Report: USA to play Egypt

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The U.S. national team might be heading to the Middle East in February. A report from Egypt suggests that both the USSF and Egypt's FA are in the final stages of negogiations to play a friendly in Cairo on February 9, the first FIFA friendly date of next year.

The game would be a rematch of the 2009 Confederations Cup group match that the U.S. won 3-0 that secured passage through to the semifinal matchup against Spain. Egypt needed to avoid a loss by two goals or less to advance, and failed to secure the result.

It would be the second friendly scheduled for 2011, with the U.S. men's team set to play Chile in 2010.

What do you think of the news? Excited at the prospect of playing Egypt? Think the friendly will happen?

Share your thoughts below.

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53 Responses to Report: USA to play Egypt

  1. KEvin_Amold says:

    This should be fun. It will be even more fun if Gomaa plays against us again…American attackers really abused him in SA.

  2. The Calendar Police says:

    “It would be the second friendly scheduled for 2011, with the U.S. men’s team set to play Chile in 2010.”

    You mean the U.S. is playing Chile in 2011. In fact, it will be on Janaury 22nd.

  3. SP says:

    a step in the right direction, i think it’s become apparent that the usmnt needs to test themselves against quality african opposition more often (although egypt plays slightly differently). hopefully we can get at least one friendly in against ivory coast/ghana/cameroon/nigeria before 2014.

  4. SP says:

    “You mean the U.S. is playing Chile in 2011. In fact, it will be on Janaury 22nd.”

    It will actually be in January, not Janaury. see how annoying that is?

  5. The Calendar Police says:

    We are playing Egypt, not egypt. Sentences and proper nouns begin with capital letters, not lowercase letters.

    See how annoying that is?

  6. Peter says:

    Hooray for quality friendlies!

  7. Sedanimal says:


    But, the writer should be corrected.

  8. Thor says:

    I know Egypt is considered an Arab country, but it is located in North Africa, not the middel east…just saying these repeated trips to Africa are beginning to get old.

  9. Be Serious says:

    Why do you care about trips to Africa? It’s not like YOU are going.

  10. Steve C says:

    Egypt, while in Africa, IS in fact considered a Middle Eastern country.

    link to

  11. Yusef says:

    Egypt is in Africa and Asia (Sinai). Definitely in the Middle East.

  12. froboy says:

    maybe his shift button is broken, its more annoying for someone to complain about it than it is for him to write it

  13. froboy says:

    We need to get a friendly with Qatar if they can pull together at team, I am guessing that by 2022 60% of their team will be Brazilian

  14. Calendar Police says:

    His shift keys are not broken because he typed ( and ).

    Annoyances are relative — I was pointing out the mistake in the post and then SP sort of got carried away. You’re taking it to another level.

  15. Smacking says:

    This is a solid matchup in a difficult environment. I don’t think anyone can knock the friendly schedule we’ve had since Bradley took over. Keep it up!

  16. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    The U.S. is “known for their strong

    collective performances. They do not

    rely on a particular start,”

    …hey we’re known for something!!! (I assume the writer meant ‘star’?)

    Of course, the next sentance compares us to South Africa…

  17. Andy says:

    Sam’s Army may want to hire security. The general anti-US sentiment combined with passionate yet ill-disciplined fans (remember the Algeria game?) has to potential to result in an unpleasant atmosphere, especially if we win.

  18. EA says:

    We need to definitely put Guzan between the sticks for this one.

  19. Oranje Mike says:

    The Middle East isn’t really in the “middle” of anything but Egypt is in fact thought to be “Middle East” as are all Arab and Semetic lands.

  20. Oranje Mike says:

    Can one get into Egypt if there is an Israeli stamp on the passport? This used to be a problem as little as a few years ago, I think.

  21. Felix says:

    Eygpt is a good oppononent and I’m always a fan of the US playing away friendlies at hostile venues. Good move.

  22. Mike says:

    Yes you can but it is a little harder the other way.

  23. CSD says:

    Yes, and you can thank Jimmy Carter for that. If not Bornstein and Feilhaber probably wouldn’t be able to make the trip?

  24. SP says:

    haha, at this point, i just feel bad for you.

  25. Smacking says:

    I crossed from Israel to Egypt and back through Eilat in 2008 and had no issues either way. The food in Egypt on the other hand interrogated the s**t right out of me.

  26. Sedanimal says:

    I think everyone feels bad for both of you.

  27. Freddie Footballer says:

    We know from last time that we’ll guarantee a win if we sent prostitutes into their hotel rooms the night before.

  28. CACuzcatlan says:

    There is a difference between playing South Africa and playing Egypt.

    Differences include:
    1. The climate
    2. The quality of the team (Egypt are the reigning Champions of Africa)
    3. The atmosphere in the stadium

    We need all the experience we can get leading up to the Gold Cup and eventually to the World Cup. If we were going to Estonia, it wouldn’t automatically make it better just because we are in Europe. You have to take all factors into account.

  29. fischy says:

    I feel bad for booth of you, and I feel bad for me, too.

  30. fischy says:

    Huh? Israel doesn’t care if you have an Eqyptian stamp in your passport. You’re ill-informed.

  31. Colin says:


  32. DC Josh says:

    Egypt is a good team. But of all the African teams, I’d rather see Ivory Coast, Ghana, or Cameroon. The fact that we are playing Chile, Egypt, and Argentina next year is a huge step up from friendlies in the past. The time of playing weak European countries and any Caribbean nation are past us. I would rather lose consistently to really good nations than stomp all over weak nations.

  33. Colin says:

    Just so you know, “Arab” and “Middle East” are not reliant upon one another. It just so happens that Egypt is both Arab and located in what IR types refer to as MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

  34. Colin says:

    American citizens rarely have problems in Egypt, particularly a major city like Cairo. Our cruise ships dock there all the time.

    The only security that will be needed is to make sure Sam’s Army doesn’t go crazy on that wicked Egyptian whiskey.

  35. Colin says:

    1979 Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty: Egypt officially recognized Israel. There is no problem with having a stamp from either country.

  36. nato says:

    This is pretty good. Should be a fantastic match.

  37. nato says:

    I’d love for us to get a friendly with Ghana sometime in 2011 or 2012 or 2013. Seriously that is a rivalry we should be starting up. Sure we have our arch-rivals =Mexico but Ghana knocked us out of 2 WC’s. That is a rivalry blooming. I bet the Ghanaians wouldn’t mind. what do you guys think?

    and before someone says. Ghana is 1 of the most democratic nations in Africa and has 1 of the best economies and has low corruption compared to the rest of the continent and i believe a few thousand Americans stay there. Wouldn’t hurt to have a friendly there or in DC, home to many Ghanaians.

  38. CS says:

    I totally agree. USMNT needs to play those physical teams. Glad to see that we are playing better quality teams now.

  39. Louis Z says:

    I’ll get excited once I know who is selected to play for the US.

  40. Brian t says:

    that’s what she said! lol sorry I had to.

    anyways, i like this friendly, much better than facing a conceded team like Trinidad and tobago or a euro team we always face like Poland or sweden

  41. Jake Oliver says:

    When are we going to get a USMNT game at Red Bull Arena?

  42. Louis Z says:

    :-) good one.

  43. LNG says:

    +1, agree completely. I’d still like to see us play a Sub-Saharan African team in Europe with our A-team, but Cairo is a short hop for our Euro-based players and Egypt is a quality team. Good test for our guys.

  44. WileyJ says:

    Ives, You have any info on the reports that Argentina is to play the USMNT March 26th in Seattle?

  45. A.S. says:

    Agree with many of the commenters above: sub-Saharan African team, please. (Not South Africa.) Specifically, one of the following:

    Ivory Coast




    We have proven, in the last two World Cups, that we need experience playing a team like these.

  46. A.S. says:

    Why would the USMNT play at Red Bull Arena when they could get double or triple the number of fans (and thus revenue) simply by playing a few miles over at the Meadowlands?

  47. Brian says:

    Question: So would this be a roughly an A team friendly? Dempsey, Howard, Bradley, etc.?

  48. MicahK says:

    Yeah most likely a A team friendly. I want to see Daniel Williams get called up in a sub appearance and I would like to see how Lichaj plays at left back or call up Castillo.

  49. Jonathan Janik says:

    A match against Algeria would be good too.

  50. arkie says:

    I could take a little bit more of the Turkey’s, Brazil, and Czech Republic and less of the South Africa’s and Honduras’s. Though now that I typed the quality ones, you’re right. Man got us more good than bad thats for sure. Sometimes I wish he would bring in more of the serious guys then constantly churning out a bunch of guys who “might” get there some day. There, I got to applaud and detract from Bradley. Neutrality.

  51. RLW2020 says:

    i bet b/c it is on a FIFA date it will be the majority of the A-squad plus 3 or so lesser known Euro players (ex. lichaj, spector, dolye) and 1-2 standouts from the January camp.

    as for Dan Williams..maybe if he has his passport yet..

  52. KenC says:

    His shift key is broked too.

  53. Stephen says:

    Regardless, the Middle East isn’t a country or continent so the above point still remains. Egypt is in Africa, and thus, Thor says the trips to Africa are getting old. The Middle East statement had nothing to do with the point of the post.