Galaxy grabs Angel in busy MLS Re-Entry Draft

JuanPabloAngel (

If you thought Wednesday's MLS Re-Entry Draft would be boring, you thought wrong.

MLS teams were extremely busy in the second phase of the MLS Re-Entry Draft, with eight players being taken. Juan Pablo Angel was the biggest name among the selections, being taken by Bruce Arena and the Los Angeles Galaxy. Arena was New York's head coach when Angel first signed with the Red Bulls.

The Galaxy moved up in the Re-Entry Draft order by trading with the Houston Dynamo to move up to the fifth pick. When Philadelphia passed on taking Angel, it cleared the way for Arena to take the forward he helped bring to MLS from England.

D.C. United made Josh Wolff the first player taken in the Re-Entry Draft and has reportedly already signed Wolff to a new contract.

Here are Wednesday's Re-Entry Draft Picks:

2010 MLS Re-Entry Draft (Part Two)

D.C. United- Josh Wolff

Chivas USA- Jimmy Conrad

New England Revolution- Ryan Cochrane

Los Angeles Galaxy- Juan Pablo Angel

Chicago Fire- Cory Gibbs

Sporting KC- Frankie Hejduk

Seattle Sounders- Chris Seitz

Columbus Crew- Jeff Cunningham

Los Angeles Galaxy- Luke Sassano

Colorado Rapids- Tyrone Marshall

New England Revolution- Fred

Teams must negotiate new contracts with the players chosen in Wednesday's Re-Entry Draft, meaning they don't become a part of their teams until a new deal is reached. D.C. United has reportedly already come to terms with Wolff.

What do you think of these selections?

Share your thoughts below.

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127 Responses to Galaxy grabs Angel in busy MLS Re-Entry Draft

  1. Ale 10 Vamos UNITED! says:


  2. Pistowie says:

    Galaxy are looking pretty good. BTW the revs picked Cochrane and Fred, not just Fred

  3. k says:

    Do the remaining players become unrestricted free agents now?

  4. Dave says:

    How can the Galaxy potentially have Beckham, Donovan, Juan Pablo Angel, Ronaldinho and Buddle on the same team? Will they need Angel and Buddle to not have DP money?

  5. jleppig says:

    Ugh, DC. Seriously? Padula was available and would’ve been an excellent addition (and cheaper!).

  6. Ale 10 Vamos UNITED! says:

    I wouldn’t have thought we’d pick Wolff even under the influence of this sinus infection.

  7. Paul C says:

    Wondering if I would’ve rather seen Cunningham in a Gal’s kit versus Angel…

    Not displeased by Angel by an stretch of the imagination though.

  8. RLW2020 says:

    poor frankie hejduk.. just wants to play near the west coast and is pushed by the league to Columbus and KC.

    JPA in LA will be legit!

  9. Mayer says:

    What did Houston get from LA in their trade?

  10. SeattleStan says:

    Double nice. Get Seitz, lose Marshall.

  11. werner says:


    hope they get a good non DP deal with Juan Pablo Angel

    imagine this


    Real Surprised no one took Guillermo Barros Schelotto!! would’ve thought Chivas or DC would want him!

  12. Leo says:

    OT, but here’s the link to Villareal v. Club Brugge:

    link to

    Rossi scored twice.

  13. Colin says:

    I really hope JPA signs with LA. Natural grass, warm weather, great supporting cast. It’s a win-win situation, hopefully.

  14. k says:

    Because the league will change the rules so the Gals can have anything they want as usual.

  15. Trent says:

    As a Crew fan, I would rather have Schelotto.

  16. werner says:

    4th round pick in Superdraft 2014

  17. Leo says:

    Take Ronaldinho out of the equation, then factor in the sale of either Donovan or Beckham. You have your team.

  18. RLW2020 says:

    LA fan assuming they have ‘dinho… your going to be surprised when you go to opening day.

  19. Upstate Jason says:


  20. Colin says:

    Ronaldinho is purely speculation. I think the JPA pickup is a sign that Gaucho isn’t gonna happen.

  21. wilyboy says:

    Josh Wolff doesn’t really have anything my team can use. He lost his speed, he’s not a finisher, and he’s 33. This is pointless.

  22. bob says:

    well he is getting closer

  23. Rory says:

    Wow… over in less than a minute each, with someone having to find a new home? That’s like sex with Rick Pitino

  24. jonk says:

    It’s very possible Angel will not be on DP money. And if Ronnie goes to LA in July it wouldn’t be as much of a cap hit.

  25. rory says:

    It’s like you’ve found your Clint Mathis for next season!

  26. Upstate Jason says:


  27. Brian says:

    Columbus pushing for a younger team by getting rid of Frankie and GBS, but they pick up Jeff Cunningham?

  28. Matt (NES) says:


    Getting rid of own goal Marshall and potentially adding a young Goalkeeper for the future are 2 good moves.

    Also liked the shoutout by Seitz right after getting ‘drafted’.

  29. Colin says:

    You’re comparing JPA to Clint Mathis?

    Hilarious. Even Cletus would laugh.

  30. RLW2020 says:

    wow- Pachuca down a goal vs. the Arab team in the Club Cup.
    Torres and Herc playing..

  31. jeff says:

    Ronaldinho isn’t looking likely to sign up for the galaxy. If he doesn’t stay with ACM, he’ll probably head to brazil. link to,

  32. Leo says:

    Altidore on for Villareal for Marco Ruben!

  33. jonk says:

    Jozy just came in. 77th minute.

  34. rory says:

    Since Rondaldinho isn’t comming, Buddle’s trying to find a team in England, Donovan and Beckham are possibly moving on, and JPA’s an injury away from becoming this year’s Clint Mathis pickup by LA, I’m betting you won’t ever see that lineup.

  35. jonk says:

    I don’t wanna spoil it for you…but that game is already over.

  36. BSU SC says:

    I’m stunned that GBS has not yet been selected by anyone. Even at age 36, for my money he’s still the best player in the league.

  37. Rory says:

    Any Americans playing today?

  38. Luke from CBus says:

    Cunningham!!! I love that man. Crew had three awful years immediately following his departure. He can return to take the all-time Crew scoring record. He just needs the one goal to break the tie with McBride. After all the unpopular decisions this off-season, it’s nice to see a popular player come back.

  39. Leo says:

    Jozy is playing, dude!

  40. Luke from CBus says:

    Well he is younger than both of them by a few years, but I think the key is his speed and reliable goal scoring. Front office said they wanted a younger and faster team.

  41. Jeremy says:

    Best at diving and whining to the refs maybe.

  42. DrewROC says:

    what happens to the rest of unsigned/unclaimed players? Why wouldn’t anyone take a risk on Schelletto but they will on Cunningham? …strange

  43. Steve says:

    At least someone wants him I guess… (Kicked out of Colorado,RSL,Toronto,Dallas…)

  44. fischy says:

    Did you see the list above? BTW

  45. Josh D says:

    Disappointing… Wolff hasn’t done anything of note for years…

    FO went cheap again…

  46. fischy says:

    Guess what? Padula is still available.

  47. Brian says:

    Buddle isn’t going anywhere! He has no chance at getting a UK work permit

  48. fischy says:

    Earlier I wrote here that there was no way Angel would last deep enough for the Gals to take him. They found a way. Props.

  49. fischy says:

    He’ll sign. They wouldn’t have made this move otherwise.

  50. fischy says:

    He still has speed…. And. he is a pretty good finisher. I’ve seen a few goals of the week out of Wolff.

  51. fischy says:

    Heh heh. Maybe he’s in a time warp.

  52. Pistowie says:

    Yes, but you obviously didn’t before it was edited.

  53. fischy says:

    Lots of talent and yet — the record shows the Crew were a better team when he didn’t play.

  54. Josh D says:

    They’ll make it all fit. Buddle doesn’t deserve DP money and Angel will probably be cut off it. I’m sure LA will trim some fat as well to make way for a couple youth/journeymen cheap labor.

  55. werner says:

    we already cleared up some decent space with the retirements of lewis and klien

  56. Shane says:

    With JPA in LA, that makes the RBNY-LAG rivalry even bigger.

  57. Dustyn says:

    Wolff actually led the Wizards in scoring in 2009 with 12 goals.

  58. werner says:

    welp.. rory, I’m dedicating a song to you. Jay Z’s Hater!

  59. Dustyn says:

    He gets to play in the league’s nicest stadium next season!

  60. hendrix says:

    he’s not really reliable when it comes to goal scoring… very streaky.

  61. Swifter says:

    Birchall blows…Put in Juninho and that;s a world class lineup

  62. CACuzcatlan says:

    Buddle is on trial at Birmingham City

    (SBI-Buddle is training with Birmingham, not on trial as is being reported.)

  63. ELAC says:

    Nice pick up for Chivas USA to pick up Jimmy Conrad. We need some veteran leadership in our backline.

    Schelotto would have been nice, but our defense was horrible.

  64. OT says:

    smoke and mirrors son…Ronny is coming to the Galacticos

  65. Eric K says:

    I don’t get why a team that needed goals as badly as DC passed on Angel – unless they were worried enough about his injuries. I like the Revs moves, two good veterans there. I would’ve loved to get Angel on the team but he probably wasn’t too crazy about the field turf. Angel to the Galaxy – is this a sign that maybe Donovan is going to Europe for good this time? Or maybe just a player that was too good for Bruce Arena to pass up on. If DC didn’t take Angel, I assumed they’d go for Conrad. I bet one or more of these guys will have a serious impact (like Kevin Hartman this year) for their team.

    Question – what happens to guys who weren’t offered contracts by their previous team, but weren’t taken in the Re-Entry Draft? Are they now unrestricted free agents or something?

  66. Mitch P. says:

    not necessarily

  67. wilyboy says:

    What season? Just another example of a fan viewing every Arena-era player as being superior.

  68. BetaMale says:

    good move for LA and JPA, assuming they can bring his contract demands down a bit. Speed is going to be an issue with Buddle and JPA up top and only one speedy winger behind them.

    They should still be looking at some young attacking prospects.

  69. jleppig says:

    DrewROC said…
    what happens to the rest of unsigned/unclaimed players?
    They go here: link to

  70. Scott A says:

    Good luck in LA Juan Pablo. You’ll always be a Metro.

  71. Luke from CBus says:

    True. He’s streaky, but his total output for the year is typically strong.

  72. Shane says:

    He was never a Metro, just a Red Bull. People seriously need to get over this name change thing. For all that Red Bull has done for this team, you should be happy it’s not the Metrostars anymore.

  73. Jack says:

    Yeah, embrace being the NY Energy Drink losers.

  74. Colin says:


  75. scott47a says:

    Kovalenko was making $144k, Lewis was making $99k, Klein was making $101k.

    That’s more than enough to cover one player at the $325k DP charge.

    Plus you have to figure that if Ronnie and Angel do come in that there’s no point in paying Mike Magee $96k and that he will be traded or cut.

    And I wonder if Berhalter is going to take a pay cut from $198k given his age and injury situation. He’s really not even a starter anymore.

    Which all means it can be done, financially.

  76. jmansor says:

    This further confirms the Union aren’t looking to spending money to improve. Ugh!

  77. Shane says:

    We have a better chance of winning with Red Bull, than we did as the Metrostars

  78. Shane says:

    That meant to be in reply to Jack above

  79. Scott A says:

    Oh, I embrace it and love it. I shotgun 10 Red Bulls before every game. Are you bitter because a large company isn’t doing amazing things with your inferior team Jack?

    And Shane, I have no problem with the name change. You can call them the Red Bulls, Metro, RB New York, or whatever. All of you need to educate yourselves a little about the history of supporters of soccer clubs having unofficial nicknames for their teams 😉 This is a very common thing.

  80. otergod says:

    well unless Ronnie or JPA accepts the max non-DP salary, it wont happen. Id be surprised if JPA takes anything less then DP money. If he’s given DP status, then LA would have used up all 3 DP slots.

  81. sciroccer says:

    Don’t forget the Crew were first to kick him out. I’m surprised, it’s almost as if Columbus are trying to set thmselves up to fail? I’m just sorry a great player like JPA has to go deal with the soap opera that is the LA Galaxy. I bet we see a few trades very soon!

  82. spaghetti says:

    JEFF! I want to party with him!

  83. TimN says:

    I think Juan Pablo Angel to L.A. has a Donovan extended loan or sale written all over it. Beckham has a year left in his contract, and I doubt anybody in Europe wants an injured, aging Beckham. JPA is going to demand at least some coin, perhaps not what he was making at NYRB, but it will be significant. In order for L.A. to swing that along with Beckham’s salary, and to keep reasonable a reasonable talent level at other positions, Donovan will depart, at least for a while.

  84. Matt (NES) says:

    This should not be allowed to happen when the two teams involved in the trade are owned by the same party.

    It is deals like this that contributes to the image of MLS being a fringe league in the USA and Canada. Might as well call it MES, Major Entertainment Soccer.

  85. toropug says:

    The Dynamo just resigned Cameron to a 4 year deal.

  86. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Being a RBNY fan, seeing JPA go to the Galaxy (or any other MLS team) is sickening…

  87. Oranje says:

    Let me rephrase his question:

    Any Americans that shouldn’t be replaced by their counterpart from the U-20 team playing today?

  88. Oranje says:

    Cliff Lee to the Yankwhooooooooooooooooops.

  89. K-Town says:

    They can use Bowen, or as Bruce has alluded to this week, Donovan may see more time as a forward next year. JPA and Donovan would be sick.

  90. Louis Z. says:

    don’t be surprise if you see one of the galaxy bigs being sold. This move has “contingengcy” written all over.

  91. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Nice to see that CDUSA are well on there way to accomplishing their goal of fielding an Over30 team this year. 😉

  92. Shane says:

    I’m cool with unofficial nicknames, but you have to admit, some people still try to hard to hold on to the Metrostars name.

  93. Goalscorer24 says:

    I thought Angel would be a good grab for the Galaxy. I am just surprised that they were able to do it. With Buddle and Angel upfront they should be pretty effective at scoring.

  94. harry says:

    Marshall seemed like a positive influence. Seitz has failed at RSL and Philly. It wasn’t just that he didn’t succeed, he failed. Keller can’t last forever, but Seitz is as far from a sure thing as any college draft choice would be.

  95. DINO1ER says:

    I’m stoked about Conrad. We need to focus on D first. What’s the point of attack without defense.

  96. Fred Garvin says:

    Hey Seitz..

    bone up quick or go play in Bangladesh

  97. Colin Ferguson says:

    I see you Rory

  98. Scott A says:

    Certainly. There’s a small group of fans who seem to want the base to remain small and belittle anyone who says anything other than Metro. Those people are fools.

    Metro will continue to be a common nickname based on their history, just like other teams in the world getting nicknames from past names or features.

    Jack, you should tell West Ham fans that they shouldn’t call their team the Irons because they were founded as the Thames Ironworks in the 1800s but changed their name. Or should have told Racing de Santander fans from 1941-1977 that they shouldn’t have continued to call their team the Racinguistas because non-Spanish names were outlawed and were temporarily renamed Real Santander. I mean, the Racing word wasn’t even in their official name. Silly fans :)

  99. Zero Cool says:

    The bitching about the Galaxy and “rule changes” gets sad after a while…that “while” happened back in 2008

  100. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Even if Seitz isn’t the long-term answer, he’s an improvement as a back-up/CCL/Open Cup goalie.

  101. scott47a says:

    True. But I disagree about Juan Pablo. I think he will take something less. Or perhaps the team can pay him more but buy down his salary cap hit using allocation funds.

  102. ATMNEUX says:

    Yes… and with Donovan, Beckham and possibly Ronaldinho, they should be pretty effective at providing service.

  103. scott47a says:

    Perhaps the allocation funds they just got from trading Tristan Bowen to Chivas USA?

  104. scott47a says:

    I don’t buy this for a second.

  105. Brian says:


  106. ELAC says:

    BTW, LA Galaxy just traded Tristen Bowen to Chivas USA. So yeah, 30-somethings is all we want.

  107. nine-toes says:

    Trade Announced: Galaxy have acquired allocation money from Chivas USA in exchange for forward Tristan Bowen. Bowen, 19, became the club’s first-ever player to graduate from the LA Galaxy Youth Academy to the first team when he signed a professional contract on November 12, 2008. :(

  108. SoB Chris says:

    I think this actually confirms the opposite. Think about it: here we had a list of 30-odd players, most of whom are in the twilight years of their career and expensive — all of whose current clubs declined their contract options for one reason or another (except Fred, who was out of contract, and probably won’t be playing in MLS next year). All things considered, and no offense to JPA or GBS, but this is just not a list of future MLS stars, and the Union front office decided that this was not the best use of their cash. Since the end of the season, they’ve now lost Salinas, Moreno, Seitz and Fred. Rest assured, these players will be replaced. But there’s a whole world of soccer talent out there — not just these 32 guys.

  109. Phil says:

    will there be cage matches now?

  110. David says:

    birchall out juninho in and thats an all star team

  111. Scott A says:

    Hope you don’t mind me quoting you:


  112. Philly Phil says:


  113. Phil says:

    until the playoffs.

  114. Phil says:

    by who? who is on the radar?

    I am not the kind of person who thinks the Union needs much, but they do need shoring up in the back. However, the only notable signing thus far has been a 36-year old columbian who will no doubt be useful to Knighten’s development but is “are in the twilight years of their career”

    DeMerit and Heydude are passed up. So, who is jumping outta your cake?

  115. Jamie says:

    You just won in my book.

  116. Kei Kamara says:


  117. Edwin says:

    What are you smoking? Look at what happened in the playoffs vs RSL last year when Warzicka decided to not play him, look how much he was missed in CCL games away, if they had GBS they don’t lose in Mexico and Toronto might be in the quarters Cruz Azul out!

    I guess he didn’t play in the entire 2008 season and in the MLS Cup and the playoffs?

    You must be on crack. Jeremy I’m not even going to acknowledge you saying GBS only has talent in Diving, but you must be the kind who think Bob Bradley and his son deserve to be there with no questioning, as far as Michael I’m talking about the fact he NEVER misses a MINUTE even when he wasn’t playing at his club for discipline issues, can’t believe some of you come up with this stuff

  118. Edwin says:

    What happened to Dario Delgado, Michael Umaña, Ante Jazic? Yamith Cuesta? They could of picked up a much better CB in the draft, they do have what the 4th pick? I doubt Vancouver, Portland and DC all pick up CBs in the draft?

    I guess they have 5 good solid defenders now?
    Not sure why they have so many FWs?
    Braun & Bowen would my starters, they also have Gordon, Moreno, Chijindu and Padilla?
    That’s basically 4 guys who well should at least battle for starting jobs plus Giancarlo Maldonado? They need a creative mid and a consistent midfield who gels with the defense

  119. Phil says:

    Juan Pablo was a professional and gentleman in all public venues in his time with the RedBulls – when he first came, he scored some true WORLD CLASS goals that run of the mill players just don’t make. You could tell his back impacted his play as his stay in NY continued, and by the end it was difficult to watch his attempts. NYRB will miss him, but sports are, and always have been, about youth and strength – onto 2011!

  120. Rob says:

    Per bruce arena theology ESPN, JPA will be the third DP. No Ronaldinho for LA anymore. They must have given up.

  121. rob says:

    Theology, apple? Ugg I hate apple’s auto spell check…. Through ESPN

  122. rob says:

    Not happening, Bruce Arena told ESPN that JPA wold be a DP. Looks like Ronaldinho can’t move to LA now.

  123. mholliday says:

    Looks like Seitz will be sitting again in Seattle.

  124. SteveD says:

    No worries, Rapids are always willing to deal their DP slots.

  125. Brent McD says:

    joke. houston gets bent over by AEG to Galaxy’s benefit yet again. at least there wasn’t a power outage