. Despite being just 17 (he turns 18 later this month), Agudelo showed no fear and impressive speed and technical ability. 

While Diskerud's name may seem unfamiliar to those who don't follow the U.S. national team closely, he has long been regarded as a long-term prospect. Diskerud last wore a USA uniform at the 2009 Under-20 World Cup, where he saw some playing time but failed to impressive as expected. In the time since that tournament, Diskerud has enjoyed a strong career for Norwegian club Staebak and his status as a dual-eligible international player (he can also play for Norway) is likely to have played some role in having him come into U.S. camp now after the end of the Norwegian club season.

What do you think of these developments? Excited to see some new faces? Looking forward to a potential Altidore-Agudelo forward tandem?

Share your thoughts below.

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159 Responses to Bradley set to turn to youth for next USMNT roster

  1. Hokie_Futbol says:

    Boom there goes the dynamite

  2. EA says:

    I WOULD like to see some of these guys mixed in with “starters” who aren’t getting regular club minutes (Altidore types) and “fringe veterans” (Eddie Johnson/Beasley/Kljestan types.)

    I WOULD NOT like to watch a bunch of U-20s get rolled by South Africa in a full (well… sort of) international.

  3. kc fan for life says:


  4. Go Tribe says:

    New faces, promising prospects will bring a few eyeballs to the TV for this one. The B team of MLSers who do not have long term futures with the Nats was going to make it tough to watch.

  5. NEPA says:

    Great idea. No reason not to look at some younger players, especially a striker or two who might help down the road….

  6. crifosaur says:

    Exactly what there friendlies should be used for. very happy Bradley decided to go this route.

  7. SdbransonUSA says:

    Hopefully this will appease some of the many BB-haters that troll this site. I won’t be surprised if Agudelo doesn’t start, but I’m excited to see what he can do.

  8. Hokie_Futbol says:

    All of this is building up to the Gold Cup and hopefully we have scorers by then. The more people in the pool the merrier.

  9. tsingletonvt says:

    If this game is really about the USSF getting some votes when it comes to choosing the 2022 World Cup host country do you think the US will rub any voters the wrong way by sending a very youthful team? Will this team even be a C team? Could that be seen as insulting?

    This feels like the Copa America a few years ago. The US committed to playing even though they knew it would create roster issues since it followed the Gold Cup. The result was that the US b/c team lost and the USSF offended the South American federation which has led to the US not being invited back for this cycle.

    Regarding Agudelo and Diskerud, congratulations to them and I hope they do well. Agudelo looks like the real thing, but I do not see what will differentiate Diskerud from many in the pool.

    (SBI-They’re not bringing a whole youth team, just sounds like a handful of promising prospects will be thrown in with some veterans. I’m sure at least one or two big names will get the call.)

  10. Chris says:

    I think this is great news! and I hope they do bring Gale in as well.

  11. J says:

    Why? Why would it matter if a bunch of U20s or there abouts got beat by South Africa in a friendly? Doesn’t hurt the program in WCQ or seeding, the only thing is you get an early look at some prospects and see how they react to a new environment. It’s not like one game ruins these guys forever, but it could give one or two the extra bit of confidence that they can play at that level to have a break out year. I don’t see why anyone would be against blooding players early, if the appear to have a future.

  12. Mitchell says:

    I like Bradley’s thought process for this. With the World Cup 4 years away, giving these young guys some caps is a smart move. It begins to mentally and physically prepare them to play at high levels for the National Team. If they show signs of promise, he can begin to focus on developing them and preparing them to play in the World Cup.

    Not to mention, the USA is hitting a golden generation of soccer players. Hopefully, these young players will provide Bradley with the type of options he hasn’t had before in fast, young, skilled kids, ready to take on Europe and South America’s best teams.

  13. will m. says:

    this is just for one game and ives only mentioned 3 youngins so the roster will still be mostly veterans i’d assume

  14. Chicago - Scott says:

    Take Freddy Adu to South Africa!

  15. j says:






    GK: S. Johnson

    DF: Agobssoumonde

    DF: Parkhurst

    MF: Jeffrey

    MF: Beckerman

    ST: Bunbury

    ST: Adu(whythe hell not)

  16. Vik says:

    When bringing in really young guys like this, it will be interesting to see which veterans are taken to balance things out.

    Still, very excited. I think due to his “interim” status, it seemed to take Bradley extended periods of time to put really young players on the field last time ’round. Jozy almost started a whole season before he was brought in, for example.

  17. Rory says:

    Let’s see the newbies in a situation with some key vets around them, that’s the situation where they’d be most likely to be used in the future (one or two new guys break through at a time, not a whole new lineup).

    Excited as hell that Mixie is going to come that much closer to being ours forever (I know this doesn’t make it official, but it’s a nice step towards that). He’s one of Stabaek fans’ favorites.

  18. maka says:

    skip ream go straight to boss… interesting choice

    (SBI-Not necessarily an either or thing. For all we know both are going, but there’s also something to be said for the fact Tim Ream just played a 32-game season, every minute, in his rookie season. Kid could use a rest. He’ll definitely be a January camp call-up.)

  19. montana matt says:

    I’m glad that we might use this opportunity to try out some new faces, but it would certainly seem strange to call up Agbossoumonde before we call up Tim Ream. But who knows, maybe they’ll both be called in. I also really hope the rumored Juan Agudelo call up materializes. Kid has tons of potential, and we’re not exactly well stocked at Striker.

  20. maka says:

    agudelo up top…

  21. Alex says:

    I think Diskerud has a lot to offer. He’s an attacking-type flanking midfielder with very good pace and good technical ability. Moreover, he is only 20 years of age and by the time the next World Cup comes around, could be a fantastic player. Also keep in mind he’s been a regular starter for his team and is already establishing himself as one of the better players in the Norwegian league.

    Lets face it, besides Landon Donovan and perhaps Bedoya, the USMNT doesn’t have many quality attacking wing players. I’m not convinced Brek Shea is the answer after he couldn’t even manage to start for his MLS team the whole season. Dempsey is better as a forward. This will be a great opportunity for Diskerud, and will only help him develop.

  22. jig says:

    Yeah, terrible idea to give first caps to Gomez and Davies and Kljestan and Guzan in that tournament.

  23. BSU SC says:

    I hope to see Ryan Miller get a call up. He has been playing regularly for his team in Sweden and I would like to see if he has international quality.

  24. Aquaman says:

    Though I know it was a bunch of other U-20 players, Boss was a human wall in the Milk Cup.

  25. emmanuel says:

    Very happy. Diskerud and Agudelo have been on my mind for a call-up!

  26. montana matt says:

    I’d much rather have the U-20’s “get rolled by South Africa” than watch the same old fringe players who we know can’t hack it (EJ/Kljestan) get rolled just as badly. At least by going with youth we get to evaluate some prospects who will benefit from the experience.

  27. Rory says:

    Yeah, we should have totally sent our regular crew, who cares if they were tired from Gold Cup, who cares if MLS was going to get pissed off or if Dempsey and the like really needed that time with their Euro clubs.

    We should totally never given Guzan and Davies their first shot at the big boys table.

    Damn, sarcasm is fun.

    Anyway, remember how well those youngsters did against Argentina in the first half of that one Copa America game? Remember how their mistakes cost them deeply in the second half? No? Well I’m sure those guys remember it. It was a lesson they won’t ever forget and a damn fine lesson to learn at that age.

  28. john.q says:

    definately excited to potentially see a altidore-agudelo combo at forward. could that be our forward tandem come 2014? maybe if agudelo keeps growing and 3.5 years is a long time.

  29. otergod says:

    kind of funny if you go back to that Copa roster i believe something like 11-13 became consistent starters or backups to starters throughout the cycle.

    People are so quick to point out the negative of sending a youth team to copa, but it did wonders IMO.

  30. Rory says:

    As long as you leave him there with some second division South African club that is willing to play him, then I’m with you!

  31. Alex G says:

    Wow!!, Im starting to like BB!!!, great story, I can´t wait to see Mix and Agudelo tear some South African asses =)

  32. jig says:

    +1 on everything

  33. jts says:

    Adu time: 14 minutes

  34. montana matt says:

    I’m pretty critical of BB, but I certainly respect his willingness to evaluate younger players and expand the player pool. He certainly deserves credit in that area.

  35. otergod says:

    agudelo over braun no doubt…

  36. Second City says:

    First P Diddy, then Jessica Simpson and now Bob Bradley…

    All three are apparent spokespersons for ProActive according to these call ups. Yeesh.

    Is Agudelo our next Charlie Davies-like rising star? I doubt it but excited to see new young dogs thrown a bone.

  37. Illmatic74 says:

    Altidore – Braun

    Bedoya – Diskerud- Sacha- Feilhaber

    Bornstein – Onyewu – Ream – Lichaj


  38. Jeremy says:

    In my opinion, the biggest need the ’06 and ’10 teams lacked was a youthful swagger that CMB and LD brought in ’02. You just can’t live without a small dose of youthful exuberance and excitement. It keeps everyone working hard and appreciating the opportunity to represent the USA.

  39. b-hags says:

    proud day to be a member of Sons of Norway!!!

  40. adam s says:

    So jac Mcinerney has scored goals in mls and good friendlies, played in first team games, has a knack to get into good positions and is a decent finsher is going to get snubbed from both the u 20’s and this game. Agudelo deserves it off of 5 or so performances and 1 assist, but what about this kid.

    (SBI-We don’t know the roster so why assume he’s not going. There’s also the possibility he is injured, which might explain not being called into the U-20 camp. Either way, for my money Agudelo looks like a more exciting prospect.)

  41. Illmatic74 says:

    The 2010 team had 8 guys under 25 the 02 team had only 4.

  42. Second City says:

    I remember when that used to be funny.

  43. MensreaJim says:

    I believe someone in yesterday’s post said they would give up their first born if “Robobob” called in Aguedelo. I am pretty sure that person has never procreated, so everyone’s safe.

  44. Zach S. says:

    Yeah, Agudelo looks great but RBNY has a rookie that might help the Nats even more in Ream.

  45. RBNYsection101 says:

    Ream and Agudelo FTW!!!!!

  46. Second City says:

    Braun is garbage. He’s an average, at best, forward in our league.

  47. JohnC says:

    I don’t think jac macs play deserves a look in this game, but we need some info on the U20 snub, I have yet to find one source reporting an injury. The kid had 3 goals in 300 minutes in mls for a team that scores less than 40 goals and had 2 goals in friendliest, not to mention most prolific scorer for u17s since Donovan (donovans U17 stats are nutty btw).

    JacMac is a pure finisher, something you can’t teach.

  48. Chicago - Scott says:

    Sean Johnson! hell yeah!

  49. Chicago - Scott says:

    give him some exposure with the National Team and then maybe some other clubs will take him more seriously

  50. GSScasual says:

    you only doubt it cuz he is on RedBull. lets be honest here. Watch his assist against san jose. thats after 2 games. Imagine he played all season

  51. Aguinaga says:

    Love that we’ve got one Colombian Juan to help fill the void of the original Colombian Juan at RBNY. Now we need him to do just well enough to impress Bob, but not so sick nice that we lose him this winter based off of 2 playoff games and one night of Nats higher res visibility. Kid’s got skills, hope he follows thru on ’em, still so young. Even more so, hope we (US fans, coaches, players, journos) allow him to.

  52. maka says:

    No homerism (well, maybe a little), but I just thought Ream would be called in after the phenomenal game he had in front of Bob.

  53. RK says:

    Don’t worry, when those players look terrible on the pitch, they’ll blame BB.

  54. go usa says:

    No way is Braun garbage. He is fast and works like heck for 90 minutes. He has a good touch, good vision, and plays tenacious defense. I agree that he may not be a top forward threat, but there is promise converting him to a back, a la Chris Albright.

  55. RK says:

    This isn’t like England going to T&T to pay off Jack Warner…

  56. RK says:

    I hope you aren’t part of Second City, because your material needs work…

  57. knolljus says:

    you mean the reason that they didn’t advance, nice defending there Ream.

  58. knolljus says:

    Trying to lock Agudelo in with the USMNT, very transparent but smart move.

  59. dena says:

    I like it, mix the youth with a B level US team and see what happens.

  60. Lorenzo says:

    I say bring in Eddie Gaven. He actually looked decent the last USMNT game he played in

  61. bla bla says:

    i don`t understand

    Mikkel Diskerud had played for Norwegian U-20 before

  62. baquito alyeska says:

    +1. I have high hopes for Gale “Springsteen” Agbossoumonde.

    Gale “E Street” Agbossoumonde?
    Gale “Thunder Road” Agbossoumonde?

    This isn’t going to catch on, is it?

  63. jake says:

    I wouldn’t even be surprised if Agudelo doesn’t play.

  64. RLW2020 says:

    we all know Bob is a E Street Boss fan .. should go well

  65. Chicago - Scott says:

    good one

  66. Paul C says:

    I step forward as that someone, and thankfully for my new wife, my first born is yet to see existance… hopefully my first unborn child will forgive me in the future for offering them up.

    Kudos to BB… but I’m still a hater.

  67. RLW2020 says:

    +1 agreed.. a lot of youth along side steady vets like Gaven would be great.

  68. foooooo says:

    an entire lineup of youths getting rolled by SA won’t tell you all that much.
    you need to blood players in a realistic setting, which means having more experienced players around them, pushing them, directing them on the field.

  69. Paul C says:

    Juniors are allowed to switch affiliations once with no questions asked…to the best of my knowledge.

  70. abc says:

    If only the 2010 team had young guys like Altidore, Bradley, Holden, Edu, Torres……

  71. Colin says:

    At least you’ll have the pleasure of knowing that your first born will be starting every USMNT game under “New Daddy Bob.”

  72. Colin says:

    I think he’s too busy playing goalie for the Buffalo Sabres…

  73. Dainja says:

    Well, i was at the Red Bulls game in NY and to be honest, Agudelo drove me crazy with a lot of poor decisions. Sure, he has tons of talent and NO FEAR (love it), but everyone slowwww your roll on this whole “Altidore Agudelo now” pairing idea. he needs a lot of work! that being said, props to BB for picking him at the very least to lock him in so he can’t choose Columbia and also going with some other younger guys. I agree…why waste our time with hacks like EJ and Klestjan? Just don’t be mad when we get beaten by South Africa 2-0 and we all start calling for BB’s head again. The World Cup cycle is a marathon, not a sprint folks. You gotta take some L’s in the current to have it pay off in the end.

  74. ... says:

    Youth national teams don’t lock a player to that country as long as they had dual eligibility at the time they played. But if they only had one option at the time they played they’re locked even if they get dual eligibility later. At least that’s how I understand it.

  75. Matt B. says:


    I don’t understand how Rogers continually gets called in over Gaven when Gaven plays better for club and country

  76. Brian says:

    With this recent news this is my best guess:

    GK: Guzan, Rimando
    DF: Onyewu, Bornstein, Parkhurst, Goodson, Lichaj, Spector, Agbossoumonde
    MF: Feilhaber, Mix, Bedoya, Clark, Cameron, Beckerman
    FW: Altidore, Agudelo, EJ

    Other possibilities: Kljestan, Braun, Ream, Alston, Freeman, Marshall, Rogers

    And Torres, Gomez, Vidal if they end up losing their game and their season ends early

  77. Rory says:

    Oh it’s not being done in humor, it’s a part of a sociological study we’re conducting on irrational tendencies of fans.

    Remember Goodwin’s Law: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”?

    Let’s replace “Adu Time” with “Adu’s Law: As a discussion about the US national team grows longer, the probability of Adu being mention approaches 1.”

    Lately it seems 14 minutes has been the over/under.

  78. Rory says:

    Proud day to be one of the first American fans of Stabaek (my former foriegn exchange student player is from the area and has always been a Stabaek fan).

  79. scott simon says:

    Whatever happened to Preston Zimmerman? He’s playing in Germany right now. I always liked that way that kid played.

  80. DC Josh says:

    Wow. What a development. I didn’t see this coming, but it makes sense. Look at the experience the youngsters learned at Copa America. This would be no different, playing in front of 50,000+ for the national team in a foreign environment. The proper mixture of veterans and youngsters would do well. I’d love to see Agudelo on the big stage, and finally get a peak at “Mix”. Bradley has to take Tim Ream. I don’t see how Ream doesn’t get a call. Agbossoumonde would be fantastic as well.

  81. Rory says:

    You’re missing the point. Discussion of the US National team callups is now officially following the rules of indie rock. In Indie Rock you lose if anyone else has ever heard of the new band you’re into. Ergo, in order to win and proclaim your victory in abbreviated form you must name an obscure player nobody on this board has ever heard of.

    I submit: Steven Beattie, Division II men’s soccer Great Lakes Valley Conference Offensive Player of the Year. We should cap him now before some other country he may or may not have ties to decides to beat us to him.

  82. Brian says:

    Check out The Shin Guardian they had like a 3 part interview with Preston

  83. DC Josh says:

    I’ve never been a fan of him on the international stage. He is crap, bluntly said. He is a good MLS player, but not good enough for the international stage, just like Kyle Beckerman.

  84. Rory says:

    Yes, but it has to be an official FIFA tournament, like a Concacaf World Cup qualifier.

  85. abc says:

    Whatever happened to Ike Opara?

  86. Alex G says:

    Yes he played for Norway U-20s before, but he played in a friendly game, he even played against the US in a friendly, nonetheless he can still play for the US and he’s committed to uur program

  87. lost in space says:

    If both of these players are in fact called in I’ll be very happy. Mix has been very versitile and effective for his club team…playing Left Back, Left Mid, and Central Attacking Mid. He’s reported as being very technically proficient and speedy. Would be great to have him understudy Donovan.

    While Agudelo only had limited exposure with the NYRB he did show well in the games against San Jose in the playoffs. Showed energy, composure, and skill. Again the fact that he’s been training with Henry and JPA for roughly a year learning what it is to be a professional….hopefully will help him with this type of transition to the USMNT.

    As for Boss….while he did extreamly well in the Milk Cup and a couple other matches I cought on the net….not sure if blooding a 18 yr old center back so soon is such a great idea. Having him in camp…sure, but putting him on the field during a match IMO will likely be too much for him so soon. Would prefer he be added to the U-23 Olympic squad as a way to bring him along at a more realistic pace.

    Anyway looking forward to seeing who actually is/isn’t called into camp for this match. What Regulars/roll players will be used to round out the team.

    Hopefully We’ll see:

    Jozy, Holden, Edu, Feilhhaber, Bedoya, Guzan, Lichaj, Gooch, & Goodson get decent minutes. Then fill out the roster with players like Kljestien, Parkhurst, Spector, Cammeron, Ream, and maybe Beasley & Rimando.

    IMO the team should be made up of players with 30 or less Caps with 1 or 2 Veterans to help shepard the youth.

  88. BSU SC says:

    I’m talking about the one who plays for Halmstads BK, a team that actually has a chance of winning something this century.

  89. Sgc says:

    I’d much rather have the U-20’s “get rolled by South Africa” than watch the same old fringe players who we know can’t hack it (EJ/Kljestan) get rolled just as badly.

    Yeah I often hear that until it actually happens. Vets are better at limiting the damage, and anyway fielding all youths that hardly know each others’ names is just as much a wasted exercise.

  90. abc says:

    LOL, amazing comment Rory.

  91. al says:

    He needs to add Lichaj and Omar Gonzalez to this mix.

  92. Colin says:

    Same dude.

  93. Mingjai says:

    She’s a little short, but I guess height isn’t always important in soccer. She could swing from the bar or something.

  94. Richard says:

    Good to know you saw, by far, his worst mistake ALL season as he played EVERY minute of EVERY game…
    Besides that mistake he was STILL our best defender that night.
    Great input though!

  95. Josh D says:

    Has to be a mix of vets/fringe and youth. It’s one thing to give them a chance, it’s another to toss them in the lion’s pit. While SA didn’t get out of their group, they showed a lot of heart and won’t take this lightly as can be seen with their roster.

    For me you have a core group of experience (Guzan, Gooch, Clark, Jozy, Feilhaber and the like) with youth.

    Their first experience should be about them learning not us assessing what they’re capable of.

  96. Jones Junior says:

    This is a very good development if it happens. Agudelo, Diskerud, and Gale could all benefit from the early experience. I also agree about Gaven. I’ve always liked him and he works extremely hard; he’s on level terms with Sacha in my opinion. I really don’t think Braun is what we need. Lichaj needs to keep getting minutes continuously. I’m not sure Onyewu should continue getting called up. He really needs to beg for a loan move.

  97. Josh D says:

    We ended up losing the plot when Olsen was subbed out that game!

  98. Thorpinski says:

    Omar is still in the play offs and Lichaj is too valuable to AV to go.

    Bill Hamid anyone?

  99. Nick says:

    Comparing CD to Agudelo is not fair to either player. Agudelo is only 17 and doesn’t need all the pressure of being the next “Charlie Davies-like rising star.” Let him develop before we start putting our 2014 hopes on him. As for Davies, comparing him to a 17 year old, in my opinion, takes away from the hard work he put in over several years to sharpen what he does best

  100. jig says:

    Yup. That squad had Feilhaber, Sacha, Davies, Guzan, Bornstein, Gomez, Demerit, Clark and Pearce on it.

  101. tsingletonvt says:

    Thanks Ives, I am sure that will be the case.

    My issue was with international perception, the USSF’s history of scheduling games that do not make sense (non FIFA dates), and historical mismanagement of the roster in seemingly unimportant games.

    In this case I am excited to see young players and vets who have earned a look. I think this is the right time for that. I believe this roster will be well handled. I think they will get spanked.

    The concern with perception is that we are playing the game to get votes. Is merely going to SA enough to get votes or should the squad be competitive? Are we as likely to get votes with a top notch squad as we are with a squad of lesser known players? If the quality of the squad undeermines the ability to get votes, why make the trip? I do not know that it will, but it is a question on my mind.

    Regarding scheduling of games that do not make sense, you have the Brazil game after the WC and this game already this year. A Wednesday game in the middle of soccer nowhere during MLS playoffs is a bad idea. I hope that this game does not become like the 2006 US v. Germany game in Germany on a non FIFA date. A nice mix of vets and fringe players came in second.

    Regarding the Copa, here is the Ives link on that roster:

    link to

    That team did not have much of a defense and had no midfield. The chance of learning anything about the forwards was very slim. Davies played only 26 minutes total (in the last game). Gomez played 66 minutes combined in games 1 and 3. More was learned about Gaven, Nguyen, and Clark

  102. I agree with you Matt. That Fooo down below is really a closet John Harkes fan; he hates taking risks that might actually make American soccer reputable in the long run. 😉

  103. jig says:

    This is a funny comment. Lichaj too valuable to Villa? Yes, I can see that value has manifested itself into a grand total of….

    …wait for it…

    0 minutes in the league this year.

    Hmmm…I think there’s a shot he gets called in. Although maybe thats an indictment of the player pool at this stage. We’re desperate for young defenders and the best we got is a reserve player from a bottom half side.

  104. KP says:

    It is safe to assume Convey will get a national team call up sometime soon? Obviously not this time since San Jose is still playing

  105. EA says:

    This is what I was getting at. There is a group of players that are skilled, veteran, and still factor in to “the big picture.” (The players I chose are part of that group, but admittedly, the weakest examples. Josh’s list is probably more solid.)

    I wouldn’t mind seeing 6-7 experienced field players and 3-4 “youth” out there in either half, with all six subs being used.

    I believe Guzan, Gooch, Spector, Clark, Beasley and Jozy could hold a game together (for the most part) while the others get acclimated to the speed of the game.

    Could you imagine having 11 guys running around looking like Brek Shea did in the Colombia friendly? (No offense to Brek…)


  106. Hood Rich says:

    Wasn’t this guy cut by DCU? I remember him going to Europe and coming back for a trail and DCU didn’t sign him.

  107. EA says:

    We could cap Matthew Good, if he wasn’t Canadian.

    I have no idea of his nationality.

    Or his soccer ability.

  108. Modibo says:

    So Adu is the new O’Brien?

    I like it. He really is stepping into big shoes at a ripe young age!

  109. Aaron in StL says:

    Will be interesting to see. I doubt Bradley tries a shotgun approach, but new faces are always good in a setting like this

  110. Ken says:

    Steve Zakuani had something on Twitter about how he just “received some good news for his career.” Might that be a USMNT call-up?

  111. rory says:

    He’s an Arsenal fan and used to use their badge as a band symbol of sorts… so he’s probably a great passer but gets knocked off the ball easy!

    But seriously, his music was great back in the day.

  112. Chuck says:

    ya I don’t see anywhere yet where it says Bradley will field a full team of newbies and kids. Looking much more forward to this game now.

    The wasted friendlies earlier this fall truly did zip for the program and can be forgotten, but now it’s time to really start the WC 2014 process.

  113. rory says:

    Or England has expressed interest. Or he’s getting sold. Or maybe Sounders have decided to go with a normal color jersey next year? Any of these would help his career.

  114. Aaron says:

    Please, no Ricardo Clark. Anyone but Clark.

  115. The Dude says:

    I find it hard to take the Nats seriously when players like Bornstein and Findley are called to the World Cup. It’s constant heartache and agony being a US fan.

  116. Pat says:

    Damn, I really want to see Agudelo play. Now I have the dilemma, go to class and talk to cute girl, or go to Mulligans and watch the friendly. Decisions, decisions.

  117. Newcomer says:

    What kind of nat. team has a manger named BOB BRADLEY? They must surely be a clown team.

  118. Fifawitz1313 says:

    There are a million fish in the sea but only 1 USMNT! The choice is obvious.

  119. abc says:

    Yeah finishing second in the Confederations Cup and then advancing out of the group ahead of England in the World Cup was a real heartbreaker…

  120. SdbransonUSA says:

    Ha, I have no doubt!

  121. MicahK says:

    I am still confused on why Bryan Arguez was cut from Miami. He was signed to Hertha Berlin and got loaned to a div 2 Portuguese team and did not even play a first team match then went to Miami in the Div 2 league and got cut. His career went from being good to okay to horrible. He would have been a good choice, if he wa still at Hertha Berlin. I wanna see Adu also and Sasha.

  122. Brian says:

    Injured. Just just started walking again about a month ago

  123. Colin says:

    Gale “Born to Run” Agbossoumonde.

  124. Peter says:

    Is Braun getting a cap v. South Africa?

  125. Dakota says:

    90 minutes this year. Thank you very much.

  126. fischy says:

    Actually. it’s not a one free pass rule. Depends on whether you have other national options at the time. If you do, then you don’t lose your eligibility for the senior team by playing for the other youth teams. If you don’t have other options, you are committed when you pull on the shirt. To me, it’s arse-backwards, but that’s the rule.

  127. Dakota says:

    Step 1 Go to class………………………..
    Step 2 Invite girl to watch game……………
    Step 3 Profit

  128. Jake F. says:

    Please don’t put together Indie Rock with hipster culture, they are totally separate. Otherwise, funny comment.

  129. Paul C says:

    Get over it, we could’ve done better. We should have done better. It’s about time we start holding our team to a higher standard.

    If you want to be average at everything in life go to Canada. If you want to be great come to America.

  130. Isaac says:

    I’m sorry, but why is mixing in inexperienced players with experienced players so bad again? It’s not a novel concept and it’s most definitely not one without success, particularly for this team. Bringing in veterans to smooth over the transition into the national team? Sounds great to me. It’s hurting the USA to bring in just young players and just throw them out there because it’s wasting chances to see how they would function alongside the current batch of starters and wastes chances to see different formations/tactics with the starters in them.

  131. Isaac says:

    Actually, Kljestan got his first cap against China and kicked it off quite well by assisting Benny Feilhaber’s first goal.

  132. Illmatic74 says:

    It shows that going to play in Europe at a young age is nopt always the right choice. I have a feeling his career would have went better if he just signed with DC United.

  133. Nobody said anything about “only” going with youth. Obviously Bob Bradley is: A. The last coach in the world who would do that, (and)
    B. Smart enough to find a balance.

    This is all in response to Ive’s article that a few new faces, such as Mickey and Agoudela, will make the flight. And I, for one, would much rather see those two men flying up and down the field than say a Rogers and a Beasley. If I really wanted just youth, I’d ask Bradley to take the U-20 team on the plane to South Africa. But, unfortunately, they aren’t all that great either.

  134. Gacm32 says:

    +1 haha

  135. RLW2020 says:

    Hey whats happen to Dilly Duka the number 10 star of the u20 national team, i know it wasn’t any of these players, now it really looks like they are covering up Duka in the crew and for the national level, hes an American born talent and not giving a shot

  136. Connor Walsh says:

    This is a poor idea. Call em in for the full month of January. 3 days isn’t gonna tell anyone much of anything.

  137. GW says:

    It’s also worth noting that this is an attempt to win some World Cup votes and to honor, in some fashion, Nelson Mandela.

    Losing would not be a problem but sending a bunch of Under 20’s ( like Agbossoumonde who hasn’t played a competitive game in quite some time) to be “rolled over” might be interpreted as being disrespectful. And as other’s have pointed out it’s very hard to evaluate new guys playing with other new guys while they are getting pasted.

  138. GW says:

    That doesn’t matter.

    What matters especially for such a young guy, is getting into the mix, seeing what a long trip like that with the USMNT is like, doing the practices. I’m sure ,if he gets called up, he’ll learn a lot even if he doesn’t get a minute.

  139. GW says:

    What you didn’t mention was that BB felt he had to load his best players onto the Gold Cup team that year and , I guess, it was felt that the clubs wouldn’t let him take his best guys to both tournaments. Given our performance at the Confederations Cup, which was the reward for winning the Gold Cup, you’d have to say BB made the right choice.

    The US has often turned down invites to Copa America due to the MLS calendar and if they had been invited this year they would have faced the exact same dilemma as in 2007, the need to win the Gold Cup.

  140. RSLin208 says:

    Eddie Gaven is the man! He’s quite underrated.

    I love the direction Bob is going, post WC. This is the ideal time to dish out first caps.

  141. beachbum says:

    exactly. Agudelo/Altidore…would like to see it, hope we do

  142. Goalscorer24 says:

    I say great. Why the hell not! More experience for these young players, and the coach gets to see them in action.

  143. RSLin208 says:

    Doubt it. He’ll play for Congo, most likely.

  144. GW says:

    Bradley tried that during the 2009 Confederations Cup. But then a funny thing happened, the US almost won the tournament and Bradley never found the time for a rusty, out of shape Adu.

  145. beachbum says:

    this is your comment on this thread? wow

  146. MicahK says:

    Yeah, I agree also.

  147. tsingletonvt says:

    Very true. Again, my issue is with the USSF taking games that out player pool, for one reason or another, cannot support. My issue in this game and the Copa ’07 was not with Bradley, but the USSF.

  148. Nick C. says:

    hahaha baaazzinnng…that was pretty good

  149. Second City says:

    You did a great job on that response, Rory.

    Keep up the good work.

  150. Second City says:

    So your response / argument to my saying Braun is a garbage pick at forward is: He’d be great (potentially) at another position entirely?

    Lol. Thanks for solidifying my point, friend.

  151. Second City says:

    In fact I’m an unemployed comedian and I can’t figure out why.

  152. Second City says:

    Keyword, Charlie Davies “Like” in relation to his meteoric rise via the NT platform.

    Trust me, I’m not comparing ability.

  153. Retro says:

    Hopefully, Bradley introduces the Olympic team; It would be a smart move.

  154. Pat says:

    Like….if this was facebook

  155. timothy says:

    Actually, that comparison isn’t bad. Bradley likes a fast striker. So going down the line of fast strikers lately:
    Charlie Davies – car crash
    Robbie Findley – kinda just sucks
    Juan Agudelo – possibly the next guy to groom into the position?

  156. jig says:

    I remember, I was there. Regardless, everyone was really new to the team.

  157. Ski Fast! says:

    I like the touch and skill on the ball Agudelo displays. I must say I was impressed just watching him in one game. It’s crazy to see in this country, but he looks like a striker who is actually very confident with the ball at his feet and can actually maintain possession in tight spaces! Plus he seems to have good vision as well. I just hope he doesn’t fall into the same trap of being deemed “the next so-and-so” with unfair high expectations which results in a sense of entitlement for the kid. I hope he remains in a good environment to really hunger for development.