SBI Live Q&A set for 1pm today

It's that time again. Time to talk soccer in the latest SBI Live Q&A.

With MLS Cup in the rearview mirror, trades galore being made and the expansion draft looming, it's the perfect time to have a Q&A.

Check in this afternoon at 1pm and submit your soccer questions for me to answer and discuss.

See you at 1pm.

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23 Responses to SBI Live Q&A set for 1pm today

  1. Tim says:

    Hey Ives – do you know anything about Fabian Hurzeler? Yanks Abroad is quoting Rongen saying that he has committed to the US. Sounds like a big win for our youth!

  2. Rory says:

    If South Korea was hoping their promise of holding a game in North Korea was going to help their world cup bid, I’d say that went up in smoke today, huh?

  3. Sacachispas says:

    What is the deal with Rogelio Funes Mori? He was the Sueno winner, he joined FCD’s youth system and now Benfica wants to pay $11 million to River for him? Only 19 years old. could he play for USA? why didn’t MLS keep him?

  4. froboy says:

    Germany’s U-19 Captain from what i can gather

  5. radi0head says:

    from what i can recall, he will not be playing for the US unfortunately

  6. froboy says:

    in the Bayern Munich system, though not anywhere near their senior squad

  7. CILII_blog says:

    Anyone else think every MLS playoff game including the final should be a home and away series?

    Get rid of a neutral site hosting the event.

  8. dman says:

    Dear everyone asking questions in the comment section…..


  9. BSU SC says:

    Figuratively and literally. I’m sorry that it happened, but a small party of me is glad that we have one less competitor to worry about.

  10. marco says:

    Hey Ives,

    Far far far out I know but what will be some of the top free agents likely be when the MLS resumes?

  11. BSU SC says:

    I think they’ll do that once every team in the league has complete control of their stadium situation. Personally, I’d like it to be a single game with the highest seed hosting.

  12. Hey Ives,

    You could argue Dax McCartey was the best player on the pitch Sunday – so I am sure there must be a good reason why Dallas left him unprotected for the expansion draft. Please share.

  13. CILII_blog says:

    Hey Ives,

    I ordered some Chicken with Cashew Nuts from the local Chinese takeout place, but I got peanuts instead of Cashew. What should I do?

  14. Stu Holden's Lid says:

    Hey Ives,

    Isn’t it clever when I talk about myself in the third person and it’s like I am actually asking you a question about stuff??

  15. Tim M. says:

    he’s not eligible

    we can still hold out for hoyos though!

  16. Lost in Space says:

    He’s 17 yrs OLD (DoB 2/26/93)…wouldn’t expect him to be near the Senior Squad. As it is he’s the youngest player in the Reserve side….still has 2 yrs of eligability to the U-19 team, but Bayern thinks enough of him to have him in the Reserve Squad.

  17. froboy says:

    read it on some blog and then realized the same thing you did, but it wouldn’t let me delete it

  18. Alex G says:

    Fabian Hurzeler, that’s a great story.

  19. PetedeLA says:

    Ugh. Another center mid.

    We need a left footed defender and a center forward.

  20. Alex says:

    Who wins in a match between the USMNT and the USWNT?

  21. Alex G says:

    well he’s a prospect, Im not saying he’s ready for the senior team, only time will tell.

  22. plato says:

    Something fishy to me about saying that women’s pro soccer can’t make it in the US. The top WUSA teams averaged more than San Jose, Dallas, or KC did this season. So how many MLS teams actually make money besides the obvious ones like Galaxy, Seattle, Toronto? And why did the stadium look half empty at the MLS Final if Toronto is such a self-proclaimed soccer city? Is it because of the product? I think most MLS teams operate at a loss. And how much money has the USSF and its marketing arm, Soccer United Marketing given to prop up MLS over the years?

    I would say that the USSF doesn’t want to invest money in women’s soccer development in the US. If they did, they’d save WPS among other things like adding a residency program for U17 women and creating a development pyramid for youth and grassroots women’s development. If they don’t want to save it then fine, but that shouldn’t be the reason to just dismiss it as not being a good product whatsoever.