MLS Cup Final: Match Night Commentary


The Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas are meeting tonight in the MLS Cup Final at BMO Field in Toronto (8:30pm, ESPN).

The Rapids come in having qualified through the Eastern Conference, while FC Dallas battled through the brutally tough Western Conference to secure its first berth in the MLS Cup Final.

I will be providing commentary throughout the night so please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's commentary is after the jump):


FINAL- That's all for me. Thanks for following along tonight and be sure to look out for our extensive post-game coverage of MLS Cup on SBI. 


FINAL– It wasn't pretty by any means, but Colorado had more heart and simply did enough to win. Two ugly goals but a lot of tough soccer. Dallas had plenty of chances, but couldn't deliver the win it was expected to. 


FINAL– Colorado 2, FC Dallas 1. The Rapids are your 2010 MLS Cup champions. No, I didn't see that one coming. Not many people did. 


124th Minute– WOW, Cunningham has a shot cleared off the line by Moor. WOW.


123rd Minute– OFFSIDE stops Dallas. WOW, frantic ending here.


122nd Minute– three minutes of stoppage time running out now.


121st Minute– SAVE PICKENS!!! John shot saved. WOW. What a play to dive to his right and make the right-handed stop.


120th Minute– Dallas has a corner cleared. One minute left.


119th Minute– Pickens with a fairly easy save as Dallas is running out of time.


118th Minute– Casey and John with a nasty collision as John headed Casey's face. Casey is up but he looks dazed.


115th Minute– IHEMELU HIGH!!! Wow, what a clear look for Ihemelu, who shanked a pass from Ferreira. Golden chance wasted.


113th Minute– Colorado is down a man but looking pretty good considering.

Conor Casey is the man of the match right now. Scored the first, helped set up the second, committed about 10 fouls.


112th Minute– Kandji has been carried to the locker room and Dallas will finish this game a man up on 10-man Colorado.


11th Minute– Colorado is out of subs, meaning they'll be down a man if Kandji can't recover. He's on th sideline testing out the leg. 


110th Minute– Kandji is injured and carried off, but not before Dallas players rip him for feigning injury.


109th Minute– That's an own goal. Kandji's attempted cross deflected off George John and beat Hartman. TOUGH. 


108th Minute- GOAL RAPIDS!!!! And it's Macoumba Kandji with the finish!!! Wow. What a move to get free and beat Hartman. WOW. Rapids up 2-1.


106th Minute– We're underway again.


OVERTIME HALFTIME– Still 1-1. Fifteen more minutes to go before PKs, unless someone scores. 


105th Minute– Avila is in for Chavez.


105th Minute– Are we looking at a second-straight PK shootout in the MLS Cup Final? I really hope not.


103rd Minute– Thanks to all of you who have followed tonight, and have followed SBI's extensive MLS Cup coverage all weekend. Special thanks to SBI staff writers Avi Creditor, Adam Serrano, Travis Clark and Jose Romero for coming to Toronto and kicking ass.


101st Minute– Colorado looking better right now. Is Dallas running out of gas?


100th Minute– Kandji playing in his second MLS Cup Final in three seasons (with NY in 2008). Will he be on the winning end this time?


98th Minute– Mac Kandji is in for Omar Cummings. Kandji is a tricky player, and he made his PK against Columbus.


96th Minute– Colorado has Drew Moor at left back now, with Baudet in central defense. Moor can deliver a good cross so look out for him.


94th Minute– If it goes to PKs, you have to like Hartman's chances over Pickens.


91st Minute– Overtime is underway. Who delivers the winner?


END OF REGULATION– FC Dallas 1, Colorado 1. We're headed for overtime. 


92nd Minute– Julien Baudet is on for Anthony Wallace.


90th Minute– We look headed for a 30-minute overtime.

Two minutes of stoppage time. 


85th Minute– Frantic moments in Colorado's penalty area as Dallas looks for a winner. Has shot blocked and cleared. 


84th Minute– And Conor Casey finally gets a yellow after he and Benitez go at it again.

Gotta give Daniel Hernandez credit for playing on a bad knee. He's not moving well now, but still delivering good passes.


81st Minute– Marvin Chavez is off the field, not sure if it's cramps or what. He's on the sidelines and Dallas are a man down for now. He ran back on the field.


75th Minute– Wynne called for the foul and is lucky not to get a yellow for dissent. I rip MLS refs all the time but I don't have a problem with Toledo tonight. He's been solid.


73rd Minute– Dallas on the attack again, with a shot blocked by Larentowicz. BIG BLOCK. Dangerous moments for Colorado there. Dallas showing more life now.


66th Minute– Harris on the right and Chavez on the left for Dallas now, with Cunningham and Ferreira working up top. Will Colorado be able to cope with the changes?


64th Minute– Jeff Cunningham comes in for Brek Shea and a round of boos ring out at BMO Field. Classic.


63rd Minute– SAVE HARTMAN!!! Diving stop on a Larentowicz free kick blast. WOW, what a clutch stop.


61st Minute– Some handbags after Casey hit Hernandez with a hard foul. Hernandez doesn't take that stuff. Still surprised Casey fouled Hernandez AND McCarty and gets no card.


59th Minute– At what point does Hyndman consider putting in Cunningham?


57th Minute– The play started with a poor clearance by Loyd, which found Smith, who whipped in a cross to Casey. Hartman came out but lost the ball and Casey pounced. Here we go. 


56th Minute- GOAL RAPIDS!!!! It's Casey with the finish off a spilled ball from Pickens. WE ARE TIED!!


55th Minute– Still waiting for Colorado to take it to Dallas. Right now you'd think the game was still tied the way the Rapids look.


53rd Minute– Shanked clearance by Pickens leads to corner. Get the feeling Dallas could find a second goal real soon here.


51st Minute– Jamie Smith with a yellow card for Colorado.  Tough challenge there on McCarty.


46th Minute– We're back.


HALFTIME– FC Dallas 1, Rapids 0. Not the prettiest half of soccer, but a beautiful goal on a cold night and now Colorado will be forced to go after it in the second half, which could lead to a more wide-open match against a Dallas team that is simply incapable of bunkering down. 


45th Minute– Casey and John with a HARD clash. Both go down but both are up now.


44th Minute– SAVE PICKENS on a HARD Chavez blast from distance. Great shot and tough save.


42nd Minute– Dallas corner.


40th Minute– Wallace with a yellow card for a foul. Might force him to slow down.


38th Minute– Colorado will be forced to attack more now, which should open the game up, though the Rapids will surely be patience. No panic from them, but Dallas only knows how to attack and will keep on coming.


37th Minute– What a long pass from Benitez to Chavez across the field, and the speedy winger finds the space for a whipped cross and Ferreira showed why he's MLS MVP with a classy finish.

WHOA, Rapids nearly respond with a shot from Cummings.


35th Minute- GOAL DALLAS!!!! And it's David Ferreira with the finish off a great cross from Chavez. Wow, what a great cross and volley finish. DALLAS 1, RAPIDS 0.


33rd Minute– Zach Loyd is coming in for Jackson Goncalves, who is hurt. Loyd is a rookie who's a strong and athletic defender, though not as dangerous going forward.


31st Minute– Harris earns a corner for Dallas after Wallace did well to hold up Chavez.


28th Minute– Rapids complain about no PK call after Casey trips over Jair Benitez. Benitez was on the ground and Casey fell over him.

What do you think folks? PK or not? Casey looked to drag his leg a bit. While it could have been called a penalty, Casey could have been called for a foul just before that.


26th Minute– Yes, it was probably wishful thinking to believe we'd get four goals today. It's a tough, battling game. Dallas is at least starting to wake up a bit offensively.


20th Minute– Still waiting for Dallas' dynamic attack to show up. You really get the sense the cold weather has them a bit bothered. Rapids look more comfortable right now.

Dallas corner.


18th Minute– Wallace looks sharp tonight. You can tell he's excited to face his old team in a final.

David Ferreira gets up slowly after a clash with Patt Pickens. Dallas whips an in-swinger into the area but Brek Shea can't connect on an open volley.


16th Minute– Wynne with a nice step up to halt a Dallas foray into the area. Rapids look a bit more confident and aggressive right now.


14th Minute– BMO Field is suffering a bit from Red BullArena-itis, plenty of empty seats on big stadium logo area, but more filled out elsewhere. It's not packed to the gills, but still a good turnout considering the circumstances.


12th Minute– Larentowicz is off to a strong start, while McCarty is also buzzing around for Dallas.You also can see why Atiba Harris makes thing tough for defenders. He's not a great attacking threat, but he's always buzzing and going in hard on challenges of defenders.

Casey fouls Hernandez for a free kick near midfield.


9th Minute– Colorado looks better early on, though neither team has really gotten going yet. The teams look like they're trying to warm up right now.The wind is making it MUCH colder than the temp reading.


8th Minute– HARTMAN SAVE, a rather easy stop of a Mullan shot for Hartman's first real test.


3rd Minute– Baldomero Toledo is your ref today, meaning we will see a tightly called match, though not outrageous cards. Larentowicz already took Toledo out early on so maybe that sends a message to Toledo to call it loosely.


1st Minute- We're off and Atiba Harris sends a header just wide only seconds into the match. 


PRE-GAME– If you're following along tonight, please let me know and tell me where you're following from.


PRE-GAME– There is a GREAT crowd for this game tonight. Toronto FC fans deserve all the credit in the world tonight. They came out and represented Toronto well. Could very have easily stayed away after another disappointing season for TFC.


PRE-GAME– Teams are taking the field. Anthems are coming up. Crowd is filling out nicely.


PRE-GAME– Who does everybody have winning tonight? I have picked FC Dallas to win, 3-1. Here are the rest of the SBI predictions:

Avi Creditor- FC Dallas, 2-1

Travis Clark- FC Dallas 3-1

Adam Serrano- Colorado Rapids, 2-1

Jose Romero- FC Dallas, 1-0


PRE-GAME– Can Colorado contain David Ferreira? Will Dallas' defense be able to stop Omar Cummings? Those questions will determine the outcome tonight.


PRE-GAME– Tonight's match set for 8:55pm kickoff, so we've still got some time to kill.


PRE-GAME– BMO Field is filling out, with lots of fans in black. Not sure if that's a protest move or if that's just the color of choice when it's too cold to feel your face and hands.




PRE-GAME– Jamie Smith in the lineup over Wells Thompson. No other real surprises. Dallas goes with Harris over Cunningham again.


PRE-GAME– Heath Pearce is not in uniform tonight. He said he felt fine in fitness tests but Dallas chose to use the roster spot elsewhere. With Zach Loyd providing cover, Dallas has some options at right back. Still a shame considering the strong year Pearce had.


PRE-GAME– Here are the starting lineups:














PRE-GAME– Good evening everybody. Thanks for following along tonight. Here's hoping for an entertaining game.


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259 Responses to MLS Cup Final: Match Night Commentary

  1. Mark says:

    10 teams in playoffs? Come on. They just made the regular season even more irrelevant.

  2. Scott A says:

    Which seems more natural…defending 2010 MLS Champions Colorado Rapids or defending MLS 2010 Champions FC Dallas? Hmm the former struck a more natural-sounding tone, so that’s what I’m going to go with.

  3. Dominghosa says:

    Let’s do this.

  4. Troy says:

    anyone have a good feed?

  5. Isaac says:

    Ives, the fans are wearing black because the color black absorbs more heat, if I’m not mistaken.

    Or is that what you meant by the second part of that post.

  6. Isaac says:

    … couldn’t just flip a coin?

  7. Cheechoomi says:

    Why in the hell isn’t this game being played in the Rogers Centre (SkyDome)? WTF?

  8. Mark says:

    Should have kept 8 teams in playoffs. 4 from each conference, but the conferences should face off in first round of playoffs. 1E vs. 4W, etc.

  9. jonk says:

    Espn3 if you’ve got the right internet provider…

  10. jonk says:

    Am I correct that the temperature in Toronto is in the low 40s (with a windchill in the upper 30s)? I do believe that is not “Freezing.” Anyway, given all the hand wringing leading up to this game, I’d say that’s pretty dang good.

  11. WeatherManNX01 says:

    Or just do a straight seeding 1-8 and screw the conferences. I don’t mind the conferences for scheduling purposes, but if they don’t want a repeat of this year, then don’t do the playoffs by conference. Adding two teams doesn’t reduce the chances of a more-deserving team being left out. I don’t see how people are making this out to be rocket science.

    Also, no developed league (I’m looking at you, NBA and NHL) should have more than half of its teams in the playoffs. That kinda defeats the purpose of a regular season.

  12. WeatherManNX01 says:

    Because it’s not an MLS facility?

  13. PetedeLA says:

    Why are we so obsessed with goalkeeping in this country?

  14. Isaac says:

    Because the degree of our athleticism makes that position our best.

  15. Dominghosa says:

    Both teams have momentum, but FC Dallas more so. I’ll go FC Dallas, 2-1.

  16. Tim M. says:

    FC Dallas all the way!

    3-0 & Mastro gets sent off in 60th minute.

  17. Alexandria says:

    I don’t mind the 10 teams in that means the winner of the confrence gets a first round bye, or even is automatically in the confrence final, isn’t that what everyone wanted?

  18. Second City says:

    Any idea why they went back to the crappy/cheap looking silver ball we used last year for the final ?

  19. Mark says:

    Great turnout? A lot of empty seats from my vantage point.

  20. g-dub says:

    Following from Seattle

  21. Brent McD. says:

    think it’s safe to say colorado has the wind in the first half. used to hate playing in these kind of conditions :)

  22. Alexandria says:

    Jackson is the only question mark for me

  23. Andrew says:

    Following from St. Louis

  24. ec says:

    Following from Durham, NC

  25. Chris says:

    Following from Austin, TX

  26. RB says:

    Wow, no crowd there at all and already such a boring game, with no chances, no energy. Let’s all switch over to Sunday night NFL action, shall we?

  27. Second City says:

    Those commenting on the turnout: what do you think of awarding the highest seed remaining host of MLS Cup?

    At least it add some more value to your season point total in Tue table.

  28. Brent McD. says:

    seeya, troll

  29. Mark says:

    I don’t mind the neutral site game. It gives me and my peeps an excuse for a men’s weekend away. Couldn’t do it this year, but we’ve been to more than half of the mls cup finals.

  30. Brent McD. says:

    No mention of Heath Pearce — guessing he is not fit to play?

  31. RB says:

    Were you one of the whiners?

    It’s called sarcasm…

  32. Joamiq says:

    I don’t know, but I’m not a fan.

  33. dena says:

    Larentowicz has started well.

  34. ec says:

    I think it’s the best option until MLS grows more. Having a great atmosphere should be priority #1. I watch a ton of games and buy the online game package, but can’t imagine traveling cross country to see the MLS Cup, never considered it.

  35. Richard says:

    I hate how ESPN’s microphones are trying amplify the 2 supporters groups… Just sounds dumb! If there goal was to make it seem like there is such an intense atmosphere, they failed! Which also means there actually is no atmosphere there…

  36. ec says:

    Definitely. And with Pablo creating the game’s only chance with his thru ball, gotta say better start for COL

  37. Brent McD. says:

    Yes, the league is not yet ready for neutral site — need to grow the fanbase more

  38. Joamiq says:

    16 minutes in, my prediction remains 1-0 to FCD

  39. RB says:

    Dunno how the logistics of sales go, but otherwise, great idea.

  40. Frank says:

    Anthony Wallace looking like his old U-20 captain self so far. Great to see

  41. aristotle61 says:

    Yes, it’s cliche to say the game needs a goal, but I think this game will improve dramatically if someone scores.

  42. ec says:

    Classic goof, the offsides on the short corner…

    This game needs a boost, maybe Hyndman can show off his ability to take a kick to the jewels and inspire the players to man up

  43. aristotle61 says:

    Gary Smith made some savvy player moves to improve Colorado by picking up Anthony Wallace and Drew Moor from Dallas, and getting Brian Mullan from Houston. I don’t know what Houston was thinking.

  44. bandeeto says:

    Because without Hartmans performance in Utah RSL goes through to clobber LA rather than FC Dallas. I was at the game. Several shots should have gone through. Hartmans toe poke save stands out as the most glaring example. This year Hartman is as important to Dallas playoff run as Fereira, IMHO.

  45. Brent McD. says:

    note: sarcasm doesn’t always translate well to an online message board

  46. john.q says:

    yikes this game has been UGLY so far. almost a frantic pace to the game so far. where did the midfield’s go?

  47. Joamiq says:

    Toledo is on the cusp of letting this game get out of hand.

  48. Alexandria says:

    wow, dive… what a dive.

  49. Brent McD. says:

    Houston was thinking Mullan was going to be out of contract. And they picked up Colin Clark, a talented player 6 years younger who will hopefully come back strong from injury.

    I know Kinnear and the Houston fans hated to lose Mullan, but the Dynamo need to rebuild, get younger, faster, etc.

  50. Joamiq says:

    Jeez, that was like once, twice, three times a penalty

  51. aristotle61 says:

    That may have been a foul on Casey, but I’m glad it wasn’t called because Casey fouled Benitez first by grabbing his arm and dragging him down. That should have been called first. I don’t know why the announcers are not even mentioning that.

  52. Smacking says:

    If any thing, I think it should have been against Casey for pulling the judo flip

  53. aristotle61 says:

    I guess, but it’s been pretty ugly in the short term.

  54. Brent McD. says:

    you gotta love that playoff beard on Matt Pickens

  55. aristotle61 says:

    Exactly. I wonder if that wasn’t part of the ref’s thinking.

  56. ec says:

    I’m shocked how many people don’t think that was a penalty. I think it should have been a PK, both because it was, and for the game

  57. Eric says:

    So are we all in agreement that there should have been a whistle for something on that play?

  58. PetedeLA says:


    Yes, he dove slightly– dragging his second leg to embellish the foul.

    But yes, I think it should have been a penalty.

    You can’t scissor kick in the box.

  59. Andrew says:

    Good pace to the game but neither team seems to have settled.

  60. aristotle61 says:

    It’s not that it wasn’t a penalty, but Casey fouled Benitez first by dragging him down to allow himself to try and run around him.

  61. Second City says:

    Harris is garbage.

    Bring on Cummings

  62. aristotle61 says:

    Dallas needs to get their Brazil game going. It’s great to watch.

  63. aristotle61 says:

    There it is!

  64. Brent McD. says:

    beautiful service. nice goal! Ferreira MVP

  65. ec says:

    I can accept that Casey fell over while fouling much more than the idea it was a dive.

  66. aristotle61 says:

    Fantastic goal all the way around.

  67. Alexandria says:

    Beautiful… horrible marking by colorado. This game is about to open up.

  68. aristotle61 says:

    Now we’ve got a game.

  69. Second City says:

    Ferreira is a beast – soon to be FCD’s new DP?
    He’s out of contract at years end right?

  70. Smacking says:

    Wow..Great ball!!! Let’s hope this brings the game to life

  71. ec says:

    Really good goal, from the cross-field pass, to the control and cross, to the finish. Nice. Game on!

  72. Joamiq says:

    I think it was a penalty before the trip/dive. Casey was being held and prevented from getting the ball.

    Anyway, beautiful goal!

  73. RB says:

    Kind of a big non-call on that penalty, now…

  74. aristotle61 says:

    Yes, Casey should have been called for dragging Benitez down. Then we wouldn’t be talking about a penalty.

  75. Joamiq says:

    I think it was a penalty even before that when Casey was being double teamed and held up.

  76. ec says:

    Ives just tweeted: “Word I’m getting here is some TFC fans did formulate a protest that consisted of them leaving just before or at kickoff. I’ll look 2 confirm”

    What?!? Are they protesting that they sucked? That they had to buy tickets?

  77. Brent McD. says:

    ouch! clash of heads with Conor Casey

  78. aristotle61 says:

    I think all of the talk about a penalty is doing a disservice to the game and is unfair to Dallas. You can’t ignore Casey strong arming Benitez to the ground first.

    If there was yet another foul before those two fouls, as Joamiq has suggested, fine, but I didn’t see that, and that would mean the ref didn’t call three consecutive fouls in a few seconds.

  79. Smacking says:

    Sure hope Ives finds out more. My initial reaction is that’s pretty low and a big slap in the face to the league on what is a very important night.

  80. aristotle61 says:

    Dallas is getting beat up. I hope they don’t lose any more players.

  81. 20 says:

    Ives can you make a separate article for Garber’s announcement that we can all complain on?

  82. Joe jaf says:

    What’s red bulls reason.

  83. Smacking says:

    I can’t believe folks were moving around the entire half, but keep us updated.

    Rapids need to settle the ball in the midfield and work the flanks if they are going to get back into it. Should be an exciting second half

  84. Paul C says:

    Anyone see Steve Goff’s tweet? “Just received an email from fan at game, ushers encouraging people to switch sides, thus making it look better on TV”

  85. ericJ says:

    Casey fouls Jair, Benitez is dumb and TRIES to retaliate…misses casey and casey dives. Either way Mullan kicked Shea at the other end… Great goal by FCD!!!!

  86. fenel says:

    Now what i expected. This game is boring. Both teams better show up in the second half.

  87. Dominghosa says:

    Ladies and gentleman, your MLS MVP. Great run, great goal, great cross.

  88. Paul C says:

    He’s actually on loan. Heard some blogger last week saying both clubs want to make an arrangement to keep him in Dallas though.

  89. ericJ says:

    I agree. poor play in general. The crowd isnt helping though…

  90. ec says:

    At the very least, allow fans to move down and fill out the seats you can see on tv, not to mention give a tip of the cap to fans who did show up

  91. Mwing09 says:

    I dont have a problem with a neutral site game, I have a problem with Toronto. I understand that their fanbase has been very supportive of their team, but with only one team in Canada (this year) should you put it in a place where fans of both teams (most likely) have to cross a border? Put it in a place where you know turnout will be great no matter what, and you can be fairly sure at least one team’s fans dont have to travel too far (LA, RB Arena, Columbus)

  92. RB says:

    At least it’s a balanced schedule, still…

  93. aristotle61 says:

    Finally, one of the announcers mentions the foul on Benitez by Casey! Thank you Alexi.

    I am in no way justifying the reaction of Benitez, but the reason he kind of lost it for a few seconds was out of sheer frustration at having been dragged to the ground and not getting a call.

    To keep complaining about a no call on a foul for a penalty seems pretty hypocritical if you’re willing to overlook the other no call.

  94. ec says:

    Yes… and cup finals at every level tend to be full of nerves and inherently conservative. How disappointing was the WC final?

  95. fenel says:

    This garber guy is always looking for ways to make league all about him. 10 teams in the playoffs? really?

  96. Paul C says:

    10 teams in playoffs means top 2 seeds get first round bye, guarantee it.

    They just didn’t want to shorten the playoff schedule, and provide a “bonus” for points earners.


  97. ericJ says:

    Also a good point I failed to realize. I hope the 1st half got that all out of the way.

  98. ec says:

    Wow, seriously impressed Garber is talking publicly about merging with the international calendar. I’m undecided, I still am not sure how it would affect attendance playing in the dead of winter

  99. Tony in Quakleand says:

    Ten teams in the playoffs. Absolutely the wrong thing to do.

  100. ec says:

    I was appreciating that we finally got to the point where play-off spots were tough to earn. Not thrilled to swell out the play-offs yet, maybe after a few more expansion teams.

  101. ericJ says:

    It bugs me how harkes still wont mention the fould on benetiz before hand…meh.

  102. Gouda says:

    Not very exciting news. I wanted to hear about the Cosmos being the 20th team.

  103. Alexandria says:

    Colorado has to come out flying if they want this

  104. aristotle61 says:

    Ten teams won’t be so bad once they get to twenty or more teams. It will only be for a season or two.

  105. PetedeLA says:

    “Trooper” Hernandez should have gotten a yellow for the late challenge. Bum knee or no bum knee.

  106. Second City says:

    That’s disgraceful. Must be the French in them

  107. ec says:

    More Omar Cummings, please

  108. aristotle61 says:

    Does anyone think this lousy crowd is related to sour grapes by Canada?

    Is this something we can expect all the time if we let Canada play host and there is no Canadian team in the final?

  109. zoti says:


  110. dena says:

    Can Brek Shea please report to the field?

  111. Brent McD. says:

    kind of a garbage goal, but it’s in the net. game on

  112. RB says:

    Woo hoooo! :-)

  113. Paul C says:

    I think it’s a number of factors. Grey Cup playoffs (CFL) semi-finals were tonight, there’s a huge “santa parade” in Toronto tonight (it’s trending on twitter, must be huge) and yes I think sour grapes has a bit to do with it as well.

  114. g-dub says:

    Game on Casey from his arse

  115. PetedeLA says:

    This is a great game!

  116. aristotle61 says:

    I’m not sure that’s the case. There have been plenty of neutral site MLS Cups, and none of them ended up like this fiasco.

  117. ec says:

    That’s not garbage, that’s Casey doing the dirty work! BTW, great ball in by Casey that created all the danger in the first place

  118. Seriously? says:

    because goalkeeping is very important. The position is not as impactful as a pitcher in baseball, and probably a bit less than a goalie in hockey, but a good goalkeeper can keep an inferior team in a game, more so than a single superior field player can on an otherwise so-so team.

    Also, over the course of a season, good goalkeepers will make a few spectacular looking plays, launching themselves through their are and such, which can make for a great highlight reel.

  119. zoti says:

    I guess you’ve never watched the Columbus hosted MLS Cups. Seattle was an exception last year.

  120. aristotle61 says:

    Clearly Casey is NOT a victim.

  121. aristotle61 says:

    That has to be a yellow. Probably three fouls by Casey on one play.

  122. RB says:


    Strange to say it for a guy on his butt/back, but that’s a very heads-up sort of play, to finish a heads-up sequence from the Rapids.

  123. Nick C. says:

    Sweet now BB will give Casey another call up in Jan…

    aaaannnndd…Casey just committed 3 fouls in less than 3 seconds…wow

  124. aristotle61 says:

    Hartman is unreal.

  125. Alexandria says:

    Kevin Hartman…wow

  126. Brent McD. says:


  127. ec says:

    What a strike by the Ginger! This game is definitely getting better

  128. Tony in Quakeland says:

    My nickname for Connor Casey: Big Ugly

    Not entirely without admiration, by the way. After all, how else would you describe his goal?

  129. ec says:

    Seriously. Nasty bend on that shot.

  130. Brent McD. says:

    Cunningham comes on and receives a hearty helping of boos from the classy Toronto fans

  131. Alexandria says:

    This game was to big for Shea he really needs to put in work this offseason so he can make the move overseas.

  132. JJJ says:

    Just turned on the game. What’s with the silver ball.
    Looks kinda goofy

  133. ec says:

    Glad to see Cunningham, and glad to see coaches making subs while their subs still have time to impact the game.

  134. Tony in Quakeland says:

    The guy is making no impression whatsoever on this game, played poorly in his Nats appearence, played himself out of the line up during stretches this year…what on earth makes you think he’s a canidate to play overseas?

    There are some nice things about him, but he is a non-factor in the biggest game of his club career. he has a LOT to prove first.

  135. Frank says:

    Conor Casey is playing one of the dirtier games I’ve seen in a long, long time

  136. ec says:

    Just realized Shea came off. He definitely needs to dedicate himself. Hopefully he’s a late bloomer like his BFE-Texas compatriot Dempsey, who at 20 you would never bet would be a respected EPL vet.

  137. Alexandria says:

    The same reason Kwame Brown gets drafted, potential.. Besides anyone can play overseas, i never said it would be first division soccer, but I’m pretty sure if he puts in the work he transfers overseas.

  138. DS says:

    It’s not the same ball from last year’s final – it’s a Jabulani, same as they’ve used all year and was used in the WC. They’ve used a silver ball for the last few finals – the winner gets to use it for all home games next year. World Cup went to a different design for its final this year as well (gold Jabulani).

  139. aristotle61 says:

    Seriously, it would appear Casey is free to kick anyone who comes near him. I have never seen an offensive player get away with so much.

  140. aristotle61 says:

    Chavez blew that.

  141. aristotle61 says:

    Getting choppy?

  142. Alexandria says:

    Thats twice chavez has killed a certain strike on goal.

  143. Paul C says:

    Pretty sure you could’ve said Conor Casey is playing and the rest would’ve been assumed.

  144. Tony in Quakeland says:

    But he’s not cutting it HERE. What is going to a probably inferior foreign league going to do for him?

  145. Brent McD. says:

    amazing there haven’t been more yellow cards in this game

  146. aristotle61 says:

    This is ridiculous! Dallas is being kicked out of this game!

  147. ec says:

    Good to see the MVP playing well in the Cup Final, like GBS in Columbus’ championship season (his game clinching chip to Freddy Heydude is still my favorite MLS Cup moment)

  148. aristotle61 says:

    I’m not a fan of either of these teams, but I am really starting to dislike Colorado now.

  149. aristotle61 says:

    Casey is a thug. Plain and simple. Harkes is an idiot.

  150. Smacking says:

    Colorado has been very careless with the ball. It looks like Dallas game to win, unless an impact sub can come on and make a difference.

  151. hudson says:

    Couldn’t MLS just pay some college kids to fill up the stadium? Championship matches should clearly be played at the venue of one of team with the better record or goal differential–or just have Seattle host MLS Cup every year.

  152. aristotle61 says:

    Send that as*hole off!

  153. Brent McD. says:

    Casey in the middle of another fracas. What a surprise LOL

  154. ec says:

    Wow, dangerous cut back. Dallas is looking more likely to score presently

  155. aristotle61 says:

    Thugs versus class.

  156. Seriously? says:

    I too can’t believe so many people are calling that a clear penalty, if they’ve seen the replay from the corner, sort of from over Casey’s right shoulder, assuming they’re talking about the last part of that sequence. From that angle only, you can clearly see Benitez swipe his leg under Casey’s foot but not connect, Casey then swings his foot backwards and goes down looking for a pk.

    Looking at the whole sequence: Ihemelu starts by grabbing Casey from behind when the forward receives the ball, Benitez comes over and takes the ball as Casey pushes Ihemelu away, Casey pulls Benitez back and does kind of drag him down, from the ground the defender then just angrily kicks at Casey, which could/should have been a straight red, then the Benitez seems to try to trip Casey, misses, but the forward goes down anyway.

    I’d say that the first foul might have been committed by Ihemelu, but it was the kind of borderline foul which isn’t called in the box, though might be elsewhere. Then because the ref doesn’t call the first contact, he maybe doesn’t want to then call it when there’s slightly more contact by Casey on Benitez, and after that, he’s afraid to call anything through the rest of that play.

  157. aristotle61 says:

    No justice.

  158. RB says:

    Hmm… a “disservice to the game”?

  159. PetedeLA says:


    What’s the ref doing?

  160. alexandria says:

    Ridiculous…Conor Casey is playing like a hack right now.

  161. 20 says:

    Ref is having a shocker

  162. fenel says:

    which game you’re brother? The Arsenal-Tottenham from yesterday morning?

  163. green says:

    what a joke.

  164. mike says:

    Why isn’t JP doing this game for ESPN?

  165. Brent McD. says:

    Impressed with the way Dallas drive their shots low. I get so tired of seeing players blast over the crossbar.

  166. ec says:

    Totally disagree. Letting stuff go isn’t a “shocker”, blowing obvious calls or being inconsistent is.

  167. PetedeLA says:

    “Handbags at 5 paces.”

    — Classic. Thank you, Ian!

  168. Seriously? says:

    I’m not for 10 teams in the playoffs, but I don’t see how you can say that’s Garber trying to make the league all about him? Do we know it was even his idea? I have no idea, where it came from, but if anything, I’d think it could have come from owners, wanting a better chance for their team to make the playoffs. That’s just speculation on my part though, I haven’t heard that from anywhere, but I don’t see how Garber could think that changing the number of teams would make him look better or something.

  169. Paul C says:

    Agreed, he’s having a typical MLS game, not a shocker.

  170. aristotle61 says:

    No more penalties, please!

  171. Brent McD. says:


  172. Late to comment, but I’ve been following from Virginia.

  173. Alexandria says:

    Score first and its over, I don’t like cunnigham never have, but lets hope he’s brought his scoring boots.

  174. Scott A says:

    That was sort of the point.

  175. PetedeLA says:

    I guess I just got excited with that first goal.

    I loved the play that lead up to it.

    Quality seems to have petered out after that.

    Dallas players showing a lot of skill. Don’t see much from Colorado aside from Bluto tossing people around.

  176. Seriously? says:

    just looking at the math, either the top 2 teams would have to have 2 rounds off, or the top 4 teams would have to get a bye. If just the top 2 get a bye, then in the first round 8 teams would play, 4 of those would be eliminated, and there would be 6 teams left.

    Whatever their plans are, I don’t like them. I’d prefer to see less than half the league get into the playoffs. This just makes it all the more likely that a team, or teams, with a losing record would get into the playoffs. Nobody wants to see that.

  177. green says:


  178. Alexandria says:

    Benitez sucks hard core he bypasses the midfield to much its ridiculous.

  179. RB says:

    Wow — a call that went FOR Mastroeni!

  180. ericJ says:

    He hasnt deserved any really…

  181. RB says:

    Ohhhhhh, Kandji for Cummings… Not a change that inspires confidence in Rapids fans.

    Maybe this is his chance to impress…

  182. RB says:

    No, he just hasn’t deserved several that went against him…

  183. Alexandria says:

    Tony Honestly even Robbie Findley is getting looks overseas, If he dedicates himself this summer seeing how this is the first season he actually started, I think someone will come for him, he didn’t do anything last year and Fulham where interested in im so you never know.

  184. ec says:

    I don’t understand why you pull Cummings off, either to win the game in OT or for penalties

  185. Brent McD. says:

    team playing with the wind (from right-to-left on TV) seems to have the advantage

  186. Alexandria says:

    I definetly don’t want to hear anything from TFC fans their showing tonight is horrible, on the brighter side this will be the last time MLS cup is played in BMO cause if they go to the highest seed toronto will never get it…LOL.

  187. Paul C says:

    Yeah good point.

  188. alexandria says:

    This game has died, lets go FCD.

  189. RB says:

    Darke & Harkes said he was hurt, that something had been nagging him that he couldn’t shake or something.

    Anyway, I normally agree completely but in this case, Cummings has been almost entirely shut out of the game, so…

  190. aristotle61 says:

    Dallas is going for a win? You wouldn’t know it by the first overtime period.

  191. mike says:

    The crowd, word that 10 teams will make the playoffs next season, the ref. Yikes in one night MLS has set it’s self back a few years….ugh.

  192. Tony in Quakeland says:

    As weak as Findley has been lately, he has had more club success, including a 12 goal season. And he failed to get a contract in Denmark. (So much for getting a look overseas.)

    I just think, bottom line, Shea needs to prove himself before he looks overseas. I just don’t see what he’d gain. I think it would ba big mistake for him.

  193. aristotle61 says:

    Am I the only one seeing what Casey is doing off the ball?

  194. ec says:

    Seriously. The lack of atmosphere makes it hard to remember that it’s the final. Especially when you’re half drunk…

  195. RB says:

    Kandji just equalled Cummings’ number of touches, on that sequence…

  196. Brent McD. says:

    oh no! heartbreak for dallas

  197. Dominghosa says:

    Rapids? WOW.

  198. aristotle61 says:

    Cup ruined. It’s official, even God doesn’t like MLS.

  199. RB says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha! Called it! LOL

    Hope he’s OK, but game-wise, just beautiful!

  200. sluggo271 says:

    this game is a great example of why there needs to be a single table. This game was a waste of two hours tonight. BORING!!

  201. Rocco says:

    Herein lies the flaw in this system. The whole season comes down to one own goal.

  202. aristotle61 says:

    It really sucks that you have a goalkeeper as good as Hartman and he is given no chance on both goals.

  203. aristotle61 says:

    I would rather have seen penalties.

  204. Seriously? says:

    I’d be seriously unimpressed if they really switched to a fall-winter-spring schedule. Leagues in northern Europe don’t play in the winter, why do we have to? How many people would want to go to a game in Canada, Boston, Chicago, NY, etc, in January or February? American football can be played on the ‘frozen tundra’, but how would it look to the general population, if matches were postponed due to the field being frozen, as happens sometimes in England, where the winter climate is warmer than the northern cities of North America? Would they play a light schedule those months, with games just in warmer cities? I can’t see them wanting to take a month or 2 off mid-season, that would be silly.

    Now if they’re talking about not playing games on the weeks of International games, I’d totally go for that.

  205. RB says:

    What a joke. You’re the guy complaining earlier about a disservice to the game, right? Or do I misremember?

    And incidentally, certainly no justice there, either…

  206. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Holy cow, this game has gotten even uglier. Colorado is just ugly and negative. I hope dallas scores

  207. Brent McD. says:

    of course all 3 goals have come against the wind 😛

  208. dena says:

    Worst two goals in a final ever.

  209. aristotle61 says:

    Give it a rest. We get it, you’re a Rapids fan so ANYTHING that happens in their favor is great. Some of us are objective and care more about the game than a team.

  210. ec says:

    Dallas is looking serious. And, at least Kanji showed skill to cause the own goal, people are acting like it was total buffoonery

    But the crowd leaving is a problem re: image/atmosphere

  211. aristotle61 says:

    Worst MLS Cup ever.

  212. Seriously? says:

    Well, whatever the reason, I’d say that Toronto has lost a lot of the good will they got from fans around the league for how well the team was supported when they came in a few years ago. For a town that’s supposed to have such passionate soccer fans, this is embarrassing.

  213. aristotle61 says:

    Now that Colorado is winning Casey will actually be “hurt”.

  214. RB says:


    Yes, you’re objective.

    “Cup ruined.”

    It was also very objective the way you similarly applied the “thug” label when it was a Dallas player who tried pulling a Rapids player so hurt he’s gone tithe locker room. Very objective. Thanks for that. :-)

    Yep, I’ve not hidden that I’m a Rapids fan. Nobody giving the Rapids a chance before this. Sure, it’s enjoyable. Fans get enthusiastic.

    Whatever. It’s all good…

  215. RB says:

    Give it a rest. We get it, you’re not a Rapids fan.


  216. sluggo271 says:

    I would have to agree.

    worst MLS cup ever.


    Think God it is over.

  217. RB says:

    +1 re Kandji, there

  218. Brent McD. says:

    Pickens saves the Rapids.. wow

  219. Dominghosa says:

    What a save! Pickens!!!!!

  220. ec says:

    The 2005 cup the Gals won was definitely worse, even with the nice moment for Pando Ramirez

    Props to Ferreira, he showed up to play

  221. RB says:

    More Rapids “buffoonery” there from Pickens! Wow! 😀

  222. ec says:

    See 2005

    And all Cup finals around the world are disappointing, good finals are the exception

  223. aristotle61 says:

    This ref wouldn’t call a penalty if a player pulled out a gun and shot someone.

  224. aristotle61 says:

    This is cruel!

  225. Brent McD. says:

    Dallas has definitely had some chances here at the death. Exciting finish

  226. aristotle61 says:

    No, I’m just not a fan of thugs.

  227. ShaggyReAL says:

    a nice ending….some nice action

  228. ec says:

    Seriously. It’s not the worst when we have 3 goals, the MVP playing like it, and some desperate saves at the end to preserve the end. How about that crazy clearance off the lin???

  229. What a great finish, so glad I watched the whole thing. The final ten minutes were incredibly entertaining. Congratulations to Colorado fans.

  230. PetedeLA says:

    No atmosphere. Kind of a downer.

    Some good parts to this game. But you kind of expect there to be more celebration from the fans for a “Championship”.

    MLS needs to do better.

  231. PetedeLA says:

    “Casey Connor”— Whoops!

  232. Brent McD. says:

    Casey MVP? ahahahaha
    happy for Mastroeni, long time Rapids man

  233. Joamiq says:

    Wow. Well, weak crowd, ugly nasty tackles, game winning own goal… not the best final in the league’s history. That said, there was quite a bit of excitement, and the finish sure felt like a final. Congratulations to the champions, Colorado (wow, that felt weird to say).

    And… poor George John…

  234. Sir_Knox says:

    I am so happy and proud of Mac Kandji. He played great and deserves all the credit for that goal he created.

  235. Empty Bucket says:

    lol he didn’t look too happy about that

  236. ec says:

    Ives had a great line on twitter re mvp: Did Casey foul the award presenter too?

  237. RB says:

    OK, now that _does_ seem a bit cruel to Aristotle, I must agree!

    Great save off the line by Moor, in the end. Great holding up under considerable pressure for 10+ mins of 10 men on the pitch.

    Great not to see PKs decide the final!

  238. Paul C says:

    hahahahaha MLS MVP Casey Conor.


  239. Joamiq says:

    I agree that 2005 was worse. But Toledo definitely should have called this one tighter. It got ugly.

  240. Soundersgoal says:

    Couldn’t think of a less deserving way to win than Colorado did tonight….

  241. d says:

    Parts were exciting, but overall, I thought it was a disappointment. Would rather have seen it go to penalties. Quite a bit of sloppy play, I thought Dallas looked the better team, but all the goals count. Here’s hoping for an MLS Champions league contender.

  242. Gulati knows nothing about football says:

    worst final i’ve ever seen. uninteresting teams, bad location, bad time of year, bad crowd, hoof it long football, own goal wins it. empty seats all over. At least the last few minutes where entertaining.

  243. Alexandria says:

    I only think it would be a mistake depending on the team, but like I said if he puts in the work the sky is the limit for the guy. I just see him as a one contract and done in MLS like many before him.

  244. JCP says:

    Who just introduced at BMO Field the MLS Cup MVP “Casey Conor”? Come on…

  245. Joamiq says:

    Shoulda been Pickens.

  246. Paul C says:

    Not worried about the choice, worried about the presenter presenting the trophy to “Casey Conor”…RE: Conor Casey.

  247. 20 says:

    seriously, the guy has played for USA and they let someone who knows nothing about soccer screw up his name

  248. Joamiq says:

    Oh ha. Yes, that was awkward. “Casey… Mister Casey!”

  249. Alexandria says:




  250. g-dub says:

    Love MLS but tonight was not a good showing.

  251. Alexandria says:

    You obviously didn’t watch the world cup final this year.

  252. fenel says:

    you just read my mind!

  253. Seriously? says:

    sorry, I meant that either the top 2 get two rounds off, or the top 6 would get a first round bye, and the bottom 4 would play. I’d say the latter seems the most likely, bottom 4 play, eliminate 2 teams, then you’re left with 8. Unless they have some other strange plan I can’t think of.

  254. Barcafan says:

    How do you mix up the name of the MLS Cup Final MVP?

    There was not a single redeeming quality to this game. Not one.