MLS Playoffs: A Look Ahead to Earthquakes-Red Bulls

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A one-goal deficit may not seem like much, but at Red Bull Arena, the San Jose Earthquakes have a mountain to climb. 

After falling at home to the New York Red Bulls, 1-0 on a Joel Lindpere goal, the Earthquakes need a two-goal victory if they are to advance to the Conference Final. But scoring does not come easy for the opposition at Red Bull Arena as the Red Bulls have conceded only nine goals at home.

The Red Bulls have not conceded multiple goals at home in MLS competition since May 20 in a 3-1 loss to the Columbus Crew. However, with MLS Golden Boot Winner Chris Wondolowski and MLS' second best road record at 6-5-4, the Earthquakes expect to come out attacking.

Down a goal after falling at home, the Earthquakes have no choice but to attack early and attempt to level the aggregate early. Throughout the first leg, San Jose struggled to link up with Wondolowski and his strike partner Ryan Johnson, but the wider field at Red Bull Arena may provide the Earthquakes the space in which to stretch the field.

Frank Yallop's men will need their midfield to use their speed to outwork a physical Red Bulls midfield, which overpowered them in the first leg. Led by Geovanni and Scott Sealy, the San Jose midfielders must be active in stretching the Red Bulls wide and sending in crosses to Johnson and Wondolowski. The Red Bulls struggled in the first leg to make clearances from the box, which may open up space for the Quakes offense. Wondolowski remains confident that his midfield can step up in the second leg.

“We just need to keep our game plan,” said Wondolowski. “I feel that if we keep getting crosses in, more than likely we’re going to find the back of the net on one of them. We’ll tie up the series and go from there.”

The story for the Red Bulls will revolve around the return of star striker Thierry Henry. After a three-game absence with a knee injury, the inclusion of the Red Bulls' Designated Player will add another wrinkle in an offense that put consistent pressure on a leaky Earthquakes defense.

With Henry (and Tony Tchani and Salou Ibrahim) returning from injury, Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe must decide how much he will tinker with the line up that dominated the Earthquakes last weekend. 

The key to victory for the Red Bulls will be sustaining pressure on the Earthquakes midfield and preventing Sealy and Geovanni from delivering the final passes to the San Jose forwards. Rafa Marquez will be expected to, once again, break up Earthquakes attacks in midfield with his physical play. Although his club's defense is vital to victory, Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe has no plans to sit back at home. 

"We have to win and I've had some nightmare games in Europe where we sat back," Backe said. "We're at home and we have to go for a win, don't even think about sitting back and looking for breaks because we're smart enough to have to play for the win."


Backe's plan is to continue to attack despite having the lead, and with the inclusion of Henry, the Red Bulls look set to provide additional pressure on the Earthquakes defense. The Red Bulls must absorb the early pressure that the Earthquakes will provide as they search for the early goal. With Henry in the lineup and the Earthquakes pressing for the goal, Backe's men will find space against an over-stretched San Jose defense. 

For San Jose, the game plan is to pile on pressure early in search of the equalizer. For the Earthquakes to upset the Red Bulls at home, the Quakes will need options other than Wondolowski to step up. Wondolowski has scored more than half of San Jose's goals this season, but the Earthquakes need their other offense weapons like Geovanni and Bobby Convey to succeed if they are to reach the Conference final. 


Do you think the Earthquakes can come back from their deficit? Do you think the Red Bulls will hold on and advance to the Conference Finals?

Share your thoughts below.

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20 Responses to MLS Playoffs: A Look Ahead to Earthquakes-Red Bulls

  1. irishapple21 says:

    I think the Red Bulls will win this one, but it won’t be easy. Wondolowski isn’t the golden boot winner for nothing.

  2. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    It looks like it is going to rain all night which sucks because I wanted to go to the game today but if it continues rainning like this I will not be attending and staying home to watch the game.

  3. Conrad says:

    Unless you’re right on the sideline, you’re sheltered from the rain at Red Bull Arena by that half-roof. Not so for the players, which makes me wonder exactly how much time Henry is going to see with Red Bulls already leading by a goal.
    Question for Ives: In the event of a SJ 1 – RBNY 0 result, what happens? Extra time? Golden goal? How many periods? Shootout?

  4. bob says:

    extra time for two 15 min halves then a shootout.I believe.

  5. @Herb_Maldonado says:

    Is there a reason beside the rain? There is no way I’m letting rain, snow, sleet, girls, etc keep me from going…. Unless I can’t be out in the rain or something

  6. Upstate Jason says:

    If SJ wins by 1 the teams will play two 15-minute OT periods, then a shootout if need be. The series is simply total goal aggregate with no away goals tiebreaker. There is also no OT golden goal.

    link to

  7. Chief Seattle says:

    This is correct.

  8. What if the girl was your 4-year-old daughter who was passing in and out of consciousness inexplicably?

  9. @Herb_Maldonado says:

    Sucks she won’t be able to make it then.. I will be though =)

  10. mike says:

    As a Quakes fan…SJ needs someone other then Wondo to score tonight if we have any kind of chance. Convey, Geovanni, Alvarez someone needs to step it up we’ve been banking on Wondo for too long and too many times. Having said that I’ll say 2-1 Quakes: Wondo and a late goal by Geovanni sends it to PK’s. I won’t even try and figure out how the PK’s come out.

  11. At least you have your priorities straight. 😉

  12. Dan in New York says:

    Screw the rain. Drink beer! LET’S GO RED BULLS!

  13. Charles says:

    Rain ? Rain should not stop anyone.

    SEATTLE draws 36k+ everygame. Nuf said.

    Your daughter passing out makes you a game time decision.

  14. Allegre says:

    Looking forward to seeing how how the roof works! Hope the wind dies down!

  15. rory says:

    Well played! You wouldn’t happen to be that guy that paints himself red and has the bull horns, would you?

  16. Shane says:

    If both teams are stretched out, look for Richards to have a huge game. Hope he plays like the ’08 playoffs.

  17. Peter says:

    Final Score: Red Bull 2 Earthquakes 1, Henry and Richards each score. :))

  18. BrooklynFC says:

    Its not raining in Brooklyn Heights (where I work)… there is a mist in the air but that is about it, they said it will die down completely before the game starts so you should def come out and support we need all the bodies we can get… more bodies equals better chance we sign a late 20s early 30s DP next year lets make it happen

  19. The Second Gunman on the Grassy Knoll says: