Who will the USMNT start vs. South Africa?

Alejandro Bedoya (ISIPhotos.com)

Photo by ISIPhotos.com

Now that the roster is out, we can start to think about potential lineup combinations for the U.S. national team against South Africa.

Figuring out a potential lineup from such an inexperienced field won't be easy, but it will be a good exercise to think about which way Bob Bradley will go.

He has called in some very young players, but that doesn't mean he will start any or all of them. For some relative veterans like Clarence Goodson and Brad Guzan, the match should allow them a chance to serve as leaders.

So who might we see take the field in Cape Town? Here is one possible combination:

Projected USA Lineup vs. South Africa








Bedoya can play centrally, though he hasn't yet for the national team. If Bradley wants to play it safe, he could go with a more standard 4-4-2, like this:








What do you think of this lineup? Which lineup would you trot out against South Africa?

Share your thoughts below.

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141 Responses to Who will the USMNT start vs. South Africa?

  1. Colin says:

    I really hope Findley doesn’t get the start, but I think he probably will, as a WC vet…

  2. Isaac says:

    Ives, what do you think about the Findley call up?

  3. CILII_blog says:






  4. kimo says:

    Bedoya is a winger. ZERO chance he plays in the middle. Ivez…we know you hate Diskerud, but he’s really the only creative central mfd on this roster. He gets the nod.

    As an aside…how far has Adu fallen? Wow.

    (SBI-You clearly don’t read this site much if you think I “hate” Diskerud. As for Bedoya, he plays on the wing, but can play centrally. We should see Diskerud, I just don’t see him starting.)

  5. CrispyST3 says:

    Well what i hope for is something like this


    but what Ives put it is prolly what we’ll see

  6. narius says:

    I hope we get to see someone else pay left back besides Bornstein. I’ve made my peace with Bornstein — he played relatively valiantly in the WC and if he continues growing he could be a stable presence — but we definitely need to see more options. Do you think El Tigro will get subbed out at half for a youngster?

  7. PetedeLA says:

    I’m no Findley fan, but I’ll take the first one.

    Also… is Beckerman that far past his sell-by date?

    Apropos of nothing… Ives is there any chance an MLS team would take a look at Jimmy Bullard? He may not have much life in him, but a smart GM puts it in his contract that he must be involved in at least 3 hilarious bits of antics per season, and it’s worth it.

    I think he’d be great over here in one of the bigger markets– LA, NY, Seattle.

  8. RLW2020 says:

    why Agudelo over Bunbury? close to a toss up, i guess just pick 2 of 3 forwards.

    (SBI-Agudelo is a bit more intriguing at this point for me than Bunbury. Bradley needs the speed forward and Agudelo is clearly a prospect in that role.I’d bet on him playing, but I think Agudelo gets the start. We’ll see, Bradley could go either way, but I’d bet on Agudelo.)

  9. Wispy says:

    I’m glad these guys are getting call-ups and a shot to impress, but, wow, I’m having a tough time putting together a lineup. Any combination of the available players is so inexperienced — they’ll have a tough time playing with the roster SA called up. I expected at least Rico and Onyewu (who are not playing with their clubs and are well-known by the South African fans dating back to Confed Cup 2009) to get called.

  10. Paul C says:


  11. Rory says:

    In order to keep the score close he will use the Christmas tree, well, the decapitated because it wouldn’t fit through the door Christmas tree formation:



    —- Carroll———–Pause————



  12. LNG says:

    Are there any SBI readers who work TSA at Salt Lake Airport? That might be the only way we don’t see Findley starting.

    I suppose Ives’ first lineup is the best we can hope for.

    The Adu thing is interesting to me too. This squad is not the most exciting group of players, so throwing Adu in there as an attacking central midfielder makes some sense as far as selling tickets and getting ratings, if that matters at all. I’m thinking his omission from this game with our D team means he’s effectively out of the USMNT picture indefinitely.

  13. rory says:

    Bullard would be loved in flyover country as well. Tell me KC fans wouldn’t love him.

  14. Trenton says:

    I say Borchers over Spector at CB

    (SBI-It’s possible, but I’m pretty sure Goodson and Spector have played CB together before so I’d give them the edge. Borchers would be good considering he’s actually been playing. Spector has dust and cob webs on his boots.)

  15. CrispyST3 says:

    I think Agudelo-Bunbury combo will be more dangerous than a Agudelo-Findley, or Bunbury-Findley combo

    (SBI-I agree with you, but I don’t see Bradley sitting Findley and starting both kids.)

  16. Findley is the American Bofo says:

    So you are a rangers fan, huh? Walter Smith for USMNT coach?

  17. EA says:

    6 minutes.

  18. DeLarge says:

    Adu time: 17 minutes.

  19. rory says:

    And if you’ve ever taken a live Christmas tree through a front door you’ll know they turn out looking like that shape above!

  20. EA says:

    I’d be willing to bet that not one South African would be enticed to buy a ticket because Freddy Adu was on the roster, and I doubt the US viewership would increase at all if it was “Freddy & The No Names” as opposed to just “The No Names.”

  21. radi0head says:

    adu time…hahaha

  22. EA says:

    6 minutes. Look up.

  23. Dane says:

    Twas actually 6 minutes lol. It only took 4 comments haha

  24. JFC says:

    NO Chad Ochocinco? Future Columbus Star

  25. john.q says:

    this is one aspect of Bob Bradley that is forgotten but great, his willingness to introduce new players. personally, it will be exciting to see ream and agudelo playing for the nats.

  26. Josh D says:

    He’s the only one with the “experience” to be guaranteed to start as a striker. I’m all for youth but you’d get slaughtered with such young talent.

    The midfield is the part I’m most concerned about. Without quality service to our strikers, there’s no use in having them out there. And when I look at this midfield, I see a bunch of guys who’ll be chasing the game the whole time.

    Beckerman should of been invited.

  27. CrispyST3 says:

    Yahh, i know Ives, but it would be great to see it, hopefully its Findley who gets subbed at the half for either Agudelo or bunbury.

  28. Chris Whyte says:






    Slim pickings for this one. Excited to see what Agudelo and Diskerud can do together though.

  29. ahm says:

    VERY excited about agudelo and more excited that bunbury seems to be leaning in our direction as opposed to the canadians, then again did he really have much a choice with the mess of a system they have going? they really could be not half bad but they gotta get their act together. as for bunbury, their (hopeful) loss is our gain

  30. Jake Oliver says:

    (4-4-2)Guzan, Spector, Bornstein, Ream, Goodson, Bedoya, Gaven, Diskerud, Pause, Findley, Bunbury

  31. Wow, my projected starting line-up looks very different:

    —— Ives Galarcep ———– John Harkes ———

    — JP Dellacamera —- Bruce Arena —- Alexi Lalas —

    and a couple of slow, white oafs playing in the back.

    I hear their opinions enough. Let’s see what they can do on the field.

  32. Spectra says:

    Well I’m not busy I’ll go get a job real quick

  33. LNG says:

    I don’t know…I just checked and he does have 384,000 twitter followers

    I think people would tune in out of curiosity of nothing else

  34. dan says:

    Certainly there is room for Trekker and Wynalda on this team……

  35. ben says:

    This looks pretty good…I would only change the center backs. Starting two guys with zero caps between them (one just finishing his first pro season, the other having barely even played professionally) seems like a recipe for disaster, and one we couldn’t learn much from. Goodson at least must start.

  36. Colin says:

    Sadly, that is the case, but what has Findley done for the USMNT that shows he deserves anything? Pretty much nothing.

  37. LNG says:

    Wynalda and Harkes can’t play together

  38. Isaac says:

    I think we should go with the good old 4-4-2/4-2-2-2 for this configuration of players. Something like this:







    I really doubt Bradley starts Diskerud and Bunbury, not to mention Agudelo, but this is just me. Diskerud is dynamic, creative and skillful enough to play similar to the way Dempsey and Donovan do and Agudelo is definitely the kind of forward that emultes the Charlie Davies we want back. Agudelo makes those in-to-out runs in behind and between the full-back and center backs. This stretches the defense and pushes them back, opening up space in the center and between lines, which Diskerud and Bedoya can come inside and exploit.

    We may have to change depending on how South Africa play. If they play the 4-2-3-1 that they used in the World Cup, then we’ll need to be open in terms of working the ball through the middle as well as up the flanks. The wide players in our 4-2-2-2 will need to be willing to come deep and central for our defensive midfielders at times in order to link the midfield to the attack and compensate for the numerical advantage we have in the center of midfield(4-2-2-2/4-4-2 vs. 4-2-3-1). One of South Africa’s central midfielders will probably get wide while the other holds, giving them three players on the flanks to defend. To counter this and successfully open play up from wide areas, we’ll need the full backs to overlap and one of the forwards to get wide as well. This will make triangles on the wings to work the ball around he South Africans.

    Another interesting prospect is that of a 4-2-3-1/4-2-1-3.






    Agudelo and Findley will stretch the field( I know that line is getting old) and allow Diskerud, or whoever is playing the attacking midfield role, to work between lines. Rogers could take the place of Findley in this lineup as well.

    Just my thoughts.

  39. bill@capemaywicker.net says:

    Bunbury will play. they want to “sell” the US team to him. Best way is to get him in games.

  40. Isaac says:

    Haha. Weird.

    But um…..what were you trying to say with this again?

  41. Isaac says:

    +1000 on Agudelo and Diskerud.

  42. PetedeLA says:

    Funny no one has mentioned how the back four actually could be awesome.

    I was very impressed with Lichaj. Given what we’ve seen from Spector, looks like central defense is the natural position for him. I also wouldn’t be shocked if Bornstein has a standout game. Goodness forbid he may want to impress his future employers.

    Eddie Gaven also seems underrated. He seems to have a nose for the goal. We ALWAYS need guys like that.

    To top it off, Agudelo is fun to watch.

    Should be a fun game all around. It’s just too bad that only the back 4 have realistic chances of having starting roles for us over the course of the cycle.

  43. Like good (or bad) poetry, the answer to that question is a matter of your own interpretation.

    Honestly though, imagine those guys taking the field in South Africa. No, seriously… imagine it. That would be the greatest entertainment of the year, hands down.

  44. Lost in Space says:

    I’ve got to agree with Ives 1st proposed line-up with a minor change:







    Ream for Spector

    Mix for Rogers

    Bunbury for Findley

    Keep Gale on the bench for this one. The experience of the trip and training is enough for an 18 yr old Center Back.

    Cervi only to be used for training and in the event of injury to Guzan.

  45. Primoone says:

    ————El Guzano———





  46. DingDong says:

    Is Ian Darke cap-tied?

  47. Chicago - Scott says:

    why not??? hahahahahhaha 😉

  48. Dave S in San Jose says:

    Looking at the roster stats:
    link to ussoccer.com

    2 players on the roster are tied for the most MNT goals at 2 each. Guesses?
    Borstein and Goodson
    Robbie R has 1 goal. Everyone else has 0 goals and/or 0 caps.

    Someone better step up.

  49. jc says:

    would love to see Borchers and Ream in the middle.

  50. Tim M. says:

    I think that if Boca can succeed at an outside back position, then i see no reason as to why Specs couldn’t. Boca has more bite to him. He just needs a change of scenery, away from a club that expects so much and who’s ownership and fan base has more patience. Not to mention a coach who actually wants him.

  51. Scott A says:

    Ream>Spector in central defense. In my humble opinion.

  52. Kenny_B says:

    I’m not sure I agree with Spector starting at cb. IMO he isn’t really built for the position, he’s a little on the small side for it. I’d like to see a little more physical of a presence in the middle. Goodson is slender, so the pairing to me wouldn’t exactly strike fear into the SA strikers. I know he is really young, but I would start Agbossoumonde along side Goodson.

  53. TomR says:

    Would like to see Bedoya and Rogers manning the wings. New video on Rogers indicates he can ball if he can be consistent at this level.

    link to youtube.com!

  54. Starla says:

    He never plays winger for his club but as of three central midfielders in a Barca inspired 4-3-3 formation.

  55. Bradley will go for this:





    What he should go for is this:





    Of all the centerbacks the U.S. had, including Gooch and Bocanegra, Goodson and Ream are the best with the ball at their feet. They can make the good pass–not just the necessary one–that can open up the midfield and break pressure.

    I like Carroll and Pause as MLS players–I just don’t see them on the International level. I would much rather see Carroll (the better of the two) as a holding midfielder who covers for Mix and for Ream/Goodson.

  56. jts says:

    My work here is done.


  57. Ryan says:

    Ugh, can we please force Bedoya to actually look good on the international pitch again before automatically penciling him in as a starter?

    Just start the Columbus Crew midfield + Logan Pause please.

  58. jts says:

    My work here is done.


  59. tomcat says:

    Left back is where I envision Bobby Convey’s ticket back into the A team with such a crowded midfield. Hopefully we’ll see come January.

  60. Isaac says:

    Who the hell does that we didn’t call in?!

    Ragging on the players we called in is fine if you can come up with better options.

    People clearly don’t understand that the timing, distance, and intentions behind this friendly make the choices a LOT slimmer. Not to mention the fact that our choices aren’t exactly amazing anyways.

  61. Isaac says:

    I COMPLETELY disagree about Spector. I think he should have played centerback a long time ago. He’s got a great positional sense and marking so that he can cut out passing lanes and angles, which is what made him good against Spain. However, teams that put emphasis on attacking from the wings found success because Spector simply isn’t a great 1v1 player.

    On top of that Spector is fine size wise. He’s physically gifted and his aerial ability is pretty good as well.

    This is of course just my opinion.

  62. Isaac says:

    True, but Bocanegra hasn’t exactly been killing it at left fullback. He’s got experience as an advantage over Spector, which makes a difference despite what people say. That being said, Bocanegra has only had one or two great performances at left back, Turkey to name one. Other than that, he’s had trouble dealing with pacy wingers and the huge stature of our center backs made it easy to deal with the crosses he might let in, particularly in the Confederations Cup. This is kind of why Bornstein and Cherundolo were doing so well at the World Cup, because teams like Ghana, England, and Algeria were putting an emphasis on getting up the flanks and they managed to stay with them. Moreover, they offered the offensive ability and pace to pin the other teams’ wide players back.

  63. Isaac says:

    I’m sorry. Numerical DISadvantage we’ll have in the center of the midfield( 4-4-2/4-2-2-2 vs 4-2-3-1)

  64. Isaac says:

    hehehe. Ives taking Gaxa 1v1? oh boy. Haha.

  65. Isaac says:

    Maaaaan, you crazy? My boy Harkesy can ball. Everyone knows that.

  66. ernj says:

    Why no John O’Brien?

  67. 20 says:

    As a Fulham fan obviously I don’t like Bullard but yea he is still a good player as long as he’s not injured. Could be a hit/miss DP

  68. SBI Troll says:

    Child Please

  69. timothy says:

    Actually, an Agudelo-my grandma combo might be more dangerous than Agudelo-Findley

  70. Herm says:

    To answer your rhetorical question off the top of my head: Beckerman,Clark,Michael Stephens would all be more exciting than those two CDM we called in.

  71. Benny Dargle says:

    He should play a man down? The legend of Mix grows. He can cover both AM and DM!

  72. Illmatic74 says:

    He is sutck with us now so as long as he gets into the game he is stuck with us.

  73. Haha! Exactly. Entertaining as heck!

    (SBI – Alright guys, give me some credit. I may be a little past my prime, but I can still ball with the rest of them. Or, at least, I can still ball with Cobi Jones)

  74. Paul C says:

    His willingness to hold onto crap players tends to overshadow it. But yes, it is something that does occur, which I forget often.

  75. Because, as far as I know, John did the wise thing by falling off the face of the earth. As of yet, he hasn’t attempted the illustrious role of commentator.

  76. Tim M. says:

    Your point about the necessary speed of a FB to succeed at the national level is very valid. Boca has certainly had his hits and misses at that position. But i guess my point was being more applied to club level then anything else. Boca spent time at LB, CB and Def Mid at Fulham, but went on to continually have success at the lb spot at Rennes and now St Etienne. Maybe he is better suited to be CB, but his distribution with the ball can not be denied. I think, like Boca, once he finds a club that invests in him, he’ll flourish at which ever position. And then maybe, by that time, he’ll have matured some, and we can start talking about him playing a bigger role with the nats again.

  77. Paul C says:

    No true.

  78. Because Wynalda refuses to play anymore. He’s tired of people mistaking him for Shay Given.

  79. Seriously says:


  80. Illmatic74 says:

    He only keeps holding on to “crap” players at positions where there is not much quality or depth at. Bornstein and Findley keep getting caps because there is not much in our pool at those positions.

  81. Illmatic74 says:

    You can only make the change once he is already had youth caps for Canada.

  82. Tim M. says:

    Issac really has a point there. And i would say Parkhurst would be a fine example to counterpoint that argument. Although, Specs has looked weak defending 1v1, it has all been on the outside. I would of loved to see Parkhurst here too btw. Borchers is a great player, but with the up most honesty, going forward he isn’t gonna be playing for us, even at the Gold Cup. We have just too many prospects at CB to give him chances, this being the exception. There’s been rumors of Parkhurst being able to play RB for the nats. That is something that intrigues me greatly. Lol, better then playing Brad Evans there

  83. Tim M. says:

    I would of probably taken Beckerman over Carroll, but im sure Bob has his reasons. Michael Stephens is one for the future. Great looking young kid, but i think he has a ways. If he can really become a factor in a midfield with the likes of Donovan and Beckham, it would be something. If the galaxy don’t keep Juninho and dont sign a major dp player, i think he has a chance to shine next year.

  84. PetedeLA says:

    i’ll never understand why you guys can’t forgive Bullard for simply taking a contract that offered him a bit of a future. Your club let Jimmy know they weren’t planning with him. What you (Fulham fans plural) stay where you’re not wanted?
    That’s similar to the venom Alan Smith was faced with when he signed with Man U. Completely unwarranted.
    Nevertheless, thank you for the support.
    We want Bullard! (Yes… I know I’m taking some poetic license here.)

  85. Tim M. says:

    With all due respect, i think that applies to rogers much more so then bedoya. the kid beat out rogers to a spot on the wc squad for a reason.

  86. Tim M. says:

    You can’t say that just yet. But there will be plenty of time in the near future for that debate.

  87. Tim M. says:

    What a story it would be if Bunbury or Agudelo score.

  88. Tim M. says:

    This is a friendly, so him and Mix will be cap tied, but can still make that one time change, if they ever want too.

  89. Kenny_B says:

    He is 6 feet tall and of what I would describe as an average build. I think his build is better suited out wide. Having a pretty good aerial ability at six feet tall is fine when pressing forward trying to score, I’m not as convinced he has enough leaping ability to make up for a lack of height consistently enough as a central defender. I’m a big fan of some heighth and size at center back if you can’t tell.

  90. Isaac says:

    He did look good. Against Honduras, Holland, and the Czech Republic. He has ONE bad performance against Brazil on a field full of bad performances and all of a sudden he’s not good enough and hasn’t proved himself? I know form counts but every player is allowed a bad performance. Sometimes it’s not them. Sometimes another team’s tactics nuetralizes them. Let’s get over it and if poor performances become a habit then we’ll leave him off and say he’s not good enough.

  91. Kenny_B says:

    This was supposed to be in response to Isaac’s reply to my previous post about playing Spector at CB. It’s a little lost all by itself down here.

  92. adub says:

    WOW!!! cant belive my comment was removed??? thats pretty weak/lame? all i was saying is that Pause and Carroll are old? im not ragging anybody. im just dissapointed we didnt call up either younger guys or more experienced guys. Carroll, Pause, and Borchers are all old (29 yrs old) and never have played in a meaningful game. these guys are just fill ins, thats 3 spots we could be taking a look at other guys that actually could help us in 2014.

    for youth why not call up Geoff Cameron? nathan sturgis? brad evans? i liked what mike seamon did this year. Chad Marshall? Jack Mckinerney? Babajide Ogunbiyi? Chris Pontius? Andy Najar? Freddy Adu? and tons more!

    for experience why not call up gooch onyewu? kyle beckerman? Damarcus Beasley? Carlos Bocanegra? Sacha Kljesian?

    Alot of yall are “ragging” Robbie Finley but i dont see those posts being removed??? Atleast Finley played in the WC. Pause and Carrol didnt even make the 30 man roster. and plus Finley is only 25! hes still got room to grow

    (SBI-Your post was removed for being in all caps. As much as you may love all caps, we don’t.)

  93. B1879 says:

    Anyone else think Logan Pause looks like Michael Cera?

  94. wk says:

    will Bunbury actually accept the callup? i didn’t realize he’d made up his mind on where he was going to play.

  95. adub says:

    i completely agree, i like my CB’s 6’4” 200lbs. Spector just doesnt have a position that he completly fits into esp not CB. I say keep him at LB but maybe in the future try him as a holding mid or CDM. I just dont know if hes got the nose for the ball or the service to play out wide.

  96. adub says:

    i like your starting line up, but yea he will prob start carroll and pause

  97. wk says:

    i think we have to play 2 CM’s to have at least one of them protect our rather slow CB’s.

  98. MidWest Ref says:

    why Bunbury over Zakuani – the the Zak not US eligible?

  99. Brian says:

    Clearly he has accepted it

  100. Brian says:


  101. Benny Dargle says:

    It’s not a bad thing to have two center backs who have different strengths. One can have speed and distribute well and the other can be really big and great in the air. If you have two of the same type, you are vulnerable to different attacks. On the USMNT, both Demerit and Bocanegra have builds not unlike Spector, while Goodson is more of the Gooch type (at least in height).

  102. JS says:

    I would hope Bradley would go with a 4-4-2 rather than the shorthanded 4-3-2…lol. You left out your other choice for Midfield bro.

  103. Isaac says:

    Clark is fighting for a spot on his European club. While I’m a little suprised at no Beckerman, I think we can live without him for now. Stephens isn’t even available due to MLS playoffs.

  104. euroman says:

    Are you a SA supporter?

  105. Kenny_B says:

    I agree with your argument about different strengths. However, I don’t agree with your assessment of the players in question. Bocanegra is close in size to Spector but even Boca is more muscular. Goodson is not a physical CB, he is more of a finesse defensive player, so IMO he is not a Gooch type (I’m not saying Goodson won’t mix it up, he will, but he just can’t move players around like Gooch or Demerit can). The player I disagree with you most is Demirit. He is A LOT bigger than Spector, no way are they similar in build or playing style.

  106. Thorpinski says:






    Close but you forgot the coaches son who will some hoe make it onto the field.

  107. Jake Oliver says:

    Gold Cup games are not meaningful?

  108. canchon says:

    JOB did write some pretty smooth columns for the grey lady around the time of the WC…

    I bet JOB could send a sweet through ball to Ives for the finish

  109. True. But let’s don’t assume Ives will make the finish. 😉

    (SBI – You’re right. I was a terrible striker in Elementary school)

  110. phil says:

    almost agree:

    ————-Guzan (c)————-

    love the new blood and wish them well.

  111. phil says:

    trekker and wynalda’s agents would’t agree to the terms of the contract… primmadonnas

  112. phil says:

    you better hope Cobi doesn’t hear about this or I think it’s ON….

  113. phil says:

    yes but Donnie Darko is available

  114. Benny Dargle says:

    Check out Spector and Demerit side-by-side. Jay is maybe a 1/2 inch taller than Spector (who is probably the same height as Boca, although Boca isn’t in this photo). Both are a good 4 inches shorter than Gooch, Howard, and Bradley. Goodson has great leaping ability, perhaps much better than Gooch right now, but is obviously capable of being pushed around.

    link to telegraph.co.uk

    I don’t disagree that Spector is less physically imposing in his upper body, but I haven’t seen Spector at CB enough to know whether he can play physically. Size of chest is not the only criteria for strength and ability to play physically.

  115. phil says:

    Considering he hasn’t jumped off the roof of a building during his time at West Ham, I’d say that Spector is a tough enough SOB to play CB, so I don’t think his size won’t be too big a factor, especially if he’s paired with Godson, probably our most underrated defender in the pool right now IMHO.

  116. camjam says:

    I just spit milk because of this.

    the shedre.

  117. pete says:

    wow how could you ever suggest kyle beckerman or robbie findley are good? Those two are prime examples of what it means to be a player who will never be successful above the MLS level. Robbie Findley showed ABSOLUTELY nothing at the WC except for the fact that he knows how to do everything possible to lose the ball and shoot directly at the goalie should he get the opportunity to. Kyle Beckerman had a horrendous showing last time he was called up to the national team. Not defending Carrol, Pause or Borchers, but I’m just saying Findley and Beckerman should never play on the national team ever again

  118. Dennis says:

    Wow, still so much hate for Bornstein who did a passable job in the W.C. He is a guy who has some skill, can get forward and score. Of course, he has been guilty of lapses in concentration and occasionally poor decisions and he is on the small side for a defender. Except for the size thing, those are correctable by learning and maturity. He will be around for a while. OTOH, I think Convey has been a guy who can play when he is healthy and I don’t think he will be neglected much longer.

  119. Brian says:

    Get ready for El Capitano Bornsteino folk

  120. david says:





    EJ and beasley and mike grella and schelloto

  121. bryan says:

    i like this but would rather see Spector and Goodson in defense for the start.

  122. wilyboy says:

    I’d go more along the lines of:


    Subs with the most time: Diskerud, Bunbury, Carroll.

  123. Juan from L.A. says:

    Ives I agree with your second line up…all the 5 WC veterans will play…although personally I would like to see Borchers over Spector at this particular moment…I think and Bradley NEEDS to field a cautious system or else we’ll get hammer…

  124. Gacm32 says:

    I definitely don’t think we’ll get hammered regardless of system. It’s South Africa, not Uruguay or another team with good technical ability. I DO believe we need to play a Christmas tree formation with Mix in the center.


  125. castroviejo says:

    A. Robbie Findley doesnt even start for Real Salt Lake.

    B. Ream got used by Bobby Convey thus exposing his slow feet and poor judgement at times.

    C. Agudello looked very impressive in his playoff game. his vision and creativity were impressive. that cross to angel was nice.

    d. what happened to Wondolowski call up?

  126. Isaac says:

    ….Yeah. I never said we shouldn’t play two.

  127. Isaac says:

    I bet you Ives has got some serious bite in his tackle.

  128. david says:

    he won that game vs the red bulls therefore he is still playing in the playoffs

  129. Red says:

    We need to find strikers. Edson Buddle was in Findley’s position 3 years ago…and look how he’s viewed now by USMNT fans. We can’t simply cast off players because of a few bad games. And when no strikers score in the last two world cups (7 games), we definitely can’t cast off strikers. We need to see if we can refuel talent or find it elsewhere. It looks like Bob is trying both with this lineup. And I think that’s a solid strategy. Start Findley…sub the youngins.

  130. Red says:

    This is not the starting lineup guys. With no starters, why is his call-up controversial? Has Juan Aguadelo really proven himself over Findley? This is the perfect call-up for a person like Robbie Findley.

  131. Pirateof90 says:

    It is sadly a tie between Clarence Goodson and Johnathan Bornestein

  132. Red says:

    Damn…a few good MLS games and Bobby Convey already has his spot back. Imagine this comment 1 year ago. How USMNT fans have no vision and are so impulsive…

  133. JJ says:

    Gaven and Rogers on the wings … beyond terrible.

  134. Shane says:

    For those saying Finley has done nothing in a US shirt you’re wrong. He had a great game in the Turkey send-off right before the WC. He orchestrated one of the two goals. His finishing has not been noteworthy for the US, but face it, we currently dont have a striker that is a world class finisher. At least with Finley we get some vision and composure at the position.

    Bringing Bullard to MLS would be a big mistatke. He thinks way too highly of himself and gets in fights with his teamates. He would come here to be a star, the center of attention, and as a result would not give 100% to his team. He would demand a huge salary and then get injured. Not worth it for a few laughs – which all get old after a while.

  135. beachbum says:

    that is one arrogant comment. all USMNT fans? talk about a lack of vision, man

  136. beachbum says:

    that’s what I saw, too

    Bornstein is interesting to watch in this game. He’s a veteran in this group. He certainly did play valiantly at the World Cup, as stated elsewhere on this thread. like to see him play a solid game.

    Spector in the middle makes sense to me; he’s a skilled player and would be good to find a spot for him that fits

  137. beachbum says:

    my thoughts on the subject, too. thank you

  138. beachbum says:

    Wondo is in the MLS playoffs still. can’t believe that factor is still missing for some here…sigh

  139. beachbum says:

    start the Crew midfield and Pause, like Rob said, or perhaps someone besides Rogers out there…that yellow card for celebrating in the playoffs knocked him even further down the charts for me

    watch him go score in South Africa!