Galaxy send Bowen to Chivas USA, acquire Hejduk rights from Sporting KC



Today has been an active day for MLS teams in Los Angeles.

After selecting Juan Pablo Angel with their fourth selection in the MLS re-entry draft,the Los Angeles Galaxy have sent forward Tristan Bowen to archrival Chivas USA for allocation money. As part of the agreement, the two clubs would split the transfer fees evenly. Only minutes later, the Galaxy traded the rights to Luke Sassano, their second re-entry draft selection for the rights to Frankie Hejduk from Sporting KC.

Tristan Bowen was the first player from the Los Angeles Galaxy academy to be signed to a professional contract in 2008. Bowen made 17 apperances and 10 starts, scoring two goals for the Galaxy in 2010. Hedjuk was an integral part of a Columbus Crew team that finished second in the Eastern Conference last season. The Galaxy will now have seven days to reach an agreement with Hedjuk.

Think that these moves will take the Galaxy to the MLS Cup? How do you think Bowen will do with Chivas USA?

Share your thoughts below.

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106 Responses to Galaxy send Bowen to Chivas USA, acquire Hejduk rights from Sporting KC

  1. StevenG says:

    What do you think of this move Ives? I figured Bowen was part of the future of the Galaxy.

  2. Scott A says:

    I love JPA but at this point I’d rather have Bowen on my team to see where he is in a few years rather than have a fading Angel for the next year or two. This is very surprising. Then again, I don’t know the backstory.

  3. BellusLudas says:

    This is surprising to me. Can any Galaxy fans give us some insight on Bowen’s downside?

  4. thebatheory says:

    Huh??? Thats seems like a dumb move but Bowen will probably see a lot more PT so it could be good for him long term…

  5. Huge Galaxy Fan says:

    I am shocked at this move. Even with JPA we are still short on back up ST’s. All I can say is Wow…..

  6. JohnC says:

    Is this the first player movement of a player signed from a Home Grown Contract? Wow, tough luck for Bowen first behind Donovan and Buddle and now will have to sit behind Gordon and Moreno- lets hope this creates more PT for Bowen and that the nucleus of Gavin-Zemanski-Bowen can develop.

  7. This is a huge suprise.. unless jpa is taking a lower salary and we are still trying to sign dinho.. this makes no sense what so ever

  8. as a galaxy fan, this absolutely breaks my heart. this is like finding out your gf has been cheating on you for months and you had no idea.

    the kid was still raw, but was fast and fearless – a combo only donovan has. huge upside. he was absolutely a fan favorite. this hit me hard.

    addition of hejduk for sassano might make us the oldest team in the league?

  9. Smacking says:

    If the Galaxy think he has ambitions abroad and further plans to win now, this isn’t a terrible move.

    They have JPA for a couple years and possibly more, Bowen gets to play right away for Chivas and then both teams profit if he succeeds and commands a transfer fee.

  10. 8bitjeff says:

    but The Bruce is more apt to use established veterans (when possible) over players who need seasoning. You would have thought with the roster expansion and the reserve league they would keep him around, especially as a backup.

  11. KungFuSoccer says:

    Wahhhh? Seemed like he had a lot of potential, and was fairly popular with the fans considering the amount of playtime he had.

    Trying to wrap my head around this. Maybe it’s a win/win if Galaxy got a substantial amount of allocation $$$ to use for their marquee player acquistions. In other words cheap team gives up lots of money it will never spend to rich team in exchange for player who won’t see much play time for rich team that needs to play known players to keep rich team rich.

  12. Primoone says:

    Bowen=Future product
    Galaxy need to win right now.

    Now to more important things.

    I need my U-20 Fix…Tomorrow. Is it televised?

  13. kaseybren says:

    As a galaxy fan, good luck to Bowen. He deserves more playing time. I am a very big supporter of his, he feels like he has a lot of potential that can be built.

  14. KungFuSoccer says:

    Question: what are these “transfer fees” referred to above. How much are they and to whom are they paid??

  15. Eric says:

    As a Galaxy fan I’m glad to see him go. He looked very lackadaisical when he came on in the playoffs. He had a couple moments during the season but lost respect for him.

  16. ELAC says:

    LOL! I was hoping to see Chivas USA get JPA, but this is a little better. Ha!

    Navidad came early for me and the Black Army!

    Welcome Tristen Bowen!

  17. nine-toes says:

    Following the completion of the Re-Entry Process, the Galaxy traded the rights to Luke Sassano to Sporting Kansas City in exchange for the rights to Frankie Hejduk, who Sporting had selected in the Re-Entry Process from Columbus. The Galaxy now have seven days to extend contract offers to both Angel and Hejduk.

  18. Rob says:

    If Bowen is transferred out of the league, the price he is bought for is split 50/50 between the two clubs….

  19. jonk says:

    I’m not a supporter of either team, but I think it would be hilarious to see a 2-0 Chivas win over the Galaxy on goals from Bowen and Gordon…both off of blunders from Hejduk.

  20. adub says:

    i think tristian bowen is exactly what chivas usa needs… a talented young striker

  21. Colin says:

    A friend and I were tailgating before the a USA game at the HDC a few years ago and ended up parking next to the Hejduk family. I asked Frankie’s mom when he was gonna come home to LA, and she said “besides Columbus, it’s the only other place he wants to play.” I imagine that FH is gonna play for CHEAP to be next to his family and So Cal surf.

  22. BetaMale says:

    lets forget for a moment Bowen’s potential and just look at the fact that he didn’t count against the cap or the roster because he was a homegrown player. WTF was Bruce thinking?

  23. Felly says:

    RB at LA Galaxy is loaded.

  24. Jay says:

    Sure, lets get rid of the good young prospects and invite more semi-retired players…
    sound good? lets get rid of Sthepens too and bring in Schelotto. how about that?

    as a galaxy fan, I’m very disappointed in this move. Bowen is a decent striker and winger. While he’s not the answer for the immediate future, I believe he is the answer in the long run. bad move, I think.

  25. Felixx219 says:

    Good trade for KC. They get a versatile player to replace Michael Harrington should he not re-sign.

  26. Thor says:

    Arena is starting to lose it. Ranks up there with some of the bad trades in my fantasy baseball league.

  27. Paul C says:

    There wasn’t one. Kid was good, needed some more PT to develop, but I would’ve rather seen him start over Mike Magee any day.

    Pretty bummed about this trade. Clearly the Galaxy are getting short sighted about their future.

  28. nine-toes says:

    Despite two bad moves by the Galaxy, I still think they have made more progress than most MLS teams in regards to today’s draft. Hejduk might be old but I’d take him any day to back-up either Franklin on the right or Dunivant on the left. Bowen has a long ways to go before he can step up and produce 15 goals a season and his crossing is terrible so he should work on that during his time at chivas. Sassano, well he was never part of our plans so he was merely a pawn in Arena’s maniacal plan.

  29. Paul C says:

    Yeah I’ll cosign with you on this. He’s done a phenomenal job in a very short time period. But it seems like he’s starting to run out of ideas, and is throwing some bad ones at a wall hoping they’ll stick.

  30. Raffi says:

    I think the move is understandable in the context of winning now (provided they bring in one more player from abroad) but will be viewed poorly within 2 years if they don’t win MLS Cup.

    Bowen is closer to prime time than not. He looks like a future star and if he develops as early as next year, the trade will look downright silly unless Galaxy win the cup.

    Here’s hoping it works out for the Galaxy and Bowen. Just because he has been traded off the Galaxy doesn’t mean I’ll stop rooting for him.

  31. Juan from L.A. says:

    Wow as gaLAxy fan I’m dissapointed. An aging JP and talks of Dinho coming with a past his prime Beckham. And then we give up Bowen who was the future of this team. To make it worse we trade him to our arch-rival supposedly. Gee Thanks FO of the gaLAxy…

  32. JM says:

    I don’t like what the Galaxy did today, and unfortunately, I don’t think LAG is remotely close to being done dealing…

    Angel and Buddle are the same type of center forward, and with Arena already hinting that Donovan will be a striker next year, it just wouldn’t be surprising to see Angel’s MLS rights get dealt. I would not be shocked if Angel ends up in Dallas (where he’d be perfect for their system), and the Galaxy end up with a Hoops defender and allocation money. Given Brek Shea’s performance as a center half in Spain, George John might be expendable for Dallas, and available for a deal.

    Also, LAG now has three solid MLS right backs, but they are paper thin at the other three defensive positions. With all due respect to Sean Franklin and AJ De La Garza, they are neither left backs nor center halves, and the Galaxy were a worse team when each of those guys played out of position. If the Galaxy sign Hejduk, I wouldn’t be surprised to see either Franklin or De La Garza traded.

  33. MarkVA says:

    dude get outta here la is going to resign kirovski what do they need bowen for??? LOLZ he did play for man u… remember?

  34. bizzy says:

    Bowen has a lot of potential but what if he doesn’t blossom into what everyone thinks?? Bruce is all about experience and better than Average players, even though average is what makes the bulk of the players in MLS. JPA is 35, playing at a very high level and has a good understanding of the game (which is evident when he teams up with Henry). So maybe you can get 2-3 years out of him and Hedjuk…so what. That’ll be 2-3 quality years out of him and hope to catch something bigger and better in the future.

  35. JoeW says:

    I think this was less about getting rid of Bowen and more about getting allocation money. And I think LAG needs as much allocation money as they can get to buy down cap hits. Just b/c they acquired the rights to JPA doesn’t mean they’ve signed him. And all this talk of Ronaldinho (or another DP) still requires that the cap hit be bought down or the LAG is back to starting a team of USL and rookie players. Allocation money is golden right now to LAG and NYRB.

  36. dallas says:

    Don’t need Angel, we have Luna.

    Shea isn’t going to playing centerback in the MLS, his attacking talents are too valuable to stick in the back, and why would we break up a very talented and successful CB pairing.

    Wishful thinking on your part, FC Dallas are going to bring in a foreign player (hopefully Colombian) to poach up top while Luna develops, and we’ll be signing Shea and Avila to long term deals.

    Again, FC Dallas do not need Angel. While he would be a good player for our system, the ends would not justify the means to which we would have to take to get him.

  37. usa soccerboy says:

    Agreed. Galaxy are in a position to win a championship next year. That’s the goal.

  38. C-note says:

    If somehow LA has not made the best moves, they have at least made the biggest moves. That will be a hard squad to beat. And they took talent from two Eastern contenders.

  39. GB says:

    There’s something fishy about the Hejduk for Sassano trade. The has to be more too it than is being told. Why didnt KC just select Sassano with their pick?

  40. wilyboy says:

    Wow, not many clubs have the luxury of ditching a Bowen. That’s impressive.

  41. Louis Z says:

    I doubt it, LAG traded to fifth spot to get JPA. Why would they trade him? Unless they made an agreement with another club…highly doubtful

  42. CrispyST3 says:

    please don’t say that haha. If bruce reads that upper part he might just go, “Oh yahhhh huh?”

  43. patrick says:

    because Hejduk probably told KC he was only interested in playing for LA, so they swapped him for a much younger sassano

  44. JoeW says:

    Methinks everyone assumes Juan Pablo Angel is already signed with LAG when I doubt that’s the case. At this point some negotiation needs to take place. All that happened today is that LAG acquired his rights in MLS. He’s still not under contract.

  45. Ben says:

    There was rumor about his work ethic, along with his soccer instincts not being that strong, but typically strikers take longer to develop. He will be a solid pro at worst and could be a real force if put in the right European environment. He shone brightest in Ruud Gullet practices.

  46. r.benjamin says:

    Maybe they are betting Bowen will be moving to Euro next year? And that JPA will be around 2 years?

  47. kyleprather says:

    A little shocked but bowen was very raw and has at least twoseasons before u can really count on him yeah he’s athletic and fast but so was quavas kirk remember as far as hejduk he better not make more than 120 or this is stupid bruce must have lost a lot of faith in franklin during his poor rum of form in the playoffs

  48. kyleprather says:

    This extra allocation money maybe enough to keep buddle though whcih would be huge

  49. Keith G. says:

    I think you can honestly say that the Galaxy are the number 1 team on paper in the league. They are now the Real Madrid of the MLS, so hopefully it means they cant win the league either. The Galaxy need to hold on to Buddle by the way, letting him go would hurt the team.

    Now will the Red Bulls please go out and bring in some names that will finally help the team win the Cup.

  50. Edwin says:

    Looks like Bruce is not too high on Bowen, I thought it might of been cause he wanted to keep him as Home Grown player for Salary cap roster spot reasons but this kind of seals the deal, Bowen wasn’t thought of very highly, Bowen is a US U-20 forward who most likely will start alongside Agudelo and Salgado at the U-20 WC. He’s fast, works great on the wing and can not only get the cross or pass into the box past his man, he can get past HIS defender and take on the next or GK, he can finish and like I said can play on wing but not just as a striker but as a midfielder too.

    I really hope he brings Chivas USA the so needed pace and finishing up top they lacked, him and Braun can team up for 25+ goals combined easily if the coach plays them a good 30 times and get the right midfield behind them!

    I know they have Giancarlo Maldonado but these 2 should start every game, Maldonado should either play creative mid or some sort of MF and come on at 60th-70th minute for Braun or Bowen to keep them fresh or even move to 3 forward line up when defenses are tired.

    Plus you need depth to play in US Open Cup as well.

    I am a HUGE Galaxy fan and sincerely hope Bowen wins big time and scores tons, Chivas will get 50% of the fee which is stupid, they spend the time and money to train him, I heard he wanted to be part of the youth team so bad he used his brother’s ID to try out because he was too young at the time. He got signed when he was like 17 tried out like at 14 or 15 from what I heard?

  51. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Keep this in mind, everybody: This is the final year of David Beckham’s contract. Given that — and Tim Leiweke’s neurotic compulsion to win now, at any cost — Bruce Arena must feel an extraordinary amount of pressure to win MLS Cup in Beckham’s final season. Getting Hejduk makes no sense; not only does the Galaxy need a central defender but Hejduk is done. If Hejduk didn’t want to play in K.C., the Galaxy could have waited K.C. out, then try to sign Hejduk without giving up Sassano.

    If you see chaos with the Galaxy, then Leiweke is behind it. Just remember the fiasco that was the 2008 season. Don’t bet the farm on it; bet the entire state of Nebraska on it!

  52. Edwin says:

    Wait, Moreno is at Chivas USA? He’ll get hurt from time to time and if you’re right Bowen should get same amount of PT in less games early on since it took like half a season and the World Cup call to Buddle for Bowen to start getting time. I hope he gets no less than 15 starts and 25+ total appearances.
    Gordon is okay but he better not start over Bowen AND Braun I swear, not sure why they keep playing both, you can’t play both of those guys and virtually no speed on the wings.

  53. Matt in Detroit says:

    I’m mixed on this one.

    Hedjuk is still usable at the right price and Franklin has a history of injuries. De La Garza might get more PT at Center Back with Gonzolaz due to Berhalter’s advancing years.

    As for Angel, I don’t get it unless rumors are true that Donovan or Buddle might be going to England.

    As for Bowen, yes he was a prospect but he’s been injured every year of his career. At some point, you have to wonder as to when you draw the line. He has talent though and with LA losing Klein as a backup on the right, Bowen might have been in a good position for PT.

  54. Hopper says:

    Tristan Bowen is fast, but his touch is terrible and he’s not very smart with the ball at his feet. He’s young, so maybe he’ll improve, but I don’t see what the big deal is about LA trading him. I wouldn’t want him on my team.

  55. Edwin says:

    When exactly did he come on during playoffs? Dallas game I think he did but did it matter? Whole team was not prepared and was awful that day, 2nd game vs Seattle was done deal just formality

  56. Chris says:

    Maldonado has departed for Atlas in Mexico if I remember correctly.

  57. art says:

    Somehow I can’t see Bowen being behind Alan Gordon for very long…

  58. art says:

    I’m sure LA isn’t thinking 2-3 years down the road at the moment. It’s about winning now.

  59. Nova99 says:

    yea but MLS is like that, you may have a nice kid but if he does turn into a stud he may transfer to Europe. Think Jozy… sure it was nice to see a US striker develop but he didnt exactly score a ton and left before he really made an impact.

    BA knows what Angel is about, if he can get him to sign then it may be a nice deal. It may be shortsighted but whats more important to coaches and clubs here, winning titles or developing players who may turn out to be on the US national team but may not help you win anything and may not even be on your team.

  60. CoachK says:

    As a Red Bull Fan I gotta say I am sad to see JPA go. He was a true professional even when we endured the worst season ever with a coach who was clueless, JPA held his head hi and carried the RBs on his back. I only can wish him well with the Galaxy. Arena tends to go for an older crowd and I think JPA at a much lower salary will be a great off the bench player. That said nobody is addressing Red Bulls own dumb gamble with not one but 2 old guys who have great skills but lets face it there were games where Henry stopped and applauded the pass but did NOT chase it.. he was too tired and old.. and Marquez looked like he was drifting in and out and spraying away the ball way too often then glaring at the ref waiting for a non call,claiming he was fouled.. With these 2 old guys as our DP”s I fear Red Bulls have over played their hand.Hats off to grabbing a true grit player like Joel Limpere who leave everything on the field and not too old stars from the yesterdays..We need more heart and guts type players and not just pro’s with a golden but old and tired resumes who we now call DP’s

  61. dantheblue says:

    NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO. Damnit Arena, why do you love the geriatric crew so freaking much? Bowen was pure upside… 20 years old, loved watching the kid play in spite of his occasional poor decision… So what? He was fun to watch.

    JPA, I’m not at all surprised that The Bruce picked this guy up and I’m not entirely unhappy about it. Dude is pure class.

    Hedjuk??? Come on, Frankie, love your heart but… well, you know… Hope the surf keeps your legs fresh

  62. Andrew says:

    LA are loading up on old geezers.

  63. Mohtari says:

    The best striker in MLS history for an unproven player? What are you on?

  64. Mohtari says:

    The kid can run in open space, but he is not very good on the ball at this point. He gets knocked off the ball easily. He is not much of a crosser or finisher. He is a tweener-type that doesn’t have a true position. He has potential, but it’s possible he doesn’t amount to much. Not a huge loss.

  65. Mohtari says:

    He is not really a striker and he doesnt fit the Galaxy’s crossing style of play.

  66. Mohtari says:

    Nobody should have to sit behing Gordon…Most frustrating player to watch play

  67. Mohtari says:

    Agreed…There will always be young players that can run. Galaxy needs guys that can feed the stars the ball. Stephens is a good example.

  68. Mohtari says:

    What has he shown to know this for sure? He is not really a striker or a winger.

  69. In C says:

    Bowen was not a key player in LA’s playoff run. He needs to get much better with his possession and passing before he is a starting MLS player. He was too small to be a striker for LA, and too awkward to play the wing. That said, he can be a nice spark off the bench for Chivas.

  70. Mohtari says:

    Franklin, Gonzalez, De La Garza, Stephens, Juninho, Cazumba, Birchall…Sounds like a bunch of old geezers to me

  71. Mohtari says:

    So was Brian Jordan, but these guys are not going to win you games at this point

  72. Wao says:

    You wont be bummed if they use this allocation money for Ronaldinho

  73. Herm says:

    +1. I was pissed to see this trade. I watched every game this year and went ot numerous. The hejduk deal is puzzeling. We dont need more aging players. I loved Hejduk but he’s way past his prime.

  74. fischy says:

    Am i missing something? Sporting KC (heh heh — that really makes me chuckle to actually type that out seriously)….Sporting KC selects Hejduk, when they could have taken Sassano or any number of other players, and a few hours later swaps the rights to Hejduk for the rights to Sassano?

    Unless Hejduk told KC to go eff themselves, then this is either the stupidest maneuver ever or there’s more to this swap than Ives ahs reported.

  75. KevDC says:

    “The best striker in MLS history”?

  76. Brian says:

    I’m effing pissed about this! Why the hell do we need Hejduk? We already have Franklin and DeLaGarza at right back.

    And we give up a young up and coming striker? Buddle is 29 and JPA is 35. JPA might last a year or two, but even now he’s not gonna be an every game starter. He’s gonna require some rest and I’m sure he’ll have some injury problems. Besides Buddle and JPA, we really have no one else at striker. Mike Magee? Jovan Kirovski? Gross.

    I really hope Chivas doesn’t mess up the development of Bowen. Kid has a lot of talent and is definitely a potential star.


  77. Brian says:

    Met a fan at at Galaxy game once who nicknamed him Alan “Snowshoes” Gordon.

  78. Brian says:

    Bowen was actually a pretty decent crosser of the ball, I thought?

  79. Brian says:

    “If the Galaxy sign Hejduk, I wouldn’t be surprised to see either Franklin or De La Garza traded.”

    No way man. Bruce can’t be that dumb. Hejduk has 1 or 2 years left. Franklin is one of the best crossing right backs in the league. And AJ is his backup and either the 2nd or 3rd best centerback on the team (Not sure where Berhalter stands right now). Not to mention AJ is Dunivant’s backup at left back.

  80. Brian says:

    I agree. Frankie’s been noticeably slipping the past year or two. I first noticed it in Columbus’s playoff game against RSL in 2009.

  81. Scott A says:

    I’m looking at the long-term. I’m saying that if Bowen’s departure is linked to Angel’s arrival (which it may not be) that I’d rather have Bowen in 2 years than Angel in 2 years. I think you’d find it difficult to argue otherwise. You realize people age, right Mohtari? Would you take current-day and once superior Shearer over Darren Bent?
    And I’m on PCP.

  82. Denver Andrew in D.C. says:

    Galaxy=Miami Heat?!

  83. Phil says:

    As an outside observer on LA, it’s been clear that MLS has wanted this team to be the marquee club and would love nothing more than to have a true NY – LA rivalry to anchor the league. However, that takes time and trophies.

    I agree about there being a lot of pressure on LA, what with the money they spend and the expectations placed on them by the league and the media, but every season it’s the same story: LA is the strongest club, this may be LA’s year then *gasp* what happened to LA?


    Another thought: the way that the current playoff system is set up makes it a crap shoot for the trophy. Stay in the top half of the table then hope your team is the healthiest and hottest come october. Not sure LA is setting themselves up for that.

  84. Keith says:

    I saw Bowen here in Atlanta a few weeks ago with the U-20’s and thought he was one of the best players on the field. Seemed to excel at playing wide. When they were able to find him he gave Columbia fits with his pace and ability to serve the ball. Worked hard defensively also. Galaxy must be in win now mode.

  85. bizzy says:

    Juan Pablo Angel for LA Galaxy…the is quality off the bench if anything. Hejduk brings the same quality with a truck load of international experience. Bruce Arena knows what he’s doing. What make a great team great? Quality on the field and on the bench.
    2010: NO.1 shots on goal. NO.3 shots on goal
    2009: Set the club’s record for goals scored in all competitions, smashed the club record for regular season goals scored.
    2008: Scored 14 goals in 23 regular season games
    2007: MLS Best XI selection after scoring 19 goals (second in the League) and five assists in just 24 games.
    Now imagine linking up with the player with NO.1 ASSISTS in the league….Donovan. sick

    The only U.S. player to see action in the 1998 and 2002 FIFA World Cups and 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games….. Had earned 82 caps, and scored six goals through March 2009, played with Bayer Leverkusen for four years, Played for FC St. Gallen of the Swiss First Division (to name a few clubs)…..EXPERIENCE on your team and off the bench. To be able to make a sub and your team doesn’t miss a beat is critical in this league. Trust in Bruce, he knows what he’s doing.
    I’m waiting for one more player selection and I’ll automatically become an LA GALAXY diehard fan for as long as Arena is coach…..FREDDY ADU (I KNOW, I SAID IT)

  86. bizzy says:

    sorry that was 2010: NO.1 shots and NO.3 shots on goal….my bad

  87. otergod says:

    LOL, he’s a 19 yr old kid who will likely make the U20 striker pool, arguably the deepest striker pool in US U20 history. BA traded him for allocation to help pay for JPA?? HAHA, wow, and to Chivas USA of all people??

    im sorry i dont know what BA was smoking on this deal….

  88. otergod says:

    LA has JPA for what, 1 maybe 2 seasons? Bowen is a product for the future. With LD and Buddle playing up top next season you keep Bowen on the bench to learn and get part time PT. BA is looking only to next season and not the big picture here

  89. otergod says:

    “but if he does turn into a stud he may transfer to Europe.”

    so when does Chad Barrett leave for Europe?? he’s 19 yrs old and this was rather short-sited of BA. But i guess BA is pretty confident in buddle and LD for years to come

  90. Thor says:

    On second thought maybe Bruce doesn’t believe Bowen will be the player we think he will be and possibly has players in their DA to replace him…just a wild guess

  91. Sam says:

    This Just In: Galaxy to open “Added Time at HDC” Retirement Community.

  92. TimeForChange says:

    Difference is that miami heat is not replacing youth who have potential to grow, for a bunch of vetrans who are in the twilight of their careers. Same old Bruce Arena, he has no faith in youth, he almost has the 2002 WC squad. Eddie Lewis, Berhalter, Mathis, and now hedjuk, Donovan eventhough is one the best players in the MLS was part of that squad…give me a break!!

  93. no no says:

    No…Angel is not coming to ride the pine

  94. Pete says:

    There are probably superior players that will be available in the draft…Bowen couldn’t even see time off the bench down the stretch. Galaxy needs to win one with their stars still around. It has been a long time…

  95. Mohtari says:

    It is not proven that Bowen will even be any good in 2 years. He is not an MLS striker, which is the position that L.A. has needed to fill for awhile.

  96. Mohtari says:

    Bowen is a project for the future…Nothing more at this point.

  97. Go go says:

    Gordon is not OK…Skillless hacks in MLS need to be replaced with quality

  98. Goalscorer24 says:

    The Galaxy made a good move picking up Angel. Getting rid of Bowen, and picking up Hedjuk is dumb! Arena going for his over the hill pals is the same type of mistake that Bradley makes sometimes.

  99. Chewy says:

    The Eurosnobs on here need a better eye for talent. Bowen isn’t that good.

  100. Goalscorer24 says:

    He is good enough and young, not a use to be good!

  101. Scott A says:

    Exactly. There’s a good chance this a now move in opposition to a later nonmove. That’s why I said “I love JPA” but I’d personally rather see where Bowen is in a few years because it would be more long-lasting. Not sure why you had such a problem with that idea.

  102. catfish says:

    Crew has apparently tendered offers to two south american players. A MF and Defender. Hejduk replacement? Coaches just returned from trip to Argentina. Who could they be Mr. Bliss? Do tell. Schletto’s little cousin?

  103. A-Lott says:

    Well played, sir.

  104. Dudeinho says:

    so we get rid of a up an coming kid with lots of upside. Yet we dont get rid of the Useless Maggee. Its like Im living through the 06 qualifiers with Bruce. He has way to many vets on this team we need some young blood. VBruces has way too much favoritism for my tastes.

  105. Paul C says:

    I’ll be one of, potentially many, Gal’s supporters who say I’m not thrilled about Ronaldinho too much. Will it be great to watch him play? Sure. Will he be ten times lazier than he already is at Milan? Absolutely.

  106. Paul C says:

    I’d disagree. During the WC Bowen showed well at holding the ball up, good patience, decent delivery, and decent decision making.

    Is he a huge loss this season? No.

    Is he a huge loss in Two years? Yes.

    Plus, who would you rather a future Senior Nat be developing with? Landon, Becks, Buddle, Arena et al, or Alan Gordon and a missing FO?