A closer look at SBI Readership


If you have ever wondered where SBI readers check in from most often, you might be surprised at what the numbers reveal.

We started out as a New York/New Jersey-dominated website before re-launching as a nationally-focused soccer news site in 2008. In the three years since we have managed to develop a well-balanced readership that represents American soccer fans very evenly.

Here is a rundown of the top cities, states and countries for SBI readership, based on traffic statistics taken over the past six months:



  1. California
  2. New York
  3. Texas
  4. Illinois
  5. New Jersey
  6. Washington
  7. Virginia
  8. Pennsylvania
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Florida
  11. District of Columbia
  12. Ohio
  13. North Carolina
  14. Maryland
  15. Georgia
  16. Colorado
  17. Michigan
  18. Oregon
  19. Indiana
  20. Utah


  1. New York
  2. Washington D.C.
  3. Chicago
  4. Seattle
  5. Los Angeles
  6. San Francisco
  7. Houston
  8. Atlanta
  9. Boston
  10. Denver
  11. Philadelphia
  12. Columbus
  13. Dallas
  14. Arlington, VA
  15. Portland
  16. Austin
  17. Minneapolis
  18. Salt Lake City
  19. San Diego
  20. Raleigh/Durham
  21. Brooklyn
  22. Toronto
  23. Miami
  24. St. Louis
  25. Indianapolis


  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Germany
  5. Mexico
  6. France
  7. South Korea
  8. Japan
  9. Italy
  10. Australia

TOP 25 FOREIGN CITIES (Excluding Canada)

  1. London
  2. Mexico City
  3. Seoul
  4. Paris
  5. Melbourne
  6. Athens
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Berlin
  9. Bangkok
  10. Buenos Aires
  11. Tokyo
  12. Madrid
  13. Dublin
  14. Zurich
  15. Johannesburg
  16. Sydney
  17. Manchester
  18. San Jose, Costa Rica
  19. Munich
  20. Milan
  21. Rome
  22. Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
  23. Munster, Germany
  24. Stockholm
  25. Guadalajara


If you are curious about how these rankings stack up to past rankings, here is our rundown of traffic rankings from fall of 2008, SBI's first year as an independent website.

Surprised by some of the rankings? Is your city in the Top 25? Which city impressed you with its ranking?

Share your thoughts below.

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155 Responses to A closer look at SBI Readership

  1. bmvaughn says:

    Crazy how much Seattle/Washington has climbed in the rankings since 2008.

  2. scott47a says:

    I’m just surprised that many people in California can read.

  3. Dinho says:

    oh scott… you are so clever. where are you from, buddy?

    and, why is Brooklyn listed separate to New York?

    (SBI- New York City blows away the competition even without Brooklyn’s tally, but I thought it was interesting that Brooklyn could break the Top 25 by itself so I listed it. I meant to include that in the write-up but forgot.)

  4. bmvaughn says:

    Brooklyn is a city? Since when? Does that mean “New York” is only Manhattan?

  5. Second City says:

    Good things still to come. Nice work SBI staff on the gradual progression and nice support fellow readers.

  6. jcl says:

    Ives, if you combined DC and Arlington, VA as essentially one city would it overtake NY and roughly by how much?

    (SBI-You could combine DC and Arlington and it would still be barely half of New York’s numbers, and that’s not including Brooklyn with the rest of NYC, as I mention in another comment here.)

  7. swampdogoh says:

    That actually made me laugh out loud

  8. Hercules says:

    Atlanta and Raleigh/Durham for MLS Expansion Teams!

  9. dalton says:

    MLS in indianapolis!!!! We would truly embrace a team here

  10. BillSaysThis says:

    Why is San Francisco listed when the team is in San Jose? Ives, as a fellow Jerseyan I would expect you to not fall for the ‘we are where we say we are, not where we actually play’ Jedi mind trick.

    (SBI-San Francisco is listed because that’s where the readers are checking in from. Has nothing to do with MLS locations.)

  11. Cabrito says:

    Be happy with your USL teams and the 1,500 fans that show up.

  12. Spectra says:

    do you have a list of visits per capita state?

  13. Dan says:

    Come on Omaha, pick up the pace.

  14. cabrito says:

    I’m just surprised you got off of You Porn long enough to type your comment.

  15. William the Terror says:

    Damn, Tallahassee did not crack the top 25. Guess I’ll have to get my cat an e-mail account to increase the North Florida readership levels. (Although he is a Chelsea fan and I would then have to read his drivel about those wankers in blue.)

  16. GSScasual says:

    sooo crazy, bro… so crazy… *rolls eyes

  17. Jimmy Bobo says:

    Really sorry to see how low St. Louis (the so-called soccer hotbed of the USA) ranked. Does not bode well at all for MLS St. Louis. On the other hand, Austin and Minneapolis look pretty good.

  18. GSScasual says:

    Well… Jersey does produce the most talent

  19. KevDC says:

    It’s interesting that DC is as high as it is, given that population-wise DC proper is actually a relatively small city (~600K). I wonder if per capita DC has a higher percentage of SBI readers than NY.

    Anyway, interesting numbers. Thanks for sharing them.

    (SBI-Kev, the totals are for visits, not unique visitors, so it can be a case of readers who visit quite a bit. Given the number of political and legal jobs in DC, and the amount of down time those jobs have, I’m betting there are a lot of readers spending a lot of time on the site.)

  20. wah wah wah says:

    I’m just surprised that many people in New York have a computer.

  21. Hercules says:

    Are you actually comparing the excitement and quality of play between USL and MLS? I live between 3 and 4 hours away from both and I might be able to make it down to watch MLS, but an USL match probably isn’t worth that much hassle when instead I could watch it on TV.

  22. GSScasual says:

    it may be like an “all hands on deck” type deal… What with Baltimore United imminent

  23. FulhamPete says:

    Wait, Fresno isn’t on the SBI map???


    Out of curiosity…I’m the only one, right?

    (SBI-Fresno is 21st overall in Cali. Given how much you comment I’d bet you make up a good chunk of that traffic so thanks for holding it down. LOL)

  24. k says:

    Those 15 DC United fans spend a lot of time opening and closing SBI to pad those visits while in Seattle they have an Excel query do it for them.

  25. Waterlewd says:

    Be interested to see top cities outside US and Canada.

    (SBI-Done. Thanks for the idea.)

  26. SwerveZ says:

    Hey, how did Maine do??? I’m sure I’m the only one from the state!!! hahahahahaha…(transplant here).

  27. QuakerOtis says:

    You may be the only person from Fresno who can read a full sentence… aside from “meth sold here”.

  28. QuakerOtis says:

    And even that’s not a full sentence.

  29. fischy says:

    I was surprised to see the INdy/Indiana traffic, but the ATL/GA and Raleigh/NC have you beat by a lot.

  30. john.q says:

    Out of curiosity and being a Queens native, where does queens rank compared to brooklyn?

  31. RK says:

    Conversely, I’m surprised to see Miami so low. Maybe we need futbolporives.net.

  32. William the Terror says:

    Snookie doesn’t count.

  33. Will-SBI says:

    Ives, it’s been said a couple times before, but, as a researcher, I agree that a potentially more “accurate” portrayal would be rankings done by percentage of population for each state, city, and country. But I know you’re a busy man, lol – perhaps we can get that as well…?

    (SBI-No shot. Who has that kind of time? LOL)

  34. SwerveZ says:


  35. Will-SBI says:

    I figured. Great post nonetheless, sir!

  36. Supsam says:

    im just surprised how idiots like scott47a find their way to SBI

  37. GSScasual says:

    ur right… darn.. Guess we will settle with Tim Howard, Jozy, Tab, Meola, Agudelo, Rossi, Berhalter, Bradley, Harkes, Reyna, Vermes, Szetela…

  38. baquito alyeska says:

    Maine #2 checking in.

    (SBI-Maine came in at no. 40, though technically 39 excluding D.C. since, you know, it’s not a state. LOL)

  39. Lorenzo says:

    Brooklyn used to be it’s own city before it consolidated. It is hard to people who haven’t lived there to understand the way that plave (the tri-state area) works. I’m sure it sounds quite arrogant.

    Thing is Brooklyn still has that sense of being able to be it’s own stand alone city, like Manhattan. Queens and Bronx are more tagged onto Manhattan I feel like (no disrespect).

    Neccesary to seperate it in the rankings? Probably not. But for the NYC/NJ/LI/CT area it is interesting to us.

  40. baquito alyeska says:

    I’d be curious to know what percentage of readership is foreign vs. domestic.

  41. scott47a says:

    It was a joke. My wife is a Californian and is significantly smarter than I am.

    Still, you would have to be particularly slow to support one of those awful Cali MLS teams. The Star-chasers (isn’t Beckham cute kids)? No thanks. The Clash? Better the first time. Goats USA? A sad little-brother organization to Guadalajara.

    Perhaps all of SBI’s Cali fans are Nats supporters or Euro-types.

  42. Lorenzo says:

    In example, if people live in Manhattan they rarely commute out of the city but if they do it is likely to Brooklyn. If people have $ but are going to move out of Manhattan (but stay in the city) they move to Brooklyn. Carrol Gardens and Park Slope and such.

    Of course this is a generalizaiton but feel like a lot of NYers would back up this happens.

  43. Christian says:

    I was thinking I was the only one from Denver, CO that reads SBI since I’m on this site a few times a day. Perhaps I’ve single-handedly put Colorado at #16 and Denver at #10! haha

  44. scott47a says:

    Szetela? How did he make it on this list?

  45. MattinMemphis says:

    Only suggestion I have is having a links list to all your Fox articles somewhere prominent that I can click on (like a “last 5″ list with dates). You mention them in your posts, but I don’t always notice or didn’t catch the topic. It would definitely get some more traffic to your articles on Fox.

    I love SBI. It keeps from scrolling through other sites finding info about USMNT and yanks abroad. Keep it up.

  46. K-Town says:

    Which is why I always wished MLS were in SF not SJ. But getting a stadium downtown would never happen. Way to limited in space, and way too expensive to do.

  47. K-Town says:

    Austin, TX at number 16! this is not a big city, I wonder if it is me causing the big numbers? maybe i need to start doing some more work and less surfing. LOL!

  48. nebraskacoog says:

    I’m in Omaha as well. I guess it is just 2 of us. Lol!

  49. Alex G says:

    keep it up Ives, make us proud!!!

  50. Dave says:

    My minnesotans let me down. Dissapointing

  51. Chris says:

    Those of us from Arlington, VA are overachieving due to constantly checking the site (and Goff) to see if DC United has fired their President/General Manger.

    City Pop.
    New York 8.4M
    Washington D.C. 600K
    Chicago 2.8M
    Seattle 617K
    Los Angeles 3.8M
    San Francisco 815K
    Houston 2.3M
    Atlanta 541K
    Boston 645K
    Denver 610K
    Philadelphia 1.5M
    Columbus 770K
    Dallas 1.3M
    Arlington, VA 218K
    Portland 566K
    Austin, TX 786K

  52. Wolf Depner says:

    Hi Ives,

    Great rankings. Any idea about the Canadian province with the greatest readership?



  53. Will-SBI says:

    Well, all we need now is for Ives to give us the actual readership numbers…YES!!

  54. strider says:

    While both were better than St. Louis, Atlanta was much higher. Seems like a good spot for a team, but will Coke sponsor it?

  55. Karl says:

    Then why is she married to you?

  56. Seriously? says:

    Heh, good to see you encouraging people to not follow their local club team, even if they’re not winning it all. You must be one of those so called “real football” fans, who’s “always” been a fan of Man Utd, Barcelona, Milan, etc.

  57. Seriously? says:

    wow, that’s just a poorly composed first sentence. Shame on me.

  58. strider says:

    Gotta be Ontario. You’ll have to worry about BC in the future.

  59. jamesey says:

    when a team from NY wins a trophy, you may speak 😉

  60. Brent McD says:

    San Diego represent! move Chivas down here and re-brand. play at Qualcomm while they build a SSS in Chula Vista

  61. DingDong says:

    Could do Daly City or Oakland though.

  62. K-Town says:

    This is true, but SF is a cool international city, that despite its population is densely populated. My family is from SF and the surrounding Bay Area as well as Germany. SF has a great European feel to it in some ways. I think MLS would be awesome there, but again, very unlikely to ever happen.

  63. Nick says:

    I can see where you’re coming from, but most of us love our teams. The San Jose fans were heartbroken with the loss of their beloved Clash and a lot of Galaxy fans have been there since the heartbreak of the first MLS Cup and El Tanque. Chivas USA may be the team Jesus forgot about though.

  64. The Dude says:

    Yes, Canada. Am I the only Albertan on here?

  65. jtd says:

    Is St Paul lumped with Minneapolis?

  66. ivannomad says:

    This is kind of neat. Hey ives whats the check in count for Tyler, Texas?

    (SBI-Tyler is No. 65 among Texas cities. I’m going to have to bust Daniel Hernandez’s chops for not visiting enough.)

  67. GSScasual says:

    visited my bro who moved out there… Minnesota is awesome… Being from jersey, i thought no other state would be worth my time, but Minneapolis was a blast. Dont get a juicy lucy at the 5-8 unless you want to chill on a toilet for hours.

  68. Matt says:

    Crushed that Bamyan Afghanistan didn’t make the top list… At least you know you have a readership of one there.

  69. Darthspud says:

    Checking in from El Paso, TX. Make us proud Omar S.

  70. kackac says:

    I am going to assume I am the only Oklahoman who reads this site (or for that matter, reads).

  71. b says:

    Where does this idea of St. Louis being the soccer hotbed come from?

  72. b says:

    Unfortunately that meth lab explosion and the gang member killed in the drive by shooting took out the other two Fresno SBI readers…

  73. Eric says:

    We all say were from Boston but were not.

  74. b says:

    Whoa, awesome.

    How are those destroyed Buddha statues doing?

  75. Dominghosa says:

    Wahoo! I’m glad I’m 1 of 2 people in Arizona who care about soccer. This state blows.

  76. buff111 says:

    A couple of small errors: 1. the listing says top 10 states, and then, lists 19 states and D.C.. That’s the other small error, D.C. isn’t a state.

    (SBI-Does it really matter? People get the point of the list. I came very close to including a disclaimer in the title but figured, “Hey, nobody will be THAT anal right?” Should have known better. Ha.)

  77. A-Lott says:

    Arkansas doesn’t even crack the top twenty. Unsurprising, but there are more soccer fans down here than people think.

  78. Tim says:

    Virginia doing work at seven! hahaha

  79. VictorM says:

    Sorry if this has been brought up before, but why aren’t the “Brooklyn” numbers part of “New York City”?

  80. Dundasfc says:

    The reasoning here is funny. Follow the logic more people can read in Brooklyn than Toronto. This started as a New York/ New Jersey site. It is a great site. You aren’t going to loose readership in the area with a shift to national.

  81. metasyntactic variable says:

    Vancouver’s got the same hindrance – only 578K.

  82. Kejsare says:

    Neither is Virginia, it’s a commonwealth, but we’ll deal with semantics later.

  83. baquito alyeska says:

    This reader was born in Little Rock for what it’s worth.

  84. RK says:

    St. Louisians…or St. Louisites?

  85. RK says:

    CTRL+F is your friend.

  86. Brian says:

    A lot of our players on the 1930, 1934 and 1950 World Cup USMNT teams were either born in St. Louis or played for St. Louis club teams

  87. Brian says:

    Yeah Szetela! He’s really lighting it up in Europe.

  88. Judging Amy says:

    i lol’ed.

  89. CJ says:

    someone please tell Mayor Bloomberg that Brooklyn is part of NYC.

  90. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Ives – Interested in hearing you came about with Germany as 4th in Europe with no cities in germany in Top 25 of Europe.

    Is it due to the military in Germany spread throughout smaller towns, or Expats, combination?

    (SBI-You missed Berlin, which is in the Top 10. I added Munich and Munster and filled out the Top 25. There are plenty of Americans living in Germany so I’d bank on that being a factor, not just military either. In fact, there’s one player who I know visits SBI religiously and always seems to get his home city ranked wherever he’s playing. I won’t say who, but it’s pretty funny.)

  91. Duck says:

    Upstate NY, where are you? You could just make a category that encompasses all of NY north of Westchester and Rockland.

  92. Ian says:

    “top 10 states” then there are 20 states haha we all human i love this site

  93. b says:

    The Cosmos would have to join MLS and get a soccer stadium in New York first, only then could a NY team could try winning a trophy.

  94. b says:

    Wouldn’t that be “for” Ives?

  95. Jamie says:

    And how did we do that?

  96. Jamie says:

    St. Paul can suck it, unless you get the MLS team (big if).

  97. b says:

    Which cities with MLS teams are not in the top 25?

    San Jose (although SF is high on the list)
    Vancouver (not yet I know, but Portland is on the list)

    Kansas City appears to be the only one that is truly missing from the list

  98. nam says:

    I know man, this scientific survey effectively proves that St. Louis hates soccer.

  99. nam says:

    dude it’s one website, hardly representative of the entire soccer loving population of North America.

  100. Dan the Man says:

    Actually Munster is #23, but good point in general. I’m pretty sure that isn’t the location of the main US base, but I could be wrong . . .

  101. Fred Garvin says:

    And three years ago nobody around Seattle even heard of MLS.. go figure.

  102. over there says:

    Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. over there says:

    Oddly, it’s not. There are no bases there at all, and no “main” base really, other than Ramstein Air Base.

  104. ELAC says:


  105. ELAC says:

    Jesus forgot about us but maybe Satan remembered…..
    Infidel por vida!

  106. ELAC says:

    I’m, surprised you spelled Fresno correctly. Thank Jesus for spell check.

  107. ShaggyReAL says:

    a floating soccer stadium under the golden gate bridge…… 😉

  108. b says:

    I’m not seeing the part of my comment where I said it wasn’t just one website….

    I’m referring specifically to the top 25 cities list FOR THIS WEBSITE, I think that’s pretty clear.

  109. b says:

    Someone figure out who this is, it has to be an American, right…

  110. Great breakdown of information. Just wonder if I can claim the distinction of being not only one of the few females, but the oldest SBIer at 64 (65 in Feb!)

    Hope I’m helping uphold San Diego’s place.

  111. ... says:

    “por” is a very adaptable preposition, it can mean “by”, “for”, “at”, “per”, “as”, and “to”, among others.

  112. Kevin in ABQ says:

    someone needs to brush up on their spanish I

  113. Brad says:

    So it turns out that I visit this site more than I realized. I own a Mac, so my address bar will complete it for me…for example http://www.c turns into http://www.cnn.com. but when i just type www it fills in the rest or this sites address!

  114. NYMETROz says:

    Hudson County REP

  115. Scarlet says:

    I’m glad to hear from a kindred spirit! I’m also a huge female fan and would not have admitted my age (52) until your post gave me courage. I do my share to put South Carolina on the map for Ives. Love the site and the beautiful game!

  116. Suwanee Eric says:

    So Atlanta has a higher rank than 8 current MLS cities, plus Arlington and Brooklyn. We can definitely handle an MLS team down here.

  117. Kire DCU says:

    A case of one of these is not like the others for sure:

  118. Kire DCU says:

    Yeah, this I’d really like to see!

  119. Kire DCU says:

    Rep! Thanks for that!!

  120. Kire DCU says:

    I second the general sentiment of this. I’m constantly readin (infrequently post) and seem to often miss these.

  121. anthony says:

    My congrats to you, your website certainly has captured all the continents.

  122. Kire DCU says:

    It seems your readers like to talk about themselves! No surprise as its the human condition but still, its kind of funny.

    Somewhat in that vein, how about some more ‘you write the caption’ posts? A bit of community generated humor is always fun. The Donovan doll one is still my fave of those I’ve caught.

  123. 20 says:

    lol you’re right

  124. Jeff says:

    No, you’re not the only one in Fresno. I am, unfortunately, also in The ‘No for the time being.

  125. ... says:

    Are you going to post a breakdown of the reader survey from earlier this month? I noticed you said this post is based on page hits, not unique views, and presumably people didn’t bother creating different names and e-mail adresses to respond to the survey multiple times, so it would be interesting to see if there are any dramatic differences in these lists based on the survey rather than traffic.

    (It would also be interesting to post a breakdown of the other stats from that survey, like ages and the male/female split. Maybe a top 10 of the clubs and countries most supported by SBI readers).

  126. Vince says:

    snookie is not what i would consider talent. she is more of a disgrace to any1 from the tri city area…breezie is nasty and i always wondered how someone so unattractive made it on television. I truly think that the show jersey shore makes people lose brain cells, and I do not allow that program to be viewed when i’m in the vicinity…

  127. Vince says:

    check your punctuation b4 you clown on the dude’s spelling…lol

  128. Justin O says:

    Some places overseas I’ve lived over the last 2-3 years came up as “unknown” on the site meter. So some of the more obscure locations might not register.

  129. Justin O says:

    Kunduz and Charikar should have registered at least a blip too!

  130. DaveW says:

    Probably not significant, but I would guess some folks have an ISP in a nearby town or city, so mining their IP address might show them from a slightly different place.

    (Judging by the ads that pop up in my browser with the name of my ISP’s town 60 miles away).

    Still would guess that metro areas would be close to proportional as far as population/traffic.

  131. DaveW says:

    Continuing off topic, doesn’t Pennsylvania also consider itself a commonwealth?

  132. timothy says:

    Nah, I’ve noticed several people commenting on here from Denver. We definitely hold our own on this site. I think our ranking of 10 goes to show how poorly the FO has done in getting fans to games. And the move to Commerce City was…clearly not motivated by getting fans to games. The attendance dropped in half after the move

  133. Glaing says:

    Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola played MF for William Paterson does that count.

  134. Glaing says:

    Franklin NY, just 11 miles from Oneonta, former home of the NSHOF

  135. b says:

    By having funny accents.

  136. b says:

    What is this anti-American nonsense? VA and PA should be kicked out of the union and forced to participate in the Commonwealth Games…

  137. b says:

    Any US soccer fans currently manning the research stations down in Antarctica?

  138. b says:

    Yes, we need a survey list, and then we can compare the two lists. And decide which list is superior and will be used in the allotment of MLS expansion teams.

  139. Eazy-E says:

    I’d make the drive every weekend from The Fort. Hell, I’ve driven to Columbus to catch a match quite a few times.

  140. Justin O says:

    And my regards to Faruque at Save in Bamyan! :)

  141. Djorkaeff says:

    Considering that I log in from my office computer in Paris about 20 times a day, I wonder how much of the Paris/France traffic I am responsible for…

  142. Astorian says:

    I’m holding it down for Albuquerque, New Mexico!

  143. Ryan Covey says:


  144. Dan. says:

    I just moved to the UK (Oxford) from Canada (Prince George)…so I assume I’ll be bringing up the UK numbers :)

    Thanks Ives for this site, it is even more important for me to check this site for MLS news…along with the Canadian site I follow as well.

  145. Dan. says:

    I just moved to the UK (Oxford) from Canada (Prince George)…so I assume I’ll be bringing up the UK numbers :)

    Thanks Ives for this site, it is even more important for me to check this site for MLS news…along with the Canadian site I follow as well.

  146. bandeeto says:


  147. SethDoesn'tKnow says:

    Great to see Hong Kong! Nice to know I’m not the only one watching the games here…

  148. Matt Mathai says:

    Interesting to see how highly ranked the non-MLS cities and states are.

  149. B 16 says:

    Ives-thought about adding a Clustermap to graphically show the numbers of visitors worldwide?

  150. dadryan says:

    He’s a flounders fan of course…

  151. johnnycougar says:


  152. No Detroit? Disappointing.

  153. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    There is a NATO installation in Munster with Yanks assigned to the command in various staff positions-a small contingent of forces. I was in Heidelberg and played for TSG Rohrbach in the BundesBierliga, but have been relegated to trying to gain an appreciation for Sporting KC here in KC.

  154. CisforChampionRapids says:

    Dude, Ives is everywhere out here in the Colorado soccer community. Balboa can’t stop calling him.

    Your fault for giving him your home number, Ives.