Is new look for KC a good change?


The Kansas City Wizards, at least the team formerly known as the Kansas City Wizards, are set to make a major announcement on Wednesday and it appears the news will be a name and brand change.

Kansas City will now be called Sporting KC, with the above logo making the rounds as the new look (though the logo has yet to be officially revealed). The real question is whether the change in team name needed to be made. Switching to the European-influenced name sure does seem like change for change's sake.

What do you think? Do you like the new name, or do you think Kansas City is making a mistake?

Cast your vote here:


How did you vote? What do you think of the new name and logo?

Share your thoughts below.

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280 Responses to Is new look for KC a good change?

  1. Troy says:

    You can’t get much more amateurish than “Wizards” as your team name.

    Say what you want about copying Euro team names but Sporting KC has 1000% more class than fricken Wizards. That name belongs at Disneyland, not on a soccer field.

  2. nam says:

    I’m sure the KC fans will be up in arms, but I like it better.

  3. Josh Marcinik says:

    I personally think that this is a terrible idea. It was the Kansas City WIZARDS who won MLS Cup 2000, it was the WIZARDS who just beat Manchester United. Sporting KC just sounds like a Eurosnobbish improvisation, and though I have to admit the Wiz had a cheesy name, this is probably worse.

  4. Blake says:

    I like the name change but think the logo is sh!t

  5. Wilson says:

    Shoulda been KCFC: The Fightin’ Colonels!

  6. david1978pdx says:

    The new name is just as bad, if not worse, than Réal Salt Lake. Only way I see this as being a good change is if they are entering in to a formal relationship with another club, like say Sporting Lisbon or Sporting Gijon.

  7. Max J. says:

    Wizards was a crap name, but Sporting KC is just as bad or even worse. Why must rebrands and new club pick ludicrous poseur names? FC is one thing, but Sporting is a blatant plea for some mythic legitimacy based on a European name that makes NO SENSE. And that badge is a confused wreck. The great MLS Shoot Ourselves in the Foot carousel continues.

  8. babieca says:

    I think it looks too much like the AT&T logo. Maybe they will be KC’s new jersey sponsor.

  9. Zach S. says:

    I’m probably in the minority, but I always thought the goofy rainbow sleeves they used to rock in the 90s were great! And these stripes: link to

    a classic look that isn’t just a lame attempt to sound like traditional European futbol.

  10. kop of the pops says:

    “Wizards” also has a nasty KKK undertone.

    They could have gone with Kansas City Athletic (an allusion to the now current Oakland Athletics who played in KC in the 50s and 60s)

    That logo is awful but the change is welcome. Shading is awful on any logo – I challenge anyone to prove me wrong about that.

  11. Starritt says:

    You are missing the whole slew of people that did not necessarily love the Wizards as a name and where open to rebranding, but also think that Sporting KC is a shite name. We are many.

  12. SdbransonUSA says:

    I’m surprised that they changed their name. They had some success as the Wizards and their name was better than some of the other originals … Clash, Burn, and Crew come to mind immediately. That being said, I thought RSL was a weak, Euro rip-off but I’ve come to accept it.

    Regardless, the new logo is horrendous. It looks like a mix between the MLS Eastern Conference logo and something for the UFL.

  13. It’s not even proper English Eurosnobbery, which is what stuns me. Are there a lot of Portugeezers in KC that I don’t know about? Seriously, if you want to rebrand yourself just call yourself City and find an alliance with Manchester city. Kan City has a ring to it.

  14. DirtyLeeds says:

    Good move, Wizards was the most embarrassing name in MLS.

  15. scott simon says:

    What about Kansas City FC? Keep it real. Keep it simple.

    This is American soccer. Quit trying to imitate Europe.

    I agree with david1978pdx in that Real Salt Lake is ridiculous. There is nothing Royal in Salt Lake’s history! WTF?

  16. It’s confusing is what it is. The new name is supposed to be Sporting Kansas City, right? How come it reades Kansas City, Sporting SC?

    Plus my four year old son is going to miss the old dragon mascot. Since I assume that the playground equipment won’t be at the new stadium he’s got nothing to look forward to now!

  17. I like it! Anything is better than the “Wizards”! What do Wizards have to do with KC anyways?

  18. Jared says:

    I’m a big fan of the change. I think that most European soccer fans in KC will understand and appreciate the change as well. I see a backlash coming from some people that don’t understand this branding effort to try and begin to align our team and league with the greatest in the world. If you look at the facebook announcement page that SBI provides a link to above, you’ll see that people think that we are going to be called KC Sporting rather than Sporting KC (which I guess should be expected seeing as all our American sports team names are City/State then Name). This type of change needs to be welcomed and encouraged. Go Sporting KC!

  19. Greg says:

    Count me among the few that thinks the Sporting KC name would be an improvement, but think that joke of a logo making the rounds would be an enormous mistake along the lines of the Zombie Sonics Logo in the city that shall not be named.

    It looks like they never focus-grouped it, which is sad because a rebrand should be taken seriously and overseen by at least 1-2 representatives of a club’s core constituency: its supporters group.

  20. As a Kentuckian I would have to fight you to the death if you tried to steal one of our four cultural contributions like that (KFC, Kentucky Derby, Muhammad Ali, My Morning Jacket)

  21. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Both are brutal, should at least keep the colors tho, we already got enough blue/grey/white teams in this league

  22. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    I like the change though I think the logo specifically could have been better. Perhaps a nod to their history some how. What do the 6 stripes represent? Does the “C” stand for “Club”?

    That aside, “Wizards” was always very weak.

  23. LetsBeUs says:

    I agree with the wizards it does sound chessy, but lets try to be original….whats next D.C. United…oh wait..Just tired of people trying to immulate Europe. The chanting, the Euro phrases that are thrown around like, “cheeky”,”spot on”, Lad…give me a brake guys just because they created the sport doesn’t mean we have to copy cat. This country has the best marketing and creativity in the world, lets be our own Logo, music, chanting,etc…Compare ESPN’s production/coverage in the WC2010 over other countries, I am just saying.

  24. Amit says:

    Logo is ok, but the name doesn’t make sense. “Sporting Club” implies that they have members who pay dues and participate in other sports, too. Like Barcelona with soccer and basketball, etc.

  25. gerald says:

    Agreed that should have been an option to vote for

    The logo is just not good

  26. Martin says:

    The Wizard Of Oz related to Kansas, but not necessarily KC

  27. A.S. says:

    I HATE HATE HATE the copied Euro names. If I ever buy an MLS team to put into New York, I am naming it New York Deportivo Inter-Hotspur Celtic Rangers FC AS PSV FU.

    Can I say again that I HAAAAAAATTTTTTTEEEEEE the copied Euro names? Just in case anyone is under the misimpression that I don’t care too much about them. I can’t emphasize that enough.

    The only (I repeat – ONLY) saving grace here is that they didn’t rename the team “FC”. Because apparently people that run MLS don’t understand that there is A DIFFERENT *#^%%^ING SPORT IN THE US NAMED “FOOTBALL”.

  28. KEEP says:

    We live in a melting pot of a country folks. MLS represents this fact more than any other pro League in the States. Their not moving to Southern California or something, they can keep the Championship. Take a good hard look at your own Drivers license, I would bet that the majority of you have roots to other areas of the World that can be found in your own last name.

  29. Names that would have been (slightly) worse:

    Real Kansas City

    Chivas de Kansas City

    AC Kansas City

    Besiktas USA

    Bayern Kansas City

    Kansas City Mongladbach

    Kansas City Hotspur

    Crystal Palace Kansas City

    Locamotiv Kansas City

    Kansas City Orient

  30. Muchas Mascaras says:

    The Wizards name was unimpressive, but from a design standpoint the team had the best logo in the league. It scales up and down easily, it’s bright and simple, and there is absolutely no mistaking who or what it’s advertising.

    This logo is very embarrassing. It looks like a piece of clip art, or a project drawn up by someone with no design training. There’s a color gradient that’s going to be difficult to reproduce on merchandise, there are three separate fonts on the logo, it’s not at all obvious that the SC in the middle is, in fact, a pair of letters and not some abstract squiggle, and there’s the small matter of the huge chunk of the AT&T logo that’s coming in from the left side (try to unsee that now, I dare ya!). There’s also the matter of it looking like an unholy marriage between the Arsenal crest and the Eastern Conference shield.

    More than anything else, though, it doesn’t scale. That’s horrifying. Reduce that copy up there by 50% and the text completely disappears. Without that text, who knows what the hell you’re looking at?

    Stack it up next to the other new logos– Whitecaps and Timbers– and it’s even more of a failure. I can accept the rebranding, especially if OnGoal will follow up and start a women’s team and semipro men’s rugby team as they’ve discussed, but the I really cannot believe that the crest is the best they could do.

  31. Modibo says:

    Wizards => crap name, until the wizard rap came out giving them legitimacy.

    “Sporting KC” is vaguely amateurish, as in “being a sport about it” or “very sporting of him” (with british accent). At least Wizards can dust a m*f* with a wicked spell and fight a Balrog into a crevasse filled with hellfire.

  32. jcbata says:

    As a KC resident and supporter of the Wizards, I do not like it. It is too European for my taste. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the fact that teams elsewhere have names of this nature, but in the MLS, we have taken a more “American” approach to naming teams (Rapids, Galaxy, etc.) and I think we should stick to that.

    That being said, I have no say other than griping at them over Twitter. I would be more amenable to a re-branding that put “Kansas City” first, like “Kansas City FC” or “Kansas City SC” (Sports Club).

    I think more effort should have gone into winning than into changing the name.

    A better logo would have sufficed.

  33. A.S. says:

    Oh, and BTW, “Wizards” is a perfectly fine name. There is an NBA team that changed to that name just a few years ago.

  34. Lorenzo says:


  35. Well, this means we won’t be seeing Harry Potter or Gandalf in the stands anymore. That’s two season-ticket holders down. I’m sure there will be more to follow.

  36. montana matt says:

    so lame

  37. A.S. says:

    Oh, and one last point – if they wanted to use “SC”, why not have it stand for SOCCER *$*&^%ING CLUB???????????????????

    I mean, WTF is a “Sporting Club”?


  38. Spot on analysis of the badge.

    I hope they really use silver in the jerseys so it would stand out a bit.

  39. Shane says:

    Name change – fine, whatever, no biggie.

    Logo – Absolutely horrendous. Did a first year design student make the crap??

  40. GSScasual says:

    playground equipment? Dragon? Are you kidding me???? what does ANY of that have to do with the sport?. i realize your kid might enjoy it, but those issues are hardly relevant to anything haveing to do with the sport.

  41. Barcafan says:

    I fail to see how this is eurosnobbery at all. This is a wonderful step up for Kansas City, and the name sounds great.

    My issue is that whoever created this image has absolutely no understanding of graphic design.

    This image has the scalability of a rock. Make the image any smaller and all readability is compromised. Very poor logo design.

  42. That sir, is my favorite rant on SBI EVER!

    Well played ol’ chap.

  43. Semantics says:

    KKK? Seriously, no one associates that word with them. I understand that word is used in their hierarchical titles, but that should absolutely not make people hesitate on using the word however and whenever they want. It’s not like they were called the Kansas City Grand Wizards! I haven’t seen any minorities in KC or Washington DC complain about the name…

  44. john.q says:

    i won’t even mention the name. its another euro rip-off although not as bad as Real Salt Lake. garbage.
    the logo is a mess! what do those lines represent? the kansas city flag has a stripe graphic on it but it has 5 stripes. this logo has 6! and what does that SC stand for? sporting club? soccer club? what’s the name then? sporting kansas city soccer club? nevermind that its bulging like it was printed on someones jockstrap.
    dear KC please look at the Galaxy, Sounders, TFC, Rapids, Union, and Dallas.

  45. Hutskizzle says:

    thats exactly what i was thinking rofl

  46. Well yes, unless your last name is “Running Scout” or something similar then there’s a good chance your family isn’t from here originally.

    That said, is there really a large Portugese population in Kansas City? Or is Sporting more commonly used elsewhere?

  47. Don Pelayo says:

    Well, nothing can be worse than Real Salt Lake or FC Dallas. I would never consider Salt Lake “royal,” unless you see the area as the Mormon kingdom of God. Also, is there even a strong Hispanic tradition in the area?

    As for FC Dallas, Americans call the sport soccer and rarely refer to their sports organizations as clubs. I know the Burn was a terrible name, but it’s better than adapting a European term that doesn’t make sense in the American context.

    When will MLS organizations learn…

  48. Colin says:

    and my personal favorite, Kansas Orlando Wizards Pirates SC.

  49. CILII_blog says:

    Why are there stripes? take the stripes out and put the SC in the middle.

    And the S part in the SC looks like seahorse.

  50. BJ's are the best says:

    Should’ve been Kansas City Sporting Club(KC SC). The SC in the logo is retarded if it’s not even in the team name.

  51. Ferris says:

    Even a simple switch so that “Kansas City” stood out more than “sporting” would be better.

  52. CILII_blog says:

    When its your money.

  53. And yet KC played “Three Lions” (The English World cup Theme: “Football’s Coming Home, it’s comming home, football’s comming home”) before their home games.

    My wife was like “What? Football?” then I explained it was an English song and she was like “Why play an English theme song before a game here?” and I was stumped.

  54. From This KC supporters perspective, I understand the owners desire to dump Wizards in the official club brand for something with more merit. But many supports will make sure that Wizards will live on as the clubs moniker. So change itself is fine with me.
    The problems I have is WTF is Sporting KC!? Completely bland, no real merit cause we aren’t Portuguese and as of now the only supporter sport is men’s soccer (though rugby and women’s soccer has been rumored). But that’s the direction the owners want. I’m crossing my fingers for at least a variation of that, Kansas City Sporting Club. It would be the lesser of two evils.
    The logo!? WTF!? It’s a combination of a Eastern Conferance rip off and a graphic designer trying too hard to make it “modern.” Too much shadow, too much gradient, ugly typeface, and the SC is just weird. This badge has to look good on a shirt from 100 yards away. It’s Awful! Keep it simple! Even Chelsea FC understands that.
    Yeah, it’s my team so I’ll support them. Just don’t expect me to be buying any new merch anytime soon. WIZARDS TILL I DIE!

  55. Barcafan says:

    Everyone who is laughing at Real Salt Lake should take note.

    “Real” was chosen as a brand association for football fans based on the format that came out of Spain.

    Football is not an American sport, and worldwide recognized legitimacy comes from following the football mantra. Clubs all over the world have AC, FC, SC. It is not just a European thing, it is a football thing.

    As soon as the anti-anything european people can wrap their heads around that the better.

    Oh by the way, REAL Salt Lake and REAL Madrid have an official corporate partnership.

  56. DC Josh says:

    The new name and logo suck. I’m very confused by the whole process. It reminds me of a nerd in middle school dressing like a yo-boy or skater to look cool.

  57. Chicago - Scott says:

    Americans rarely refer to their sports organizations as clubs??? Don’t we call it CLUB soccer??

  58. Starla says:

    Cringeworthy, just like Real Salt Lake. Will alienate the people who snub MLS even more. Should use Kansas City Soccer or Soccer Club if they for some strange reason feel that a standard US sports name can’t work with soccer.

  59. usa soccerboy says:

    I’m a huge supporter of the new name. Never liked the Wizards. I live four hours away from Kansas City in Kansas, but unfortunately the “Wizards” have always been one of my least favorite franchise names and logo. Very happy about this change.

  60. Didier says:

    Don’t mind the name. The Wizards was outdated and needed to go. But the logo posted above is terrible. Looks like a Microsoft Word graphic.

  61. freddo says:

    Since they’re now named sporting are they going to try and branch out into other sports (ie basketball) like the other “sporting” clubs? What a joke. This Euro-rebranding is utter trash.

  62. I didn’t say it was relevant. I’m just saying I won’t be taking the kid anymore. The problem is that MLS has to walk a fine line here, there aren’t enough die hard supporters that you can make it non-kid friendly and you need to make it legit enough to breed die-hard supporters. It’s difficult.

    Judging from the interest in the new stadium I doubt KC will notice the missing children (who all pay full admission price) in the future.

    Oh, and if you think that’s un-football like, then explain that to the guys at Manchester City who have alien mascots and a big new kid-center outside the stadium to provide a more American atmosphere on game day.

  63. Josh D says:

    Love the idea of the change, hate the approach. Anyone with 10 seconds of Photoshop/Illustrator experience can make that hacked logo.

    And what does Sporting have to do with anything close to the city?

    I agree, should of been Kansas City Athletics or just Kansas City SC (FC).

    Class is all about not trying – this reeks of “we’re cool too!”

  64. Troy says:

    Look at Baseball in other countries, they all nod to our version of the game. We are the original and thus have the most Baseball credibility, cachet if you will.

    Modern soccer was made popular by the Brits. Therefore, their football culture is the authentic one. I don’t feel like we have to change the game for American tastes to make it work. So we didn’t invent it, who cares.

  65. Barcafan says:

    Well maybe the euro-trash you speak of can just take the game back.

    Sounds like a fair trade so you can keep all of your American things, because America is the best, right?

  66. SdbransonUSA says:

    I don’t think any jersey colors will make this logo pop.

  67. Kenobi says:

    Meh. They should’ve gone the Ray Hudson route and just started referring to themselves as “Kansas”.

  68. Chicago - Scott says:

    go play ‘magic’

  69. freddo says:

    My problem is not “anti-anything european”, it’s that MLS teams lack any creative when rebranding. They appear to just throw away their current brand in favor of adopting some generic euro term such as “sporting” or “FC”.

  70. Colin says:

    Look, I think we all know that MLS is trying very hard to create the idea of “tradition.” It’s something that is very hard to create artificially, and I commend MLS for pushing the league in that direction. Tradition is what is going to keep the fans for long periods of time, build new fan support, and all that jazz.

    But what about the American soccer tradition? What about Preki running around wearing the ugly rainbow kit at Arrowhead? To me, this essentially says “The last 15 years mean nothing as far as tradition.” OnGoal would rather KILL the history of the Wizards and replace it with some faux-Euro history that doesn’t exist, instead of saying “yeah, our name is s***, yeah our kits were ugly as sin, but THAT’S who we are. That’s our history. That’s our tradition.”

    Look at the logos for most European teams. Most don’t make a crock of sense, and most are pretty poorly presented and rendered. But it doesn’t matter. There’s years of history there and too many fans that are going to throw a fit if the team rebranded to fit some corporate conforming box. Look at what happened with Red Bull Salzburg and the fan reaction.

    I know OnGoal and MLS are trying to create that tradition, but I fear that they are going to destroy our own American soccer tradition in the process.

  71. So, Canadians invented basketball but we don’t shout “Eh!” after every basket!

  72. Julia says:

    The logo makes it look like the team name is “Kansas City Sporting”.

  73. Adam M. says:

    You forgot The KC Sunshine Bands. Actually, I always thought that if anyone should have the “Real” tag it should be KC in an homage to the Royals baseball team.

  74. freddo says:

    This post is for the rebranding of the wizards. I was commenting on the new badge and name. Did I at any point call people from europe trash? You sir need to re-read my post.

  75. See, I always thought Earthquakes was the most offensive name. I mean, they named it after a freakin’ tragic force of nature.

    If a big Earthquake happens and causes Hurricane Katrina level damage, would San Jose fans still want to chear “Let’s Go Earthquakes!”

  76. freddo says:


    I agree with this post.

  77. skinnyj says:

    The naming of ReAl Salt lake was done in partnership with ReAl Madrid. They were supposed to have a player-sharing agreement, play home-and-away matches, etc etc. Real Madrid and Beckham came over and played a match, helped with the stadium introduction, etc. After the first 2 years, they disappeared. Not sure if our owner didnt have the finances to keep it going or a lack of interest by Madrid. Conceivably the “partnership” is on hold until the MLS grows further. Brilliant by the owner, Dave Checketts, maybe just got caught financially. I would have tried to recruit a smaller team, like Everton.

  78. Charles says:

    ol’ chap ?

    let me guess you like the name “sporting” ?

    another term I have never heard one person use…

  79. But does Royal refer to royalty or to the color of the jersey? I alwalys assumed the jersey color since baseball is hung up on things like the color of their socks.

    However, wasn’t the old negro league baseball team the Monarchs?

    Hmph. Very interesting.

    Also, what’s with Kansas City’s fascination with fountains? They’re everywhere there!

  80. Barcafan says:

    That’s the problem. The branding is not about creating some awesome logo design with some catchy name.

    Generic terminology allows for branding to be established my product performance. It is something that Europeans in general understand much better than Americans.

    Having a great product is much more important than having a great name and logo which you can brand and market regardless of actual product validity.

  81. Charles says:

    Just when you think MLS name can’t get any worse….

    What the heck is a Sporting ? Seriously. I have no idea what they are even talking about.

    It is a shame that the rest of the league doesn’t have a fan base like Seattle that can stop stuff like this. Remember when they were going to call Seattle, Seattle Alliance. Man that seems like a bad dream many, many years removed.

    Sorry KC, I feel for you.

  82. No, actually I’m against Sporting and I was using the limey-speak to gently poke A.S. in the ribs on that one since he’s so anti-European.

  83. ESC says:


  84. daggius says:

    that looks terrible

    no one in the states says “sporting”

    the concept doesnt even make sense

  85. Hahahahaha

    Sorry, I just noticed your name.

  86. LetsBeUs says:

    Then other countries need to be original as well in baseball, besides baseball is not as universal as Soccer is. I feel we need to change it, in order to get main stream America into the sport. We need to target urban communties, other than just the suburbs…kind of what Basketball and American Footabll has done. The bigger the support, the more interest future generations will have to play the sport, rather than playing the usual 3 big sports in this country. I Believe, we should create our own soccer culture in this country.

  87. Murphy says:

    third option is necessary here–wizards was a dumb name but can we have an option for “i like the idea to change the name but i don’t like sporting kc”? and that can’t be the new logo can it? i see a big SC but with any team from kansas city i’m expecting to see a big KC.

    the only “euro” inspired names i like in mls are toronto fc, fc dallas, dc united.

    rsl and sporting kc are pushing it. if spain had settled utah and the Portuguese colonized missouri i may be more amenable to these names. they are just too much of a stretch.

    anyways, at least they’re not the “wiz” anymore…

  88. Mattmatumbo says:

    Change is good, but that crest is just… weird.

  89. sucram89 says:

    Anything’s better than the Wizards but, do we have to copy Euro teams so much?

  90. Black Flag says:

    Anything is better the the Wizards!

    Nothing to cry about, they will have a new stadium.

    Or you want to stay in that crap baseball stadium and still be called “WIZARDS”

  91. freddo says:

    With that post you just validated the old “wizards” moniker. Why rebrand at all if all that matters is the performance on the pitch? You need to pick a side and stay on it.

  92. RK says:

    My favorite? The Dohren Wild Farmers.

  93. Marco says:

    Alliance would have been an awesome name… much cooler then “Sounders”… I mean the MLS team wasn’t even owned by the same guys that had the Sounders team back in the day, right?

    Isn’t a Sounder a wild pig, by the way?

  94. long wang says:

    why would u call something sporting when its a fockin soccer team. they play one sport. makes more sense to call it soccering.

    the idea makes sense in portugal but not in the usa.

    this is like 50x stupider sounding than Real Salt Lake

    how mls supposed to appeal to americans when they just try to make it all foreigny

  95. Mattmatumbo says:

    The RSL-Réal Madrid partnership officially fell through this season.

  96. RK says:

    Love the logo, eh on the name. But it is better than the Wiz(ards).

  97. Peter C says:

    The folks over at have a post on the nicknames of the 20 current EPL teams. Using that model of how nicknames were acquired, KC should be called …

    Fountains – it is the city of fountains, yes?

    Stockers – the city has/had stockyards

    You get the idea. For me, keep the Wizards nickname.

  98. kop of the pops says:

    you are right, that jersey is awesome.

  99. DrewCore says:

    SOoooooo uninspired, and yet another mls badge that will be outdated in 5 years. Its not even minor-league baseball looking like a lot of them (the timbers first iteration of the new logo) but its almost worse than that… Wrong turn for the team and league.

  100. freddo says:

    I don’t mean to sound argumentative, it’s just that I think MLS teams can create meaningful team names without having to rely on “sporting” or “FC”. For instance, take a look at the J-League which was founded around the same time as MLS. Sure some of the teams have “FC” but the majority of them have meaningful names and crests related to their areas.

  101. einar says:

    i remember hearing this news last week.

  102. Mike says:

    i never thought of the kkk link! that’s horrible! “Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to your own Kansas City Klansmen!” I always thought they should have a badge with Gandalf as gaffer with 11 hairy footed hobbits behind him.

    the euro-nicked names are only a little less lame. Houston Dynamo, for example (whose original name offended many, i know).

    to me, the best names are those grounded in local history, events and geography. The Fire, Quakes, Sounders, etc. KC has a rich history and i can’t help but think there are tons of better monikers.

  103. DrewCore says:

    good point, something unique to the city, shouldnt be THIS hard to do

  104. Trap says:

    Learn how to spell break and maybe we will.

  105. ANM says:

    Colin has pretty much nailed it here.

    I could understand the previous move from Wiz to Wizards. Wiz was pretty awful. But the name Wizards is acceptable. And this team has some tradition. They put out some very strong teams in the 90s and early 00s and won an MLS Cup. That tradition has value. It’s something to be proud of, not to be rejected for a nonsensical name like KC Sporting Club. And the logo? Egad. It looks like two snakes screwing next to a startled zebra.

    Half of the nicknames of European clubs are outdated and meaningless. But they don’t get jettisoned every time some marketing “expert” comes in with a new proposal.

    Somewhere, Miklos Molnar is crying himself to sleep tonight.

  106. BenH says:

    Sigh. A bit off topic but while I prefer FC Dallas to Dallas Burn…I miss those Burn jerseys.

    Just do not like the horizontal stripes. Dallas: Can we please bring those Burn-like jerseys back? Thanks.

    To contribute on subject at hand: Not sure I ‘like’ the new name and logo but Wizards was AWFUL. So it is an improvement.

  107. Trap says:

    I think it’s a good idea, although I’m not saying it’s the 100 % best name. It’s certainly not the 100 % worst, though. That was probably reserved for the “Wizards”, which as some have already noted, gave off connotations of being more comparable to a Disneyland ride.

  108. A.S. says:

    I feel like Dennis Miller.

    And, for the record, I like the European names. On European teams.

  109. Seriously says:

    Stupid Europoser name. Of course the Euro-snobs here love it…. They could have gone in a much better direction than this. Also the crest is hardly an improvement. I had much better hopes from this group. They have done so much with getting a stadium but wow what a terrible crest and a pathetic name.

  110. Adam M. says:

    I think the baseball Pirates have the most offensive nickname because there is malice involved. Pirates are terrorists who kill people and take hostages for ransom, even today. Go… Pirates?

  111. Jacob A. says:

    I’m pretty sure the official name is the Atlanta Braves Baseball Club, and I’ve heard “club” being used to describe lots of professional teams.

  112. Jordan says:

    In a word: Pretense.

  113. Trap says:

    Totally agree about the stripes, BenH. Celtics famous hoops seem to be a bit more earned than FC Dallas’, which are just random as hell.

    What do I mean by earning stripes? Don’t know exactly; as I said, FCD’s just seem a bit to random or perhaps more accurately, copied.

  114. Didier says:

    Just read through all of the comments. I don’t understand all of the freaking out over names like this. These more traditional, soccer sounding names will always carry more mainstream credibility both domestically and globally.

    All of the classic American sports teams have unique nicknames that have become classic by virtue of time. Nearly every new team nickname that has been created in the past two decades have been just as contrived and as boring as names like the Wizards, the Rapids, and the Burn.

    Charlotte Bobcats? Oklahoma City Thunder? Washington Nationals? Minnesota Wild? Columbus Blue Jackets? Nashville Predators, Atlanta Thrashers, Carolina Hurricanes, Florida Panthers? Come on.

    MLS, from a larger perspective than the fans who want to keep their teams niche, is very smart to re-brand teams with traditional, practical names like this.

  115. Myles B says:

    I didn’t vote for either because they’re both awful!

  116. Dan says:

    Don’t be such a Debbie-Downer purist! HSV, which plays in the Bundesliga, has a giant dinosaur as a mascot. What has that got to do with soccer? Nothing, but it’s a smart way to start getting little kids hooked on a team.

  117. k says:

    I hated the wizards so I think this is a slight improvement and I wonder if the new kits will be stripes or hoops like Dallas but in blue.

  118. John says:

    A club in Europe (forgot name) just opened a preschool and daycare inside. the stadium to drop your kids off during gameday.

  119. Colin says:

    Thanks! I think that KC should have looked at the Sounders and the Galaxy as far as rebranding is concerned. As a Galaxy fan, I loved the changes because they kept the name and kept the history that is associated with that name.

  120. Bryan says:

    KKK? No, it’s worse – it has “Judy Garland” undertones. Much needed change, and hey, it’s better than Real Salt Lake, you know, because there is a ton of Spanish Royalty in Utah.

  121. LetsBeUs says:

    I was typing fast, but if you can’t grasp the concept, maybe the problem is not my spelling.

  122. yankiboy says:

    I like the logo ok (but the name change SUCKS.


  123. Yinka Double Dare says:

    They already changed the name once (Wiz to Wizards) and that was good, because Wiz vs. Burn sounded more like a trip to the urologist than a soccer match.

    I concur with others that Athletic Kansas City or Kansas City Athletic would have been better though, seeing as the baseball A’s used to be there. Combo of the more Euro name (which they’re obviously going for) and a nod to the city’s sports history.

  124. A.S. says:

    “the format that came out of Spain.”

    The FORMAT that came out of Spain??? The Spanish clubs have “Real” in the title because they have royal designations (i.e., they have a charter from the King of Spain). It’s not a “format”.

    And Real Salt Lake does not have a royal designation because, unlike Spain, the UNITED STATES DOES NOT HAVE A KING.

  125. Sean says:

    Oh yeah, I’ve seen him!

    Herpes the Dinosaur.

  126. yankiboy says:

    Yeah, I put it right up there with the rainbow colors in the Denver Nuggets jersies of yesteryear.

    Now dudes rock the throwbacks, ya know???

    Like that old skool Houston Astros joint joint that used to burn your retina when you see it…

    Sorry. Just to much going on for my taste, Playah.

  127. RB says:

    “i never thought of the kkk link!”

    Nobody else did, either, until here on this thread, today. That’s why it was never a problem.

  128. yankiboy says:

    How could you leave out Kansas City United?

    They could have their own intra squad Derby. The dark jersies could be “City” the white jersies could be “United”.

    They could have a preseasons “Community Shield” intrasquad game and raise a lot of money for charity.

    How dare you sleep on Kansas City United.

    It could also help be a cultural bridge between the folks in Kansas and Missouri. It could bring people together.

    Seth Blatter himself could then champion the name change, once again football bringing people together… It could help KC be selected as a US World Cup Bid City (United).

    Think BIG people!!!

  129. Collin says:

    Technically naming it “Kansas City FC” would also be imitating Europe by referring to it as a Football rather than Soccer Club.

    /not trying to pick a fight

  130. Collin says:

    Fair point, and I wish they would have, but I’ve heard that there are big picture plans of adding sports to the brand, so this might be a bet-hedging maneuver in using “Sporting” over “Soccer”.

  131. Ceez says:

    There should be a third option, Ives. I like the new logo but I’m not sure about the new name. I don’t hate the new name (yet), but I’m just not sure about it yet.

  132. Felix says:

    It does seem contrived, considering its already 15+ years in the league, and its their 3rd name change.

    At the same time, if there was ever a time to do it,I guess it would be now with the new stadium being built, and the fact that I hate the Wizards name.

  133. yankiboy says:

    On a serious note, yes the Kansas City Monarchs were an important Negro Baseball League franchise. And the Negro League Baseball Museum is in Kansas City.

    On a less serious note, don’t forget the NBA Kansas City Kings…

  134. yankiboy says:

    Since KC is referred to by some (people that I have never met) as the “Paris of the Plains”–

    What about Kansas City Saint Germain Football Club???

    You still get the “KFC” in the mix…

  135. KFree says:

    i dont think the scaling arguments…sure the ‘kansas city’ text is not as legible when you reduce it, but one – the logo is not going too many places that small where its a big issue. two – there are several other mls logos with the city name not prominent in display. third – i think the logo passes my immediate glance / “do i recognize the team” test. i shouldnt have to see the name of the city to know what team logo i am looking at.

    at worst the rebrand comes of uninspired. that said, its an improvement over wizards. overtime it will be accepted. the logo is ok. the shading will be fine, the advancements in technology today are amazing.

    top 3 logos IMO 1. revolution, 2. crew, 3. union/dallas.

  136. Troy says:

    So wait a minute, you aren’t going to bring your kids to protest there not being a fricken dragon on the logo? How about the soccer? Sounds like you and junior weren’t big fans anyhow.

  137. Slyboy says:

    uhm, as a “European” citizen (Portuguese).. and a fan of league where two “sportings” play. Its terrible horrible effort to be european.

  138. dena says:

    Name is decent, logo is trash.

  139. Steve Mason says:

    I understand the concerns about the logo scaling, etc., but this is a leak, not an official release. It isn’t exactly unheard of for there to be different versions of a logo for electronic and print use, or even for different electronic uses.

    FWIW, I like the crest, and it helped me feel better about the name. The state line part is fairly obvious, but I’ll await explanation on the rest.

    Also, if they are actually going to be a multi-sport club, the name makes more sense. I’ve had Wiz(ards) season tickets since the beginning, but always hated the name. Sporting KC will take some getting used to, for sure, but if there’s a reason behind it, I’ve been ready to let go for a while.

  140. yankiboy says:

    Not trying to be a smart alec I am kind of missing your point. It must be shooting right over my head.

    What does my or anyone else’s ethnicity or heritage have to do with a lot of us picking a sorry, wannabe name.

    It’s got zippy do to with some sort of “xenophobia” if that is what you are suggesting.

    It has everything to do with a stupid name.

    Kind of like when I travel outside of the US and see cheerleaders at futbol matches. I’m not thinking about anything highbrow such as “cultural colonization”. I’m thinking “Wow!?!? Why did they take one of our more usless ideas and decided to incorporate that, here–where it is so out of place?!?

    Maybe I misunderstood your post and missed the sarcasm. WOuldn’t be the first time I missed the obvious.

  141. Eurosnob says:

    Wizards is a terrible name for a team. It was a great decision to ditch it. I don’t have a problem with teams emulating European style names (DC United, Houston Dynamo, Real Salt Lake City, Toronto FC) or even Mexican (Chivas USA). Sporting is not a bad name. Is naming a team timbers, wizards, fire, earthquakes better? Sounders and Crew are quite original and good sounding names, but they are an exception. Galaxy sounds pretentious, but with the Hollywood influence in the area, it’s not a terrible name for an LA team and they managed to turn it into a strong brand.

  142. yankiboy says:

    Hey. I still think Real Salt Lake is a joke of a name. Just like I think that DC United is a silly name. It doesn’t stop me from liking the club but it did still feel sily for the first I don’t know how many years…

    Real Salt Lake is a horrible name. That’s my take. I do appreciate the global football cultural lesson though.

    Ok There I was being sarcastic but you did come off “smarter than thou”.

    Crystal Palace USA/Baltimore was a horrible naming decision and I believe that a place like Baltimore would never adapt to the concept. Apparently the team’s ownership (who I admire and respect–absolutely no sarcasm there–seriously) has come around to my line of thinking.

    Yes. there was an official partnership. You could even read in years’ past about CPUSA/Baltimore on the Crystal Palace website.

    The name was still dreadful and more of a cultural barrier than a facilitator of anything.

    Just my take.

    I will still continue to laugh at Real Salt Lake’s name. I will still find DC United to be odd. And I pray that Palace Baltimore rises from the ashes as anything other than Crystal Palace Baltimore–even the rumored FC Baltimore is better.

    Or they could just name the team something original like, I don’t know–the “Baltimore Bays” or the Batimore Armada–no wait–that is too European–that whole Spanish Armada thing.

    I need help. Please what is another bad @ss bird name that we could use for a soccer team???

  143. yankiboy says:

    Colin–Please stop it with the Talking Head routine: Stop making sense. Really it’s hurting my brain. it is much easier for some of the intellectual cosmopolitan types to just lazily assume that we all hate Europeans and don’t understand their enlightened arguments posted here.

    +A Gazillion, Playah.

  144. dave says:

    terrible logo, hope they come up with something better

  145. BSU SC says:

    That is a copy from the MLS Eastern Conference. But that is a lot better than that ridiculous rainbow logo they used to use.

    I thought they should have simply gone with Kansas City. Have the supporters call them the “Wizards” but just let the name of the city be the team name (Manchester City). Or KC 1853 would have worked well too.

    But just about anything was better than the Wizards.

  146. Charles says:

    oh, that was pretty good then !

  147. Dustyn says:

    Really Troy? Sheffield Wednesday is one of the oldest soccer names on the planet and their nickname is Wizards.

  148. 20 says:


    Eurosnobs will be pleased though, oh wait they don’t care about MLS

  149. John says:

    Actually wrong on all points. Every 100 year old club has gone through various name, kit, and badge changes. 15 years isn’t history. 50 years from now this rebranding will be under “The Early Years” in the history books. Anybody know what Newton Heath LYR Football Club or Club Espanol de Madrid?

  150. Dustyn says:

    You cant just call yourself Kansas City. It has to be trademarkable and you cant trademark a city for obvious reasons.

  151. rob says:

    I am not a huge fan of MLS teams taking on Euro names but this was a change for the better in KC. I do like the tend of paying homage to former NASL names like Seattle, SJ, Portland and Vancouver have done. I wonder if KC considered “Kansas City Spurs” which in my opinion is a better name than “Sporting” and pays tribute to KC professional soccer roots. I hope if NY get’s another team they will be the NY Cosmos who’s name has a ton of historical relevance in North America.

  152. Charles says:

    Thank God noone agreed, it was near unanimous on some sort of version of Sounders.

    The name was owned by the old coach and it said pro soccer to anyone in Seattle.

    The biggest reason not to go to some wild name like Sporting, is there is no history, and absolutely no connection whatsoever.

    Marco is a cool name, why are you so off based on soccer names ? 😉

  153. nate says:

    omg, that’s awesome

  154. Christian G says:

    I like it, Im not a KC WIZARDS supporter but I believe they need a change, their current name and logo sucks.

  155. nate says:

    you are right, you’re in the minority

  156. Charles says:

    Why do they need global credibility ?

    They need fans in KC.

  157. Narbonne says:

    Wow this is bad. Embarrassed. Was going to get season tix this year but second thinking it. What do we have to do with Sporting Lisbon? Could we at least have used an English or Mexican rebrand? Can’t wait til they rebrand again in a few years once everyone realizes how stupid this is. I don’t see what is wrong with a traditional US sports name. If the MLS wants to be more like real football then they should fix their season to fall-spring.

  158. Cairo says:

    And on that note, calling it a “club” is certainly leaning towards Euro sports as well (with baseball as a sometimes exception)

  159. nate says:

    not me, i’ll never be caught saying “real” salt lake. that one is on another level of euro-rip-off idiocy.

  160. FSegaud says:

    What is that squiggly thing? Looiks like a drunk trying to write an ampersand (&).

  161. KCSC Fan says:

    or Dial Square?

  162. Kevin_Amold says:

    I do too. There’s WAY too much angst over being too European.

  163. LetsBeUs says:

    Again…didn’t say the name Wizards was not chessy, I stated that in my earlier post…but I feel that this country is creative enough to come up with our own names, without them being spinoffs from the Euro clubs. My main concern is, that we need to create interest in the sport in this country and acting brtitish about it won’t sell it. There are a lot of young athletes in this country, who we are missing out on, because they turn their interest to other sports. Latin American countries have thier own way(not factoring language). You are not going to market a product the same way in London as you would in New York. By doing this you are segragating a huge group of people who feel like this is a foriegn sport, rather than making it feel more like at home.

  164. Colin says:

    How am I wrong on any points? The fact that you’re saying that MLS needs to follow what a 100 year old european club does proves my point. 15 years isn’t a lot, but it’s ALL WE HAVE. I think we get too caught up in comparing our league to Europe on everything but quality on the field. So what if we have our American style? This is America, after all, and American fans are the ones putting their butts in the seats. We don’t need to impress some Eurosnob who is most likely not even going to go to the games regardless of what we call our teams. We need to build our OWN tradition.

    Also, AC Milan has kept a very similar name, kit theme, and logo since their inception, both pre- and post- Inter split. Pretty sure they’re over 100 years old.

  165. Chase says:

    Yes + 1000

  166. KCSC Fan says:

    If the name of the team and the logo are your deciding factor on season tickets or not your priorities are way out of whack.

  167. Troy says:

    An exception and not the rule. Wizards is still a dumb name.

  168. Mike Caramba says:

    Wow. If the MLS Eastern Conference logo mated with clip art, that badge would be their baby.

  169. Voldemort says:

    The only thing that would be worse than Sporting Kansas City is if the team was called the Kansas City Wizards.

  170. Jon says:

    I’m getting tired of people complaining about teams taking on a more European-sounding name. One thing to keep in mind is that soccer teams in the US have had a history of names with a European slant .

    Some of the American teams in the early 20th century had names like Centerville A.C., Bronx United, and Newark F.C.. Likewise, some of the teams back in the old American Soccer League of the 1920s and 1930s included teams with European nomenclature: Bethlehem Steel F.C., Philadelphia F.C. (FC = Field Club), Brooklyn Wanderers, Fall River United, and Jersey City Celtics. Of course, these were also mixed in with teams with more American names such as Boston Wonder Workers, New Bedford Whalers, and the New York Americans. But even then, there was a mix of names. So why not now?

    Let’s also not forget that long before MLS, American soccer survived (and developed) through the 20th century largely due to ethnic-based soccer clubs, many of these European. Look back at the US Open Cup winners, particularly through the 1940s-1980s, and you’ll see the trend. Teams with names like Brooklyn Hispano, Chicago Sparta, New York Hakoah, Philadelphia Ukrainians, New York Hungaria, Greek American AA, Elizabeth SC, New York Pancyprian-Freedoms, Maccabi Los Angeles either won the cup or were finalists.

  171. WeatherManNX01 says:

    Wizards isn’t the greatest name. But there are worse things than Wizards. “Sporting KC” is one of them.


  172. bigcatasroma says:

    Any change away from gawd-awful names like “Wizards” and “Earthquakes” and MetroStars” is a positive. While change for change sake isn’t necessarily good, and while change to more EPL-sounding names isn’t necessarily good, it *is* good to change from NFL-sounding nonsense. Even if Dorothy was from Kansas, “Wizards” should not be a soccer nickname. It’s marketing, and marketing “Wizards” to global audiences just makes MLS seem second-rate. Just a sad fact.

  173. BellusLudas says:

    Please gods of soccer…please….LET THE RAPIDS BE NEXT to rebrand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. tbkh says:

    Soooooo…are they Kansas City Sporting Seahorse Club?

  175. tbkh says:

    No. Colorado has the best combination of logo, colours, and name in the league.

  176. TBE says:

    Bourbon and Slint.

  177. Duck says:

    The name is ridiculous, the logo is poorly designed. The real question is, are they getting a shirt sponsor?

  178. TBE says:

    This is an excellent post. I don’t think a lot of younger fans know some of this history.

    Living in NYC, there are so many ethnic, and nationality-based clubs that have kept the sport alive and well here. Some of these clubs have been around for decades, and nearly a century. People who play in the leagues here think nothing of it. But I can see why it would seem strange to others who have not had this experience.

  179. Argo says:

    The problem I have with the name “Sporting” is that it implies, like European clubs, that there are multiple teams involved. If Sporting KC fielded a basketball team along with the Wizards, then this would make sense. But they don’t, so it doesn’t.

  180. Adam says:

    They should go back to their original name, the Wiz. And why do American teams have to go by European standards?

  181. JS says:

    Thanks KC.

    Just as my ex-pat friends had stopped giving me (crap) for “Real” Salt Lake…

  182. Barcafan says:

    This is what I’ve been talking about.

    American soccer culture isn’t this different beast. Soccer culture has and will always be the same.

    Thank you for knowing your history.

  183. SdbransonUSA says:

    I don’t know about the best name, but their re-brand was pretty tight.

  184. Second City says:

    Absolutely they can still wear those outfits. They pay homage to their previous name and therefore still make it relevant and funny to boot.

  185. I’m for moving away from cheesy nicknames. “Sporting” is a little forced, but nowhere near as bad as Real Salt Lake.

  186. disgusted says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m a hug fan of MLS, but my biggest beef is with the team names. It drives me crazy.
    By going with the whole Euro name thing MLS is further alienating itself from the American sports fan that needs to be reached in order to grow the league.
    I can’t describe my sense of embarrassment every time I have to explain to someone why their name is Chivas USA or Real Salt Lake. It’s not MLF so why do we even have team names like FC Dallas or Seattle Sounders FC?
    I don’t think Wizards is the greatest of nicknames but I’m cringing at the thought of another Euro named team.
    What’s wrong with the equation of city name + mascot?
    Every single sport team in the country follows the equation why won’t MLS?

  187. eastbaygrease says:

    “Wizards” was not the worst name in league history. “Wiz” was the worst name in the league, which was Kansas City’s original team name. Check the crest on the rainbow bright uniform.

  188. Barcafan says:

    It seems that American fans have forgotten the real soccer history.

    The first clubs in America a hundred years ago were FCs, ACs, and Uniteds.

    The United States marketing beast has turned teams into fun mascot-oriented commodities. This is football, not some NBA/NFL crap (half marketing/half sports).

  189. JS says:

    Thanks KC.
    Just as my expat friends had stopped giving me s*** for Real Salt Lake…

  190. Can MLS names get any worse? says:

    When I heard they were changing their name I was really hoping they’d go with
    AC Real Olympique Sporting Bayern Inter Dynamo Chivas FC USA United.
    Then MLS could totally align itself with every soccer palying nation in the world.

  191. Didier says:

    Since the Wizards were already doing so well…

  192. Didier says:

    For the record, the Athletics spent 13 losing seasons in Kansas City after coming from Philadelphia and before moving to Oakland. It wasn’t much of a tradition.

  193. Red says:

    If you guys want European names, move to Europe. Be original for heaven’s sake!! Cheap imitations of European clubs are nothing to brag about. This is simply embarrassing.

    Worst names in order:
    1) Real Salt Lake (not ordained by a monarch)
    2) Red Bull New York (get commercials out)
    3) Sporting Kansas City (where are the other sports?)
    4) Chivas USA (what’s next? Manchester United States)
    5) FC Dallas (it’s soccer…unless it’s futbol, which it’s not)

    We are America. You wouldn’t get Dynamo London or Real Glasgow. If we want to be European, why don’t we have more originality like each country? why can’t we?

  194. Didier says:

    Agreed. It’s not like they are losing some classic name. The Wizards was a stupid, contrived and lame name (just like the various other NBA and NHL expansion names from the last two decades that I listed above).

  195. Clayton says:

    And the Fire were named after a great natural disaster which leveled the city. So?

    Other sports do it. Hurricanes, for example.

  196. A-Lott says:

    Yes, well, I’m tired of my boring, quintessentially-American name. I’d like a name with some global flair to it, a moniker that would resonate with Europhiles. I think I’ll rebrand myself as Klaus Aachen or Pierre Bouvier.

  197. Nb5 says:

    I agree. Any name is better than what they’ve got now, but that logo is just awful.

  198. Richard says:

    Everybody is quick to hate the name “Wizards” but nobody makes fun of the name of the NBA Washington Wizards. I don’t like the change.

  199. A-Lott says:

    Funny how all those “anti-anything european” people are reading and commenting on a soccer blog, innit?

  200. TBE says:

    Actually, lots of people do. Their uniforms are awful, too. Bullets was a great name. I know why the changed it, but it’s still lame.

  201. A-Lott says:

    On the nose. Nice post.

  202. Anonymous Coward says:

    Real Salt Lake and Sporting KC are terrible names because they’re knockoffs of names that are specific to Spanish and Portuguese respectively (Salt Lake’s contractual obligations notwithstanding).

    Toronto FC and FC Dallas are okay, even though “football” isn’t commonly used to refer to association football around these parts.

    SC Kansas City (Soccer Club of Kansas City), KC United Football Club and KC Wizards Football Club would all be fine as well.

  203. Brian says:

    I agree. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think “San Jose Earthquakes” is Haiti and Chile.

    Glad to see the owners of Kansas City finally decided to drop the “Wizards” name. I’ve been petitioning for years for a name change because of all of the families that have lost a loved one to the evil spells of a Wizard. It was truly insensitive.

  204. Kevin from NM says:

    To be sure, Wizards was truly an awful team name. The new name Sporting is pretty awesome, but it sure as hell does not make up for that ugly logo. They would have done well to remain the Wizards with that hideous logo. What the hell were they thinking.

  205. Brian says:

    Lol. Giving it the “FC” as part of it’s name would be doing precisely that.

  206. Brian says:

    Changed it due to violence in the DC area.

  207. Brian says:

    hahaha. My thoughts exactly. WTF is the SC for?

  208. Kevin in NM says:


  209. Brian says:

    “…Wiz vs. Burn sounded more like a trip to the urologist than a soccer match.”

    Haha nice one.

  210. Kevin in NM says:

    You’re forgetting the other ridiculous name that no one on this thread is remembering to mention… the Galaxy. It’s a crappy knock off of the name Cosmos.

  211. Brian says:

    The Revolution? There logo looks like it’s something from Windows 98

  212. Brian says:


  213. jim in atlanta says:

    I’m ‘SPORTING’ my Braves cap right now. WTF are you talking about!? lol.

  214. Brian says:

    Or because the logo puts “Kansas City” before “Sporting”

  215. Brian says:

    I love the name Columbus Crew. Just hate the badge/crest.

  216. Jimmy Bobo says:

    I kind of like seeing cheerleaders at foreign stadia. I don’t think that our culture is polluting theirs. In American gridiron football there is a committee meeting (huddle) after every play. You need to have something to look at. In futbol when a player is writhing on the ground like he has been shot you also need something else to look at. Dude, check the poon.

  217. jim in atlanta says:

    soccer club maybe lol. wow you people are so stupid. you call others eurosnobs but you complain about something as simple as SC. do we call it soccer or football? having FC in your club names doesn’t exactly say American now does it. is there anything wrong with having FC, no but there sure as hell is nothing wrong with having SC!

  218. Brian says:

    Yeah they’re in Sacramento now

  219. CrispyST3 says:

    hahaha seriously. Its terrible. They need a new logo as well.

  220. Skinn says:

    blah blah blah … eurosnob … blah blah blah … rah rah America … blah blah blah. Anybody know a different tune?

  221. A-Lott says:

    So what? Centerville A.C. and Fall River United weren’t major franchises competing with dozens of other sports for attention and revenue.

    There were once hundreds of small, community-based baseball teams dotting the country and many of those teams sported odd or ridiculous nicknames. The old Federal League included the Newark Pepper and the St. Louis Terriers.

    Hell, most of the older Major League teams have been called something else at some point. The Cubs were once the Chicago Orphans. The L.A. Dodgers were originally the Brooklyn Bridegrooms. Even the Yankees were originally the New York Highlanders. Some teams, like the Cleveland Spiders, eventually disbanded.

    Professional sports is a big-money business, especially in America. It doesn’t matter whether a bunch of local boys called their loosely organized team something absurd last century. Modern franchises need a name that won’t be a detriment to their brand. The investors sinking money into MLS don’t give a damn whether two dozen Greek immigrants won the US Open Cup in 1967.

    The Royals aren’t going to rebrand themselves as the Kansas City Packers just because there was a baseball club with that name in the early 1900s.

  222. A-Lott says:

    Yeah, how does “blah, blah, blah, fútbol… blah, blah, blah, global game… boo, boo hand-egg… blah, blah, blah” strike your ears? More to your liking?

  223. Brian says:

    Before you start calling people stupid, you should think about what we’re talking about.

    So you’re telling me it’s Sporting Kansas City Soccer Club? Yeah I don’t think so.

    I’m confused as to what the SC stands for and how it fits into the name.

    Ives’s post says the name is Sporting Kansas City. You see a SC in there?

    My guess is it is either Sporting Club Kansas City. Or Kansas City Sporting Club. I prefer the latter

  224. jmadsen says:

    bring back “The Whiz”!

  225. Kevin_Amold says:

    Red, you sound like a big crybaby. Teams all over the world emulate other areas. There is a rangers in Chile, an everton in Chile, an Arsenal somewhere in Argentina.

    1) Who says Real has to mean ordained by a monarch? It means royal. I mean, since we should be different, I wouldn’t interpret it to be exactly as it’s used in Spain.

    2) Get commercials out? Listen, if your club exists due to a commercial entity, you shouldn’t be too picky about its name. Don’t like it? Tough.

    3)Sporting KC, where are the other sports? What are you talking about?

    4)I’ll admit, I never liked Chivas USA, but it’s not the dumbest thing in the world, establish an American branch of probably the most popular club in mexico, whose borders are close by.

    5)FC Dallas, why can’t we call it football if we want?

    These people afraid of European influence would like to dictate every aspect of MLS, from allowing players like Donovan to leave, right down to the names of the very teams themselves. Get a grip. Or even better, get some of your little buddies together, buy a team, and then have your little beacon of soccer, free of influence from anywhere outside the United States. I’m as patriotic as they come, but this bunker mentality is just stupid, especially about things like club names….

  226. ChadC says:

    I like the rapids, name and logo. I like the whitecaps and timbers and sounders, names and logos. I like nods to the location and locale, to the history. I think it adds some heart to the organization. That said, I am fine with any team that wants to go the generic route, and certainly if any logo in the MLS needed to change it was Kansas City’s, which was very plain.

    That’s probably how this started for KC, trying to make an interesting logo and realizing that anything they did looked corny. What were they going to do? Put a magic wand in there? A merlin cap? I would have preferred a rebranding to something like Bison, or some badass synonym for Wind, if exists such a thing. But okay, Sporting Club, which is a club that sports…sports logos more generic than their name. Woah, sorry, I am not trying to be a snark.

    I obviously feel like the logo needs some serious work. So much, in fact, that I highly doubt this is the final version. I don’t even get it. Like, I’m sure the lines on the left must mean something, because they certainly can’t be there for aesthetics. I would waste more of my time speculating, but we’ll know tomorrow.

    So, to me, one of the most intelligent and level-headed men currently living, the name is fine but the logo is no step forward. I suppose change for change’s sake is sometimes good, but since I am not really a concerned party, I can’t say in this instance.

  227. Seriously says:

    Maybe you should re-look at baseball in other countries. They may use the same rules (not all) but their teams and fans are vastly different than what we have here. Here is about the only place that so many people that love the sport that is thrown on the back-burner by most, feel we have to be like the Euros to be successful. Grow up people, or better yet move out of America, I’m tired of you Europeans.

  228. Seriously says:


  229. Seriously says:

    You someone born in Canada invented basketball, it wasn’t Canadians. It was invented in America for American’s by a Naturalized American. He just happened to be born in Canada.

  230. Seriously says:

    Yeah you sound REAL patriotic, you’re just another Euro-poser.

  231. Seriously says:


  232. MiamiFCduros says:

    COOL in Espanol Los Hechiceros Lame in English but better than the Wiz and that rainbow

  233. Seriously says:

    Yeah that’s the problem retard. Maybe people in America should just grow a pair and support their own damned league? Then maybe our Nats would be able to rise up because more money could be pumped into the league and youth development… That’s too much to ask though. Its too hard to quit watching your teams which you have ZERO connection to isn’t it. Why must so many “soccer” fans here be like Alabama fans? Never been to the school never seen the place yet I’ll run to Walmart and buy a damn t-shirt for ’em by God. This is AMERICA, lets be AMERICAN. Bunch of little punks.

  234. A says:

    Is it going to be Sporting Club Kansas City, or just Sporting Kansas City. Beacuse why would the logo have the “SC” sign, if the word Club isnt in the name? Should have a “KC” sign, and remove the words Kansas City from the top

  235. john says:

    i was hoping for KANSAS CITY CITY.

    i hate the name. whats wrong with KC WIZARDS?

    MLS is trying too hard to be european.

  236. john says:

    change the logo but not the name.

  237. noploplease says:

    but its not the same… West Bromwich Albion Sparrows or Manchester United Red Devils are not “Official Names” they’re nick-names… Kansas City Wizards is an official name and an awful one. Now Sporting KC with the nick name Wizards is cool with me but thats not how we do it in the US apparently.

  238. Ben says:

    I am surprised no one has tried to describe an MLS team with correct descriptions. You know, say… “Kansas City Soccer Franchise.” KC S.F. not saying its great, or even good, but it is accurate and I do like letters more than mascots for soccer teams.

    It is just a thought, oh and you guys forgot “Borussia” as part of a name.

  239. Brent McD. says:

    almost as good as this one:
    link to

  240. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    The interlocking “SC” looks like two worms — or two sperm! This is cheap and unimaginative. It says nothing about soccer or Kansas City. It’s just a ripoff of the conference crests (which we really don’t need, either). Has there been a decent crest developed over the past five or so years that shows some imagination or bears some resemblence either to the team or the city? FC Dallas comes to mind but other than that….

  241. TBE says:

    I’m sorry, but I guess I’m not following how Sporting Kansas City would be a detriment to their brand and how it harms their commercial appeal. Either the folks of KC support their team or they don’t.

  242. Invncbl says:

    I never liked the name Wizards. Bullets was always better. o, wait…..

  243. Neruda says:

    The name change will make a negligible difference to the fans and for KC in general.

    It’s the mark that doesn’t work. In fact this shield (if indeed is the final team shield) makes RSL’s look like pure genius. Major problem is that it reads Kansas City Sporting. Lot’s of gradients and shadows but little apparent meaning (unless some KC residents want to enlighten me). Why SC and not KC? This is real amateurish.

  244. Neruda says:

    Seattle, Toronto, Phili, Vancouver, Portland. These teams crests do represent a cities or teams history (from NASL to USL). Phili for example with the OG “Don’t tread on me” snake is a brilliant example of incorporating a cities history.

  245. Lane says:


  246. Joe in Indianapolis says:

    Don’t forget Johnny Depp and Hunter Thompson. Both born in the bluegrass state.

  247. cam5131 says:

    Just because KC is getting their own stadium doesn’t give them an excuse to take some European-sounding name. It just seems like they’re trying too hard. What is so terrible about the Wizards?

  248. Joamiq says:

    Good move. Name and logo were silly. No more Wiz jokes. Crest looks fairly decent.

  249. Tim M. says:

    Jesus SBI, a man can throw out a rumor before you report it first?

  250. Eurosnob says:

    LetBeUS, I am not against originality or picking uniquely American names for MLS teams – my point is that mls teams have not been very successful at coming up with good original names and, therefore, using time tested names from other countries is not a bad thing. I don’t think that DC United lost many fans by using “United” in its name. By the way, the lack of originality did not hurt EPL, which currently has three teams with United in their respective names, Manchester, Newcastle and West Ham. La Liga has two Reals. Sporting is a name of teams that play in the top divisions in Portugal and Spain. Dynamo is used by teams in Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Belarus, Georgia, the United States and probably several other countries that I missed. Using a name that is also used by another team in another country does not alienate the majority of fans. In fact, European soccer brands are quite marketable here in the US. The stadiums fill up when Real, Manchester United, Barcelona come here for friendlies. I work with several die-hard fans of Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid and all were born and raised here in the US by American parents.

  251. Eurosnob says:

    Dustyn, there is a big difference between the nickname and official name of the team. Do Sheffield Wednesday players wear Wizards name on their jerseys when they take the field?

  252. Eurosnob says:

    This debate is getting silly. Next thing people will start suggesting that we should rename New York, New Orleans, New Jersey, New Mexico, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, San Jose, El Paso, Phoenix, San Francisco, and hundreds of other places in this country because their names are not patriotic enough due to their foreign origins.

  253. Giggsy says:

    let’s face it, Wiz/ards was a very bad marketing snafu from the early days of MLS. the only thing it had going for it was that it had been around 15 years. not a very high bar.

    i completely understand OnGoal wanting to rebrand in a direction that would be more serious (ie not related to the occult or harry potter) and allow for a better visual palette (the branding iconography associated with wizardry is pretty limiting).

    but Sporting KC Soccer Club? that is almost worse for trying too hard. look around the league. there are literally TONS of teams that managed to pick a name that adheres to the more American Tradition of City/Region + Nickname but did so in a way that sought and succesfully captured some local flavour/history/culture. Union, Fire, Crew (working class city, working class team), Sounders, Timbers, Whitecaps, etc. even those teams that went basic FC or United aren’t that bad. it is only the complete poser names Chivas, Real, Sporting that really fall flat.

    what would be wrong with Kansas City Pioneers? Kansas City Blues? Kansas City Scouts? Locomotive Kansas City (a nod to the importance of the Railroad thru the entire development of KC and something that could make Europosers proud)?

    i mean literally anything is almost better and more meaningful than Sporting. even just Kansas City FC would have been better.

    and that logo is probably the worst piece of design work i have ever seen. if they paid somebody for that they should demand a refund. the font’s are terrible, the forced perspective is terrible and off putting, the emphasis on SC is baffling, the relegation of Kansas City to irrelevance is just stupid, containing no homage or nod to the history of the club by not including 1996/96 somewhere is idiotic, and the amount of drop shadowing is frankly sickening plus the whole thing screams WE DESIGNED THIS ON A COMPUTER, NO ARTIST WAS USED IN THE RENDERING OF THIS CREST.

    when will MLS teams learn. if you want a new logo or redesigned logo don’t go hire some inbreds from Mississippi that specialize in fantasy basketball team logos (hello Timbers) or get your college intern with a basic understanding of Powerpoint (hello Sporting KC Soccer Club) to do it. call the Philadelphia Union, ask them for the number of the design firm that did their crest and F**KING HIRE THEM!

  254. Chris H says:

    Don’t the intertwined letters on the crest say “SC”? I’m not seeing a K in there. MLS team logos are usually designed better than that. Guess we’ll find out.

  255. Graham says:

    I’m ok with Sporting KC as long as the sporting part means they will add a rugby team to the fold or something.

  256. Giggsy says:

    actually there is a huge push to ditch their universally regarded as terrible logo and name and go back to being the Bullets. even the owner has recently stated that it is something he is very much considering.

  257. nobody beats it, nobody says:

    kc already changed their name once. they were called the wiz when mls started. who cares if they change it again.

  258. RLW2020 says:

    wow it must have taken about five minutes of laziness and bad ideas to “re-brand” KC’s team.

  259. cencalifutbol says:

    my morning jacket is numero uno

  260. KevDC says:

    “Retard”? Seriously?

    Ives, are we putting the children at the grown-ups table again?

  261. KevDC says:

    Wow. You’d think they were going to make the supporters sing in Portuguese with all the over-the-top whining going on here.

    Sporting KC is better than Wizards. Too Euro? Who cares.

    How about focusing on issues that matter?

  262. Leonardo says:

    Kansas City…
    1. “Bleeding Kansans”
    2. “Abolitionists”
    3. “Buffalo”
    4. “Jayhawks” and get players from the college system
    5. “Squatters”
    6. “Cyclone”
    7. “Grasshoppers”

  263. I mean the logo is alright … but so is the current one. Actually, no, I don’t really like it. I was just trying to be nice in case KC fans get stuck with that. Is the name ‘Wizards’ going to receive any nominations for The Most Badazz Team Name Award? Probably not. However, as a new supporter this season, and as someone trying to help promote the MLS in the US and Canada, I am not a fan of “Sporting” … not at all. Not one bit. I would have gone for “FC” because I see the league’s inevitable push to connect Our game with that of the Euros, but not Sporting … please. Pretty please? Visit for MLS, AHL, UFL, CFL, and NCAAF news and follow us on twitter at @TeamRisingSun – would love the feedback on the #bignewsforKC, this rebranding, our opinion here, or that of yours/others. ~ Go KC Whatevers!

  264. JoeW says:

    Actually, the late Gordon Bradley started a fund drive before MLS to start a professional soccer team in Washington. Everyone who contributed money would be a share-holder. He said the team would be called Washington United. When MLS came around, Kevin Payne decided (correctly) that no native of the area refers to it as “Washington”–that’s what outsiders and politicians call this place. So the name became “DC United”.

    So no, no attempt to emulate Euro glitz (which is kind of funny you’d even assume that since DC United as really been more of a latin/hispanic franchise from the git-go: from the barra brava, to requesting Etcheverry as an allocated player vs. Donadoni or some other euro star).

  265. Matt in Detroit says:

    I hate copying euro-trash traditions. Making sucking up gestures to foreigners rarely elicits a positive response.

    Granted, the Wizards isn’t the best name. I think it was a half-assed response to the initially worse “WIZ”.

    I think the logo is fine but this is really an exercise in futility. At least is isn’t “Real” or “Futbal club”.

  266. Bobby says:

    Honestly, they should’ve just stayed “The Wiz.” Why the need to continually emulate European names is a travesty to American Soccer. This is one of the problems with US Soccer…we’re trying to be something we’re not. We’re not England, we’re not Italy, we’re not Spain…So let’s STOP trying to name our teams like them with the idea that maybe they’ll play up to their namesake. Let’s keep American Soccer American and grow our own version of the sport, our own style of play, our own…OURS, not England’s or Italy’s or whoever else’s, but OURS! Go USA!

  267. yankiboy says:

    Nice to see someone lighten the heck up in the thread.

  268. yankiboy says:

    Dude made a good point.

  269. Mike says:

    Wizards was the worst name in professional sports! It was a much needed change. Now we just need the New England to change almost everything about their club and Chivas to either go away or become Chivas of LA or LA AZTECS.

  270. Red says:


    Do you take ANY of those copycat teams seriously? It further emphasizes my point that originality is taken seriously. Why can’t we be like the New York Cosmos which caused a South African club to copy them? Instead we are Jomo Cosmos which copied the Cosmos.

    When the Sounders, Whitecaps, Timbers and New York Cosmos all have the best fans in MLS (which will happen entirely by 2013), you’ll see it has to do with identity over sounding more European. I’m not promoting NASL names, simply stating that those NASL names have connected with their fanbases.

    It’s because I see a day that Real Salt Lake could be compared to Real Madrid (well maybe Atletico) and that’s the reason I want them to be original. No one complains about the Cosmos name, a stupid American named drawn from the Mets (Metropolitans vs. Cosmopolitan). And that’s the point. Those franchise already created a brand. They didn’t steal it.

    I love MLS and that’s why I care.

  271. Red says:

    And when the New York Cosmos takes on EPL teams during their first few years, no one will think they’re playing their bigger brother. That will happen every time Real Salt Lake plays Real Madrid, or Chivas USA vs. Guadalajara.

    At least let me be happy that Arsenal Colorado never materialized

  272. The Test says:

    How I can live with this: Switch cities, too.

    Sporting Salt Lake sounds pretty good.

    Real Kansas City works in a city with a baseball team called the Royals.

    Boom! Fixed! Done!

  273. Seriously? says:

    Troy, what do you mean by our version of baseball, what other versions are there? And we, like the rest of the world, all play soccer by the same rules. Also, what exactly do you mean by “modern”. The Brits may have invented the sport, but then countries took the sport and made it their own. The Brits weren’t the ones who came up with the World Cup or international club competitions. The Brits then refused to take part in such things at first, we actually played in a World Cup before they did, and perhaps you’ve heard what happened to England the first time they deigned to attend the event.

    It’s always amazed me how back when the US was emerging into the world soccer scene back in the early 90’s, Americans used to love to make fun of how bad the English were at the game, yet then turn around and tell every other American that we have to copy the English. Other countries seem to think it’s ok to use their own sporting terms and such, but our regular, non-specific terms are somehow inferior, and shameful to use. I’ve just never understood this attitude.

  274. josh says:

    While I don’t think MLS should feel the need to try to copy the Europeans on everything, they should take a page out of their book with the team names. Example: Toronto FC,the new KC Sporting Club, etc.
    Its not football, or basketball, I’m not hating on having team names like the “Eagles” or the “Vikings”, its just not soccer.

    I wish NY would go with NY FC instead of the freaking Red Bulls, but you know, sponsorships and such…

  275. sciroccer says:

    I agree. I think teams should try to find something specific to their location. Kansas / Wizard of Oz? that’s a stretch though. LA Galaxy/Hollywood stars? not much better. I do like the logo and name better, but the european stuff does’nt make me think of KC. Spoken from a Real Salt Lake fan, still wish RSL would’ve been named “The Wasatch Front” and Houston would’ve stuck with “1846” or whatever that was?

    Good job KC for finally ditching that name, it was one of the worst. And not that any of you care, but heres my opinion of MLS names.


    Dynamo- european/Kiev thing or not it sounds stupid

    Earthquakes- little league name

    Crapids- a lot of cities have rivers

    Real- UT isn’t royal,or in Spain

    LA & KC (old) see pargraph above

    Toronto FC- all clubs are FC!

    Dallas-see Toronto

    Chivas- don’t care who owner is this isn’t Mexico!

    Red Bull- seriously? What’s next Budweiser LA?

    Whitecaps- waves, or Mountain peaks???


    N.E.Revolution- American History

    Union- see CREW, and REVs reasons

    Columbus Crew- Blue collar workers/rust belt

    DC United- United States Capital

    Sounders- sounds cool/fits area

    Timbers- see Sounders

    Chicago Fire- the big fire

    Impact- aggressive/forceful

    Sporting is an improvment. Good going KC

  276. sciroccer says:

    YES not offical names- Like the Hoops in Dallas Texas!

  277. sciroccer says: