Pearce still questionable for MLS Cup

Heath Pearce (


FC Dallas full back Heath Pearce has been on the sidelines for much of FC Dallas' run to MLS Cup with a hamstring injury, but Pearce is still aiming to return to the field for Sunday's MLS Cup Final. After undergoing a number of fitness tests on Friday, Pearce was bullish about being ready to take the field against the Colorado Rapids. 

“I don’t remember the last time I had to do so many sprints in one training session beside pre-season training, but it felt good," Pearce said. “The staff’s going to have to sit down and discuss my situation. Obviously I haven’t been training and there’ve been guys putting in the work in the last weeks so I can’t expect to be on the field or on the bench.”

Brazilian right back Jackson Goncalves has been starting at right back in Pearce’s place, though he has struggled at times to match Pearce's effectiveness and consistency. Pearce has been out since an Oct. 16th loss to Real Salt Lake. Four days before that, he played 90 minutes in the U.S. national team’s 0-0 tie against Colombia.

“I’m working my hardest to make it a difficult decision for the coach,” said Pearce, who  I feel like I’ve been a significant factor, just like everybody who’s played this year and contributed. Like anybody else, I want to get on the field and be with the team. I feel I did well in the fitness test and right now it’s out of my hands.”

 Whether FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman starts Pearce or not, it is looking like a safe bet that Pearce will see the field at some point in Sunday's final. 

“I feel fit. Whether I can play 90 minutes is difficult to say because it’s difficult to replicate game-like situations or even training situations. The muscle feels good, and after today the fitness feels good.”

Who do you think Hyndman should start? Should he stick with Jackson, or bring in Pearce?

Share your thoughts below.

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43 Responses to Pearce still questionable for MLS Cup

  1. Jon says:

    Would love to see him play, but please shave that ‘stache.

  2. Nevin says:

    what’s that on his face?

  3. Don Pelayo says:

    The mustache is brilliant. If he shaves it I hope he never plays for the USMNT again.

  4. fischy says:

    I would like to see it grow out to the sides into waxy curly-Qs. Very Daniel Day Lewis in “There Will Be Blood”…

  5. fischy says:

    Or, am I remembering Gangs of New York only?

  6. Indigo Montoya says:

    Well, if all else fails for Pearce, with that ‘stache he can move to the valley and begin his “acting” career

  7. Modibo says:

    Where do you get these pictures from?!?

    I just don’t roll with the ‘stache. Get the caterpillar off your face Pearce. You too, McCarty!

  8. GSScasual says:

    Very 1920’s Americana badass. MUSTACHE WIN

  9. Luke from CBus says:

    It was curly in Gangs. Just straight in Blood.

  10. Warren says:

    Right, that’s approaching a ‘gangs of new york’ quality stache..

  11. Villain-from-Texas says:

    How can you not love that mustache? It’s classic.

  12. sciroccer says:

    What’s with these guys and the stache’s??? Just because the NY Cosmos name has been discussed within the MLS recently, dosent mean it’s time to do you best “Shep Messing” impression.

  13. Charles says:

    “Actors”….is that what they call those people in those films.

  14. Drew says:

    Best USMNT XI based on facial hair? I suppose even normal hair will do, too. Any suggestions? Pearce, Gaven, Beckerman?

  15. Dan says:

    The real question here is if his mustache is self-aware.

  16. Thor says:

    Tom Beringer in the big chill or Magnum PI

  17. Tim M. says:

    Im thinkin’ more Tom Selleck

  18. Jonathan says:

    The mustache is probably due to link to

  19. jonk says:

    Nope, he’s been rocking it on and off for the past few months.

  20. Mattmatumbo says:

    Is he hiding something hilarious behind his back?

  21. J says:

    As someone who is a fan of the team and has watched every game, I would disagree about Pearce’s effectiveness and consistency. I think he has been good some games, and bad some games, and when he is bad it’s been all about his turnovers. There is a reason there hasn’t been a drop off since he has been out of the lineup, and that is that he and Jackson play about the same skill wise, the only difference being that Jackson has more athleticism and Pearce has better tactical awareness. Pearce gets the love this season because he is a national pool member and the media love to rave about those guys, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if in the offseason he is moved to another team or allowed to return to Europe, as he is at position that the squad has depth at with Jackson and Loyd.

  22. Neg says:

    That ‘stache made it a requirement to click on this article. Amazing.

  23. COCaribou says:

    Who wins: Pearce’s ‘stache or Pickens’ giant beard?

  24. Aaron in StL says:

    Are you kidding? With the ‘stache alone he should be penciled in as our #1 LB for the ‘Nats

  25. Boosted335 says:


    LOL, I dont think it is; otherwise it would have killed (shaved) itself

  26. Don Pelayo says:

    Not that I’m complaining or think it should be any other way, but I noticed that there has only been one comment about whether Pearce should play or not.

    Mustache wins.

  27. John in Fl says:

    How did they get Freddy Mercury to grow his hair and wear a FC dallas jersey????? Time travel FTW

  28. Steve C says:

    When I was a young lad that used to be referred to as the Rollie Fingers ‘stache. Guess times have changed.

  29. dude says:

    ya his stash is also questionable

  30. Gacm32 says:

    Tom Selleck would be proud of that ‘stache.

  31. St. Addi says:

    Pearce wins easily out of that trio. He wears the hell out of that stache. Like Sam Elliot or Clark Gable. Gaven looks like a POW who has just been dragged out into the sunlight for the first time in two years. And I’m pretty sure thats just some kind of fungus growing off of that filthy hippy Beckerman’s face.

  32. Cyrus says:

    all I read was mustache mustache mustache, mustache mustache mustache.

  33. over there says:

    NO…”Homeless Eddie” Gaven lives under and overpass in Columbus, and only leaves his cardboard box to hit the pitch. I agree, though, that Pearce wins.

  34. Lib says:

    Will the moustache be healthy enough to compete in the MLS Cup?

  35. eastbaygrease says:

    Is that mustache Pearce’s way of coming out of the closet?

  36. NF says:

    Saw that picture and knew I had to read the comments. They did not disappoint.

  37. freddo says:

    With a mustache he looks like one of the guys on “To Catch a Predator”.

  38. freddo says:

    Ives you should do a “2010 MLS Best Facial Hair XI” post.

  39. chupacabra says:

    Yep – it’s black, rubber and what Hatchet Harry used to beat Smithy Robinson to death.

  40. chupacabra says:

    And it looks like Pearce just drank Casey’s milkshake.

  41. FulhamPete says:

    I’m thinking…Kevin Dillon.

  42. mrf says:

    Pearce’s look is a very tasteful blend of “gold rush” and “meth lab”.

  43. Gabe says:

    Pearce is overrated…There is a reason that they are winning without him.