Must-See (Own) Goal: FC Twente

Yes, it happened Tuesday, but we'd be remiss if we didn't share an all-time great own goal courtesy of FC Twente defender Peter Wisgerhof and keeper Sander Boschker. Enjoy:

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18 Responses to Must-See (Own) Goal: FC Twente

  1. Dan Patrick says:

    The… whiff.

  2. Mark says:

    To his credit, you can see the ball bounce right before he swings. But he did take his eye off of it.

  3. Annelid Gustator says:


  4. Ben S. says:

    not really the defender’s fault…ask Jeff Parke about his RB own goal that Conway wifed.

  5. asdasdasd says:

    bumpy pitch strikes again

  6. KNPonder says:

    Good observation. The ball was just rolling flat for a good stretch and it did take a weird and unexpected bounce before the keeper swings. I could understand him shanking it or kicking it with his shin, but the complete miss is inexcusable. You are right; he completely took his eye off it.

  7. c says:

    To me thats on the defender. You’re always taught to pass it back outside of the frame of the goal just for that reason.

  8. C C says:

    Looked like a pretty good play on a difficult ball from the defender. The striker was right there and considering the defender dove and kicked it was a 100% workable pass.

  9. wildchild says:

    jumping bean ball

  10. Buckwheat says:

    This recently happened to an English National goalie as well, Robinson, I think. If I remember correctly, it was during WC qualification too.

  11. Kenny_B says:

    I was going to say that. If I recall correctly, Robinson’s took an even bigger bounce.

    C, I can’t say I agree it’s the defenders fault at all. You are taught to put the ball outside the frame… if at all possible. With the sliding pass I thought the defender had done well.

  12. DC Josh says:

    Right, like the ball never bounces.

  13. The Lalas says:

    One man’s embarrassment is everyone else’s enjoyment.

  14. Paul Yzaguirre says:

    Don’t blame borat this time!

  15. Igor says:

    It was Mendes. And that was a laser shot that Conway had barely any chance to get to.

  16. Knowles says:

    so that’s what Dutch sounds like

  17. Travis in Mpls says:

    The best part of this is the silence from the Dutch broadcaster for 37 seconds of the 1:05 clip

  18. Joamiq says:

    To me it didn’t look like he took his eye off it at all. He’s staring straight down at the ball when he tries to kick it.