Wheeling and dealing on first day of MLS off-season (UPDATED)

  Brian Carroll (ISPhotos.com)

MLS teams wasted no time making deals after the end of the 2010 season, in part because of the looming MLS expansion draft.

The Columbus Crew continued its dismantling of its 2008 championship team by dealing midfielder Brian Carroll to the Phiadelphia Union (NOT D.C. United) for a conditional second round pick and an allocation. 

The deal re-unites Nowak and Carroll after the two spent time at D.C. United, where both helped D.C. to the 2004 MLS Cup title.

Meanwhile, the New York Red Bulls sent former 2008 first-round pick Jeremy Hall to the Portland Timbers for a third-round draft pick. The Red Bulls did not plan on keeping Hall on its protected list, but Hall was clearly an expansion draft target for both Portland an Vancouver.

Portland wasn't done dealing. The Timbers also dealt an allocation to Los Angeles for an international player slot for the 2011 and 2012 seasons. The slot returns to the Galaxy after 2012.

Colorado celebrated its MLS Cup victory last night, but made a deal on Monday, sending defenders Julian Baudet and Danny Earls to Seattle for Peter Vagenas.

We will update this posts with any other trades that go through.

For now, feel free to share your thoughts on these deals in the comments section below.

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72 Responses to Wheeling and dealing on first day of MLS off-season (UPDATED)

  1. farfrumgruven says:

    DC United? Or Philly?

    (SBI-Philly. That was my mistake writing it up at the airport. I had D.C. United on the brain because of Nowak-Carroll’s D.C. connection.)

  2. ciscokid says:

    Where are the bloody lists???

  3. Upstate Jason says:

    What exactly is a “conditional” pick in the off-season for a draft only two months away? I get it when the trade is prior to or during the season and the player has to meet games/minutes/starts,etc criteria to trigger the condition. What conditions are to be met prior to the draft on 1/13/11?

  4. jonk says:

    Seems to be some delay. Dropping Timber seems to be posting protected player lists as they get them.

  5. werner says:

    The Galaxy should trade for Marco Pappa! The galaxy have only won MLS Cup with game winning goals from Guatemalans, they need Pappa right away!



  6. BellusLudas says:

    Whats up with Hall for 3rd round pick…any insight into RedBull ThinkTank?

  7. Hincha Tim says:

    RSL has released their list of protected players for the 2010 Expansion draft:

    Nick Rimando

    Nat Borchers

    Jamison Olave

    Chris Wingert

    Tony Beltran

    Kyle Beckerman

    Will Johnson

    Javier Morales

    Alvaro Saborio

    Fabian Espindola

    Paulo Junior

    Luis Gill (GA).

  8. jonk says:

    As Ives said on Twitter, it might have been that they thought Portland was gonna take him in the expansion draft so better to get something rather than nothing.

  9. BetaMale says:

    No, Findley… yet he still gets called up by Bob.

  10. no robbie findley you say?

  11. Upstate Jason says:

    Findley’s gone:

    link to sltrib.com

  12. ciscokid says:

    First rumors out of Seattle say that Patrick Ianni will not be protected and young Mike Fucito made the list, according to Prost Amerika

  13. John says:

    He’s a flight risk. I doubt any team would take him considering he’s going to be a free agent and is trying to go to Europe. Problem for him is he’s playing like crap and who would take him? Outshined by a 17 year old in his last audition.

  14. fischy says:

    “the New York Red Bulls sent former 2008 first-round pick Jeremy Hall to the Portland Timbers for a third-round draft pick.”


    Which proves I’ve been 100% correct in ripping into DC United for the last six months for giving away a 2nd round pick to get Hall’s college teammate Stephen King, who was only a third round pick to begin with. King’s a nice player, but the team grossly overpaid to get him. W

    ith that trade, and the way the team got taken to the cleaners in the Troy Perkins game of chicken they played with Nowak…I would love to get in a high stakes poker game with DC United’s front office….I could probably retire early.

  15. Bottle of Coke says:

    Wouldn’t be a bad trade……

  16. Monarcas Fan! says:

    Good Findley is lame, RSL will surely win the title next year without his presence!

  17. VJM says:

    Ljungberg and Castillo not protected.

  18. werner says:

    welp, there goes my idea.

    Adam Serrano just reported on twitter that the galaxy grade international spot for allocation $

    Hopefully there is also a behind closed doors agreement that they won’t touch our unprotected list!

  19. D5ve says:

    The Timbers just bought an international slot from the Galaxy for some allocation cash.

  20. ciscokid says:

    Houston’s 11, according to Chronicle:

    Houston Dynamo’s Protected List according to the Houston Chronicle is : Brian Ching, Brad Davis, Geoff Cameron, Lovel Palmer, Bobby Boswell, Colin Clark, Mike Chabala, Andrew Hainault, Adrian Serioux, Cam Weaver, Tally Hall (according to Chronicle)

    Generation Adidas players are exempt from the expansion draft, so Danny Cruz, Sammy Appiah, Francisco Navas Cobo and Tyler Deric also are safe.

  21. ciscokid says:

    Columbus Crew Protected list:

    William Hesmer, Danny O’Rourke, Andy Iro, Andres Mendoza, Eddie Gaven, Chad Marshall, Kevin Burns, Emmanuel Ekpo, Robbie Rogers, Emilio Renteria, and Shaun Francis.

    Automatically Protected (Generation Adidas): 11 M Dilly Duka.

  22. VJM says:

    Schelotto’s getting old but he’s still effective. He might be a decent veteran presence for one of these two new teams.

  23. JohnC says:

    Philadelphia Union’s Protected Players:
    1. Califf, Danny (DF)
    2. Carroll, Brian (MF)
    3. Gonzalez, Juan Diego (DF)
    4. Harvey, Jordan (DF)
    5. Le Toux, Sebastien (FW)
    6. Mapp, Justin (MF)
    7. Nakazawa, Kyle (MF)
    8. Orozco Fiscal, Michael (DF)
    9. Stahl, Toni (MF)
    10. Torres, Roger (MF)
    11. Williams, Sheanon (DF)

  24. VJM says:

    Philadelphia Union’s Protected Players:

    1. Califf, Danny (DF)
    2. Carroll, Brian (MF)
    3. Gonzalez, Juan Diego (DF)
    4. Harvey, Jordan (DF)
    5. Le Toux, Sebastien (FW)
    6. Mapp, Justin (MF)
    7. Nakazawa, Kyle (MF)
    8. Orozco Fiscal, Michael (DF)
    9. Stahl, Toni (MF)
    10. Torres, Roger (MF)
    11. Williams, Sheanon (DF)

    Generation adidas Players (exempt from selection):

    1. McInerney, Jack (FW)
    2. Mwanga, Danny (FW)
    3. Okugo, Amobi (MF)

    Unprotected Players:

    1. Arrieta, Cristian (DF)
    2. Coudet, Eduardo (MF)
    3. Fred (MF)
    4. Jacobson, Andrew (MF)
    5. Knighton, Brad (GK)
    6. Miglioranzi, Stefani (MF)
    7. Moreno, Alejandro (FW)
    8. Noone, J.T. (DF)
    9. Salinas, Shea (MF)
    10. Seitz, Chris (GK)
    11. Zimmerman, Nick (FW)

  25. jonk says:

    I didn’t think Appiah was Gen Adidas or Homegrown…

  26. JohnC says:

    The two big names left off are Shea Salinas and Andrew Jacobson- Nakazawa and Carroll seem to have taken their place when looking at the different projections for the team.

    IMO i would have put those two on and left off Harvey and Nakazawa

  27. VJM says:

    def agree. no one would swipe Harvey and Naka. Salinas, bit worried he’ll be poached.

  28. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Why isn’t the Union protecting Knighton? I thought he played will in his brief time as a starter.

    It’s also interesting that six of Philadelphia’s expansion picks from last year are not being protected.

  29. Alexandria says:

    I don’t get this, Jacobson is better than Carrol thats crazy to me.

  30. ciscokid says:

    Interesting that NEITHER GK from Union is protected.

  31. VJM says:

    Knighton’s better than Seitz but that’s not saying much. Both the expansions already have at least a GK now technically. Portland has Cronin, Caps have a couple on trial.

    Are expansion pics from last year were like panning for gold: sometimes you get nothing, or some flakes. But we got us a big ol nugget in Le Toux so it was worth it.

  32. Hincha Tim says:

    RSL notable unprotected:

    Ned Grabavoy

    Robbie Russell

    Andy Williams

    Collen Warner

    Robbie Findley

    Pablo Campos

    Nelson Gonzalez

    Kyle Reynish

    Tim Melia

    Jean Alexandre

    Chris Schuler

    David Horst

    Rauwshon McKenzie

    Alex Nimo.

    Grabavoy, Gonzalez, Warner or Schuler would be who I would choose from if I were taking from that list.

  33. ciscokid says:

    As a Le Toux fan from his first day on the USL Sounders,I’m pissed as hell I don’t get to watch him here, but really glad he went somewhere he could be truly appreciated and blossom into a star.

  34. ShaggyReAL says:

    Uh-oh…No Seitz on that list? lol

  35. steve says:

    too many jokes…

  36. JoeW says:

    Le Toux has to go up there with Chris Armas in terms of an expansion pick.

    My argument is that fans and expansion teams greatly overvalue the worth of the players they get from an expansion. A few–very few–of these players will turn out to be Jason Hernandez’ (meaning…in the right situation and 2-3 years down the road they’ll become competent starters). Most of these players are guys who are great role players in a particular system. Take them away from that coach or that system and you get….James Riley.

  37. ciscokid says:

    Not sure how fair that is to Riley. He’s been Mr. Consistent for the Sounders both in terms of durability and effectiveness.

    Riley’s not perfect but I think he’s perhaps a touch underrated.

  38. VJM says:

    If I was going for a keeper off the 6 lists in, I’d def go for Dykstra.

  39. Illmatic74 says:

    Ives is already starting the Hahnerman to Phily rumor.

  40. Beckster says:

    He should never have left DC. He is better than Simms. I think he’ll do well in Philly.

  41. Tony in Quakeland says:

    If you stood Gabevoy on top of Dax McCarty, would they be as tall as Omar Gonzalez?

  42. senevada says:

    fake grass in both venues = no schelotto for timbers or caps

  43. chubbs says:

    wow, sucks for baudet and earls, win the championship one night, find out the next day youre no longer with the team, rough

  44. SM says:

    Per Kyle McCarthy

    NE protected list: Alston, Barnes, Joseph, Mansally, Nyassi, Osei, Perovic, Reis, Schilawski, Shuttleworth, Tierney + Fagundez (HG)

    Not protected:

    Zak Boggs, Preston Burpo, Nico Colaluca, Kheli Dube, Cory Gibbs, Jason Griffiths, Roberto Linck, Tim Murray, Pat Phelan, Seth Sinovic, Khano Smith, Ilija Stolica

  45. art says:

    wow Knighton is a surprise. At some point that kid is going to hook on somewhere and become a top regular in MLS. In my opinion.

  46. VJM says:

    Red Bulls Unprotected

    * Angel, Juan Pablo
    * Boyens, Andrew
    * Chinn, Conor
    * da Luz, Austin
    * Garcia, Irving
    * Nielsen, Brian
    * Robinson, Carl
    * Salou, Ibrahim
    * Sassano, Luke
    * Sutton, Greg (GK)
    * Talley, Carey
    * Ubiparipovic, Sinisa

  47. VJM says:

    Galaxy Unprotected

    Berhalter, Gregg
    Cazumba, Alex
    Da Silva, Leonardo
    Jordan, Bryan
    Kirovski, Jovan
    Kovalenko, Dema
    Magee, Mike
    Marshall, Yohance
    Perk, Brian
    Saunders, Josh (GK)

  48. Sob chris says:

    I thought Juan Pablo Angel was a DP and therefor required to be protected.

  49. VJM says:

    Na, he’s a free agent. Ljungberg, there are some other dps available as well.

  50. LNG says:

    please pick up Mike Magee Portland or Vancouver

  51. VJM says:

    MLS just finally got around to posting the complete list on their site.

  52. Paul C says:

    Wages, highly doubt any team would be willing to pay them. And beyond that, they both sucked since arriving in Chicago.

  53. VJM says:

    FC Dallas Unprotected

    * Avila, Eric
    * Cunningham, Jeff
    * Davies, Kyle
    * Edward, Edson
    * Guarda, Bruno
    * Harris, Atiba
    * Hernandez, Daniel
    * McCarty, Dax
    * Rodriguez, Milton
    * Sala, Dario
    * Yeisley, Jason

  54. suggs says:

    Yeah, that’s rough that is! Havin to go to Seattle and play in front of 36-40k every home game. Sucks to be them.

  55. mls2010 says:


    Blaise Nkufo-SEATTLE

    Bruno Guarda- DALLAS

    Wells Thompson- COL

    Shea Salinas- SJ

    Devon McTavish- DC

    Dasan Robinson- CHI

    Conor Chinn-NYRB

    Greg Sutton- NYRB

    Andrew Jacobsen- PHI

    Gino Padula- COLUMBUS


    Tim Ward- SJ

    Joseph Mgwenya- HOUSTON

    Patrick Ianni- SEATTLE

    Ryan Cochrane- HOUSTON

    Bryan Jordan- LA

    Dax McCarty- DALLAS

    Ned Grabavoy- SLC

    Pat Phelan- NE

    Jason Garey- COLUMBUS

    Peter Lowry- CHI

  56. Second City says:

    No way Pappa is leaving as he and Sean Johnson are about all we have to build around

  57. Second City says:

    Jokes on you if that was a sincere statement

  58. Hood Rich says:

    Dude, Brian Carroll sucks. Did you see him against Bafana Bafana? Anyone can make square passes if they have 30 secs on the ball.
    He was useless at DCU, that’s why we traded him. And now, few years later Columbus found out the same thing. Now if only the DCU brain trust grabs Maykel Galindo on the cheap, we might actually start to get somewhere.

  59. Hood Rich says:

    Knighton is a good keeper. He would be 1/4 the cost of a Troy Perkins, should the DCU brain trust have any clue.

  60. BSkillz says:

    I definitely agree. The time he spent subbing in for Reis at NE while he was injured was impressive. He has a good read on the game, amazing relexes, and he isn’t afraid to command his defense. Everything I love in a keeper!

  61. Hood Rich says:

    DCU should get try to get these guys: Maykel Galindo, Cory Gibbs, Llija Stolica, Irving Garcia, Bruno Guarda.

  62. Bob says:

    No way Jacobson and salinas are taken. Once one is taken Philly will protect the other.

  63. EA says:

    Am I the only one that snickers every time I see/hear “Vagenas?”

    Just me then?


  64. Mark says:


  65. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    A third round pick for Hall? Isn’t he worth more than that? He was a first round pick. Yes he got injured, but c’mon…

  66. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Why would Dallas leave McCarty unprotected. Wasn’t he a revelation for them this year?

  67. VADCUFan says:

    Well, we did get a 2nd round draft pick from NYRB for Talley. To me that cancels out the King trade, although I can’t make much of an argument for the Perkins trade.

  68. JoeW says:

    First, DCU didn’t trade Carroll, he was picked in the expansion draft by SJ who (in a pre-arranged deal) traded him to Columbus and Sigi Schmid.

    Second, Brian Carroll is like a lot of good players in MLS–how good he is depends upon the system. If you want a box-to-box D-Mid like Beckerman or a distributor like Hernandez, he’s not your guy. If you want a smart, cerebral D-mid who makes smart tactical fouls but doesn’t pick up cheap stupid cards, who covers from sideline to sideline maybe better than any D-mid in MLS and has a tremendous work-rate, than Brian Carroll is your guy. As part of a 3-5-2 or a 4231 he can be a great fit.

    Carroll and Nowak will be a great fit. Ray Hudson tried to make Carroll an outside defender. Nowak started him at D-mid from day one and he was superb during Nowak’s time at United, much less so when Soehn took over.

  69. JoeW says:

    NYRB got something for nothing. By that I mean…he was going to be exposed in the expansion draft. He’s young, fast, semi-versatile, and relatively cheap plus not foreign. So that means it’s a guarantee that either Vancouver or Portland would pick him (probably Vancouver b/c Soehn have seen him a lot as U.Md and DCU do scrimmage at times and DCU looked very hard between Hall and Wallace). And in that case-you get nothing for him (other than another player on your roster doesn’t get picked.

    As it is, you got a 3rd round pick for a guy who was a certainty to be selected by one of those two teams.

  70. chubbs says:

    im not saying going to seattle sucks, im sure tons of players would love to join seattle, im just saying to do it less than 24 hous after winning the champioship sucks

  71. Chicago - Scott says:

    exactly.. Pappa is not going anywhere… unless you want to trade Donovan 😉