Tuesday Kickoff: Spector eyeing German move, Carragher sidelined and more

 JonathanSpector (ISIPhotos.com)

Jonathan Spector has endured a disappointing season at West Ham, one where playing time has been in short supply. He may have his way out and it could come via a move to Germany.

Spector is reportedly closing in on a move to German club Cologne, a switch which would end Spector's seven-year run in England. Spector has failed to find playing time under new West Ham manager Avram Grant in a season that has seen the Hammers wallow in the relegation zone.

If Spector does go to Germany, he would join U.S. midfielder DaMarcus Beasley as Americans to head to the Bundesliga in search of more playing time.

Here are some other stories to get your Tuesday going:


Liverpool's quest to climb back into the top four took a major hit with the news that defender Jamie Carragher will be sidelined for three months due to a shoulder injury that will require surgery.

The Reds are already faced with the absence of captain Steven Gerrard for another three weeks due to injury and must now find a way to replace its most experienced defender.


A select team of MLS Generation adidas players will head to Spain to play a series of friendlies featuring reserve teams for the likes of Real Madrid.

The squad, which will be coached by FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman, will feature young standouts such as Juan Agudelo, Danny Mwanga, Ike Opara and Stefan Frei.

The team will play reserve teams from Real Madrid (Wednesday), Rayo Vallecano (Dec. 7) and Atletico Madrid (Dec. 8).


French World Cup winner Marcel Desailly is among five finalists for the vacant Ghana head coaching job.

Ghana is looking for a replacement for Milovan Rajevac, who helped guide the 'Black Stars' to the World Cup quarterfinals, a run that included their overtime Round of 16 win against the United States.

Desailly is a native of Ghana, but was a key member of France's 1998 World Cup-winning team.


What do you think of these developments? Like the idea of Spector going to Germany? Think Liverpool can manage without Carragher? Hoping the USA gets another shot at Ghana some time soon?

Share your thoughts below.

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43 Responses to Tuesday Kickoff: Spector eyeing German move, Carragher sidelined and more

  1. Jerry says:

    I love seeing Liverpool Suffer!!!

  2. Smacking says:

    Anything that gets Spector some PT is a good thing. He has been way off form. Isn’t he in europe because of German lineage? Perhaps the family roots can help rebuild his confidence.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Are the Gen Adidas games open to the public and/or televised?

  4. Matt C in Tampa says:

    Liverpool needs to fire Roy so that Fulham can welcome him back. We understand your search for glory and we don’t blame you. All is forgive Roy. Come home. Will kill the fatted calve and through a big party.

  5. William the Terror says:

    Isn’t Cologne stinking it up (pardon the pun) in the Bundesliga? Relegation could make a move there short-lived, unless Spector wants to play Bundesliga-2 next year.

  6. Erik says:

    It would be good to see Spector out of the dysfunction that is West Ham. Avram Grant a manager is a joke and they are sitting in the relegation zone. Yet not even Spector can get some minutes.

    I’m saying he’s the best around, but who they have in charge is a complete clown and has ruined that club for the season.

  7. Erik says:

    “I’m not saying” sorry…

  8. Keith G. says:

    A good move for Spector if it goes through. The team is struggling right now put does have some good players like Podolski ad Petit. Lets hoppe that if he does go he ca get the team out of the relagatio spot. Hey and maybe they can bring Onyewu in on loan from AC Milan.

  9. Dainja says:

    Ummm…Spector should pray for Cologne relegation!! Bundesliga 2 is the only league in Germany he can compete in. (or at least, the only one he can regain his confidence in)

  10. RK says:

    Beasley is still looking for more PT in the Bundesliga. Let’s hope Spector finds more.

    MLS GA 5, RM reserves 0. Glad they are playing some better clubs in Atletico and Rayo.

  11. Modibo says:

    At least the “West Ham flop” (as the linked article calls him) won’t have to deal with those hobbit hooligans anymore if he makes the move.

  12. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Good god, I wish we lived in a country where something like a Generation Addias game was televised…

  13. Erik says:

    Funny, West Ham as a club is a complete flop and always has been. Only thing they are known for is that horrible movie and blowing bubbles.

  14. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    Gooch is supposedly heading to wear the PINK shirt of Palermo.

    That ain’t a good look Gooch.

  15. patrick says:

    its a loan, so he would be back at west ham, presumably after the season and either looking for another loan or challenging for a spot

  16. BCC says:

    SI reporting that Jermaine Jones has been sent to Schalke’s fourth-tier reserve side due to “lack of effort.” Not good.

  17. Andy in Chicago says:

    I had heard about this possible Germany move for Spector months ago because I am friends with one of Spector’s good friends from the area. I didn’t know if it would come to fruition or not but I am hoping it does and that he finds more playing time.

    Many on here write him off but he is young yet and has some definite value to the future of the USMNT. I remember he had a pretty good Confederations Cup but just hasn’t been too hot since. Maybe a change of scenery is what he needs.

  18. beckster says:

    I like the German move for Spector. He has to get out of West Ham and whether German tier 1 or 2 let’s just hope he gets playing time and regains his confidence. I’d also like to see him get a shot at center back rather than fullback. Hope this goes through.

  19. Tim M. says:

    Hopefully its the purple of Fiorentina

  20. Peter says:

    Will he play v. Man U in Westham’s Carling Cup match today?

  21. jts says:

    He is starting according to soccernet gamecast

  22. elduderino says:

    Exactly. Grant was the wrong manager for West Ham. He has no business in the prem. Chelsea players said his coaching methods were “25 years behind the times.” Spector needs out of West Ham until they replace Grant.

  23. Judging Amy says:

    How is Cologne so bad with the likes of Podolski, Maniche and Farid Mondragon?

  24. RedLine55 says:

    Yeah he’s playing. It’s funny, these reserves games can be pretty entertaining. Most of United are big names that play often.

    United is dominating early on, to nobody’s surprise.

  25. RedLine55 says:

    * Carling Cup, not reserves, obviously.
    And my point was that United, with their squad, should finish this off quickly. Whew, no more drinking.

  26. hmmm says:

    Marcus Hahnemann should come home. Any club would give him like a 4 year deal for like $300,000 annually. He probably makes like three times that now though.

  27. hmmm says:

    and I definitely think we should start a rivalry with Ghana. Play a match in DC or in Accra. Thousands of Ghanaians in DC and even more West Africans. It would be a HIT. They knocked us out of 2 straight WC’s. That’s definitely a rivalry in the making. don’t ya think?

    Plus Ghana is 1 of the most democratic and free market economies in Africa. Low corruption and compared to most of Africa, it’s doing quite well for itself. I’m sure the people themselves would welcome more matches with us. They look up to this country.

  28. Erik says:

    Even on one of the games earlier this season the announcers were saying how Grant just never looked excited which rubs off on the team. He did well at Chelsea because Chelsea as a collection of players was good enough to make him look good.

    Wasn’t he like a higher level director or something? Look back to Zola – sure they struggled all year but you could tell his players loved him and his own excitement rubbed off on everyone.

  29. RedLine55 says:

    oh wow, Spector with an excellent run all the way through D and he got the assist. Might have even deflected off of him! 1-0 WHU

  30. jts says:

    Goal Spector.

  31. DoPe says:

    Spector scores, what an eventful day for him so far

  32. jts says:

    yes- one taken back due to offsides then one scored

  33. DoPe says:

    Spector scores AGAINNN

  34. RedLine55 says:

    he’s looking sexy out there!
    2 GOALS!!!

  35. jts says:

    And another! Two today!

  36. William the Terror says:

    i did not say they had bad players. i said they were in danger of relegation.

  37. William the Terror says:

    he seems to be playing very well against Manchester United this afternoon. perhaps the problem is the crazy bastard that West Ham has as a coach.

  38. Texas Hammer says:

    It looks like Spector has been playing out of position all this time. As a West Ham fan, I have to say he was probably one of the most out of favor players on the team, and now with this performance, he’s making everyone eat their words. If he can keep this up, he’ll be a West Ham legend.

  39. Joamiq says:

    Glad Spector is making Grant look stupid.

    If this loan deal goes through – anyone know what Cologne’s backline is like? Is Spector likely to get playing time?

  40. jts says:

    I only looked at gamecast, where he was listed as a defender.

    Did he play midfield?

    (SBI-Spector played defensive midfield, but got forward at times so he was as much a central midfielder as anything. Very good game.)

  41. jts says:

    The US does seem to produce an inordinate number of defensive middies

  42. hmmm says:

    Spector will play the remaining games til January and who knows. If he scores more, he’s staying. If he simply plays well, than he’ll look more popular to Koln and other clubs for sell.

  43. Dainja says:

    WOW. After seeing the Man U game highlights, I just had to log in to diss myself…I HEREBY RETRACT THOSE WORDS. I’m a man of honor. (well, maybe I just meant these words above as a right back. haha)