Guzan poised for Hull City loan

Guzan (

Aston Villa goalkeeper Brad Guzan has been in need of regular playing time ever since leaving Major League Soccer to join the Villans, but the presence of Brad Friedel has made getting games all but impossible.

The solution could be coming for Guzan in the form of a loan to League Championship side Hull City. Sources have told SBI that Guzan is finalizing a loan move to the former Premier League side and former home of U.S. national team striker Jozy Altidore.

Hull City is currently sitting in 15th place in the 24-team League Championship, four points out of a possible promotion playoff place. Arsenal goalkeeper Vito Mannone has been starting in goal for the Tigers, but he is out with an injury that could sideline him for an extended period of time.

If Aston Villa approves the deal in time, Guzan could be in net for Hull City against Leicester City on Saturday.

What do you think of Guzan's potential loan deal? Like the idea of him getting regular playing time?

Share your thoughts below.

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46 Responses to Guzan poised for Hull City loan

  1. geoffersen says:

    That’s great news. He’ll stay sharp and, if he can show consistently solid form, he’ll improve his chance of being Villa’s starter next season.

  2. Glaing says:

    No brainer here. He needs to play.

  3. SSJ says:

    I like it. Houllier doesn’t seem too impressed with him or Friedel, if you are to believe all the reports of Villa being linked with other keepers.

  4. wilyboy says:

    Absolutely. He just needs playing time to get a decent club to realize he’s far superior to their own keeper. He’s looked like a legit challenger to Tim Howard in recent months, I hope this deal happens.

  5. Dave says:

    Like him getting the playing time…but don’t understand why his excellent play during cup play last year hasn’t translated into a full time keeper role somewhere.

  6. Jeff Awesome says:


  7. maka says:


  8. jake says:

    Great… and at least we know he’ll see lots of shots.

  9. OmarVizquel says:

    Cool. No WAY will I watch another Hull City game after last season (*shudder*). But good luck, Brad.

  10. Fred says:

    Definitely good he’ll get pt. Still, two and a half years waiting only to play in the championship — prob not exactly what he had in mind when he made the move.

  11. Felix says:

    No brainer – he needs playing time.

  12. Mango says:

    Good to hear.

    Question: Who is the player standing next to Guzan in the photo above? I like to think I’m very familiar with all the players on the USMNT, but I don’t recognize that guy for some reason. I thought Demerit uses #5, but that’s not Demerit.

    Hell, I can even recognize Goodson behind Guzan just by his forehead, but #5 doesn’t look familiar.

  13. Mango says:


  14. Glaing says:

    Tim Ream…RBNY

  15. kimi says:

    Agreed. Houllier was a terrible hire, imho. If they can find a way out, do it. Then again, Houllier is likely to get sent packing as well.

  16. Morning Train says:

    carry them back to the prem, hahnemann style

  17. SP says:

    overall good so he can get playing time, but with a lace of bad because, assuming friedel leaves in the summer, a few months in the championship will not go that far in proving to houllier that guzan is premier league starting material. even if he does amazing at hull, the only way i see him starting next year in the premier league is if one of the promoted teams buy him.

  18. MadKingGeorge says:

    Guzany is just snakebit in terms of timing. Howard, if he stays healthy, just may play the next 2 world cups. I dont know but Howard would be around 37 – 38 in 2018 so it is possible. So Guzan would have one world cup only , and that would be in 2022 when he would be in his late 30s.

    It is a sad for Guzany at the national level but maybe he can have great starting role on the club level.

  19. wow says:

    Tim Howard will be 39 in 2018.

  20. GW says:

    Houllier may not be around all that long.

  21. Don Pelayo says:

    Sounds like a good move for Guzan, especially since Hull lost their starting keeper to injury and would want him to fill in immediately.

  22. Timber Dan says:

    I honestly think Howard will play one more cycle then retire from the Nats. It won’t be because he’s not good enough. I just think he’ll step aside and focus on his club team and spend some more time with the family. Just my opinion, but I think we have 4 more years then it’s on to Guzan (or whoever beats him out).

  23. MidWest Ref says:

    Please recall that Houllier was the manager at Liverpool who let Friedel go. Souness went to Turkey and one of his first moves was to get Friedel there.

    I think the French must have something against American keepers. That is the only explanation as to why Wenger keeps going after Poles instead of Americans. Just kidding. I mean, at least Ferguson tried Howard for a year or so.

  24. PetedeLA says:

    As the Special 1 would say, “Do it, Brad!”

  25. over there says:

    Good move. The fact that he no longer looks like the heir apparent at Villa is yet another reason for me to be a frustrated Villa supporter this year.

    And it’s VILLAN spanky, not Villain. K. Thanks

  26. Leon says:

    Love it for both parties, Up the Tigers

  27. ec says:

    Eh, glad he’s getting playing time, but disappointed it’ll be in the Championship. He showed in cup competition he’s good enough for EPL action.

  28. Peter says:

    Very close race for promotion in the Championship this year.

  29. Peter says:

    Don’t think of it as a demotion, just a bit of training before he takes over at Villa next when Friedel and (hopefully Houllier) are gone.

  30. Judging Amy says:

    Why is he no longer in line for the GK spot? I keep hearing this but don’t understand how it happened since from everything I’ve heard he’s performed very well when given chances.

  31. Jamie Z. says:

    As a Villa fan, I’ve got my fingers crossed. You want your team to do well, but I was skeptical about his appointment and he has commanded no confidence since Day 1.

    Guzan should go, play, get his confidence up, and be ready to come back from his loan a contender for a starting position.

  32. The Dude says:

    I wish the title of this post was “Friedel set to return to Columbus in January; Guzan poised to become Villa’s starting keeper.”

  33. SP says:

    that’s true, but what i meant is houllier or any new manager will only be able to grade guzan based on a few months in the championship so it will still be very difficult imagining him starting for villa after the summer.

  34. Ream =( says:

    Guzan has scared Ream

  35. vik says:

    good stuff

  36. Nick says:

    What better way to get some minutes and stay sharp than manning the net at Hull?!

  37. DC Josh says:

    Great news. He needs playing time. He is good enough to be a starter in any top European league.

  38. jleau says:

    It means Houllier doesn’t rate him. Good for Brad to get PT but I doubt we’ll see him in the Prem anytime soon. Maybe if O’Neil ends up at a club in need of a keeper.

  39. Jack says:

    Good news for Guzan. He’s a good keeper and deserves to get himself some playing time.

    Hopefully Houllier will be out when he comes back. He’s just not right for the job–told the press that Lichaj was a “nightmare” in the Man City game, which is just not something that you say to the media about a young player on his third start (or, really, about any of your players). As an AV, I’d love to see him leave.

  40. CrispyST3 says:

    Demerit wears number 15. Onyewu is number 5.

  41. GW says:

    The 2014 World Cup is a long time from now and anything can happen.

    As it is, Howard had a bad 2010 World Cup and I’d prefer Guzan to make a stronger case to be the US number one, if only to keep the pressure on Howard who seems to get complacent, but we will see.

  42. fischy says:

    Houllier is looking like an idiot. Villa was just off the top 4 for much of last year. He’s got them in danger of relegation, with much the same team.

  43. I dont see it, Vito Mannone is currently on loan at Hull from Arsenal and has been performing very well.

    The only way I see this happening is if Arsene sells Alumnia and brings Vito back to the Gunners as the 3rd keeper.

    Being a Gunners fan I would embrace selling Alumnia and being a US Supporter, I agree Guzan needs to be on the pitch regularly.

    Happy New Year SBI!

    (SBI-Did you really just not read the post? Mannone is hurt, will be out a month at least.)

  44. Erik says:

    Um, maybe Friedel is retiring???

  45. Second City says:

    Howard had a “bad ” World Cup? Explain.

  46. Great for Guzan. he’s gotta go out on loan. he’s a great goalkeeper, just needs a long term chance to get his footing. Shake the shackles in lower divisions, win everything when you get back!