List of players available for MLS Expansion Draft announced

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Major League Soccer has released the names of the players protected by each of the 16 current MLS teams ahead of Wednesday's MLS Expansion Draft.

Portland and Vancouver will choose from the players left unprotected on Monday, with each MLS team in position to lose as many as two players in the expansion draft.

New York Red Bulls striker Juan Pablo Angel, Kansas City defender Jimmy Conrad, Columbus star Guillermo Barros Schelotto and FC Dallas midfielder Dax McCarty are just some of the more intriguing names on the list of available players for Wednesday's Expansion Draft.

Here is the full list of players who were left UNPROTECTED for Wednesday's Expansion Draft:

Chivas USA

Carlos Borja, Jonathan Bornstein,Chukwudi Chijindu, Rodolfo Espinoza, Maykel Galindo, Alan Gordon, Dan Kennedy, Eduardo Lillingston, Giancarlo Maldonado, Gerson Mayen, Jesus Padilla, Osael Romero, Marcelo Saragosa, Mariano Trujillo, Alex Zotinca.

Chicago Fire

Nery Castillo, Andrew Dykstra, Collins John, Krzysztof Krol, Freddie Ljungberg, Peter Lowry, Dasan Robinson, John Thorrington, Deris Umanzor.

Colorado Rapids

Andre Akpan, Quincy Amarikwa, Stewart Ceus, Ian Joyce, Ross LaBauex, Claudio Lopez, Ciaran O'Brien, Scott Palguta, Ross Schunk, Wells Thompson, Peter Vagenas, Anthony Wallace.

Columbus Crew

Eric Brunner, Kevin Burns, Jason Garey, Leandre Griffit, Andy Gruenebaum, Frankie Hejduk, Adam Moffat, Duncan Oughton, Gino Padula, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Joshua Williams.

FC Dallas

Eric Avila, Jeff Cunningham, Kyle Davies, Edson Edward, Bruno Guarda, Atiba Harris, Daniel Hernandez, Dax McCarty, Milton Rodriguez, Dario Sala, Jason Yeisley.

D.C. United

Dan Allsopp, Brandon Barklage, Adam Cristman, Jordan Graye, Pablo Hernandez, Devon McTavish, Kurt Morsink, Juan Pena, Troy Perkins, Barry Rice, Carlos Varela.

Houston Dynamo

Samuel Appiah, Corey Ashe, Ryan Cochrane, Richard Mulrooney, Joseph Ngwenya, Anthony Obodai, Dominic Oduro, Pat Onstad, Eddie Robinson.

Sporting Kansas City

Korede Aiyegbusi, Jamar Beasley, Sunil Chhetri, Jimmy Conrad, Birahim Diop, Zoltan, Hercegfalvi, Aaron Hohlbein, Nick Koenenakis, Eric Kronberg, Jonathan Leathers, Chance Myers, Shavar Thomas, Josh Wolff.

LA Galaxy

Gregg Berhalter, Alex Cazumba, Leonardo Da Silva, Bryan Jordan, Jovan Kirovski, Dema Kovalenko, Mike Magee, Yohance Marshall, Brian Perk, Josh Saunders, 

New England Revolution

Zak Boggs, Preston Burpo, Nico Colaluca, Kheli Dube, Cory Gibbs, Jason Griffiths, Roberto Linck, Tim Murray, pat Phelan, Seth Sinovic, Khano Smith, Ilija Stolica.

New York Red Bulls

Juan Pablo Angel, Andrew Boyens, Conor Chinn, Austin da Luz, Irving Garcia, Brian Nielsen, Carl Robinson, Ibrahim Salou, Luke Sassano, Greg Sutton, Carey Talley, Sinisa Ubiparipovic.

Philadelphia Union

Cristian, Arrieta, Eduardo Coudet, Fred, Andrew Jacobson, Brad Knighton, Stefani Miglioranzi, Alejandro Moreno, Joseph Noone, Shea Salinas, Chris Seitz, Nick Zimmerman. 

Real Salt Lake

Jean Alexandre, Pablo Campos, Robbie Findley, Nelson Gonzalez, Ned Grabavoy, David Horst, Rauwshan McKenzie, Timothy Melia, Alex Nimo, Kyle Reynish, Robbie Russell, Chris Shuler, Collen Warner, Andy Williams.  

San Jose Earthquakes

Arturo Alvarez, Andre Luiz, Steve Beitashour, Bobby Burling, Joe Cannon, Ramiro Corrales, Eduardo, Geovanni, Cornell Glen, Chris Leitch, Justin Morrow, Brad Ring, Tim Ward.

Seattle Sounders FC

Julian Baudet, Terry Boss, Danny Earls, David Estrada, Leonardo Gonzalez, Taylor Graham, Patrick Ianni, Roger Levesque, Tyrone Marshall, Miguel Montano, Blaise Nkufo, Pat Noonan, Sanna Nyassi, Zach Scott, Michael Seamon, Nathan Sturgis, Tyson Wahl.

Toronto FC

Chad Barrett, Julian deGuzman, Gabe Gala, Nick Garcia, Raivis Hscanovics, Fuad Ibrahim, Milos Kocic, Miguel Angel Ferrer Martinez, Joseph Nane, Amadou Sanyang, Martin Saric, Maxim Usanov, O'Brian White.


What do you think of these lists? Which players would you take if you were Portland or Vancouver?

Share your thoughts below. 


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155 Responses to List of players available for MLS Expansion Draft announced

  1. roger says:

    When is the MLS final?

  2. Mike says:

    lol wut?

  3. Kevin says:


  4. Don Pelayo says:


  5. Paul C says:

    wow, some solid talent left in there.

  6. Illegal Alien says:

    next Sunday

  7. Lee says:

    It was last night 😀

  8. in your FACE says:

    Dax is the crown jewel of the expansion draft

  9. FC Dallas is garb says:

    Dax McCarty left unprotected seems a tad bit suprising.

  10. Don Pelayo says:

    Yeah…kinda strange to see so many big names left unprotected. I’m sure Bob Bradley is SHOCKED that the American Pele (Findley) isn’t seen as indispensable by his club.

  11. Paul C says:

    Dax McCarty?

  12. BenDU99 says:

    Aren’t some of these players not under contract for next season? So how can they be put in the expansion draft? Like isn’t Bornstein already on his way to Mexico?

  13. Kejsare says:

    Rules state you must still put them there as protected or unprotected.

  14. JB says:

    The sounders list appears to be inaccurate, might wanna double check your names

  15. ga-gone says:

    Dax McCarty #1 overall, easy.

  16. BetaMale says:

    lol Ljungberg and Castillo.

  17. maka says:

    protecting salou ibrahim… really? leave him unprotected… nobody is taking that giraffe with his 250,000 salary

  18. jonk says:

    Ives, do you know exactly what the deal is with Portland and Vancouver negotiating salaries? From an MLS communication: “Vancouver and Portland will have the right to renegotiate a drafted player’s salary (either up or down) without having to place such player on waivers or giving his previous Club a right of first refusal.”

  19. Jake F. says:

    Wow! Some of these are shocking. Seattle, FC Dallas and Chivas lists stun me the most(though it has been a while since I’ve seen Chivas play so I am unfamiliar with them). San Jose and TFC also shock me slightly.

  20. Nevin says:

    he is unprotected… read the post first before you comment…

  21. maka says:

    nvm, this is the unprotected list…

  22. John says:

    This is the unprotected lists. Read the headline.

  23. Murphy says:

    isn’t chad barrett from oregon?

  24. Travis says:

    Some stunning players on the unprotected list for Seattle. I guess they are hoping that some team will not take Nkufo cause he is old. But Nyassi showed real promise toward the end of the year as did Ianni. We are going to lose two certainly. Also we did not protect either LB

  25. Paul C says:

    Was surprised by that as well… add the European interest (take that with a grain of salt) in Zak and things could get frustrating in Seattle next year.

  26. CILII_blog says:

    Is Sporting Kansas City a new team?

    Why the fudge is Steven Lenhart of Columbus Crew protected?

  27. Travis says:

    Sporting Kansas City = Kansas City Wizards they changed it like a week ago.

  28. MattN says:

    anyone else thinking a Demerit-Conrad central pairing in Vancouver?? wouldn’t be the speediest duo, but an expansion squad could do worse than having the experience of those two back there

  29. dan woerner says:

    ives…. any insight about Dax??

  30. Joel says:

    Ives, what is your opinion about Philly not protecting Salinas or Jacobsen over Toni Stahl? Did it have something to do with the amount of International players MLS requires you to protect?

  31. bb says:

    I’m worried about KC and Seattle in particular. Next season will be rough if they lose 2 players from the list.

  32. jake says:

    It also has to do with the salaries and contracts of the player, not just how good they are. Although, I’m not surprised to see Findley on the unprotected list. If I’m one of those teams, I might take him. Despite his poor play on the national team, he’s a serviceable MLS forward… although he does need service to do any good. Perhaps he’s not a good idea for an expansion team after all.

  33. Dylan says:

    The kids are better than the old guys. This is just the beginning.

  34. jonk says:

    I don’t mean to poo all over every pundit’s sentimental home town/state speculation, but unless it’s a big name I don’t see either Vancouver or Portland going for a guy just because he played college an hour away,etc. Sure, Onstad to Vancouver makes more sense but the only way I see either team taking a local guy is if it turns out to be a coincidence.

  35. Joe says:


    Findley Schelotto Nyassi

    de Guzman McCarty

    Hejduk Conrad Ianni Russell


  36. CILII_blog says:

    WTF are you serious?

    Damn it Kansas City, you done goofed.

  37. Jeff says:


  38. JoeW says:

    1. There is a formula for each team of a certain percentage of foreign players that must be protected (so expansion teams aren’t stuck with just international picks).

    2. Wow–there’s a lot of dreck to choose from. I know people look at the lists and go “well, Findley isn’t a bad MLS forward.” Yeah, but Findley announced to RSL he’s not re-signing and is attempting to schedule trials in Europe. RSL has given up any hope of re-signing him. There are a bunch of players on those lists who have announced they’re not re-signing for their clubs. Or they have serious injury problems. For every Dax McCarty out there, you’ve got 10 guys like Pena or Garey–guys who, in the right system and right coach–will be a decent 14th or 15th player. But being asked to start–ugh! And then you figure TWO teams are splitting this talent pool–double ugh!

    If I’m Vancouver or Portland, I’m calling other MLS sides to see if there is someone I could draft that they want (as San Jose did with Brian Carroll–picking him and then trading him to Columbus) in order to get allocation $ or a draft pick.

  39. JoeW says:

    Wow-that would be a weak expansion team.

    1. de Guzman and Angel would fill up your DP slots. Schelotto and Perkins are also pricey (Perkins was the second highest paid GK behind Keller last year). You’d lose Findley to Europe. But separate from that, your cap hit from Angel, Schelotto, de Guzman, Hejduk and Perkins would be huge–you’d be the team with the 5 most expensive players (in terms of cap on one team) in MLS (remembering of course that the cap hits of DPs don’t mean the full salaries).

    2. Hejduk, Angel and Schlotto are at the points in their respective careers where they can’t play 30+ games in MLS.

  40. maka says:

    yeah got it… thanks

  41. Nb5 says:

    Since they have four international players, they had to protect at least three of them, so Stahl was protected (along with Diego Gonzalez and Torres). It really is an annoying rule.

  42. Martin Blank says:

    After a quick look at the list, these would be 10 serviceable players:

    Wells Thompson, Adam Moffat, Dax McCarty,

    Devon McTavish, Dominic Oduro, Seth Sinovic,

    Jean Alexandre, Sanna Nyassi,

    Patrick Ianni, Chad Barrett

  43. Joe says:

    Best player available if I’m Van or Portland. There is alot of talent out there. Here is what i think the best team would look like just theoretically only form th unprotected.



    —-de Guzman—McCarty



    This could be a very good team from the start and only adding on 1 dp from the start.

    Who do you guys think the teams will pick.

  44. Sammy says:

    dude that is 2 DP’s but otherwise that team might be able to compete right away with the other teams, but i think thaey might falter towards the end

  45. BSU SC says:

    Remember that if you take the player, you’re also taking their salary. Some good players were left unprotected likely because Portland/Vancouver won’t want to pay them what they’re currently making.

  46. rico says:

    id take the two gambians, sanyang and nyassi.

  47. Idaho Brian says:

    Dax is an intriguing option, but I’m just as surprised with Daniel Hernandez being available. Dallas will lose one of those guys.

  48. DeepM says:

    He grew up there, or something like that. He said it himself on a clip from TFC TV.

  49. Idaho Brian says:

    Personally I think it would be a team of largely past their prime players that would suck up all salary cap room and leave little space for youth and depth for a long season.

    Portland and Vancouver would be better served to focus on youth and potential in the draft IMO than highly paid veterans.

  50. Thorpinski says:

    Bill Hamid looks to be the starting goalie in DC

  51. dinomitedan says:

    Yea i agree Findley is serviceable to MLS forward for the OPPOSITE team who wants to win and dont have to worry about him putting a ball in the back of the net, and run really fast.

  52. Phil says:

    whoa…many are giving dax MC way too much credit – servicable, had a decent run to the finals, but overall an unimaginative, foul-embellishing player

  53. 4now says:

    These are the 5 on my board if I’m POR/VAN:

    Lowry, Peter
    McCarty, Dax
    Saunders, Josh
    Warner, Collen
    Ashe, Corey

  54. Doug says:

    Dax had a bad spell with his coach at Dallas — Dax suggested in a recent MLS article that the problem had been an immaturity on his end that he believed they had worked through. This may be some residual damage from that blowup.

  55. mls2010 says:


    Blaise Nkufo-SEATTLE

    Bruno Guarda- DALLAS

    Wells Thompson- COL

    Shea Salinas- SJ

    Devon McTavish- DC

    Dasan Robinson- CHI

    Conor Chinn-NYRB

    Greg Sutton- NYRB

    Andrew Jacobsen- PHI

    Gino Padula- COLUMBUS


    Tim Ward- SJ

    Joseph Mgwenya- HOUSTON

    Patrick Ianni- SEATTLE

    Ryan Cochrane- HOUSTON

    Bryan Jordan- LA

    Dax McCarty- DALLAS

    Ned Grabavoy- SLC

    Pat Phelan- NE

    Jason Garey- COLUMBUS

    Peter Lowry- CHI

  56. Timber Dan says:

    I think you take Seitz #1 for Portland. I hope they also get Eric Avila or Dax Mac.

  57. D5ve says:

    Vancouver already has DeMerit-Alain Rochat lined up and ready to roll.

  58. jimluk says:

    you have multiple Rapids on the Seattle list

  59. D5ve says:

    Luckily for Portland, Chad Barrett, Alan Gordon and Collen Warner are some of the best picks from those teams.

  60. Joel says:

    Agreed. I don’t really see what Diego Gonzalez did to warrant being chosen over Salinas or Jacobsen. Both of whom I think are really promising players.

  61. DeepM says:

    Colorado and Seattle made a trade.
    Vagenas for Baudet and Earls.

  62. The Dude says:

    Am I missing something? How can Nkufo, Ljungburg, Castillo, and Geovanni be left unprotected if they’re DPs? WTF.

  63. Travis says:

    if vancouver takes nkufo then ianni will more than likely be moving to the protected list

  64. ShaggyReAL says:

    He’s going over to play in Europe somewhere.

  65. jimluk says:

    Just saw that now and came back to say nevermind. The Beast will be missed, though not his injuries.

  66. Truhlk says:

    Findley has reportedly decided to ply his trade over seas next year. He is not being protected because he wont be here.

  67. jonk says:

    yeah, my bad. i forgot he went to high school in beaverton.

  68. 20 says:

    Ives in response to your tweet about Bobby Shuttleworth-

    Bobby may not be a Bill Hamid but he has shown that he could be a future #1… after Preston Burpo’s broken leg and at the end of the season. The Revs could have protected Gibbs, Phelan, Burpo or Stolica.

    The kid’s a great athlete he just needs experience

  69. jonk says:

    DPs can be left unprotected if they don’t have a “no trade” clause or something like that. The catch Van or Por selecting a DP is that they then have to pay that guy DP money and use up a DP slot.

  70. JoeW says:

    No, Bill Hamid may not even be back from shoulder surgery at the start of the season. It’s that Perkins makes $200k a season and both Vancouver and Portland have GKs under contract who could start. So why blow an expansion pick and a lot of change on a GK? If you want to spend a lot on a GK, you make a run at Marcus Hahnneman.

    Besides, look at all the other GKs who were exposed: Onstad (he always is though) and BOTH of Philly’s GKs (who are both young) and Joe Cannon.

    I think everyone is assuming that Vancouver and Portland aren’t going to pick GKs.

  71. mark says:

    i would definitely take miguel montano at some point.
    What are the chances a dp gets taken? In my opinion Giovanni is a solid DP if you just want to grab him so you don’t have to search for one

  72. Chris says:

    League Two

  73. Tim M. says:

    definitely going to europe

  74. Tim M. says:

    Daniel Hernandez isn’t going to be taken because of his injury problems and his age. And Im sure if he was taken he’d threaten to retire!

    Dax i just don’t understand. Hyndman goes with his “gut instinct” a little too much i’ve learned during these playoffs and makes some very wrong moves sometimes.

    The only reason i can think of this is because we need to shed salary to all of our South American’s. Still bull sh*t.

    We better have some sort of trade in place or im gonna go completely berserk over this sh*t

  75. Peter says:

    Blaise Nkufo.

  76. Eurosnob says:

    Not disagreeing with you, but an expansion team that needs a forward could do better than Findley – Juan Pablo Angel is available.

  77. Curtis says:

    As an RSL fan i’m terrified that Jean Alexandre and Collin Warner are available. Both are very solid prospects. Warner is an Andy William part2 and Alexandre has potential to be one of the better holding mids in MLS. Add in their low-ish salaries and they’re tempting

  78. Aaron says:

    Some decent players exposed for one team between experience (Moreno, Alvarez, Padula, Conrad) and younger players who can still grow (Wallace, Phelan, McCarty, White, Ianni), but not enough for two teams to really build on.
    I also vomited a little in my throat at the mention of Wells Thompson being picked – really, all that dude can do is run straight forward and get really mad at being tackled. As a matter of fact him and Khano Smith made a great run-down-the-sideline-and-unable-to-make-a-pass pair at New England.

  79. matt in detroit says:

    Doesn’t look like much:Some of these guys might help.


    McCarty / Avila / Davies

    Anthony Wallace

    Eric Brunner / Adam Moffet

    Collen Warner






  80. MSnats says:

    O/T but does anyone else think Ives should write joke article with the MLS name changes that copy euro clubs. He was tweeting it the day KC changed. Stuff was hilarious.

  81. TimbersJ says:

    Arturo Alvarez
    Shea Salinas
    Dasan Robinson
    Collen Warner (former Timbers U-23)

    All young and relatively cheap. 3 or 4 starters and trade bait.

  82. Chris says:

    Salinas is from Philly, not SJ

  83. Chris says:

    Philly is begging for one of the GK to be selected, will most likely go after Marcus Hahnemann.

  84. Eric says:

    Guys, Dax might have some interest from over seas.

  85. Eric says:

    Probably interest from overseas.

  86. fischy says:

    Indeed. I’m stunned Dallas has made him available, unless they’ve already worked out some kind of trade to get him back. He should be the first pick.

  87. Lots of good talent. Trading picks makes things way more interesting… if either team were able to pick 10 players outright they would get an amazing group.

  88. fischy says:

    It would only make sense if Dallas is convinced he is going overseas.

  89. fischy says:

    It’s not really an annoying rule at all. Since there’s a roster limit on how many international players a team can carry, MLS has to put in a mechanism to ensure that some decent American talent is made available to the expansion teams. Otherwise, how the heck are those teams going to find enough decent North American talent?

  90. fischy says:

    Wrong. Dax is one of best American players in MLS.

  91. fischy says:

    Either you didn’t see Seitz play this year, or you’re really a fake Timbers fan. Yeah, Seitz was highly touted a few years ago, but he was gadawful in his first chance as a starter.

  92. fischy says:

    Terrified? Why? Are there other players you’d rather see RSL loes? Methinks you’re exaggerrating.

  93. patrick says:

    except that when it comes to college kids, they might have seen them play and already know them. not everything is a sentimental pick, some of it comes down to logistics

  94. DomiNate says:

    Another MLS team biting a European team’s identity. Weak sauce.

  95. DomiNate says:

    Since I never doubt Sigi or the Sounders organization I can only assume that they have their sights on some quality non MLS players to bring in. Leaving 5 starters open is pretty ridiculous otherwise.

    NKufo will go to Vancouver, his wife is a doctor and already lives there. This opens back up a DP slot.

    If Portland has the balls to take a Sounders player it will be Ianni or Nyassi. If Vancouver takes Nkufo first, then Nyassi will get protected.

    My hunch is that we are approaching a deal with a quality attacking midfielder.

  96. Andrew says:

    Wow Roger your hilarious. If you don’t approve of who is in the finals, I assume you advocate NOT to have any playoffs at all and just handpick the contenders for the cup? better yet, why play the season at all, maybe we should just choose two teams each year at in April, have the rest of the teams take 8 months off, and play the finals/!

  97. EA says:


    If you get bored could you do a comparison of the last couple protected lists/expansion drafts?

    It might give us a better idea of what to expect from this draft by looking at the Seattle / TFC / Philly expansions.

    Just a thought.

  98. Shark says:

    Findley was left unprotected as he is a free agent. Will be heading to Europe according to his agent today.

  99. Empty Bucket says:


  100. Toropug says:

    Dallas has 3 players graduating from GA. It would cost 321k to keep them all. Even with the 128k increase in the cap, they have to shave 200k in salaries. This is without any raises or new signings.

  101. Me says:

    Hahnemann has already said he wants to go to Cascadia.

  102. Me says:

    I tend to think Ianni will be protected before Nyassi. We have a lot of options on the right wing (Fernandez, Fucito, Montano, Estrada)

  103. charlie says:

    So let me get this straight. Colorado traded two players for Pete Vagenas, and then immediately put him on the list of players that are unprotected from the expansion teams.


  104. JoeW says:

    Except that Hahnemann has ties to the NW and expansion teams would get first dibs on returning Nationals.

  105. Charles says:

    I am thinking they WANT NKufo gone. Zakuani is getting looks from Everton and they saw what happened to Holden last year. $400k wasn’t enough to keep him.

    Tough choices with a salary cap and expansion draft.

  106. Charles says:

    Hanhnemann needs to come home and be a Sounder….again.

  107. DC Josh says:

    Didn’t Colorado trade FOR Peter Vagenas?

  108. Jamie says:

    Does nobody else like Nathan Sturgis from the Sounders? I love this kid and would easily pick him high in the draft.

  109. Greg says:

    Portland tops the USMNT returnee waiver wire now after Vancouver picked Demerit.

  110. Ty says:

    I know these some of these guys are a bit old, but I’d love to see Portland with


    RB-Dasan Robinson

    CB-Cory Gibbs

    CB-Nick Garcia or Eddie Robinson

    LB-Anthony Wallace

    DM-Dax McCarty

    and please Portland take Jeff Cunningham. He has at least 2 above MLS average years left in him…

  111. Pat says:

    Somebody should take Leandre Griffit. Great playmaker, didn’t have a chance to bust onto Columbus’ rotation this year because he arrived late and then picked up an injury. One of the few dynamic playmakers unprotected. I’m telling you, next Le Teux.

  112. JohnC says:

    you’re crazy, this kid is barely a backup and when you look at all the formidable #2s on other teams it makes no sense for the Revs to protect him: The columbus backup, Seitz and Knighton, Joe Cannon, Josh Sanders, Onstead, Greg Sutton- they are the only team to protect two goalies and the backup is neither a big time prospect or a proven backup so it makes zero sense for them to protect him. He also went to Albany so it is not like either team will have some strange affinity for him. Why were Zak Boggs, Sinovic and GIbbs left unprotected when Shuttleworth could have been replaced by one of them with no worry of ever getting picked. I don’t think Ives is commenting on how bad he is but how terrible of a front office move this is.

  113. AJ says:

    I hated the Sporting KC thing until I read that they’re going to invest in multiple sports. They will actually be operating like a European club. Rugby could be their first addition under the umbrella, but the article I found mentioned lacrosse as well. I still don’t care for it, but its less dumb when if you know that they’re actually running an entire Sporting program, rather than just lifting a name.

  114. JohnC says:

    Portland would get first dibs but the Union are 4th in line for Allocation order with DC United and Chivas ahead of them- so really only Chivas would stand in the way.

  115. otergod says:

    wow, what an awful post. Dax’s vision this season has been absolutely amazing. Perhaps some personal bias is clouding your vision

  116. otergod says:

    rumors are surfacing Dax has interest abroad. Of course these are just rumors, but leaving him unprotected seems to justify it. Dax was quality for FCD

  117. Chicago says:

    Please take Nevy!!!

  118. gstommylee says:

    No it won’t be rough for seattle. So if seattle loses blaise they’ll bring someone in. They just traded for a LB and a CB that will lesson the blows. So if Leo and Ianni are gone they have replacements.

    If nyassi is gone then Alvaro plays RW. Seattle is one of the better scouting teams in the league.

  119. MensreaJim says:

    I assume Dax is getting sold, but I’m not sure how this works. Hyndman and Dax have had a rocky relationship, and he didn’t have a big year (at least in the regular season), but this would seem pretty foolish if they don’t have something worked out.

    At least 4 starters unprotected–including el Capitan and young Ginger Ninja–and then 2 of our first guys off the bench.

  120. gstommylee says:

    Does Van want to take N’kufo via Expansion draft especially when JPA is on the board? OR do they want to use a DP slot in the expansion draft?

  121. Travis says:

    I cannot comprehend why we protected fucito over nyassi/ianni. that is the one that baffles me the most. i to agree that nkufo is gone to vancouver more than likely

  122. gstommylee says:

    Fucito was a beast when he was playing in games.

    Now on N’kufo I wouldn’t assume that N’kufo is gone given for the reason i stated in a previous comment + that he is 36. I still question does Van want to use a DP slot on a 36 year old and have to pay DP money with 335k of it against the cap.

  123. gstommylee says:

    And who thinks Zak is gone. Seesh just cause he is training doesn’t mean he’s gone to europe.

  124. gstommylee says:

    Vancouver already used their #1 slot to get Demerit.

    I don’t think Portland will use it on him. They may be fine at GK once it comes to the summer transfer window when Hahnemann’s contract expire.

    So its possible Seattle may trade for the #1 slot and take Hahnemann. Of all 3 NW teams Seattle would need him the most.

    He wants to come back and play in the NW.

  125. gstommylee says:

    Question is would they used their #1 pick before Summer transfer window opens.

  126. DeepM says:

    DPs aren’t automatically protected this year.
    The club has to decide if they want to protect them.

  127. Travis says:

    Yeah Fucito was fine when playing but who is he going to be starting over? The answer is he is not.

  128. zacalie says:

    Don’t be a d*ck, dude. For those of us that actually follow RSL — you obviously don’t — we see a lot of talent and potential in Alexandre and Warner(especially) and realize that with their extremely low salaries – about $45k each – they are really prime targets for expansion teams.

    RSL is too deep and has too many other good players to use a protected slot on either of these guys, but yeah, I’d probably rather lose most of the other guys (except Andy Williams for sentimental reasons)than Jean or Collen.

    Either way, I think RSL protects one or the other as soon as somebody is picked from their list.

  129. gstommylee says:

    He’s gonna get his playing time with the Open cup and the CCL and maybe start a couple MLS games. He’s earned it. He may not start at forward but that doesn’t mean he can’t play wing side.

  130. Alex says:

    Ryan Cochrane is from Portland too.

  131. Nb5 says:

    I know, it does make sense when you look at it that way. It’s just annoying to me, as a Union fan, because we had to protect two international players (Stahl and Gonzalez) that haven’t shown much over two guys (Salinas and Jacobson) with some great potential that I really don’t want to lose.

  132. Fred Garvin says:

    No way… he doesn’t even have one clean sheet at Wolves.. 25 goals against? I’d rather see Boss and that SSFC spend their money on a force in the mid and to strengthen the D

  133. Fred Garvin says:

    Love this logic

  134. RLW2020 says:

    ah.. about to ask the same question..

    it will be interesting to see if VAN or PDX go for N’Kufo or build around their own DP.

  135. RLW2020 says:

    Collen Warner would be a huge pick for Portland! a lot of potential and familiar with the area with a very low salary. If only Colorado could have found him b4 he went to college…

  136. RLW2020 says:

    really? Boss? what do Sounders fans think of Keller anymore?

  137. RLW2020 says:

    ya is he going to Randers too?

  138. DomiNate says:

    Maybe, but with Hurtado coming back and the trade for two more defenders, I have a feeling it’ll be Nyassi.

  139. DomiNate says:

    I agree, I was suprised we protected an injured Brad Evans over him.

  140. Fred Garvin says:

    Keller is just fine but he won’t be in goal in 2012. Hanhemann is not the answer.

  141. 50%-50% says:

    im with Andrew only half way, we shouldnt have played this finals b/w the rapids and the burn. we should have just hand picked it: galaxy vs. red bulls. end of discussion.
    though im not sure if i agree with you, Andrew, on not playing the season at all. i know a lot of our players could use a break esp. after a world cup year but i mean, the season is where the league makes most of its money: off ticket sales, etc. and builds its fan base. plus, its a great way to for our younger players to develop and expose themselves to the rest of the world. so dont know where your really going with that.
    but im with you on the first part

  142. suggs says:

    it’s accurate

  143. Dale Dynamo! says:

    so is dominic oduro. praying they pick him up.

  144. Dale Dynamo! says:

    Really? Dominic Oduro is serviceable? this is a STRIKER who in 118 mls games over the past five seasons has scored 15 goals and dished out 12 assists. this means he averages about about .13 goals a game which is about a goal every ten games (.10 assists per game). most starting central defenders avg. better than this. not acceptable even at MLS standards. The Robbie Findley factor can only go so far. its no good if you can run a 4.2 40 if you cant trap a ball or put a shot on frame/back of the net. I hope he is picked up and frees the dynamo from this vacuum of scoring ineptitude.

  145. Braden says:

    This wouldn’t be the worst team fielded by an expansion side:

    Chad Barrett

    Mike Magee

    Corey Ashe Shea Salinas

    Pat Phelan Ned Grabavoy

    Anthony Wallace Eric Brunner Cory Gibbs Tim Ward

    Chris Seitz

  146. BenH says:

    Still in shock Dax is unprotected. :(

    Guess he in Schellas really did not patch up their differences after all. One of the best holding mids in the league, imo.

  147. gstommylee says:

    Boss hasn’t proven anything that he should be the #1 keeper for Seattle in 2012.

  148. gstommylee says:

    And there is a reason why Seattle ultimately protected Keller cause they want him for next year that’s just to show that BOSS isn’t that great.

  149. rp says:

    You could make a decent squad with Dallas unprotecteds. Dax, Avila, Hernandez, Cunningham, Harris, and Davies could all start. People forget about Davies who played very well when healthy.

  150. papa bear says:

    I doubt many/any of the DPs are taken. Their salaries are too large and it’s hard to figure out who is going to fit with whom to take on such a large financial burden.
    There are a lot of younger guys who got little/no time (Alex Nimo) who probably won’t get taken since they are unknown for the most part.
    I hate expansion drafts. The last few have all ended up in tons of trade deals to hold onto people who were picked etc. The draft system is a little odd since only US and Canadian collegians are required to appear in it. Let the teams buy the players they can and let the players try to sign with the teams that they want.
    More hometown boys on hometown teams will make for greater fan connections. That is how baseball built its legacy as America’s game.

  151. Joamiq says:

    I really hope Chinn and Garcia aren’t taken.