Did CONCACAF betray the USA 2022 bid?

Jack Warner (ISIPhotos.com)

The man in black is Jack Warner, the CONCACAF President and FIFA Executive Committee member who just finished voting on the selection of World Cup 2018 and 2022. A long-time target of corruption allegations, Warner is under fresh claims of shady behavior amid new reports suggesting that he did not vote for the United States in its bid to host the 2022 World Cup.

A pair of reports out of England both made the suggestion based on the fact that Warner did not lobby English FIFA Executive Committee member Geoff Thompson for him to vote for the USA's 2018 bid. The American bid managed just three votes in the first round of FIFA voting for the 2022 World Cup, which raises the question of whether the three CONCACAF-based voters (Warner, American Chuck Blazer and Guatemalan Rafael Salguero) actually voted for the American bid.

The allegation comes as fresh claims of bribes and corrupt dealings involving the recent World Cup voting are also surfacing. The Times of London is reporting that a whistle blower has stepped forward claiming FIFA voters sold votes for as much as $1.5 million each. Also, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that a former member of Qatar's bid team revealed that a payment of almost $80 million was suggested to be made to Argentina to help secure the vote of Argentine FIFA voter Julio Grondona.

ChuckBlazer (ISIPhotos.com)

The accusations against Warner are not surprising, but If the mere fact that Warner didn't ask Thompson to promise his vote for USA in 2022 is the basis for the allegations against Warner it does seem a bit flimsy. That said, it doesn't help Warner that he's widely-regarded as one of, if not the most corrupt man in world soccer.

Warner has been the subject of multiple reports out of England detailing his many questionable dealings, and he has been identified as one of the voters who didn't vote for England despite giving the England bidders his promise that he would not only vote for England, but also secure the votes of Blazer and Salguero for England. With England managing just two votes in the first round of 2018 voting, and with Thompson being one of those voters, Warner will have a hard time convincing anybody he was the lone other voter for England.

As far as the idea that CONCACAF turned its back on the USA bid, it is entirely possible that one or more of the three CONCACAF voters went with another 2022 bid. For his part, Blazer (pictured above with MLS commissioner Don Garber) has already come forward to state emphatically that he voted for the United States in every round.

What do you think? Think Warner is guilty of turning his back on his own federation? Praying someone finds a paper trail that helps bring down FIFA's corrupt bosses?

Share your thoughts below.

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151 Responses to Did CONCACAF betray the USA 2022 bid?

  1. WeatherManNX01 says:

    The FIFA ExCo can go rot in hell.

  2. cj says:

    Follow the money trail on this one… I hope every Western journalist opens every piece of investigative reporting on this very corrupt process.

  3. RYC says:

    Does this look like the blog of a corrupt man? link to chuckblazer.blogspot.com

    Answer: Yes

  4. @badwolfdc says:

    Reading the Independent piece (Wallace rocks) there is no doubt in my mind that Blazer did not vote for the US and just by his actions concerning England Warner all most certainly did not – it is unbelievable that our CONCACAF members voted against the US, but I believe the evidence points to this. Shame on them.

  5. MSnats says:

    At first I thought he was Santa Claus.

    Then I realized he must be Santa’s sinister brother. Santa would never kill a polar bear.

    Chuck Blazer: making money off of World cups. Making money off dead polar bears.

  6. ahm says:

    ives i am curious for your opinion as to how you think Americans should handle this? obviously fifa is fishy but can we even do anything about it? are our options limited to that of the FA chief who said he was done until FIFA changed? is there a way for common consumers to hit FIFA where it hurts until they change or do we just have to wait until an international body like the IOC or Interpol does something about it?

  7. ahm says:

    quality post. he’s an evil jerry garcia.

  8. joejoe says:

    The whole selection process is open to chicanery when only 22 out of 208 FIFA members voted during the selection process. All FIFA members should vote during the selection process. It’s a lot easier to bribe fifteen members than a hundred and fifty.

  9. vik says:

    I’m curious as well. FIFA seems to take legitimate questions very personally (see: English media during the leadup to the vote)

    I understand why ussf is avoiding directly challenging FIFA, but something must be done. It’s probably safe to assume levels of corruption are allowed/accepted all the way down FIFA structure, so do we have to wait for a group of clean employees to spark an internal rebellion? Should countries band together and create a their own footballing organization? Even the threat of such action might be enough to spur some reform.

  10. Barca says:

    Taken at face value, the Independent’s article is pretty damning. I believe that Chuck Blazer sold his vote to Qatar.

    I am standing firmly behind the English press, and I hope that they steamroll FIFA and anyone involved.

    Is there precedent of any kind in having a World Cup bid revoked? If it can be proved that illegal acts took place to guarantee the votes for Qatar, can the World Cup voting be voided?

  11. Rob says:

    Took long enough Ives, I posted this early yesterday on your site….. Great article by the way. :-p

  12. EDB says:

    The more stuff that comes out, makes me think there should be talk of forming a new federation.. USA, England, and Australia would be a sound start since all 3 are very upset. I also read Spain and Portugal are upset as well.. that is 5 pretty high profile nations, and 5 big money makers for FIFA

  13. Rob says:

    And by the way I am pulling your leg….. I know you have to have a life outside of football

  14. Rob says:

    The Asia would always have the cup, they represent half the voting members I believe

  15. Rob says:

    I tend to believe the Independent and guardian….. But I hope more evidence comes out either way.

  16. Duck says:

    Too bad that FIFA corruption isn’t as salacious as celebrity sex scandals, or else the American media organizations would have this cracked in no time.

  17. CSD says:

    How much did we have to bribe FIFA to get the 94 Cup? Since apparently the only way to get the World Cup is through corruption how did we do it? Was Lalas part of the deal. After we got the World Cup we had to send him to Italy were he would get enough street cred to come back and haunt our television sets forever.

  18. Keepthedoubts says:

    Um, the one line about Blazer not voting for the US in The Independent article was speculation at best — so you may want to keep those doubts in your mind, they might come in handy later. There’s much more evidence Warner may have betrayed the Concacaf bid. It appears Blazer betrayed England and voted for Russia, but it also appears Blazer and the Guatemalan guy did vote for the US for 2022. Whether Warner was the third US first round vote is 50/50. None of the three Concacaf guys voted for England 2018, that’s certain.

  19. Crunch Crunch says:


    I’m confidant Interpol could take down Fifa in a heartbeat. I think the US and England should bail and convince several other countries to form their own coalition. Fifa is pretty much a sham right now so we might as well take the money away from Fifa.

  20. vasco says:

    warner needs to go.

    assasination, if people won’t vote him out

  21. MSnats says:

    One of the better cracks about Lalas I’ve ever heard. The only thing I could find to smile about right after we tied Slovenia was his stone-cold face. He was fuming.

  22. KenC says:

    Of course they did.

  23. Joamiq says:

    I read the Independent article carefully and have no idea where you, or the Independent, got the idea that Blazer sold his vote. It says “there are suggestions that Warner has not delivered his three Concacaf votes to the US which would mean, incredibly, that the American ExCo member Blazer did not even vote for his own country,” but the second part of the sentence does not at all follow from the first. If any of the 3 CONCACAF votes didn’t go to the US, I’d be MUCH more suspicious of Warner (and Salgado, but especially Warner) not voting for the US than Blazer.

  24. Alexandria says:

    My question is if te report about the Argentine fa is correct I remember they were in a lot of debt and secured playing the season by reworking the tv deal that should be easy to prove but whose going too? And when is Warner up for re-election?

  25. Erik says:

    FIFA is the the UN, corrupt and dishonest. Always siding with corrupt nations over the West. Think of the UN Human Rights Council that was headed up by Syria at one point… Now think Qatar who is getting the World Cup.

    I’m pretty sure Jack Warner is a racist and would want to punish the US for it’s history in some way. You may read that and think I’m out of my mind, but that’s how the typical lefty organization works in our day and age. That we couldn’t even get our own confederation to vote for us proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jack Warner is useless to our entire confederation and should be fired and votes were bought.

    Why does any of this surprise anyone? I only really started paying attention to FIFA corruption when they changed the rules of WC qualifying and screwed Ireland but more importantly, changed the reles of qualifying when the knockout rounds came about.

    If there was a way to dump FIFA, it will be done. But I think we are stuck with them.

  26. jmadsen says:

    for the price he earned on selling his bids, he could at least get a professional looking website.

    give something back, chuck!

  27. jig says:

    how does Australia make money for FIFA? Just curious…

  28. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Dear Wookieleeks,

    all I want for Christmas is Blatter’s still-beating heart on a platter. Please tell me you dislike FIFA, too.


  29. sad says:

    80m is a lot of money.

    That dwarfs the Pandora figures

  30. Barca says:

    The typical lefty organization?

    Money is neither red nor blue, it’s green.

  31. joejoe says:

    As long as the process is transparent and fair then I’m OK with it. Secret voting from a selected few is not the way this organization should operate.

  32. disgusted says:

    He’s as crooked as his tie in that picture

  33. Starla says:

    Good luck. This isn’t a franchise league or an incorporated business. You can’t start an alternative, take your ball and go home, when your WC bid lose. FIFA is the sport and represents the sport in all other organizations and levels and governs everything including the rules of the sport. FIFA has done an amazing job spending the WC money on spreading the sport and creating leagues, programs and national teams on even the smallest island nations and given them a route to the WC. The WC bidding is such a insignificant part of what FIFA does and is responsible for.

  34. Dave Benson says:

    The way CONCACAF is organized, Jack Warner has enough (Caribbean) votes in his pocket to keep the job until the day he dies. He’s not going anywhere. Unless SIGNIFICANT change takes place at FIFA (unlikely), USSoccer needs to seriously consider not bidding on World Cups. It’s a rigged game no matter how you slice it. I would love to see a World Cup in the USA, but it’s just not gonna happen folks. Don’t feed the pigs that are running the game in Zurich.

  35. MikeR says:

    FIFA is a “typical lefty organization?” What? That group of ultra-wealthy fat-cats? Take this John Birch crap elsewhere, pal. Red State is always looking for more mentally ill commenters.

  36. thomas says:

    +1 good sir

  37. EDB says:

    maybe not Australia but England, the US, Spain and Portugal are.

  38. EDB says:

    it really only governs the FIFA members, there are other smaller organizations out there, an organization is only as strong as its members. There is a reason FIFA has been scared about the top european teams forming their own league, because they know they need that money and power to help give them power.

  39. Manny F says:

    You get Brazil, Mexico, Holland and Germany and the rest could follow. What form of Fifa would it be if it didn’t have Spain, England, Brazil, Germany, Mexico and Portugal? Who would be left to play with?

  40. Randall says:

    They don’t. Hey here’s an idea though, maybe they should hold a World Cup in a country like that with a top 15 GDP, that is also in the top 50 in population. Maybe that would get this big nation with lots of money not currently being spent on soccer interested in the game.

  41. Starla says:

    What other smaller organizations?

    The top european teams were pressuring UEFA who is governing the Champions League, not FIFA.

  42. Randall says:

    It needs to just be a blind bid. Every country writes on a piece of paper how much money they are willing to give FIFA to host the cup and the highest bid wins.

  43. phillypride says:

    MikeR for the win.

  44. Rob says:

    Man like Barca said money is neither red nor blue (in the US at least)… O e example of a left rich company is GE, just saying.

  45. Rob says:

    Ok I think every confederation should get 10 votes each… That would make it fair and hard to bribe…. Also there should be no hidden vote.

  46. Rob says:

    We can start by, I don’t know, having Mexico, US, Canada, and central America form their own federation forcing the Caribbean into Oceania. If only, Lol

  47. Rob says:

    Love it

  48. DingDong says:

    I don’t think Interpol really can do anything. They’re just an organization that coordinates domestic police. It would need the Swiss police (or maybe even European Union law enforcement) to investigate. All the major European countries individually are terrified of investigations because FIFA will suspend their federations. Some kind of European Union inquiry might work because FIFA can’t suspend all of Europe. Or maybe even the FBI, if there was any evidence anything happened in the US.

  49. DingDong says:

    I think that generally sounds good, except Oceania is fine at 1 vote.

  50. john.q says:

    with that money he could also hire a personal trainer.

  51. 12310431824312 says:

    I bet Togo would come too

  52. fcmonk says:

    Jack Warner is crooked. In other news, water is still wet.

  53. Starla says:

    Need less voting, not more. Letting confederations, or like now representatives from all confederations, vote just adds elements that shouldn’t influence the decision. You get people voting for their own country, their own confederation, their own language, for their friends etc, when the only thing they should be considering is what location is the best for the sport in general long term. Just look at this article to see why the voting is flawed.

  54. MicahK says:

    This is very controversial. I think it is weird Qatar got the world cup, maybe they will be some good before that time and maybe it will motivate the nation to start building a better league and have more European based players.

  55. Simon says:

    Mexico is one of the biggest moneymakers for FIFA and cannot stand Warner who has done everything in his power to make everything difficult for the FEMEXFUT. I am sure they would be on board to try and help correct this problem.

  56. Scott A says:

    This whole thing is a joke including having two World Cups voted on at the same time. Even the apparently kosher goings-on like England seeking to trade votes is a joke. It’s so ridiculous how rampant the bribes and corruption is in FIFA. Oh, and f Jack Warner.

  57. JCC says:

    Warner is “racist” against whom exactly? And please say Americans, cause I wanna hear you explain what race Americans are.

  58. Scott A says:

    Yeah, I love how with many matters Anguilla has as much voting power as the United States and Mexico. It’s as absurd as Wyoming getting as many Senators as California.

  59. Rob says:

    Jcc Americans are ‘the race’ LOL

  60. Rob says:

    Every state has the same amount of senators….congressmen are different

  61. canchon says:

    Unfortunately nothing is going to change until 1) FIFA is brought up with criminal charges and disbanded (good luck trying that with international law and FIFA in Switzerland) or 2) Blatter dies. Seppy’s got his boys in place and they have absolute loyalty to him, and he will not go out of office until he wants to (which is never, he’s 74 and going for re-election). Think about it – Sepp promises them whatever they want and in return, he keeps them in office.

    FIFA is in a state of inertia and will remain that way for the near future. They have built their gravy train and aren’t getting off soon.

    I would love to see the US, England, etc separate and form their separate confederation, but FIFA has all the power. Sad but true.

  62. DC Josh says:

    it is a proven fact that Jack Warner is corrupt. He has a history of corruption. I would not be surprised to see him fill Blatter’s position when Sepp is gone. However, the level of corruption and politicking in FIFA has reached the point where major changes at the top are necessary for the continued growth and integrity of world football. There are forces we cannot see at action that reward the humble and honest and punish the corrupt and evil. Those in the wrong will get theirs.

  63. Aaron says:

    Looks like we have a new subject for WikiLeaks to investigate!

  64. bob says:

    Looks like he eats well. Maybe he was bribed with an all you can eat buffet.

  65. usa soccerboy says:

    MikeR is happy the World Cup is going to Russia.

  66. MikeR says:

    I think the only way things will change is if enough countries, for example the US, Western and Northern Europe, Australia, Canada, etc., present FIFA with a list of reform demands and tell them if they’re not implemented, those countries are going to walk. Leave Blatter with parts of Asia, Africa, etc., and see if he’s able to maintain his lifestyle after FIFA loses the cash cows of Europe and North America. Just watching these FIFA guys pisses me off. Our own guy, that fat bastard Blazer, looks like he does nothing but eat and drink at expensive places, night and day, on other peoples’ tabs. I don’t have much hope this will happen, but we can always hope, I guess.

  67. Paul says:

    Warner: I am shocked — shocked — that there is bribery going on here.

    Qatari rep: Here is your cash, sir.

    Warner: Oh, thank you/

  68. Chris says:

    This will be epic when Qatar is busted by the british media for just giving cash to FIFA and promising more cash to beat the USA bid. I really hope they bust them.

  69. Ivannomad says:

    Someone could kill him and his offspring… that would end the reign on Warner. this is an example of why assasinations must sometime occur.

  70. jonfsoccer says:

    jack warner must go. the gold cup is now totally ruined. he sucks i hope no carribean drug cartel kills him slowly

  71. Erik says:

    “FIFA is a “typical lefty organization?” What? That group of ultra-wealthy fat-cats? Take this John Birch crap elsewhere, pal. Red State is always looking for more mentally ill commenters.”

    Some of the richest people in the world are lefties. Look at the US Congress…

    If you don’t know the basics of world politics and can’t actually argue against the point I made, you may not want to comment.

  72. Erik says:

    “Warner is “racist” against whom exactly? And please say Americans, cause I wanna hear you explain what race Americans are.”


    America is primarily a “white” country. So is England… America has a history of slavery, while England has a history of colonization and brutality of the subjects they ruled over (Britain ruled over Trinidad and Tobago where Warner is from).

    Everyone who is reading this should look up what Jack Warner is all about. There are plenty of quotes out there to find quite easily.

  73. Dannyboy Atl says:

    If you throw a party, and no one shows up, is there a party?

    That’s all I’m saying…

  74. Erik says:

    On more thing, I’m not even sure the US should have got the WC. Australia was a very attractive option as well. But the fact that it seems these choices were decided while countries were spending MILLIONS of dollars is what makes it wrong.

  75. JCC says:

    Erik, Warner is corrupt, I don’t think anyone will deny this, but your whole racist angle is stretching it just a tad. Also, being married to a Jamaican and having many Trinidadian friends, I can tell you that the whole anger against white people for slavery isn’t very prominent in Caribbean countries like it is in the US.

  76. Scott A says:

    That was my point.

  77. Rob says:

    Still don’t get the similarities, the senate was set up to stop one state from “running” the legislative branch of the government. The House allows certain states to have more power, making it essentially even.

    Maybe there should be a second body that deals with population, so the US would dominate. The US/Mexico block would own

  78. Rob says:

    Has the gold cup changed? I know the World Cup qualifying has changed to help the Island nations….

  79. Dominick says:

    As I look outside my home in Chicago at 22 degree weather with 6″ of snow on the ground…can we now tell Blatter to go F*** himself about the international calendar?

    Also–I look forward to booing Jack Warner–and giving him all kinds of grief at Gold Cup games this summer. I think the sign I’ll take is, “Arrest Jack Warner!”

  80. EndFifaCorruption says:

    FIFA is corrupt to its core. Jack Warner, Sepp Blatter, and their elk will continue to pull shenanigans like this and wet their beaks with petro dollar bribes until someone brings them to justice. Switzerland should no longer be considered part of the “west” if it doesn’t crack down on these scoundrels. I have read that corruption in nonprofits is not even against the law there. What a complete joke. Being part of the west means you follow the rule of law. Clearly Switzerland does not. They are just as guilty for being the enablers of FIFA corruption.

  81. WeatherManNX01 says:


  82. JoeW says:

    You took the response right out of my mouth. It may be harder to bribe 208 members than 22. But when there’s money to be made, it appears the ExCom votes for what benefits someone personally. When it’s not about bribes, you can expect them to do what works for their confederation. So you’d have this huge block of Asian votes.

    Part of the problem is that many soccer federations are shammockeries. A lot of the Central American and African FA’s are jokes administratively and very corrupt. Read Frankly Foer’s book “How Soccer Explains the World” and specifically the section about the “Top Hats” in Brasil–tremendous level of corruption. What we see at the ExCom is more or less a manifestation of what we see in many national Federations.

  83. JoeW says:

    Can’t remember the details but the WC wasn’t decided by the ExCom in those days. So a different process was used for the “94 WC

    The other thing is that while hosting the WC was always prestigious, it was “94 that showed the WC could be a huge money maker attendance-wise. That changed the game, where other countries saw this was more than just about the passion of the game but you could bring in a ton of fans and back beaucoup bucks!

  84. SwerveZ says:

    wow, never knew this and this is IMPORTANT!

  85. SwerveZ says:

    that’s an unnecessary, arrogant comment.

  86. SwerveZ says:

    It was attractive in it’s stability and infrastructure only, but not in travel to and tv viewership; thus, advertisement.

  87. SwerveZ says:

    Do you know why they decided to vote on two World Cups at the same time? So their old-arses could get ALL that bribery cash ASAP before they’re dead.

  88. SwerveZ says:


  89. JoeW says:

    There’s another side to this (as we bash Qatar and FIFA in general). I believe that chuck Blazer voted for the USA every round–the article is speculative and makes a big jump in inference. That said….

    Chuck Blazer didn’t vote for England for 2018. I’m assuming he voted for Russia? And it doesn’t look like England’s rep voted for us for 2022. So let’s be clear here when we talk about “the West” and “rule of law” that it looks like our own representatives may not be so flawless either in this matter.

  90. Rob says:

    We were talking concacaf not fifa

  91. Scott A says:

    Well, I don’t care to delve into politics, but personally I think it’s ridiculous that states like Wyoming and Montana have as much influence in the Senate as Texas and California even if the House is proportionate. And I think it’s ridiculous that tiny island nations get the same voting power as USA and Mexico so there are the similarities on my end.

  92. fischy says:

    “You may read that and think I’m out of my mind”


    ‘Nuff said.

  93. Erik says:

    /rik, Warner is corrupt, I don’t think anyone will deny this, but your whole racist angle is stretching it just a tad. Also, being married to a Jamaican and having many Trinidadian friends, I can tell you that the whole anger against white people for slavery isn’t very prominent in Caribbean countries like it is in the US.


    I think you are totally right about the Caribbean countries in regards to slavery. I just remember a lot of stories about how Jack Warner was always screwing the FA somehow. Remember when England had to play in Trinidad? That had something to do with getting his vote, which he didn’t give anyway.

    I was comparing FIFA to the UN and other large governmental/oversight organizations. They are all corrupt (our government, whoever is in charge R or D, as well).

  94. Paul says:

    Erik thinks the congress is “Lefty” and note the UN connection. A denizen of the Beck universe, out of his mind is too kind.

  95. miguel says:

    go wikileaks on their asses! i demand justice!

  96. Dave says:

    If you don’t like the way we got screwed by Qatar, I have a suggestion: root for Israel to make the final in 2022. Can you imagine how cool that would be?

  97. Sean says:

    I encourage everyone to write MLS and US Soccer and tell them you’ll support boycotting FIFA. Tell them you’ll stand by them in making that decision. I sent me e-mails already.

    Think we have no power? Think again.

  98. Zach says:

    Is MLS/US Soccer really big enough to spearhead a FIFA boycott on its own? Not flaming, just legitimately asking. If US walked out, FIFA would be like “LOL okay bye.” We’d have to recruit England / Europe. Couldn’t do it by ourselves.

  99. Second City says:

    America is primarily a white country. – Erik
    Dude please continue posting. The level of your comedic ability could rival the greatest comics our generation

    Your brilliant insight on world and domestic politics is pure comedic genius

  100. jig says:

    pretty sure the world cup in the USA thing did happen, not even 20 years ago…

  101. jig says:

    thats what they said about south africa, and it was still awesome

  102. jig says:

    hahahahaha are you serious? please explain what exactly “stand by them” would mean.

  103. Zach says:

    it would mean you’d still buy their product, i.e. support MLS and US soccer. He was just stating his opinion man, chill.

  104. ndsoccerfan says:

    Senators and reps don’t just represent the people. They also represent a piece of the US territory. I am from a state with a small population, but one that is a leader in energy and agriculture. My state should have equal say in the Senate, because it is our land that is being used. Our senators, best know how to utilize this territory. An extra Senator from CA or TX would not know how to get the most of Wyoming or Montana and as a result the US would not maximize its resources.

  105. ImaGoalMan says:

    FIFA should allow one bid per Federation, not multiple. Would Qatar have even made it out of Asia? Have FIFA open up a true rotation and have each Federation decide who will be a host candidate from that Federation.

  106. Logic, please says:

    First, all the cats I’m about to speak of are horribly corrupt — but there are some things that make a little more logical sense. 1) England’s rep is an idiot if he actually voted for the US in rounds 2,3, and 4 for 2022. The ONE he knew for sure after England got only 2 votes was that Concacaf betrayed him. 2) Blazer’s blog gives strong indication he sold his 2018 vote to Russia. 3) While I hope the English press rips Fifa a new one, the reason they’d make a baseless assertion on Blazer is that they’re pissed Concacaf betrayed their bid. 4) Since the US got 3 first round votes, it’s safe to assume those votes were Warner, Blazer, and Salgado. Even the most corrupt person would have to be pretty stupid to the run the risk of the US getting less than 3 votes in the first round because then the gig would be obvious. And corrupt people tend to be clever, not stupid. It’s logical Warner and Blazer sold their 2018 votes, not 2022. 5) The Qataris won’t have approached the Concacaf guys simply because they didn’t need to. Qatar already had the 3 African votes, 3 South American votes, at least 2 from Asia if not more, then the Spain (collusion), Germany (Beckenbauer is on record supporting Qatar), and likely the French Platini vote (Blatter stooge). Once Korea and Japan were eliminated it’s safe to say bin Hammam, as head of the head of the Asia Fed, would have made sure those votes went his way too. Bottom line: Qatar didn’t need to buy Blazer and Warner’s votes.

    Lastly, and unrelatedly, if the Camaroonian voter really was the 2nd England vote as The Independent article suggests after the BBC outed him as taking money in the Panorama documentary, then he’s an idiot too.

  107. Maybe we can all just get back to building the game in this country.

    There is an opportunity in all of this.

    1. Can the World Cup help open up 2 relatively closed societies to the rest of the world?

    2. Can Soccer further unite a world and bring people together?

    We need to understand. USA 94 was the event that opened up the possibility for Russia and Qatar to host the event. It broked the dominance of UEFA and CONMEBOL in hosting WCs.

    I read the Telegraph article and there was absolutely no meat to the accusation except to say that Jack Warner obviously lied about his support.

    I think we need to get over ourselves on this issue and get back to developing the game in this country.

    Maybe the world is getting big. It is not a right for us to get the World Cup. The World Cup can be a tool to open up other countries.

    It’s a greater risk for both Russia and Qatar. But consider what the Olympics in China has done for them.

  108. NC Jeff says:

    Thought that myself, Rob. But, then I remembered that when a confederation hosts a WC, they can’t host either of the next 2. Also, while Asia has the majority of the world’s population, they only have 46 members (UEFA has 53 and CAF 52 … CONCACAF has 35).

  109. brad says:

    this is crazy…its worse then i thought….

  110. NC Jeff says:

    Depends on if there’s any contracts involved. As for any other rules, heck, FIFA makes its rules up as they go anyway.

  111. joe k says:

    what has the olympics done for china, exactly? They were able to pull off a nice show, and build some great venues, but did it really have a meaningful effect on social or economic progress? i dont think so.

  112. chuck says:

    Exactly, Joe K. Any political dissidents set free? The best that can be said is that it helped legitimize an oppressive regime. Not that we Americans care too deeply about legitimizing oppressive regimes; I mean, we are more than happy to sent them billions of dollars a year in exchange for oil and cheaply manufactured goods.

  113. chuck says:

    . . . or a person chef.

  114. chuck says:

    Here, here!

  115. chuck says:

    We have nothing to rely on but Blazer’s word. Is that sufficient for you?

    Any anyone who would put their trust in Warner “delivering votes” – or trust him doing anything – is a fool.

  116. Erik says:

    Paul, you are quite typical in regards to the lefty. You can’t argue a point and accuse me of being of the “Beck” universe. I happen to think Beck is a moron, a smart one in how he earns his money, but he’s not my cup of tea.

    I try to see things the way they are. I don’t like Democrats or Republicans, nor do I like the Green party or the Communist party etc.

    If you would open your eyes and stop being blinded by your own ignorance you may learn a thing or two. My comment about Congress was in regards to this comment from MikeR “reply to MikeR…

    “FIFA is a “typical lefty organization?” What? That group of ultra-wealthy fat-cats?”

    Ultra wealthy doesn’t automatically mean Republican or right wing. 8 of the top 10 wealthiest Senators in the US are Democrats. George Soros, I think the richest man in the world, is a lefty radical. Michael Bloomberg, a very rich man, cannot be truly called a Conservative or right wing. Get the point yet?

    Doubt it…

  117. Leo says:

    Trinidadians of African descent are usually only “racist” towards people of East Indian descent. Your argument has almost no basis in fact. If he doesn’t like English people, that’s one thing, but it doesn’t mean he’s racist. I know Scottish people that hate the English, are they racist? Are the Irish that hate the English racist?

    The worst part is, I don’t even know why we have to have this argument, it’s so stupid!

  118. Leo says:

    Don’t feed the trolls, they go away if you ignore them!

  119. Erik says:

    “America is primarily a white country. – Erik
    Dude please continue posting. The level of your comedic ability could rival the greatest comics our generation

    Your brilliant insight on world and domestic politics is pure comedic genius”

    So you are saying that our government, which is predominately white and male, and our population which is mostly “white” (Hispanics are sometimes even lumped into this number) doesn’t make us a predominately white nation?

    I am half Danish, my wife is full English and my half brother and half sister are half Hispanic. I don’t say what I say because I have an agenda. It just is what is.

  120. chuck says:

    Starla – OF COURSE you can start an alternative. FIFA is no more than the sum of its parts. If, say, Spain, Portugal, England, USA, Australia, and throw in 10 or 20 other powerful soccer federations chose to leave FIFA and form their own international governing body and have their own international tournament and crown their own champion and not participate in the FIFA World Cup, of course they could do it. And if, say, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, and Italy chose to join the secessionists, then that new association would immediately become the legitimate governing body of soccer and FIFA would wither and die. As it should.

    And do you really believe the corruption that exists as part of the WC bidding process is non existent is the less visible, less transparent testicles of FIFA’s operations? No way.

  121. BellusLudas says:

    Soccer in the USA is growing up…time to lose the naivete and start getting things done. We need to dominate CONCACAF not only on the field but in the board room too. Time to say goodbye to banana republic strong men like Warner and Blazer and put our stamp on the organization.

  122. chuck says:

    Tentacles! Sorry! #$%* spell check.

  123. Leo says:

    I hope that the oil market tanks somehow and that the 2018 and 2022 World Cups are giant failures, leaving the name of Sepp Blatter and his lackeys the worst curses a person could ever hope to utter.

  124. chuck says:

    TV “deal”??? This was nothing short of a government bailout. More nationalization from incompetent, populist government leaders and a citizenry that tolerates it:

    link to reuters.com

  125. Joamiq says:

    And we have nothing against his word either. There were 3 votes for the US in the first round. There is literally nothing to suggest that Blazer wasn’t one of the three votes.

  126. chuck says:

    News flash – the WORLD has a history of slavery, colonization, and brutality. Those who use these to justify their anti-American or anti-Brit prejudice are fools.

    Now, if you want to hate Americans because Fox uses those imbecilic robot animations during NFL games, or hate the Brits because the true national pastime is train spotting – THAT is justified.

  127. knolljus says:

    I think an easy way to make it fair is to have their votes made public. That should take out the majority of corruption. After all for 2022 the US bid was rated very high by fifa and qatar’s was rated very poorly yet they got it.

    It is going to be funny watching all the empty stadiums in ’22. If you think you saw a lot of empty seats in SA, try a conservative islamic country of less than 2 million with no current fifa approved stadiums and the temperature will be 130 degrees F. Yeah Qatar!

  128. chuck says:

    Exactly! The fact that either Wyoming or California is permitted representation in the Senate baffles me.

  129. chuck says:

    As stated, it would only take a core of 10 nations to destroy FIFA. If Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA, England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Australia decided to flip the bird at FIFA, FIFA would cease to be. There can not be a legitimate World Cup without those nations participating. And if those Soccer Federations chose to go, others would follow.

    THE PROBLEM IS – what would stop the new organization from becoming equally corrupt. Do you trust S. Gulati or US SOCCER to represent the US in forming a new international soccer association? I don’t.

  130. CG says:

    I agree with the obvious lack of evidence, but what the Independent article might have been suggesting is the none of the CONCACAF votes went to the US. If that were the case, then it is very easy to conclude that Blazer’s vote went elsewhere.

    Unfortunately, it’s all a lot of speculation at this point.

  131. Joamiq says:

    That is what the Independent article suggests, but it’s pure conjecture. I couldn’t find any justification in the article for the idea that Blazer’s vote went elsewhere, or relatedly that NONE of the 3 US votes were from CONCACAF. This seems to have appeared entirely out of thin air. There’s plenty to suggest that Warner shouldn’t be trusted, but I have a real problem with Blazer being thrown under the bus by loose association. For all we know he HAS dedicated his life to growing soccer in the US.

    Also, as evidence counter to the idea that he sold his vote, I offer his obvious frumpiness. It’s hard for me to believe that a guy who dresses and grooms himself like that is a smooth criminal. 😉

  132. Scott A says:

    Well each state’s land is being used for various resources. If we’re basing it on that, then breaking Alaska, Florida, or any other states into multiple states to maximize their representation in the legislature doesn’t seem much different to me. We all want representation but it should be done in a fair and proportionate way.
    Kind of like this World Cup process…most people want it, but the least we can ask for is that it’s given out in a way that makes sense.

  133. Rob says:

    I second this wish, but I heard the US would be the ‘stand-by’ choice, saving FIFA face (unfortunately). I can see it now, how they will claim to have tried to bring peace to a region, however since it can no longer support it’s bid, they will say, we have moved the Cup to the only country with the current infrastructure to hold the games today…. Or blame the world for not buying oil or natural gas…

  134. Vince Clortho says:

    Corruption? Certainly possible. But if FIFA wanted to take the WC to places it hasn’t been, (which seems obvious given Blatter’s comments) they should have told the bidding nations.

  135. Brian says:

    The US Gov’t could at least take down CONCACAF. Where do you think all the tournaments for CONCACAF are staged? Where do you think the money goes from those legitimate sporting events? Into CONCACAF accounts at US Banks. You think good ol’Jack is leaving that money alone? YEAH, RIGHT. Start up some AML investigations and I’m sure that you’ll see some interesting things. Politically it made no sense to go after FIFA when we were bidding on up to 2 World Cups worth Billions. Now? Who cares? Take ’em down!

  136. Felix says:

    Well if you see one of those de-constructed stadiums show up in Guatemala City in 2023, we’ll have our answer.

    I doubt the three CONCACAF guys didn’t vote for the US, I would think its in CONCACAF’s best interests to have the WC in their home soil, but who knows – if this process is as shady as some are alleging, these guys would vote for anything to have their pockets lined.

  137. Dennis says:

    Like I said earlier, did the US bid committee learn nothing from the Salt Lake City organizing committee?
    If you need to bribe only a half dozen important voters, the cost must not be that high! ( a mere fraction of the cost of a single new stadium!)
    It is small solace that it is unlikely FIFA will to move the games even after corruption is proved.

  138. Jason says:

    Is anyone really surprised by any of this? This is FIFA we are talking about after all.

  139. Kejsare says:

    We didn’t have to bribe FIFA for the 94 WC. It was between USA and Morocco. They took the lesser of the two risks.

  140. steve-o says:

    While I agree with statement #1. I’mso tired of hearing versions of statement #2.

    Soccer is not the cure-all for what ails the world.

    FIFA was a joke before this vote, and is even more so now. I have no problem with the US not getting the Cup, but Quatar. No way.

  141. Bob says:

    Why do people insist on posting this inaccurate statement? A confederation cannot host two in a row, that’s all. Article 76 of FIFA’s statutes–it’s there on their website for all to read.

  142. FIFA sucks says:

    FIFA definitely needs to be reformed but I think it’s kind of simple. It should just be turned into a for profit organization (think NBA, NFL, etc) but it should be public so we can delve into all their details pretty easily.

    It would make everything more transparent. The counter to this is that there is a good chance they’ll want to host the WC at a major nation every 4 years which I don’t necessarily agree with but I’d argue that major companies realize the importance of investing in developing nations/countries so I think it should work.

  143. Scott A says:


  144. dave says:

    Sadly the decisions on the hosts were pretty much already decided months ago. Threatened, FIFA political power play by Bin Hamman and likely bribery secured 2022. Russia 2018 looks suspicious but at least they have competed as a part as the U.S.S.R. and as Russia in 1994 and 2002. Yet, a dishonest process occurred for 2018 as well. The supposed trade of 7 votes helped Qatar secure 2022, but not 2018 for Spain/Portugal. The whole thing smells awful. At least Qatar 2022 will be an evergreen journalism story for the next 12 years. Andrew Jennings and Declan Hill have jobs secured for the next 12 years to investigate all angles of how Qatar secured hosting rights. Maybe someone will get religion and confess on their death bed but that won’t happen. Unless a lucrative tell book can be done.

  145. Mike says:

    Well considering the 2022 World Cup was just sent to an instable, tiny desert nation with strict Muslim laws and temperatures that nearly half-way to boiling, I’m guessing there was definitely lots of oil-stained money involved.

  146. chg says:

    1. No
    2. No

    I seriously cannot believe you even asked those questions. Putin and the oligarchs of Qatar are not going to invite everyone to hold hands, sing Kum-ba-ya, and enjoy basic human rights because they were able to bribe a bunch of corrupt officials to play some soccer games in their backyard. Grow up.

  147. chg says:

    Why is this guy even representing the US in any form? Ties should go to England in anything of this nature, but it wasn’t even close – they had the strongest infrastructure and bid.

  148. chg says:

    Joejoe, if you let Mauritania, Fiji, and everyone else vote, it would just spread the corruption around.

  149. Erik says:

    And you guys thought I was crazy…

    from Blatter HIMSELF.

    “”I really sense in some reactions a bit of the arrogance of the western world of Christian background. Some simply can’t bear it if others get a chance for a change.”

  150. Erik says:

    This explains it all…

    From Blatter himself…

    “”I really sense in some reactions a bit of the arrogance of the western world of Christian background. Some simply can’t bear it if others get a chance for a change.”