Najar named MLS Rookie of the Year

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D.C. United midfielder Andy Najar has been named the 2010 MLS Rookie of the Year. Najar beat out New York Red Bulls defender Tim Ream and Philadelphia Union striker Danny Mwanga for the honors.

Najar flourished as the best player on a terrible D.C. United squad, showing impressive attacking qualities and finishing the season with five goals and one assist. The 17-year-old D.C. United academy product wowed fans and opponents with his fearless style and dynamic qualities.

Najar edged out Tim Ream, who started all 30 games and was the best defender on a New York Red Bulls side that won the Eastern Conference regular season title.

What do you think of the selection? Who would you have voted for?

Share your thoughts below.

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109 Responses to Najar named MLS Rookie of the Year

  1. MiamiFCduros says:

    guess age did matter.I personally am more interested in seeing where this kid takes his game and where he ends up in Europe.U.S.A or honduras? So much to look forward to.

  2. Sinter says:


  3. ssartor says:

    Ridiculous…Ream played practically every minute of every match for a team that is contending for the MLS title. Don’t understand this at all…

  4. A.S. says:

    I don’t know who votes for this thing, but whoever it is clearly knows nothing about soccer.

  5. maka says:

    this is absolutely ridiculous

  6. irishapple21 says:

    Terrible choice. Tim Ream is going to be a fixture for the US World Cup team for years to come. Najar doesn’t compare to the skill and talent that Tim Ream has.

  7. GSScasual says:

    unbelievable. How you can win ROY with the worst team, having nowhere near the impact on the league as Ream is BEYOND me. heck, mwanga should have got it before najar. This is an injustice to ream and the integrity of the rookie of the year award.

  8. CDRCGR says:

    I think Ream should have been the choice, his style of play was far more mature. But its was hard to choose among three very strong candidates. Ream will jus have to settle for the MLS Cup.

  9. Seriously says:

    The award isn’t for being the best rookie on the best team guys. It’s the best rookie period. This kid has some serious skill and had some huge wow moments this year. I think realistically it is hard to argue against either three of these guys as being the top rookie. I personally like Mwanga better but I can’t argue with Ream or Najar.

  10. Karl says:

    Wow…Poor Poor choice.

  11. cj says:

    Its not for “best” rookie. Its for most valuable. Nobody was more valuable than Ream this year.

  12. Idaho Brian says:

    Najar had a great rookie season…I understand the pick. However, Ream is also my choice.

  13. Wilson says:

    Ives, can you explain the voting for this award? Who votes? Media? Were voters sent a highlight reel with their ballots or something? Because anyone who has followed the league for more than 5 minutes this season knows that Najar doesn’t deserve this award as much as Ream (and then, arguably, Mwanga).

    If this is how it’s done, you can count on Henry for Newcomer of the Year.

  14. Lee says:

    Tim Ream deserved this.

    What a joke.

  15. GSScasual says:

    Or Mickey Mouse…. thats how ridiculous this contest is now. Ream was the foundation of our defense and never missed a second of play. AND SCORED.

  16. I <3 MLS says:

    Najar may have the most promise, but I would have definitely given it to Ream or Mwanga. Those guys actually deserve it.

  17. soccerroo says:

    do you really beleive this? I am not disagreeing that Tim could or should have won but to say that Najar dose not have the skill or talent would seem to be way off. His skill and talent at such a young age is what put him in the ROY contest.

  18. Blake says:

    It’s NOT for most valuable rookie though, so…

  19. Will says:

    not MVR buddy…Rookie of the Year

  20. Thorpinski says:

    Called it :) Ladies don’t hate. Ream won the SBI rookie of the year. It’s rookie of the year not most Valuable rookie of the year.

  21. Dan says:

    What do you think of Andy Najar? Sh*t!
    What do you think of Sh*t! Andy Najar!
    Lets Go Red Bulls!

  22. Timmy B says:

    I think this choice may be a ploy by the MLS to keep Najar in the league, long term. If this kid’s talent pans out like it could, he will be gone in a year or two.

    Tim Ream is my ROY, for sure.

  23. KevDC says:

    Najar was hands down the obvious choice. I’m surprised Ream was even in the discussion.

    There, my comment made as much sense as yours.

    Vamos United!

  24. Haha says:


    I laugh at all those najar haters, ream lovers and nyrb fans!

    Oh and Ives, what are your thoughts on that? You were sure ream was going to win.

  25. Andrew says:

    I thought mwanga and ream would be above najar.

  26. GSScasual says:

    that is nonsense… if thats the case, Most Valuable rookie sounds much more qualified and esteemed… So thank you for acknowledging that ream is better. He can and DID shut down najar, and will continue to shut down these clowns.

  27. Petaluman says:

    Could be MLS’ attempt to jack up Najar’s purchase price. At this point in his career Najar is more coveted by foreign scouts than Ream. No doubt Ream deserved strong consideration however.

  28. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:


  29. cj says:

    When comparing players at different positions, it HAS to be for most valuable to the team. How else can you compare them, its apples to oranges for defender vs. CM or winger.

  30. GSScasual says:

    I laugh at your season, floundering fan base, and hints of relocation looming…. so i guess we’re even.

  31. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  32. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Very interesting theory. Ives, who does the voting? The press?

    (SBI-Media, players, coaches and GMs.)

  33. Haha says:

    Yup, even Steven.

    Horrible season but glad we got an award for something.

  34. jake says:

    I’m not sure why that’s relevant…
    I don’t understand that at all. Is it somewhere on the ROY voting guidelines that the player has to be on a good team?

  35. Steve B says:

    Conspiracy Theory Alert:

    MLS gave him his award in an attempt to lure him to the USMNT, and keep him in MLS longer, before the inevitable move to europe.

  36. dadman says:

    I guess this makes up for the 2004 Most Valuable Player award going to Amado Guevara instead of Jaime Moreno…

  37. Steve C says:

    Maurice Edu won ROY in 2007 w/ Toronto. They were the worst team in the league.

  38. Johnny Thunder says:

    I think Ream, Mwanga and Najar were all deserving. Yes, the other two might have shone brighter this season because they were on good team. Najar certainly would’ve benefit from being on a stronger team but his skill and passion shone through DESPITE being on D.C. United. I hope he sticks with United during the rebuilding phase.

  39. DC Josh says:

    Tim Ream should have won. And I am a DC United supporter.

  40. Primoone says:

    I love how everyone is hating on Najar…truth be told, Najar is the real deal. He had absolutely no one to support him. He was forced to use his creativity every game to make something happen. DC had 21 combined goals and Najar had 7 of them. You just can’t say enough about seven goals out of the midfield on a sh-t team. For a rookie? Come on.

    Ream is a great player and no one is questioning his effectiveness out on the pitch however, he did benefit greatly from a great supporting cast as well as a tight system put in place by Hans. DC had absolutely nothing. This might have shifted the bias towards Najar. I think Andy probably would have won the award over Gonzalez had he entered the league last year.

  41. David says:

    Ream got reamed. Seriously Tim Ream should have won.

  42. Raffi says:

    I understand the disappointment for Ream but I don’t think it is hard to understand how Najar won. Najar clearly played enough to merit consideration (i.e. he didn’t start every game but met any sensible minimum limits for consideration.)

    ROY awards are usually given to the player who produced the most and/or the player who produced and showed the most potential – i.e. the player who appeared to be more dominant, exciting, etc. There is always a tension there.

    I would have voted for Ream but players who have a defensive role are always at a disadvantage when compared to goal scorers. Plus, Najar is electric and has a high ceiling. I think Najar was a deserving choice, just not the right one. Ream’s production should have counted for more but not sure this is such a shock.

  43. Charlie says:

    To be honest all three choices are great, but my money has to go to Ream.

  44. ssartor says:

    Seems to me that a player who is the lynch pin of the defense on a winning, title contending team is more important/vital than a sometime player on a losing squad. Just my $0.02…

  45. Blake says:

    Whether your argument is logical or not, the wording is for best rookie and not for most valuable rookie. You just can’t win that one man, you’re debating with a set of guidelines.

  46. Primoone says:

    Hey RSL fans…look at this.

    link to

  47. dan c says:

    ahhh the beauty of socer is the subjectiveness of it………. ream, mwanga, najar, we could argue for hours and at the end f the day, NOONE is right,lol. I’ll take this over a statbook anyday!

  48. Aden says:

    Funny that the only place I am seeing such outrage over Tim Ream not winning is SBI.

    Najar was incredible on the worst team in the league.

    Ream was pretty good on the best team in the league, with Rafa Marquez playing in front of him.

    Seems like a no brainer to me.

  49. tbecker says:

    Please sir…. could you define the difference????

  50. @Herb_Maldonado says:

    Although my vote goes for Ream, +1 for knowledge

  51. jake says:

    Or you could argue that playing so well on an absolute crap team says more about Najar than slotting into a team with all kinds of talent and skill. I guess you can see it both ways in my opinion. I watched more of Najar’s games and I think he was one of the most dynamic players in all of MLS despite having no help and teams were able to key off him because of how bad DCU’s overall attack was.

  52. JJ says:

    Ream was pretty good? He played every minute of every MLS game on the best team in the East — a team that had 13 shutouts. He was excellent virtually the entire year. He showed his quality long before Marquez ever showed up.

    Try a different rationalization for a poor choice for ROY.

  53. Aguinaga says:

    I stopped reading at “(i.e. he didn’t start every game but met any sensible minimum limits for consideration.)” What does that even mean? Sensible to whom? Didn’t Ives mention the awards may have been influenced by mid-season voting? In any event, Ream started from beginning to end. He was an integral part of a completely rebuilt squad that went from worst to first! Think about that. The difficulty of playing defense on such a team has completely been lost here, people only see the end result & that Marquez helped a few games (though he didn’t show up till past mid season) & that Hans had ‘schemes’. Horse manure. Ream was easily the most consistent, most composed, most reliable, and least exciting rookie (to outsiders) all season b/c he’s not flashy and not a scorer. However, on top of all of that, he also did manage to make the players around him better (see Mendes, Carlos). Does Najar compare? Not saying Andy wasn’t a great candidate, kid’s got skills. Just not the best candidate. Ream seems like the kind of guy that wouldn’t let this award bug him. But inside, for any competetive player, I’ve gotta believe it’ll be extra motivation.

  54. kfly says:

    You sound like you’re a 14-year-old. Will you just let us have this ONE thing? We don’t really have much else…

  55. kfly says:

    No one knows how to bitch about something that doesn’t matter than a Red Bulls fan. I guess it’s because they’ve never won something that actually matters…


    (SBI-Start bringing something to the convo besides trolling my friend. Your history of comments isn’t looking too impressive or constructive.)

  56. Thorpinski says:

    If Najar committs to the USMNT people will be doing cart-wheels in the office. If Ream never makes an appearance for the Nat.’s no biggie Najar is a rare talent Ream is not ..get over it..

    and unlike the Seattle fans box stuffing Najar won on his own merit.

  57. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Without Tim Ream RBNY does not win the East. Without Najar DC still sucks. That is why Ream should have won. He was way more valuable to his team. I know it’s ROTY and not RMVP but to me, that is ROTY.

  58. Reese Kirchofer says:

    Anyone who has seen Ream play for the Eastern Conference Champions knows this award is a joke!!

  59. Thorpinski says:

    I knew Ives would be upset when his favorite Red Bull got denied. But Najar is the better player..plain and simple.

    (SBI-Settle down Thorpinski. Nobody’s “upset”, just disagreeing. And the award is for best season, not best player.)

  60. Tony says:

    This is a double fail. Najar was great but he did nothing to make that team better. Ream is the cornerstone of an NYRB defense that is leading its playoff series and Mwanga was at times unstoppable up top with Le Toux. This is ridiculous and as a Union supporter I would rather have seen this go to Ream than Najar.

  61. Zach says:

    I don’t understand how anyone can be the best rookie and not the most valuable. Anyone can look good on such a terrible DC squad, so of course Najar is going to look like a terrific player (and he is, just not nearly as good as Tim Ream).

  62. Mark says:

    I would have voted for Ream. I felt his body of work on a first place team, playing every minute put him head and shoulders above the other candidates. Andy Najar is certainly not undeserving, he had a fantastic season, but for me, I thought Ream was more deserving.

  63. northzax says:

    exactly. as an idea, do a a mental comparison. if Tim Ream played at RFK, with that defense and midfield, even as good as he is, would he be in the running?

    What about Najar in New Jersey? in the running, probably not (given the depth at midfield, he’d have trouble playing much) but if he had the same minutes and numbers on NYRB, he’d still be a frontrunner.

  64. Aden says:

    What does playing every minute have to do with anything?

  65. JMR says:

    Well deserved. Thought we had 3 excellent candidates. Funny to read all the conspiracist theories.

  66. einar says:

    i knew tim ream wouldn’t get it. Najar deserved it more. Ives i wont say i told u so. great rookie class but najar stood out the most

  67. Michael says:

    I keep hearing how good Ream is, and I believe it, but the only evidence I keep hearing is how “he played every minute for NYRB this year.” I don’t understand why that’s supposed to be so impressive. Darius Barnes played every minute for the Revs last year, and he wasn’t a serious ROTY candidate (nor should he have been). RedBull’s defense was good this year, but hardly the best. So I’m interested to hear an actual case made for Ream that doesn’t rely on minutes played.

    Don’t get me wrong, I was surprised Najar got it as well–not because he isn’t talented (he is) but just because it is hard to make the case that he made a real stamp on the league. I thought Mwanga would take it, frankly. But I learned a long time ago to not get all aggro about meaningless awards.

  68. jcl says:

    Pink Cow Spy

  69. northzax says:

    which is why, of course, that the rumor mills are lighting up with clubs interested in Ream, right? figure the phone is ringing in Harrison with clubs interested in him? he’s a great MLS rookie, but at 23, the window is closing internationally, even for a centerback (who besides keepers have the longest careers) I hope he has a great career, I hope he shows well in the January camp and starts getting some international experience. he has solid international potential, but it needs to start like now.

  70. Eurosnob says:

    Dude, Najar was a starter for the DCU throughout most of the season, played both ends of the field, displayed dazzling technical skills, and tormented the opposing defenses. Put him on the same squad with Angel, Henry, Marquez, Richards, etc. and he would also be on a title contending team. Ream had a nice season, but you are delusional if you think he is a better player than Najar.

  71. rick says:

    I think he decided to play for honduras. S%#! Check his facebook page.

  72. JoeW says:

    1. This was an excellent rookie class. I thought 2009 was the best ever and 2010 trumped it. And the 3 best contenders (Mwanga, Ream and Najar) were all excellent candidates of a top-rate class. I have no problem with any of those 3 winning ROY because, quite frankly, each had a superb rookie season.

    2. I think it’s a shame to try and boost the case for one player by denigrating the others. Any team in MLS would love to have all 3 or any of the 3 of those players.

    3. Here’s why I think Najar was a deserving choice (which doesn’t make Ream a bad player or a bad choice–as I said, I think he’d have been a fine ROY).
    –Najar demonstrated an amazingly polished game. I think people who haven’t seen him much assume “17 y.o., probably fast with some flash.” Read what Steve Davis says about him: about how he tracks back on defense, fights for balls, connected well with teammates, made smart runs off the ball. I personally think that Najar demonstrated the most complete game (on both sides of the ball) and widest range of skills of the 3 (and I have tremendous respect for Mwanga and Ream in that regard–neither is one-dimensional). Najar at various points this season played striker, A-mid, outside back and his customary outside mid.
    –The argument that Najar looked good b/c he was on DC United is laughable. DCU was the worst team in MLS this year. It was offensively futile. B/c soccer is a team game, it’s very hard to look impressive (other than just from pure skills or athleticism) if the rest of the team sucks badly. Opposing coaches and Onalfo and then Olsen pretty much admitted that they needed Najar to be the offensive catalyst: not just to make a flashy move or lovely individual play, but to help unlock defenses and to set up teammates and create chances.
    –I think all 3 of these players helped make their teams better. Ream is a huge contributor who has played well and gotten tons of minutes–a real workhorse who has been a part of a stable defense. I think Mwanga has been a critical 12th man who comes in to run at players in the second half and had an amazing string of GWGs or match tying goals. But make a list of the top 3 players in terms of impact for RBNY and I wouldn’t have Ream on that list. I wouldn’t have Mwanga on the list of top 3 players for Philly (unless you were just talking potential). Najar was DCU’s MVP for the season. Without him, as hard as it is to believe, they’d clearly have been worse. I don’t doubt that without Ream or Mwanga, their respective teams would have been worse too.

    I hope we see Najar in the USMNT jersey. Right now, not potentially, but right now, he shows both a composure and an inventiveness with the ball that is better than all but about 4 or 5 players currently on the US side. At 17.

  73. Rob says:

    Just a small observation for all those saying “so what.. Ream played a lot on a first place team, what’s that matter?”

    NY finished first in the east. Tim Ream came on as a rookie, beat out several far more senior and experienced defenders and started every game all year.

    Again.. he _earned_ the start on the eastern conference’s _first_ place team and did so by beating out other players.

    To say “I don’t see what the minutes mean” is to ignore that, as a defender, there is little other metrics to judge by. He became a corner stone for the defense of a team with more than 10 shut outs. That’s why it matters.

    (an aside to an earlier poster… Najar had 5 goals for DC, not 7. That’s a quarter of the goals, which is still impressive, but not as impressive at a third.)

  74. This Guy says:

    Hate, hate, hate!
    That all this forum is becoming.
    How can Andy Najar not be the Best rookie this year. He was the obvious choice.

  75. wilyboy says:

    Anybody claiming conspiracy on this one or saying Najar is anything less than worthy has not watched him on a consistent basis. While it is awfully hard to watch DC play these days, he has been nothing short of electrifying. Tim Ream will probably dominate the Defender of the Year awards in the near future, but Najar will not be contained by MLS for very long.

    It’s fine to value Ream, particularly if you are a Red Bull supporter, but get some perspective.

  76. JJ says:

    The award is not for rookie with the most potential or rookie getting the most interest from Europe. Ream may be a bust internationally for all any of us know; but, that isn’t relevant to what he did THIS year.

    Aden, there were only two field players that participated in every minute in the entire league and you think that is irrelevant to whether or not he was an excellent player, especially for a rookie. Moreover, that wasn’t the entire basis of my argument in any event. He also played a significant role in a quality defense.

    By the way, I am not out in left field, to use a baseball terms. Ives thought he was more than “pretty good”.

  77. Chris says:

    im not hating on Najar, but Ream deserved to win this. he had a greater impact on his team than najar

  78. metasyntactic variable says:

    Most Valuable implies that particular team would be exponentially worse, if said player was not on that particular team.

    Whereas Rookie of the Year is a simple comparison, if possible between each nominated player.

  79. Judging Amy says:

    Tim Ream with 6! years of age and 3 full years of college over Andy has less skill and talent than a still in high school Najar who is not even physically a man yet? I can understand disagreeing with the decision but you’re just trolling/dumb with that statement.

  80. KevDC says:

    And the media, players, coaches and GM’s who voted are all part of the conspiracy?

  81. tbecker says:

    Well in that case with or without Najar DC would have had a terrible season. It is debatable whether RBNY would have won the conference championship without Ream.

  82. KevDC says:

    The three finalists are all excellent players — a real credit to MLS. I hope we can hold on to them.

    There’s no need to bash any of these guys, even given the obvious team loyalties on display here. (Full disclosure: I am a proud but suffering DC United supporter.)

    And to those suggesting there’s a MLS agenda at work: The award is voted on by league players, coaches, media, and GM’s. Are you suggesting that they are all in on the plan, or are you saying the vote was rigged (cheating)?

  83. Pat Pug says:

    I’m a Red Bull lifer and as dissapointed as anyone that Ream didn’t win. But I’m more disappointed in the people that are saying this is a joke or undeserved or anything of the sort. Any one of these 3 players makes a fine ROY. What a good problem to have for a growing league when there isn’t an argument against any of them.

    A real joke will be if MLS gives Henry newcomer of the year. As long as that doesn’t happen I think every award winner will be deserving, whether they played for your favorite team or not.

  84. 4now says:

    not practically, he actually played every minute of every league match this season, sharing the honor with only Drew Moor.

    a staggering feat for a rookie centrehalf.

  85. JoeW says:

    I think Ream had a great season. Starting every game isn’t something to sneeze at. But basically, other than a few early season games (where Najar was being used as a striker and A-mid), Najar started very game that he was eligible for other than due to injury or yellow card accumulation. I’m not arguing his minutes or games were equal to Ream. My hat goes off to ANY player who starts every game of a long, physically tough season. It’s even more impressive for a rookie.

    But to argue that Ream has more impact is really to emphasize the wrong point. Najar had far more impact. He was the ONLY player that consistently created danger, chances and opportunities for teammates. He was the only consistent threat that opposing teams had to address. Would you argue that Ream was the only defensive talent on RBNY? Or that he’s a better player than Marquez?

    Najar was voted MVP of DC United this season. That wasn’t “best player” but “most valuable player.” Ream had an outstanding season. But he’s not the reason (or even one of the top 3 reasons) why RBNY finished first.

    Najar is a rare player, not just b/c he’s 17 y.o. He’s rare b/c of the impact he has on matches, and his composure and ability to play within the team at any position he’s been in (including defender).

  86. 16 years. No cups. says:

    all you crying red bull fans who gloated that le toux wasnt even nominated for mvp should now know that mls award’s are a joke.

  87. bryan says:

    this is weird. i just had deja-vu while reading through these comments! no joke.

    anyway, as a United fan, this is cool. not sure if i think it is the right choice, but he’s a good player.

  88. longley says:

    if it was most valuable to the team, Najar would win, wouldn’t he? Ream was certainly important, but on a great squad. Without Najar, DC had nothing. If I’m broke, a quarter is more valuable to me than a five dollar bill is to a rich man…

  89. Zack Lewis says:

    Ream is nice player. Najar will be a star.

  90. tbecker says:

    Well then…. I guess D.C. United fans should be happy they can make a phone call.

  91. martha says:

    Luckily for Najar MLS voters dont have the same NJ Red Metros bias as SBI.

    Ream was a defender with good offensive skill, but his actual defensive skills were lacking.

  92. Snail says:

    you are all wrong Mwanga should have won it.

  93. Scott A says:

    Me happy that an argument about which of multiple rookies had the best impact season/Rookie of the Year/national team future exists now in US soccer

    That said, I think if you asked every GM who they’d pay more to have perform the past season on their team, I think you’d hear a majority say Ream. Who’s gonna have the brightest future? No idea. Both very good players.

  94. Mike F. says:

    It appears that the widespread intrigue in his development and flashes of brilliance from Najar swayed the voters. Tim Ream and Danny Mwanga are both absolutely deserving of the award, but neither got the type of national media attention that Najar did.
    As is the case with most sports awards, the popular/sexy pick won the day.

    Congratulations to Andy Najar. He’s still a very deserving recipient.

  95. Lorenzo says:

    If I could only choose 1 player (Ream or Najar) four our MNT, it would be Najar.

    Short term, Ream fits a needed spot while Najar would be in a crowded midfield.

    Long term- players like Najar come around once in a while for us. Think Dempsey/Donovan type special.

    Ream may become a Bocanegra or something like that, but Najar is special, period.

    – NYRB / CLB Crew fan (lived both places growing up)

  96. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    I would *expect* a 17-year-old with superb skills to make an impact on a pathetic team. I would *not* expect a defender w/only college experience to make as much of an impact as Ream did. Not only did he play every game, but he also stabilized a defense that was horrid the previous season and played with unusual intelligence and grace, as evidenced by the small number of fouls he committed. This is clearly a case of flash over substance.

    BTW, as a soccer reporter who voted on the awards, I didn’t even put Najar on my ballot. Here’s who I voted for:

    1. Ream. 2. Mwanga. 3. Sean Johnson (who demonstrated athleticism and tremendous poise in taking over the Fire’s net in midseason).

  97. Jake F. says:

    I am disappointed that Ream did not win this award. If anything, I was worried Mwanga would have taken it from him.

    Ream is really something to watch, a force on the backline, and a great distributor with the ball at his feet. I doubt that those who are denouncing him have watched him play extensively. If so, they would know how much he contributed to the Red Bulls this year.

  98. Neruda says:

    Although Najar has talent he is much less the finished product than Ream or Mwanga. MLS got this wrong.

  99. JS says:

    Consider it karma for the 2004 MVP debacle.

  100. Aden says:

    Then you should quite frankly have your voting right revoked.

  101. Ufficio says:

    Ream is 737 years old?

  102. Mark says:

    While most starting defenders in the league do their fair share of breaking up plays and reading the game, Ream is that rare player who can do something with the ball after he makes a play. Most defenders play it safe and blast it out of the back if they’re under and pressure, and often times when they aren’t under pressure. Ream has a knack for taking an extra touch and has some ability to dribble to ensure he gets off an accurate pass in most cases. Having had a chance to watch him all season, it really is something special.

    I think that combined with him being the lynchpin on the first place team in the east, he bagged a goal, and he’s plays a clean game which his limited his yellows to only 2-3 on the season makes him the ROTY.

    But as I posted above, Najar had a great season and was a worthy choice. But for me, Ream was more deserving.

  103. Retro says:

    Najar is a good player, so are the other candidates, but i am curious about how these three finalist were chosen. Of the three, one is in the playoffs. He started every game and was exceptional. My vote would have gone for Ream, but the best rookie in my opinion was Bunbury. My second choice is Loyd in Dallas.

  104. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Aden, let me guess, you’re a United fan, right?

    I’m sorry but Ream made a far bigger impact on his team than Najar did with his, impressive skills notwithstanding. Take Najar away and D.C. still finishes with the league’s worst record (of course, that would be true if you take any of their other players away, as well). Take Ream away and N.Y. doesn’t win the East. Period.

    BTW, take a look at some Sean Johnson highlights. This fellow will challenge for a spot on the World Cup team in four years.

  105. Barrabrava says:

    Najar was the obvious choice !
    Metro fans shouldbe used to DC playersand team to be on top of them at all times!!
    You guys will never win anything that’s the reality of your team period you can bring barcelonas whole squadans still not win the cup!!
    Sorry trut hsucks