USA vs. South Africa: Match Day Commentary

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The U.S. men's national team will play its final game of 2010 today when it takes on South Africa in the Nelson Mandela Challenge Cup at beautiful Green Point Stadium in Cape Town. (2:30pm, ESPN2).

New faces Juan Agudelo, Mikkel Diskerud, Teal Bunbury and Tim Ream are just some of the youngsters who could make their USA debuts today against a tough South African squad led by Steven Pienaar.

I will be providing commentary on today's match so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's commentary is after the jump):


FINAL– So many good performances.

Agudelo, Diskerud, Ream, Bedoya, Lichaj, Goodson and Guzan all did well. Not many bad ones to be honest. Robbie Findley was certainly one, while Jonathan Bornstein and Jonathan Spector also struggled.

Still, the match and result is an impressive one for this young American team, and serves notice that there is actually quite a bit of good young talent on the way up the pipeline.

That's all for me folks. Thanks for following along and please feel free to share your post-game thoughts in the comments section below.


FINAL- USA 1, South Africa 0. A great win for the USA, led by several impressive youngsters.

 Agudelo with a goal, Diskerud with the assist. Lichaj with a great game, Bedoya with a very good showing.

Agudelo became the youngest player to ever score for the U.S. national team. 


93rd Minute– Yes folks, Juan Agudelo is only 17, turns 18 next week. Got his birthday present early.


89th Minute– South Africa is in desperation mode now, trying to find an equalizer.

Nice goal dance from Agudelo by the way. The vets are on notice. They need to step their dance game up.


87th Minute– Agbossoumonde replaced Goodson, is teamed with Borchers in central defense.


86th Minute– Great, great sequence, with Diskerud collecting the ball from Agudeo, showing poise and touch to find a streaking Agudelo, who took a touch and calmly hit it with a clever finish. Wow.

Gale Agbossoumonde is coming in, on his 19th birthday at that.




82nd Minute– South Africa with another wasted corner kick.

USA needs its midfield to start feeding Bunbury and Agudelo, who have been left alone up top the past ten minutes.


80th Minute– Diskerud is a creative central midfielder. It will be interesting to see how much he has matured since he was a frail U.S. Under-20 midfielder two years ago.


79th Minute– Diskerud has replaced Bedoya, who had a very strong game today.

Pienaar has left the match.


76th Minute– Here comes Mikkel Diskerud. Another intriguing debut today.


74th Minute– Would love to see Agudelo and Bedoya playing with more first-team USA players. Lichaj as well.


71st Minute– Pienaar pounces on a Spector turnover and earns a corner after shooting wide.


69th Minute– USA defense has been very organized in the second half. Carroll and Pause are forcing South Africa to go wide with their attacks, better than in the first half.


67th Minute– Lichaj with another winning tackle on Tshabala. he's owned him tonight.

Nat Borchers coming on for Tim Ream, who had a very solid debut. He can be proud, and some skeptics should probably start giving him some credit finally.


66th Minute– Is that a USA chant I'm hearing at Green Point Stadium? There certainly are Americans living in Cape Town, so it could be.


63rd Minute– Americans playing much better right now. South Africa doesn't look very inspired, but the young U.S. team is playing with some good energy.


60th Minute– Somma is subbed off. He won't be missed by USA fans.

Juan Agudelo is coming in for his first U.S. national team appearance, replaces Rogers.


59th Minute– Somma tries another dive after actually putting a nice move on in the area. He might want to give it up.


56th Minute– Gaven tries a shot, but it doesn't really trouble the keeper either. USA with some good possession here in the second half.


55th Minute– Bunbury with a shot, doesn't test the keeper much, but nice turn by him after a good pass from Lichaj.


52nd Minute– Nice sequence between Bunbury and Bedoya, who almost hit Gaven with a nice ball.

Bunbury already looks better than Findley.


51st Minute– Ream with a nice challenge on Somma, but gets called for the foul. Not sure about that call.


50th Minute– Bedoya is back. Looks okay. 


48th Minute– Bedoya is down, appears to have been hit in the face.


46th Minute– We are back.


HALFTIME– Bunbury is about to come on, likely for Findley. Spector replaces Bornstein at left back.


HALFTIME– Considering Pause and Carroll haven't won the ball much, and Findley couldn't hold the ball much, the U.S. defense has held up well under pressure from South Africa.


HALFTIME– Bob Bradley just said he expects Teal Bunbury to come in, and Agudelo will come in after that, though he could come in at halftime as well. Jonathan Spector will also be coming in. 


HALFTIME– USA 0, South Africa 0.

Americans can feel good about that first half. Some very good showings. Lichaj, Goodson, Guzan, Bedoya all looked good. Rogers has also shown some flashes and Tim Ream has been very solid in his debut.


46th Minute– Maybe it's just me but David Somma is easy to dislike as a player.

Which forward will we see first, Juan Agudelo or Teal Bunbury?


42nd Minute– Nice run from Rogers, who puts a cross in to Bedoya, but Bedoya can't really get a good head on it.


41st Minute– Lichaj commits a foul. South Africa is consistently going at him. He's holding up well.


39th Minute– Good stuff from Clarence Goodson today.


37th Minute– There is NO way Robbie Findley will score today. None. (I'm putting my jinx powers to the ultimate test. May be asking too much).


33rd Minute– Lichaj gets a yellow for a late tackle on Tshabalala.


32nd Minute– Former MLS player Shaun Bartlett on the broadcast.

Good point by him. Lichaj has neutralized Tshabala so far.


30th Minute– USA corner kick. Eric Lichaj earns it.


27th Minute– Findley actually looks worse today than he did at the World Cup. Didn't think that was possible. On the bright side, it will make Juan Agudelo's insertion all the more exciting.


26th Minute– USA free kick. Gaven and Rogers standing over it. Rogers gets his shot blocked.

Bedoya is looking good today.


24th Minute– Lord knows this USA team has nobody ho could be considered a threat in the penalty area.


22nd Minute– SAVE SOUTH AFRICA!! Eric Lichaj with a nice run forward, finds Gaven, who finds Rogers for a blast saved well. Good sequence for USA.


20th Minute– SAVE GUZAN!!! Stops a Bernard Parker shot after Parker raced passed Ream to get to a Pienaar pass. Still 0-0.


19th Minute– A Logan Pause turnover leads to a breakout for South Africa but the USA defense recovers.


17th Minute– Tshabalala skies a long free kick. He's coming back from an injury, but still looks pretty dangerous.


13th Minute– SAVE GUZAN!! Makes a clutch stop on a South Africa shot that looked offside.


12th Minute– Some folks on Twitter were asking if the referee was Koman Coulibaly, who reffed the USA-Slovenia match. NO, it isn't him.


10th Minute– Tshabalala's speed is going cause problems today.

David Somma just dove looking for a penalty. Americans don't dive so it's probably good he isn't with the USA (yes, I realize Eddie Gaven is on the field. Shhh).


9th Minute– You get the feeling Robbie Findley will re-live his World Cup experience by not scoring and coming out at halftime.


7th Minute– Ream with a good pass from deep early on. He looks comfortable in his first cap.

Lichaj vs. Tshabalala will be a good match-up to watch as well.


6th Minute– Neither team really taking charge early in this feeling-out period.


2nd Minute– The Pienaar-Bornstein battle will be one to watch, as will Somma-Ream.

Davide Somma grew up in Florida after being born in South Africa, and considered playing for the USA but wasn't close to being eligible. He's been talking a lot of trash about being overlooked. We'll see how he does.


1st Minute– We are underway, and the vuvuzelas are blowing. 


PRE-GAME– Brad Guzan wears the armband today.


PRE-GAME– Looks as though Eddie Gaven will be slotted behind Robbie Findley, with Bedoya on the right, in a 4-4-2, at least that's what the broadcast is saying. Something tells me it will play more like a 4-2-3-1.


PRE-GAME– Here is South AFrica's starting lineup:






PRE-GAME– A great night in Cape Town. I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing I could be back there. Amazing city.


PRE-GAME– The teams are on the field ahead of the match, which is going to kick off shortly.


PRE-GAME- Kick-off is slated for 2:30pm, so if you want to skip the ESPN pre-game you can ignore our earlier 2pm listing.


PRE-GAME– It will be interesting to watch the 4-5-1 operate. I would expect Bedoya to play centrally given that he has played there on the club level, while Logan Pause and Brian Carroll will have their hands full against a relentless South African midfield.


PRE-GAME– It's a sell-out at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town today, meaning some youngsters, like Ream and Lichaj, will make their first starts in an intense and unforgettable environment.


PRE-GAME– Bob Bradley goes with a 4-5-1 today, with Findley up top and the midfield trio of Alejandro Bedoya, Eddie Gaven and Robbie Rogers working behind him.

SBI MLS Rookie of the Year Tim Ream gets the start in his first appearance, edging out MLS Best XI defender Nat Borchers for the right to start alongside veteran Clarence Goodson.

Teen striker Juan Agudelo doesn't get the start, but he should get some good minutes today, as should Teal Bunbury.


PRE-GAME– Here is the USA starting lineup:








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356 Responses to USA vs. South Africa: Match Day Commentary

  1. CILII_blog says:

    Holy cow,

    I’m not sure what I think about this lineup, I have mixed feeling. Hope we score at least one goal.

    Good luck USMNT.

  2. EAscott says:

    Can’t believe both Pause and Carroll both got the start. Very defensive…ughh

  3. Collin says:

    Who’s gonna hold the ball up top for us?

  4. SeattleStan says:

    Thank heavens Findley is in the lineup. That way we can have someone on the field that can run REAL fast. Because that is what’s most important…running really fast.

  5. John says:

    Anybody know if this is an actual 2pm kick or a 2pm pregame show? I only have an hour to leave work and would be bummed if I had to sit through 30 minutes of pregame.

  6. Wow… with all that young and exciting talent Bob finds the most boring combination he can to start the game.

  7. BJ says:

    Surprised to see Findley get the start based on his recent (read: most of the year) goal-scoring performance. He definitely needs some time to feel things out and this is the perfect venue for him to relax and run down the defense. I just hope he can put things on target, otherwise I think people will have Bob’s head.

    Go USA!

  8. SeattleStan says:

    But he’s SO fast. How could he not be a good selection?

  9. Paul C says:

    We need to figure out a way to get Findley out of the player pool immediately.

    Aren’t there some hardcore straight edge kids in Salt Lake that can take out a couple of knees?

  10. EAscott says:

    But I’m liking Bedoya in the middle and lichaj and Ream in the back… just worried the young defenders are going to be too busy. Don’t mind Findley up top, like some others might… I think he’s pretty good at holding the ball up there, very necessary in a single striker role.

  11. tnnelson says:

    then, just in case we need him to, he can miss a few open nets and dribble past the touchline. i can’t wait!

  12. patrick says:

    well, I like the formation, and I know that we’ll get to see Agudelo/mix etc, but if you’re going to play a 4-2-3-1, why cant we see Mix from the start? Also, i know Bedoya floats inside and CAN play there, but I’d rather see him outside where he has a future for the US. Nevertheless, i’m excited to see Ream and Lichaj for 90.

  13. TomR says:

    Good continuity to see Crew team mates Rogers and Gaven in the mid field with Carrol. It will be very interesting to see how Bedoya does in the middle since that’s where he plays for his club. Go USA!

  14. Andy in Chicago says:

    Time to lose.

  15. JohnC says:

    Interesting… I kind of think Gaven will manning the middle and Bedoya will be on the right. I like the backline, speed and good attacking ability on the wings, good in the air with Goodson and good passing from Ream. I think more defensive is what we need for the first 20 mins of this game and think Carroll and Pause will do a good job jamming the middle. Speed guy as lone forward seems strange.

    Six subs at halftime:

    bench: Spector, Boss, Bochers, Bunbury, Agudelo, Mix and Cervi

    I pick: Spector for Goodson, Bunbury for Findley, Mix for Gaven then go to 4-4-2 at 70th min mark and bring Agudelo for Pause/Carrol. I dont think Boss, Bochers or Cervi play.

  16. Tomas says:

    2:30 kickoff I believe.

  17. patrick says:

    ESPN said they’re throwing to SA at 230, and the time slot goes until 430, so i think its 230 kickoff

  18. bryan says:

    i can’t believe this is the line up…i disapprove.

  19. Paul C says:

    Have you seen him play in the past 12 months? Every time the ball comes to him he takes a horrible touch and coughs it up. I haven’t seen him take a single meaningful touch, or make a single meaningful run in months. (yeah yeah, he got the scrap goal in the playoffs, don’t want to hear it, he’s crap.)

  20. SeattleStan says:

    He is so going to torch those guys to the touchline! They won’t know what hit them. Then, there will be a goal kick.

  21. Dinho says:

    4-5-1? Really?

    And both Caroll and Pause starting? Really?

    Come on BB, get some balls. This game means nothing! Play to win rather than “not to lose.” Bums me out.

    AND, Spector sitting behind Ream? Wow, poor Spector. He has certainly plummeted in the USMNT pecking order, hasn’t he? I kind of feel bad for the guy.

  22. patrick says:

    The more I read about Boss’ situation the more I think this call up was to get him some high quality training and conditioning before going to the U20 world cup. Apparently he’s not in fantastic shape, and coming into the US camp, then directly to the U20 camp should help with that. It’s also probably a bit of a “keep your head up” kinda move from bob.

  23. liz says:

    interesting lineup…
    on a side note, Happy Birthday Eric Lichaj!
    Man, I wish I could watch the entire game and take copious notes on that, instead of my biology lab. Ahhh the joys of being a college student. Oh well, just gotta watch the replay on ESPN3 afterwards. GO USA!

  24. patrick says:

    spector plays outside, ream plays inside.

    (SBI-Spector has started at centerback for the national team before, and on the club level. He’s played everywhere in the back for both.)

  25. Hercules says:

    Bedoya plays in the middle for his club, like Holden. Both have been put on the wing for the USMNT, so I think it should be interesting to see them in their natural roles.

    We always say that we have a lack of width because our wingers like to cut inside, but we keep trying to put central players on the wings (Holden, Bedoya, Donovan, Dempsey, Kljestan, etc.)

  26. SeattleStan says:

    Ha! I imagined this in a Rutger Hauer voice for some reason.

  27. patrick says:

    also, why are we starting 3 midfielders from a team that got bounced in the first round of MLS playoffs? Neither Rogers nor gaven is THAT good that htey couldn’t be ignored

  28. Nick in Tucson says:

    Findley shouldn’t play, much less start. Come on Bob, try someone new!

  29. tim says:

    This is stupid. Why bring the kids if you don’t start them Bob? Ca’mon Man!

  30. mb says:

    pause and carrol? ughhh. what possible future do they have with the us team in a defensive mid role. we’ve already got edu, bradley, clark, jones. what a waste of an oppurtunity. that decision just really pisses me off.

  31. gheffron says:

    Bradley has 6 subs to work with in this game. We need to sustain the high Bafana Bafana pressure first. With so many young untested players in our squad, their nervous energy does us no good until the game has settled down a bit. What is the benefit from throwing them all in at first and watching them frantically chasing everything down. If we can absorb some pressure and gain some control on the ball we will see much more out of the new guys up front when they come in.

  32. Robbie Finley says:

    you wanna see me kick this soccer ball over a mountain, huh kid?

  33. PetedeLA says:

    Some thoughts…

    Like most you you, I’m not exactly ecstatic about Findley.

    A. Findley will probably be the only recognizable person to the South African fans. They should get something for their troubles.
    B. Obviously Bob plans to soak up pressure and run the counter.
    C. Rather than just slapping together a jigsaw puzzle midfiled, Bob has chosen to start three guys in the midfield who know each other well. Clever (no sarcasm)

    With that… I see two ready-made strategies to score. The first being the long ball to Findley, and the second being, the long cross from Rogers to Findley or Gaven in the box. The third of course will be Goodson getting a head on the end of a set piece.

    It’s not a horrible game plan. I don’t see a large amount of creativity, but that’s what second halves are for.

    I say we take this 2-1.

  34. Alexandria says:

    Wow the haters are out early. …. buzz kill.

  35. Chris Whyte says:

    I guess it makes sense to have the young guys watch a half to settle their nerves, but I was hoping for a bit more youthful flair. Hopefully Agudelo and Mix start the second half.

  36. Dinho says:

    Thanks, Ives. Yes, I know spector plays outside back, but considering the squad brought in for this game, he is one of only three center backs (Ream, Goodson, and Boss). Hence, Ream is playing in front of him.

    Also, I would have liked to have seen Mix start and let Bedoya play on one of the wings. I don’t think we should have both Gaven and Rogers starting. Neither are that good and we already know what we can expect from both (not much).

  37. RSLfan says:

    His confidence in front of goal is shot, but he did pick up some important late assists late in the MLS season. Still though, not near top form. Here’s to hoping he finds it in Cape Town…

  38. john.q says:

    Ream! He’s the real deal.

  39. Andy in Chicago says:

    They are people who tell it like it is. Not haters.

  40. Kimo says:

    A FKING disaster of a selection…

  41. Chris Whyte says:

    With Boss and Borchers also on the bench, I gotta think Bob is only considering Spector for the outside back positions at this point (or possibly DM). Gotta go with Patrick on this one. But I do think it is an indication that Lichaj has already passed Spector in the pecking order.

  42. patrick says:

    Ives, I agree he HAS played there butReam is a young top prospect with a brighter future and career, as the US centerback, more so than Spector, IMO. He’s also a centerback by trade, not by necessity like Spector has been. Given that our outside backs are bornstein lichaj I don’t think it should be expected that he play in the middle, we need coverage outside as well

    (SBI-Patrick, I really don’t know what point you’re trying to make. Did I say Ream shouldn’t start?)

  43. Robbie Finley says:

    My composure and touch on the ball will be the calming force today

  44. Aaron in StL says:

    The hidden danger there is forcing the goal kick… anything is possible on a goal kick

  45. LNG says:

    Exactly! Carroll, Pause and Findley? Gag me with a spoon.

  46. Chris says:

    AGUDELO!!!!!! Hoping to see the birth of an American striker today.

  47. Brad says:


  48. UsualSuspects says:

    Don’t you know….it’s about having track runners on the team

  49. Alex G says:

    horrible lineup, what a waste of talent, where’s Mix, Bunbury and co, damn BB, I hate u again lol

  50. Chris Whyte says:

    Gaven has been in good form lately. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a good day today. Both he and Rogers are too talented and too young to be written off already.

  51. UsualSuspects says:


  52. philmatt24 says:

    That’s one of my mom’s favorite expressions. And I share the sentiment.

  53. Ricky Bobby says:

    I just wanna go fast. So does my boy Robbie, if you don’t like it $%@# you!

  54. Dinho says:

    My fault. I forgot about Borchers. Either way, Spector is on the outside looking in for both club and country. Time for look elsewhere for him to get some real minutes and earn his spot.

  55. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    The 2nd half subs better go like this:

    Bunbury in for Findley

    Agudelo in for Carroll (Bedoya moves to RM, Gaven moves down to RCM, Agudelo plays CAM)

    Diskerud in for Pause

    Maybe later on Agbossoumonde in for Goodson AND MAYBE Spector in for Bornstein






  56. UsualSuspects says:

    But if Findley can’t create any threat/pressure up top in a 4-4-2, what makes people think he will do it in a 4-5-1 as a single striker. Single strikers usually have one-on-one ability. Findley does not posess that, instead he passes it off, when he runs out of territory. A 17yr old Agudelo showed more in his two playoff games, than Findley has ever shown….FRUSTRATING!!!!

  57. Adam R. says:

    OMG Bob Bradley didn’t play (insert name) he is such an idiot.

    Just cut and paste this next time. Idiots.

  58. Alex says:

    Hes not letting those really young guys start. Let them watch, and understand the pace before they play. Probably see one of the Dmids come out at half for Teal, and probably Findley come out for Juan in the 2nd. I like the midfield though. Probably see Mix come in (hopefully) for Eddie Gaven and move Bedoya out wide.

  59. Dinho says:

    If you’re talking about “trade,” Spector played up front for his youth sides before making the switch to the backline. Even then, he initially played center back before moving to the outside, so (as Ives points out) Spector can play anywhere on the backline.

  60. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    And Maybe later we can change GK Cervi in for Guzan






  61. jtk says:

    how many subs are permitted?

  62. Mark says:

    I like the lineup based on the players available, though I admit I’ll be looking forward to the 2nd half when some of the younger attacking guys take the field to see what they can do.

    I’m not expecting much from the match in terms of results, though the talent is there. Having a bunch of young goes playing/debuting, with little practice time together, in a road match in South Africa with a sold out crowd means a lot of vuvuzelas and noise, which should provide a nice welcome to international soccer for Ream and the rest.

    Lets go US!

  63. Aaron in StL says:

    Agree to an extent.. probably should have thrown one in there with Ream. But maybe letting them observe first will be helpful? I dunno, I’d just say give Mix or somebody a run out and see how they do to start.

  64. Gacm32 says:

    haha all these comments just made my day. Thank you to all involved.

  65. dena says:

    Love the defense, not a fan of the empty bucket midfield, damn Bob.

    Well, we will get to see Mix play eventually today, so I’m just holding out for that.

  66. Gag me with a spoon? I don’t think there’s a single player in this lineup old enough to get that reference.

  67. patrick says:

    wile they both possess some skill, Eddie Gaven as a USMNT prospect is done. Rogers still has enough upside that if he can recpature his past form, he can still have an impact on the natoinal team, but everything I’ve seen from Gaven has told me he’s much like Beckerman. Good for concacaf play, but thats where it ends.

  68. Felix says:

    Tell it like it is… yeah right.

    All the people slamming the Findley start, whom exactly can we call up and start with all the limitations placed on BB for this friendly?

    I like to see Bunbury and Agudelo too, but they are both rookies, and one of them isn’t even allowed to vote yet.

    At least Findley has started in a World Cup…. the boo birds can get really over the top sometimes. It is a buzzkill.

  69. Evan says:

    6 i think

  70. Unger says:

    He’s fast. He’s really fast. He’s so fast he makes fast people look… not fast.

  71. gheffron says:

    We only need you to do what you always do. Chase down balls cleared from the back and give the midfield an occasional break. If you get a chance to flub a shot by all means take it. I see your strategy working out well for you though. Drop our expectations so low that if you do anything good we will all be shocked and awed.

  72. Dizzo says:

    How is it that a guy who struggles to get off the bench at RSL starting as our only striker?

  73. Leonardo says:


  74. Chris says:

    MESSI!!!! Just beat brazil single handedly in stoppage time.

  75. CSD says:

    With this lineup I hope we get at least one shot

  76. John says:

    Well with that’s what happens when Jr. Bradley has to start and play full 90.

  77. DirtyLeeds says:

    Yea you’re right, starting Rico Clark was a great decision.

  78. Spectra says:

    Love the comments but you’ve now cursed it in a good way. Findley will score on a long ball lucky touch and open net finish

  79. Scott A says:

    If Bob’s objective is to further establish the fringe talent like Rogers and Goodson and then sub in the young guys, then fine. But for me to accept Findley there, I very very much want to see the young guys subbed in for significant minutes.

    GO USA

  80. Paula says:

    Hmmmm … soccernet sez “terrible game, brilliant goal”. Should I try catching a replay of this?

  81. RK says:

    That’s not the only…never mind, too easy :)

  82. Paula says:

    Also, does anyone think England v France is worth catching?

  83. phil says:

    1. messi is god.

    2. this lineup is interesting if for nothing else then it’s showing that Senior is seriously considering a 4-5-1 system as a legitimite option (and with Edu, Jones and Junior in his pool why wouldn’t he, especially with the likes of Holden and Mix). I am surprised to see bedoya in the center. Should be interesting to see if he can pull the strings.

    It’s a smart and practical lineup that shows respect for a SA team that will provide a good challenge to this team.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a shift to a 4-4-2 with Ag and Bun coming in up top. I hope Spector gets some minutes as well.

  84. Felix says:

    I’m with Adam R, the comments on this lineup border on the retarded.

    I’m not saying every last move that BB has made was the right one. But this other dynamic of extreme criticism is ridiculous.

    This hatred gets so old, USSF should have hired the most overrated German in the world just to shut all these haters up.

  85. Phil says:

    if the purpose it to give guys experience, then why have team play in a “ballsy” scenario or system that they’ll never see again once the games really matter? I get your wish to see more chances in a “meaningless friendly”, but it’s got build toward something for these players or it’s just a waste of their time.

  86. The Dude says:

    I hate to be the naysayer, but the 4-5-1 only works when you have a world-class striker. Findley isn’t even good by MLS standards. Bornstein is even worse. I would have put Bunbury and Agudelo out there, and played with 4 mids. I’m expecting this game to be amateur hour with ZERO attacking prowess.

  87. Sandiegosmp says:

    “His confidence in front of goal is shot”

    Kind of important problem for a single striker, no?

  88. Mike F. says:

    The good thing is that he couldn’t get into the RSL side the 2nd half of the season, so he’ll be really fresh. That’s important because Bradley may be hesitant to sub such a stunning player.

  89. RK says:

    The sky is falling!

  90. Ben says:

    Well, they did have practice, which Bob was watching. I’m sure we will see a lot of subs, but I don’t think Bob wanted to throw a bunch of teenageres on and get hammered, and I can’t blame him for that. Pause gives me pause, though. The last I remember of him in a Nats uni is getting overrun by Mexico.

  91. Ben says:

    Not really, even if one of them started in the middle instead of Jr., we would still lack true wingers in the pool. Just a foolish criticism.

  92. bryan says:

    i’d watch Germany/Sweden or Netherlands/Turkey, personally.

  93. Richard says:

    Great reports by espn

  94. Mike F. says:

    If all of the Findley fans in this forum raised their hands there would be exactly zero raised hands….

  95. People will complain about anything and everything. Get a life.

  96. Phil says:

    Lalas is taking about Klinsmann on ESPN 3… calling Bradley a fallback.

    McManaman said I fully expected Bradley and Capello to go. It’s a bit of a letdown.

    I’m sorry but I was never convinced that Klinsi is US soccer’s “the answer”

  97. dan says:

    Don’t like ESPN pulling the bait and switch on start time, but I have to say that I love that South Africa World Cup music.

  98. fenel says:

    I’m gonna be laughing so hard if Findley stars in this game. Then I really look forward to see your reactions. I’m not saying he will, but life is funny that way sometimes.

  99. I’m not excited with this lineup, but with going with Mix instead of either Carrol or Pause could change this… Who would you go with?
    Bob better use all the subs!!!!

  100. Alex says:

    Yay they’re wearing the Away kits today I think. I love those blue jerseys

  101. Spectra says:

    Lalas and bob ley keep saying Cutter. is that how you pronounce it or is it Ka – Tar. QATAR

  102. Spectra says:

    Crap vuvuzelas AGAIN!!!!

  103. maka says:

    let’s go somma… I mean g’damn you bradley, why isn’t agudelo starting?

    let’s see some talent… not 29 year old mlsers…


  104. Ted in MN says:

    Who is wearing the captain’s armband?

  105. jtk says:

    they are pronouncing it correctly

  106. Brent McD. says:

    for some reason, whenever i see Tshabalala, i just smile. c’mon Yanks!!!

  107. Spectra says:

    How respectful that they asked them to stop the vuvuzelas during the national anthem

  108. Spectra says:


  109. Leonardo says:

    wow i dont recognize any names here. is this an NCAA all-star squad? AYSO?

  110. SeattleStan says:

    Bwahahaha! Oh man, that’s awesome. The minute you hear the opening whistle he’s just going to start running and not stop. Before you know it…Blam-O, he’s in Egypt.

  111. phil says:

    nkosi sikelei i Afrika…

  112. Leonardo says:

    vuvuzelas!!! gotta say the best App on the Droid is the AIR HORN free app where u can bbzzzzzzzzz a vuvuzela! “not a friend maker”

  113. DanC says:

    If everythin about this team, this coach, these players, and this program made me so angry, I wouldn’t watch. I’m not crazy about every decision made either, but my god people, kick the dog and get over it!

  114. Barcafan says:


    Bob Bradley somehow managed to pick the least skilled lineup possible.

    I don’t know how that man does it, but it’s amazing.

  115. Mark says:

    I don’t know, I kind of missed the vuvuzelas. Live they are probably horrendous, but on TV it immediately makes me think of fun times at Nevada Smiths watching the game this past summer.

  116. afc says:

    Somma says he’s out to destroy us because we didn’t show interest. Well according to Bob he did scout him but he isn’t close to citizenship.

  117. Spectra says:

    Yes John Harkes. For a few minutes I thought I wasn’t going to get any John Harkes. Eveythings OK heres everybody.

  118. RK says:

    But Adu isn’t there…

  119. CrispyST3 says:

    Eric Lichaj looks like a mean dude haha.

  120. Barcafan says:

    Adu may be lazy and a very poor worker, but he is far more skilled then anybody playing in the midfield right now

  121. Leonardo says:

    Guzan holds the microphone like he’s tokin…
    smokin a joint

  122. Jesse says:

    (Raises hand.)

  123. Barcafan says:

    I understand this is to support AIDS work, but there is no need for them to speak like this.

    It’s just weird.

  124. CrispyST3 says:

    Wait til the 85th minute to start watching.

  125. maka says:

    oh, is that what tokin means?

    thanks for the clarification.


  126. mb says:

    except for that crisply gelled and styled fauxhawk. that probably took him a good 15 minutes of primping.

  127. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Of particular note, Findley was the ONLY US player to NOT his hand over his heart during the National Anthem. Shame on Findley.

  128. Barcafan says:

    Somma is ridiculous!

  129. Barcafan says:

    How is that not a yellow card, he dove on the ball do stop us from taking the early free kick.

  130. Scott A says:

    How about that guy not grab the ball to stop the free kick..

  131. Barcafan says:

    Robbie Rogers looks absolutely terrible.

  132. CrispyST3 says:

    Findley has feet made of cement.

  133. Brent McD. says:

    Bedoya looks good so far. Bornstein looks like Bornstein

  134. Ted in MN says:

    Bedoya is making mincemeat of Masilela

  135. Jonny says:

    6 minutes into the game and Findley has lost the ball twice. He has the touch of a rapist

  136. chris says:

    Findley is garbage. Every touch is wrong or a turnover.

  137. Barcafan says:

    Bedoya, Ream, and Lichaj look really good so far.

  138. Spectra says:

    Did you guys see how fast findley went. WOW

  139. JFC says:

    i DO NOT miss the vuvuzelas

  140. Ted in MN says:

    and Lichaj got torn to pieces.

  141. Barcafan says:

    How about a yellow card for a HUGE dive?

  142. Scott A says:

    No PK obv

  143. Ben says:

    Total penalty, but lcuky bounce for SA forward to get that ball.

  144. Barcafan says:

    Findley had better be subbed off before half time even hits, he is absolutely terrible.

    Every touch has been a turnover, EVERY TOUCH.

  145. Dwillis55 says:

    Findley runs REALLLL FAST!

  146. maka says:

    (kicks Jesse in crotch)

    Any Findlay fans?

  147. ec says:

    That was a dive, but also pretty risky by Goodson giving the light tug and lunging with his knee. He’s definitely guilty of bad technique

  148. dena says:

    Findley looking like real doo doo right now.

  149. Spectra says:


  150. Ted in MN says:

    Wow Bornstein where the hell were you?

  151. Brent McD. says:

    good save from Guzan, but that guy was offside!

  152. Alex says:

    Bornstein needs to mark sooo much better

  153. Barcafan says:

    He is clearly offsides.

    Good lord he was a yard or two offside.

  154. Steve says:

    Why did they choose S. Africa in S. Africa?

    If you want to attract casual fans, you can’t have a game with the vuvuzelas that will turn the casual fan off the watching the game.

  155. Ben says:

    and intoa 4-4-2 because US players can grip anything else

  156. Dave says:

    i’m actually quite impressed by our young guns thus far…but why Findley? WHY!? I really would love to hear some type of reasoned explanation…

  157. Eric says:

    African refs are awful. I dont care if I am generalizing.

  158. Ben says:

    I could be wrong, but I though he clipped him. No a card, but the spot for sure.

  159. Spectra says:

    Hopefully Bob can see Bornstein play next to lichaj and ream and see how bad he still is.

  160. Barcafan says:



  161. Ben says:

    Pause and Carroll are absolutely useless.

  162. Brent McD. says:

    Who is no.8 — Robbie Rogers? sheesh, he looks completely lost

  163. maka says:


  164. over there says:

    I vote for “Homeless Eddie” to be Gaven’s official nickname. I’m fairly certain the dude lives under and overpass.

  165. RK says:

    Yeah, those 2:30 midweek meaningless friendlies usually get great audiences.

  166. Dinho says:

    Can I “like” this…as if we’re on Facebook?

  167. tim says:

    Can someone please tell me why Findley is on the pitch??

  168. maka says:

    Brian Carroll is also 29. Are you telling me this two are still gonna be around in 4 years? because they won’t even come close to being considered for the roster next summer.

  169. Ben says:

    Rogers seems confused

  170. Barcafan says:

    please, for the love of god take out carrol, pause, rogers, and findley

  171. Spectra says:

    Who are these idiots in midfield? pause and Carroll?

  172. adub says:

    wow rogers is blowing, guzan is killing

  173. Kimo says:

    Outside of Bedoya…our entire midfield absolutely looks outclassed. Seriously, this is the best that we can field?

  174. Spectra says:

    Second this

  175. Spectra says:

    Go LICHAJ!!!!!!

  176. NK says:

    Lichaj looks good again…

  177. BlueWhiteLion says:

    nice shot by Robbie, but other than that, his game is horrible today

  178. Barcafan says:

    Not at all surprising that the only people playing well are Lichaj, Ream, Bedoya, and Guzan.

  179. Spectra says:

    Do we have anyone on the bench that has control in the midfield?

  180. BlueWhiteLion says:


  181. ec says:

    Can people quit calling for CMF’er subs??? Yes, they suck, but there isn’t anyone on the roster today to sub in. You’re just making this miserable

  182. maka says:

    two 29 year old career MLS players

  183. Brent McD. says:

    Andy Carroll gets a start for England against France

  184. Spectra says:

    wow our defense is playing good offense

  185. maka says:

    methinks tony tchani should have received a phone call

  186. Aquaman says:

    Who was that guy taking the free-kick that looked like a non-green Great Gazoo (from the Flinstones)?

  187. Barcafan says:

    Lichaj has been our best offensive player.


  188. Eric says:

    Bedoya playing some Europa League next year. Good for him.

  189. La Flama Blanca says:

    Why in the world is Robbie takin the free kicks

  190. ec says:

    Interesting, Bedoya switched over to the right side…

  191. Ben says:

    Findley doesn’t even look like he wants to be there.

  192. Gacm32 says:

    Who the eff is David Somma? He wasn’t all that great when he played for the Earthquakes, all of a sudden he thinks he’s Ronaldo or Messic. Of course we didn’t want you!! You think we’re gonna kiss the feet of a striker in the CHAMPIONSHIP?! Please, even with the lack of depth at striker.

  193. Aaron in StL says:

    Don’t think I’ve ever wanted to see a second half not caring about the result of the first so much..

  194. Kimo says:

    JFCHRIST…Get Findley out of the NATL team pool…useless…

  195. Barcafan says:

    Findley has a 100% turnover rate.


  196. Spectra says:

    Guzan has been pretty perfect. I can’t believe he’s still a backup. (Given Brad Freidal is awesome too)

  197. Ted in MN says:

    WIth Findley it looks more like they are using a 4-6-0 he is so far back along the left wing

  198. Barcafan says:

    This referee is an f’in moron.

    That dude pretty much caught the ball!

  199. AR says:

    I literally just spit my coffee all over my computer reading the comments about Findley…A+.

    That being said, if there is a track nearby, then maybe Findley can run some laps and distract our opponents long enough for us grab a goal before we sub him out.

  200. Old Pueblo FC says:

    “On the bright side, it will make Juan Agudelo’s insertion all the more exciting.”

    That’s what she said . . .

  201. nik says:

    At what point do we have to assume that Bob Bradley really hates Findley? Why else would keep putting him in there? It’s getting painful to watch.

  202. ec says:

    Can’t wait for Guzan to find an EPL team to start for. Great cup run with Villa last year, looking really today. Has the proper baldness for a US keeper too.

  203. Spectra says:

    +1000 for baldness comment

  204. ec says:

    It also depresses me again that he got so many more chances than Buddle at the WC…

  205. Ted in MN says:

    At least try to do your job Findley instead of lightly jogging around. If you are going to be crappy at least look like you are trying your best not to be.

  206. montana matt says:

    remind me why beckerman didn’t get called in for this.

  207. Barcafan says:


    It’s so sad.

  208. Frank says:

    nevermind the fact that he isn’t even eligible to play for us…

  209. Barcafan says:

    Findley still has a 100% turnover rate.

    Unless I missed something, Findley has not completely a single pass to this point.

  210. Dank says:

    Beckerman and Brad Davis would certainly be an upgrade in this midfield.

  211. Spectra says:

    Luckily South Africa keeps just sending the ball forward to Massa who looses it. Sadly that’s our plan with Findley too

  212. Spectra says:

    Attention everyone we found a fullback for the us that goes forward.

  213. Ben says:

    Good grief, when the two best passers are the CBs and the best dribbler is a RB, yikes.

  214. Spectra says:

    Findley just completed a pass

  215. Gacm32 says:

    +1..Pause and Carroll have never been great options to me.

  216. Ted in MN says:

    Findley isn’t even in the box. Rogers is making a run in and he is waiting back with the central midfielders.

  217. Scott A says:

    Not a ton of height on offense for us. Not saying it’s necessary…just saying

  218. BlueWhiteLion says:


  219. Ben says:

    That last run by Lichaj was reminiscent of a Spector run that got us burned (which game?). I think he’s got a little more recovery speed, and we’re playing SA, so it wasn’t quite the ‘What the hell are you doing?’ that it was when Spector did it. Spector should be a CB or D-mid.

  220. ec says:

    I’d rather see Geoff Cameron than Davis, who is also almost 30 and never going to contribute.

  221. Barcafan says:

    Somma looks exactly like Berbatov.

  222. Alex says:

    Haha, Somma can suck it.

  223. Ben says:

    It’s like Bradley told Findley he was only getting the first hald and Findley said “screw it, I’m not trying.”

  224. LittleMaradona says:

    Yes, Teal Bunbury is coming on!!

  225. Barcafan says:

    If Bradley takes out Lichaj for Spector, and leaves Bornstein on I might stop watching.

  226. Spectra says:

    Are you disappointed that he overlapped the midfield? Why do you think sergio Ramos and Dani Alves are so valuable, or the incredible Roberto Carlos? they get forward and cause disruption of the defense. The defensive mid needs to see this and go back or communicate to the wing to come back a little

  227. ec says:

    So what’s best case half time subs? I’d love to see Bunbury and Agudelo for Findley and Gaven, going back to a 4-4-2.

  228. Mark says:

    Pretty much what I expected. Fairly solid on the defensive end, but lots of sloppiness moving forward.

    Looking forward to seeing some of the new guys coming on in the 2nd half…

  229. Mwing09 says:

    Tony Meola died a little bit inside when you posted this commentb

  230. Barcafan says:

    Hopefully this is officially the end of Robbie Findley.

  231. Scott A says:

    Here’s a positive person saying something negative: Robbie Findley is not national team quality. I’m sorry Robbie. Prove me wrong.

  232. DirtyLeeds says:

    “46th Minute- Maybe it’s just me but David Somma is easy to dislike as a player.”

    Not as much as Robbie Findley. Somma has more talent in his big toe then Findley ever dream of.

  233. Leonardo says:

    John Harkes’s pinky keeps distracting me. he keeps pointing it out when he talks. very dainty.

  234. Leonardo says:

    John Harkes’s pinky keeps distracting me. he keeps pointing it out when he talks. very dainty.

  235. Barcafan says:

    Mix needs to get time.

  236. Rafa says:

    man that stadium looks amazing! World Cup will bring good things to your country. that is, everything except a good economy. South Africa’s unemployment rate is at 24%. at least they have nice stadiums

  237. Scott A says:

    Supporting the US is so much fun. Watching a steadily rising nation and its young stars develop is fantastico

  238. Barcafan says:


    Bornstein off!

  239. Al_OC says:

    ESPN just flashed a substitution: 9 IN, PLAYER 2A OUT.

  240. Barcafan says:



  241. Leonardo says:

    World cup in España 2018! or Russia.

  242. Scott A says:

    I’m shocked that Somma is of Italian heritage

  243. Shark says:

    So are you good enough to replace him? Just curious?

  244. ec says:

    “Gaven might be able to get that if he has the pace” – Ummm, that’d be a no.

  245. Gacm32 says:

    I’m liking the way Bedoya is playing, along with Ream and Lichaj.

  246. Brent McD. says:

    nice turn from Burnbury

  247. Gacm32 says:

    Good turn by Burnbury, of course Harkes calling it wrong saying it was luck haha

  248. hernandez says:

    bunburry has some touch!

  249. Barcafan says:

    Teal already looking good.

  250. Spectra says:

    Wow I knew Juan Agudelo was young still but I didn’t know he was 17!! Hopefully at 21 he’s really good and we complain like Altidore that he only scores goals once in awhile against top competition

  251. Barcafan says:

    Man, what game is the official watching, that clearly went off the South African.

  252. Leonardo says:

    aiite! COLOMBIANOS represent! woo hoo!

  253. Ben says:

    Spector looks out of shape.

  254. DirtyLeeds says:

    In response to the “costs less then Berbatov and scores more goals,” Leeds fans chant for Somma is “Looks like Berbatov and scores more goals” :)

  255. Barcafan says:

    Spector with a terrible give away.

  256. Barcafan says:

    African referees blow.

  257. Alex says:

    Please please please can Mix come on??

  258. female fan says:

    Yeah, but that’s okay because Spector is by far the hottest player on the team!

  259. Barcafan says:

    Not a fan of the backstreet boy that never was, Stuart Holden?

  260. ec says:

    Loving Lichaj’s play today, looking like a good option as ‘Dolo ages out of the team

  261. Ben says:

    have to be a real fan to watch this game.

  262. Brent McD. says:

    Spector with another terrible giveaway. What happened to him? He used to be good :(

  263. Barcafan says:

    This official is a complete joke.

  264. montana matt says:

    Are Eddie Gaven and Charlie Kelly the same person?

  265. Barcafan says:


    What a disgrace this official is.

  266. Dwillis55 says:

    Say what you will about Gaven as a player, but he has a damn sexy beard.

  267. oncebannedtwiceshy says:

    spector is terrible… and i like spector… terrible.

  268. Barcafan says:

    And the African player takes the ball out of the air with his hand and it’s no call?

  269. ec says:

    Sad. He is playing with zero confidence.

  270. Brent McD. says:

    love seeing all these first-time caps. congrats fellas!

  271. Ben says:

    Pause and Carroll need to never wear a US jersey again

  272. Barcafan says:

    Observation here, but the United States has some of the worst form ever.

    They swarm around the ball like an AYSO squad.

  273. ec says:

    Just curious… isn’t Benny Feilhaber’s season over? Why isn’t he here?

  274. Barcafan says:


  275. Brent McD. says:

    oh yeah! nice goal. the youngster

  276. jonk says:

    Wow, beautiful work from Mix and Agudelo.

  277. Dane96 says:

    WOW….AGUDELO!!!! Nice hold up in the box by Diskarud…nicely done.

  278. Scott A says:

    That.was.beautiful. :)

  279. Dave says:

    this isn’t really a cap. It doesn’t count toward FIFA

  280. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Oh my…

  281. Barcafan says:

    Mix flicked the ball up off his plant foot to volley it, that is Ronaldihnoesque.

  282. Spectra says:

    Everyone say goodbye to Robbie Findley and say hello to Juan agudelo

  283. Manny Fresh says:


  284. Aaron in StL says:

    I can only imagine the hype for Mix and Juan now… let’s hope it stays tempered

  285. Spectra says:


  286. adub says:


  287. Barcafan says:

    That was horribly classless from South Africa, and shame on the official.

  288. ec says:

    Oh. I didn’t know my feed was a minute behind… the goal was spoiled but nice to see

  289. Ben says:

    The youngsters, good show.

  290. boris says:

    Lame strawman comeback

  291. Ben says:

    that was one of the better finishes by a US forward in a while.

  292. montana matt says:

    ha! +1

  293. Joamiq says:

    Let that be the first of many, many Diskerud -> Agudelo goals. Can I get an amen?

  294. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Not to mention the work by Mix… held the ball kept it away from the CB, then flciked it up and in front of goal…

    Not to over hype Agudelo but would Jozy have taken that?

  295. Spectra says:

    I’m happy too but Micheal Bradley’s was better against slovenia

  296. Spectra says:

    amen amen amen

  297. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Was Bradley playing forward?

  298. Spectra says:

    really could we have even dreamed of a better game from these young guys?

  299. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Mix has been fantastic in all aspects thus far..

  300. Barcafan says:

    The best players in this match have been Mix, Lichaj, Agudelo, Bunbury, and Ream.

  301. Did I hear a comparison of the MLS Cup final to the World Cup Final …

  302. Barcafan says:

    Mix and Agudelo were incredible.

  303. ec says:

    Guzan had a great 1st half, not called on much 2nd half

  304. Ben says:

    Well, I think Agudelo, Mix, and Lichaj all earned future call ups. Ream and Goodsen played quite well, especially considering that central midfield, and should help the centerback spot. The rest were meh, terrible, or, like Burnbury, not enough to tell.

  305. AME says:


  306. montana matt says:

    In all seriousness, I’m pretty sure most of my co-ed rec league team is at least as good, if not better that findley. Sorry Kimo. He’s just not good enough.

  307. Andy in Chicago says:

    That was an impressive goal by Agudelo. I wish Jozy had that kind of touch.

  308. The Sir says:

    Where’s that whiner “barcafan” who said this entire experimental lineup was a “waste” just because Finley was included?

    Eat some crow, man.

  309. Barcafan says:

    There’s always this idiot.

  310. Barcafan says:

    Been here watching and talking the entire game, jack*ss.

  311. Scott A says:

    Ohhh say can you see

  312. Ben says:

    Ah yes, I did forget Bedoya; he played very solid.

  313. Brad says:

    What i liked was the touch that Mix took in the box before the assist…..go watch it!

  314. elduderino says:

    Diskerud did very well to hold the ball up and thread it through the 3 defenders guarding him to set up Agudelo.

  315. montana matt says:

    I thought Goodson and Bedoya accounted well for themselves.

  316. Ben says:

    clearly, he is joking and satrizing those idiots.

  317. Joamiq says:

    I’m pretty sure Alexi Lalas just basically labeled Jozy a failure. Facepalm.

  318. montana matt says:

    pretty sure he’s joking.

  319. Knowles says:


  320. Joamiq says:

    Not to pick on Jozy in particular, but it was refreshing to see a ball sent in to an American striker’s thigh and not see it bound away.

  321. Kevin_amold says:

    Hopefully. Let’s not crush the kids with expectations just yet though.

  322. Joamiq says:

    Well, he certainly overstated himself quite a bit there. Then again, his feelings on Findley were pretty much right on. So let’s call this one a wash.

  323. Ben says:

    Hopefully, Teal and Juan can continue to step it up. I tihnk this will releive a little pressure from Jozy because, right now, outside of Jozy, we have junk for forwards, not including playing Landon and Clint there.

  324. Andy in Chicago says:

    It’s okay, you’re not picking on Jozy. You’re just telling it like it is. I agree with you completely.

  325. Leonardo says:

    Agudeloooo! COLOMBIANO-AMERICANOOO! wooo!!!

  326. Andy in Chicago says:

    No way Jozy has that soft a touch to put that in. I’d put money on it. Lots of money.

  327. ec says:

    Don’t forget to take a moment to laugh at England, France is kicking their butts pretty thoroughly. A solid reminder that hiring a fancy-pants foreign coach doesn’t always solve your problems.

  328. Ski Fast! says:

    I LOVE seeing a young American striker with TOUCH, SKILL, and INSTINCT! And confidence, as well. May JA continue to hunger to get better and better. Playing alongside Thierry Henry will certainty help him, no doubt.

  329. Justin O says:

    Very happy to be able to watch the match live on my flight to Denver. Very disappointed we landed and my video was turned off in the 83rd minute!

    Can’t wait to see it.

  330. Brent McD. says:

    great goal from Peter Crouch, right off the bench. off a corner, and it wasn’t a header

  331. Rob says:

    2-1 now, what’s wrong with the three lions?

  332. Joamiq says:

    Right on. Definitely more of a prayer than an expectation… but one with a bit brighter of a glimmer of hope now…

  333. Bob says:

    Why limit yourself to straight edge?

  334. KFree says:

    building upon what i saw from agudelo in the mls playoffs and reading here (need to watch replay tonight) i hope 3 years of seasoning can get juan where he needs to be during qualifying. findley? sorry man, i don’t think its slammed shut, but that door is certainly closing fast. i still pray that cdavies gets back all the way. plus you got bshea and wondolowski likely in january?

  335. Lee from NYC says:

    Agudelo! Ream! Can’t wait to see more of them in RBNY next season.

  336. Brent McD. says:

    I just realized what those lines on the field in the England/France game are — they’re from the NFL game last weekend. American football lines on the hallowed Wembley pitch during a national team match? — blasphemy!

  337. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    It’s so funny how it only take Juan Agudelo to score 1 goal in his 1st cap ever and Robbie Findley has 11 caps and 0 goals. I really hope that is the end of Robbie Findley that guy has no vision, no ball control, he’s just not that good. Licjah impress me, I liked Mix and Bunbury was okay; better than Findley. Bedoya was pretty good, I thought Robbie Rogers was decent, Ream was good as well. Spector was just awful, and Eddie Gaven is just too slow I was surprise that Rogers was subbed out, it should have been Gaven coming out for Agudelo. Other then that it was a great game by these young players. I really hope for the January camp, Bradley doesn’t call up those old 30 year old MLS players it is completely pointless.

  338. vivavilla says:

    Does anyone know if there will be a replay of this match. Really want to see the game

  339. Kevin_amold says:

    I completely agree.

  340. ernj says:

  341. Ben says:

    So apparently Bradley said at the half he wasn’t sure if Agudelo would come on? This is the sort of thing that makes it hard to like him. If basketball has taught me anything, it is that talent frequently beats experience. Not that it isn’t important, just that talent is more so.

    (SBI-Ben, Bradley said he wasn’t sure if Agudelo would come on at halftime. he was always coming into this match. The question was whether or not it would be 45 minutes.)

  342. Paula says:

    Well, uh, not to drown the hype, but Agudelo and Diskerud aren’t necessarily “tied” to the USMNT even after this match, right?

    Well, not officially anyway. To paraphrase what someone said about the Milk Cup, nothing like a (HDTV-ified, ESPN-hyped) win on international soil to solidify your loyalty.

    Guzan looked great.

  343. Ben says:

    not the same Ben as Ben

  344. Paul C says:

    They tend to be the most frustrated group, for obvious reasons.

  345. Ben says:

    True, but if they are accepting this call up, I think they want to play for the US.

  346. gigi says:

    good stuff, exciting times to be a US fan, and not to mention theres more good youngsters out there that are sure to impress, renken, gyau, Gil, salgado, Mclernery, Bowen, Opara and if they chose to play for the US u got najar and tchani and mwanga. alot of talent, should give the US something they lacked in the past, depth. which youngster would i like to see get the next call up? id like to see gil, ive heard great stuff bout him, if he gets some playing time next year with real salt like id be very curious to see how he stacks up.

  347. anon says:

    Bradley said he wasn’t sure if he’d come on “at halftime” or whether they’d wait until later.

  348. jtd says:

    i’m not going to read through all 351 comments… i’m sure this has been said, but damn that was a nice goal! my first thought was,” that doesn’t look like a US goal.” wow, totally excited about the future.

  349. Gacm32 says:

    So excited about the future, the young guys outplayed the “experienced” guys in this one. Great passing sequence on the goal, Bedoya looked very confident in his 1-on-1 play and had some world class turns with the ball. I thought Mix looked like he could be the future in the attacking midfield spot, and what more can you say about Agudelo. Great confidence on the ball at such a young age, good touch, and that finish was brilliant. I don’t wanna get too excited and over-hype these players, but they certainly excited even my wildest expectations today.

  350. Rocco says:

    Good I like money. Bet taken.

  351. John says:

    Wrong. Of course its a CAP. It just doesn’t tie dual nationals down.

  352. Adam M. says:

    Crouch would make a tremendous MLS player.