Must-See Goal: Andrei Arshavin

Arsenal wasted a chance to join Manchester United and Manchester City atop the Premier League standings by drawing Wigan Athletic on Wednesday, but Andrei Arshavin most definitely did not waste this chance in pulling the Gunners level in the first half:

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10 Responses to Must-See Goal: Andrei Arshavin

  1. Justin says:

    Almost as great as the goal was Wigan’s left back after the goal crossing the line.

  2. fischy says:

    Gotta be a goal of the year candidate. There aren’ many who could twist their body that way and hit it with such authority, purpose and precise direction.

  3. mosler says:

    oh to be ugly and talented like Andrei. Sadly, I am only one of those things…

  4. DougZinVB says:

    not everyone can finish like Arshavin……or Squillaci.

  5. ... says:

    The funny thing is, Arshavin looked absolutely horrible right up until that moment. Missing chances, miscontrolling passes, delivering subpar corners, and just not being in sync with the game at all.

    And then he goes and does that and promptly follows it up with an assist to Bendtner.

  6. PetedeLA says:

    Nice. Somewhat Gerd Mueller-esque.

  7. 20 says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of Arshavin, even though I hate the big four

  8. Jose says:

    LooKs like your arse-shavin’ finally paid off, Voyeur.

  9. Pretty sweet goal. The guy is like a young more twinkly Paul Scholes. Scholsey would have hammard that in with his head first time through the other players back!