UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary


The Special One's return to Italy is the marquee matchup of Wednesday's UEFA Champions League group stage action.

Milan welcomes back Jose Mourinho to the San Siro, though he'll lead Real Madrid against AC Milan. Arsenal and Chelsea will also look to seal passage through to the knockout stages as well.

Here is today's schedule:

3:45pm– Fox Soccer Channel- AC Milan vs. Real Madrid

3:45pm– Fox Soccer Plus/FoxSoccer.tv- Chelsea vs. Spartak Moscow

3:45pm– DirecTV/FoxSoccer.tv- Zilina vs. Marseille

3:45pm– DirecTV/FoxSoccer.tv- Basel vs. AS Roma

3:45pm– DirecTV/FoxSoccer.tv- CFR Cluj vs. Bayern Munich

3:45pm– DirecTV/FoxSoccer.tv- Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Arsenal

3:45pm– DirecTV/FoxSoccer.tv- Partizan vs. Sporting Braga

3:45pm– DirecTV/FoxSoccer.tv- Auxerre vs. Ajax


If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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13 Responses to UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary

  1. kevin says:

    O/T but Goodson just signed with a top Danish club.

    I had the link on Bigsoccer but lost it

  2. kevin says:

    O/T again but do you guys think the likes of Bocanegra and Cherundolo should retire from the NT after the Gold Cup? We have lots of younger guys ie Lichaj, Spector and more who are ready to take over.

  3. SdbransonUSA says:

    You mean the Spector that hasn’t even dressed for West Ham game since August, and Lichaj, who has never actually played in a Premier League game? Get a grip man, until Boca and Cherundolo aren’t the best at their positions they need to keep starting.

  4. golfstrom says:

    PROTIP: stop reading bigsoccer

  5. hercules3076 says:

    Here is a link in Danish, link to ekstrabladet.dk

    Who knows at this point. Looks like a decent move up for him.

  6. RK says:

    Got to wonder how this small-town Slovakian team got this far…

  7. St. Addi says:

    For someone who many consider the best goal keeper in the world, Casillas sure makes some silly mistakes. Shades of Jozy’s goal from the confed cup, as Casillas tries to predict where the ball is going and completely blows it. Had he held his ground it would have been an easy save. I suppose you can give Ibra some credit for the no look shot, but again many say Casillas is the best.

  8. wally says:

    I’m in the Cappello school of play your best and on form guys. period. if someone takes boca or dolo’s spots, let be because they’ve earned it, and are playing better, not just to go younger. and i don’t think spector will fall into that category.

  9. Edwin in LA says:

    PIPO PIPO PIPO!!!!!!!!!

  10. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Gomez with hat trick and Meuller seals Bayern’s crushing defeat of CFR Clug. Auf gehts Bayern!!!

  11. St. Addi says:

    Uh, he did it again. Sure he was offside, but what was Casillas jumping for?

  12. bryan says:

    well done madrid. still cant believe there was another decisive offside goal allowed.

  13. chaco says:

    Is not that hard to believe. It happens all over the world all the time. it always has and it always will.